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Keven-Jeanne Bardot has chosen to live his life as the whore he was born to be!
Guess what? I went to one of my favorite places last night - the adult video arcade! Things were pretty hot. I got there about 4:30 pm and stayed until 2 am. I had about 10 guys fuck me in the ass and god only knows how many cocks I sucked - I lost count after 12.

One hawt musclefuck stood me up against the wall of the preview booth and fucked me in the ass. He was El Salvadoran, VERY muscular and macho, LOTS of sexy tattoos, shave head, and, like most Latino meyn, very rough in sex. As he was fuckin' me I couldn't help think of the time when I was young and my mom's boyfriend, James, attacked me.

Well! I mean, James caught me wearing my mom's high heels and lipstick! What did I expect? He told me if I didn't suck his cock he'd tell my mom I was a faggot. At first I didn't mind, because James was seriously cute and I had a secret crush on him anyway. Anyway, we made out a lot before I gave him the blow job. But as I was suckin' his cock he kept reaching down and feelin my ass up, stickin' his finger in and all that. He told me to stand up and turn around. I did what he told me to do. I was completely nude - just a pair of my mom's sexy high heels!

I have to admit I was feelin' really Hawt and I put on a sexy act for James. That's when he said he was gonna fuck me. I tried to get away but he roughed me up and forced his cock up my ass. It hurt like hell, but he had his hand clamped over my mouth as he fucked me, and didn't stop until he came inside me. After that he fucked me 2 or 3 times a day every day. And I ain't gonna lie, I got to really lovin him. He took nude pictures of me in lipstick and heels and titled them: "YOUNG SISSY HUNGRY FOR SEX.

James got sent back to the joint soon after, on a parole violation. After that the only sex I had was just jerking off alone. I'd get real feminine while I was horny and masturbating, but once I'd cum I'd try to act all macho and all. I stayed pretty much straight after that and eventually I met my future wife on an online Asian dating site. She was a Filipina named Sherlyn. She was really sexy and after a rough start, we fucked all the time. I actually began to think that my sissy past was just a youthful mistake; i wasn't a faggot after all, just a mixed up punk who needed a real woman to straighten him out.

But a lot of times when Sherlyn and I were fucking, my thoughts would go back to Sweet James, and how marvelous it had felt to be in his big strong arms & to know that I was his woman. James had satisfied me way more than Sherlyn ever could! I knew that Sherlyn had been a night club hostess in Manila when we met. I began to ask her about the men she had been with - always when we were having sex - and she would tell me in detail some of the whorish things she had done with different men. She once told me how 6 Korean tourists had cum on her face and then walked her naked around the bar in nothing but a pair of high heels to show off what they had done. Just thinking about my wife with all those men got my dick so fuckin hard! Especially because I envisioned myself being used like that.

I had a job in a factory, and we lived in a sort of ghetto apartment complex. Sherlyn was hot and a lot of guys looked at her, some of them right in front of me. Sometime she would tell me stories about men who had hit on her that day. She told me that in The Philippines it's not unusual for a married woman to have another man - a boyfriend. Outwardly I was outraged when I heard this! She said it like it was nothing! And a lot of the Pinay girls that Sherlyn knew were married to Caucasian men, but they also had Filipino boyfriends, too. The thought of Sherlyn with another man began to get into my head. I'd get a fuckin hardon every time I'd think about it. I began to bring the subject up during sex. I actually began encouraging her to think about having another men. She had been telling me about this one guy at the Asian market, a Filipino guy named Leon, who kept hitting on her every time he saw her. I kept giving Sherlyn hints that she should be nice to Leon, even go out with him. Then I'd cum and put it out of my head - until I got horny again.

So I shouldn't have been surprised when Sherlyn told me that she had accepted Leon's invitation to go out with him. In my sex minded state I agreed that she should date him.

I was going crazy the night Sherlyn went on her date. To make it worse she didn't come home, she stayed out until almost noon the next day. When she got home I was so pissed off. I gave her hell, but then we went to bed and she told me everything - how they went clubbing and danced, how he took her home and she sucked his cock and they fucked all night, how hard his cock was, etc. She was always talking about how Filipino men are the hottest men in bed. Leon was married, but his wife was an R.N. who worked nights, so he had Sherlyn running over there almost every night, leaving me home alone to jerk off.

Less than a year later I got sent to prison for my involvement in an armed robbery - receiving stolen property. I've already told the story how I was attacked and turned out as a prison woman in there, and how Sherlyn found out about me being a punk from the prison staff. She confronted me during her next visit. I tried to deny it but then I started crying like a baby and I admitted to her what I had become behind those wall. I begged and pleaded with her for understanding, but she just stood up and looked down at me. I'll never forget the look on her pretty face, it was one of sheer disgust - like I was a maggot. "I always knew you were a faggot," she said. Then she turned and walked out of the visiting room. I got the divorce papers a few weeks later. One of her friends wrote to me that Sherlyn had gone wild and was dating black men and had found a job dancing nude at a private club in Oakland. She had moved in with some black dude and was supporting him.

But, what could i say? I was a "woman" now, too. And the man who was pimping me in prison was also black. So I knew just how Sherlyn felt. How many husbands can say that?

Suddenly my mind came back to the present. The hot El Salvadoran macho who was in my bare ass tensed and pumped his load of hot jizm deep into my bowels. That's right...he wasn't wearing a rubber. He got me bareback. He eased his nasty cock out of my sopping hole and I dropped to my knees and cleaned him off with my whore mouth. As he was putting his clothes on i asked him if he would give me a few bucks. He reached into his pocket and came out with a few crumpled bills and tossed them on the cum stained floor. I scrambled to get the money, and I was thinking that Sherlyn was in some booth at the strip club, probably doing exactly what i was doing right now. Husband and wife whores! Man, that is SOOO fuckin SEXY!
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