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Lizzie's living pussy forces her into submission.
After seeing how Arianna had brought Stephanie's pussy to life, Celeste, her evil counterpart, had some dark thoughts, enter her little fairy mind...


Lizzie was stuck at home after work watching cheesy science fiction flicks. She had dated quite a few guys in the past but she never kept a boy for long. It's not that she wasn't attractive. She had a sexy and petite little body with size C breasts. She usually wore her black hair in a straight, pixie cut style and had a to die for cute face that was dying to be kissed. The issue was that she was sexy and she knew it, and she used her looks to get what she wanted.

At twenty-two years old, she already had more than ten ex-boyfriends. The first poor fellow was dumped merely because he couldn't afford her expensive taste in clothing and dining. Most of them after that had money and she broke up with them after she bled them dry. She was a princess and demanded to be pampered, even if it meant destroying her significant other in the process. The last guy was a nerdy guy that she dated only to dupe him into doing her college work for her. The boy was a virgin and she promised to pop his cherry at the end of the semester if she passed her classes. She taunted him throughout the semester. Sometimes she would send lude pics of her shaved pussy or dress in nothing but skimpy underwear when he came to visit her dorm, saying that she was keeping him motivated for his prize in the end. Alas, at the end of the semester, instead of taking his virginity, she dumped him by locking him out of her dorm room just after he had disrobed, humiliating him.

Lizzie jumped suddenly when she heard tapping outside her apartment window.

"Who... who's there?!" Lizzie yelled.

The tapping resumed and she slowly looked up at the window above her bed.

"What the..." Is all that left her mouth when she saw a tiny, six-inch humanoid girl with wings.

"Am I dreaming?" She asked herself while closing and rubbing her eyes before looking once more at the tiny being before her. The creature smiled and beckoned her to the window as she slowly walked closer.

"Okay, I know I'm going crazy now", she thought as she opened the window.

"Hiya!" The creature exclaimed in a tiny high-pitched voice.

"Who... who are you? Wha... What are you?" Lizzie stammered.

"My name is Celeste and I'm a dark fairy." Celeste giggled

Lizzie stood in stunned silenced as she examined the magical being in front of her. She had long black hair, glossy green eyes, pale white skin, and what looked like a torn piece of black cloth to clothe her in the skimpiest of fashion.

"What's wrong little girl, I take it you've never seen a fairy before?" Celeste let out the cutest little giggle as she covered her mouth with her left hand.

"Well no. Not really. This is definitely a first." Lizzie stated.

"I will go ahead and tell you we fairies don't usually commune with humans but I'm on official business," Celeste said as she began to blush.

"Official business?" Lizzie inquired.

"Yep. Seems you've been a little naughty. I've come to grant some justice teehee." Celeste smirked.

"Naughty? Justice? I don't get it." Lizzie shook her head.

"I've been watching you little Lizzie. You've been flaunting your sexuality to get what you want and have destroyed the lives of anyone close to you. You even made a promise to a poor boy recently and you didn't keep it. Seems you like making slaves out of boys by using that sexy little body of yours." Celeste smirked.

"What the fuck are you talking about? What business is it of yours?" Lizzie got defensive and then backed off as the cute little fairy before her wore the most devious of smiles.

"It's plenty of my business see, it's kind of what I do. You purposely destroy lives for your own gain so it's my obligation to make sure yours is destroyed out of penance. You'll soon figure out what it feels like to be a used up little slave." Celeste's eyes turned from glossy green to red as she pointed her right index finger at Lizzie. Suddenly, Lizzie's black gym shorts sailed to her feet on their own, followed by her pink panties.

"What the... What the fuck are you doing?!" Lizzie screamed as Celeste disappeared and reappeared in front of her shaven mound.

"Prepare yourself. This is gonna be fun hehe." Celeste took a deep breath and blew inside Lizzie's pussy. When she pulled back, she whispered to her pussy "You're in charge now. Make little Lizzie submit."

"What? What did you..." is all that Lizzie got out before she felt her pussy lips more on their own and she heard a feminine voice that was not her own.

"With pleasure", her pussy said.

A cold chill went down Lizzie's spine as she heard and felt a giggle escape her pussy's lips.

"Now those sexy little assets of yours that you use to get your way are no longer yours to control teehee. Enjoy being a slave to your own body." Celeste laughed as she flew through the window.

"Hey! What the fuck did you do to me?!" She yelled but Celeste left without giving an answer.

"Ouch!" Lizzie exclaimed as she felt a hard pinch on her right ass cheek. She spun around and saw nothing.

"Who... who's there?!" She shouted.

"Just me and you bitch. That was just an introduction." Her pussy said.

"Wait... oh fuck no no no no, impossible. This can't be... you can't be talking to me right now." Lizzie said as she held her head in her hands trying to get her bearings.

"I can and I am, thanks to Celeste I can do much more than that so you better get ready." Her pussy giggled as a tongue slithered out of her nether lips and lapped her clit.

"Eeek!" Lizzie exclaimed as her hand dove to her crotch, just in time for her ass to be pinched harder.

"Ow! Hey!" Lizzie yelled.

"Bitch I didn't say you could touch me. You'll have to be punished." Her pussy said seductively.

"What... what do you mean by that?" Lizzie said wide-eyed. Her pussy grinned as it took a deep breath and blew out a sparkly substance that seemed to engulf the room. Once the dust settled she heard rustling all over the room. Suddenly her pink panties and black gym shorts that she was wearing just moments ago began to float and fill to her shape. She stood wide-eyed at the sight but was startled when her pink tank top suddenly pulled itself up over her shoulders, covering her head while she struggled against it. She let out a scream as it tugged the rest of the way off and joined the rest of her outfit floating in midair. She then felt a strange force coming from her white socks as they coaxed her feet to walk toward her bed.

"Wha... what the hell is going on?" Lizzie stammered.

Her pink bra suddenly unclasped and escaped her bare chests, letting them bounce in front of her. Strangely enough, they continued to bounce a couple of times on their own and Lizzie gasped as her nipples became erect and began to rotate on their own.

"Oh yeah baby, these beauties belong to me too, just like this nice firm ass of yours." Her pussy snickered as her ass pinched itself again. Lizzie was too stunned to even speak. She just watched as her now living bra flew past her and bound her wrists behind her.

"Bend over your bed." Her pussy demanded. Lizzie stood frozen in apprehension when a pair of black leather gloves flew out of her closet. The gloves filled out and pointed to her bed. She reluctantly obeyed and bent over just in time for one glove to spank her hard on the ass.

"Now repeat after me. I Lizzie..." Her pussy commanded like a stern mother.

"What?!" Lizzie yelled. The glove spanked her again.

"Ow!" Lizzie yelled again.

"I said repeat after me! I Lizzie..." Her pussy scolded.

"I Lizzie", she reluctantly said.

"Will not touch her pussy unless her pussy explicitly tells her to." Her pussy sternly stated.

"Will not touch her pussy unless her pussy explicitly tells me to." Lizzie sobbed.

"Good girl. Now lay back on the bed I want to masturbate." Her pussy said with a sultry voice.

Lizzie's bra untied from her hands and obeyed. She began to rub her clit as she felt her ass pinched once more.

"Ow, what?!" Lizzie yelled.

"What did I say about touching me? Do you want another spanking?!" Her pussy scolded.

"But you said..."Lizzie stammered as her pussy cut her off.

"I said 'I' wanted to masturbate. You keep your hands by your side and don't move them." Her pussy commanded.

Lizzie obeyed. Suddenly her nipples began to rotate again while her breast began to knead themselves. Despite the situation, she couldn't deny that it felt good and she began to moan.

"Mmmm, you like that slut?" Her pussy taunted as it's new tongue began slowly licking her clit.

Lizzie gasped and bit her lip as her pussy's new tongue swirled inside her, licking all the right spots and sliding back out to flick her clit again. She began to rotate her hips as her orgasm began to build.

"Oooo, we're getting close now. You want to cum honey?" Her pussy taunted once more as it purposely held her at the edge.

"Yes, yes, yes, please I need to cum." Lizzie moaned as she clenched her fists into the sheets.

"Are you going to ask nicely like a good little girl?" Her pussy giggled.

"Please, let me cum!" Lizzie yelled.

The stimulations suddenly stopped while Lizzie whimpered in disappointment.

"No no no, that wasn't asking nicely." Her pussy laughed.

Lizzie began to grunt as her clit began moving on its own, just enough to keep her on the edge.

"I wanna hear you beg girl. Beg your pussy for release. Say, please let me cum master." Her pussy said.

"Please, let me cum master." Lizzie whimpered.

"Ooo much better." Her pussy smiled as the tongue darted back out and began vigorously lapping at her clit and licking between her folds while her breasts squeezed and contracted as if being groped by a forceful lover. Lizzie screamed as she came hard and soaked the sheets beneath her. She bucked her hips like a wild animal and screamed as not one, or two, but three orgasms hit her one after the other. She flopped over slammed her hand to her merciless cunt, trying desperately to hold it still, when she felt the glove spank her ass once more.

"For fuck sake stop! I can't take anymore!" Lizzie yelled.

"Bitch don't you fucking slap me. That's it, you're getting fucked to submission!" Her pussy yelled angrily.

"No! I can't..." Lizzie screamed when suddenly her pink panties left her floating outfit and stuffed themselves into her mouth, eliciting more muffled screams as the tongue lapping continued. The gloves grabbed her wrists and dragged her back to the headboard. Her socks took control of her feet again forced her legs apart wide. Her ass clinched the sheets under her as her super sensitive pussy gave her another painful orgasm.

"I've lost count how many times I've let you cum and you wanna be ungrateful and hit me like that." Her pussy stated as a familiar hum could be heard from behind her. Lizzie bucked the air trying to break free but her socks and gloves held her in place. Her drawer slid open and out floated her purple vibrating cock with a clit stimulator. She struggled with all her might, knowing what was next, but it was no use.

"Hey there, little fella." Her pussy giggled as the phallic toy assumed the position.

"Hold up, let me give you a present." Her pussy stopped licking itself to take a deep breath and blew magical dust onto the vibrating shaft. Lizzie's eyes went wide as the color of the toy changed to a tan skin color, and then changed into a real erect penis dripping pre-cum off the tip. It was a real floating penis that vibrated.

"Now, fuck me hard!" Her pussy commanded. The vibrating dick slammed into her and began pumping like a piston. With each thrust, her breasts squeezed and rotated in rhythm. She involuntarily bucked her super sensitive pussy against the living dick while screaming into the panties as one painful orgasm after another ripped through her. Suddenly the penis stopped and she felt something warm fill her cavity. When her body finally relaxed, she passed out on the bed and the gloves released her.

"Don't sleep too long little girl. We're nowhere near done." Her pussy giggled.
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