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All characters and events in this story are completely fictional of my own creation. Any similarity to real events or people is purely coincidence. All characters in this story are over the age of 18. I am not a professional nor even an amateur writer. Please remember this when reading. Positive comments about storyline are welcome.
I sleep through the entire night only to be awoken by a nurse coming into my room. Unfortunately, it’s not Becky this time, it’s a much older lady with greying hair.

“How are we feeling this morning Mr. Henderson?” Her pleasant voice spoke out.

“Ugh ok” I groan. I was feeling better. There is still pain and I am tired from just waking up but overall, I am feeling better.

“That’s good, the doctor will be round soon to give you a proper checkup.” She smiles as she goes about doing her own checks.

I simply nod my head and must fall back asleep as I am awoken again when the doctor enters followed by a few younger looking doctors. I’m guessing they are maybe interns.

“Good morning Robbie! How are feeling? Any new pain? Any worsening in pain?” The elder looking gent rattles off at me as he comes over to me.

“I’m ok and the pain isn’t as bad anymore!”

“Good Good Good” he says as he flips through my chart. “Double check this” he glances to one of the male interns and passes the chart to him.

“Now follow my finger please?” As he moves his hand from my left to the right. “And back?” moving back the other way.

“What’s your full name?”

“Robbie George Henderson”

“Your mother and sister’s name?” As he says this, he flashes a flashlight in my eye and flicks it away.

“Melanie and Stacey.”

“Yup and, where are we?”

“The hospital.”

“More specific please?” He examines my stomach as he presses it with his hand.

“New State Hospital.”

“Great, now did you work Sunday?”

I had to think a little harder on this one, but I do answer “yes I did.”

“Saturday?” He raises an eyebrow at me.

Again, a take a few moments to think. “No, I was out with friends.”

“Perfect! Now on a scale of 1-10 how is the pain?”

“Eh I would have to say a 4 or 5.”

“Now squeeze my hands!” He says as he takes my hands in his. I squeeze hard down and there is little to no pain. Only a bit of pain coming from my stomach where he had pressed before.

“Ok Robbie I have some good news!” He says as he holds out his hand for the chart which the intern passes back to him. Quickly looking over it he looks back to me. “You can go home today!

I don’t see any major issues or concerns. I will ask your mother to keep an eye on you and keep up with the medications but you can continue your recovery at home.”

“That’s great” I smile and perk up.

“Now take it easy for the next few days at least, don’t want to see you in here again.” He smiles and he pats my leg and leaves the room followed by his entourage.

I’m quite happy that I can go home but how am I going to get home. My question is answered an hour or so later when my mom and Stacey come into the room.

“Hi my little darling! Are you ok?” Mom beams as she comes over and wraps me in a big hug.

“Ow, I’m ok” I squirm in a little bit of pain.

“I’m sorry, I’m just glad we can take you home!”

“I’m glad too!” I smile back to her.

“Great, now let me go double check that we don’t need to do anything else and then we will get you out of here!” She says as she leans up and kisses me on the head, then leaving the room.

Stacey and I watch as she leaves and before I can greet her, she bounds over and plants her lips on mine. Her lips are passionate and her tongue quickly slips its way into my mouth. I happily accept her as pull her into me. Her hands are on the bed holding her up as run my hands up her back. I know we should stop but I feel this tension has been building for a while. When we kissed yesterday it unlocked a deep desire that I didn’t really know I had. Now that it’s out in the open I can’t get enough.

“Robbie...” Stacey tries to say as she tries to back off but I can’t help but try to keep kissing her. “Come on!” She lightly giggles and she still returns my attempts at kissing her.

I do reluctantly let her go as she gets off and straightens herself up.

“I’m sorry” I can’t help but smile broadly.

“No, I’m actually really sorry! For everything!” Stacey starts to tear up.

“Hey now, I said yesterday its ok and it still is. You’re not to blame!” I say trying to conceal her.

“I was thinking about you last night; it IS all my fault you are here. I feel so guilty that you are lying here because of what I brought into this family. I should have done something about it!” She stares deep into my eyes; I can see they are full of sorrow and genuine regret.

“Stacey listens! You are my sister and I love you. You are not now, not ever at blame for this. I want you to promise me you’ll forgive yourself and concentrate on being you again!”

She bites her lip, trying to hold back another wave of tears as she nods her head. “I promise” she speaks. “I promise that I am going to make it up to you though. I can’t not after what you have done for me.”

I feel like arguing but decide against it. I just pull on her arm and pull her into a warm embrace.

“Aww look at you two” Mom says as she enters the room. “So nice to see my two-favorite people in the world hugging and not fighting.” Mom notices Stacey’s teary face as she comes closer. “Aww come on my dear, he’s ok now and we are taking him home right now!”

Stacey just smiles up to my mom and hugs her tightly.

Thankfully I do get to go home right now and after changing into a clean change of clothes the three of us do just that.

When we get back home, mom and Stacey escort me up to my room. I refuse their help at first stating that I’m ok and I’ll manage myself but with all the fuss they are making I just let them do what the need to do.

Mom then explained that she had taken the rest of the week off to look after me but had told Stacey she could stay off today but needed to go back to college tomorrow for the rest of the week. I’m not going to lie; I am a little bit gutted that it’s not Stacey that’s off the rest of the week so we could get alone time but I can see why my mom chose this way.

I spend the next part of the day in bed until my mom asks me about light dinner and what to have. I say that I want to join Stacey and her downstairs as I could with trying to walk about more.

Dinner is really pleasant and we all have a nice talk and laugh together as we eat. We decide to watch a movie after dinner as well and although it was a little uncomfortable to be sitting for long the movie was good and it was nice to spend time with them both.

Again, they make a fuss about getting me up to my room and into bed but I draw the line once I’m in my room. I can handle myself and get changed alone so they both leave me too it. It’s not as easy as normal but I do get myself undressed and get into bed. Taking my last dose of medication before settling myself into my much softer bed. The medication does its job and I feel the pain easing before I doze off and fall asleep.

I have no sense of how time has passed when I’m stirred awake by the noise and sense of someone coming into my room.

“Robbie? Are you awake?” My sister calls out to me.

“I am now!”

“I’m sorry I just had to see you and wanted to check on you.” She says creeping over to my bed and sitting on the edge.

“It’s ok, I’m fine. I was sound asleep.” I run my eyes and half sit up on my arms, nope that’s too sore and I flop back down again, groaning.

“Where does it hurt?” Her hand searches out and runs across my leg over the bed cover.

“My head mainly but stomach and ribs are sore and bruised too.”

Her hand tries to find my tummy but she just pulls the covers away.

“Stacey what are you doing?”

“I want to rub you gently; it might make you feel better. I know it would make me feel a little better!” Her hand now on my stomach and softly running back and forward across it.

She’s right it does actually feel good and does distract from the pain. Her soft touch not pressing too hard. Just lightly tracing over it all. It gives some comfort and I moan in satisfaction.

“See it does help!” She pauses “so will this.”

Before I can think what, she means, her lips almost find mine. In the darkness her aim is a little off and just catches the side of my mouth. She giggles and I can feel her smile before she corrects herself and finds her target.

Our kiss is soft and slow to begin with. No real heat at first but as her hand continues to roam about my body, I can’t help but pull her into me. I fight through a bit of pain and pull her on top of me. She squeals with surprise but is soon matched back onto me. Her hands are now roaming around the side of my head as mine now run down her back. From what I can tell she is only wearing a t shirt and what I can guess are short pajama bottoms. All I have on are my boxers. The kiss heats up now are our breathing because heavier and more labored. Our tongues are dancing around with each other as our lips smack together. I run my hands up under her t shirt and trace them up her back. Her skin is so soft to touch.

It doesn’t take long with our heavy kissing and touching for me to get full hard and Stacey knows it. Purely because my cock is now firmly pressed against her crotch and she is grinding back into. It’s a little sore with her weight near my stomach but the feeling of her pressing against me and her tongue having its way with mine I can easily overcome the pain.

My hands now slide down her back and I slip them into the back of her shorts, I feel her firm peachy ass as she moans into our kiss. I continue to squeeze her ass and I can feel no panties on.

“I wasn’t planning for this, honest” she teases and she breaks our kiss. It’s a welcome break as we catch our breaths.

“Sure, you weren’t” I tease back. “Why else did you come in here at this time?” I squeeze a handful of her ass.

“Ouch” she squeals a little. “I came to see how my loving amazing brother was.” She pushes her hips backwards and presses against my hard cock more. “He feels like he is doing much better.”

I groan as she continues to press against it. “Feels really good doesn’t it?” She whispers seductively now. “It feels so nice pressed against me. It shouldn’t feel good but you are gifted little brother or should I say big brother. Man, Diane was right it is big.”

“Stop teasing me” I groan louder.

“Oh, I’m teasing you? What about this?” She lifts her hip up and then sits back down so my cock is now pressing under her crotch against me. “Is this teasing?” Stacey now grinds her hips backward and forward against me. Our clothing not providing much of a barrier as she gyrates on top of me.

I can’t help but now run my hands up under her t shirt and search for breasts. I find her soft mounds and gently squeeze them in my hands. They are just bigger than a handful and feel so good in my grip. Her nipples are already hard as I feel them press against the palms of my hand. I massage her tits as she moans in pleasure.

“It’s so nice to have gentle hands on me. Hands that take their time and don’t grab at me.” Her hands are on my chest now as she continues to grind along my hard cock. “Here let me help you.” In the dark of my room I can just make out her pulling on the bottom of her t shirt and feeling it pull off of her and her chest now free.

With my right hand I pull her down and aim my lips for her nipple. With good aim I take her hard nub into my mouth and suck hard.

“Ooh yes Robbie, that feels so good” as I continue to suck on her nipple. My tongue flicking across it and pushing it in all directions. I begin to buck my own hips and press up against her. I want to be in her.

“Keep going Robbie, suck on your sisters’ hard nipples” her voice was getting higher pitched. We have to be careful not to be too loud or mom will no doubt hear us but there was no way I’m going to stop.

I switch nipples and begin to suck on her neglected one. Sucking more of her tit into my mouth as I do so. Stacey is no panting heavily as I can feel my boxers get damp. She must be soaking wet which just turns me on more. I pull her closer to me and really start to work over her nipple. Now nibbling on it and tugging at it. With one hand I’m squeezing her free tit and with the other issue firmly squeezing her ass. All the while Stacey is grinding faster into me.

After a while of switching my efforts between nipples, Stacey finally calls out. “I need you in me Robbie, I need your cock in me!” With that she climbs off slightly and pulls off her shorts, then only slightly pulling my boxers half way down my legs. She quickly gets herself back on top of me and my original thoughts were confirmed, she is soaking.

“That feels so much better. Feeling you against me. I need it in me.” With her knees either side of my hips she leans forward towards me and with one of her hands lines my cock up with her entrance. As soon as we make contact the head of my cock is slick with her juices. She eases back more and I slide into her. She’s tight but it’s not uncomfortable. Her pussy begins to hug each inch she takes as she bottoms out on me.

“I need a second” She breathlessly says. “It’s so big, I can feel it stretching my insides.”

I rest my hands on her hips and I resist the urge to just start pumping up into her. To be fair I could do with the slow pace. The constant niggling pain is still there but it’s still being heavily outmatched by the pure bliss of Stacey’s pussy wrapped around me.

We lay still a little longer as Stacey adjusts to my invasion and to be honest, I’m enjoying the feeling of just lying here with her. Without any real warning though Stacey begins to lift herself up before sliding back down to the bottom. Again, it’s very slow passed and just adds to the sensation of her pussy gripping every inch of me.

“Fuck Robbie, your cock feels incredible inside me. I think I’m going to cum already.”

I ever so slightly raise my hips and start to thrust up into her. The extra depth that I can now achieve sends her over the edge. She lets out a silent scream as a small orgasm rush through her. Her pussy tightens even more and it’s hard not to blow my load myself.

“Mmmmm that was nice Robbie but I need a real one now. I want you to fuck me, fuck me please! Make me cum!”

Holding her by the hips with her knees still by my side we start the motion. Stacey’s uses my chest to lift herself up and slam down again. As I use the small space, I have with my hips of the bed to pump up into her. Our pace quickens now and we go at a much faster pace. Our bodies slamming against each other as her moans become louder. A bit too loud.

“Stacey, we have to stay quiet or mom will hear.” I whisper loudly out to her but she doesn’t reply. As I thrust a few more times into her, a few more loud moans escape her lips. I feel one of her hands leave my chest and I can just make out the silhouette of her hand now across her mouth. Her moans now muffled as I up my efforts.

We now fuck in coordination as our bodies meet each other, slamming and thrusting.

I manage to keep up my efforts for a little bit but it’s getting too much. I lay my hips back down on the bed and Stacey’s get the cue. She ups her own efforts and continues to bounce down into me. Never quiet reaching the tip of my cock but slamming back down hard.

It doesn’t take long for the feeling to build. “Stacey...” I groan out.

“I know, I want you to fill me. Cum inside me. I want to feel you. Please Robbie!” With one last effort I lift her hips and put all I can into fucking her. Her hand is back across her mouth as she tries to contain her moans. I can feel be tension building in my balls and with one final thrust I slam deep into her and explode.

As I groan out loudly in ecstasy a hand covers my mouth, muffling my cries of pleasure. Soon after I can feel Stacey cumming again. This time a much bigger orgasm and she does a great job of hiding her screams.

I slump back into the bed and Stacey remains still, on top of me. Her body shuddering a little.

“Oh wow” Stacey pants. “I’ve only ever been able to cum like that myself.”

“I’m exhausted” I laugh.

“That was amazing Robbie! You’re amazing!”

“I barely did anything” I chuckle.

“You did more than you’ll ever know. I love you!”

“I love you too Stacey!” I feel her lean down and find my lips. Are kiss being soft and tender. A kiss that lovers would share. It feels right.

“Stay with me please?” I beg, breaking the kiss.

“I can’t!”

“Please?” I plead.

“Ok just for a bit, I don’t want mom catching us!” She replies as she slips off me and she’s fumbling around. What for I’m not sure.

As she lies next to me, I take her in my arms and hug her close. It’s feel so right and comfortable, not weird. I haven’t felt this love and closeness in a long time. With so much content and ease, I quickly fall asleep with my sister in my arms.


2019-06-07 06:39:12
These have been a very good series of stories that has both a great storyline and a great story. How many siblings would stand up like this brother and sister. This.
This just shows the importance OF LOVE.


2019-06-04 22:27:21
good story!


2019-06-04 07:44:01
Not too bad. Nice atmosphere.


2019-06-04 04:43:30


2019-06-03 23:39:03
More! More! How long before Mom joins Brother & Sister in an incestuous orgy?

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