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While Steve makes a new secretary, Becky continues to seduce her girlfriend into incest.
Editing Reality

Book Two: Sultry Fantasies Unleashed

Chapter Eight: Creating a New Secretary

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this.

Steve Davies

I shoved my teaching materials into my satchel while admiring the naked girls in my classroom. Two weeks had passed since I'd edited my classroom to have every girl strip naked. I had a lot of fun. I'd enjoyed all my female students, savoring their delicious snatches quivering about my cock. My students were learning even better than before.

Two weeks of fun. Two weeks of improving things.

I was editing the people I knew, making their lives better. I found friends that were having financial problems, health problems, and relationship problems and tweaked them. I improved the beauty of a dozen girls at my school, increasing the number of hotties attending Rainier Christian College.

I scanned my students. I still didn't know who the other editor was. I could still find no evidence of their existence. No student at my college was edited by them. No staff. No parents that I could find. No one at my church. In my social life.

Only that one ballot-printing machine.

Maybe they weren't in Rainier, and yet they had made me mayor of the city. It was exasperating. I didn't understand it one bit. I was about to be sworn in as mayor. I would get my chance to change things without using the app.

Why would they put me in this position?

I spent hours thinking about it. Racking my brain. It made no damned sense to me at all. Anael claimed he was my opponent. That we were playing a game, but she couldn't tell me what the rules were. The stakes.

“The rules are what you and your opponent make of it,” Anael had said. “The stakes are up to you two to decide. You have the free will to do it.”

“Then why is he making me mayor?” I'd asked. “How is that doing anything but give me an advantage?”

Anael had shrugged then suggested I fuck Yumiko Itou again. I did like that sexy, Japanese girl cumming on my cock. She was already pregnant with her boyfriend's child, which made it hotter to spill in her.

The door to my classroom opened and Linnaea Griffin walked in. She was my substitute for the rest of the day, a slender, young woman. She had bright, blue eyes, her blonde hair pulled up in a bun that gave her this naughty expression as her fingers immediately slipped out of the dark-blue blazer she wore.

“Hey, Linnaea,” I said, smiling as she hung her blazer on a coat rack I'd added to my classroom. Next to it was a cubby shelf holding my female student's clothing in their own slots. “I'm glad you could come by.”

“Oh, I'm happy to take over one of your classes, Steve,” she said, unbuttoning her blouse. I smiled. She had no idea she was doing anything weird, the aura in the classroom adjusting her mind.

Linnaea's youthful body came into view. She was in her mid-twenties, a delicious cutie. She removed her white blouse, her breasts clad in a cream-hued bra. A gold cross swayed as she reached behind her to unclasp her brassiere. She removed it, exposing her perky tits, small handfuls begging to be cupped, her nipples growing hard. She had a flat stomach and an outie bellybutton. She wiggled out of her skirt, her panties matching the bra. She slipped out of that next, her golden bush trimmed.

“Well, I'll leave you to it,” I said, appreciating her naked body. “Tessa, be a dear and eat out Miss Griffin's pussy. Make her feel welcome.”

“Yes, Mr. Davies,” purred the star of the girls' basketball team. She bounded to her feet, her teardrop-shaped breasts quivering. She darted over, licking her lips.

Curious, I pulled out my phone as Tessa fell to her knees before Linnaea. I navigated through the substitute teacher's menus to her Sexuality Sub-Menu. She was about as straight as she could be. I knew she was pretty conservative Christian, coming from a charismatic church. Thanks to this room, she just smiled in delight then moaned as the redhead went to town on her pussy.

“Have a good one,” I said, slipping my phone back into my pocket. I groped her ass on my way out of the room.

“Uh-huh,” quivered Linnaea, her blue eyes wide with pleasure. “Oh... Oh, Tessa... That's... That's... Oh, my.”

I grinned and left my classroom. I really needed to fuck more of the girls in the later hours, but the ones in first few classes always distracted me. I still needed to enjoy Rois and Dotty in this period, and JoBeth Black in my last class was a delicious treat.

My wife waited in the hallway. She wasn't wearing her nurse's scrubs but a nice outfit, something appropriate for what we were doing. It was a lovely dress, covered in flowery designs. It belted tight about her waist and the skirt fell down past her knees. The blouse had a scoop neckline, showing off a hint of her cleavage.

“She has a cute ass,” my wife said, staring past me at the closing classroom door. “What are my chances in seducing her?”

“Outside of my classroom?” I asked. “Not much. She's straight as an arrow.”

My wife grinned. “Mmm, but arrows bend and flex when they're fired. You never know what I can do.”

I smiled and put my arm around my wife's shoulders. We headed down the hallway as I shook my head, my cock hard picturing my wife showing Linnaea a whole new world of pleasure. My dick twitched.

“I could edit her to make her more... amendable,” I told my wife.

“Where's the fun in that?” she asked. “It's not like you're editing women for Becky to seduce any longer.”

I smiled. Our eldest daughter was blossoming after her mother. She had seduced several of her female professors. I tweaked a few of them to give her a good chance and swell her confidence, but her last one, Rosemarie Blum, I only edited to fix the horrific scars a car accident left her, restoring the history professor's natural beauty.

“You haven't wasted your edits for the day?” my wife asked as we neared the front of the college.

“Wasted?” I asked.

She patted my cock. “Sometimes you think with this and listen to that naughty angel prowling around you.”

My wife was still the only one that knew about Anael and the powers. She had never seen Anael. Even if the angel appeared when time wasn't paused, no one could see her but me. They couldn't even touch her. She seemed to only be able to manipulate people when they were paused.

“I have all three,” I said as we walked outside.

“Good,” my wife said. “Ooh, this is going to be interesting. You're going to be mayor. And that's just the beginning. We're going to do so much for our community.”

I smiled, nodding my head. No more leaders messing up our town. I wouldn't be swayed by a lobbyist working for big business. I would improve my town for everyone living here. The homeless were my pet project. It was how I ended up as mayor. I edited the outgoing mayor, Preston Wright, and the city council to be too altruistic.

They had passed an insane ordinance to increase property tax by 23% to build opulent homeless apartments. It was a big mistake on my part and led to me editing the recall election into existence. That led to my opponent making me into the mayor.

Why? That still itched at me.

Today, I was going to City Hall in advance of my Saturday swearing in. To meet the people, the staff, and get a feel for my new job. It was exciting. My fingers tingled with the opportunities it would provide.

It would mean more work for me. I would have to split my time between “teaching” and helping run the town. But I was eager for it.

I drove from the college through our town, leaving behind the school. We soon entered the heart of Rainier, our small community on the east side of Lake Washington. Mount Rainier, our namesake, loomed to the southeast, a white pinnacle thrust over the rest of the Cascade Mountains. The local businesses that I would protect passed by: Kern's hardware, Rainier Cafe, George's Cafe, Bullseye Gun Shop, The Ink Quill, The Green Thumb. There were the corporate locations, too, the Starbucks, the McDonalds, the Chipotle, and more. They were vital to the town's economy.

I had to guide it all. I smiled as I drove past the citizens. They were all my responsibility. I had to improve their lives. I had to make Rainier an even better town. I felt the weight of my new position pressing on me as I neared City Hall.

I was eager for it. I had used my powers selfishly enough. It was time to give back.

I arrived at City Hall. I'd been here a handful of times. The last time was the disastrous announcement from Mayor Wright when I realized just how badly I messed up editing him. I parked behind the building and headed around the sidewalk with my wife to the main doors. They were glass, the city seal in gold on the door.

My hand tingled as I opened it, my wife clinging to my arm.

“Mr. Davies?” a young woman said. She was a little on the plump side, cute in a curvy way. She had her hair dyed purple and buzzed short on the right side. The tattoo of a purple butterfly adorned her throat, peeking out of the lilac blouse she wore, a pair of tight pants clinging to her thighs. Black plugs swelled her earlobes, spreading her normal earring piercings wider than my thumb. “Hi, I'm Imogene. We spoke on the phone.”

“Yes, hi,” I said, smiling at her and thrusting my hand out. “Nice to meet you. And you can call me Steve.”

“Hi, Steve,” she said, taking it, shaking with a clammy hand. Imogene would be my secretary here, her smile polite.

“This is my wife, Linda,” I said, releasing it.

“How nice to meet you,” Imogene said.

“Yes,” my wife said, her voice tight. It was subtle, but I knew her. She did not approve of Imogene.

“Well,” Imogene said, “let's get the tour started.”

My wife pulled a legal pad out of her purse and began writing down notes on it. Imogene blinked but she just kept smiling. The plump girl turned and marched across the lobby, crossing the polished marble floor with the city seal set into it.

Imogene led us through the public areas, the small courtroom, the various offices that the citizens could come to for information or to get a variety of permits, then she led us up to the upper levels where the offices were. My wife kept writing the entire time, her pen rasping on the pad. Imogene would stop at office doors and knock. On some, no one answered, but on others, they did. I met Semyon Markov, our chief of police. He was a tall Russian with a crushing handshake and a big grin.

He clapped my shoulder, “We need to get together to talk about my department budget.”

“Of course,” I told him. “I have some ideas to make the police a friendlier department.”

His smile slipped a little.

I checked my phone of Chief Markov and blinked as I opened up his Relationship Sub-Menu. His daughter was at the top of the list. He had the sort of “inappropriate” desires for her that I could understand. It would be useful to have this man on my side.

To make him happy.

Then I met Kalie Fairclough, the city manager. She ran the day-to-day decisions of the town, hired for her skills instead of being elected. She was an attractive woman in her late thirties, her auburn hair spilling about her face. I smiled appreciatively at her breasts swelling the ruffled, green blouse she wore, her black pencil skirt hugging her curves.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Davies,” she said, a bright smile on her lips.

“Oh, yes, it is,” said Linda, nodding her head in approval. She wrote down something on her list. “Just a delight. I know the three of us are going to be working so close.”

Kalie blinked. “Um, well, are you going to be spending time here, Mrs. Davies?”

“Of course,” my wife said, writing more. “I'm his adviser. Right, honey.”

I grinned at my wife. “If I said no, I'd be making my own dinners for a week and sleeping on the couch.”

Kalie laughed, a polite sound while Imogene giggled, her plump jowls jiggling. “Well, I'll leave you to your tour, Mr. Davies. I have a meeting with the budget committee.” Her face tightened. “We have to find the money for the Christmas celebration.”

I nodded. “It was a pleasure to meet you.”

“It'll be even more of a pleasure to get to know you,” my wife purred, her eyes smoky.

Imogene continued our tour. We met the city attorney, the man I'd edited to trigger the recall election. He was in his office, reclined back. I couldn't edit him at all, so I hoped we would get along normally. He seemed like a pleasant man.

We were on our way to my office when we ran into Mayor Wright. The grandfatherly man scowled at the sight of me. He held a box in his hands, holding his personal effects. He shifted as he stared at me, his cheeks growing a little red.

“So you're him,” he grunted.

“Yeah, Steve Davies,” I said, shifting. It was all my fault that he lost his position. Not that I ever approved of his actions, but... Guilt still boiled through me. “Um... well... Good luck, Mr. Preston.”

“Yeah,” the mayor said. “You're just going to be like I used to be. A spineless eel not willing to take chances. To mold this town.” There was a fever in the man's eyes. “I tried, and look what happened. Small minds, Mr. Davies. Everyone has small minds. They don't see the truth that this is all just bullshit.”

“Okay,” I said, shifting.

“Bullshit. You're going to repeal my tax, aren't you? First thing. You're going to undo the one good thing I ever did.”

“You went too far,” I said, this awkward strain warping the air around us. There was nothing I could do to fix this. Mayor Wright was proof of why I had to think of everything before acting. I couldn't afford to fuck-up again.

“I didn't go far enough,” he said. He sighed. “Just remember that. You're serving the people. You need to make their lives better. Everyone. I didn't realize that at first.” He shook his head. “Too late now.”

“I will,” I said, feeling sober.

Mayor Wright stalked away.

Imogene shifted. “Well... uh... that was...” She swallowed. “Um, this way, Steve. Your office is right this way.”

I nodded my head, ideas already percolating in my mind. The door still had Mayor Wright's name in gold letters on the frosted window. Imogene opened it, her desk just to the side. The room was larger than the rest of the offices, a wide window looking out onto the front of the city hall and the bustling Founder Street running out front. The desk was sparse, a computer monitor resting on it. The desk looked old, like it had been here since the town's founding over a hundred years ago. There were several oil paintings on the wall of men, probably the first few mayors.

“The, uh, globe,” said Imogene, stopping before an antique globe by the wall, “can store alcohol. Mayor Wright liked to enjoy a drink in the afternoon. It's been here for a long time, or so I've been told.”

“I'm not a drinker,” I said, reaching the desk, touching it. There were bookshelves. It looked so formal. I felt the weight of the office. There was an... aura around it. This place had been the heart of the town since its inception.

It had absorbed that... energy.

I could edit it.

“Well, that's the tour,” Imogene said. “Um...”

“Could you give us some privacy,” my wife said, her voice still tight. “Thank you.”

“Yeah,” Imogene said, a sulky tone to the young woman's voice.

She turned around and stalked out. Her ears seemed to sway, weighed down by her plugs. I shook my head. Young people did such strange things to their bodies. It was like each generation had to one-up the preceding one. I shuddered to think what my grandchildren's generation would do to stand out.

“She needs modification,” my wife said the moment the door closed. “I have some ideas.”

“I noticed,” I said, looking around. “I was thinking of editing this room first.”

“Oh, want to make every woman who walks into your office strip naked and get wet?” Linda asked, a saucy grin on her lips. Her green eyes twinkled.

My dick twitched. “No, to make people want to help me. To cooperate with my ideas.”

My wife nodded her head. “I was thinking of something similar. Something subtle so that when they leave, they think positive about you and your ideas, too. It's not enough that they just support you. You can win them over. Not a full change, but just something to give more weight to your words and opinions.”

“That should be doable,” I said, my fingers flexing.

“Now, here are my ideas for your secretary,” my wife said, tearing off a sheet of paper and handing it over.

I stared down at my wife's notes:

• Remove Imogene's ghastly tattoo

• Remove her ear expanders

• Remove twenty pounds from her

• Change her hairstyle to something more feminine

• Restore her hair color to its natural hue

• Change Imogene so she is a loving girl eager to serve her mayor

• Change Imogene's morality to be loyal to her mayor above all others

• Make Imogene bisexual if she's not already

• Have Imogene wear thigh-high stockings and shorter skirts

• If she has any nipple or genital piercings, she can keep those

• Remove the mole on her right arm

• Make sure she is healthy

• Improve her relationships if needed

• If desired, honey, increase her breasts a cup size

• Her nose is too big

“You really thought about this?” I said.

“Yes, she has such a lovely body, she just needs to take care of it.” My wife shifted her hips. “We need to help people be healthier, too.” My wife was a nurse. She pressed me to jog and made sure I ate a balanced diet. It was the reason I had a fit body in my forties and she was toned and trimmed. “Make sure you hit the health part. Just in case.”

“Afraid she has an STD?” I asked.

“No, but you never know what sort of things might be lurking in a person. She might have something that won't manifest for years. Decades.”

“Well, let's get editing,” I said and opened my APP. I clicked EDITING and reality paused.

“Ooh, what naughty things are we doing?” asked Anael as she strode around my office.

I winked at her.


Becky Davies

I smiled as I stared down at my best friend, and lover, squirming on the bed. Tonya was such a cutie. Blonde and petite, her breasts small like my sister, Sam. I wanted to introduce Tonya to the incestuous nature of my family. It would be great if Tonya gasped and moaned on Daddy's cock while Mom ate my cunt. My parents were sexy.

First, I had to get her to accept incest in her own family. I had to get her to have sex with her mother.

“Mmm, you're just so sexy,” I said, my pussy juicy. I was naked, too, my braid of auburn hair sweeping down my back. My large breasts jiggled at my every movement. “You just stay there. I have to freshen up real quick.”

“Hurry,” she groaned. “I want you to pound me.”

I grinned and picked up the strap-on. I held the vinyl harness pinched between my thumb and forefinger. I went to my first sex shop with Mom last weekend to buy this. It swayed, the dildo thick and long. It was dark-blue and covered in little bumps. “With this.”

She nodded her head.

I winked at my lover and then slipped naked out of her bedroom. We had the house all to ourselves. Her younger brother had his baseball practice, her father was still at work, and her mother was supposed to be out at a church function.

My friend didn't know her mother lurked in the house, eager to listen to me fucking her daughter.

I found Mrs. Alberts lurking in the bathroom. The blonde MILF was naked, her hands already rubbing at her pussy, her fingers sliding through her golden curls. She shuddered at the sight of me, her blue eyes bright, her round face twisting with pleasure.

“Ooh, you're being a naughty mommy,” I said. “I'm going to fuck her so hard. You're going to hear every sound she makes.”

“With that?” asked Mrs. Alberts.

I held up the dildo before her. “This is going to slam into your daughter's pussy. I'm going to fuck her so hard while she calls me Mommy.”

Mrs. Alberts shuddered. She wanted her daughter as badly as I wanted to see their incestuous love. Dad was eager for me to do this. He wanted to hear all about it. Last night, when he was in my pussy, I whispered in his ear about what I was going to do after classes while he was getting his tour at city hall.

I pressed the dildo into her mouth. Her mouth opened wide. Her ruby lips sealed on it. She sucked on the toy that would soon fuck her daughter's cunt. My body trembled. My breasts swayed. The last two weeks had been amazing. Tonya and I had seduced three of our professors while our naughty mother/daughter roleplay continued.

I hoped Tonya was thinking of her own mother. I was guiding her there. It would be incredible.

Mrs. Alberts sucked on the dildo. Drool ran down her chin. The naughty MILF rubbed her pussy. Her fingers caressed herself. Her legs twitched and throbbed. She sucked on it. Nursed. Her cheeks hollowed as she whimpered, her breasts swaying.

“I'm going to pound her,” I purred, pulling the dildo from Mrs. Alberts's mouth. “Your saliva's going to lube it.”

“Yes,” she whimpered. “Do it. Go fuck my daughter.”

I winked at her then flushed the toilet. “Oh, I will,” I said, turning on the faucet, letting the water run as I pulled on the harness. All a ruse to make my friend think nothing special was going on in here. “I'm going to fuck her so hard.”

She quivered and plunged her digits into her pussy. I smiled, loving the fact that this beautiful woman was masturbating thinking about me and her daughter. I tightened the harness, my breasts swaying before me.

I wanted to pound my friend hard.

I slipped out of the bathroom. My dildo's base rubbed against my clit as I sauntered down the hallway. I was so juicy. I bit my lip as I reached the bedroom. I opened the door and didn't close it as I sauntered in.

My friend smiled at me. “You got a text from Seth. Are you and him going to start dating.”

“He's just wondering why I'm skipping chess club,” I said, my cheeks burning. Seth Parish had grown on me the last two weeks. I found myself joining the college's small chess club. He was a cute boy, but he wasn't my daddy. “We're just friends. Jealous.”

Tonya shook her head. “What we're doing has nothing with you finding a man to marry.”

I'd already found my man. My sexy daddy.

“We're just women supporting each other and loving each other. There's nothing wrong with that.”

“Nothing,” I breathed. “Mmm, there's my sexy daughter. You've been a bad girl, lying there naked.”

“I have been, Mommy,” she moaned, her hands rubbing at her pussy. She slid right into the taboo roleplay. “I've been masturbating, and I just can't get off. I can't cum like you told me to.”

I shuddered, liking where this game was going.

“So you need your mommy to fuck you?” I asked, sauntering to the bed. A wicked idea popped into my head. A way to train Tonya for the time she had sex with my dad.

She would need those sort of skills.

Tonya nodded her head, her platinum-blonde hair swaying about her flushed face. She plunged her fingers deeper into her pussy. Her small breasts quivering.

“Say it,” I said.

“I want Mommy to make me cum,” she whimpered.

I cocked my head. “What was that? I didn't hear you, young lady.”

My friend shuddered. “I want Mommy to make me cum!”

I knew Mrs. Alberts heard that. I pictured her masturbating her cunt with a frantic delight. I shuddered, my body quivering as I headed to my friend, my breasts swaying. I reached the bed, kneeling on it, the dildo bobbing before me. I grabbed her hair, pulling her lips to it.

“Just suck on Mommy's girl-cock,” I purred. “Get me nice and wet for your naughty cunny.”

“Yes, Mommy!” she moaned and didn't hesitate.

She engulfed the dildo and fellated it. She bobbed her head up and down the shaft, pressing the base into my clit. Little sparks flew. I groaned, my fingers clenching. Waves of heat washed over me. I groaned, the pleasure spilling through me as she worked her mouth up and down the fake dick.

She was tasting her own mother's spit. An indirect kiss. A shared blowjob. I shuddered, my breasts quivering. My pussy grew hotter and hotter. Juices flooded down my thighs. I groaned, my fingers clenching and relaxing. Such wicked ideas spilled through my mind.

I couldn't wait for Tonya to enjoy her mother with me.

I pulled the dildo out of my friend's mouth. She gasped and panted, a line of drool running down her chin. “I think that's wet enough, don't you?”

“Yes,” she moaned and then rolled over onto her hands and knees. “Oh, Mommy, I'm so wet. I just need you fucking me. Pound me, Mommy!”

Her feverish moans echoed through the room. I pictured Mrs. Alberts quivering on the bathroom counter, her fingers plunging into that delicious pussy. I licked my lips, remembering the last time I ate her out.

It was right after feasting on Tonya. I had both their pussy juices on my lips for one wild moment.

It was like licking from Sam's to Mom's twats.

I shuddered and grabbed my friend's hip with one hand as I shifted into position. My juices soaked through my bush and dripped down my thighs. My breasts swayed as I brought the tip of the dildo to her pussy. I rubbed it against her hot flesh.

She quivered and cooed. I slid it up and down her slit, caressing her labia. This wonderful delight rippled through my body. I wanted to slam into her. I wanted to fuck her hard. I would make her quiver and explode on my dildo.

“Mommy's going to fuck you so hard,” I purred, pressing the dildo's tip an inch into her pussy. Her labia spread wide just like her mother's lips had to swallow the toy. I groaned as my friend whimpered. “Just pound you.”

“Yes, yes, fuck me, Mommy!” she moaned, her body shaking. Then she slammed her hips back.

I gasped as her pussy engulfed the bumpy dildo. The base pressed into my clit. Naughty sparks burst through my body. My breasts jiggled as this wicked heat swept through my flesh. I groaned and whimpered. My fingers clenched and flexed. This was such an exciting, intoxicating rush. It had me groaning and gasping.

I sucked in deep breaths against this passion. I bit my lower lip. My hips wiggled back and forth as her pussy engulfed more and more of the shaft. Then her rump was pressed into my crotch. My breasts swayed as the pleasure shot through me.

“Naughty girl!” I moaned as she rocked forward, her pussy sliding up the shaft. The bumpy dildo emerged soaked in her juices. Her tangy passion filled my nose.

“Sorry, Mommy!” whimpered Tonya. “I've been thinking about you fucking me all day! Sitting in classes, imagining you pounding me! I love it when you fuck me with your strap-on, Mommy!”

I imagined Mrs. Alberts groaning in delight at hearing those sweet words.

I thrust hard into Tonya as she rocked back. Our flesh slapped together. I gasped, my clit drinking in the pressure. My pussy grew hotter. Tonya moaned. Her supple back arched. I stroked her skin as we fucked each other, both our hips thrusting, our flesh colliding together.

That naughty sound echoed through the bedroom. I loved it. I caressed her sides, stroking her flesh. My fingers drank in the silky delight of her skin. I ran them over her back then swept down to caress her flat stomach.

“Mommy!” she squealed as my fingers dipped into her bellybutton. “Oh, yes, yes, Mommy! You're going to make me explode!”

“Good!” I purred. “I want my naughty, little girl to cum so hard.”

“So hard, Mommy!”

Her stomach flexed beneath my fingers as she fucked back into me. I stroked her lithe flesh as my clit drank in the pressure from the base of the clit. My pussy clenched every time I rammed forward. My breasts heaved before me, smacking together, adding a naughty sound to the slap of my crotch into her rump.

The air filled with the hot musk of pussy. Her tangy delight and my spicy treat. Intoxicating.

I shuddered, ramming hard into her, my clit aching, throbbing. I was so glad I had the biggest clit in the family. My aching bud drank in the pressure from the dildo's base. It felt incredible to thrust forward. I drove my fake cock deep into my friend's twat.

My hands held her hips. I squeezed them. I gripped her hard as I thrust forward. I buried over and over into her. My head swayed. This wonderful pleasure burned through me. I groaned, my pussy clenching. The heat swelled and swelled, feeding my orgasm.

“Mommy!” Tonya howled, my friend's voice sounding delirious as it echoed through the room. “Oh, yes, yes, Mommy! I want to cum on your dildo! Keep fucking me, Mommy!”

“Mmm, yes, yes!” I moaned, my hands sweeping up her stomach to find her small breasts.

I cupped her little handfuls, her hard nipples rubbing into my palms. I massaged her tits, massaging in small circles. She gasped and moaned, her head tossing. She rocked back harder into my thrusts, my clit bursting with pleasure.

My strokes grew more and more ferocious as my orgasm swelled inside of me. I loved fucking her. It was so hot pretending to her mother. And just knowing Mrs. Alberts was probably cumming in the bathroom listening to us only carried me towards my climax.

“Mommy!” Tonya gasped, her breasts quivering in my hands. “Oh, Mommy. I'm almost there. Just a few more strokes.”


I slammed deep into her, my crotch slapping her rump.

“Yes, yes, so close!” she whimpered.


Tonya threw back her head and cried out in wordless passion. As I slammed in again, her hot pussy cream bathed my thighs and soaked my bush. Our passions mingled together, her tangy scent filling my nose.

“Mommy!” she shrieked in rapture.

I buried into her.



My pussy convulsed. My clit pulsed with rapture against the base of the dildo. My breasts bounced before me as my entire body trembled. Waves of ecstasy washed out of my cunt. They flowed through my body. They inundated my mind, spilling over my thoughts and drowning me in this wonderful passion.

“You love Mommy, don't you!” I howled, my mind melting.

“I love you so much, Mommy!” my friend moaned.

I heard a gasp echo down the hallway. I knew Mrs. Alberts shared our climatic rapture.

My head swayed from side to side, stars bursting across my eyes. I gripped my friend's tits, squeezing them as my body shook. My orgasm screamed through me. It carried me to dizzying heights before fading.

I leaned over and hugged my friend. My breasts pressed into her naked back. She shuddered beneath me. I rolled us onto our sides, the dildo shifting around against my clit, still buried in her twat. Her head turned to kiss me.

Our lips met over her shoulder. She tasted so sweet. She rubbed into my breasts, my sensitive nipples tingling. Our tongues dueled while I knew Mrs. Alberts was savoring her own post-rapture bliss.

“Mmm,” Tonya purred, breaking the kiss. “So, which professor did you want to seduce next?”

“Maybe we should go for someone from church,” I said. “A sexy, older woman. Like your mother.”

She shuddered. “My... mother?”

“Wouldn't it be naughty to have sex with your mother?” I asked her.

Her eyes widened. “Becky!” she gasped. “That's incest.”

“Sounds hot, doesn't it,” I purred, nuzzling into her ear. I licked her lobe and loved how she shuddered. “To be fucked by your real mother.”

She shifted then said, “How about Mrs. Cantrell. She's beautiful.”

I smiled. Mrs. Cantrell was a sexy woman. Her daughter was about to be married. Even better, Mrs. Cantrell was a blonde like Becky's mother. “Sounds good. I bet she'd make a sexy mother.”

“Yes,” Tonya whimpered.

Baby steps. I'd get her there.


James Davies

“James,” cooed Orihime. “Mmm, look at my tits, James.”

I was bent over my desk at Dreamgirl Delights working on my next masterpiece. The last two weeks had been booming. I don't know why I thought I was wasting my time. I was creating so many cute girls. Six or seven a day, double that on the weekend.

“You're not looking at my tits!” Orihime said, pouting.

“Sorry,” I said, inking in the picture, my pen a blur as I drew in the sexy nuns, each one holding a different weapon.

“All you've been doing is drawing,” she continued. “Have you forgotten about my tits. Look, I painted them.”

“That's nice,” I said. “I'm almost done.”

“That's what you said an hour ago,” Orihime said. The couch creaked. “Talk some sense into him, Ruri.”

“You have been neglecting us, James,” Ruri said. “You created us to love you, but... You are being an idiot sometimes.”

“Sorry,” I said, glancing at the list beside me. I had to draw every girl on there. If her name was written there by Seth, I just had to do it. “When I finish this drawing. I mean, it's a squad of sexy nuns who fight vampires. How can I resist drawing that?”

“You're obsessed,” Orihime said. “Something's not right.”

“I'm creating dream girls for our clients,” I said, my pen outlining the curve of one nun's breast swelling the sexy habit she wore. It fit her like a glove.

“Say something, Ruri,” Orihime said. “My boobs are not enough.”

“You are going to work yourself to exhaustion if you keep being an idiot.”

“I'm fine. I'm a god, remember.” I shuddered. “A god has to create. I'm making a new life. That's a miracle. I promise I'll look at your boobs when I finish.” I glanced at the list. After the nuns, I had a request to draw Deedlit.

A sexy elf...

My pen drew faster.


Sam Davies

“Yep, it's pink,” said Rita. The Black girl held up her pregnancy test. “See! I'm totally preggers.”

I giggled. “Preggers, I love it.” I rubbed my naked belly. I was still as flat as a board, but... “Who else is preggers. Please say we're all preggers.”

For the last year, our periods had all synced up. So it was more than a little surprising when none of us started our monthly flows two days ago. After classes, we raided a grocery store for home pregnancy kits then returned to my place.

We could have our after-school lovefest here. After the sleepover two weeks ago, it could get wild. Mom and Dad could walk in and find us daisy-chaining away and join the fun. Becky would even show up when she wasn't hanging out with her boring friend or, worse, participating in the chess club.

I rolled my eyes. Chess club?

“Ooh, mine's appearing,” said Courtney. She was nineteen, the oldest of us even if she had tits as small as mine. “Yes, yes I'm pregnant!”

“Preggers,” I said. “That's three of us my daddy bred. What about you?”

All our eyes flicked over to Tammy. The round-faced girl wiggled her hips back and forth. Her round breasts swayed before her, dusky nipples thrusting hard from her areolas. She quivered as she clutched her pregnancy test.

“Well?” I asked, licking my lips. My pussy was on fire.

“It takes a few minutes,” Tammy muttered, her brow twisting. “I did go last.”

“Right, right,” I said, biting my lip.

“Maybe they're not accurate,” said Rita.

“No, they're accurate,” said Tammy. “They measure a hormone that you start producing the moment you're pregnant. The more of the hormone you produce, the longer you've been pregnant. It's how doctors can tell how far along you are.”

“Wow,” I said. Blinking. “That's pretty—”

Tammy let out the loudest squeal in the world. She jumped up into the air, her dark-brown hair flying about her shoulders. Such joy burst across her face. A giddy thrill ran through me. All my friends and I rushed to her. We gathered around her, my feet twitching on the carpet, my little titties jiggling.

There it was. A pink line.

“Oh, my gosh, we're all preggers!” I squealed. I bounced for joy. This wonderful delight swept through me. My daddy was such a stud. Our family was so awesome. “We have to celebrate.”

“How?” asked Tammy.

I grinned then darted away.

“Where are you going?” called Rita.

I ignored her as I raced naked through the house. My bare feet slapped on the kitchen's linoleum. I burst out into the garage. The 1969 Chevrolet Impala Daddy and I were rebuilding was coming along. We kept getting distracted working on it.

We tried over the weekend, but I was having more fun playing with his tool.

On the other side, I grabbed a box off a shelf labeled “Wrapping Paper” in my mother's precise handwriting. I wrenched it open. I hoped I remembered what was in here. That there was enough left over. I dug through the rolls of wrapping paper, assorted bows, and...

I found it.


Steve Davies

“What do you think, Anael?” I asked, showing off the changed Imogene on the screen. The girl's plumpness was gone, her tits perkier. I didn't give her that increased breast size my wife had allowed. I thought they were perfect as is. Her nipples were pink and delightful.

“I think she's sexy,” moaned Anael. She was fondling my wife's breasts through her blouse. “You're going to have so much fun as mayor. I love it. Everyone up in Heaven is thrilled with all the naughty things.”

“So do you know who the other player is?” I asked.

“They can't tell me,” she said. “It wouldn't be fair.”

“Right,” I said. I looked around the room then glanced at the piece of paper my wife handed me. I double-checked everything, muttering, “Edited her morality, her relationship.”

“Mmm, her girlfriend is sexy, too,” said Anael. “She's going to be happier now that Imogene has 'lost' those extra pounds.”

I smiled. “Let's see... I made her nose smaller, got rid of the tattoos...” I nodded my head. “Looks like we're ready.”

I hit the COMPILE button.





I hit


The world rippled out from the phone. The piece of paper covered in my wife's notes vanished. It wasn't needed in a world where Imogene was already perfect as far as Linda was concerned. I shuddered, knowing that just outside my office doors, Imogene had been transformed into a beautiful, feminine woman.

I shuddered, my dick hard. I was eager to see the results. My office was also edited. People who entered would find my ideas intriguing. They wouldn't just agree with me, I wanted people to still challenge me in case I was doing something wrong, but I wanted to be influential. They wouldn't be so... dogmatic but open and receptive.

I closed the app and time moved.

My wife calmly unbuttoned her blouse. “Well, did you change anything else than the office.”

“Oh, my secretary,” I said, amused that she didn't remember her long list of changes while her fingers worked open the large buttons holding her flowery dress closed.

“Why would you do that?” my wife asked. “She's perfect. Just a sexy thing.”

I laughed. “You didn't use to think that.”

She blinked before she undid the little belt that kept her dress snugly fit about her torso. She slipped her arms out, her large breasts swaying free. She wasn't wearing a bra beneath, her tits gorgeous, her nipples hard and thrusting from her areolas.

“Well, I see you went with the women strip naked and get wet in your office aura,” my wife said. “Send in Imogene. She's so sexy. God, I love that cute nose of hers, and those tits. So perky. Tell me, did she used to wear those thigh-highs stockings and those short skirts? They're practically scandalous.”

I winked at my wife as she stepped out of her dress, her auburn bush coming into sight.

“So you don't know what she's dressed like, do you?” my wife purred, an eager tremble racing through her body.

“Not one bit,” I said. “I'm eager to find out.” I grabbed my phone. I hit a button for a line labeled secretary. It rang twice.

“Yes, Steve,” Imogene asked, her tone sounding the same.

“Can you come in here,” I said. “I need a blowjob.”

“Of course, Steve,” she said. “I'm eager to start serving you even if you're not the mayor yet.”

My wife laughed, shaking her head. “She was practically begging to suck your cock during the tour.”

“Was she?” I asked, shaking my head. It was strange not remembering the new timeline.

The door opened and Imogene swept in. My dick throbbed. I was eager to get to know my new secretary all over again.

To be continued...
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