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As the wedding gets closer, John is getting more nervous.
The Chauffeur (#48) The Wedding


Copyright 2019


As each day passed, I could see John getting more nervous about the upcoming nuptials. I took him to the Ralph Lauren store to buy him his tuxedo as well as mine and Fred’s.

At first, John wanted this tuxedo that looked like he was getting ready to pull bunnies out of a hat. Fred and I just stood there watching him bounce from display to display before Fred offered, “John, why don’t you let David and me help you pick out your tuxedo?”

John thought about those words and just hung his head as if he was defeated. I walked over to him, put my arm around his shoulders and offered my assistance. The salesperson, while friendly really had no clue on picking tuxedo coats which were a surprise since the whole store is built on high-end clothing.

“John let’s start with the color of the coat. I suggest plain black, no pinstripes and no off-color, just black. I would suggest we start with a full-length coat that will stop about where your zipper will stop,” I say to him.

The salesperson pulls out a measuring tape and begins taking shoulder measurements, arm length measurements, and down the back measurements. The salesperson went to a rack and pulled out three suit coats. He handed them to me and walked off, apparently, he had something more important to do other than take care of customers.

As I took one of the coats off its hanger, I went over to our salesperson and asked for a manager.

“Hold on a moment, I’ll call him for you,” I was told.

I waited a couple of minutes before a man named Jack introduced himself.

“Jack, I came in here to find my son a tuxedo for his wedding on Christmas Eve. Do you think that you can help us, or should we head down the road to one of your competitors?” I ask.

“No sir, I will personally help you. Do you know your size?” He starts with.

“No, but your salesman took measurements and then handed me these three coats and walked away,” I tell him. He just shakes his head, clearly not happy with the salesman.

“Did he measure the groom for pants?” Jack asks.

“No sir, he didn’t,” I tell him.

“How about either of you, did he measure you two for suit coats?” Jack asks.

“No sir, again, he didn’t,” I reply.

Jack just shakes his head before he heads over to the counter where the salesperson is playing some game on his phone. In just a moment he returns with a cloth measuring tape.

First, he starts measuring John’s waist and then his inseam. I guess I had never realized that John was that much taller than me. His inseam measured 46” and he had a waist measurement of 32”. The waist measurement surprised the hell out of me considering how much he eats. Jack went over to another rack of coats. He pulled three different ones off the rack and took the two he had not tried on back.

John was only wearing a collared shirt and dress slacks. Jack pulled two dress slacks off a rack and brought them over to us for John to try on. John gave a sigh and took the pants into a dressing room to try on. He was in there about 5 minutes before he came out and stood in front of a full-length mirror. Jack surprised the hell out of him when he pushed up the crotch of the pants checking the available room in the pants for John’s jewels.

The jump from John caused a chuckle from both me and Fred. Jack warned him the next time he was going to be grabbing on John. He seemed much more relaxed after Jack gave him some warning. Jack asked what size shoes he normally wears, John told him that he wears size 13 but prefers 13 ½ to have just that smidge of extra room in the shoe for his foot.

Jack went over to this huge display of shoes and pulled two pairs and brought them over to the three of us.

Something that I had never experienced before was a beautiful young college-aged gal bringing a bottle of champagne around willing to pour each of us a glass. John looked at me as if I needed to give him approval. I gave him a nod hoping he wasn’t going to vocally ask if he can have some champagne. I told Fred if he wanted a couple of glasses that I would be happy to drive us all home, but Fred is the man he is declined to have any champagne until we get back to the house.

The offering of champagne caused me to think that we needed several cases of that stuff for the reception. I picked up the bottle and looked at the label. It read Korbel, I put it on my phone to save for later.

Fred and I sat on a nice black leather couch watching John get pushed and pulled trying to fit him for this tuxedo. As we got a coat picked out and a pair of pants that actually fit, we moved on to the shoes that Jack had pulled for John.

The first ones that John tried on he said were too tight. I suggested he try the other pair, which he said was a much better fit. I just shook my head when I saw that John was trying the shoes on without any socks. I got up and went over to a display and pulled a pair that said it would fit up to size 14.

John opened the package of socks and put them on and tried the shoes once again. He said that they fit the same but felt a bit better on his feet. Again, I just shook my head smiling the whole time. I could see that Fred was watching carefully and trying not to laugh out loud about John’s lack of knowledge about suits and tuxedos.

A belt also became an issue. John wanted this one that had a huge belt buckle, almost as if John was going to be riding broncos instead of walking down an aisle to be married. If I had let John get the belt that he wanted, both Jill and Dakota would kick me in the nuts without hesitation and I wasn’t about to let that happen.

After Fred and I convinced him that the big belt buckle was not what he wanted for the tuxedo, he then found a brown belt. We had a discussion for several minutes about a black suit and a brown belt. He didn’t see the issue with it, whereas I ONLY saw an issue. Finally, I had him convinced to let me pick out his belt. I picked this black polished leather one for him.

Fred got up off the couch to go look at tuxedo shirts. Of course, John wanted the gaudiest one they had, with ruffles as it belonged to a high school tuxedo. This time I shook my head listening to Fred quietly chuckle.

Fred pulled three types of shirts. One had no design at all. The second one had a straight pattern running from the top button down to the part that goes inside his pants. The third and final shirt also had a straight design that was a bit more pronounced. I let Fred know that I was partial to the second shirt. He told me that he agreed with me on that shirt.

And then there was a long discussion about a tie. John wanted a clip-on black tie. In my head, I thought that I need to gently suggest to him to get a tie-on bow tie, something that would make him look regal. Fred asked him if he knew who Frank Sinatra was, John said he knew the name but didn’t know the person. I suggested that he Google Frank and when he did there was a picture of the black-tie undone, one that virtually every guy wants to look like. I also suggested that he Google the remake of Ocean’s Eleven and look at the George Clooney character, again the look that most guys want. John conceded the point.

At Fred’s suggestion, we got 5 tuxedo shirts just to be prepared. You never know when some bonehead of your side of the aisle spills food off of his paper plate onto your shirt or spills some wine or any number of things that you need a backup for on your wedding day.

And then it happened, John asked THE question, “Guys, what happens if when we get to the ‘I do’ she doesn’t say that. What do I do then?”

Both Fred and I chuckled again. “John, you hold your breath and pray in your head that she says yes. However, let’s cover a couple of things, first, she is spending a truckload of money on this one-time dress so if she gets one, she’ll say yes. Second, between now and forever, she owns you. Don’t EVER forget that. Now, I’m not saying that you must take any abuse, but she will be the Queen in your life and if you just accept that now, when you’re getting married the rest of your life will go smooth. Third, and finally, you need to just randomly buy her small gifts, like flowers and cards. Yeah, yeah you must buy them on Mother’s Day, your anniversary, and other occasions, but she will be much happier if you randomly buy a dozen flowers on some random weekday. Also, don’t always buy the same flowers, she needs to know that she is special to you,” I tell John.

“When do you know that you are in the doghouse?” He asks.

“Believe me, you will always know when you are in the doghouse. Women NEVER keep that a secret and be sure that you listen to your wife when she is fussing at you. If you show that you listen, then the issue will be over much sooner,” I tell him. I see John thinking about what I’m saying.

Fred adds, “Don’t forget to randomly surprise her such as doing the laundry or cleaning the bathroom, women love things like that. Since you live in a house half of the chores need to be done by you.”

“Of course, since you and Diane are both living at the Chateau, that might be a bit harder to accomplish,” I say to John.

“What about sex with other women? Can I still do that?” John asks.

“Well……maybe. Usually, most women when they get married expect their husbands to be faithful to them and not whore around. Now, if both of you decided to play with others, I would suggest that you play together in the same room that way there isn’t any jealousy or fears that there is sneaking around. You’re both in the same room, you’re both playing with another couple or single and everyone is happy,” I tell him.

“But you don’t do that with Jill,” John says.

“No, you’re right. Jill and I have a unique marriage. Think about Dakota being pregnant by me. How many other wives would allow that? You can probably count them all on one hand. Most women are possessive and don’t like to share their significant other,” I explain.

While Fred and Jack have John trying on some other items, my phone buzzes. It’s from Dakota. “Women are all talking about getting the bride’s dress from either Dolce & Gabbana or Oscar De La Renta. Good thing you made that big bonus. XOXO Dakota,”

I texted back, “Thank you, Darling, for the head’s up. I love you! How much water have you had today?”

I get a return text, “Not as much as my Daddy would like me to have. I’ll get a bottle right now and get one for Jill and Diane,” Dakota tells me. I smile when I see the answer.

John is getting antsy and I see that. It tells me that his attention span is getting short and we should maybe call it a night and head back to the Chateau. Tomorrow is not a workday and thus we can tidy up any loose ends if we need to.

Fred tells Jack his suit size, which surprises Jack. I don’t know my size, so we make another appointment for tomorrow to finalize John’s tux, my tux, and Fred’s tux.


In the car ride back to the Chateau, John again begins asking me questions, “David, when you’re in trouble, how do you get out of it?”

“Well, it’s different for each couple. One thing that I can tell you is if she tells you that she doesn’t want you to do something, then don’t be stupid. Don’t do it,” I tell him.

“And that fixes it?” He asks.

“No, like I said different women want different things. For example, Jill just wants me to be available to her when she is frustrated and needs help. I have no issue with doing what she asked. However, if I suspect that I’m in trouble then I tell her repeatedly that I love her and am sorry for whatever I did to make her mad at me. It gets you nowhere to just keep arguing with her. Learn these 6 words…. I love you and am sorry,” I tell him. Once again, he is thinking about what I have said to him.

I’m very proud that he is thinking. Most relationships are different, and both members need to be responsive to their partner to keep things going.

“Fred, can we stop at a burger place, I’m starving,” John says.

“Sir, is that OK with you?” Fred asks me.

“Of course, John do you have anyone in mind?”

“Fatburger, I know that I could eat at least three, maybe four,” John says. Fred sees a Fatburger ahead and heads towards it. When we pull into the parking lot, we see another group of youths that seem to be messing around, but we aren’t sure. Fred parks the car out at the end of the parking lot and the three of us walk inside.

I see Fred continually look around for possible trouble. We all go to the counter and John orders for himself. I order for me and of course, Fred tries to sidestep ordering, but I won’t let him. Fred concedes the point and orders a Fatburger, fries and a chocolate milkshake. Once John hears Fred ordering a chocolate milkshake, he orders one as well.

I pay for the whole meal and John carries the tray to a table. I see Fred keeping an eye on the teenagers. I somehow don’t feel threatened by them as I did at the restaurant that night.

John hands out the burgers, fries, and drinks before he begins to stuff Fatburgers into his face. Fred and I look at each other and just smile watching John and food.

Several of the teenagers go outside leaving two of their friends inside with us. They are paying us no attention, which makes me feel much better.

My phone buzzes. It’s from one of our attorneys.

“Hello, this is David Greene,” I say when I answer the phone.

“Mr. Greene, this is Richard Leibowitz, one of the corporate attorneys for Jaxson, Inc. Did you send a guy to me that was arrested for domestic violence?”

“I sure did. Why do you ask?”

“Well, according to his wife she told the judge that he assaulted you and threatened everyone in the restaurant. She also said that he threatened to harm the child. Will you give me your side of what happened?” Leibowitz asks.

“Mr. Leibowitz, both the guy and the lady came into this Italian restaurant. He was yelling at her that it was his time to have their son. She just kept poking at him goading him. She was pushing every button she could before he finally broke. He was sobbing that she was supposed to turn their son over to him. She mocked him and made disparaging comments about the guy and his ability to be a parent. I stepped forward towards him. He pulled out a 9mm and held it towards me. He was begging for her to give him their son, but she kept antagonizing him. She even stepped behind her son putting him in the line of fire. My own personal security guy held his weapon over my shoulder in clear sight so that the man would understand that he is in the line of fire. The restaurant has several cameras that I think should be shown to the judge. This poor guy is losing his mind because he doesn’t get to see his son. She antagonizes him and she then doesn’t follow their divorce decree,” I explain to my lawyer.

“He said to me that you offered to pay for my legal fees. Is that correct?” Leibowitz asks.

“Absolutely! This guy is at his wit's end and he needs help, lots of help. I can see that all he wants is for her to have to live to their divorce agreement just as he must. I also want to be clear; she provoked this whole incident and then hid behind their son so she could tell the judge that he put their son in harm's way, but it was her that did that. Also, I will be happy to speak to the judge on this guy’s behalf,” I tell the lawyer.

“David, do you know this guy? I mean he pulls a gun on you and yet you want to pay for his legal fees and testify to the judge. What gives?” Leibowitz says.

“I understand his mentality. His buttons have been pushed by his ex-wife that he is having a mental meltdown. She’s flaunting doing what she wants to do and yet she tries to crucify him. Trust me, Mr. Leibowitz, I understand the mindset,” I say.

“Could you be in court tomorrow morning? This poor guy is in lockup, the judge is refusing to give him the possibility of bonding out,” Leibowitz asks me.

“Just tell me what time to be at the courthouse and what judge he’s standing in front of. Oh, and one more thing, the owner of the restaurant threw her out after the police arrested this guy.

“OK, Mr. Greene tomorrow at 9 am sharp before Judge White. She’s tough, but she’s usually fair in domestic cases,” Leibowitz tells me.

“We’ll be there,” I tell him.

“WE? Who’s the We?”

“Well, did you not want my security to come to the courtroom just in case the judge wants to ask him a question?” I ask him. He relents and says it’s OK to bring the security guy, but make sure he leaves whatever weapon he carries in the car. Do not even try to bring the gun into the courthouse, no matter what license he may have to carry the weapon. I acknowledge what he says, and we end the call.

As John is finishing his food, I begin to explain to both John and Fred the phone call that I just took. John is pretty ticked off that this poor guy is still sitting in jail. I assure him that I will stand before the judge tomorrow, explain my position and offer to pay for his bail bond and will guarantee his presence in court. I also tell John that he’s required to be in court also but without his gun. He says he will be there.

Here is where I take the time to explain to John, no matter how good of a husband you are, the wife can always poke your buttons and drive you to the point of insanity. Fred is looking at me like I’m a crazy man telling this to John just days before he is set to get married.

I ask Fred to please contact the owner of that Italian restaurant and explain that the guy goes to court tomorrow morning and if possible, could he get us the video footage from that day so the judge can see what went on firsthand. Fred says that he will take care of it.

John reminds me that we have the 4 Secret Service guys for their interview tomorrow at 11:30 am. I ask John to call at least one of them and tell him that I’ve been summoned to court at 9 am in the morning. John said he would take care of it for me.

I see Fred relax when the last two teens leave the hamburger restaurant. It dawns on me that maybe I need to hire 6 Secret Service agents, two of them being women. That way if Jill is out and needs to use the lady’s restroom, she will have someone to go in there with her.

I decide to call the attorney back.

“Hello, this is Richard Liebowitz,” he says when he answers his cell phone.

“Mr. Liebowitz, this is David Greene again,” I say.

“What can I do for you, Mr. Greene?”

“Tell me two things, first do we know what the guy does for a living? Second, if it’s something that I can use at Jaxson Inc. will that go over well with the judge me hiring the guy?”

“Well, it probably would be seen favorably by the judge if you were to offer the guy a job. Apparently, he is an electrician but the company he worked for downsized and he didn’t have enough time in with the union and thus he was let go. Of course, the attorney that he had was not a good attorney and he didn’t petition the family court for alimony and child support modification. Currently, he is $2500 behind which is what kept him from the judge allowing him to bond out. She said that if he has money to bond out then he should use it to pay his back child support and alimony,” Leibowitz tells me.

“Is it possible to get the alimony reduced or eliminated?”

“Well, it’s possible. We’ll have to see the mood the judge is in tomorrow morning. I still don’t get why you’re standing up so much for this guy when he stuck a gun in your face,” the attorney asks me.

“Mr. Leibowitz, I’ve been down that road. I know how much an ex-wife can provoke you to do something stupid. He just wants to see his child and force his ex-wife to live by the divorce agreement that he must live by. Clearly, she is doing whatever the hell she wants and is nailing him to the cross the second he doesn’t follow their divorce agreement. Could you possibly get the alimony eliminated? She clearly can work, and I think that she should be forced to do so. And, if it will help, I’ll catch his child support up. I’ve been in this guys shoes and I want him to finally have the black cloud removed from being over his head,” I tell the attorney.

“Mr. Greene, I will do the best I can, but him pulling a gun on you doesn’t bode well with family court,” he tells me.

“Well Mr. Liebowitz, please do the best you can. I will personally guarantee that he will make his court appearances should he be allowed to bond out of jail. I will also hire him so he has a source of income to continue to pay his child support and I will keep paying your legal fees, so he gets a lawyer that does a good job for him. I hope all of this will go well with the judge. This guy just needs a break so he can show that he is a decent father and not the horrible person that his ex-wife is making him out to be,” I tell the attorney. He agrees to what I am asking, and I really want this poor guy to just get a fair shake.

John finally finishes his third Fatburger, all his fries and not one but two chocolate shakes.

“John, where the heck do you put all this food?” I ask laughing which causes both Fred and John to laugh.

As we head back to the Chateau, I tell John that Dakota texted me that Diane can’t decide between Dolce & Gabbana and Oscar de la Renta for the wedding dress. John seems nervous that she is looking at wedding dresses so expensive.

“John, remember Jill and I are paying for your wedding, this includes your tuxedo and her dress,” I say to him. He still looks troubled about the whole affair.

“David, who will be performing the ceremony?” John asks. This was a great question as I had not considered whether we should have a minister or a notary to perform the ceremony. I don’t really know John to be a religious man nor do I know if Diane is a religious person either.

As we get to the house, I really like the new street level gate. Fred opens it and allows it to close before he opens the gate to the courtyard. Once the car is inside the courtyard, he makes sure that the gate is closed and locked. We get out of the limo and head inside the house. We are greeted by a whole lot of women who are all charged up with a discussion about the wedding. Out of all of them, I only care about three women. Jill, Dakota, and of course Diane.

I walk over to Diane and give her a big hug. She just melts into me. I can feel the tension in her body and think to myself that I need to have a masseuse come to the Chateau to give Diane and massage and maybe several of the other women as well.

“Diane, I have a big question for you. Who do you want to perform the wedding service? Are you a religious person and want a priest or minister or would a notary be OK?” I ask.

“Daddy, we’ve already called a minister to perform the service. He will be here tomorrow night. We’ve also set the wedding party dinner for three nights from tonight. Jill picked the restaurant,” Diane tells me.

I kiss Diane on the cheek and tell her how much Jill and I love her. The next person that I see to speak with is Jennifer.

“How are you doing?” I ask.

“I am so nervous. I want John to have a great beginning to his married life,” she says to me.

“Not to worry, John will be just fine. How goes things on Diane’s side of the aisle?” I ask.

“Actually, it’s going wonderful. Your wife has taken charge and has her assistant BJ and this other gal Danni getting lots of things done,” Jennifer tells me.

“Have the bride chose a wedding cake flavor? John said he was hoping that Sammy would do a 4- or 5-layer wedding cake, but I’m not sure what flavor he is interested in. Maybe Diane or all you ladies have a suggestion,” I say to Jennifer.

“We do and have already told Sammy. She wants a chocolate-vanilla swirl cake with a buttercream frosting,” she tells me.

“That sounds delicious. Will we get a sampling of it ahead of time?” I ask.

“Of course, I’m keeping an eye on thing from our side of the aisle,” Jennifer tells me before she leans over and kisses me.

“David, I hope they know how lucky they are to have you in their life to make things easier and memorable,” she says to me before leaning in and kissing me again.

I head back over to Diane.

“Darling, I hear you have the wedding dress down to two designers. Which one is your preference?” I ask.

“Well, I would love to have the Dolce & Gabbana, but a couple of the gals told me to go with the Oscar de la Renta dress,” she tells me.

“I’m sorry, what dress do you actually want?” I ask.

“Well, the Dolce & Gabbana,” she tells me.

“Then get that dress. This is your wedding and I want you to have it the way you want it. You get to make these decisions, understand?” I ask her. She hugs me tightly and I see her eyes welling up. I kiss her on the cheek and whisper into her ear, “Darling, this is a once in a lifetime event. It should be exactly the way you dream it should be,” I tell her before I kiss her once again and get up from the table.


When I finally get to climb into bed, I lay there with Jill and just consider this whole event. I am so proud of both John and Diane; they are trying their best to be mature and smart with making their choices for the wedding.

It doesn’t take long for Jill to be lightly snoring and as usual her back it to me and she is facing away from me. I lean into her and give her a kiss on the cheek and roll away.

Before I finally doze off, I hear a light knocking on the bedroom door. I get up and see who it is. Surprisingly it is Dr. Ronda. She has been tied up with a couple of priority cases at the hospital, so she never came by here.

I give her a big hug and kiss. I put a pair of shorts on and a white tee shirt and take her by the hand out to the kitchen. I take a seat at the kitchen table and she sits on my lap almost as if Dakota had taught her.

“Darling, have you missed me?” she asks me.

“Of course, I have. Oh, by the way, I have something for you,” I say to her.

She smiles at me when I say that to her.

“No silly, not what your dirty little mind thinks that I’m talking about. Let me go up to my office and get it for you,” I say to her. I kiss her and run up the stairs to the office.

I get the envelope and come back downstairs. I pass Amy on the way down.

When I get to the bottom of the stairs, I head towards the kitchen. When I see Ronda, I ask her to close her eyes, which she does.

I put the envelope in front of her and tell her to open her eyes.

She looks at the envelope and gently picks it up studying the calligraphy of her name on the front of the envelope. She looks at it for several minutes. I must encourage her to open the envelope and take out what’s inside.

She carefully opens it and removes the check that is inside. She looks at is and a puzzled look comes across her face.

“David why am I getting this?” she asks.

“Because everyone in my group got a check. I know you make good money, but I wanted you to have a gift from Jill and me,” I say to her.

She studies it for several minutes. Clearly, this gift didn’t go over with her in the same fashion that it did with everyone else.

“David, I’m not sure how I feel about this. I mean, I don’t expect you to give me money. I have plenty of money. What I want as a gift from you is to give me a child. Clearly, you missed that point,” Ronda says as she gets up and begins to leave. She leaves the check on the table give me a kiss on my forehead and walks towards the front door. I’m completely stunned. I certainly didn’t expect her to be upset about this. I decide that I’m going to let her just leave. Maybe it’s a wrong decision, but I’m not running after her. She gets to the front door and walks out.

Dakota comes over to me and asks if I’m alright. I tell her that I am. I put my arms around her and just sit there hugging her. She again cups my face and kisses me back very romantically. My mind is all jumbled up with Ronda’s choice. In my mind, if she didn’t want the money, she could have donated it to a favorite charity, but instead, she took the position that I somehow insulted her.

As I sat there staring off into space, I notice that we had Christmas trees in the house. Three of them. One in the TV room, one in the living room and one out the back door on the pool deck.

“Hey, do we have a plan on decorating the Christmas trees?” I ask the room. No one really gives me a verbal answer which tells me we have no plan at all. I don’t see Mom anywhere so I will address this when I see her.

Bobby asks me if I want something to eat. I really wasn’t hungry, and I thanked him. I got up from my seat and took Dakota by the hand and we went down the hall to my bedroom. Jill was sound asleep. I got into our sleep bed and pulled Dakota in behind me. She wiggled her cute ass up against me and pulled an arm around her. I pulled her in tight and it didn’t take long for us to drift off to sleep.

When my eyes opened it was only 6:30 am, but I remembered that I had to be at the courthouse by 9:00 am for family court. I hurried into the bathroom to do my morning necessities. After I shaved, I took a quick shower and shampooed my hair. Of course, being alone in the shower made the process very short. After I finished and dried myself off, my darling Dakota came into the bathroom and shook her cute naked body at me trying to entice me to play with her. Unfortunately for her, I had to be somewhere soon. I kissed her and went into the bedroom and dressed.

Of course, my darling Jill was sound asleep. Once I was dressed, I unplugged my phone from the charger cord, picked up my wallet and keys. I walked around the bed to kiss Jill and still let her sleep. Once all that was finished, I headed out to the kitchen. John was already up and ready as was Fred. I was the last one to be ready to go.

John kissed Diane, Fred kissed Mom and off we all went. Fred still had the prior days limo. John and I got in the back and Fred got us going towards the courthouse downtown. Of course, we were traveling in morning traffic, so the ride was slow. Fred got us to the courthouse at 8:45 am. John and I jumped out and headed towards the courtroom. We had to go through security. I was thankful that John remembered to not bring his gun with him. Once we got through security, we got to the courtroom with 5 minutes to spare. I met the attorney Mr. Leibowitz and we chatted for about 2 minutes.

Almost on the dot, the bailiff announced that the court was coming in session. The judge asked the prosecutor for a motion which he gave to not allow my guy to get bail. Our attorney objected and the judge wanted to hear why she should allow him to have the opportunity to get bail. Our attorney spoke about how the ex-wife did not follow the divorce agreement which specified days and times for our guy to see his son. The judge asked if he would be able to catch up on his back child support and alimony. Our attorney told the judge that I would pay for his back-child support as well as post his bail and ensure that he had work to continue to pay the child support. The judge wanted to speak to me at that point.

“Is this Mr. David Greene in the courtroom?” she asked.

I stood up and said, “Yes, your honor, I am here.”

“Mr. Greene, are you the man who had the defendant point a gun at you in a restaurant?” She asked.

“Yes, your honor, I am. However, if I may add this guy was being provoked by his ex-wife. She openly mocked him in front of myself, my assistant, and several restaurant patrons. Even the owner of the restaurant saw how she openly poked his buttons. He wanted to see his son and she taunted him. I’ve been down this road your honor and I want to just help this guy. I’ll post his bail. I’ll catch up his child support and I will give him a job so he can continue to pay further child support,” I tell the judge.

“I still don’t get it. Why would you do this for a guy who pointed a gun in your face?” The judge says to me.

“Your honor, I’ve walked a mile in his shoes. I’m not taking on a charity case, I’m just offering him a hand up. Sometimes that’s all people need is just a little help. I ask the court to allow me to give him a helping hand, please your honor,” I said to her.

The judge sat and pondered what I had said. The poor guy was again near tears worrying that the judge was going to keep him in jail.

“Mr. Greene, I’m going to take a gamble on you. I probably shouldn’t but I will, just this once. If he screws up even a hiccup he’ll be back in jail and will stay there for quite a while. I am truly impressed that you want to help a man you don’t even know, who pointed a gun in your face, and potentially could have caused a large amount of harm to his ex-wife and son. But I’m willing to give him one shot to fix himself. If he screws up, he will spend at least a year in jail. Do I make myself clear Mr. Greene?” the judge asked me.

“Yes, your honor, and thank you,” I said to her. The poor guy was solemn and not sure what to do or say.

I’ve seen the guy in need of some help. John works with the judge and gets the guy ready to make him a project having the guy be ready.

It was easy having the guy do what the judge asked him to do. However, if the guy didn’t follow through then he would find himself back in jail. I made sure that the guy was prepared to do what he needed to do to stay out of jail.


It was clear that John had to work hard to keep everyone out of jail. To me, I had to work so that the guy was just a person who had to do as the judge asked. so, he would not end back in jail.

After the court appearance, I had interviews with the 4 Secret Service guys. I met all 4 of them, but I also added two female agents to protect Jill and Dakota.

There really wasn’t much to say except that the four of them were going to just come and go as I needed them. I told all 6 of them that they were hired and the two lady agents were being hired to protect Jill and Dakota.

Once the interview with the Secret Service 6 was over, John, Fred, and I headed back to Ralph Lauren. When we got back to Ralph Lauren, Jack was still there which I thought to be a good thing.

Jack got his cloth measuring tape and began to take my measurements. Since I had a dress shirt and a coat on it made Jack’s work a bit easier. Jack measured my inseam, my sleeve length, and m waist. Once again, he pulled clothing off of the racks and had me try things on. The first two coats that I tried on were to short in the sleeve. I tried on the third one and it fit much better. I went over to the wall of tuxedo shirts and picked out three that I thought would work well.

Jack pulled several shoes for the three of us to try on. As the three of us had the entire tuxedo on, we looked really good. I pulled three additional shirts just to make sure what we had on stayed clean. Jack put all three suits into a vinyl garment bag. I paid for it all and we headed back out to the limo.

Thankfully, the traffic wasn’t that bad. as we drove towards the Chateau. I hoped that Diane chose the dress that she truly wanted. I realized that I was hungry. We had court, then the interview with the SS6, and finally the appointment with Jack at Ralph Lauren. Now, it was time to eat.

As we drove towards the Chateau, I saw Longhorn ahead and suggested to Fred that we go there for lunch. John did notice that there was a Golden Corral next door to the Longhorn. I shrugged my shoulders. Neither Fred nor I had a real preference as to which restaurant. John chose Golden Corral. As the three of us went inside, it smelled delicious as they had ribs being grilled.

I know that Longhorn was a bit more elegant but the sheer volume of food at Golden Corral looked great. Oddly, I started with the krab salad. John, of course, went right for the ribs and Fred chose a steak.

All three of us guys now felt at ease having the purchase of the tuxedos completed. Fred was nice enough to move the three vinyl tuxedo holders to the trunk to keep them from ending up all wrinkled.

As we sat in the restaurant, I saw several families that caused me to chuckle a bit. As I finished my Krab salad, I moved down to the popcorn shrimp. John was heading back up for several more ribs and Fred chose a filet of fish. The waitress came around and brought all three of us drinks.

The three of us ate until our bellies were full. Our conversation centered around what was going to happen and boy was John nervous. John got up and headed over to the dessert table complete with a chocolate fountain. When John was finally full, we headed back out to the limo. I kicked back and relaxed as we headed home.

When we pulled into the gate system, I was very happy with the addition. Fred made sure the first gate was fully closed and locked before opening the second gate. It dawned no me that I had not seen Dakota the entire day. Fred was nice enough to pull the limo up to the front door where John and I got out and went inside.

Of course, once John and I were present, we were surrounded like bees to a hive. Oddly enough, Jennifer was the first one to approach me.

“Hello lover, so you chose to come into the hornet’s nest,” she says to me.

“Well, I do have to come home at some point,” I say to her. She smiles and kisses me. I still hear lots of the women chatting it up regarding lots of things at the wedding. I see the dress hanging from a hook. The ladies all fussed at John for seeing the dress before the wedding. John hung his head once again as if he was being scolded.

Diane came out to the living room and took him by the hand to the kitchen. Bobby and Sammy had samplings of food ready. The room went silent when John announced that he was full. No one believed his statement for a minute.

I tell everyone that we had dinner at Golden Corral. John then told everyone that it was ‘fucking awesome’. We ate and ate and ate. Jennifer came and sat on my lap. She kissed me for taking the responsibility of paying for the wedding. I asked to see the bride’s maid dresses, which I was hoping was not some ugly dress. However, it turned out that the ladies all got themselves a beautiful black mid-thigh dress.

Today was the 22nd and we were less than 48 hours until the wedding. Sammy had a sampling of the wedding cake ready. I sat at the kitchen table with my darling Dakota sitting on my lap. When Sammy started bringing out samples of the cake, Dakota got off my lap and got us both a sample. As Dakota fed me with the samples, it was delicious. Clearly, this was going to be a wonderful event.

I was concerned as to the main entrée, which apparently Bobby was already loaded and ready to have for John and Diane to sample. They had chosen a prime rib of beef along with some fingerling potatoes and sweet onions and carrots.

“Dakota, did you go and get everything on the list that I gave you to pick up?” I asked.

“Yes Daddy, and I managed to wrap everything. You know Daddy, that I don’t think Dr. Ronda is happy with you right now,” Dakota tells me. Although I know she’s annoyed with me, I fail to understand why she has taken that approach. She’s a beautiful woman, but her taking that attitude just puzzles me.

Bobby and Sammy warn all of us that the kitchen will be closed on December 23rd. The chefs will cook something to eat as they cook the main entrée and Sammy works on making the wedding cake.

I take Dakota’s hand and gently walk her down the hallway and into my bedroom. I plug in my phone to the charger and take out my wallet and keys putting them on the dresser. Dakota and I go into the bathroom to get into the shower. Once we were in there, we made passionate love to each other. I push her underneath the water as my cock found its way into her sweet tasting pussy. I fucked her until my cock was ready to spur its contents which it did.

After we made love in the shower, we take the time to gently dry each other off. Once we were all dry, we headed back into the bedroom to climb into the sleep bed. I climbed in first then my lovely Dakota followed wiggling her cute little ass at me. Jill, however, was still out at the dining room table talking some more about the wedding.

“Dakota darling, did we close the office until after the new year?” I ask her.

“Yes Daddy, I took care of all that for you,” she tells me.

“Remind me to make sure that I put on Special Agent Fernandez’s wife on as part of the real estate division,” I say to Dakota as she climbs into bed with me. She wiggles that cute little ass and backs up against me. I drape my arm around her and pull her in tightly. It doesn’t take long for both of us to drift off to sleep.

When my eyes open, I know that it is the day before the wedding. I know that the big issues have been addressed already. The wedding dress is by Dolce & Gabbana. There is a minister to hold the service. All the bridesmaids were going to be wearing a mid-thigh black dress. There would not be any of the raggedy dresses. John, Fred, and I all had a tuxedo made by Ralph Lauren complete with shoes.

All the food will be made by the chefs, including the wedding cake. I am proud of John. He keeps asking me questions and I keep answering them. His questions have a bit more to them each time he asks them.

Once again, Fred, John and I take the limo and decide to head to Happy Limo to exchange cars, plus I want to chat with Paula.

As we are driving, my phone rings.

“Hello, this is David,” I say into my phone.

“Mr. Greene, I just wanted to call you and thank you for promising the judge that you will catch me up on my child support. You also promised that I would be working for you, which is why I’m calling. What would you like for me to do?” I’m asked.

“Well, my company owns a multistory building downtown and we need someone to handle all the things that need to be fixed in a large building. Let me give you the lady, Sharon who runs the building. She will have plenty for you to do, but please be aware we are at the doorstep of Christmas so you will have until December 26th off, that way you hopefully get to see your son for Christmas,” I tell the guy. From there we say our goodbyes and hang up.

It’s hard to believe that John and Diane’s wedding will be tomorrow. Since we need to kill some time us guys decide to head to a movie. We ended up agreeing on Aquaman. We park the car in the parking garage and head inside. I guess it has been quite a while since I have been to a movie. Three tickets, popcorn and drinks cost more than $60.

We went into the theater and took our seats. That was also something new to me, we choose our seats when we purchase the tickets. Once we had our tickets, John went over and bought us three bags of popcorn plus two Cokes and one Sprite. The three of us headed inside the theater and took our seats. Fred made mention that he hasn’t been to see a movie in a theater in nearly 5 years. I thought about it, but I wasn’t that far off in going to a movie in a theater.

It was sort of funny that three grown men went to the movies together, but then again what else do we have to do?

The movie ran just under 2 ½ hours. It was an enjoyable movie, lots of action, great color graphics and a beautiful redheaded mermaid. Overall the show was entertaining and all three of us guys agreed.

After the movie, we still needed to kill some time, so Fred suggested a nearby pool hall that also had electronic dart boards. When we got there Fred parked the limo. It dawned on me that we never made it to Happy Limo to change cars. Instead of heading to the pool hall, we headed back to Happy Limo. Since we were in the part of the city where Happy Limo resided the trip didn’t take all that long. As Fred put the limo in the car get ready location, the three of us went inside. I wanted to see Paula and Fred just needed a new set of keys. John, well he was just along for the ride.

I went through those big castle doors into the office to see Paula.

“So, I hear you pissed off Dr. Ronda,” I’m greeted with.

“How did you find that out?” I ask.

“Well, a $25,000 check left laying on the kitchen table pretty much tells the story,” Paula says to me.

“Yeah, it does. I don’t know what to do with her. On one hand, she wants me to be Father to her child. On the other hand, she does this and now things are all jumbled up,” I say to Paula.

“Leave it alone,” she replies.

“What do you mean, leave it alone?” I ask.

“The whole thing. Don’t call her, don’t pursue her, and don’t try to get her to take the money,” Paula says to me.

“Paula, I don’t think that anything will change anytime soon. She was pretty pissed off when she left the house,” I say to her.

“Then that’s good. The more pissed she is the sooner she will come back around,” Paula says.

In my mind, it felt like she was right. Just leave things alone and let it play out. I kissed her and grabbed a set of keys and the three of us were off once again. However, this time we were headed back to the pool hall.

Fred parked the car out towards the end of the parking lot. The three of us went inside, there weren’t very many people. I guess December 23rd wasn’t a very busy time in a pool hall.

Each of us chose a pool cue. Fred racked the balls and we let John do the break. He got several balls to roll around, but none went into the pockets. I sat watching Fred dismantle John quickly. It turns out that Fred plays pool rather well. Fred racked the balls again, this time he allowed me to perform the break. I too got several of the balls to move around, but none fell into the pockets.

Just like with John, Fred mopped the floor with me. I just laughed and shook my head.

The three of us played for a couple of hours, learning that Fred is quite the pool shark.

As dinner time approached, we decided that we have had enough fun for the day and headed back home.

I texted Dakota that the three of us were heading back home. I got her usual response “K”. The drive was easy as many people had the next couple of days off. Although traffic around the malls and big box stores were horrendous.

Once again, when we pulled into the two-gate system, I was delighted that the coding to the limo was working. It opened the outer gate and once the limo was inside, it locked behind it.

Fred dropped John and I off at the front door before he circled the courtyard and parked the limo.

When John and I went inside what we found was Diane crying, Jill trying to calm her down, and Dakota just sitting quietly in the kitchen.

John went over to Diane to find out what was going on.

“I look fat,” she tells John.

“No honey, no you don’t,” he replies.

I decide to walk right past them and into the kitchen. There, I see lots of paper plates with half-eaten samples of the wedding dinner. I began collecting them and tossing them into the trashcan. Dakota picks up several plates and disposes of them as well.

I look at the clock and decide that it is time to head off to bed as tomorrow we will have our very first wedding. I am so proud of John; he has held it together.

Dakota follows me into the bedroom. I strip down, after putting my phone on the charger. I headed into the bathroom where I turned on the shower and stepped into it. I felt the cool air from the glass door being opened. As I turned around, there is my darling Dakota. I pull her into me as we stand underneath the showerhead letting the water cascade over our bodies.

We stand there kissing for quite the while. After we finish our make-out session, we take care in drying each other off.

I lead her by the hand into my sleep bed. I get in first, then Dakota follows me backing her cute little ass up to me. I drape my arm over her lithe body. I pull her into me as we drift off to sleep.


When my eyes popped open, I was excited for John. Dakota was still backed up against me and I could feel Jill against my back. I didn’t know when Jill came to bed, but I was glad she was there.

I quietly got up and headed into the shower. Without anyone, the shower didn’t take very long. I used my electric shaver before I got into the shower. When I was completely done, I had to wake both of my sleeping partners. I started with Jill then moved on to Dakota.

I unzipped the vinyl case that held the tuxedo. I looked at it before I began to put it on. I started with the pants, then the shirt and finally the tie. I couldn’t quite get the tie and it began to frustrate me. Thankfully, Dakota was still in the bedroom and offered to help me, which she did. Before I left the bedroom, I put on the coat and looked in the mirror. The tuxedo was fabulous, and I felt like a million dollars wearing it.

When I left the bedroom to head towards the kitchen, it dawned on me that I didn’t have the ring set. When I saw John, I asked if he had the rest of the ring set, which he does. I gave John the biggest man hug because I am so proud of him. He has worked hard, showed signs of maturity, and now has a baby on the way.

As I turned the corner to head towards the kitchen, I noticed that in the TV room all the furniture has been pulled back to be against the walls and a little wooden archway was set up for John and Diane to stand to undertake their wedding vows.

With the wedding time approaching, Jill and Dakota came out to the kitchen. They looked breathtaking. Their dresses were very similar, and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.

I asked Bobby and Sammy if all was ready to go. They both assured me that everything was ready and all we needed was people to start eating. I thanked them for their hard work. Of course, Dakota poured me a glass of pineapple juice and handed it to me.

“Is nearly everyone ready,” I ask Dakota.

“Yes, if we can get Diane to stop crying. First, she’s too fat, then she doesn’t look right in the dress, and finally, she thinks that all her bridesmaids look better than her,” Dakota explains to me.

I go and check the bedroom that John usually uses. Thankfully, when I opened the door there was no Diane, apparently, she slept somewhere else for the night. I gently hurried John along as I didn’t want him to be late to his own wedding. He smiled at my joke, but he understood what was meant.

When John put on his coat, I came over to him and double checked it. He looked great in his tuxedo. Tall, broad shouldered and quite the man of the hour. When Fred came out of Mom’s room, he too looked dashing.

John asked me how putting on the wedding dress is going. I told him that I had no idea, that Jill and Dakota are being pretty tightlipped about things. Finally, as Fred, John and I stood at the wedding archway in the TV room, Jill and Dakota announced that the bride was ready to make her entrance. I looked around the room and saw pretty much everyone that stayed at the Chateau.

Some one popped in a cd for the wedding march. I saw John’s eyes tear up seeing his lovely bride wearing her dress. She too, seemed smitten with the way John looked in his tuxedo.

When John and Diane stood together, the minister began his usual “if anyone has a reason these two shouldn’t be married speak now or forever hold your tongue,” That couple of minutes where everyone is silent just seems to be the longest point in the service.

“John, do you take this woman to be your wife. To love her and cherish her, in sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live,” the minister says.

“I DO,” John says with vigor.

“Diane, do you take this man to be your lawfully wed husband. To have and to hold, in sickness and health, for as long as you both shall live?” the Minister says to her.

“Um, No. No, I don’t,” she says to the Minister.

“I’m sorry young lady, did you say no?” he asks.

“Yes, I said no. I want John to declare his love for me and me only in front of all his friends and family,” Diane says to the Minister.

John is stunned. He is standing in the archway with his mouth hanging open. I leaned over and whispered into John’s ear and said, “Remember when you asked me about being in the doghouse, well my friend you are in one right now. If I was you, I’d make the declarations that she wants from you,” I tell John. I see him working hard at trying to keep it together.

“Diane, my darling, I love you more than I can express. You are the better half of us, and I want everyone to know that I love you and will always love you, till death do us part,” John says with a smile on his face.

The Minister asks Diane again, “Is this declaration enough for you?”

“Oh yes sir, I just wanted him to know that I have the control and it will always be that way,” she says. I exhaled when Diane said yes to the Minister.

Jill is crying, Jennifer is crying, even BJ is crying. After they both say their ‘I do’s’ there is a long kiss followed by a big hug. I hear John tell her that he loves her and doesn’t want anyone else. Diane just smiled and gave him a second kiss.

As everyone was congratulating them, Sammy and Bobby announced that the dinner was ready, and the cake would be brought out by the end of dinner. We all sat down to the meal that the chefs prepared.

John worked hard at eating a whole lot of food and getting none of it on his tuxedo. I sat at the dining room table with Jill on one side of me and Dakota on the other side. We all ate the delicious meal that Bobby made. As we were eating, Bobby and Sammy brought out the wedding cake, all 5 layers.

Once the meal was finished, Diane and John got up and held the knife together and took a nice first slice. As the usual custom, they each fed one another the slice that they had cut. Neither one of them tried to smash the cake into the other’s face.

All in all, the wedding went off without a hitch. It was a beautiful wedding, and everyone looked stunning at service. Although it caused a small hiccup now, it certainly will be a great story as time marches on.



2019-06-06 22:38:40
Another awesome chapter . Lol . Poor John .


2019-06-06 11:47:22
Great job, as always!!! Can't wait for #49!!!

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