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Ladyboy Miss Keven describes the life of a sexy shemale prostitute
I had a great night, girls; lots of action at the adult arcade. I sucked of a guy in a booth while another guy watched through the glory hole in the next booth. After the guy shot his load and left, I looked through the hole and the guy who had watched me, was now standing up and jerking off. He saw me on my knees, my face up to the hole, obviously wanting his dick. I kept begging him for his cock, saying things like: “Please, honey … let me suck that thing,” and “Oh, baby, I’m begging you for your cock…please don’t make me beg…honey, I’m already on my knees, what more do you want?”

He behaved as though he never heard me and I could tell that he was about to cum. I pleaded with him to cum in my mouth. I had my face to the hole, my tongue extended. But to no avail; he shot his nut through the air and onto the floor, just inches from my cum starved mouth. “Oh, baby,” I said. “Why did you do that! Now I’m going to have to lick it all up off the floor!”

Well, he pulled his pants up and left. So I went over to the booth and got down on my knees and elbows and lapped up the pool of still warm semen. From the corner of my eye I saw a guy walk by and shake his head in disgust. But I was beyond caring. The semen was sweet - and still warm. I need cum like a vampire needs blood! I'll lick it up off the floor, or the bench, or even drink it out of used condoms! Yes, I know that I am a disgusting faggot, no one knows that better than me. And I.

A little later I was standing out in the corridor next to my booth, dressed in my skimpy little black string bikini and high heels. From where I stand, I have a direct view of another booth. This booth gets a lot of action. One thing I’ve learned is that, just about every one who frequents these arcades is either a cocksucker, or cocksuckee. And the trademark of both of these types is that they invariably will stoop down low and look through the glory hole. And almost all of these guys look as straight as an arrow. I rarely see any ladyboys, like me. So, that being said, when I see a guy stooping low to check out the glory hole, I assume he’s a cocksucker, and therefore uninterested in me. I’ve learned to focus on the guys who don’t check out the holes. Nine times out of ten, these guys are straight guys who are looking for a blow job. And being straight, they appreciate a feminine person, like myself to suck them off; I guess it makes them feel less gay. They'll just flat out stick their hard Johnsons through the hole, or approach me directly and come into the booth with me.

So anyway, I was standing outside of my booth and I spotted this guy who obviously had no interest in the glory holes. So I gave him a lot of attention. Each time he passed I gave him a nice smile. After a few minutes he went into the booth next door and I saw him take out his dick. I squatted near the glory hole and whispered, “Want me to come over there?”

“Sure”, he said. I quickly walked around to his booth and stripped off my bikini. When he opened the door I was standing there naked. I sucked his cock for a while and he was paying a lot of attention to my tits, playing with them and bending down to suck on them.

“Oooh yes, baby,” I cooed, “Mmmm! I LOVE when a man feed on my titties like that! Go ahead, baby, suck those tits and mark them up! C’mon, sweetie, send me home all marked up!”

He was hella horny, and I could tell that my words were having an effect. He stripped off his shirt and told me to kiss his chest. He had a big hairy chest and I went crazy on it, showering him with hot kisses, my hand gripping his hard cock. “Mmmm, Papi! You gots a nice big hairy chest!” My words inflamed him and he pushed my head down on his cock, and in a few seconds came in my mouth. I asked him for some money, and he gave me 8 bucks.

My next trick was a big fat guy. He had been making the rounds for about an hour, and finally he went into the booth next door. He tried to stick his cock through the glory hole but it was just a tiny little stubby thing. “Come over here, Papi,” I told him.

He came to my booth, and he was so huge that he could barely squeeze in. He literally had to turn sideways to squeeze his obese body through the door. He had white hair. He asked me how much for a blow job and I told him it was 100 dollars. We went back and forth and he told me all he had was 60 bucks. I got down on my knees to suck him off, but I had to actually lift up a huge layer of fat to get to his dick - which was about the size of a button. I pressed my lips up against it in an attempt to get some kind of lip hold on it, but it was too small! So I just pressed my lips tight up against him and swirled my tongue around it. Believe it or not he got hard, and it grew big enough for me to put my lips around it, and blow him. From the noises he was making I could tell he was gonna cum. Sure enough, he nutted in my mouth. I spit it on the floor because it had a bitter, old taste, and looked up at him. “Papi, can I have a few more bucks?” He reached in his pocket and pulled out a twenty “It was worth it,” he said.

After he left it was kind of slow for awhile. I put my bikini back on, but let my bare tits hang out from the top, and went out into the arcade to walk around. There were a couple of occupied booths, but no one in the corridor. When it's slow like that I like to go from booth to booth and see what I can find. Mainly I'm looking for condoms, lube packets, video cards - stuff like that. But I've found all kinds of things, like - dildoes, money, lingerie - you just never know. On this trip I ended up with almost 60 dollars worth of video cards. I pick up every card I see and take them back to my booth and test them to see if there's any viewing time left on them. The empties I throw in the slot reserved for that purpose. The good ones I stick in my purse to use when it's slow. One time I found this cute little cock shaped dildoe. It was about the size of an average cock, and made out of really hard rigid plastic. It was supposed to be flesh colored but looked more orangey in the dim lighting of the arcade. I used to grease it up and keep it in my anus between tricks.

As I was sorting through the video cards I had found, I heard the loud "click!" and the sound of a buzzer. That meant someone was being buzzed into the arcade. I sat up straight and crossed my legs and waited. I craned my head out a little to see if I could see anyone, but he was in no hurry. I pulled my dick out of my bikini bottoms and exposed it. I could hear his footsteps approaching and he rounded the corner, heading directly my way. He was young, couldn’t have been more than 23 or 24. He kept walking past me and giving me a look. Finally he stood across from me. I sat there my right leg crossed high over my left knee, moving it back and forth.“You got the time, sweetie?” I asked him.

He looked surprised and mumbled something and walked off. But in a minute he was back, standing near me. “You want a blow job, honey?” I said. I could tell he was a little nervous. He looked at me and nodded his head. “Right here, sweetie,” I told him. “Nice and private – no holes.”

He stepped in and took his pants down. I got down in a squat between his legs and took his cock in my hand. Nice, maybe 7 inches and hard. I took it into my mouth and sucked his cock. He came within a few minutes and I swallowed his load. I was still on my knees as he walked out of the booth without a word, his hurried footsteps, and the bang of the door as he left. 'He's probably disgusted with himself right now,' I was thinking. But I knew he be back - and soon too.

About 15 minutes later an older guy stopped. He had been strolling around the arcade off and on all night. He came up to me. “What you got under there?” he said, flicking the string on my bikini bottom.

I pulled the panty aside and exposed my dick. He gave my left breast a squeeze. “You on hormones?”

I nodded. “Yeah, I started taking them in the joint” I lied. “You like my tits?”

His big hand was cupping and massaging my tits. “Oh yeah, you got a nice pair on you. How long were you in the joint for?”

“Two years,’ I said. “That’s where I got turned Queen. You want a blow job, honey?” I asked him.

He looked around. “Where?” he said.

“We can go in a booth,” I said. “Or I can do it right here in the corridor.”

He shook his head nervously. “Nah,” he said. “It ain’t worth getting busted over.”

After he left another guy began circling the stroll. From the way he was looking at me I had a feeling he wanted some. I was just about to ask him, when he stepped into the booth next door. I ran over to the hole and I could see him pulling his dick out. “Want some company, honey?” I said. I went over to his booth and stripping off my bikini an the way, and stood there nude. His eyes widened when he saw my bare body. I made sure that I turned my bare back to him, so that he could check out my bare ass and silky legs.

We got comfortable, him kicking back on the bench and me squatting in front of him. His dick was extremely hard and I was giving him a really nasty, sloppy bareback blow job. And he was loving it SO much. He reached forward and played with my ass. “Like my ass, baby?”

“Oh yeah, I like it a lot,” he said. “I want to stick my dick in that tight ass.”

I looked up, his cock falling from my mouth. “You want to fuck me?” I asked him

“Yeah”, he said. “You got a rubber?”

“You can fuck me bareback”, I told him. He shook his head. “I need a rubber. You got a rubber? I pulled a condom from my purse and handed it to him. He rolled it on and I squatted on the bench, facing the wall and spread my buttocks. I had taken the precaution earlier to grease up my anus with Vaseline. He mounted me from behind and tried to enter me. His dick was poking everywhere but where it should be, so I reached down through my legs and grabbed his hardon and fed it into my ass hole. Oooh, fuck! That boner fuckin’ hurt going in. But I’m an experience ho and I bore the pain, knowing it was momentary and, sure enough, his cock got past the tight ring of asshole muscles and slipped in, balls deep.

Then he began fucking me like a horny stud bull. It felt so good to be ass rapedd by a real man! It only took less than a minute and he shouted out and came in my ass. He eased his cock out of my ass and pulled the rubber off his dick. I sat there as he wiped his cock off with a napkin and he got dressed. “Didja like it, honey?” I asked him.

He smiled and patted my cheek. ‘It was great’, he said. Before he left I asked him for a few bucks and he handed me a ten.
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