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My marriage was not going well since my second wife’s rich parents died, she had inherited a lot of money and we both soon developed a heavy Cocaine habit. I was craving real cock so badly! I still had several gay friends I kept in touch with, one of them had been a gay escort back when you could still advertise in the newspapers for them, I knew he was with someone but I figured he might still be in touch with someone who still turned tricks and maybe he could hook me up. They did...
Gay Revenge Pt 1

My marriage was not going well since my second wife’s rich parents died, she had inherited a lot of money and we both soon developed a heavy Cocaine habit. There was plenty of money for fun with each other coming in from their business and the inheritance but we spent less time together since she was also hooked on Quaaludes. She would spent two or three days up partying with me but then she would crash for 3 days in a row, leaving me to wander the very large house we had inherited all alone. Once she was asleep you could have put a stick of dynamite in the room, lit it, and she still wouldn’t know it had gone off! Sometimes she’d have to fly to New York for a few days to take care of some business detail the family board members needed attention to, and I hate to fly so I’d just “order out” food and party alone while she was gone

I was good and high on Coke one day just hours after my wife had crashed and gone to bed, and I was super horny for some real naughty sex. She knew when she married me I was Bi-sexual, and I still had my VHS porn and my large dildo collection, so with the cocaine doing the driving weeks earlier I had dug them out and had been watching gay porn while ravaging my butthole regularly. They were made for fun, but not as fun as the real life nasty gay sex I had been exposed to long before my marriage; I was craving real cock so badly! I still had several gay friends I kept in touch with, one of them had been a gay escort back when you could still advertise in the newspapers for them, I knew he was with someone but I figured he might still be in touch with someone who still turned tricks and maybe he could hook me up.

Ken said he was very surprised to hear from me, and more surprised that I was still married considering what a whore I had been “back in the day”, telling me there were a few of my “exes” who weren’t very happy about me leaving the community and it’s probably a good thing I called him and not one of those. Ken said,” I heard about your wives folks, my condolences, but congrats on being suddenly wealthy! What can I do for you?” I explained my situation, and he said he’d see what he could do, and I told him I’d call back in an hour and NOT to call me because the wife was still home. “You mean you’re cheating on her?” Ken seemed shocked but laughed when I replied, “Have you EVER known me to be faithful to someone?!?!” “No, I know several guys who would agree with me, you’re always out for yourself!” I was a little hurt by the statement but I knew it was true. “I’ll turn you out to a gram of coke if you come through for me buddy, I’ll make it worth your while!” and that seemed to seal the deal. “Ok, I’ll call me in an hour, I know someone I can call!” Ken replied cheerfully.

An hour later I called and Ken gave me the number to a guy “Who’ll be perfect for you.” I called and asked for “Jake”, gave him the directions to my house, and waited about 45 minutes for him to arrive. When he parked and walked up the driveway I was dripping in my pants in anticipation and I quietly opened the door and let him in. He was a young pale white guy, maybe 23, VERY skinny with a shaved head and tattoos sticking up from inside his hoodies around his neck, wearing a backpack, and he smiled when I whispered for him to be quiet and followed me back to another portion of the house where there was another living room with a TV, chairs and a couch. He introduced himself as Jake and I told him the situation about my wife being in the upstairs bedroom and we had to keep it down, but we were pretty safe to party and fuck if we did. We both knew I was cheating and that made my heart beat even faster than just the wanting of having sex with this guy!

I paid Jake $100 for an hour up front, and he asked what I was into as he put his backpack down in the corner then peeled off his hoodie to reveal he had no shirt on and was covered with tats from his neck to his wrists. I noticed several “Biohazard” tats as well as a “Poz” tat as a tramp stamp peeking above his barely hanging on from his hips jeans when he turned around, which really made him super-hot to look at. He said he was versatile and into everything so I told him I had several grams of coke for us to party on and I wanted to do everything we could! He said he wasn’t much on Cocaine, but he had scored some Crystal Meth hours earlier and if I gave him money for more after he left if I wanted to mix-and-match we could have a real good time!

I’d never done “Tina” but I’d heard of it, so I gave him another $100 and we pulled out the “goods”. I chopped up some lines of coke and Jake pulled out a glass pipe with a round bubble at the end and dropped a small piece of what looked like spun sugar into it, then he took a lighter and held it underneath the bowl. Instantly the “sugar” melted into a bubbling pool of clear then brown liquid and he drew a long hit out of the end. Jake exhaled a huge cloud of dense white smoke and with heavy lidded eyes said, “Here, smoke this”. I had smoked hash oil before out of the same type of pipe years before, so I warmed the crystal with the lighter underneath the bowl until it started to haze with each other and drew a large warm hit.

It expanded in my lungs fast so I couldn’t contain it for long, but it didn’t burn like weed did when it came out in an enormous cloud. I instantly felt electric throughout my body as every nerve tingled, unlike on coke my nipples grew hard as diamonds and my cock was instantly rock hard and buzzing, it felt like it was going to explode without any stimulation! It was a dreamy yet highly alert feeling and when Jake turned to me he wrapped his arms around me close and started deeply sticking his tongue in my mouth and frenching me; I knew I was in love with Crystal Meth and probably Jake! He pulled back and said, “I don’t normally kiss but I will with you”. We both took another drag on the pipe and as I did he stood up before me and dropped his jeans to the floor, they were barely staying on his slim hips anyway, and his boner flopped upwards and down again.

His upward curving circumcised cock wasn’t just long but also thick and veiny, dark brown and red against his pale white skin with a big bulbous head and a flaring crown. His pisshole dripped precum fluid already, staining white the huge pisshole mouth at the tip of his dick, long strands of his internal juices dropping to the floor or making strings of clear sticky sweetness that clinged to and ran down his veined emaciated legs. I made his Johnson disappear in a cloud of Tina as I leaned over from the couch and put my puckering mouth over the tip, the shiny ropes of cock saliva attaching to my chin and bottom lip, still suspended from his legs and nut-sack.

Jake grabbed me by the ears and slid his enormous pecker past my lips, dragging the bottom of the glans over the top of my swirling tongue and leaving salty smears of scum over my taste buds. I pulled back, worked my lips behind the head where it met his pulsing pecker shaft and sucked sloppy and wet on it. Softly I kneaded his full testicles in their hairless sack and I heard him moan,”Ohhh, you suck so good…”. The clear precum was flowing steadily from both of us, not stopping I reached down and undid the button on the cargo shorts I was wearing and tried to pull them off while I was sitting so I could access my captive painful erection. He stepped back and his slime covered member popped free of my suction with a slurp, boner-snot and saliva drooled in sticky ropes from my mouth down my chest. “Stand up” Jake said quietly and I knew he remembered my wife was sleeping only a floor and few hallways away even though it was the last thing on my mind at that moment.

My shorts dropped to my feet when I stood up from the couch, then Jake kneeled between my knees and said,” Let’s take another hit while I suck you” handing me the meth pipe and lighter from off the end table. I drew another vibrant hit and handed it to Jake as I blew out another gigantic cloud, he hit it, handed it to me and went down to slurp on my buzzing pecker. I drew again and as I felt his hot lips liquidly sliding down and up the entire length of my tingling dong.

It felt like the electric smoke in my lungs swirled down to my nuts and through the inside walls of my sperm channel, out my pisshole into his mouth; it felt like I was cumming crystal meth orgasm-fluid yet I wasn’t quite cumming yet! Just on the edge of cumming I could see through my half opened eyes a blinding cloud of Meth smoke flood from around the base of my pole as Jake released his hit, pouring upward and out to engulf his ever moving head as he worked his mouth hard on me.

I moaned, “No, don’t make me cum yet..”, a haze of chemical exhaust billowing outside of me but he kept on masticating my organ with his lips and tongue like the pro he was and he moved his head from side to side as if to say he wouldn’t stop. He refused to take the pipe without even looking up and I took another heavy hit, put the scalding glass on the table then fell back reclining on the couch as the world became a warm humming blur, his hands and arms gripping my butt cheeks firmly so he fell with me, not missing a stroke.

Unconsciously I ran my hands all over Jakes bald dome while I felt my orgasm ever so slowly forming in my nuts and all through my cock from the tip through the pubic bone down in me to my asshole. The Crystal was making my orgasm build in slow motion as Jake worked on my cock within his hot mouth, moving and puckering his lips up and down and around the underside, licking the bottom of the shaft at the same time the back of his skilled tongue pushed in circles against “V” beneath my cock head. Then he’d pull back, swirling the roughness of the top of his tongue all around the glans just behind and up the crease, all the way up to the cum hole, pushing me closer and closer to the brink of exploding. Back and forth he rocked on my unit, it felt as if his magical mouth stroked and caressed me inside and out, I could feel the electrical pleasure of my growing climax down my shaft, invading my now spasming prostate, reaching down inside my pelvis; I could feel it starting to bring my ass-pussy to orgasm!

I was cumming but the Meth kept pushing that point even higher; my impossibly hard erection was already exploding in shocking ecstasy harder than it ever had when I was shooting off in orgasm before, but my climax contained inside Jake's constantly moving and sucking oral cavity just kept on growing and growing and wouldn’t end. I could hear myself making whimpering sounds as I involuntarily arched my back, lifting my hips and slowly humping in the air as Jake grabbed my ass-cheeks to maintain his devilish manipulations on my now screaming penis. “Please, stop….make it stop! Ohhhh.”

I was almost crying from the electricity screaming in my grasping ass sphincter, pulsing up and out of my dick as my orgasm started to force huge knots of cum out of me through my shaft in ecstatically painful spasms, one after another. “Oh god, oh god, oh god…” I babbled, chopping my pelvis up and around every which way as only my shoulders and feet held me up from the couch and floor. I could feel the globs of super-hot sperm as they traveled the entire length of the sparkling rod that was once my cock, Jakes now hard rapidly scrubbing tongue massaging their passage through me inch by inch and his milking mouth suction pulling them from my body, all the way up from my pumping balls.

“Oh GOD!......Unnngh!” I grunted loudly in pain and pleasure as I finally reached my peak, erupting and exploding in what seemed to be an eternal orgasm, holding Jakes skull in place with both hands as I uncontrollably fucked his mouth. I could feel my sperm shooting over and over from deep inside out of me, my dick, ass muscles, and internal pelvic organs squeezing and contracting with each violent eruption, threatening to turn me inside out as my Crystal Orgasm continued. My entire body grew rigid and stiff as his scalding mouth kept bringing me off, the screaming ejaculations slowing but still enormous in intensity and volume. Spent and empty I relaxed and sank back down into the couch cushions, my penis and ass-ring pulsating and clenching slower now with fading shocks as my orgasm subsided.

I started shaking all over as if I had been plugged into a light socket while Jake slowly continued sucking the last streams of Tina-gasm from my cum-hole. My cock felt as if it was still faintly cumming, only far away, like a freight train that had passed but was still in sight. Jakes mouth was starting to make it tickle, after being so abused my organ was sensitive so I told him, “That’s OK” and pushed him back by his shoulders so my spent erection flopped to the side, covered and soaked with goo it oozed a slow stream of thick and slimy semen. “Good huh?”, Jake grinned with his messy mouth and chin, our mixed fluids covering his tattooed chest. “Mmmm” I murmured as he sat on the couch close to me and fired up the crystal pipe. He blew out a billowing cloud and said,”Sex is better with Tina, isn’t it?” and I agreed, “I have never had an orgasm like that. I came so hard it felt like I was coming in my asshole!”

Jake and I fired up the last of what was left in the pipe, blowing out big clouds of smoke. We’d spent almost the entire hour so I thought he’d want to be leaving soon, but he reached over and grabbed my hand and put it on his massive half-erect cock, which grew hard instantly in my hand. I started to stroke it, but I didn’t want to get anything started so I patted his shlong and just rested my hand on it between his legs. I was happy and high, but I started to get a little nervous now that I had gotten off and I felt more than just a little bit guilty knowing I had just cheated on my wife!

Jake must have known it, I’m sure he could see it in my face, and suddenly his smiling face stopped smiling. “This is a nice house. What would your wife do if she walked in on us like this?” Now I was really starting to get scared but I tried to fake that I wasn’t. “Oh she’d get mad, but we used to swing so it’s not a problem” I lied.

He grinned evilly “Well we could go wake her up if you’re so sure she wouldn’t mind…” “Ok, stop, I’d be in deep shit” I panicked a then confessed. ” You want more money?” I dryly croaked in fear. “That too. I have a confession to make; I have a camera and audio recorder in my backpack over there and all of this is on digital!” I laughed because I thought he was bluffing, but he smirked, got up and retrieved it, and when he pulled out the digital recorder I probably turned as pale white as he was! He only had to play it for a minute when I knew he wasn’t bluffing; it was all there in living color! I was flabbergasted! I could only softly stutter,”Whu...why me?” Then he began his evil explanation.....

“You don’t remember me, do you?”. I knew he seemed vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place him. “Do you remember Terry?” My heart skipped a beat; I was engaged to Terry ten years or so earlier when I lived in Phoenix, but I got tired of his “Me” attitude and broke it off when I moved to Denver. I was the only boyfriend he had that had dumped him, he even moved to Denver to try and to get me to change my mind, but monogamy with him was such a chore and I was making new friends, lovers, and acquaintances I had no reason to go back to him. He was beautiful, hung, talented, and fantastic sexually but his personality was whiny, vindictive, self-centered, and just plain bitchy.

Then I recognized Jake; Terry had introduced me to him at a bar downtown eight years ago as his new squeeze. I think he was trying to make me jealous but I was happy and drunk and they didn’t talk to me long, after that I never saw either of them again. I didn’t recognize Jake partly because I was buzzed, partly because he had lost a lot of weight and muscle mass, but also I had never seen his cock; I NEVER forget a cock! “ I DO remember you now, Jake…are you still with Terry?” Jake’s face grew even more serious, “Yes, we’ve been married for 3 years now, since we both came up positive. It took until then to get Terry to commit to me, all he ever did was brag about you and how no one would ever be as good as you. You dumped him…Terry hates you, and I do too; and we’re both going to!” he spat hatefully.

I was shocked! “That’s because we weren’t working out!” I hissed. “How did Terry find me?!?! Ken didn’t call him did he?!?!” I demanded. “No, but he did call Lee, looking to hook you up.” Lee was a Trans friend of Terry’s and Ken’s, but she didn’t like me very much either. “Lee called us and told us where to find you, then she just called back Ken and gave you our number. I’m not a pro anymore; I was a long time ago, before Terry. When you married rich we all heard about it, we just got lucky today, dumbfuck!”

Terry was always paranoid about HIV and AIDS, he got pissed more about knowing I wasn’t using condoms before we were engaged and always accused me of fucking around, which I was, but I wondered aloud how he got HIV. Jake calmed down and in an almost reasonable tone said,” We were very exclusive for years, but when we started to party and play he’d space out using condoms, we were going to the Midtown Spa every weekend too, so it’s hard to tell. Once we came up positive we figured it didn’t matter, we quit the meds last year and we fuck any and everything.” He squinted at me and smiled, “And now you”….

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