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Part 2 to show what some women think and act like .
So patti continued stroking my cock from outside my pants . She says fuck this is huge much more larger than my husbands . Bea grabbed pattis hands and said no fair I want to touch also . I’m trying to not blow my load while they are doing this I mean we are at work but that was so erotic . So I said yes i will be master to both of you both of them got big smiles and started kissing me and each other patti then says oh did bea tell you about paying you also . We will each give you 2500$ twice a month . At this point I’m thinking wtf is this some type of set up pattis next comment answered that patti and bea grabbed my one of hand and said follow us . We went to the second department restroom a larger one out of the way and soundproof. Kinda cool not to have to hear those restroom sounds anyway . So we walk in bea locks the door and leans on the door and she licks her finger and puts in her scrub pants and I can see her playing with her self and pulls her hand out a licks her fingers . While looking at me with that naughty grin patti had pushed against the wall and got on her knees and pulled my pants down put left my boxers on and pulled my 11 1/2 very thick cock out . Her eyes bulged out and she looked at bea she said to patti hum haven’t seen one like that since the ranch last month . Patti asked her when are we gonna take that stupid fat fucking pig of my sister to the ranch ? Bea says when ever you get your part done are you sure about doing that ? I asked what’s up what are planning to do patti tells me well you know how I got your wife fat . Bea injects it was half and half girl it was all those horses she would milk patti says yes and all those nasty old men from the bar . Well our plan was to make you ours and to make it easier to train my fat pig of a sister to turn her into a donkey and horse server then to get her out of our way whatever it takes . I got a score to settle bea tells her come for two years straight everyday the only thing you talked about was about our master and how you wanted to see that huge cock of his and that you wanted to be plowed deep in all your holes cause his the only one other than a donkey that can satisfy you and now that you have him infront of you your just talking about your pig whore sister . So both bea and patti take turns sucking my dick and fucked all their holes . Bea showed me a video she and her dad made earlier that day . A while later I was at work Patti and bea were off a little before lunch bea was sending me pictures of her lucious sexy body and of her fucking her dad blowing him right in the front door in broad daylight. Then of her taking in her ass just then patti texted me get home ASAP she told me bea is going to pick you up . So I told my supervisor gotta emergency at home gotta leave . So I walk outside and bea cums to pick me up only she acted sketchy and is low in her seat . So when I got closer I see she’s naked and has cum all over face and in her hair and she has this huge 16 inch dildo stuffed in her pussy . We drive out and down the street she stops the car and says drive . I do on the way home bea keeps pumping her pussy deep and she pulls my dick out and begins to give me a blowjob . Just then patti FaceTime calls bea and says is our master on the way I made the house and the garage soundproof ? uh huh ! gaging on my cock responds bea I can see pattis face she’s sweaty and her hairs a mess then I hear roni scream help please ! Please sis sto patti cuts her off and says shut the fuck roni screams nooo whomp whomp bea asks wtf was that patti says that a wood bat hitting a fat pig whomp well whomp whomp speak pig yells patti . What sound are you supposed to make fucking pig eh puta ? Well oink oink bea laughed there you bitch it’s gonna get worse when I get there ! We get to my home and bea gets off still naked still fucking herself with the dildo . Pattis at the door naked with a bloody bat in her hand bea gets close and the begin kissing bea takes out her dildo and shoves it in pattis waiting asshole it only goes in about 4 inches . patti grunts loud uuhhh ! Bea takes the bat and asks where? Patti say garage while she playing with her pussy she tells me sorry about the mess . She gets on her knees and grunts loudly cause the dildo went in completely you could see it in her stomach I could see the it from outside her skin she starts pumping hard she asks are you mad as she swallows my cock right in my front door . I say no I shut the door just then hear roni scream no bea no what bitch what did Mistress patty order you to say oink oink reeeeee oink reeeee reeee that a good little pig . Walk ! Bea demanded it hurt thump sounding different . Patti had me against the door giving me head she stop and take me out bring the whore to restroom . Patti asks master we want to put on a show for you I say ok we go to my restroom and in the shower there’s a bedside commode . Just then bea has the bat shoved in roni asshole and is walking her in with it . She looks up at patti and says oink reeeee oink . To be continued.
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