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I had been seeing Theresa on an occasional basis for about six months. In one of our early correspondence, Theresa she had told me about her fantasies of being used sexually, dominated and humiliated. A constant thread to her fantasies was being dominated and forced to have sex with both men and women.
I asked Theresa if she had ever had sex with another woman and she told me that the nearest she had come to experiencing it was with a work colleague. They had got drunk and ended up kissing and fondling each other before the other woman stopped her. I asked her if she enjoyed the experience and she told me she had but as she was drunk she couldn’t really remember much about it. However, since then she had fantasied about being with a woman many times, nearly always as part of her being ‘forced’ to have sex. Without saying anymore,

I began to think of how to make this a reality and decided that if I ever got the chance I would make this a reality.Having shared her with another man I wanted to see her used and have sex with a woman. However, first I had to think how and with who and after a bit of thought came up with the ideal woman. Denise was a woman who really knew how to stand out. She was beautiful, 5’ 6 inches tall and black, with beautiful, exotic almond shaped eyes and a beautiful smile with her permanent bright red lipstick. She also had an extremely curvaceous figure created by the combination of a well rounded bottom, massive 36EE breasts and a tiny waist. However, it wasn’t just her looks that made Denise stand out. She was also one of the most sexually charged women I had ever met. Denise was into anything, there was virtually nothing too perverse, kinky or off limits to her. Conveniently, she also loved women, having had several submissive female partners over the years. I first met Denise several years earlier and was one of the first women I shared a passion for BDSM with, especially bondage, which Theresa was increasingly interested in.

I contacted Denise and told her about Theresa. Immediately she agreed to help and discussed how to make it happen. I didn’t want to let Theresa know about my plans and both Denise and I thought it would be a lot more exciting if we staged the meet. However, the logistics proved more difficult and in the end, we decided that meeting at a hotel would be best and I booked a room. I told Theresa that I was staying at the hotel for some meetings and asked her to meet me there when I had finished around 6pm. Two weeks later I entered the hotel, checked in before returning downstairs, ordered coffee and took it to the seating area to the right of the main reception. Sitting down in one of the squat leather chairs, I placed my laptop on the circular table and set the stage. Thirty minutes later Theresa arrived and looked very business like, as usual wearing a trouser suit, a tight fitting, red blue blouse, high heal black shoes and her hair tied up in a bun. She sat down while I went to order us a drink and five minutes later a bottle of Red arrived. We made small talk as I continued to work on my laptop, ensursing that her glass was kept refreshed until I suggested we went to the restaurant to eat.

The restaurant was beginning to get busy and as we entered one of the staff offered to show us to a table. We took our seats and I ordered another bottle of wine as we surveyed the menu. About ten minutes later Denise walked into the restaurant. Even though I was expecting Denise, I was stunned by how she looked. I wasn’t the only one as she drew several stares from various people in the room, including Theresa who was clearly looking her up and down. Denise was wearing a very tight knee length black pencil skirt and matching jacket. Underneath she wore a dark red top that clung to her massive breasts and knee length black leather boots. Her long braids were swept to one side and she wore red lipstick that perfectly matched her red top. Her make up was flawless, perfectly highlighting her brown skin and accentuated her high cheek bones. As she sat down, we both glanced across at her. In turn she aimlessly looked across at us and gave us a polite smile as she ordered a drink and took a menu from a waitress.

‘You had a good look’ said Theresa quietly. ‘I wasn’t the only one was I!’ I said smiling and looked at her knowingly. Theresa didn’t answer but as I looked at the menu I saw her once again look at Denise and wondered what she was thinking. We ordered our food and continued with our small talk as before which invariably ended up discussing sex, which was always the case with Theresa. As planned, Denise largely ignored us but I noticed once or twice that she had given Theresa a look or two and smiled across at her when they happened to catch each others eye. Finishing our meal, I suggested going to the bar and moving onto spirits.

Shortly after sitting at a table Denise, walked in and sat a few tables away near the bar. By now as was normally the case, Theresa was quite merry and soon downing her vodka and asked for another drink. I went to the bar and as I waited for our drinks I glanced across and noticed that Denise had casually looked across at Theresa and they had exchanged a polite smile before Denise looked down at her phone as Theresa looked over to see what was keeping me.

We sat chatting for another fifteen minutes before Theresa told me she was going to the toilets. As she left Denise picked up her bag and followed after her. Five minutes later I was pleasantly surprised to see Theresa walking back with Denise as they shared some joke and laughed together before walking back into the bar and exchanging another comment before they each say back down. ‘What’s so funny?’ I asked gesturing over to Denise. ‘Just girl talk’ she said and I saw them both smile at each other. ‘Looks like a lot more than just girl talk to me’ I said looking across at Denise. ‘You are just jealous’ she responded mocking me. ‘What! Jealous of what?’ I asked. ‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’ she said and once again they exchanged a smile. ‘We had quite a chat’ she said. ‘Oh, about what?’ I asked as casually as I could. ‘If you must know, I think she was flirting with me’. ‘Really!’ I said and took a furtive look across at Denise and sure enough she was glancing up at Theresa and giving her a seductive smile. ‘Why do you think that?’ ‘She asked me if we were an item and whether we were staying at the hotel?’ ‘and?’ ‘I told her we were friends and that you had a room for the night’. I sat quietly for a moment. ‘Invite her over’. ‘What?’ ‘Invite her over for a drink’. Theresa looked at me trying to read my expression before slowly standing up and walking over to Denise. After a short conversation they both walked over to our table. Theresa introduced us and I asked what drinks they wanted as they sat and started to immediately engage in whatever it was they were talking about.

As I stood at the bar, I couldn’t help but notice the way Denise was leaning into Theresa and whispering something into her ear. Whatever she had said must have been good as Theresa flushed bright red before looking across at me guiltily. Returning to the table, I pretended to look at my phone giving them ample opportunity to get to know each other as they chinked glasses and sat talking quietly. I then went to the toilet and returning I could see that Denise had moved closer to Theresa and now had her hand resting on Theresa’s arm as she leant in close as they chatted. I took my seat and we all sat chatting and drinking until I asked Theresa to get some more drinks. As she left, I asked Denise how it was going? ‘I told her I wanted to fuck her!’ I was surprised at her bluntness and questioned her about Theresa’s reaction? Denise smiles lusciously and I knew the answer. I sat back smiling and as Theresa took her seat Denise asked her to accompany her to the toilet. They picked up their bags and this time it was Theresa who gave me a wink and a knowing smile as they walked off.

It seemed like ages before they returned but as they walked back towards me Theresa looked red faced and flushed. As she sat down Denise said she was getting more drinks and walked over to the bar. I looked at Theresa who was clearly nervous and excited. Seizing the moment, I told her we should take our drinks to the room. ‘What about Denise?’ she asked looking over at her. ‘She can come to, why don’t you invite her’? She clearly didn’t need asking twice and as soon as Denise returned Theresa told her that we were going up to my room and that she was welcome to join us. Denise agreed and suggested that we finish the drinks she had bought and asked us to wait five minutes before returning with a further bottle of wine and three glasses. Finishing our drinks we headed for the lift and made our way to the room. By now Theresa was staggering slightly but I knew her capacity for alcohol and knew it would be a while before she would even slow down. As we entered the room, we all took off our jackets and got comfortable. The girls sat on the bed as I opened the bottle and poured us all a glass of wine. Giving them a glass each I sat on the chair in the corner and put on some music from the tv menu.

A while later, Denise got up and went to the bathroom. Theresa continued to drink but then hearing the toilet flush, Theresa hauled herself of the bed and staggered to the bathroom door and as Denise opened the door, Theresa fell into the Bathroom as Denise stood smiling and stood at the door watching Theresa as she sat on the toilet, either oblivious of Denise or simply not caring. Finished, she stood, pulled up her knickers and staggered out of the door and fell against Denise. Catching hold of her, Denise pulled her close and held onto her as Denise rubbed herself against Theresa before pushing Theresa back against the wall. Theresa was so drunk she just stayed put as Denise took off her top and pressed herself once again against Theresa with her massive breasts only just contained within her bra. Theresa didn’t react, even when Denise reached up and started to undo the buttons of her blouse. Both women now stood, their tops removed and kind of swaying across the room in just their bra’s. Then Denise spun her round until she was stood behind her and holding her around the waist, she pulled Theresa back against her and ran her hands over her hips and thighs. For a fleeting second, I saw a look of startled surprise in Theresa’s eye before she leant back into her, reaching behind her to hold onto Denise to steady herself.

Theresa was now leaning her head back against Denise as they continued to sway and gyrate against each other as I stood up and started to undress. By now Denise was massaging one of Theresa’s breasts, holding her around the waist and nuzzling her neck as she leant back into. I bent down to remove my shoes and take off my trousers and when I straighten up Denise was now facing Theresa and pressing herself against Theresa, their breasts pressed against each other’s chests. Then Denise pulled back before reaching up, she unclasped her bra and gyrated sideways in front of her making huge breasts swing from side to side tantalisingly close to Theresa chest. I watched fascinated as Theresa seemed to totally forget I was there, stepped forwards and reaching behind her unclasped her own bra and swinging it in the air before throwing it through the air. I was now forgotten, both women dancing around each other topless until finally, they pressed against each other until Denise planted a friendly kiss on Theresa’s cheek. Seconds later she kissed her mouth and suddenly their wild gyrations became a slow sensual, passionate kiss. Denise may have been the shorter woman but in her heals they matched each other perfectly and in seconds, Denise pushed Theresa back against me. I grabbed her arms and held her as Denise began to rub her body against her, kissing her passionately and stroking her all over as Theresa stopped struggling allowing her free reign to explore her body.

In seconds Denise had turned a seemingly innocent kiss and some friendly, drunken dancing into a full on assault as she leant down and cupping Theresa’s breast, she started to lick and suck her nipple as Theresa seemed to relent and sighed heavily in pleasure. I still held Theresa’s arms, holding her still as Denise reached down and undoing the button of Theresa’s trousers, she pulled open the zip and slid her hand down inside of her knickers. As she did so I placed my foot against the inside of Theresa’s foot and nudged her foot until she stood legs shoulder width apart. Denise needed no more encouragement and immediately started to finger and stroke Theresa’s pussy, making her writhe inside my grip before grabbing her trousers and ripping them down her legs. As she did so, I held her wrists in one hand and bent down, I told Theresa to step out of her trousers. Instead she started to pull free of my grip. I looked at Denise and could see her eyes blazing with passion. ‘Pull her onto the bed’ and placing an arm around her shoulders, I pulled her back towards the bed and pushed her down onto it. Immediately Theresa struggled and tried to get up but as I jumped onto the bed and grabbed her wrists. Her efforts were half hearted and I could see her eyes glazing over with excitement. By now the tension was palpable, all three of us struggling as I clambered to the head of the bed and held her hands as Denise knelt on the bed, gripped Theresa’s legs, ripped of her shoes before pulling off her trousers and knickers.

As soon as this was done, Denise stripped as I continued to hold Theresa’s hands above her head as she struggled half hearted in my grip. I leant back, my legs either side of Theresa, my cock hard, erect, throbbing in anticipation as I watched Denise remover her skirt and her knickers leaving her in black satin stay ups and her black knee length boots.

As soon as I looked at her naked, tied, vulnerable my cock pulsed and I had to stroke it as I watched Denise kneel on the foot end of the bed and spread Theresa’s legs open. Theresa lay there looking up at her, biting her lip she looked nervous, apprehensive but incredibly excited as Denise parted her thighs and started to gently stroke Theresa’s pussy, gently prising open her lips and rubbing her clit. Then Denise moved up the bed until she knelt between Theresa’s legs and starting to gently prise open her pussy. Fingering Theresa they locked eyes and continued to gaze at each other as Denise tormented her slowly. ‘I’m going to fuck you’ said Denise. ‘But I want you to lick me first’. Theresa looked up at me and for a moment I saw a look of hesitancy and told her to look at Denise not me. Then Denise stopped fingering her and clambered up the bed until she sat straddling Theresa. She started to pinch, stroke and caress Theresa’s breasts making her moan and cry out. Denise had a beautiful touch, moderating her caress. One minute gripping Theresa’s breasts hard and pinching her nipples, before delicately stroking them and stroking her breasts with her finger tips. By now Theresa was breathing heavily and moaning at every touch. ‘I want you to lick me’ and without waiting for Theresa’s reaction she edged up the bed, lifted up and held her pussy inches from Theresa’s mouth. ‘Lick it bitch’ and I watched mesmerised as Theresa licked along Denise labia before Denise adjusted her position. I saw Theresa lick and suck Denise’s clit making her moan in appreciation. ‘Harder’ and Theresa lifted her head and evidently did as instructed, as I watched Denise throw her head back and press Theresa’s mouth hard against her pussy.

By now my cock was leaking and throbbing so much I had to stop touching myself as I intently watched Denise shift position making sure Theresa licked, kissed and sucked every inch of her pussy before she sunk down and forced her pussy hard against Theresa’s mouth, until finally lifting up Theresa gasped for breath before Denise repeated the process several more times. Then leaning back, Denise thrust her pussy against Theresa mouth and at the same time reached behind her and started to finger Theresa’s clit making her groan and moan as Denise told her to lick her harder. Then it was clear that Theresa was going to orgasm as she looked incapable of licking Denise’s pussy as she struggled for breath and moaned loudly before thrashing her legs around the bed as she orgasmed followed seconds later when finally able to suck Denise’s pussy, Denise pulled Theresa’s face to her pussy and held it as she came.

Denise looked totally energised, rolled over and sat back against the headboard next to me. As we both reclined back, legs apart, Denise grabbed Theresa by the hair, pulled her up the bed and positioning Theresa between her open thighs. Forcing Theresa’s head down she pushed her face hard against her labia and told her to lick her. Looking at Denise leaning back, legs open, caressing and squeezing her breasts as Theresa knelt, bum in the air and urgently trying to lick out Denise was too much. I was now desperate and knew I wanted to cum badly. I moved round behind Theresa and knelt behind her. Holding her tight by her large round hips, I placed my cock against her slit and started to run my cock head up and down her pussy lips. The wetness between her legs was amazing and pulling her back an inch I thrust slowly into her soaking pussy, hearing her moaning as I did so. Seeing me enter her seemed to spur Denise on as she held Theresa’s head by her hair and pulled her face hard into her pussy and told her to suck her hard. Once again I could tell Theresa was struggling to lick Denise’s pussy as I started to thrust deep and hard, before holding my cock buried deep inside, before slowly withdrawing and then thrusting hard and fast, repeating this for several minutes as I felt her pussy contract around my cock, literally gripping me as I held my cock deep inside her.

Between licking Denise, I could hear Theresa groaning loudly, her breathing coming in deep gasps as she struggled for air. I felt her pussy contract around my cock as her orgasm ripped though her making her whole body shudder as I pulled out of her, my cock aching and throbbing to cum. As I did so, Denise bit her lip, threw her head back, grabbed Theresa’s hair and forced her mouth against her pussy as she screamed in orgasm. For some seconds none of us moved. Denise leaning against the headboard stroking her breasts lightly, Theresa collapsing onto the bed, her body shaking with the afterglow of her orgasm.

Recovering, Denise got up and went to her bag. She pulled out her favourite toy and started to put on her strapon, securing the leather harness tightly around her waist. She stood next to the bed, roughly pulled Theresa up on her hands and knees and positioned her on the edge of the bed and as Theresa waited expectantly. As Denise lined up the tip of the dildo against her pussy. I clambered around the bed and pulling back Theresa’s head, I held the tip of my cock to her mouth as she opened her lips obediently. Denise leant back, eased the head of the dildo into Theresa, making her gasp as she fed inch after inch of its girth into her soaking wet pussy. I was going to get her to suck me but instead, I watched fascinated as inch after inch of the massive dildo was fed into her willing pussy as she repeatedly groaned in pleasure. Denise thrust hard making Theresa cry out before started to build her rhythm as each stroke brought Theresa to the point of whimpering in pleasure. Then Denise went hard and deep, practically forcing Theresa forward making her cry our and use her arms to push back and stop herself falling forward, making each thrust even harder than before.

Theresa was gasping, crying, her body racked with pleasure as Denise pulled out of her paused and then I watched amazed as she placed the dildo against her anus. Theresa was literally biting her lip to stifle the cries but Denise was an expert. Slowly, she started to insert the dildo into her anus before holding still as Theresa relaxed into it. Denise then started, her strokes, slow, intense and deep, Theresa crying out, her breathing come in laboured gasps every time Denise thrust into her. I leant forward, once again grabbing Theresa’s hair and sunk my cock into her open mouth. She clamped her lips around my cock, her eyes closed as she desperately tried to suck me and gasp for breath against every thrust. I felt my balls tighten and knew I would cum quickly as she expertly licked and sucked my cock just as I like it. Denise was taking no prisoners and was now gripping her hips and thrusting into Theresa’s anus with such force, both women were groaning loudly. I felt my cock throb and pulse and pulled out quickly and holding my shaft I sent several long streams into Theresa’s willing mouth and face as she screamed as another orgasm ripped through her. Denise pulled out and as she did so Theresa sank onto the bed

Denise took off the stapon and joined Theresa, both women kissing passionately as I lay next to them catching my breath. Then, rather than the hard, intense and physical sex of the last hour, both women proceeding to slowly, intimately kiss and caress each other before Denise rolled Theresa onto her back and slowly kissing and caressing every inch of her body, proceeded to lick her clit before licking and sucking every drop of my cum from Theresa pussy. I made no effort to move or join them as Denise slowly pleasured Theresa before both women lay back down together, kissing and stroking each other until finally with one on each side of me they stroked, licked and sucked my cock until Denise stroked me off, coming into Theresa’s willing mouth as I came. Finally exhausted, we lay back, both women stroking and gently caressing each other until we fell asleep in the early hours.
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