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I want to let come mother Sylvia and daughter Katin closer to each other. Katin gets shown the hell by Sylvia and me: The punishment at foreplay reaches the level called "show me hell", Katin's throat fuck reaches the level "throat zombie" and Katin's pussy fuck reaches level "pussy filled up".
# Katin is fishnet dressed

The big ass of slutty Katin is hidden in a very sexy with an black, skin tight and net like underbutt hotpant which emphasizes her monster ass properly. Furthermore her football sized silicon tits are put into a black, skin tight and net like shirt encases these massive boobs perfectly. Katin is fully body shaved, except the hairy trapeze above her pussy. The edges of the trapeze she shaves.

# Katin is ready for my cock

Sexy Katin is laying with her back down on an usual bench to sit, which is moved away from a dinning table there. The bench is direct in the upper floor. The whore Katin has her right and left leg fully spread, only her toes are touching the ground left and right beside her. Because her legs are maximal spread, it looks like her fresh shaved pussy is open for business. The slut is pampering her own pussy through the underbutt hotpant by her left hand. She is doing slow circles with her finger tips direct on her clitoris. Furthermore her torso is bonded to the bench. For this, some belts are connect her belly and the bench tight.

# Sylvia is appropriate dressed

The ultra hot MILF Sylvia is dressed with a kind of full latex body dress. Basically it is a very tight underbutt hotpant connected to a very tight low cut top. The latex body dress is black. The underbutt hotpant is pulled high as possible to give an view on her apple ass almost completely. There is a free strip in the middle of the body dress, which is going from throat till just direct before her pussy starts. The private shave of the girl above her pussy is fully visible, due to the open strip of the body dress. The body dress looks from front side, that it consists of two different clothing pieces, left and right piece. Sylvia's round breasts are pressed against each other in the open middle strip of the latex body dress, no space any more. To hide the pleasure center of Sylvia, she is wearing a C string.

# Sylvia and Katin are already in action

Mother Sylvia is holding her body over her daughter Katin. For this she is standing over Katin, has her both legs spread and leans her torso down to her daughter. Sylvia supports her weight by pushing her hands on her own upper legs. Daughter Katin and mother Sylvia are tonguing with each other.

# I join well dressed for the mother-daughter-session

I just wear a tight shirt as well as tight jeans and slippers. Furthermore I have a dildo buckled on. This is a special dildo, this one has the exact form my cock, when he is erected. The stiff dildo is an natural silicon cock. The balls attached to the dildo are soft and consisting of pure silicon.

# What kind of Mother-Daughter-Relationship is this?

When I come up in upper floor I see mother Sylvia and daughter Katin are tonguing intensly with each other. To be honest, the mother and daughter tonguing surprises me fully. They don't recognize me at this point. Therefore I can think more about what I see there. My first thought is: Wow mother and daughter are kissing eachother without giving any command. Do they love incest?

Sylvia and Katin are not really take attention when I come closer. When I come closer, I see that Katin is pampering her own pussy during tonguing with her mother. This action looks crazy to myself and let come up a thought to my mind: What if they are ready to get punished and abused even more then I already did. May I can extend their borders even more?

# Katin & Sylvia breaks rule called "Respect my cock"

I join the couple and the punishment starts. Arrived beside the kissing couple and before mother Sylvia recognizes me, I slide both of my hands around Sylvia's throat, close them tight and move her head back. I move her head back just this much, that mother and daughter forced to stop kissing. They look each other into their eyes.

Sylvia is in my choke hold by my both hands, when I tell her: "Slap your daughter into her face!". First moment Sylvia isn't sure if she really should do, but I increase my choke hold even more and let her no real choice to do something else. Sylvia moves her left hand to her daughters face and slaps her, but very softly. The eye contact between mother and daughter still keeps and Katin even smiles to her mother.

I hold Sylvia still in choke hold and I shake Sylvia's head left and right accompanied I tell her: "Harder! Slap your daughter harder!". Sylvia slaps again and she slaps this time harder.".

Sylvia is getting a red colored head due to the tight hold already. She is gasping for air and some spit is flowing out of her mouth, drops down on Katin's face.

I keep the choke hold ongoing by repeating again: "Slap harder!". Katin catches some hard face slaps and is doesn't do anything against it. Katin's face expression just moves to angry. It looks like she wants to slap back but doesn't.

Next Sylvia's eyes roll back and I think it is time to release her again. Released I move my hands to her head hair. Next, I grab Sylvia with both hands by by head hair and pull her over to the side, where I am standing. During the move over to me, Sylvia looses her hold and almost falls down to ground. My head hair hold keeps her up. Instead Sylvia isn't falling down I bring her come up in standing position in front of me. The moving up is done most by pulling her head hair. Sylvia cannot even scream due to the pain, she is busy to take a deep breath first.

Sylvia is standing in front of me tries to get back to herself during I tell her: "Katin and you ignored my rule called "Respect The Cock! Your daughter did just explain you! Anyway this was the reason why I punished you and you punished Katin right now!". Sylvia still tries to get back on track. I slap Sylvia one time into her face and ask: "Everything all right?". After a moment she answers: "Yes, Sir!". I add: "As per rule, down on your knees, slut!".

# Taste my balls (direct way)

Kneel down, Sylvia takes attention to the dildo and wait for further instructions. She cannot hide her amazement about the dildo who looks like my cock. Therefore she asks me: "Could I taste the balls, please?". I agree and Sylvia sucks on the balls attached to the dildo.

# Pussy rape?

I move my look away from, Sylvia who suck the silicon balls very well and I look over to Katin. I tell Katin: "Katin sweetie, do wet your pussy first, you get your tight pussy fucked jut after! Do the wetting only through the netlike hotpant you are wearing right now. You don't move it away. That makes sure that you do not fingering yourself. My dildo will be the first thing gets pushed in your cunt today! Therefore I call it a pussy rape ... So wet your pussy fast! ... No punishment required, in order to erect my cock needed, because the dildo is already stiff. Also, there is no wet cock needed, I don't care if the dildo is too dry for your pussy!". Katin is frightened and looks scared but answer as per my Directive: "Yes, Sir!".

# What kind of Mother-Daughter-Relationship is this?

When I speak this way to daughter Katin, I await some reaction from Sylvia. But Sylvia is not looking staring scared at me. Instead she keeps sucking the silicon balls, she is pretending that she doesn't hear what I just said. It makes me wondering, why mother Sylvia doesn't care about her daughter Katin.

# Pussy is ready for rape!

Meanwhile Katin uses her gag reflex to wet her fingers in to get her pussy wet fast. She is looking scared to me while doing it.

Then I move Sylvia and down to her daughters pussy. I sit on the bench and I am direct in front of Katin's pussy. Sylvia is beside him, ready to help. Of course, Katin is still pampering her pussy, uses even the last seconds to prepare her cunt for the upcoming dildo. Then I take Katin's left leg first and move it up in order to provide some space to come closer the dido to Katin's pleasure center. Next, I move her underbutt hotpant sideways, in order to have a pussy open for business.

I tell to nervous Katin: "When my dildo enters your wet pussy next, just proceed with pussy pampering!". Next, I lead the stiff silicon dick without hands to her pussy. Katin is scared and she is looking down all time, watching the silicon dick and is awaiting the pussy assault any second.

Then I enter her fresh shaved pussy without any further foreplay. Her pussy is tight, I push my dildo in with some pressure, Katin is screaming more than she is showing pleasure. When my dildo dick is sticking 3/4 in her pussy, no more pushing forward because of her tightness and the strained position.

# Decrease the pain by boobs bash

I keep in 3/4 dildo buried position and Katin keeps whimper due to the pain of her tight pussy. Anyway, I ask Katin: "Does it hurts or feel just good?". She is just answering: "Of course it hurts ... this dildo is too big for my tight pussy!". I proposes "Do not think about your pussy... do something else like slap your own tits, in order to distract from the pain of your pussy!".

Then I rip off the shirt in the middle to have a window for access to Katin's big tits. Katin starts slapping her massive breasts from up to down principle. Katin is slapping softly and she watches herself.

Turned on, Sylvia and I join and want to slap Katin's left and right breast as well. For this Sylvia is on her knees left side of Katin monster tits. I keep in position and keep my dildo pushed in. But Sylvia and I decide for painful way and slap Katin's nipples again and again. It looks like it causes some pain to Katin. Therefore Katin stops slapping her tits and she is going along her both massive tits with both hands gently, during Sylvia and I proceed punishing Katin's nipples further. Katin does this to show herself as well her monster boobs that all is okay. Like mothers do secureness to their kids, when the kids are scared.

# Time for real cock

After a while I remove the dildo off Katin's pussy and go direct behind Sylvia, who is still kneeling in front of her daughter's monster tits. When I stand there, Sylvia turns to me but she keeps kneeling. She is looking at my dildo during I tell Sylvia: "I guess it is time for a real cock!". Sylvia ist just amazed and answers: "Ohhhh Yeeesss, Siiiiir! Give us a real dick!". I add: "Sylvia sweetie, when you are ready please open and remove my shirt as well as please open and remove my trouser! You can do it the way you like! No restrictions for you!". Sylvia really appreciate this and she starts take off my clothing completely as wished.

# Undress me!

For this Sylvia comes up a bit and she is opening the last button of my shirt by teeth only. It takes some time till she gets it done, but it is worth is. First button opened, Sylvia moves up to the next button. Piece by piece she opens my shirt only by teeth.

# During undress, get spitted!

When Sylvia is undressing me, she is fully busy and concentrated by doing this. She doesn't take much attention what I do with Katin meanwhile. I move my look to Katin and she looks back to me. We are holding the eye contact.

I tell slutty Katin: "Katin, open your holes! That means, do open your mouth and do push the tip of your tongue on your chin! Also, stretch your eyes open. For this you stretch your eyelids by fore and middle finger open!". Katin answers: "Yes, Sir!"and does. Then I try to spit from my position in Katin's eyes. The first spit hits her throat area. I tell her: "Keep looking at me!". The second one hits her face cheek. Still, she is looking at me, she doesn't turn away. I can tell, this is even a hard part for me to look at her, during I spit. The third one hits on her nose, flowing down into her right eye.

# During undress, slap yourself!

I tell Katin: "Slap yourself! Start with face slapping, and move on to slap your massive tits again. Then slap your pussy, your ass and last but not least your legs. Katin answers: "Yes, Sir!" and she slaps herself as if it is the normalest thing on earth.

# Undress me!

Meanwhile, Sylvia opened few more buttons of my shirt. She proceeds with open my shirt by teeth and moreover she using same time her both hands to open the buttons of my trousers meanwhile. Of course, the buttons of my pants are faster open than the buttons of the shirt. Trouser open, Sylvia stops with opening my shirt buttons, is looking down, spreading the pants apart and letting my full erected cock out of his cage. Sylvia is not pulling down my pants yet. She just add: "Oh my god!".

She finish first the opening of the buttons my shirt first. All buttons opened, Sylvia removes my shirt and then she goes down in squat position direct in front of my cock. In this position she has my stiffed cock just in front of her and of course she cannot stop smiling. She stares at him during she pulls down my pants and remove it completely. I am naked now, only the dildo is buckled on me.

# Punish yourself, but it is not enough!

Katin slaps her complete body. For ass slapping and slapping of her inner legs, she lifted her legs up. The rest of body slapping including face, boobs, pussy and outer legs, she reached from her initial position.

Big Katin did the slapping on herself very well, therefore I tell Katin: "You did a great job, you know I like the hard slaps more than the soft ones. But, in my opinion you missed to slap your pussy enough! Therefore Sylvia and I will do it properly". Katin is whimpering and begging not to do that, she knows it will hurt a lot. I am not responding to that, instead I unbuckle my dildo and put it sidewards into Katin's mouth accompanied by telling her: "Bite on it, when the pain overcomes you!". It hurts me, when I see that Katin bites in a dildo, which looks like my cock.

Then I grab Sylvia by head hair again and go down to Katin's pussy again, pulling Sylvia with me. I go on my knees left side of Katin's pussy and Sylvia does the same, on the right site. I hold Katin's left leg maximally spread and Sylvia hold her right leg maximally spread. We keep Katin's leg spread by pushing on her knee each side. The other hand is used to slap her pussy next.

# Go for pussy slapping

I tell Sylvia: "We slap her pussy alternately, I start!". Said and done: Sylvia and I are non stop slapping Katin's pussy. Katin screams even with the dildo as a splint into her mouth. I give Katin some pussy slaps accompanied by telling her: "Shut up, hooker!". Of course this has an contrary effect, more slaps lets her scream more. She holds both hands at her pussy in order to protect her. I hold my hand over her pussy to show her I am ready to slap her pussy again. look to her and tell her same time: "Remove your hand!". Katin starts crying: "Please, Sir. I will do everything ... Please not slap my pussy again!". I answer: "Stop screaming!".

# What kind of Mother-Daughter-Relationship is this?

During pussy slapping my satisfaction increases somehow, but decreases same time. It looks to me Sylvia has no problems or fear to punish her own daughter this hard. I ask myself why Sylvia doesn't care about her daughter Katin.

Then I look to Sylvia and spit into her face, she gags due to that. Just after, I take Sylvia by head hair and turn her head to her daughter Katin accompanied by telling Sylvia: "You are such a bad mother, let your daughter suffering!". I distribute a spit into her face and I ask Sylvia: "Do you want to spit at her as well?".

# Katin freaks out!

Before Sylvia can answer, Katin takes Sylvia and me by choke hold same time. I am surprised about the force Katin enables. She looks hatefully alternately to Sylvia and me. The choke hold is going on but Katin isn't say anything, she is just choking us. Sylvia is surprised as well. Keeping in the choke hold, I come up a bit and I show my stiffed cock to Katin and Sylvia accompanied by telling them: "Oh god, this turns me on, look at my cock, he is ready for you Katin!". Katin starts crying and she is loosing the dildo out of her mouth same time.


# Katin calms down again

Calmed down, Katin is starts pampering her fresh pussy again. and have a sight of the stiff cock and bulging balls just above her.

# Taste my balls and my cock

I proceed: "My fullly stiff cock and my bulging balls need some lubrication as well before fuck your throat next!". I am standing direct over Katin, who is still laying on the bench. I have Katin's head between my legs. Sylvia is laying direct underneath Katin on the ground. Katin and Sylvia are looking up to my cock and balls. Katin is being closest as possible to my fresh shaved and bulging balls, which turns her on. Therefore horny Katin calls out: "Oh my god ... please give me a taste of your balls, before you assault my throat!". I answer Katin: "Good whore, I will!". I look down to Sylvia and ask her: "Sylvia, do you hear what your daughter bitch asked for?" and Sylvia replies: "Yes Sir! ... She is requesting to taste your balls! Sir!".

# Katin tastes my balls: Indirect taste by two finger

I proceed: "Sylvia, as you know, ball tasting is a standardized procedure we follow. In this case we do indirect ball taste first!".

Immediately, Sylvia puts the fore and middle finger of her left hand in her mouth in order to wet them with spit properly. Then Sylvia moves her wet fore and middle finger up in order to touch my balls. One finger touches one ball, as per rule dictated. During this Sylvia is adding: "Wow, these are fucking hard balls!". Meanwhile Katin opens her mouth maximal possible and put her tongue out of her mouth. She pushes the tip of her tongue out to reach her chin. Also, her eyes are wide open. Katin is showing me by this, that she is ready to taste my balls next.

Sylvia's fore and middle finger coming off my balls and are going direct to the top of the tongue of the waiting Katin. The finger toes of Sylvia's fore and middle finger press on the top of the tongue and wait there. Sylvia is asking Katin: "Are you ready for ball taste, Sweetie?". Katin isn't moving her head, she just moans for pleasure, which stands for a clear "Yes, I am".

The placed finger toes of Sylvia are sliding on the tongue of her daughter Katin along directly down her throat. When Sylvia's fingers are passing her daughter's throat entrance, of course Katin starts not to gag yet. Few moments later fore and middle finger of Sylvia are sticking in Katin's throat completely.

Following the rule requires, Sylvia needs to hold her fingers in Katin's throat. Meanwhile, Katin starts gagging few times. Sylvia's fore and middle fingers keeping unimpressed and are still sticking into the throat deep as possible. I look at Katin's eyes and tell Sylvia: "Look at Katin's eyes, it is so beautiful when they roll back due to the gagging!". Sylvia looks up to her daughters eyes and in this moment Katin gags again, this time with a big ongoing gagging which let her eyes turn away. Same time tears are rolling down Katin's face.

Sylvia gets in panic and removes her fore and middle finger from Katin's throat again and then out of mouth completely. She is pulling some throat slime strings with her. I add: "Sylvia, don't be afraid of the gagging and eye rolling of your daughter. Next time I show you how to do throat fingering your daughter!". Anyway, Katin is moaning for pleasure (may happy to get rid of the fingers again) and adds: "Your balls are so tasty! I want to taste them again!".

# Katin tastes my balls: Indirect way by spitting

My balls are still direct positioned over Katin's open mouth. I look down to Katin and asks her: "Do you want to taste my balls again?". Katin is answering: "Yes, Sir!" and opens her mouth again as well as put her tongue out. The tip of her tongue is reaching her chin again. This signalizes me, she is ready for it.

Then I spit from above on the root of my dick. After few spits there is enough fluid collected, which flows left and right down my cock direct to my balls. The flowing spit meets on the deepest point of my bulging balls again. From there spit drops down into Katin's mouth. My balls are like a leaky tap. The most spit lands on Katin's tongue which enables her to taste the balls properly.

# Punishing is her thing

Katin is still pampering her fresh pussy again. The sight of the stiff cock and bulging balls just above her turns her on even more. Even she knows, she gets hard handled by my cock each time. This combination lets Katin get her first orgasm today.

# Katin tastes my cock head the direct way

My stiff cock and my bulging balls are still direct positioned over Katin's open mouth. I look down to Katin and asks her: "Do you want to taste my cock head?". Katin is answering: "Yes, Sir!" . Then I go back a bit, pull her head by head hair into her neck and I move down and let my cock head in front of her mouth. Then I tell her: "Open your mouth!". She does and I stick my cock head into her mouth. She sucks my head hard for 5 seconds, before I pull my head out of the sucking mouth. Katin tells me: "Your cock is so tasty sweetheard! ... thank you very much for taste! Also, my throat wants to taste your cock head as well!".


# Call for throat fuck

Just after the cock head taste, I keep in same position having my cock direct in front of Katin's mouth and ask Katin: "Are your ready for deepthroat zombie?" and Katin answers: "Yes, Sir!".

# Game Plan

I tell Katin: "Okay, as you wished! You tasted my balls already, you tasted my cock head already! ... Now, give me the chance to taste your throat next. This means it is time to get done to business! ... We start with some usual face fuck and go over directly to Deepthroat Zombie ... do you understand that?" and Katin replies: "Oh my god .. Yes, Sir!".

# King's discipline: Deepthroat Zombie

Before we start Sylvia asks me: "Tell me, what is a Deepthroat Zombie?". I answer: "Sylvia, if you are love sucking dicks you should know the following fact. Nowadays girls do throat fuck, not sucking dicks anymore! To be one step ahead, Katin will upgrade her skills. Therefore the next step for her is called Deepthroat Zombie as per my Directive!".

# Position of Katin

Katin's body is bonded still to the bench. One belt around her belly and the other one above her giant breasts. I guess this should be enough bonding. Her hands keep free, I am pretty sure I can take care of them by myself, in case Kati freaks out again.

# Position of Sylvia

Sylvia is already in support position for the upcoming throat fuck of her own daughter. That means, she lays direct under the bench and is looking up to her daughter Katin. Her face is direct under Katin's face.

# Deepthroat Zombie requires fish hook

I look down to Sylvia and tell her: "Sylvia, hold Katin's mouth open. For this you do rear fish hooking. You hold this all time, no exception allowed. During Deepthroat Zombie, may be Katin will continuously bite your fingers, due the suffering she have. But, you let your fingers betwen her jaws. Otherwise she will bite my cock and if she does this, I rip of your tits and crush your pussy!" Sylvia just answers: "Yes, Sir!" and will do.

# Deepthroat Zombie requires eye opener

In order to make a rear fish hook Katin, Sylvia puts fore, middle and ring finger of each hand into Katin's mouth. She places them left and right side, between teeth of both upper and lower jaw. This spreads the mouth of Katin wide open and makes sure when my cock is in Katin's mouth her jaws cannot close and cannot bite my cock.

Furthermore, I place an eye stretcher at Katin eyes in order to hold her eyes during throat fuck open. The tears during deepthroat make sure, that Katin's eyes not dry out. Done, I tell Sylvia: "Hold your own head in position underneath you daughter, that you can observe the throatfuck from below all time, especially her open forced eyes. Describe her eyes for me! I want to know when and how they turn away as well as when they come back to normal!". Sylvia just answers: "Yes, Sir!".

# Deepthroat requires empty stomach

I tell Sylvia and Katin: "First, we are check, that Katin has an empty stomach, before deepthroat starts. No mess on the floor. Therefore, Katin, show me that you emptied your stomach already!". Katin puts her own fore and middle finger into her mouth beside the fish hook her mother underneath placed already. Then she moves them down her throat. Wild and strange gagging appears. Meanwhile I use the chance to spit alternately into Katin's and Sylvia's face accompanied by saying again and again: "Oh yes, keep doing and gagging please!".

Time to time little amounts throat slime leaves the mouth of Katin, but no real stomach content comes out. After about 30 seconds I stop: "Okay whore you can stop, if you want. I am satisfied! ... Don't waste to much gagging sounds right now, do save some more for my cock!".

# Deepthroat, first try

Let's start. For this I lean over the very hot looking Katin. I support my body with both hands pressing on Katin's big breasts. My erected dick slides along the fingers of Sylvia, entering Katin's mouth. Katin is nervous, I can hear it. Sylvia tries to calm down Katin: "Sweetheard, just look at me. Never stop eye contact with me! If you freak out again, I help you!". Sylvia and Katin are looking to each other.

My cock head into Katin's mouth waiting, I ask last time: Ready for Deepthroat fuck, bitches?" and both girls are answering simultaneously: "Yes, Sir!". Just spoke I touch with my cock head Katin's uvula and Katin starts already gagging.

I am pushing my dick in this position further forward, but not getting my stiffed dick down Katin's throat. My cock is full stiff, but Katin's throat seems to tight or may be is blocked. I have not even started and Katin gags already without any breaks. Sylvia tells me: "Oh my god, Katin's eyes just rolled away due to the gag reflex. They are staying away!".

I move back away from Katin's uvula. but hold my cock head still in her mouth. Sylvia add: "Just at this moment Katin's eyes coming back to normal!". Sylvia talks to Katin: "Come on Sweetheart relax ... let the magic stick go into your stomach! This cock is looking so pretty! Just bury him in your throat ... do it for me, please!".

# Deepthroat, second Try

This time I push my dick same way again Katin's uvula with the same result. I am keep pushing my cock head against Katin's uvula but he isn't passing Katin’s throat entrance. Katin is constantly gagging and her eyes moves away.

Then Sylvia takes action by herself and moves Katin's head left and right. This movement works out after a while and my cock head passes after a short "Gulp" Katin's tight throat entrance. Just entered her pie hole, there is a swing going through Katin's body. The swinging is limited by the bonding to the bench she has.

Keeping in position, I tell Sylvia: "Keep Katin's head fixed! I push my cock down now!". Said and done, I push my full stiffed cock further down Katin's throat and he is sliding through her throat in direction to her stomach.

Sylvia adds: "Oh my god, this nice dick just slides beside my fingers all way down her throat.... But Michael, please do something, because Katin's eyes rolled away again and it looks like they not come back yet. We need to do something. Now!". I stay in my actual position and tell Katin: "As you know swallow, swallow, swallow. The swallowing decreases your gag reflex!". It works out and Katin stops her gagging and her Sylvia tells me: "Oh perfect, her eyes are coming back to normal now!". Katin keeps constantly swallowing in order to avoid further gagging. Sylvia repeats my statement as well: "Katin sweetie, keep swallowing in order to avoid gagging!". It looks like it helps.

# Fully buried, but don't freak out

Still there are the last piece of my cock not in her throat. Therefore I move further down her throat. When my cock is fully buried into Katin's throat, she gets a fall into non stop gagging which lets she freak out. Katin tries to turn her head away, but her mother Sylvia keeps her in position. I keep my dick in this position. It is not easy, because Katin try to push my body back by her hands. When she recognizes that she cannot move me, she starts slapping me. I keep my dick in this position.

Staying in this position let Katin stop her gagging for few moments again and Sylvia acknowledges: "Katin eyes are coming back to normal now!". Katin is constantly swallowing in order to avoid further gagging. The throat slime runs out of Katin's mouth during this, dropping down on Sylvia.

Sylvia calls out: "Oh my god, your bulging balls are touching my fingers right now! They are feeling so hard! Stay further in her throat and push your balls against my fingers, please... Yes, just like this. Sweetie, congratulations! You buried the dick in your throat fully!".

# Katin dedicates to Deepthroat Zombie

I am requesting: "Girls, it is time to move Katin into a Deepthroat Zombie!" and Katin is whimpering, like she is may not ready. Anyhow I start.

# Deepthroat Zombie: It's working just fine

For this I move my dick all way out Katin's throat and all way into Katin's throat again. The in and out movement is very fast. Katin can take a breath, when the cock comes out for a second. My cock is like a piston is running in and out an engine, loosing much of oil (in this cas throat slime) every in and out.

Katin's gagging is ongoing and Sylvia tells me: "Katin's eyes rolled away and not come back yet!".

The sounds coming from Katin doesn't sound healthy at all. It sounds like a abnormal choke-concert, but Sylvia and I keep doing.

The throat slime bubbles and flows out Katin's open forced mouth constantly. The most of the throat slime lands down on her mother Sylvia of course. Sylvia confirms: "Okay darling, constant bubbling throat slime comes out of Katin's mouth, left and right out. It is like a bath tub where foam is coming out constantly. Katin's eyes are not moving away completely anymore. They pause half on the way away, they are staying half turned away, not moving anymore. She looks like a Zombie.

# Deepthroat Zombie: Pain for everyone

Katin pinches with both hands in my legs. The pinching in my legs distracts me from the pain in my dick, which occurred due to Katin's tight throat. This enables me, to push my dick even more into her throat. Same time Sylvia screams, because Katin bites her fingers, but she is well behaved and hold Katin's mouth open and head fixed.

Katin is biting permanent on Sylvia's fingers, which are between Katin's jaws. Sylvia is whimpering and screaming all time due to the pain. Sylvia bites on her own teethes in order to distract herself from the pain to her fingers.

Furthermore Katin is non stop pinching with both hands in my legs. Katin's hands are pinched all time into my legs. It feels like a cramp is squeezing. Therefore I can imagine how painful the ongoing biting by Katin into Sylvia's fingers must be. May like a pit bull having his teeth into a bone. Sylvia's screaming changes to continuously whimpering which sounds like she is begging to finish. Anyway, as long as Katin's mouth is open hold, there is no reason for me to stop the throat fuck. I keep face fucking Katin.

In fact I rape the poor girl's throat so badly that the throat fuck sounds as if an animal is being whined to death, but it doesn't sound like an act of sex. Only the gagging reminds Sylvia and me somehow, that Katin is still alive.

# Replace cock by dildo

After few minutes I am close to shot my cum, therefore I need to stop fucking Katin's throat hole. For this I take the dildo first in my hand.

Next I move my cock out of Katin's throat. Same time I move out, I replace my cock with the dildo. I let the dildo stick deep into Katin's throat.

Same time I step back and go down on my knees to hold my balls over the down laying Sylvia. Daughter Katin is laying in front of me. I watch Katin half with turned away eyes. Few seconds later, the sticked dildo lets Katin freak out again and she tries to pull my hands away which hold the dildo pushed in her throat.

Then I remove the dildo and Katin takes a deep breath opening her jaws again. Same time she starts crying. Sylvia keeps Katin's mouth still open.


# Moving from face fuck to pussy fuck.

I move down to Katin's pussy and I pull Sylvia with me. For this, I grab Sylvia by head hair again and pull her on her back out from underneath Katin. Together, we position us down Katin's pussy.

I go on my knees left side of Katin's pussy and Sylvia does the same, on the right site. I hold Katin's left leg maximally spread and Sylvia hold her right leg maximally spread. We keep Katin's leg spread by pushing on her knee each side. The other hand is free to use.

# Pussy rape by Hotpant

I rip off Katin's hotpant and telling her same time: "Your hotpant goes into your pussy first!". Just spoke out, I pull the net-like hotpant over my fore and middle finger, I look down and move the hotpant in front of her pussy. Before I start I ask Katin: "Ready?" and she is not realizing yet, what happen next and answers: "Oh my god!".

I give her a hard pussy slap which frighten Sylvia and ask Katin: "What you have to answer?" and Katin answers: "Yes, Sir!". Then I push my both fingers with the hotpant pulled over, direct on her pussy entrance. Katin and look down during, then I push my fingers further.

Katin feels pain and moves her view confused down to her pussy same time frightened asking: "What the hell are you doing?". In respond to that, I look up to her throat slime covered face and answer: "This action may causes some pain for now. Anyway, I love to give pain to your pussy. Sylvia and I want to see you suffering! ... right, Sylvia?". Sylvia keeps in silence.

# Push hard to the get hotpant in her pussy

While saying this I push the netlike hotpant more and more into her pussy, but it is harder than I thought. First of all her pussy isn't fully wet and therefore there is a lot of rubbing. Also, the netlike material of the hotpant makes it hard to push it in. Katin is screaming: "Stop it!". Sylvia and I spit on the hotpant few times, in order to wet the clothing before Katin's pussy swallow it.

Anyway I look fully concentrated down to get the hotpant complete pushed into her cunt. Then I pull my fore and middle finger out again in order to slap her pussy few times and talking to her pussy same time: "Damn fucking pussy, let the hotpant go in!". The action hurts my fingers a lot and Katin is screaming and crying due to the pain.

Katin tries to close her legs, but they are hold spread by Sylvia and me. Katin is crying and begging me to stop this: "Please stop it ... pleeeeeaaaaaase I will do everything for you!". Unimpressed I keep doing.

Being frustrated I give her some pussy slaps and ask Katin same time: "What is wrong with your pussy!" and keep pushing the piece of clothing into her pussy. After a while and a lot of screaming and tears, I got it in.

# Pussy rape: Push the dildo in

Then I am using the dildo, to stuff the clothing deeper into Katin's tight pussy, in order to have some space because my cock wants to enter Katin's pussy next.

I push the dildo piece by piece in. When it is pushed half way in Katin's cunt, I feel some resistance. I let the dildo sticked the way he is.

# Pussy rape: Add my cock in her pussy beside the dildo too

I am moving in front of Katin's pussy. Sylvia is beside me, ready to help. I go in fuck position. For this Sylvia takes Katin's right leg and move it up in order to provide better access for my cock to Katin's pleasure centre. My left foot I position left beside Katin. My right foot is still on the ground. Now I lean over Katin, having my stiffed cock close to her pussy underneath.

I am pusing forward entering Katin's pussy beside the dildo. Katin is fully scared looking up to me, increase crying and is begging Sylvia: "Please help me, mom!". Of course Sylvia start crying too, don't know what to do.

# Katin fights back

When I enter Katin's tight pussy beside the dildo, Katin starts slapping me with both hands. She slaps into my face on my chest accompanied by saying: "I hate you I hate you I hate you!". Anyway, I move piece by piece into her tight pussy beside the dildo. In fact, the dildo is underneath my cock. Katin is non stop screaming due to the pain.

Somehow I enter my cock almost fully in her cunt, when I feel a blockade there. It must be the hotpant sticking in her hole. I try to push my cock more in but it hurts my cock head to much. Pushed my cock 3/4 of it in Katin's pussy I stay there.

# Vibration lead to orgasm

Katin is looking serious at me and puts her both hands around my throat and chokes me. She still looks serious during she do the choke hold.

I tell Sylvia: "Switch the vibration of the dildo on!". Switched on, the dildo is very stimulating. Katin moves from crying to moaning. I stay and watch Katin how she gets an orgasm about a minute later.

# Push more!

Sticking into Katin's cunt, I cannot push my cock more into. As I said, I feel the hotpant is touching my cock head. Therefore I tell Sylvia: "Push the vibrating dildo underneath my cock deeper into her pussy!". I hope is that the dildo will push the hotpant deeper in.

# Pain let turn her eyes away.

When Sylvia is pushing the dildo further in, Katin is non stop screaming due to the pain. Syliva stops the action and I tell her: "Keep pushing the dildo in!". Moving further again, moments later Katin's eyes turn away, due to the pain.

# Moment of weakness

In this moment I cannot hold back and shot my cum into her pussy.
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