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Karmen, Connie and Katrina get serviced at a private party.

When we woke up, the clock said it was 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Connie and I had slept like babies after that all of the graduation partying we had done. I was the last one to wake up.

“Time to get up, sexy.” Connie said to me.

I was still rubbing my eyes and stretching when there was a light knock at the door. Connie did not care who saw her, she was a true exhibitionist who loved her body and wanted everyone to see it.

When she opened the door, the family’s cook pushed in a cart full of food. I did not know about Connie but I was really hungry. I got out of the bed and headed into the bathroom to take care of my business and to wash my face and hands.

The cook set up the food on the table in the sitting room. She had made all of the items for a nice weekend brunch. There was even a bottle of champagne and a bottle of orange juice for us to make mimosas.

After the cook had left, we sat down at the table and ate and drank like we had been stranded on a desert island for a year. The food and the alcohol satisfied our appetites.

Connie and I took the rest of the champagne into the bathroom and hopped into the Jacuzzi tub. We drank straight from the bottle like winos and sat and enjoyed the soothing water.

We talked about what we were going to wear tonight when we went out with Katrina. First of all we agreed no panties and no bras. Connie made sure that I understood this by pinching my nipples several time. I laughed at her and even called her a bitch.

“I am going to wear a body hugging cocktail dress that is off of the shoulder and is slit up the side. Black Sistah is going to be the baddest looking bitch on the block tonight.”

Connie chimed in, “My Black Sistah is going to look fierce but when White Mama puts on her red ass hugging mini-dress that is strapless and is slit up the back to the ass. We shall see!!!”

Katrina had sent me a text letting me know to be ready at about six. I texted her back to ask where we were going and she said it was a surprise.

By six, Connie and I were looking like a couple of high priced escorts. There was little left to the imagination with the outfits that we had on. We did each others makeup and could surely pass for 21 if asked. (We also had fake college ID’s if needed.) Our pledge of no bra’s and panties was kept. We did put pasties on our nipples to help our nipples from poking too far out.

Even Katrina did a double take when she came to pick us up.

“What the fuck do you two have on?” She asked as we got into her car.

“Damn Kat, I have seen you wear less than this when you hang out with your girls.” I told her.

“That’s right and my black ass is over 21 and grown.” She shot back at me.

All of the seriousness broke after about 30 seconds of silence and we all broke down and started laughing.

“Katrina, where are we going to dinner at?” Connie questioned Katrina.

“We are on our way up to Baltimore to eat at Dalesio’s Restaurant in Little Italy. I know that you all love some pasta.” Katrina answered back.

Connie and I shook or heads in agreement at the idea of Italian food for dinner. On the 40 minute ride to Baltimore, we told Katrina in detail about the pool party from last night. Katrina did not seem too surprised at all that we told her. She did have us tell her more about our new slave/friend Gina. I could see that Katrina was a little more than interested about Gina, but I did not push her for reasons.

As we pulled up to the restaurant, Katrina commented, “I guess I will valet tonight because you two scanks look like hookers and I surely ain’t trying to take a charge tonight.”

As we got out of the car, Connie and I purposely gave the valet boys an eyeful. I uncrossed my legs and let him see my glory. Connie had hiked hers up even more and you could see all pussy and ass. Katrina saw what we had done and just shook her head and called us baby hoes.

The dinner was so delicious. Connie and I enjoyed our meals and all of the small talk that we were having with Katrina. Katrina noticed that we were getting a lot of attention from the male and female wait staff. The chef and the Maitre ‘D even came over to talk with us about the meal. We were brought Bellini’s that were sent over by three different gentlemen. Connie and I were getting pretty toasty.

The Maître d came back to the table and asked if we wanted to tour the kitchen and the wine cellar. Connie and I turned down the offer but Kat decided to take him up on his offer. He escorted her away from the table. Connie and I stayed to finish off our drinks.

Kat returned to the table about 25 minutes later. She looked a little different. Her hair was a little out of place as was her dress.

“Was the tour at all interesting?” Connie inquired.

“Hell yeah, the kitchen and the food that they were making was great. The wine cellar was even better. That place is an alcoholic’s nightmare and so much liquor from everywhere. Vincent the Maitre D was a great guide. He showed me everything and then some.” Katrina told us with a big smile.

We gave her a telling look that we know she did something.

“Bitches listen and listen well. Vincent walked me into the kitchen where all of these great looking Italian guys greeted me with kisses to my hands and the double cheek European kiss to each cheek. They were very friendly. I even was pinched on the ass several times. Vincent told me that Italians were very friendly like that and it was a sign of affection and not disrespect. I did not take anything negative from it. We continued on to the wine cellar where it was very tight between the aisles. Vincent was very close behind me and kept bumping me in the ass. I even dead stopped once or twice causing his junk to smack me on the ass several times. Vincent got the idea because he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards the front of his body. My ass was on his dick. Vincent did a slow grind on my ass and then reached up from my waist to grab a hold of my tittys. I put my head to his shoulder and let him do his thing. I could feel a good ten inches rubbing on my ass. Vincent then unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. I pulled my dress up above my waist because jizz don’t look good on silk. When Vincent laid that man meat on my ass cheeks I was his. I moved forward to a chair that was at the end of the aisle and grabbed his dick. I went to work giving him a whore’s blowjob. He wanted me to deep throat it and was surprised that I was able to with hardly any gagging. I looked up at his face and saw that his eyes were closed. He kept calling me Bella, Bella, Bella. I had him going and when I rubbed him under his balls and in the area around his ass; he yelled that he was ready to cum. I let go of his dick and let him settle down. I let him sit in the chair and then I sat on his lap facing him. When I pulled my panties to the side and slowly put his dick in my pussy, his face lit up. We started a slow humping motion and he even reached back to pull my ass cheeks further open. He was hitting the right spot and my pussy was sucking it all in. He tried to get my tittys out but needed my help in getting the zipper on my dress down. When he got access to my tittys, he went to town on them. He bite on my nipples, he sucked on my nipples, he licked on my areolas and was squeezing and kneading on my tittys. Vincent who was about 50 was a sex machine who knew how to fuck. We kept up a steady pace and I could feel myself ready to cum. I let Vincent know and he said he was close too. He picked up the pace and was really banging me. The harder he banged, the harder he sucked on my nipples. Vincent knew he was coming and tried to pull out. I told him, hell no and to come in my pussy. I felt that 10 inch dick expand and start shooting in me. That set me off to and I came so hard that I had to grab a hold of him so that I did not fall off of his dick. We sat there just caressing each other when he got a call on the intercom to come to the kitchen. Vincent told me to take my time and clean myself up. He gave me a towel and showed me to the sink. He left as quickly as he had cum. I sat back in the chair and could feel the cum starting to leak from my pussy. I heard and saw someone entering the wine cellar and walking towards me. It was a female wine steward. She asked me if I needed any assistance. Before I could say no, she was on her knees, between my legs, with her head going towards my coochie. She took a quick look up at my face to see my expression. When I shook my head yes, she dove right in. This chick slurped and licked me clean. She was even able to get my panties off. When she tried to hand them to me, I said no and that she could keep them as my thank you. She took the towel from me, wet it and cleaned me up between my legs. She had me to stand up and she put my tittys back in my dress and zipped me up. This chick had a boyish hairstyle and could have been gay, was as soft as an angel with me. I wanted to return the favor but she said no and maybe another time. She gave me her phone and I gave her mines. We punched our names and numbers into each others phones. I had to give her a soul kiss because she was something interesting. I made my way back through the kitchen to hoots and hollers and finally back to our table.”

Connie and I were speechless. We just heard about her sex adventure and were wishing that we were invited.

Kat said, “Close your mouths bitches, you all are not the only hoes in town. Waiter, can we get the check.”

My sister is a true player and I loved it. The waiter brought the check and bag that looked like a fancy wine carrier. Katrina looked at the bill and then at us.

I asked Katrina, “What’s up? Is the bill too much? You do have money right because Little Sistah and her White Mama ain’t about to be in this place busting soap suds and looking like this.”

Katrina laughed, “What kind of crazy are you talking? Bitch, the bill is all zeros. I have finally fucked for my dinner. I am a hoe.”

Connie and I fell out laughing as Katrina showed us the bill. It even had a heart written on it that said LOVE VINCENT.

Connie and I said in unison, “You a hoe. Katrina is a meal hoe. Katrina is a meal hoe.”

Kat threw her napkin at us to get us to shut up.

Katrina looked in the wine bag and saw three bottles of expensive wine with a note. The note said, To a Sexy and Beautiful Lady, from her Personal Wine Steward. It ended with save one for our next encounter.

“Katrina, do you pay for anything in this life. That pussy is like gold.” Connie asked.

Katrina gestured by licking one finger and putting it to her pussy area and making a sizzling sound.

We got up to walk out of the restaurant and got the feeling that all eyes were on us. When we got outside, Katrina’s car was waiting with the doors open. Since this was a coupe with only two doors, Connie had to climb into the back seat. As she climbed in head first, I pulled her dress up so that her as was hanging out. You could even see her coochie which was bare and hairless. The valet was getting an eyeful and Connie was being slow and methodical about getting into the car. When she finally got in, the top of her dress had somehow come down and now her tittys were in plain view. Coochie showing and tittys out this was a peep show of the most. Katrina and I had the same idea. The valets helped us into the car. Since no one else was around, I pulled his head into the car and held one titty up to his head. He went to town on my tit. He bit, sucked and chewed on it. I took his hand and told him to finger my pussy. He got the idea quick and soon had two fingers up in me. He tried for three but I held him back. I looked over at Kat and realized that her valet was a girl and she and Kat were tongue kissing and feeling each other up.

We could not stay like this forever and we were brought back to earth when Connie yelled that someone was coming. The valets shut the doors on the car just as another car drove up. Connie gave each valet twenty dollars and they told us to come back real soon.

We drove off wet and happy. We were ready for our next sex adventure.

Connie was well on the way to starting hers. She was in the back of the car masturbating hard. She was rubbing and beating on her clit. At the same time she was pulling hard on her nipples.

“Connie”, Kat yelled “If you fuck up my seats with that pussy juice, I am going to kick your ass.”

“Karmen, reach back there and give her one of my towels to sit on.”

I did as I was told and helped Connie to sit on the towel. She was almost at her peak because she was squirming and yelling about that she wanted to come now. I broke out my phone and started filming her. I got about two minutes of video before Connie started her familiar motion.

“Bitches, I am ggggooooiiinnngggg to squirt this shit out of me.” “Karm, help me do this.”

I reached back and pulled the towel up between her legs, just as she was letting loose.

“Aaaaawwwww…I am cumming!!! It feels so, so good.” “Damn…I need some dick now.” Connie blurted out.

Connie had soaked the towel and was trying to clean up. Meanwhile Kat had pulled up to a building downtown that looked like an old abandoned building. It was about 9:00 and this area seemed dead.

I asked my sister, “Katrina, where are we and why have we stopped here.”

“Don’t worry Baby Sis, it’s safe and this is a building that has four loft apartments.” Katrina reassured me. “We are going to a party thrown by some friends of mine.” “It is for adults, so act like one.”

“Don’t worry Kat, Connie and I can handle it.”

We walked up to the building and was buzzed in. The party was on the top floor so we had to take a freight elevator up. When the doors to the freight elevator opened up, we were entering a room that was playing mellow music. We walked into the space and was greeted by a familiar face. It was Ronnie, Katrina’s soror. When she saw me, she immediately grabbed me in a tight hug and whispered that she was so happy that Katrina had brought me. I introduced her to Connie and she hugged her like they were old friends.

Ronnie stepped away from us to greet some other guests. Katrina took Connie and I to the side and said that she had something to tell us.

“Karmen and Connie, this party is for you two. I wanted you two to step into the grown up world and learn to party like adults. Everything goes tonight and you two will be given anything and everything. Ronnie has volunteered to be you guys personal hostess.”

Connie looked at me and I looked at her.

“Are you ready for this?” I asked her.

“Karm, you know I am up for anything and if Ronnie is our hostess for the night, I can see many possibilities.”

By this time, Ronnie had come and taken us away from Katrina. She walked us around and introduced us to everybody. Some of the women, I remembered from the restaurant. Connie had asked me about Ronnie and these women, but all I told her was to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Connie asked me, “Karm, do you notice that there are all chicks here and very few dicks?”

I answered her, “Yeah I know, but I am still going to enjoy it all.”

Connie shook her head in agreement. Ronnie handed both of us a wine glass that was filled up. She told us that it was a sweet Sangria and that was about the hardest liquor that we were getting tonight.

Connie and I were taken to a raised platform that had an oversized couch on it. We sat down with Ronnie in between us. Ronnie was looking so good tonight. Her beautiful skin and her beautiful hair, hid her age well.

As Connie and I sipped the wine, Ronnie put her arms around us and started massaging our necks. This really loosened the mood. Ronnie had the music turned down and announced that the show was going to begin. Ronnie whispered to me and then to Connie that this was a Chick Party. There was going to be several adult shows and the only swinging dicks were going to come from a few male performers. Everyone else was a female.

The lights were turned down and several spotlights were turned on to the space in front of the platform that we were on. In front of us were four beautiful women who were holding hands in a circle. They had on neon green thongs, neon green head bands and neon green lip stick, nail and toe polish and nothing else. They did a dance number which ended with them grinding with each other. The grinding turned into a full out sex session when a Prince song called Darling Nikki came on. The lights went out again and all that you could see was the neon green. It was very sexual to see their nail polish going into their thongs. You knew that these bitches were fingering each other. When you saw the head bands moving in tight circles around the thongs, you knew somebody was getting their pussy eaten. Ronnie had them to turn the music down lower and you know heard the indistinguishable sounds of straight up sex. These four were going at it.

Ronnie had manipulated both mine and Connie’s dresses down so that our tits were out. She was alternating back and forth sucking on and squeezing our tits. I could not see Connie but by her moans she was enjoying the show and Ronnie as much as I was.

When the lights came back up, there was activity everywhere. These women were very sexual and were enjoying themselves. There were individual couples; there were threesomes and a foursome going on. I saw three women helping themselves to Katrina. They were three older mature women with graying hair.

Katrina was on her back and naked. There was one Silver Fox on each tit and another one sitting on her face. Her pretty pussy was lonely but I knew the foxes would take care of that soon. The dancers had completed their act and were now joining the action with the other ladies.

Ronnie grabbed Connie and I by the hand and led us around the room past each group. The first group of ladies was the foursome. They removed our dresses and took up where Ronnie had left off. We had a woman on each one of our tittys and they were also groping our asses and coochies at the same time. As if on cue they switched us and we had new ladies from the foursome doing the same thing. These bitches were not being soft and easy.

I told one of them, “Ouch, that shit hurts!!!”, after she almost bit my nipple off.

She got the message and softened up some. Connie loved the rough stuff. I keep saying that my gurl is about all of that and more. When Ronnie felt they had enough of us, she led us over to one of the couples.

These two chicks were about 30 and both of them had butchy hair styles and had on black lipstick. One of them had some big tittys and the other one had quite small ones, so small that she only had on a wife beater t-shirt. They immediately took us to task. They dove straight into the coochie. Connie’s girl had three fingers in her pussy and was rimming her asshole. Mine was rubbing my clit and spitting into my asshole. When it was nice and wet, she slipped two digits into my asshole and started working it.

“Bitch, put your whole damn hand in there if you want. I love this shit!!!” I screamed out to her.

I was not denied the pleasure because she had four fingers in my ass and her thumb rubbing my clit. This was going to be epic. She was no holds barred.

Ronnie leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Baby, they all know that you are a virgin and going too deep in your pussy is a no, no.”

I shook my head okay and laid back to enjoy this ride since I had not been satisfied all day. Homegirl was working my ass. She had oiled up her whole hand and was determined to give me my wish to be hand fucked in the ass. She worked the four fingers back in and was slowly getting the thumb up in there.

“Oh shit that is a great feeling.” I yelled out. “Get that thumb in my ass and work it.”

She pushed in and I pushed out and finally she had done it. Now her hands were small but I still get credit for taking the whole hand. We had drawn a crowd and I could hear the whispers of how a virgin was taking it that far up the ass and not in the pussy. I was on my back with my legs damn near over my shoulders. Connie and her girl joined us. Connie was rubbing my head and kissing me all over my face. The other chick was getting a rhythm with my ass fucker. She was working my clit.

“Oh you bitches are marvelous. Don’t stop for nothing. Work my ass and my clit. I can feel it coming.”

I told Connie to hold me and the ass fucker to give me all she had. Her hand was wrist deep in my ass and she had closed her fist.

“Uuuuggghhh…that shit is so tight. I am…..” I yelled.

I guess I passed out because when I came to, I was in a bedroom surrounded by Connie, Ronnie and Katrina.

“Girl, I thought that woman had killed your ass. You came like a waterfall and was convulsing in orgasm for about two minutes before you passed out. We are going to start calling you Booty Gurl. You sure love that ass fucking more than anybody I know.” This all came from my sister.

“Karmen, I am not sharing you any more tonight. Those bitches are going to have to enjoy only one new pussy tonight.” Ronnie let me know. “Connie are you a virgin too?”

She nodded her head no.

Ronnie asked her, “Can you handle all of those women and their sex cravings?”

“I am going to die trying!!!” she said.

Ronnie got a serious look on her face and then we all fell out laughing.

Katrina took Connie back out to the other women. Ronnie got up with me in the bed and snuggled with me. We talked about her family and her businesses and a lot about me. I told her that I was off to college in the fall. I was going to the University of Virginia. Not too far but not too close. I also let her know that my mom had planned a trip to the Philippines this summer for the whole family. I was also going to the Dominican Republic with Connie to see her grandmother and step-grandfather. Ronnie was very much interested in me for not only sex but also my life. Ronnie confided in me that she and two other girls were gang raped by some drunken men when they were fourteen. Her parents had refused to press charges and the men got off scot-free. She said that because of that she was sent east to live with her mother’s sister and had not returned to her home in more than 25 years. I could do nothing but hold her close to me to show support.

We laid together quiet for about 20 minutes before Ronnie got up and undressed. She came back to bed and began loving on me like there was no tomorrow. She nuzzled kisses all along my face, neck and chest. I returned the favor to her. Her breasts were bigger than mine and had no sag for a woman her age. We made out like this for about 30 minutes. In that time I saw Katrina come in and check on me, but quickly retreated out when she saw I was alright.

Ronnie keeps telling me, “Karmen you are so beautiful and exotic. You have strong African –American features and tell tale signs of your Asian heritage. You are so, so beautiful. You are mines for tonight.”

This made me want her more and more.

I flipped her onto her back and kind of surprised her. Her eyes opend wide but she had that smile on her face. I took over. I pinned her arms down with my legs and sat on her face.

“Ronnie, eat this young pussy out like there is no tomorrow. Eat me!!!” I commanded her.

Ronnie ate me like no other. I had not noticed it before but she had a long ass tongue. She used it to dig my pussy out. I think that she hit that hymen a couple of times. It felt so good. I grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her further into my pussy. Ronnie had skills because she did not miss a beat. I rode that tongue to glory. She got me off in less than ten minutes.

“Ronnie, I have that feeling. I am going to cum and cum hard. Get ready for my river.” I tried to warn her.

I came in buckets and buckets. My knees clamped her face and she swallowed as much of my seed as she could. I was shaking like a leaf when she finally pushed me off so that she did not suffocate. I pulled up to me and hugged her and thanked her for the ride.

“Karmen, I told you that you are mines and I got you.”

I squeezed her in my arms even harder. We were silent again for about ten minutes. We both were catching our breaths.

I broke the ice, when I asked, “Ronnie, whose place is this? It is fabulous and right in the middle of the city.”

“This is my place. I brought this place when this neighborhood was depressed and property values were low. I renovated the entire building into (4) four story apartments with all of the amenities. Each apartment sold for over 3 million dollars and it cost me about 4 million to renovate the entire building.”

“Damn, Ronnie you my RICH BITCH. Slap me five on that.”

We both gave each other a high five and then hugged it out.

Ronnie reached over to the side of the bed and pressed a button.

“Ronnie, what is that button for?” I asked her.

Before she could answer, in walked a beautiful woman who looked like she was Asian. She was big breasted, thick in the hips and a nice round ass. Melina had on a white baby doll with matching panties.

Ronnie introduced her to me, “Karmen, this is Melina. She is my assistant and lives in this loft on the second floor. She watches out for all of my business with the building. Melina, meet Karmen, she is OUR new special friend.”

As if on cue, Melina came over to me and gave me the biggest hug. She followed it with a deep soul kiss, tongue and all. I of course returned the favor. We were getting into some real heavy petting. Melina had grabbed both of my ass cheeks and was giving them a sensuous squeeze. I in turn grabbed hers and began rubbing and caressing hers.

“Ladies, slow down…you have all night to play.” Ronnie spoke out to us.

Melina and I broke our kiss and laid back on the bed in each others arms. Here I was with these two beautiful women and this night is all about me. I thought to myself; please don’t let this past week be a dream.

“Karmen, Melina will show you what we are going to do next. I know that you are down for some fun.”

Melina went to the four corners of the bed and pulled out ropes that were anchored to the bed and the walls. Ronnie laid down on her back with her legs and arms spread out. Melina tied her down just tight enough so that she was limited in her movements. She put a satin white blindfold on Ronnie so that she could not see. Melina signaled for me to get on one side of Ronnie, while she got on the other side.

I followed her lead and when she began caressing and pinching Ronnie’s massive tittys, I joined in and did the same.

“Hhhmmmm, that feels so good girls, show Mama what you can do. That’s right, pinch my tittys harder. I love it rough. Melina do it good!!!”

Melina jumped into gear and continued her rough assault on Ronnie’s tittys. Not wanting to be the odd person out, I started kissing Ronnie all over her face. I through in some heavy kissing too. When I bit hard on her lips two or three times. Ronnie squealed out and told me not to stop and keep biting. I went to her neck next and repeatedly hickey kissed her until she had deep red marks on her neck.

“Melina milk my tittys. You know I can give you a mouth full when I am excited. Suck harder, squeeze harder, Mel. Karmen come get some of this milk.”

As soon as I latched onto her titty, Melina squeezed and kneaded out a mouthful of milk. It was a different taste but I was going to learn to love it. Melina got her a mouthful and moved her head over to mines and soul kissed me to give me the milk. I took what she gave me and dribbled it onto Ronnie’s body. By this time, Melina had gotten herself another mouthful from the other titty. She grabbed me by the hair and put her lips to mine. Before I knew what was happening, Mel had given me half of the titty milk. This shit was so hot. We both dribbled the milk all over Ronnie’s fine ass body and then began to slowly lick her up and down. Ronnie’s women salty sweat with her titty milk was so good.

When we tried to stop our actions, Ronnie yelled at us to keep going until she said stop. This bitch was a true general. Ronnie got on all fours, while I got under her in the 69 position and Mel was behind her. I started to lightly flick my tongue on Ronnie’s fat clit and Mel started to kiss and lick Ronnie’s fat ass. I stiffened my tongue and rammed it in and out of her pussy. Ronnie tried to smother me with her creamy thighs and wet pussy. Her moans and the movement of her ass told me that she loved this. Mel was now tonguing Ronnie’s asshole with no abandon. Every now and then Mel would slap Ronnie’s ass cheeks. Ronnie would yelp but told Mel to do it harder. This shit was so erotic. I know that the sensations that Ronnie was feeling in her ass were driving her to the edge.

Ronnie tightened the grip on my head with her thighs. I knew that she was close to coming. Her river of cum was flowing in my mouth and allover my face. If I wanted to stop, her grip on me would not let it happen.

Ronnie yelled, “Bitches don’t stop, don’t fucking stop. Mama is going to cum. Maaama is cummmmiiing. Oh shit, I can’t breathe.”

The next thing I knew, Ronnie had fallen forward with Mel hanging onto her ass. I was able to pull my self from under Ronnie while Mel was getting off that big ass. We looked at Ronnie who was out cold. Mel told me that this was how hard Ronnie cums.

I looked at Ronnie as she laid face down on the bed. She was beautiful. Her long jet black hair and brown skin, showed her Cherokee heritage. Mel told me to lie down on top of Ronnie’s back and gently move my pussy up and down on her ass. Mel brought over a cold wet cloth and started to wipe Ronnie’s face gently. Ronnie finally opened her beautiful black eyes and was smiling. My pussy was leaving a nice puddle of juice on Ronnie’s ass. As Ronnie started to stir the juice ran down her ass crack.

I could not help myself. I was now grinding my pussy harder and harder into Ronnie’s ass. Ronnie caught my actions and started humping her ass up and down. I was really juicing now. Mel got behind us and stuck a finger in my ass while rubbing Ronnie’s still wet clit.

“Mel put those fingers in my pussy and fist me.” Ronnie ordered.

Mel eased her fingers into Ronnie’s wide open pussy until she had her wrist inside. At the same time, Mel now had three fingers in my asshole. Ronnie was humping up and down faster and faster. I grabbed her tittys and held on for dear life. My pussy and ass were on fire.

I told Mel, “Fist my ass like you are fisting her pussy. Harder bitch, harder bitch.”

I felt it cumming and it was going to hit me hard. My body felt so hot. My pussy was running juice like a faucet. My ass was tingling and throbbing. I was there.

I opened my eyes to see Ronnie looking down on me and Mel wiping a cold wet cloth on my face. I tried to get up but shit started to spin on me.

“Karmen, Karmen.” Ronnie yelled at me. “Lay your beautiful black ass down and let Mama take care of you.”

I laid back down and Ronnie along with Mel told me what happened.

Ronnie began by recounting how she felt me grab and squeeze the shit out of her tittys. She said that I squeezed so hard that they started sprouting milk everywhere. Ronnie said that threw her body straight into her orgasm. It did not help that Mel was wrist deep in her pussy and working her hard. Ronnie told me that I finally let go of her tits and was thrown across the bed. Mel’s fist had slipped out of my ass but it did not matter because I was too far gone. According to Mel, I was shaking and writhing all over the bed. She showed me a trail of cum that started on one end of the bed and ended where I was lying at. Both of them said that my orgasm went on for about a minute and then I passed out. I told them that I did not remember any of that.

Ronnie and Mel each lay down next to me on the bed. When I was ready, we went into what had to be the biggest bathroom that I had ever seen. It was laid out like a spa. In the middle of the bathroom was a Jacuzzi tub. Ronnie sat with me on the bench next to the Jacuzzi while Mel prepared everything. I saw Mel roll a cart over to the tub and then motion for us to get in. Ronnie helped me get in and sit down in one of the specialized couch seats that had been built into the tub. Mel got into the tub and handed Ronnie some items from the cart.

Ronnie moved over to me and told me to relax. She gave me one of those deep soul kisses that curled my toes. I felt her opening up my legs and putting some thing in my pussy. She reminded me that she knew I was a virgin and that this small dildo vibrator would not go in far. She pushed it in and then attached a strap around my waist to hold it in. Mel put two clips on my nipples. When they turned the vibrator in my pussy on I was in heaven. Mel yanked on the clips on my tittys and I was feeling no pain. I now knew that I WAS AWOKE.
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