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Hot sissy Keven-Jeanne Bardot wants every man to know how good he will service them.
I like to go to a lot of different adult video stores, just to expand my territory. I can usually tell pretty quickly if a place is worthless. I've got like 5 or 6 places that I go to on a regular basis. I'm looking for places where they don't give a shit what goes on back in the video arcade.

I was there last night. As usual I took off all my clothes to just bikini and high heels. I had my hair teased up and sprayed, and some red lipstick. I was way in the back, just standing there like a prostitute, leaning up against the wall, one leg out in front of me as I pretended to be texting, and this guy came up to me. "That's pretty cool," he said. "You just stand there like that?"

"Yeah," I said, looking up. "I give guys blow jobs, too."

"Really? You suck guys off? Where - right here in the corridor?"

"Sometimes, if there aren't too many people in the arcade, but usually I do it in the booths because most guy want the privacy. And if they want they can fuck me. I even eat out men's asses. I drink piss, too."

He looked at me. He reached out and fingered my tits. "So you just spread it out and let guys fuck you in the ass right here? That's pretty cool."

We talked for a few minutes, and then he said, "So if I took my pants down, you'd eat out my ass right now?"

"Sure," I said. "I'd love to." He turned and dropped his shorts and spread his buttocks. I got down on my knees and lowered my face into the cleft of his ass, and began eating him out. He was making noises and I could tell he was really enjoying getting his anus eaten out. And when I eat a man's ass I like to also plant hot wet kisses - not only on the anus itself, but all over his hairy buttocks. I'm a true ass kissing bitch.

Anyway, I ate him out for about 5 minutes before he stood and pulled his shorts up. "Wow, that was great," he said.

I smiled. "Than you," I said. "Want me to suck your cock, too?"

"Maybe later," he smiled, zipping up his fly.

"Ok," I said. "Just come back when you're ready to leave, and you can cum in my mouth."

"Sounds good," he said. "I'll do that."

"Yeah," I said. "No sense wasting it on the floor when you can dump it in my mouth."

Sure enough, about an hour later he was back for the blow job I'd promised him. He came up to me and took his hard dick out of his shorts. I got down on my knees, right there in the open. He handed me some Burger King napkins. "Wipe that lipstick off," he said. I wiped the lipstick off and got down and began sucking his cock. I sucked him good, licking his nuts and cock. He kept calling me his suck bitch, and he told me he'd slap the shit out of me if I spilt any of his cum. "Swallow it all," he said. "Don't spill a drop of that on my shorts, or your ass is gonna get beat."

After a few minutes he began making loud noises and I could tell he was about to cum. And when he did I made sure I swallowed every last drop. I mean, I didn't really mind if he beat my ass, but I was really cum hungry. When he was pulling his shorts back up I asked him if he wanted to take a piss in my mouth. He shook his head. "Nope, I'm good," he said. "Maybe next time."

ANYtime, baby," I told him.

I was checking out this one shemale site called Shemale Scandal, & I had to laugh when I saw the logo: it had cartoon of what looked like a woman in a short dress and high heels, but with a dick hanging out from beneath the hem. "She" is on the street and a guy in a truck is trying to pick "her" up. The truck has a sticker in the rear window that reads: "I love my wife."

Isn't that sooo typical! If I had a nickel for every married guy I've had sex with, I'd be a millionaire. I mean, I'm not hating on these men - far from it - if anything I'd be hating on their wives! Those bitches are soo pathetic! If they only knew that the reason their men look for sex with a ladyboy is because they (the wives) are either lacking in femininity, and/or sexual passion and skill. Usually it's a combination of both. Most of these skanks don't want to suck cock, and if they do suck cock it's usually a lackluster performance; they're doing it because they feel they have to. You know, when a sissy sucks cock, "she" does it with "her" heart and soul. A sissy will worship your cock!

When I'm in a booth with a man, I like to give him what I call an "ass wink". I do it just before he works his erect cock into my anus, when he's got both large hands spreading my buttocks apart, so he can get a close look at my pink - that's when I bear down, like my ex wife taught me by demonstrating with her vagina. it turns men on! Then, when he's balls deep in my ass, I bear down with my strong ass muscles and choke his cock until he grunts in pleasure.

Usually I can tell when a man is about to cum, and if I can catch him on the last down stroke - when he's balls deep - I'll choke down hard on the base of his cock, and I can actually stop him from cumming by strangling his cock. And then suddenly I'll relax and he'll shoot so hard I can feel it in my bowels. How many real women do you know who will do that? Or can do that, for that matter. Then, after he pulls his dick out all nasty, I'll drop to my knees and suck and lick his dick whistle clean!

The reason men like sissies like me is because we sex men like the girls in the porno movies do. God... I fuckin' love being a fuckin' cock sucker!

Married men love to see me in an adult bookstore preview booth. I love it when I'm on my knees naked - wearing nothing but a pair of high heels and red lipstick - and I'm sucking some hunk's hard cock and balls and I can see his wedding ring glinting in the dim light. I always laugh inside, and I feel soo proud that I'm a sexier bitch than his wife! And when he cums I drink all of his cum juice...and it always tastes sooo fuckin good!

Some men like to get completely naked with me and some like to kick back in the chair while I service them completely. I mean, I do complete service: lick and suck their toes and feet, massage and kiss all over their naked body, sniff and lick their armpits, have them raise their legs while i eat out their anus and suck their cock. Then usually they want to fuck me in the ass. My favorite position is my legs up on a man's big shoulders, so he get up in me balls deep. But most men like to stand me up against the wall and fuck me like that. And usually they pull out and nut all over my face. It is just sooo fuckin' humiliating to have a guy walk out of the booth, leave the door wide open, and anyone who walks by can see me on my knees naked, my face literally dripping with semen! I feel like a total WHORE! It reinforces the loss of my masculinity at the hands of a real man.

I like it when guys call me names and get physically abusive, too. Guys who have been in the joint usually do that as soon as they see me. they know what I am and they treat me like the sissy I am. They'll pinch my tits, slap my face, and call me every nasty name they can think of. Nothing gets me hotter than a really abusive man. Sometimes I even ask men to slap me around. Most regular guys won't do it, but guys who have done time almost always do it. Because in the joint, that's just the way you treat a bitch.

I feel great when i go home and my tits are black and blue. And it's not like I can take pain either. I'm a total baby when it comes to pain, that's why I don't know why I crave it so much from a big domineering man. It doesn't take much to make me squeal and writhe in pain. But in spite of that I always hope a man will hurt me in the booth - not too much, but enough to make some marks - even a black eye or fat lip. And I love it when a guy will take a piss in my mouth. It just feels so SEXY to get an ass whipping from a real man before he fucks me and nuts on my face!

Another thing that I like is when a guy doesn't lock the door. That way anyone can open the door and look in. Sometimes I even leave the door myself sometimes, because I just think it's SO fuckin' HOT when I'm giving a blowjob and the door opens and whoever's out there will watch.
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