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This story is going to be revolved around the dehumanisation and the downfall of a woman in a misogynistic society. It is going to be extreme with elements of sexual violence, hatred towards women, treating them like animals, watersports and so on. Please read only if you are OK with the themes stated.

This first part does not involve any of that except some violent choking and misogyny. Please enjoy.
“This is not happening, Saya,” Wong shouted at the petite brunette across the conference table. He was supposed to be her father but he wasn’t acting like one. He was a perfect example of a strict Asian father, with all his moral egos and ethics up his ass. Saya looked at him with a slight frown. She was a bit scared. This was a huge deal for the business and her father was turning it down just because he had a bitter business experience in the past with one guy. And that guy was not even the main party. This deal was a joint agreement between companies, and it was going to be highly beneficial for Wong Enterprises.

“Is this about Martin? If yes then I can assure that you won’t see him ever again. But it's important that we get his signature on the deal too. Without his company, we cannot go any further, Dad. You know that.” Saya tried to sound as convincing as she could. She was putting all of her efforts in but the tense brows on her father’s forehead was telling her that she was not successful at all. The meeting was about to start in fifteen minutes and Saya had not even gone through the basic details with him. They were stuck on the subject of Martin for the past ten minutes. Such a stubborn asshole. She was ashamed to think of her father like that but she wanted this business to be successful. He had put his sweat and blood to make this business where it is at just now, and Saya wanted to take it forward and make it more successful.

Saya Wong was a petite girl in her mid twenties. She was born and raised in London under a very British culture. Her mother was a british woman while her father was Korean. Wong had moved to London in the 70s to work as a cleaner in a Jewellers shop. He had always the mind of a businessman. His business sense was picked up by the owner of the Jewellery shop, who, later on, would become his wife. After his wife’s untimely death at the age of 33, Wong had already established himself in the business. The assets were transferred to him and now he had a two year old Saya and a business to take care of. Saya was mostly brought up by nannies through her childhood. She rarely saw her father. He was busy expanding the business. London, Holland, Germany before he settled in Singapore. He built his company headquarters under the name of ‘Wong Enterprises’ in the heart of Singapore. He had a dozen branches of Jewellery stores across these countries.

While he was busy building an empire like a power hungry maniac, he had almost forgotten that he had a daughter named Saya who had just been graduated from Harvard Business School. She was 24 and looking in the crowd to see if her father had shown up for the graduation ceremony. She booked a ticket to Singapore the very next day and stood in front of Wong Enterprises. The tall building loomed over her. The news of her arrival spread like wildfire and it wasn’t hard to reach to her father. He greeted her like any other father would and Saya melted. Her anger disappeared as she crashed into her father’s arm. She took over 75% of the business in the next six months and came to a realization that the company was not moving forward. It was stalled and the main reason of it was decisions. Her father was a terrible decision maker. His anger clouded his judgment and his stubbornness came in the way almost every time. It just happened to be that she was experiencing it for the first time right now.

She gave him a second to think then continued. She didn’t exactly want to open the old can of worms from the past. “Look Dad, We have to do this. There is no other way. You wanted to get in the property business, right? Well, here are the names. These are the companies that are willing to work with us and get us on the ladder. We need their help. It's not like the old days where you can build everything on your own. You have to work together.”

He just would not budge on his views. He kept silent for the most part of her briefing on the meeting. This conference was going to decide the future development of this company. Her father had shown interest in the property development sector and Saya had all the knowledge surrounding it. After a bit of research and keeping a keen eye on the market and other businesses, she managed to compile and contact these companies and put forth a deal. This will strengthen their own position as well as benefit the other companies.

The pre briefing time was over as a click was heard advising that the meeting was about to commence. Saya took a deep breath and gathered her papers neatly in a single file then glancing towards her silent father, she stood up to greet the arriving party. They were ten in total, of different ethnicities. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English to American. All big guns in suits. Saya stood 5 foot 5 inches in her black skirt and white blouse. She had a small red scarf around her neck. Her heels clicked twice as she moved forward to greet them with a smile and offered a handshake. This was one of her first big meetings and she was not sure of the exact etiquettes. Her father would know but he was sitting. He did not even stand up to greet or smile. Thankfully, the handshake greetings were not too awkward, though the only American man had seemed to squeeze her hand more than he should. Saya didn’t know how she felt about that. Her throat was already dry and she swallowed dry spit. The room was filled with muscular scent and it was getting to her. She suddenly felt alone and nervous. She was the one who was going to do most of the talking, it was decided. But now, with her father not talking, she was going to do all of the talking. Panic crept in her bones but she exhaled a breath and stole a glance towards her father.

“Well, we are here for something.” The American accent in the man was strong as he spoke. His tone had a sneer to it, like he was taunting. “If you are not going to talk to us with a straight face…”

“Mr. Martin,” Saya cut him off mid sentence in the most politest of ways. “W...We are delighted to have you here. To have you all here.” The words were stuck in her throat. They weren’t coming out. “We have a deal for you.”

“Don’t use the word ‘we’,” Martin spat. The man was around her father’s age, in his 50s, with grey hair and well looked after body. He was tall and had that piercing look in his eyes. Saya felt herself succumbing to those eyes. She glanced down at where his hands were placed on the wooden table. She could feel his eyes penetrating through her skin. “There is no ‘we’ here. I see only you present here and I would like to talk to the company owner.”

Those words were like small little spears striking her. She felt like drowning in the leather chair she sat in. She mustered up some courage, whatever there was remaining. “I look over most of my father’s business…”

Cut. “We know you do but we do not want to deal with you. We want to deal with Wong. This deal that you are offering is 100% profitable for us. But the most profit that is going to make is your company so if you don’t talk to us how businessmen should then this is not happening.”

“This deal is not happening,” her father spoke. His voice was rock solid and full of hatred. “Certainly not when you are present in this room, Martin. I still have not forgotten what you did to me in London.”

“Oh for God sake. You’re still thinking about a thing that happened in 1994. Get over it, Wong. I’m amazed at how you are even running this company. I think we are done here.”

He slid the chair backwards to get up and the other men followed him. Saya felt humiliated. After her father’s bitter words, she had lost all hopes. She quickly stood up and tried to make the situation better by walking the gentlemen to the door. She tried to put on a smile for the men but they just stared at her with cold eyes. Martin was the last to leave the room. He had a mocking smile on his face. This time he offered his hand to her. She looked at it and took it. He squeezed her hand like before while looking at her openly and smiling. They were out of the conference room, away from the eyes of her father.

“It was very brave of you to organise this meeting but I knew what the outcome was going to be. I was prepared for this.”

“Sir, if you give me one more chance, I can make this. I can convince my father.”

“Your father will never be convinced. That I know for sure. A beautiful, intelligent woman like you should take the business entirely in her own hands. But knowing him, I don’t think he will hand it over that easily.”

His words were true and they were draining her even more. Saya felt stuck in a small room. If she looked back, there was her father, stubborn and firm. Looking ahead, the deal wasn’t going anywhere.

She nodded, looking at Martin. She noticed his eyes were looking down at her body, at the snug white shirt she had worn, and the red scarf which hid her button line. “Sir, I will talk to my father…”

Martin put his hand up to stop her. “No need. We liked the deal and we will be holding a discussion tomorrow night at the Marina Hotel. I brought these men with me and I have to explain all the details to them. Though they knew what was going to happen here, it was still humiliating for me. As long as your father is involved, I am not going to put my hand into this. I think you should be working towards what to do with your old man. I’m sure you are bright enough to understand.” He brought his hand up to squeeze her shoulder firmly and she felt a tingle rippling through her body. She shuddered at that squeeze, wanted to close her eyes but she didn’t. Her eyes were lowered and she nodded meekly.

Martin was walking away. The deal was off.

It was an exhausting day for Saya. After the meeting, she didn’t go back in the conference room. Instead, she left Wong Enterprises and went straight to her home. After a small nap, she sat down to research on her project but she felt empty inside. She didn’t feel like doing anything. So she went to her bedroom and spent the rest of the evening on her bed. Her mind was fixed on Martin. Those prolonged handshakes, the tone in which he talked, the firm shoulder grasp. It sent shivers down her body, all the way to her core. Her slender hand slipped down her silky white body as she spread her legs a little bit. She found herself wet as she slipped a finger inside. It had been months she had never had sex, and the smell of those ten men still lingered around her body. She didn’t want to wash the smell off.

Saya didn’t know when she had an orgasm while daydreaming about the old men. She took her creamy fingers out then took them to her mouth and sucked on them. Marina Hotel. Tomorrow night. That’s where the men were going to further decide. They might even try to topple Wong off the market. If enough of them get together, they could do a lot of damage. Saya, for one, was not going to let that happen. She decided that she would go and speak to these men at this meeting and see if there was any way a deal can be made. Her father didn’t have to know. She handled half of the business on her own anyway.

She didn’t go to work tomorrow all day. Instead, she researched more on the company shares and profits. She was getting an idea where everybody stood. Martin was obviously at the top, with his company profits reaching the sky. No wonder the rest of the men were following his lead. Martin was the main man, and also the arch rival of her father. She needed to work hard to convince this guy. In a way, she was a little confident because yesterday, he took the time to talk to her. It showed her that he was willing to listen.

In the evening, at around 7 pm, she took a shower and got ready. She wore a sequin black and grey skirt which came to her knees. She selected a bluish-green lace sweater tee with a black shoulder netting which covered her slender shoulders perfectly as well as showing a bit of skin too. Her make-up was not too heavy with very light pink lipstick and an eyeliner. She looked best in a light make-up. Her black mid-waist length hair hung over her shoulder as she made her way out of the house. She took her Jaguar to the Marina Hotel. It wasn’t very far from her house. The traffic was terrible as it took her 45 minutes to reach there. She handed the key to the hotel chauffeur and made her way through the reception. She found out the party was being held on the rooftop of the hotel. The receptionist used the word ‘party’ which made her a little tense. She thought they came here to discuss a serious business meeting. Either way, she was not overdressed or anything. She wore the perfect clothing for a business party.

Her fingers fidgeted as the lift travelled upwards toward the top floor. She was a little bit nervous because she was really gatecrashing the party. She was not invited here at all. Martin had hinted about the party and she decided to come here. Soon she will be surrounded by the same men and possibly more from the conference room yesterday. The only difference was that Saya’s father won’t be present here. She was looking forward to see what kind of a deal they could settle. If only she could get her senses together.

The lift stopped and the doors slid open. Saya put on a business face and entered the hallway. It was big and lit with double doors at the end. She could hear loud music coming from the half open doors. Her heels clicked along the surface as she walked to the double doors. The man in the uniform standing at the door smiled at her politely and asked her name.

“Miss Saya,” she stated. She was going to say her last name and the name of her company and formally introduce herself but the man started looking through the names on his written list. Saya smiled. “Uh, Mr. Martin invited me late so my name might not be on the list. If you go and ask him, he will be able to help.”

The man nodded and excused himself for a moment. He disappeared through the double doors, and Saya followed him turning in the opposite direction. The party hall was less lit than the corridor outside but it was huge. There were around a hundred different men and women, all mixed together, drinking and laughing, conversing with each other. They all seemed the upper class business people. Saya would fit right in here. She was pretty much new to the local business scene having been taking over her father’s company for six months but she sure knew how to attend a business meeting. During this time, she didn’t get the time to meet other business people, apart from the ones she wanted to deal with. This would be a good opportunity to meet with new people. She spotted one of the Japanese men looking at her. Mr. Hiro was present yesterday at Wong Enterprises. He was the one who wiped his hand from his handkerchief after shaking with hers.

His stare was hard and Saya was forced to look down. She felt uncomfortable and slightly tingly. She was not sure if this was turning her on by making her uncomfortable. She realised this yesterday that she liked the attention of the men. Most of her sex life was unexplored but sometimes she would get these unexplained urges. Her standing alone in a world where men dominated. She was not sure how she was there. She failed to understand.

There were less women here than men. She believed most of the women here were wives of the businessmen. From the looks of the party, it did not look to Saya that this was the party where any kind of business deal was going to go down. She took a glass of champagne from one of the floating waiters and walked to the open doors on the balcony. She could see the beautiful nightlife of Singapore from here. The light breeze touched her skin and she felt a shiver. There were less people out here. The pool was empty. It was a little bit chilly. Saya felt good.

“Well, look who has come. I was kind of expecting you.” She turned around immediately. It was Martin, with his broad face, blue eyes and heavy jawline. He was smiling as he took a sip of his champagne. “As I said, a wise woman is a keeper.”

Saya managed to control herself. Her knees were weak as she stared at Martin. He was looking straight in her eyes and she could not meet his. Why? She did not know. It was a mystery to her. Even when her father scolded her sometimes, she could not fight back properly. Yesterday was an exception because the whole company’s fate was on the line. They...she needed this deal.

She put on a smile. “Mr. Martin. It is nice to see you. I thought I would come and check this party out. Otherwise, why would you mention it to me? You wanted me to come?”

Martin’s smile grew deeper and he nodded. “Yes, sure I wanted you to come. We could talk some. Please let me know if you require another glass of champagne, or perhaps something stronger.”

Saya swallowed and shook her head meekly. “I’m not acquainted with stronger drinks. Besides, I need a clear mind for this discussion.”

“Clear mind, Miss Saya? The deal is done. We are going ahead with it. But there is one little problem. And one small condition.”

Saya tensed up. Excitement and fear welled up within her. “What would be the problem?”

“Your father. I don’t want his name involved in any of the papers. I think you can do that easily since you own 70 percent of the company anyway. Also, it would be much easier on our side too.”

Saya tried not to show any sign of surprise on her face. Nobody knew that she owned more than half of her company. How did Martin come to know? She had not a clue.

Martin continued, “And your father is getting old. It is time to let the new kids take the business. I admire your courage as a woman though. You see these women in the party strolling around. They could not manage their husband’s businesses for one day. All they care about is how to spend the money. That is why I admire you. Your determination, your vision to take your company to new horizons. It makes me, as your rival, feel good. Of course after the deal we won’t be rivals but friends.” He ended with a smile.

Saya felt joyous inside. It was working. He was going to sign the deal. This meant so much for her and the company. She felt a little empowered by his words too. He was a kind man. Suddenly, she felt very relaxed and started to enjoy the champagne. She smiled at the breeze that caught her hair. “Mr. Martin, you are a nice man. I don’t know why my father has a problem.”

“Please call me Martin,” Martin said, leaning over to adjust her hair away from her face. “Your father is a nice man but he is also like an animal. Very territorial. He does not and would not like other men touching his things.” His fingers brushed the side of her face as he withdrew.

Saya could not help but breathe Martin in. He smelled of manliness and alcohol, tobacco and other things. It made her tingle. The tingle went all the way to her pussy and she shuddered. She wanted him to tower over her, wrap his arms around her and let her breathe his musky scent.

“Mr….Martin. My father is a man and I have always been taught to respect men. You are a man also. And if I could, I would like to help you both solve your quarrels and disagreements.”

“And you are doing that just fine. Coming here to this party, you will realise one day that it will be the best decision you have ever made. Now shall we talk about the condition?”

Saya was feeling good. His voice was nice and rough. It was tickling her in so many places. Her pussy was wet. She felt an urge to touch herself. Moreover, she wanted Martin to touch her. “Condition, Sir?”

“We would like you to stick around for the after party. That’s where the other members would like to seal the deal. Also, I was wondering if there should be some kind of entertainment.”

Saya looked a little bit lost. She hid that behind her champagne glass as she took a sip. “Entertainment?”

Martin smiled, leaned over and brushed his fingers lightly on her bare knee. “Imagine ten men and a woman in a room. What kind of entertainment comes to your mind?” His hand began to creep under her sequin skirt touching her thigh.

Saya felt good and wrong at the same time. She was enjoying the touch but the idea of sex with strange men. That was wrong.

“But Sir. That is not right. I do not…”

“Yes, you do. You will be our entertainment for tonight if you want this deal. You will do exactly as we say.” Martin’s voice was a mixture of hard and soft. The very tone made Saya flinch.

He ended with a pinch on her thigh. His hand was well under her skirt, touching her bare flesh, her inner thighs, the most sensitive place for her. Saya did not know how to feel about it. She liked the touch of this man. She was attracted to him from yesterday, even though he was potentially a rival and an enemy. But Saya braved it. She was here in this party, ready to be...taken? The thought surprised her. Her pussy was wet and his hand felt good. This deal meant the life to her. She wanted him to move his fingers inwards towards her slick pussy.

“Sir. I...I have never participated in anything like. I was a student six months ago before I got pulled in this business.”

“Let’s just say a sane woman...a sane business woman...won’t ever dream of doing this. But there is a type of women who are willing to do just about anything for men. Do you know that type?” Martin was slow in the execution of his word so he can have full impact on Saya. She was turned on and dazed, thinking. His hand crept under her skirt again, this time travelling along her inner thigh.

“I...I’m aware of that kind,” Saya breathed slowly as she felt his hand once again on her leg. She wanted him to go deeper towards her pussy.

“Yes,” Martin whispered. “That kind. The kind that is strong but also in private, they like to serve men. Don’t you like to serve men?”

Men. This was a topic Saya often ignored. She didn’t let her conscious bring it to the front, even though she knew the deal. Despite having been raised up in a surrounding with no men around, she realised she liked older men. Since the High School days. She had a crush on all the male professors. She especially liked their scent, the way they smelled. Her preference towards older men intensified when she took the course in business management. Just the thought of older, powerful, rich businessmen in suits made her knees weak. She would do anything to get the attention of a man she liked. And that was the case here.

“Yes, Sir. I love to serve men. to serv...ah.” A moan escaped from her lips as Martin’s finger found her moist slit. He began to slowly stroke her lips to make way for his finger. Saya opened her legs for his ease. She fixed her dazed eyes on Martin to look at his face. He was enjoying it. “Sir.”

“Yes, dear? Are you ready to serve us for the deal?”

“Yes, I am ready to serve you. I will do anything for this deal,” she said, then moaned out loud when Martin pushed his finger inside her pussy.

“I want to see you objectify yourself as a woman. Would you do it?” Martin spoke as he started to explore her insides with his finger.

“Yes, Sir. I will be on my knees all the time and present myself as a cocksleeve for you men to use. I will suck your cocks off one by one then shamelessly take them in my pussy. I will lick and smell your ball. I would bury my nose in your sack of balls and take deep inhale of your musk. Ah, please, Sir. Please.”

Saya did not even realise what she was saying. She was so turned on and on the verge of orgasm as she spoke her filthiest fantasies out aloud to a strange man for the first time in her life. She wasn’t ashamed of it. She wanted to do it for her lustful pleasure and for the deal. She came hard on her fingers as she put her empty champagne glass on the side table. Her hands gripped his forearms as she moaned into the orgasm. It was very intense. Nothing like her solo orgasms. This was a touch of a man and that made the whole difference.

Saya relaxed back in the chair as Martin pulled his hand out with a smile. “You are such a woman, Saya. So intense and delicious. We are going to have fun.”

Saya was spent and exhausted. She tried to put on a smile as she looked at Martin. “Thank you, Sir. I can’t wait for it. May I sit here and relax for a second? I need another drink.”

Martin got up. “I’ll get you a drink. Party won’t be long.”

Saya looked at the disappearing Martin and sighed. When the drinks came, she took a good sip of the expensive champagne and sank lower in the seat. She didn’t care if this against the ethics and morals. She understood the kind of society she was living in. If it were up to these men, they could throw her out like a fly. Men dominated and women followed. This was the world she was living in, and in order to be successful in this kind of world, she was willing to do a lot of things. This was only a start. This side of her was suppressed. She had to do it by force because business was the main reason. She needed to take care of the business her father was drowning. Deals were to be made. Stubbornness was at the forefront and it was up to Saya to deal with everything.

She was interrupted by a waiter kind of person. She looked up at him, her mind still thinking about the business deal. She realised her legs were still open in a suggestive, not ladylike way. He was the same person who received her on the door. “Miss, would you like another drink?”

She felt his eyes on her legs for a moment, scanning her slightly pulled up skirt. Her knees were bare. She felt good and a little bit drunk. “What’s your name? Sorry, I barged in the party like this. I should not have.”

“I’m Adrian and it is totally OK. You must be Sir Martin’s good friend. Some names are not on the list. If you know what I mean.” He ended with a small wink which made Saya chuckle.

“So your Sir Martin has these special kind of lady friends often?” Saya asked as she took another glass of champagne from the tray Adrian was holding.

“Oh yes, it is part of the business. It is one way to leave a mark on somebody. You know how much women love a businessman. Even, the simple housewives crave them. You don’t see the house type to me?”

“Me? I’m the chairwoman of Wong Enterprises,” Saya said with a hint of pride.

“Wong Enterprises?” Adrian’s eyebrows raised. “And you are attending this party?”

Saya realised the mistake she had made. She blurted the very reason she was here. This was going to cause a lot of scandal. She had forgotten about the media at all. “My good friend Ahmya is here. I came to see her. She is Mr. Hiro’s wife.”

How she knew about Ahmya was another story. The main thing was that Adrian was satisfied. His thin face did look like that of a paparazzi. He nodded slowly, his blue eyes still fixed on Saya. It looked like he wasn’t fully satisfied. Saya was drunk.

“And I do like a good businessman, as you said. So a little Mr. Martin company didn’t go to waste there. I do hope I have satisfied him.” It was Saya’s turn to wink and act as slutty as she could, just so his attention was diverted.

Adrian smiled. “Oh, Sir Martin is easily satisfied. Trust me, I have worked three years as his personal driver and security guard.”

“Oh, and I bet you have seen a lot.”

“More than a lot. This past year I have been working as the head of this hotel’s security. This is much more fun. Mr. Martin asked me to look over this party especially.” Adrian nodded.

“Any business woman interested or perhaps you’re into housewives?” Saya asked with a smile.

Adrian chuckled. “Well, let’s just say I had my fair share. I like a mix of both.”

“Plenty of them here,” Saya chimed. She kept the conversation going, hoping it would help him forget why she was here. She didn’t say why she was but disclosing her name was a big clue. Also, she didn’t know how long was Adrian watching her and possible Martin together. It was possible. Anything was possible.

Adrian had to excuse himself. The party was in full swing as Saya stood up and wobbled her way inside. It had been a while she had drunk this much. Most of the time she spent at the party she didn’t remember. What she did remember was talking to Martin and being introduced to a few men and women. Soon, the music slowed down and people started to leave. The party was coming to an end. Martin grabbed Saya’s elbow and whispered something in her ear. “Go through that door and wait in there for us.”

She knew which door he was talking about. It wasn’t the main double doors people were walking out of. There was another door in the side wall through which Saya walked in. It was a medium sized rectangular room with couple of couches and a rug in the middle under a coffee table. A small window looked out towards the city. The room had a dark feeling to it, like it had been used for private important conversations. The furniture and walls smelled of cigar and whiskey. She wondered what kind of deals went down here.

In the corner there was a small bar with half empty bottles of liquor. She grabbed a clean glass and picked the nearest bottle she could grab. She poured and took a sip. The liquid was much stronger than champagne. It burned through her throat and she flinched. It felt good though. She poured more and drank, waiting for the men. They didn’t take long.

The main party was over and the after party was starting. She stood near the corner of the room facing the door, her back leaned against the bar, as she took in the sight of the male power that walked in. Ten men in total including Martin who locked the door at the end. The men knew what to do. They took seats on the couch while a couple helped themselves with the whiskey. One man who she recognised as Stefan lit up a cigar. Martin smiled at Saya as he walked to her. He glanced at the bottle of whiskey and an empty glass beside her. “Having fun, I see? Without us?”

Saya smiled and felt his warmth from where she was standing. It felt good. “Never. I was just getting started. I see you brought the men here.”

Martin smiled as he grabbed the bottle of liquor. “Yes. For the deal. These men want to see the goods before they sign anything important.”

Saya couldn’t help but feel a flush coming on her face. Martin kept his eyes on her as she was forced to look down and think about what he just said.

“Then they shall see what they are signing.” Her voice was low and soft and she could not believe what she was saying. Was it the alcohol in her or did she secretly want this? She was achingly horny though. She wasn’t sure what she was suppose to do after she said those words. Martin kept looking at her with a smile, the half empty glass of whiskey in his hands as he swirled it. “But you also understand that I haven’t done anything like this ever before.”

Martin let a small chuckle out. “Oh, dear, what is about to happen in this room, I am sure it isn’t the only time it has happened in the history of business. Women are delicious little creatures. They are a good source of entertainment for men, whether they are working in a brothel, office or they are an executive director of a multi million company.”

There it was. That tone in his voice which made her legs weak. He spoke to her in the same manner earlier on at the balcony and it made her wet. It was happening again. She was losing it, drowning herself in the authority and dominance of his voice.

“Yes, Sir,” she said softly and submissively as she went down on her knees. It was a natural reaction to his words. It was something that astounded her too because never in her life she had known to act this submissive. It was as if Martin was unlocking a new part of her and she was surrendering herself completely to this man.

Martin took a sip of his drink then put the glass on the counter. He unzipped his fly and took out his semi erect cock. Saya saw the white cut cock poking out of his fly. She had sucked cock before. Her American boyfriend from Boston was the only man she had sex with. The sex was amazing and the blowjobs were just average. The guy didn’t like his cock to be sucked as much so it was a disappointment for Saya because she felt like through a blowjob only she was able to please him. And pleasing him meant the world to her. She was submissive.

Martin inched forward and slapped his semi erect cock on her face. She snapped back to the present moment and looked at the cock. It was thick, cut and meaty. He had an impressive head and she could see some fluid at the tip of his cock. He was leaking pre cum already. Saya swallowed, the taste of whiskey still lingered in her mouth. She took the tip of his cock in her mouth and began to suck it slowly. Martin sighed with a smile and took his glass of whiskey in his hand. “Good woman. Isn’t this the natural place for women? On their knees, pleasing the men?”

Saya sucked for a moment before withdrawing and looked up at him. “Sir, you have some strong views there.”

“Strong, yes. Also the right views. Keep sucking. You have a lot of men to please.”

Saya knew what to do. She continued to suck on Martin’s cock. The rest of the room was out of her view as Martin had been standing with his back to the men. The men weren't paying any attention to them anyway. They were busy having a chatter and smoking cigars. It wasn’t until he turned to the side, which forced Saya to walk on her knees to center herself in front of Martin, when the men noticed. They saw a business woman, the richest in the city of riches, the upper most class woman, on her knees, sucking a man in front of other men. It wasn’t the first time they were seeing a woman sucking a man off, but it sure was the first time they were seeing this class of woman sucking another man. It turned Saya on. People were watching. Other men were watching. Other important business men. She only knew Hiro and Stefan out of them all. She could bet all of them knew her father very well. And the kind of things they must be thinking about Mr. Wong’s daughter selling herself for a deal like this. That fact made her feel humiliating. Her face flushed but once again Martin gripped her brunette hair and yanked her head up.

“Listen to me, you whore. If you want to impress these guys then you have to suck me good. I don’t want a dead person sucking me off. Show me how a woman like you sucks a cock and I’ll let you get on with the rest of my business friends here.”

His tone was strict and to the point. Saya flinched. She was brought back to the present moment by the yank of her hair once again. This was her warning. She must please these men if she were to get the deal. This was the only way out for her. She wanted to keep the business that her father was ruining over the years. During the next ten minutes, Saya took her time to lather Martin’s cock with her spit. She conjured up all the thoughts and images of the time in business school where she would fantasise about all the things she would do to give her boyfriend a blowjob. She liked to gag, choke and slobber the cock before she jerked it off in her hand to make him cum. Unfortunately, it was a fantasy as the boyfriend did not like receiving oral. She could apply all those fantasies on Martin. And he seemed to receive it well. He managed to take off his trousers and boxers as things were getting messy and drooly. Her own make up was ruining slowly. The mascara was running down her pale cheeks as her pink lipstick was smeared over Martin’s cock. Her legs were bare, knees open on the floor as she gave everything in taking his huge cock down her throat. Little did she know that she needed a lot of practice in doing this. She could only take half of his cock down her throat before her gag reflex kicked in and she heaved. The audible sound of her heaving made Martin chuckle and he withdrew his cock.

“Oh, you like doing that, don’t you?” Martin asked as he held his cock in his hand. The front bottom of his shirt was smeared with drool and lipstick stains. He took that off too as Saya sat there looking up.

“Yes, Sir. I like…”

“I know you like it but I don’t want a mess here. Some of these gentlemen may not be into it so you have to watch yourself. This is not about you. It is about us. It is about the men you are serving. Now, I want you to go around and ask these gentlemen if they would like to have their cocks sucked.”

Saya nodded as Martin stepped away. She looked at these men as they looked back at the clothed woman on the floor. Saya didn't get up to walk. The distance was not much. She crouched forward on her hands and knees and began to crawl towards the nearest man. She didn’t know his name but he looked like he was from East Europe. His short blonde hair and blue eyes made him very handsome.

“Sir, would you like your cock sucked?” She asked, still on her knees and hands between his legs.

The man smiled and opened his legs. Saya sat up to unzip his trousers and slipped them off. He had a similar shaped cock to Martin. She took her time to suck him off. He spoke to her and she could confirm by his accent that he was definitely from East Europe. His name was Krys.

Martin called to move on to the next man. Out of ten men, only two refused to have their cocks sucked.. One of them was Mr. Hiro and the other, a hispanic guy named Diego. He was an aged tall black man with a slight beard. He was already half way through his cigar as he regarded Saya with his eyes. They were menacing and sinister, like he was looking through her soul. Saya felt a chill in her body as he refused to have her mouth around his cock.

Stefan was the only british male in this group and Saya knew him from various parties before. He was a young entrepreneur like Saya. Similar in age and goals. He was also the one very active in this current scene after Martin. When she was sucking his cock, he was forcing it down her throat by force. She did gag a couple of times on his cock and salivated on it before Martin announced that it was time up.

Now, she was free and Stefan was the first one to get up and advance towards her. Martin was just behind him, coming at her from another side. Saya didn’t know what to do. She wanted these men to take charge of her. She could not even crawl two feet without permission right now. Stefan was the first one to reach her. He grabbed her hair in his fist and dragged her back. She landed on her back and Martin spread her legs open. Her panties were torn away roughly as her private area was exposed. The very first person to look at her cunt was Diego. It was all happening in front of him since he was the last person she had reached to ask. Saya could notice his eyes boring into her and it made her wet. Stefan had pinned her upper body down while Martin toyed with her legs, spreading them open.

He slapped her cunt twice which made her flinch. She moaned out loud. She had never slapped her own pussy like that and she never had been manhandled like that for sure. She dreamt of it in her fantasies though. And now two of the most powerful businessmen in the world were on top of her. One was looking in her eyes and the other was slapping her pussy.

Stefan smiled at her, his face just inches away from hers. “How do you like to be treated like a whore? Right now, you are a whore for us here.”

In reality, it turned her on. She wanted to smile in acceptance but the slap on her cunt once again made her moan out loud. Martin was using his hands wisely as he smacked her palm against her pussy. Then he shoved two fingers in her wet hole. He had already touched her a little on the balcony. This was...something else. With an audience of ten, Saya moaned like a whore as she enjoyed the invasion. Her pussy walls hugged his fingers as he worked them in her body.

Alex was the first one to get up when invited to use her hole. He was a tall man from Singapore who had a local but thriving business. Stefan dragged Saya towards the middle of the room as Martin stepped back. The coffee table was shoved to one side. Alex adjusted himself between her legs and at once put his cock in her. It slid in easily, making her moan. Half of the men in the room were interested in this, the other half resumed with the conversation they were having. Saya felt a rush of humiliation hit her. The men were not even watching her. She was not interesting. She felt like a cheap whore among classy businessmen. She felt low and humiliated. After taking his pleasure, Alex pulled himself out with a satisfying smiled. Stefan stood up also, leaving Saya the only person on the floor between these men. Martin took the rein in his hand and stepped forward. “Gentlemen, I am not so sure Miss Wong here has been successful in catching your attention. I don’t know what we are going to do with the deal. Clearly, she has failed to put an impression on any of us, whether clothed or naked.”

The words hit Saya and she came to her senses. She was losing. It was clear. The men were not interested. The deal was not going to happen if this continued. “I…”

“Yes, Miss Wong? You what?” Martin interrupted her.

“I need the deal,” she said desperately.

“We are aware of that but you are going to entertain us. So far you haven’t even grabbed any of the men’s attention, let alone do something physical with them.”

“I can entertain. I will do it.” Saya could not think at all. Her sense of reasoning was slipping. In her mind, there was a blank sheet of paper and the word ‘entertain’ written on it. Entertain. Fun. How?

Keeping that blank state of mind, she shifted her position on the floor towards the main sofa where most of the men were seated. She spread her legs and began to touch her pussy. This was her idea of fun in her bedroom. The only difference was that there was an audience here and she had a goal. Even the goal was slipping away behind the white sheet of paper. She found herself slipping in a strange sense of space. A space where she...wanted to please these men at whatever cost.

A smile formed at her lips and the words that came out of her mouth shocked herself too. Her voice was soft, slow and sensual. “Is this what men like? A woman touching herself for their pleasure? Or perhaps a whore. I know men like whores. Sluts. We aren’t oblivious to that fact. I want to be your whore. My purpose is to please you.”

“I thought your purpose was something else. To get the deal,” Martin interjected. He was standing behind her.

“My purpose is to please each and every one of you right now,” she said out aloud and continued to touch herself. Her soft fingers rubbed over her shaved pussy as she spread her legs a little bit more. Mr. Hiro was one of the men seated in front of her. His eyes were fixed on her, however. She looked back at him with a submissive smile and inserted a finger inside her pussy. A small moan escaped her lips as she began to move her finger in and out of her pussy. She wanted to close her eyes but also keep them on the gentlemen. She wanted to engage with them, look them in their eyes as she masturbated. She was entertainment for their night and there was no way she was going to let them down. “How do you want me, Sir? I could turn around and show you my ass. Would you like this slut to be on her hands and knees and turn around?”

Krys and two other men nodded at her but they were stopped by Mr. Hiro’s interruption. Mr. Hiro was obviously the second richest businessman in this party. “I want to see three fingers in your pussy. Lay where you are.”

It was probably the first time he spoke. His words were like ice. They were sharp and strict like a Japanese warrior swinging a samurai sword. The man was aged, about 55. But he was slim and looked strong. He sipped his glass of whiskey as he looked on. There was not an expression on his face. Just a stab of wrinkled stone. Saya could not hold his gaze for a long time. He had a piercing gaze, just like Diego’s. She would not want to be in the same room as these two. They terrified her in a good way. She managed to enter two then three fingers in her pussy. It was wet and sloshing around as she started to finger herself.

“Sir, I am so wet. I want to be good entertainment for you. I will do anything for you tonight. Anything at all.” Her moans and begging were putting a good smile on most of the men.

“Ohhhhh fuck,” she moaned out aloud and took her fingers to release a clear fluid on the wooden floor just out of reach of the rug she was laying on. Some of the fluid landed on the boots of men sitting on the couch in front of her. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Clean it off with your tongue,” Martin instructed from the back. “We like whores who clean themselves after they make a mess.”

Saya cowered. She felt disgusted and humiliated at the order. Entertaining someone was one thing but licking something from the floor with her tongue was another. She wasn’t sure she could manage that. Martin noticed this delay and instructed her again. “Go on. Be the little slut you are and show us how good you listen to us men. It’s going to go a long way in your career.”

Saya listened to Martin speak behind her back. Slowly, she got up to her knees and faced the men on the couch. She looked down at the puddle of her only fluids she had squirted. It was inches away from the boots of the men. Slowly she came forward on her hands and lowered herself down to lick the mess she had created. A couple of men scoffed audibly and she felt ashamed. She wanted the earth to swallow her. She put her hair to the side and began to clean the floor with her tongue. One of the men put his boot in the puddle. She looked up to see it was Mr. Hiro. He was looking straight at her with that expressionless face.

“Lick my boot and I will sign the deal.” The words hit her harder than she thought. Saya could not believe what he was saying. Mr. Hiro was taking it in some other direction. What was he...trying to say? Saya locked her eyes with him for a brief second. She didn’t want to do this. Not even a house wife would do something like that.

“Excuse me?” She uttered those words and immediately regretted it. The expressions on Hiro’s face did not change. That stone surface was unchanged but somehow she felt them penetrating through her.

“Lick my boot. This is your place. You’ve already dropped yourself lower than a whore.” Every single word coming from his mouth was a dagger to her heart. She felt the utmost humiliation. Her eyes dropped down to look at his black polished shoe which was a bit wet with her squirting fluid. She didn’t want to do this.

“Anything at all. You’ll do anything to save your business, lady,” Martin spoke from behind and Saya felt that inclination to follow his command. That urge to do whatever he said. Shifting closer to Hiro’s shiny shoes, she put her tongue out and licked the fluid off his boots. The taste of the polish was bitter and horrible. She made a face then licked more. The wetness of her tongue made the taste somewhat neutral. She heard Hiro ask for the papers. The agreement file was handed to him. He took out his pen from the front pocket, opened the file, looked for his name and signed while Saya continued to lick his boot.

He passed the file on to Krys who was sitting next to him. Then he nudged his boot softly and told her to lick Krys’ boot. She complied at once, shifting her face to lick Krys’ brown boots as he signed the contract. The contract was passed around the men as Hiro made her lick each and everybody’s boots as they signed. Only Martin was left who needed to sign so the deal could be completed. When the document came to him at last, he looked at all the signatures and closed the file with a nod. His eyes were fixed on Saya who was at his feet, ready to lick his boots.

“Crawl in the middle, on your knees and thank all of us for this. Tell us how this would help you in the future.”

Saya looked up at him and nodded. She wanted to lick his boots too. She wanted to please this man. She wanted to follow every single of of his commands. He was powerful and he made her pussy wet like no other.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied and turned to crawl on the rug in the middle, facing in no particular direction. “I thank you, Sirs, for helping me in this dire situation. I was desperate for a way out. I admit that my father is stubborn and would have destroyed the business if I had not interfered. I am also thankful for yesterday, for you putting up with him. It was embarrassing. I am grateful for this chance Sir Martin gave me and I hope I have entertained you gentlemen good enough. I am forever in your debt.” She lowered her head after that. Her knees were slightly open and her hands were on her thighs as she waited.

After a bit of silence, Martin finally walked around her. He faced her while looking down on her. “Stand up now and get dressed. The deal is done.”

Saya felt the eyes of the men on her. Her naked pale body, her small breasts and black brownish hair were all on display. They were all watching her as she got up and walked to the bar area where her clothes were laying on the ground. She picked them up and began to dress herself while Martin talked with the men. The men shook Martin’s hand one by one and started to leave. When the room was empty, Martin told Saya to follow her. But she had questions.

Saya leapt forward in her high heels to stop Martin. “Sir, is it really done? Will my father’s business…”

Martin turned around and scowled. “This is not your father’s business. He has lost everything. The business belongs to you now. The sooner you realise that, the better it is.”

Saya winced at the hardness of his voice. Her legs quivered but she managed to stand up straight. “Sir, I am sorry. Can I have the document?”

“I still haven’t signed the contract yet. I need to know a few things before. You will be taken to my hotel room. Adrian.”

Saya swallowed as the thin faced Adrian entered handling a try of empty glasses. Saya spoke with uncertainty. “Sir? Your hotel room? I thought we were finished here.”

Martin turned his attention from Adrian to Saya. A small smile formed on his lips which told an entirely different story. “Oh, you sweet little thing. Have you any idea how big this is for you? You are running a multi million company which is on the brink of bankruptcy had I not came up with a deal. This is the deal right here. What you said earlier was correct. You are actually in debt to us. To me, mostly, because my share in this deal is 78%. So this night is not finished for you by any means.”

Adrian motioned for Saya to follow him. Saya didn’t hesitate in following. She watched Martin disappear out of the room before her. He must have gone to say farewell to the party. The hall that was buzzing a few hours ago was dead and empty. The tables were placed back to where they belonged and most of the lights were turned off. A cleaner was vacuuming the carpet in a distant corner. Adrian took her across the hall through the huge double doors she came in from. The flight through the elevator to the seventh floor was quiet. She didn’t speak because she was nervous. The acrid taste of shoe polish still lingered in her mouth. She swallowed it and remembered what she had to go through to sign the deal. It gave her some reassurance that at least the deal was done and through. Whatever Martin had in mind, she could endure through it. But that was the problem. Martin’s actions and his voice had a magical grasp on her brain. Her knees become jelly when she hears him speak in a commanding order. Excitement replaced the fear and she felt a fire in her core. The same kind of fire she felt when he touched her on the balcony.

Saya glanced at the tray of empty glasses Adrian was carrying. They were empty. “Could I get a drink once we go to the room, please?”

Adrian was staring ahead as the elevator reached down to the seventh floor. “Whatever Sir Martin wishes, you will get. I have orders of my own.”

Saya nodded and they stepped out of the elevator, walked a few paces to room no. 787. The room was not as spacious as Saya would have thought. Instead it was luxurious with soft carpet and a king size bed. A large rectangle window was overlooking the glorious city showing the nightlife. Saya felt warm under the soft orange glow of the room.

“Sir expects you to be naked and knelt beside the bed, facing the door,” Adrian said. Saya turned to look at him with a question.

“Naked and knelt?” Saya asked.

“Yes. Preferably right now because he should be coming soon. Kneel.” His stricter tone made her shiver and she knelt on the carpet. She put her hand back to unzip her dress and took it off. She wasn’t wearing any panties or bra. She had put them in the purse from the sex party earlier.

“Could we get some drinks, please?” She asked looking up at him.

He shook his head and walked towards her back. “That is not up to me. Take off your heels. He wants you to be completely naked.”

Adrian left the room after she took off her heels. The room wasn’t too cold. But the anticipation was hot. She was nervous and excited at the same time. This resulted in her nipples being hard and her clit swollen. She could feel herself getting wet but her hand were on her thighs, as instructed. She waited.

After about ten minutes of waiting, the door opened and Martin walked in. He smiled when he saw her, closed the door and took off his coat. “As expected. You impress me, Saya. You have impressed the whole lot tonight.”

Saya let herself smile at the compliment. “I have never done anything like this before. You must know this.”

“Oh, I know,” Martin said, taking off his tie and shirt. “And that is what makes this good. You made a decision and it turned out to be in your favour. You put yourself on it. Even Mr. Hiro was impressed.”

“I don’t get that. Why did he make me lick his and every other person’s boot. It felt wrong.”

“Are you ashamed of your actions?” Martin asked.

Saya had to think about this. She was not exactly ashamed of her actions. It happened in the heat of the moment and she did it. She was not feeling bad about it now. And the best thing was that it got the deal sealed. If anything, she was feeling accomplished.

She brought the smile back on her face and looked up at him from the kneeling position. “No, Sir. Not ashamed at all. It got the job done.”

“Good girl. The sooner you learn that, the better it is. Mr. Hiro is very much a misogynistic and his wife knows it very well. I don’t know what is happening in his personal life but he does not believe in women standing equal with men to do business.”

“Then why did he signed the deal?” Saya asked.

“Maybe he needed it as much as you do. He has a large business but as you know yourself, stubborn guys like him, they only go so far before stumbling on their faces. The same thing was going to happen to your father if there was a no deal scenario.”

“But you haven’t signed it yet, Sir,” Saya said with a smile.

Martin smiled in return. “I needed to speak to you before I did this.”

“What would you like to tell me?”

“Open your mouth and put your tongue out.” It was a direct command which jolted her. Her back immediately straightened and her mouth opened. She stuck her tongue out and looked at him. He towered over her, shirtless and handsome. It made the aching worst in her core. She wanted to touch herself but couldn’t because...she was simply not told to. The thought shocked her. She was waiting for further instructions by this man. She wanted to do every single thing he told her to do. And to do it with precision. Pleasing him was her pleasure right at that moment.

He took off his belt and slid his trousers and boxers down to reveal a good length of cock. Saya had only really seen one cock in her life and that was the uni days. She wasn’t sure this cock turned her on or not but it made her feel like she wanted it in her mouth and pussy as soon as possible. So the first reaction of her hungry body was to lean over and kiss his cockhead. He took a step back at once making her look up at him.

“I know you want this so bad but I want you to know your place. After this deal that, where you are right now, will be your permanent place forever. Not necessarily under me but in general.”

Saya tilted her head slightly and tried to understand. He spoke about Hiro being a misogynistic and now he was talking like one himself. He wanted her to be under these men. She didn’t think about it this way before but now as she understood, this seemed to be the case. In a world where men dominated the whole planet, where did women belong? Was this her place, on her knees ready to serve as a woman in a way he deemed fit? Did she have a say right now? Did she have the power to say no, get up and leave? The answer to those questions was a no.

She tried to find any kind of resistance in her and found none. She let go of anything that would make her fight back. She let herself go. She let Martin’s words flow over her skin and absorb them. She was thinking no more. The only thing that was on her mind right now was to please this man. There was no deal involved here.

“Yes, Sir. My place is this and I accept it.”

He put his belt around her neck and pulled her. His hard cock was already aligned with her mouth. She opened her mouth and let the cock travel in it. He didn’t stop there and kept pulling her till his cock hit the back of her throat. She recoiled, her stomach convulsed, put her hands on his thighs and pushed. She landed back on her ass and hands and looked up with panicked eyes.

Martin smiled. “Is that all? You haven’t given a man a blowjob before? Ever had a man handle you roughly?”

“No, Sir. It was unexpected.” Saya regained herself and came back in the kneeling position.

Martin replied by grabbing her hair and twisting it. “This is the world of men. Do you understand what that means?”

Saya twisted her body with the movement, the pain from the hair pull sending shivers through her body. “Yes, Sir. I understand perfectly well.”

Martin let her go and aimed his cock at her mouth again. This time she took his member in her mouth at her own pace, preparing herself to deepthroat. As the cock travelled down her throat, her gag reflex turned on and she convulsed but this time she didn’t move back. Her mouth retreated back a little bit as she looked up at Martin then took his cock back in again. After another gag, she came back out and began to suck the cock. She didn’t know what to do or how to suck a cock as she had never sucked a cock before in her life except for that one time with her boyfriend. She didn’t know if she was doing a good job or not. She was purely going by the expressions on Martin’s face. He was smiling as he looked down at her sucking.

She held his cock from the bottom and sucked the top like a lollipop. She kept repeating it till Martin stopped her. When he did, she was wet and aching for his touch. He turned her over on the rug and slapped her ass. She squeaked and somehow was turned on by the slap. Her pussy was leaking juices as she put her ass up for him to spank her more. She craved it, wanted it. It was making her wet.

But it didn’t happen. Something else happened, something far more exciting and delicious. His long cut cock spread her juicy pussy lips. She let out an ecstatic moan and looked back. He had buried his cock all the way in her pussy. Martin grabbed her hair in return and pulled as he jammed his cock in her pussy. “Fuck.”

He moaned as he began to fuck her pussy, in and out, going slow at first. Saya felt an orgasm building through her. She didn’t want to cum just yet. She wanted his permission. “Uh, Sir. Uhhhh, can I cum?”

In return, Martin slapped her ass with his free hand as he pulled her hair taut. “No, you absolutely cannot, you little slut. You will do as I say. Always.”

His words were like a concrete. They sent shivers across the surface of her pale body and she shuddered while moaning. It was like a mini orgasm. The main orgasm she still could feel it inside her. It was shouting to come out. And she screamed. He fucked her hard. Her knees gave up and she landed on her stomach, unable to take without going over the line. For a brief moment, Martin’s cock was out of her pussy. She turned around, looked at him with wild eyes and backed off. She was not exactly scared of him but there was something in that man. He towered over her with a hard dripping cock. He took a sudden step forward and slapped right on her face cheek. She was thrown to the left, a sharp pain rising in her cheek followed by a burning sensation.

“You do as I tell you. Didn’t you hear me?” he asked in a soft but cold voice.

Saya was confused but anger took over and she lunged at Martin with a scream. She could not tell where she got the courage from. It was a natural instinct. She was angry. At what? She wasn’t sure. But Martin moved to the side and pushed Saya to the ground. She collapsed and Martin put his foot on her chest to pin her down. “You fucking stay down there! Fucking bitch!”

Saya just stared at him, a look of wilderness in her eyes. She didn’t reply, just stayed put under his foot. “Sir…”

“Shut the fuck up!” Martin roared then took his foot off. He grabbed her hair, pulling her off the floor to drag her to the nearest couch. He sat there while pinning Saya on the floor between his legs. When she was in position, Martin delivered another slap across her face. “Men are cruel, Saya. do you really want to know what pleases them?”

The slap that hit her across the face jolted her back to senses. She shook her head furiously, fear evident in her eyes. “No, Sir.”

“Yes, you do. I’ll show you.” Martin had a smile in his eyes. He held her head with both hands and pulled it on his cock. It went all the way down her throat. He held her head with both of his hands. Her gag reflex came at once and she thrashed, coughing and spluttering but he didn’t let go. She scratched his thighs in a vain attempt to release herself. Finally, he let her go and she took a deep breath in. He slapped her face again. It was already red. “Look at you. Filthy slut. Put your fucking face to the floor.”

Saya did not lose a second in doing that. Her head went down and she rested her cheek on the floor. The tears were coming out of her eyes. She was crying but also turned on by this strange manhandling. She could not understand her own body at this point. But the next thing shook her even more. Martin put his foot on her exposed face cheek and pressed it down. The other foot rested on her back. She felt...violated.

It was shameful and embarrassing. Martin used his feet to play with her body for a few minutes then he ordered her to come on her hands and knees. By the time she came up, her face was red with physical exhaustion and embarrassment. Martin looked at her swollen eyes, messed up hair, running nose and ruined makeup. “Well, how does it feel to be a woman?”

Saya had no answer to that. All she wanted was to do as he commanded. He continued while looking in her eyes. “That thing that you did back there, leaping at me like a hungry tigress. That is not going to happen again. Promise me that. I do not want that again. I don’t care how angry you are. You will NOT stand up to a man. When was the last time you stood up to a man?”

“I don’t….I stood up to my f...father.” Her voice was crackled and words were difficult to form. She was ruined and spent.

“That was because of me also. I forced the events to go in that direction. You see, in this society, women do not and will not have any power at all. Fair enough, they graduate. We let them graduate. Just so we can break them. And it is interesting to break an educated woman than an illiterate one.”

Saya dared not look up in his eyes right about now. If she did, she would surrender it all. True, she had been raised in a family where women did the house work but her father had sent her to USA for better studies. What was Martin saying? And why did she feel the desire to surrender herself to this man? Was this natural? Was it natural for a woman to be submissive to a man?

She looked up and saw fire in his eyes. His hand flashed, a flicker then she felt pain in her face. He had slapped her the heaviest this time. Little spots of light flooded her vision and darkness came. The next moment he was on top of her, pushing his cock in her pussy. He rammed it in while spreading her legs wide open. She felt the pain in her core. A sweet sensation as well as was mixed. Martin began to furiously fuck her pussy. Both of his hands came crashing down on her throat, and he squeezed and squeezed. Saya felt the blackness grow deeper. The spots across her vision blurred and travelled till they disappeared. She could still feel his cock beating her cervix violently. Stab stab stab. In and out. She coughed, while trying to focus on that sensation. But she failed.

Darkness finally came but the last words she heard from Martin sent shivers through her body. “I will fucking destroy you.”
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