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Both Robert and his son Jack get a lot or reaction from the five women who work at Robert's house after both men's genitals are on display.
My full time job is as a female medical assistant to a leading urologist in a major city. I sought out a career in this field mainly due to my fascination with penises. One of my patients, Robert, recently hired me on the side to tutor his 16-year old son. The son, Jack, was painfully shy, had never dated, and the father felt he was in need of some sex education. Preferably hands-on sex education, which is why he hired me. The father, Robert, is extremely wealthy and paid me a ridiculous amount of money for two 2-hour classes a week at his home.

After the two-week experiment of having both Robert and Jack spend all of their time at home with their pants unzipped and their cock and balls on display, Robert suggested that I meet with the five woman staff he employed to get their feedback. I thought that was a good idea. After assembling the group in one of the many large rooms in Robert’s mansion, I got the conversation started.

“Everybody here has previously met me and you all know that I was hired as a sex therapist to try to bring Jack out of his shell and convince him that there is nothing “freakish” about his genitalia. Robert and I felt that it would be productive to meet with you ladies and get some feedback about how you think the experiment turned out.”

“Can I ask you the exact purpose for having the two males in the house having their dicks on display to us five women every day for two weeks?” This came from Elise, the assistant to the chef.

“Jack was completely ashamed of the way his penis looks. As you all obviously know, it’s quite large for a 16-year old boy and has an unusually big glans or cock head. Jack had never let anybody see his penis. I was probably the first female to ever see it. Of course his mom saw it when she was still alive but that was a long time ago. My thinking behind the experiment was to basically force him to put it on display in front of you five women. You had been coached ahead of time to just treat it as nothing special and to act totally normally around Jack and his big cock.”

“Why was Robert also showing his cock and balls?” asked Elise

“I was afraid Jack would really feel singled out if he was the only one putting his penis on display. Having his dad also be involved would make it much easier for Jack to participate. I think that definitely worked. Jack actually admitted that seeing his dad walking around the house in front of you women made it much easier for him to do it as well. Now I would like to get some comments from you ladies as to how you feel the experiment went.”

Marie, the housekeeper was the first to reply. “I think it was an unqualified success. Jack is now extremely proud of his big cock and doesn’t miss a chance to show it off to any of us. Probably the best proof of this occurred just before the two-week experiment ended. Four of us ladies were in the kitchen together when Jack came in to ostensibly get a soft drink out of the fridge. Of course his cock was out of his pants but instead of hanging down as usual, it was sticking straight out. Not fully hard but a very good semi-erection in the works. He wasn’t the slightest bit shy about us seeing it. As he sipped his soda and talked to us, he was very nonchalantly stroking his penis. It was almost like he didn’t realize what he was doing. Of course the more he stroked it, the harder it got and pretty soon the damn monster dick was sticking straight up.”

“Yes,” I commented. “Jack can achieve probably the hardest erections I have ever seen. And in my line of work, I have seen a lot of hard cocks.”

“Well,” continued Marie, “he just kept on stroking it as he reached a full erection. Then he asked ‘Do you ladies mind if I jack off?’ Nobody knew what to say and finally Chef Alice, the oldest of us, told him to go ahead. And he did. Without the slightest bit of shyness, he proceeded to masturbate that big dick until the cum started shooting out all over the tile floor. He milked it until the last drops of cum splattered into the puddle of juice on the floor. He had a super satisfied look on his face.”

“Oh that felt so good,” Jack said, “I really loved jacking off in front of you ladies. I know that made it even better with all of you watching me get off. Can I do it again? I don’t mean right now although I could if you want. But I mean in the future?”

“I don’t know about the rest of the group,” murmured Heather, the driver, but you can jack off in front of me anytime you want. I thought that was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. Seeing you pump that huge prick and spew out all that cum was a real turn-on.” The other women all agreed in hushed voices.

Jack went over to the counter to get some paper towels to wipe up his mess but Marie grabbed his arm and insisted on doing it herself. “Don’t worry about that,” she insisted. “We’ve been cleaning up a lot of cum lately around the house and I am the person who picks up all those cum soaked towels from the exam room and washes them for you.”

Jack blushed at this. “I appreciate you guys cleaning up for me. And along those lines can somebody wipe my cock clean? It’s got quite a bit of cum on it and since you don’t want me doing any cleanup work, I was hoping somebody could help me.” With that, Marie got one of the dishtowels off the counter and stepped up to Jack. She took his half-hard member in hand and very thoroughly wiped it clean.

“That’s quite a story,” I commented. I was really glad to hear that Jack had the fortitude to jack off in front of five women. That pretty much proved the experiment was a success. “Any more stories to relate?”

“This isn’t quite as exciting,” replied Elise, the chef’s assistant. “But about a week ago I went into his room to change the linen and he was jacking off. I fully expected him to immediately stop and pull the covers over himself in embarrassment. But he never missed a stroke. He shot cum all over his chest and even some on his face. Then he asked me to bring some tissues so he could clean up. I guess I should have offered to wipe the cum off of him but I was too shocked to think clearly so I handed him a wad of tissues and watched him wipe all the cum off of himself. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but I had never actually seen a guy jack off and shoot his cum before and just watching him really turned me on. I would have fucked him right then and there if he had suggested it. That huge knob end on his cock must really feel great sliding in and out of a woman’s vagina.”

I was tempted to tell them just how good it felt but that’s nothing they needed to know from me. “Anybody else?”

“I probably shouldn’t admit this,” said Ellen, “ but Jack actually approached me one day in the main hall. His cock was fully erect and literally seemed to be pulsating and throbbing. It was an angry red color and I know he must have been jacking off. He asked me if I would finish him off and make him cum. He even suggested that I suck him off. His cock was very appealing and I would have loved to suck him off but I honestly wasn’t sure I could get it in my mouth because it’s so big. And I wasn’t sure if I would get in trouble if I jacked him off. But I felt sorry for him. I could tell he really wanted a release and needed a female hand to help him. Sure, I knew he could do it himself but it’s so much better with a helping hand so I told him I would do it.”

“And did you?” I asked.

“Of course I did. I’ve never had my hand wrapped around a cock that big and I really wanted to see him spurt. It didn’t take long. He must have already had himself right on the verge of cumming. I probably gave it about ten pumps and his semen started shooting out. There was a lot of it. It splashed all over the marble floor of the entrance hall. After he stopped shooting cum streams he implored me to keep stroking him as he said he was still having an orgasm. So I kept milking his big dick until he asked me to stop. Even then some drops of cum dripped out of the tip of his cock. He thanked me over and over for helping him finish.”

“So was that everything you did?” I asked.

“Well, not everything.”

“What did you do?” I persisted.

“I gave the tip of that beautiful cock a sweet little kiss.”

Everybody laughed at that. I asked if anybody else had any stories to relate.

Heather had a question. “Are you a trained sex therapist?”

“No, I am a licensed medical assistant to a team of urologists. Because I seem to be able to achieve an instant rapport with the male patients, the doctors I work for have turned a large number of procedures over to me to handle. For example I do all the prostate exams which involves putting my finger up the patient’s rectum and checking to see if his prostate gland is the normal size. I also handle taking semen samples. The normal procedure is to give the patient a small bottle for the sample and have him go into the restroom and masturbate until he ejaculates into the sample jar. But I always offer to help the patient ejaculate. Some guys have difficulty even getting an erection in the doctor’s office while other guys can’t achieve orgasm without a lot of stimulation, which sometimes takes a long time. When I help out, I can get an immediate erection and then I can also milk out the semen sample in just a few minutes. So my lending a helping hand really speeds things up. Time is money and the faster we can cycle a patient through the office, the more profitable it is. As a result of my rapport with my patients they are much more forthcoming with me than with the male doctors. They tell me everything about their sex lives in great detail. So over the several years I have been doing this, I have been able to come up with many suggestions that have dramatically improved my patient’s sexual activities. So in that respect you can say I am a sex therapist with no formal training but a ton of hands-on training. OK, any more experiences with Jack that anybody would like to relate?”

“I have something,” volunteered Elise. “The first time I saw Jack’s penis I couldn’t believe it was real. But of course it was. Then I saw his dad’s cock and it was as big as Jack’s. That was the two biggest cocks I had ever seen and both were in the same house that I was. I don’t mind telling you that constantly seeing those two monsters hanging loose every day kept my pussy tingling. And Jack’s was half hard a lot of the time and even fully hard every once in a while. I loved seeing that huge stiff prick pointing straight up and bobbing along as he walked around the house. I know I wasn’t supposed to do this but at one point I built up enough nerve to actually talk to Jack about his cock. The day I opted to do this, it was fully hard. I asked him if he felt embarrassed about showing his stuff to the staff. He said he did the first few days but after he got used to it, it was no big deal. Then I wanted to know if he didn’t feel strange when he got a full erection in front of us. He said it was a normal function and that you had told him that it was nothing to be ashamed of and in fact he should be proud of his ability to get hard any time he wanted to.”

“That’s true. I did tell him that. What happened then?” I asked.

“I asked him if I could touch it and of course he said yes. So I didn’t just touch it, I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a couple of pumps. It felt magical. I had no idea that a man’s…or in this case a boy’s…cock could feel so wonderful. Once I had gone that far I couldn’t stop so I went ahead and jacked him off until he came. It didn’t take long. I had never seen a cock spurt that much cum and it excited me so much I thought I might faint. I kept a tight grip on his penis even after no more cum came out. I didn’t want to let go but I finally realized that somebody might walk in on us and I didn’t want to be caught gripping Jack’s big dick.”

“That would be embarrassing although it sounds like just about all of you have had your hands on Jack’s penis,” I replied.

“I do have a question though,” she continued. “Hearing all these stories and all the various women that are having sex with Jack, aren’t you concerned that because of his relatively young age, that this is going to somehow mess him up?”

“I do have some concerns in that area,” I replied. I am going to attempt to scale back the program a little bit. We have completed the two weeks of Jack and Robert exposing their genitals and I am going to soft pedal some of the other routines I developed for Jack. One thing that helps is Jack is a much more mature 16 year old now than he was when we started this program and he seems to be handling everything quite well.”

“You may think the two week program is over but I have news for you,” one of the women piped up. “Jack doesn’t know it yet because he’s still exposing himself to us every chance he gets. I don’t think any of us are complaining because we all love to see his big cock. However, I have noticed that Mr. Robert no longer is unzipped.”

OK.” I replied. “I will have to speak to Jack about that and I will impress upon him that we have to back off on all the sexual contact and try to get back to a normal household environment.”

(Author’s note – Many of the women in the meeting had actually had prior sexual contact with both Jack and his dad that were not mentioned in the meeting related here. Those contacts were told in earlier stories in this series. Marie in particular had previously had a number of sessions with Jack and was actually fucking him on a regular basis but nobody knew it.)

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