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Sixteenth chapter of James and the gang
I woke up before the girls, feeling rested and refreshed. While the loss of my parents was still in the forefront of my thoughts, I was no longer overwhelmed by the fact. Last night had somehow healed me a little. I idly stroked the girls feeling content and comfortable. I tried to think about what we would do today, but couldn't think beyond returning Mrs. Stewart's car and my appointment with Mr. Farnsworth. The girls woke and we shared a three way hug before getting on with our morning. Jill commented over breakfast that we needed to do grocery shopping, the refrigerator looking almost empty. I asked her to make a list that we would go over before shopping. Jennifer assured me that she could drive her mother's car. I found one of Father's older briefcases, putting my copies of the wills inside. I wrote two quick notes, one for my account here an the other for my account I used for school stuff, in the event the girls might need to use my bank cards without my presence.

We set out, Jennifer leading in her mother's car. Jill rode with me. At Jennifer's house, she pulled into the drive, and walked slowly to the door, obviously worried about confronting her mother. The door opened just before she could knock. Mrs. Stewart looked tired as she accepted the keys. They talked for a few moments, parting with a hug. Jennifer was smiling as she ran to the car, with much of her usually bouncy personality back. We went on to Mr. Farnsworth's office. Once there, gave Jennifer my cards and the notes, telling them to get what they needed at the nearby shops while I talked to Mr. Farnsworth.

I only had to wait a few minutes before a secretary call me back to his office. He greeted me warmly, laying out the papers I'd signed yesterday. He called two women in, a notary and a secretary for a witness. We quickly made all the documents official and the two women left us. He presented me with a thick envelope, the cash he'd mentioned, a quick glance told me there was over two thousand pounds. I dropped it into my briefcase. I asked for the details of his retainer and fees. I expected higher fees than he quoted and the retainer fee seemed reasonable to me. He explained that much of the legal work would be handled by one of the junior partners, or even a legal aide, depending on what needed to be done.

I asked about Mrs. Stewart. As she had been arrested for assault and battery

on a police officer, she would need to appear in court, and probably pay a fine. He doubted she would serve time in jail. I asked if he, or the firm, could represent her with the aim of reducing the charges as much a possible, offering to pay any fine as well, as the root cause of last night's unpleasantness linked back to Jennifer's abrupt and forceful declaration of her independence. He chuckled, telling me that my father would have likely handled it much as I had.

He handed me another letter, telling me to take it to my father's office to start the process of liquidating his shares and transferring them to me. He also provided a list of businesses my father had dealing with, bankers, stock brokers, and such. With a final repeat of his warning to not go crazy with my money, we shook hands and I left.

I caught up with girls down the block as they walked out of a shop, carrying several small shopping bags. I explained what I had arranged for Jennifer's mother. She hugged me and gravely offered her thanks, looking relieved. We made a stop by Father's office where they offered their condolences and accepted the letter from Mr. Farnsworth. I rejoined the girls and we decided on an early lunch, before shopping for groceries.

Over lunch, I brought up the issue of school again. While I was only three or four courses away from an undergraduate degree, I didn't know Jill's situation, Jennifer had yet to complete her transfer and registration, leaving her in an educational limbo for the moment. Jill actually had all the credits she needed to submit her application for an undergraduate degree, but kept taking classes because she liked the environment. Jennifer would rather concentrate on her areas of interest and not take most of the required courses, not seeing much use for what she called 'fuzzy studies'. None the less, we would need to make occasional trips back down to Swansea, if only to tie up loose ends and move everything back here.

After shopping, we got everything home and unloaded. While the girls put things away and thought about dinner, I went down to my dungeon for the first time since I'd gone away to school. Nobody had bothered to come down and clean or cart away the trash. There was a general aura of neglect and a surprising amount of dust. I did a little straightening and hauled a bin full of trash back upstairs. As things stood, all I could do was wait, all my research notes and equipment still being in the shed. I wondered if our friends would consider moving their operation up here.

I put my old Anglia into a shop, to make it road worthy again, thinking I could let Jill use it rather than depend on getting rides. We finally returned to the Swansea house on Friday.

I had briefly considered buying the house but decided that doing so wouldn't make any difference in the long run as I intended to move home. The girls started cleaning while I talked to my landlord. Under the circumstances, he agreed to cancel the lease. We agreed on a month to month rental until I was moved out. Conner, Lisa, Robert, and Claudia joined us in the afternoon. We discussed moving up to my family home. I, along with Jennifer and Jill would be moving there in any case. What was the real question, was if the game segment of our little business would move. It didn't matter where they worked since it wasn't a business that relied on local customers. As long as there was a place to work, they'd be fine. The university provided a pool of potential workers, whereas my home would isolate them from that. They would think about it but didn't hold out much hope. Conner and Robert broke down the 3D scanner stage and took it to the warehouse. Lisa and Claudia helped us pack while I got a rental trailer to haul everything back home. Lisa took Jill to her place to pack her stuff and bring it back. With everyone's help, we were ready to go Saturday afternoon. The landlord came by for a final inspection and left, promising to mail my deposit next week.

We were home that evening. Other than the few perishables we'd brought from my kitchen, we agreed to unpack the trailer tomorrow. Jill dug out the tablet and headset, grinning at Jennifer and I, as she closed the door to the guest room. We were tired and quickly fell asleep while cuddling in bed.

In the morning, after a quick breakfast, we got the trailer and Land Rover unloaded, without bothering to unpack. Jennifer mounted her scooter and was off to visit with her mother, while Jill and I began to carry computers downstairs. When we carried the last load down and I was thinking about getting my network rebuilt, Jill called for a break and flopped onto the sofa. I agreed, sitting beside her. She leaned against me, hugging my arm. After a few moments, I pusher her slightly away.

“I'm a sweaty mess,” I said, “and probably need a shower.”

“I like the way you smell,” she replied, “but we shouldn't let these sweaty clothes cool on us, we might take a chill.”

She sat up, pulling her shirt over her head and began to tug on my shirt. I helped her peel off my shirt then reached for her breasts, squeezing them and flicking her erect nipples with my thumbs. She sighed, pressing her breasts more firmly into my hands. I squeezed harder, bending gown to suck her nipples. She arched her back raising her breasts to my mouth, holding my head in place as she fumbled at her zipper. I ran a hand down across her flat belly and into the loosened waistband of her shorts, fumbling a little to reach within her panties, extending a finger between the folds of her pussy. She released my head to tug her shorts and panties down, working one leg free as I inserted two fingers into her. She moaned louder, spreading her legs to grant me better access. I pressed my fingers into her rubbing her clit with my thumb. She shuddered, rocking her hips spasmodically against my fingers. I continued, fingering her dripping wet pussy and sucking her nipples. Growling deep in her throat, she reached for my belt, fumbling to free my cock. I held her up with one arm, inserting a third finger, thumbing her clit harder, and biting her nipples lightly. With a loud moan, she jerked my pants down, freeing my cock. She broke free long enough to straddle me and drive her pussy down on my cock, while I seized both her breasts, squeezing hard, while I lightly bit one nipple and the the other. She shuddered again, with a loud groan, climbing off me. Draping herself over the arm of the sofa, and presenting her ass. I knelt behind her and slid my cock deep into her rippling pussy. She moaned again, reaching back to lift her ass cheeks, to open herself fully to me. I pounded into her as her moans and gasps and grunts climbed the scale while I reached around to roughly finger her clit. She began to shudder again, with a whine that climbed the scale to a screech. I grabbed her wrists, pulling he back to me as I continued to ram my cock into her pussy with an obscene wet squelching sound. She squealed out her orgasm, spraying fluids. With a final thrust, deep into her I hosed her pussy with my come. Holding myself still I waited until she stopped twitching before I let myself slide out of her pussy, globs of my cum and her fluids, ran down her legs and spilled onto the sofa. She lay limply across the sofa arm, with her knees still under her. I laid a hand on her ass, stoking ans slid one finger between her cheeks to lightly brush across her asshole, making her whole body jerk.

“Oh, God!” she gasped out, “I don't know if I can take anymore just now.”

“Really?” I said, laughing, The mighty Jill, brought to her knees, literally, by one guy?”

“I told you,” she said as her breathing settled, “you're good at this.”

I laughed and swatted her ass playfully, as I got up and grabbed my shirt, wadding it against her dripping pussy.

“Now we have a chance to get to the bath without ruining a carpet.”

She let me pull her to her feet as she held the wadded shirt in place with one hand as we headed upstairs.

“I wonder what it would cost to put a shower and WC down here?” I mussed aloud, as we climbed.

“A lot.” she replied.

In the shower, I helped support her by wrapping my arms around her just under her breasts as she stood on one leg to wash her crotch with the spray nozzle. I idly stroked her breasts with my fingertips and kissed the back of her neck as my cock rose between her ass cheeks. She got her feet under herself again.

“I wish this thing had a douche attachment.” she muttered to herself

I reached down to switch the water to the main shower head and reaching around her unscrewed the spray head, revealing a douche/enema nozzle. She grabbed it, and adjusted the water temperature down, flushed her pussy thoroughly. I'd never watched a girl do this before and found it strangely arousing.

She readjusted the temperature and screwed the spray head back on. She wiggled her ass cheeks against my cock.

“Get it really soapy first.” she said, holding the spay against her pussy and clit, humming.

I soaped her ass, especially around and into her asshole slightly. Then thoroughly lathered up my cock. She bent over, bracing herself against the shower wall. I pressed my soapy cock into her asshole, slowly working it in to full depth. She hissed and groaned as I started slowly stroking into her ass with long full strokes. Her moaning got louder and her ass began to shake and twitch clamping down on my cock. I reached around her, fingering her clit with one hand mauling a breast with the other, shifting to short fast strokes at full depth. She gasped and her moans climbed toward a scream. I mashed down on her clit and pinched a nipple hard. As my cum shot into her ass, she screamed, shaking like a leaf in a wind storm. I held her up again, as she recovered. I took the spray from her, playing it over her ass as my cock slipped out of her, washing flecks of shit off my cock and washing away my cum as it dribbled out of her ass. She stood up and turned around. We washed each other, me, making sure her pussy and breasts were clean, she making sure my cock was clean. She switched back to the main shower head again, unscrewed the spray head, and handed me the hose as she lowered the temperature.

“Hand this to me when I say.” she instructed, shakily getting out of the shower and sitting on the toilette.

She wiggled around working the nozzle into her ass.

“Turn it on, just a little,” she said, and paused, “a little more . . . a little bit more . . . right there.”

she worked the nozzle in her ass, interspersed with splashing sounds for a while.

“Okay, you can turn it off now,” she said,and finish up. I'm going to be here for a few minutes.”

I put the spray head back on the hose, rinsed the last of the soap off me and turned off the water. She grinned up at me from the toilette while I toweled off.

“that feels good,” she said, “and now I feel really clean, inside and out.”

We laughed and I went to my room, sprawling on the bed to finish air drying. I heard the shower startup for a few moments. I think I heard it stop as I drifted off to sleep. I woke for a moment as Jill bounced onto the bed, layind down beside me. Soon we were both asleep.

I woke up later from a very good dream, to find Jennifer gently sucking my cock.

“I'll give you a week to stop that.” I said softly, “but right now I'm a little tired.”

“I can see that,” she replied quietly, “you're taking forever to get hard.”

She stopped, kissed mt cock, patted it, saying 'later', and crawled up beside me. I wasn't the least surprised to find her naked. I held her in the crook of my arm and kissed her.

“Good visit?” I asked.

“Well,” she replied, “there was a lot advice about what good girls should and shouldn't do. It was a tiring visit, but she's mostly accepted the way things are. Your solicitor helped that along. She got off with just a few months probation and no fine. But the next time she slugs an officer . . .”

I chuckled, gave her a one armed hug and we all were sleeping in no time at all.


2019-06-14 05:58:04
Well done! And well written all the way through! I hope there's more of this story coming in the future! Thank you!


2019-06-07 00:25:59
glad you're enjoying them


2019-06-06 10:29:50
I gotta say I'm loving these stories.
As I live in Swansea currently and grew up near London it's been amazing to read them and picture the places this might all be taking place.

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