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Story about a young girl being molested on her bike ride through the park.
Copyright 2019 by tcs1963

All Rights Reserved

"Molested at the Park"

by tcs1963

It was a sunny Saturday morning, and I had decided to take a nice long bike ride. I had been wanting to get some training in before the "Breast Cancer Awareness" 20 K bike riding marathon.

School was out and it had been a moderately boring summer recess so far, and the marathon was going to be a highlight for me this year.

So, I got my dad to do some maintenance on my old trusty 10-speed bike and threw on my hot pink hot-pants and matching sports bra, and set out on my adventure.

When I rounded the corner of Elm Street, I could see the front of Rainbow Park. I decided to ride through and enjoy some of the scenery. Thinking that even if I am training, I may as well try to enjoy the beautiful sights and the beautiful day.

Turning onto the bike path I could feel the temperature change as the tree line blocked most of the sun. The cool air making my teen nipples stiffen inside my tight sports bra. My old bicycle seat had been incessantly teasing my little cunny, due to my movement and the taut fit of my shorts.

As I whipped my bike down the gravel paths, I kept thinking about my first sexual experience. My dance teacher used to touch me in the most intimate places during my private dance lessons.

I was so young when it happened that I didn't understand the feelings she gave me, but now that I am almost eighteen I know she was actually grooming me. She never completely ravished my young body but her touches were magic to a blossoming young girl.

Lately, those thoughts had become paramount in my masturbation fantasies. Every time I rubbed my little pussy I would imagine her showing me how much fun it could be to have sex with an older lesbian woman.

That was a few years ago and me being almost eighteen now, learned to accept it for what it was. She had moved far away and I grew out of dance lessons. So I missed our private dance sessions and all of the hidden sexual fun we used to have together.

As I rode my bike through the park, admiring the great view and moderate weather, I realized I had to pee rather urgently. So I rode over to the ladies restroom. Locking my bike onto the bike rack I figured I would pee and have a tiny little break.

When I was walking to the door of the ladies room, I noticed this very pretty older woman sitting on the park bench across from the restroom. She gave me a mischievous smile and went back to reading her book. I smiled back and continued into the building.

After entering the stall and sitting on the toilet, with my bike shorts and panties around my ankles, I couldn't help thinking of the sexy woman's smile and what it meant. I let loose my stream thinking bad thoughts about the woman outside on the bench. "Was she a lesbian"? "Would she force or rape me"?

My thoughts were getting me more and more aroused and I was imagining her coming into the ladies room and ravishing my immature body, right there in the stall. But, to no avail, I had no such luck, so I wiped the urine droplets from my pussy lips and went back outside.

I walked over to the Coke machine and purchased a can of soda, and then took a seat on the bench just opposite from the sexy smiling woman. Unknowingly, I was flirting, I know now.

My legs leisurely spread to give her a better view of my tight shorts pulled into my slit. Then waving hello again, I started fidgeting in my seat, waving my legs open further while enjoying my soda.

After taking a few sips, I brought the can down inbetween my parted legs and settled it tight against my pussy. All the while I stared into the smiling lady's eyes as they followed my hand. As she watched me push the cold can into my cunny, I saw her press her hand to her lap.

I really didn't know how to react to her flirting, but what I did know was that I wanted this sexy older woman to seduce me. Her gestures and sexy stares had my panties so moist they were stuck to my skin. My tight little teen pussy was literally trembling from the inside out.

So as she watched me intently, I casually pulled the leg of my shorts aside to show her my panty covered pussy. She pressed her hand to her lap even harder and I could see the material give under the weight of her hand.

Then I casually slipped my panties aside to show her my bare pussy. I almost thought she would stand up and walk away in disgust, thinking that I'm some kind of sex freak. But she didn't, she sat right there and watched me.

Just then, she got up and made her way towards the park ladies room, that I had just left. Every few steps, she would turn back to me and smile, using her index finger to give me the "come hither" hand gesture.

I really didn't know why she would beckon me, but I was determined and excited to find out. I was also very hopeful that she was as much of a sex freak, as I am, and that she would want to take full advantage of me.

After she had disappeared from view and entered the building I stood up and followed her into the ladies room. Swinging my hips in a very lustful manner, signaling that I was truly interested in her as much as she was with me.

As I walked up to her, she looked at me and said, "That's a very pretty little pussy. Do you mind if I have a closer look?"

Without saying a single word I pulled aside the leg of my shorts along with my panties, showing her my pussy, up close. She knelt down and moved her face really close to me, sniffing my female scent.

"Does it feel good when you touch it?" she looked up at me and asked,

All I could do was nod my head yes.

"Would you mind letting me touch your lovely little girl pussy?" she asked and almost before I could answer, I could feel her fingers tracing a line up and down my slit, along with her hot breath.

"It's such a moist and tight little pussy you have here, would you let me give it a sexy kiss," she said,

I just gave a lustful sigh and replied: "Oh yes, please kiss my pussy, Miss."

Taking my hand, she led me to an empty stall and as she was telling me how pretty I was I could feel her hands lowering my shorts and rolling down my panties until they were hanging off my one ankle.

"Lean your pretty little hiney back against the wall and relax, and I'll use my mouth and make love to your pretty pussy, Angel," she told me as she knelt down in front of me on the restroom floor and put her hands on my inner thighs.

All I could think of as I leaned back against the wall was my former dancing teacher. She was the first person to say that she thought I had a pretty pussy. She always made me feel so special during our private lessons.

Looking down I saw the older lady breathe in my cunny scent before her hot tongue went to work teasing my labia. and with one long swipe, she stroked my whole slit. It was such a wonderful feeling it made my knees buckle.

Her tongue was stimulating my pussy much more than my fingers ever could and I was savoring every moment. Sucking on my pussy lips like she was swallowing my soul.

Next, she parted my lips with her fingers and sucked on my clitoris until it swelled and stuck out of its hood. Her tongue was touching me in the most extraordinary ways, she had me almost squealing.

Then as I was finally getting used to her teasing tongue, she drew back her hand and slapped me right on my swollen clit. The pain mixed with pleasure almost brought me to my knees. I was in convulsions, shaking with my pussy juice dripping down my taut thighs.

Then she plunged her tongue as far as she could deep into the cavity of my pussy and she started slapping my clit even harder, almost to the extent of a painful spanking. Making me squirm against the wall with pleasure and pain.

She continued to slap my oversensitive clit, and she must have realized that I was enjoying it immensely. So she stopped tongue fucking my pussy to say "That's a naughty little pussy and I think it deserves this spanking." with a big shit-eating grin on her face.

Then I squealed, "Oh yes, Miss. Please, Spank my naughty pussy."

Much to the shock of both of us a lady police officer that had been patrolling the park walked into the ladies room and had heard me as I begged her to spank my pussy

Walking up to our stall and opening the door she said: "Yes, spank that dirty little sluts naughty pussy."

Looking at her as she stepped into the stall, both of us gave a sigh of relief when the lady officer told us not to stop and locked the restroom door so nobody else could walk in.

My new friend and current to tormenter continued her assault on my lower body and the officer reached over and pinched and twisted my nipple. Then, I noticed the officer drop her trousers and state-issued plain cotton panties. Watching us play she leaned against the wall and started to finger her own hairless pussy.

Reaching the plateau of no return I thought to myself that it was time I let myself cum and the older lady torturing me became even more relentless. All of us girls crammed into one stall must have been a very funny sight to behold.

The older lady that was licking and spanking my pussy was lost in her manipulation of my pussy, and the lady police officer with her clothes all jumbled at her feet was fingering her juicy cunt, too. I just tried to stand there and be abused and molested at their whim.

Pushing my hips off the wall as far as I could to try and get my abused pussy even closer to the older lady's mouth. Feeding my teen cunny to her as best I could.

I watched as the lady officer came over and knelt down behind the older lady, grabbing her nightstick and rubbing it along her sopping wet pussy.

The moan from the older lady when the nightstick slid into her cunt was muffled because her face was buried in my pussy. The lady officer was quite rough as she sawed in and out of her sloppy pussy.

Just then, I started my orgasm splashing the older ladies face and shirt with my discharge. I squirted just as if I was urinating all over my two new friends.

I was mostly incoherent and couldn't stop my orgasm, cumming uncontrollably. Having one orgasm after the other and squirming my ass all over the bathroom wall.

Without giving me a chance to recover the lady officer pushed me onto the toilet, then straddled my lap and demanded I lick her pussy. She turned her head and spread her asscheeks and told the older lady to worship her asshole.

I timidly leaned in and licked her labia, I didn't really want to, but the lady officer grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her pussy. Try as I might, to turn my face away her total control of my head kept me in place.

She screamed: "Lick my cunt you nasty slut, and you better lick it good or I'm going to run you both into jail".

My tongue stretched out as far as I could and I nervously continued licking the officer's sweaty pussy. The more I tasted her the more I was getting into it, and the hotter I was getting.

I could feel the closeness of us in that small stall, with the older lady rimming her ass, as I licked her pussy. Both of us working in unison to bring the officer to a climax.

My tongue was exploring every little crevice of her pussy and her moans were getting louder. When all at once I felt the older lady reach between the officer's legs and she slapped my clit again, just before she plunged a couple of her fingers into my hot pussy. She started all over to wildly finger fuck my well-used cunny.

I didn't know it at the time, but the older lady was sliding her other fingers into her own cunt. All three of us were moaning loudly together throughout the ladies room. Our efforts were culminating in all of us perverted ladies cumming together. The lady officer was gushing just like me and her pussy juice went right into my mouth.

It gushed out so fast that I couldn't drink it all and it ran down my chest and onto the floor. But I did do my best to lick her pussy clean.

Afterward, we all got dressed, and the older lady and the lady police officer tried to get me to meet them again, and although I had a great time and I told them yes, I would meet them. I had no intention of coming back to the ladies room and meeting them next Saturday.

The End...


2019-06-06 18:53:29
I’d loved to have met you

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