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I introduce my Directive called "All About Cock" to slutty Katin as well her mother Sylvia. Furthermore mother Sylvia observes and supports, when I fuck daughter Katin's pussy
# Katin, turn me on

The big ass of slutty Katin is hidden in a black, skin tight and net like underbutt hotpant which emphasizes her monster ass properly. Furthermore her football sized silicon tits are put into a black, skin tight and net like shirt encases these big, hard and massive boobs perfectly. Katin is fully body shaved, except the hairy trapeze above her pussy. The edges of the trapeze she shaves.

It is a usual night, the guests served by sexy Katin tonight. Katin is getting a lot of tip due to her hot outfit, as each night she does. I am behind the bar mixing the drinks, dressed as usual Jeans, Shirt and sneakers.

Katin is passing me few times, moving very sexy which shows me she wants to get fucked. Therefore I assume that is the perfect time to introduce my Directive called "All About Cock" to Katin.

# Katin, wait for me

Later this evening all guests are gone. It is just Katin an me left at the restaurant to take cleaning. When Katin comes back from kitchen to pick up more dirty dishes from guest tables, she passes me again. I grab her chin like a sandwich between my thumb and fingers, which brings her to stop. I hold her face in directed to look up to me when I tell her: "I want your pussy!". Meanwhile I am holding her mouth still squeezed like a sandwich in my hand. Of course, Katin tries to smile at me. Then I let her go and call after her: Wait on the stairs for me!". Katin just: "Mmmmmmhmmm okay I love to wait there!".

# Katin, I surprise you naked

When I appear downstairs I surprise Katin fully naked. My cock is not close to be stiffed. I am standing there and I am looking up to her. Katin is already sitting in her hot dress on one of the higher stairs and has her trained legs spread. She shows me by this leg spread, that her pussy is open for business. I tell her: "Lift your body up from the stair and support the position by your hands behind yourself. Keep your legs spread!". Of course Katin follows my command and does it. She does it almost the right way, I just add: "Spread your legs maximally, bitch!".

# Katin, I climb up to you

Then I go on my knees at the beginning of the stairs. She has a big smile in her face and looks to me, when I am climbing on all fours to her. I am crawling up to her, not loosing eye contact to her one time. She is still looking at me keeping smiling and spread her legs even more. Arrived one stair step below Katin, I keep on my knees, have my upper body up in straight position and spread my legs a bit.

# Katin, look at my body painting

It takes a moment when Katin recognizes my body painting. There is written dirty slogan just above my cock saying: "Pussy Rapist" and just on my chest "Cunts Only Love The Hard Tour". Of course Katin looses a bit of her smile when she read it, but tries not think to much about it.

# I introduce my Directive to Katin

I tell Katin: "Sweetie, this time it is a little bit different. I have to introduce you to some rules before we start having fun with each other. In fact I have made a whole Directive for you ... For starters my Directive includes techniques and rules you have to do in regard to satisfy my cock. If you miss a technique or break rule you get penalty. In fact the Directive only provides fun for me, not for you anymore.". Katin is confused and answers nothing to it.


# I introduce first rules of my Directive to Katin

I tell slutty Katin: "My Directive says, in order to let my cock go up, you need to understand that the most effective and joyful solution for me is to punish you. This way makes sure that my cock go up maximally".

# My first both Rules for Katin: "Yes, Sir!" & "Thank You, Sir!"

I proceed to tell Katin: "Therefore, your first rule is; If I tell you something, you are acknowledging with "Yes, Sir!". The sex bomb Katin looks still confused at me and answers: "How do I know this?". I spit in her face accompanied asking Katin: "What you have to say?". Her smiles moves to an angry look at me already and Katin answers "Yes, Sir!". I do answer: "Good bitch. Also, if you catch a spit or slap you have also to say: Thank You, Sir! .. Okay let's practice it more". I hold my hand beside her face, ready to slap in her face, She is pressing her eyes together awaiting the slap. I do ask her first: "Ready?" and Katin answers: "Yes, Sir!", then a hard slap is hitting her face that let her head even going sidewards away. The sound of it sounds even painful to me. Therefore, just after this first hard slap I expect she rebels, but she doesn't do. Katin just answers: "Thank You, Sir!".

# My next rule for Katin: Fully body slapping

This motivates me to keep going and I tell slutty Katin: "My following slapping attack is part of my Directive and bring my cock go up in order to fuck your pussy after. This attack does not includes random slapping, instead it includes structured slap attack at your body. It is like a checklist to abuse you! Do you understand this, bitch?". The frightened Katin isn't sure what exactly to answer. I repeat loudly: "Do you understand?" and Katin answers with fast, loud and frightened voice: "Yes, Sir"! I give her a hard face slap, meanwhile telling her: Don't scream at me, hooker!". Katin answers: "Yes, Sir! ... Thank You, Sir!".

# Fully body slapping: leg bash for Katin

To calm Katin bit down, I start pussy pampering. I have to push a bit more due to the c string and underbutt hotpant she is still wearing. Therefore I take attention to her clit mostly, do slow circles. Katin starts already moaning for pleasure, looking down to her pussy. Well, her massive tits disturb the view down to her pleasure centre. In this moment I am sure, she is ready to get further dominated. Then, I give her some slaps with my other hand at her left and right leg alternately, Katin let her legs spread and just watches the slaps. She still moans for pleasure. Of course every time a slap hit her leg, she acknowledge the slaps properly: "Thank You, Sir!".

I increase the velocity of the clit circles, when I slap each leg with left hand with more power. And again. And again. She is observing the slaps and just adds: "Oh my goodness! ... Thank You, Sir! ... You are so good to me!". Of course Katin is recognizing that my cock is growing up more and more, which turns her on more and more.

# Fully body slapping: boobs bash for Katin

Just after I tell Katin: "Okay next, we take some attention to your silicon monster melons. You are used to receive tit slaps by me, so nothing new to you!". I lift my left hand and hold it above her left breast. Katin is looking at me and a little bit scared in the first moment. I hold my hand there that she can see my hand. My hand is waiting there meanwhile I ask her: "Ready?" and Katin answers "Yes, Sir!". Then my hand slams down at her left silicon ball. The football sized silicon monster ball is not moving much due to the slap. The boob is too hard and the movement in the net like and skin tied shirt is limited anyway. Just after, the next slap right after on the right silicon boob. Katin answers to that action: "Thank You, Sir! Thank You, Sir!". Some more tit slaps are following, and Katin is observing the slaps and acknowledge them each by saying her sentence.

# Fully body slapping: face slaps, rabbit punches and donkey punches for Katin

I go over to headache slaps without telling her. For this I grab her head hair with one hand, in order to keep her head fixed and straight looking to me. Then I lift my other hand coming right from her pussy and distribute bunch of face slaps with this hand. This bunch includes a couple of face slaps without any breaks. I slap with the palm of my hand the left face cheek of the whore. Slapped, my hand moved due to the slap movement to the other side of her face. Then I hit the right face cheek with the back of the same hand. Same procedure again and again, without any breaks. Katin keeps in position due to my head hair hold but is not able to follow with "Thank you, Sir", this fast my slaps hit her face. It sounds like a drum and after a bunch of face slaps Katin almost freaks out.

Therefore I stop and same time I move her head through head hair this much down, that her eyes look direct to my cock. This gives me access to her neck. Therefore I give her five times slap with the flat hand direct at the neck. Then I pull her face by head hair up again, that she is looking at me again. Katin looks a little bit disoriented.

I don't let much time in between the next action and tell Katin: "Okay the last slaps follow now and may hurt most as well as cause headache!". Meanwhile I clench a fist with my left hand and I am further holding her head hair with my right hand. Then I give her five hard donkey punches direct at her head and another five on her forehead accompanied by saying her the sentence: "Let me gift you some headache!". For these last bunch of slapping she wasn't prepared for and she really freaks out. I keep holding her head hair tight in my hand and move my other hand back to her pussy. I look at her eyes and proceed with pussy pampering by telling her: "Come down, it's over!".

Curious thing for me is, I feel way much better than before. My hate feelings to her I almost forgot. It is like, the more I punch Katin more I obtain satisfaction for me. She is not a bad person at all, but still I think she deserve it.

# Fully body slapping: pussy slaps for Katin

Therefore I want to let her suffer more and want to take some attention to ypur pleasure center. In fact I give her three consecutive and soft pussy slaps with the same hand which is pampering her clit right now. Katin answers with: "Ohhh fuck ... Thank you Sir!".

Still I hold her head hair and I lead her head down. She is looking down and see my hand which I am holding in front of her pussy ready to slap again. Due to the distance of my hand she really fast recognizes this slap will hurt. I ask Katin: "Ready?" and intuitive Katin tries to close her legs a bit. I call out: "Keep your legs spread!" and same time I slap her pussy one time very hard. Immediately she wants to close her legs accompanied by a horrible cry. The sound is short and intense same time. When she tries to close her legs, I spread them maximal open with both hands again. Katin is whimpering and begging me: "Please, Sir ... don't slap my pussy!". I yield to her request, knowing she get bashed later on way harder. Instead I look at her and answer her: "Sorry darling, I want treat your pussy nice as possible in order get a chance to fuck her later on!".

Next I stand up and proceed talking to Katin: "Well done, look my cock is rock hard now, but I pick you later for pussy fuck! Now, you stand up and do clean the tables further. ". Spoke out I go downstairs to the bar again, I do not turn back again to look at her. I just leave her, I do not taking further attention to her for now.

# Fully body slapping: ass slaps for Katin are missing

When I crossed Katin's way again, I turn around and give her one ass slap accompanied by telling her: "I still miss some ass slaps for you!". Katin is kind of horny, even when she is still hypnotized because of the slaps everywhere she just received before and answers: "Uhhh nice ... I mean Yes, Sir! We need to follow up on this.".

A word and a blow. Moments later Katin is leaning backwards on the handrail in first floor. The slut presses her ass up and back on the top side of the handrail. Additionally she does a hollow back to emphasize her ass. This big monster ass is presented above the edge of the handrail. Her underbutt hotpant she pulled down only over her ass, not more. In this position she is calling loud: "Hey Michael, my ass still needs some attention from you!".

Standing in front of the stairs, I surprise the well rounded girl fully naked and with fullly stiff cock again. When I goes upstairs, Katin turns her head downstairs and is smiling in my direction. She says: "Oh my god, a full erected cock with two fresh shaved balls are arriving right now. May I catch some ass slaps from you?". Additionally Katin is bouncing her heavy duty ass on the handrail in order to present it properly. Her ass is going up and dash back down against the top of handrail again and again.

# Fully body slapping: ass slaps for Katin have to wait, instead: ass cheek lick

I am coming closer to Katin and stop behind her. I lean down, my face beside her bouncing monster ass. Obviously it smells like my favorite perfume somewhere. I just say: "What a nice smell of my favorite perfume I recognize!". Katin is even more smiling and answers: "I slathered my ass with this lovely perfume!". I add: "Wow, delicous perfume distributed on a delicious ass like this! ... Oh my god I need to lick your fat ass cheeks first before I slap them!".

Without further comments I am going on my knees direct behind Katin and I am moving my head closer to Katin's giant ass, which is still moving. I tell her: "Stop moving, big butt whore!" and she answers "Yes, Sir!". My nose comes so close to her left booty side, that it is almost touching it. I grab her hotpant left and right and just hold it. Still I am looking at this ass cheeks, when I am asking Katin: "Are you ready for my tongue?" and Katin moans this much she can and answers: "Yeeeeeeees, Siiiiiiiiiiiir!". Then I lick her left ass cheek up and down, left and right. Of course Katin still moans for pleasure. After a while, her right ass cheek gets the same attention by my tongue, as the left one got before.

# Fully body slapping: catch up on ass slaps for Katin

When the both cheeks are fully wet by licking, I add: "I would love to slap them now" which causes further moaning of pleasure by Katin. Then I start to distribute slaps alternately left and right again and again, Katin keeps in position.


# My next rule for Katin: Respect my cock by being on all fours

Next, I stand up from kneeing position on the stairs and move direct behind Katin. For this I stand direct in front of the handrail. My fully stiffed cock presses against the haindrail, my cock head touches Katin's left wet monster ass cheek, because she pushes her ass still over the edge of the handrail. Also, her underbutt hotpant is still pulled over her ass, waiting at her hips to get pulled down further.

I move my head head direct behind Katin's head. On this occassion, Katin turns her head to me in order to look in my eyes. She is smiling at me when I tell Katin: "My fullly stiff cock and my bulging balls need some respect and lubrication as well from you before I fuck your pussy!". Just spoke out, I grab her head hair with my left hand and pull it this way that we both move upstairs beside the stairs and Katin needs to turn around. In fact I let her face me.

Next, I look sexy Katin into her eyes when I direct my finger to the ground. Of course she takes it immediately as command and follow it. Naughty Katin moves down on her knees and leans forward in order to take my dick into her mouth next. I grab Katin at her head hair and pull her back by this, before her cock hungry mouth comes to close to my fully erected dick. Katin is not fighting against my pull back by her head hair at all, she is just looking up to me and waiting as a good whore somehow for further instructions.

Further I keep her head hair fixed in my hand and tell Katin: "First rule, If a naked guy with erected cock like me right now appears in front you, you go immediately down on all fours as you do right now. Alternatively, you can go on your knees with hands on back! ... Understand?" and Katin answers: "Yes, Sir!."

I proceed: "Either way which one of the mentioned positions you choose, next you have to behave like a dog. That means, you put your tongue out of your mouth that the top of the tongue touches your chin. Also, you stare with full concentration on my full stiffed cock, as if you want to swallow it next. Also start panting, till I push my cock deep down your throat or if I allow you to stop panting!". Just spoke out, Katin follows and is doing the dog behavior without any withstand or wasting time. I just add: "Good dog!".

I really enjoy this, looking down to Katin who keeps bravely in position and is still doing dog behavior. Later on she looks up to me, awaiting a disgracing action from me. I just look down to her and I spit one time direct into her face. Faithfully Katin keeps her head look up to me, but close her eyes and let them closed, in order to be protected if more spit will follows. Fair enough. I just tell Katin: "You just broke the rule, don't look at me, look at my cock only!". Katin follows and her look wanders to my cock again.

# My next rule for Katin: Don't touch my cock or balls

Keeping same position, I tell Katin: "Second rule: You are not touch either my dick or balls, unless I allow you! .. In order to ensure this you are on all fours in front of my cock. In case you leave your position on all fours to stand up or knee in front of my cock, immediately you put your hands behind back or hands behind head, no exception!". Katin answers: "Yes, Sir!".

# My next rule for Katin: Taste my balls and let me taste them too (direct way)

I still hold the head hair of Katin who is bravely waiting on all fours and I tell her my next rule: "My next rule for you is called: Taste my balls! In fact you taste my fully bulging and fresh shaved balls first, then I taste by myself after. We start with the direct way. That means, you let your mouth open and tongue out and push the tip of your tongue on your chin all time. Just like you do now. At first, I move your head to my left ball where I let you lick my left ball. Then I am moving your head by head hair from left to my right ball, where you do the same there. Your head passes my cock in between, not taking attention, like touching him. Then I pull you up to me and I taste your tongue. Remember: All time let your tongue out of mouth and when you stand up, put your Hands Behind Back! ... Let's go!".

Just explained to Katin, then we start. Katin does it properly. The eye contact never break up. The big lady tastes both balls, first my left ball and then my right ball. After, I pull her up by pulling her head hair, till she stands in front of me. Then I release my head hair hold and she is waiting and looking at me all time and still has her tongue out of mouth and hands behind back as directed. Then I lick her tongue not touching her body or touching her face. Katin and I have our eyes open, we are looking at each other during I lick her tongue. Three times I lick up and dow, before I answer: "Oh my good, so tasty my balls are! Good job, bitch!".

# My next rule for Katin: Taste my balls (indirect way)

Katin is still standing in front of me and without any further talk with Katin, I am telling her: "Next, you will taste my balls the indirect way, Sweetie!" and Katin who is still looking in my eyes, smiles and answers: "Uuhhhh Yes, Sir! ... Give my your balls!". Just spoke out, Katin opens her mouth and tip of tongue on her chin as a matter of course. I add: "But at first of all we need to wet my balls and then I show you how to do! ... the cock lubrication is done with spit only and I do fish hook you!". When I speak it out, I put my both thumbs in front of Katin's face and I tell to her: "Come closer to me and let my thumbs spread your mouth open like two fish hook do". Katin doesn't wonder even she does not know what I want to do. She put my both thumbs in her open mouth and she is still looking at me. Thumbs in her mouth, I spread my thumbs to stretch the fish hooks in her mouth and turn her head down in order she looks direct to my full stiffed cock. She get forced to look at my full erected dick. Then, I tell her: "Look, my cock head is already looking up to you, so spit on my cock head, bitch! Your spit will flow from my cock head down to my balls automatically in order to wet them". I let her spit few times from above on my cock head. She has a good hitting rate from there. Time to time I adjust the both fish hook in her mouth by increasing the force to hold her mouth maximal spread. Katin is just whimpering and answers with "Aaaaaaahhhh" but does nothing against it, she is letting her hands on back. After some spits my cock head is full of spit and the spit is flowing down to my balls. I feel the warm spit flowing down. Done, I remove the both fish hook again. She let her mouth still open, tip of her tongue pushes on chin. I give her a face slap ant tell: "Good whore!". Katin answers: "Thank you, Sir!".

Then my fore and middle finger of my left hand are going direct into Katin's mouth, moving in her mouth left and right in order to wet my fingers properly. During my finger are going randomly through her mouth, she let her mouth open and tongue on chin. We are looking each other during this action. Next, I grab Katin by my right hand at head hair and turn her head down in order to look to my fully stiffed cock again. With the wet fingers of my left hand I go down to my both bulging and fresh shaved balls, each finger goes over one ball same time. Katin is watching it from above and has her mouth still open and still her tongue tip pushes against her chin. She is waiting for my fingers to come back. Katin is not waiting long, then my fore and middle finger coming up again and are going direct to the top of the tongue of Katin. The finger toes of my fore and middle finger pressing on the top of her tongue and I pull her head back that she is looking in my eyes again. Then I aski Katin: "Are you ready to taste my balls again, darling?". Katin just moans for pleasure, which stands for a clear yes. My finger toes sliding on her tongue along directly down her throat till the fingers are sticking into her throat completely. Before Katin starts gagging, instead she let her head falls down into her neck, in order to relax her throat and avoid upcoming gagging. But I move her head back in front again, in order to look into her eyes again.

During she looks at me, her first gagging appears. My fore and middle finger sticking in her throat feel the vibration. I strengthen my head hair hold at Katin, that her head isn't fall in neck again. It takes not long and the next gagging appears, the first tears rolls down. Katin is a good girl and she isn't not fighting against my finger in her throat, instead let her hands all time behind her back. The third gagreflex includes that her eyes rolls away. Just after I remove my fore and middle finger from her throat again and then out of mouth completely. Some throat slime strings come with them. Katin moans for pleasure again and adds: "Your balls are so tasty sweetheard! ... thank you very much for taste your balls again!".

# My next rule for Katin: Taste my cock head (direct way)

I ask Katin: "When I tell you how to taste my cock head theoretically, then are you able to do on your own practically, right?" Katin is nodding and answers "Yes, Sir!". So, I explain the technique to Katin: "First you go on your knees, of course keeping hands on back. Then you suck only my cock head very very hard for about 5 seconds without further moving the head in you mouth. Then you tell me how my cock tastes.

Katin is nodding and she is already going down on her knees by her own and putting on the way down her Hands Behind Back. In fact no touching by me required. She holds the eye contact. Then she sucks my cock head in very hard and hold it for 5 seconds. During this, she is looking up hold eye contact with me. It feels like heaven when she sucks my cock head and no movements or touching me at all. Back out, she gives me a feedback: "Thank you for this wonderful taste. I add: "You did a great job, big whore!"

# My next rule for Katin: Taste my cock head (indirect way)

I proceed: "Last but not least, you taste my cock head indirect way. At first you make sure the cock head is uncovered. Okay he is, otherwise you pull the skin back. Second, do lubricate my cock head again by spiting only on the cock head few times till it covered as I showed you. Third, put the top of thumb and fore finger together and spread a open ring in between called cock head ring. Then you do lubricate the cock head ring and put the ring over my cock head and move the ring forward and backwards few times. Then you put the cock head ring in front of your mouth and push your tongue through the cock ring in order to taste it!... Done.". Katin understands and answers correctly: "Yes, Sir!".

Somehow Katin forget to spit on my dick before and is already going on her knees and forms the finger ring. I have to interupt this action, for this I close my both hands around her throat and bring her up to me again. My hands closed around her throat. I do the choking from begin on very tight, that she is gasping for air already. Same time, I pull her up to me very slowly. The time she stands up, she immediately put her hands on her back as learned. Standing in front of me Katin is looking fearful at me. Her face getting red and she is still gasping for air. Standing in front of me, she is pitifully looking at me and whimpering as well, hoping that I let the choking go away soon. She is asking with whispering voice: "What I did wrong?" and I am just asking her: "Katin darling, you forgot to wet my cock head first. Why do you think cock lubrication is required?... Because the cock head ring is painful for me otherwise!". My choking is so intense that her eyes are rolling away. This is the point where I release her, otherwise I will knock her out already. Then I slap her face with my right hand and tell her and answer: "Try again, whore!".

Confused and still gasping for air, Katin is spitting on my cock head from above as she learnt and did before. Then she is going on her knees and is doing the cock ring with her right hand. Staring at my maximal erected cock. Slutty Katin has the cock ring tight around his cock head and is moving it up and down with medium velocity. Katin is doing a great job. The penetration is so intense, that my bulging balls disappears in my body. Then she pushes her tongue through the finger ring in order to taste.

# My next rule for Katin: Balls out

I tell Katin: "Sometimes, whores are very talented to penetrate my cock, that the balls disappear in the body like the did now. This is an automatic procedure coming from nature to hold the balls warm before they unload. In this case your task is to avoid the situation that the balls are going into my body. If the balls go into my body you need to suck them out again!". Just spoke out Katin suck them out again, first left ball and then right ball.

# Release of Katin again

I tell Katin: "Good job, I catch your pussy later. Go cleaning again!". Just spoke out, I turn around go away not looking back to Katin again.


My full stiffed cock is ready to fuck Katin's pussy. Anyhow the pussy need to be ready too. Therefore the real painful part for Katin of this chapter begins now.

# Pussy call

I am standing close to the bar when I hear Katin calling loud and clear: "My pussy is yours today! Find her and fuck her now, pleeeeeeaaaaaseeeee!".

# Call my mom

Just heard, I call Sylvia: "Hey lovely mother, I just slapped your daughter around and I have disciplined her with my rules according my Directive.... Okay, I have to go. Your slutty daughter requests a rape of her pussy. I just want to tell you, that my full stiffed dick is going to your daughter right now. Soon I find her pussy I fuck her pussy! ... So just join us! ... and hurry up to come before the fun is over!".

# Michel, find my pussy

My next thought is I have no idea where Katin actually is, but I will find her. Anyway, I call back: "Hey sweetheard, I am on my way to find your pussy! ... When I find her, I fuck her.". During I speak that sentence out, I am already looking around the bar for some things to carry with me. Yes, there it is. Just underneath the table where I put it before: A lockjaw for whore mouths and usual parcel tape for packages. Then I hang the lockjaw around my full erected cock.

The lockjaw is hanging over my cock, and bouncing against my balls and the parcel tape I have in my left hand, when I walk through the empty restaurant looking for Katin. When I think about what Katin may thinks when she sees my little surprises, this let my full erected cock getting even harder. I feel it, the hardness almost hurt.

I stop In front of the stairs and I look upstairs. There she is. Katin is sitting in her hot dress on one of the higher stairs again. She has her trained and shaved legs spread again. She shows me by this leg spread, that her pussy is open for business. This time she does it right, she lift her body up from the stair and support the position by your hands behind herself.

Still I have the lockjaw around my cock, which I present right now to waiting Katin. Katin is looking at my full erected cock and discovering the mouth lockjaw and the parcel tape in my left hand. She is just responding: "Oh my goodness! That means nothing good for me!". I just answer: "No worries, I will be gentle and not using your tight throat for fuck today!".

Then I climb the stairs on all fours to slutty Katin, who is smiling at me. Arrived in front of her, I bring my upper body up in straight position, but keep on my knees below her. In fact I have my knees beside her feet. The parcel tape I put beside me on the stairs.

# Pussy found!

I look at her and tell her: "No hotpant bitch!". Katin is looking at me, smiles and answers: "Yes, Sir!". Immediately she looks down to her pleasure center and close her legs again, I look down too, grab the net like underbutt hotpant on the elastic band of the pants left and right side and asks her: "Just for your knowledge, when my cock is finding your pussy in few seconds, I know he wants to assault her!". Katin doesn't comment this and is still looking down. She observes how I hold her underbutt hotpant ready to pull down. Then I pull the pants over her both fresh shaved legs very slowly and she adds: "Oh my god!". I pulls the pant off her and put the netlike thing on the stairs just beside the parcel tape. Then Katin spreads her legs again and is saying: "Congratulations ... you have found my pussy ! ... Now fuck my pussy hard, pleeeeeaaaaaaase!". I notice that and increase spreading her legs by pushing against her knee ankles to left and right side even more. Katin acknowledges this with an light suffering "Aaaaahhhhh!".

# Michael, please turn my pussy on

I come closer, that my cock head is touching Katin's pussy carefully. Keeping this I ask Katin: "When was the last time, I fucked your pussy?". Katin answers, accompinied by moaning for pleasure: "I don't know, just push'em in!". I tell her "You are still dry down there ... At first, we need to wet your pleasure center!". Katin doesn't hear everything, she is still moaning for pleasure try to rub my cock head along her pussy.

# Parcel tape bonding of Katin

First, I tape her left ankle on a supporting beam of the handrail left side, secondly I tape her right ankle the same way at the supporting beam right side. Katin observes curious the bonding I do at her ankles, but she doesn't ask back any questions or do something against this action. It looks like she is even turned on by this. As described, Katin is using her hands to support her body in order to hold it over the stair. I bond her both wrists together too.

# Before cock enters, you get hotpant in your pussy

Legs spread and bonded at the handrail beams left and right as well as hands bond behind her back makes me convinced to tell her the following action first an then just do it. That means, even Katin not agrees on, she has no chance to avoid it.

I take the hotpant from left side and hold it in front of her face and say: "Instead to push my full erected cock in your pleasure center, the hotpant goes into your pussy. Just spoke out, I pull the net-like hotpant over my fore and middle finger, I look down and move the hotpant in front of her pussy. Before I start I ask Katin: "Ready?" and she is not realizing yet, what happen next and answers: "Oh my god!". I look up to her and spit one time direct into her face. My spit lands above her eyes on her forehead. Katin is not answering, just staring at me and my landed spit flows down on her eye brow and then drops down on her face cheek. I ask Katin: "What you have to answer?" and Katin answers: "Yes, Sir!". Then I push my both fingers with the hotpant pulled over, direct on her pussy entrance. Katin and look down during, then I push my fingers further.

Katin feels pain and looks confused down her pussy same time frightened asking: "What are you doing?" and I answer: "I hide the hotpant in your pussy for now. This action may causes some pain for now. Anyway, I love to give pain to your pussy. If I have done what I am doing now, I will damage your pussy this much, that you will suffer when my cock is entering your pussy after!".

# Push hard to the get hotpant in her pussy

While saying this I push the netlike hotpant more and more into her pussy, but it is harder than I thought. First of all her pussy is still dry and there is only rubbing. Also, the netlike material of the hotpant makes it hard to push it in. Katin is screaming: "Stop it!".

Anyway I look fully concentrated down to get the hotpant complete pushed into her cunt. Then I pull my fore and middle finger out again in order to slap her pussy few times and talking to her pussy same time: "Damn fucking pussy, let the hotpant go in!". Katin cannot close her legs, they are bonded.

Katin is screaming and try to close her legs but they are bonded left and right to the beams. I stop the pushing and take the parcel tape again. She is crying and begging me to stop this: "Please stop it ... pleeeeeaaaaaase I will do everything for you!". Unimpressed I keep preparing the tape for her mouth. Then I push a piece of the tape on her mouth. She is fully frightened staring at me, begging with her eyes to stop. I answer to that: "You don't have to say any word, I know you like when I rack you!".

# Compassion?

When I look at her eyes, there is this feeling again. Yes I feel it right now in my body: satisfaction. I guess I need to see her suffering in order that I fell better. Therefore I keep doing. Mouth taped, back to pussy.

She is screaming through the tape and tears rolling down her face cheeks when I push further the hotpant piece by piece into her pussy. Personally I doesn't imagine how much this may hurt. I cannot think about this, otherwise I will show compassion and I risk to stop the push in. It is even very hard for me, it fells like I will break my fingers when I push the thing into her cunt.

My fore and middle finger of my left hand are still pushing in. Then I take my other hand to slap her pussy. I slap few times in between and tell her pleasure center same time: "Let me in you damn fucking pussy ... let me in!". After a while and a lot of screaming and tears, I got the pant in.

# Rip off my shirt and surround my head with it

Then I take the collar of her shirt and rip the shirt of her. I need to build up momentum few times to pull the shirt off her completely. During I rip of the net like shirt off her body, Katin is frightened staring and still silent due to the mouth tape at me. Next, I pull over her netlike shirt over her head. Because it is net like, still she can see and breath through. Pulled over her head, I tighten it and secure the netlike shirt with tape around her throat.

# Equip the lockjaw

I hook my fore and middle finger both hands into the net like shirt in front of Katin's mouth. Then I move the fingers left and rigth in order to rip of a hole at the level of her mouth. Next, I rip off the tape from Katin's mouth again. Done, I tell Katin: "Open your mouth, whore! The lockjaw is for you". She immediately does it. Next Katin get the lockjaw hanging around my cock at her mouth attached. I stretch it much as possible and increase even more, when Katin is already whimpering. Attached, Katin is still staring at me and whimpering same time. Of course I am smiling at Katin and tell her: "You never looked prettier!".

# Family contribution: surprise by mother

I tell Katin: Before we start, I have a little surprise for you and supporter for me my sweetheart!". Just spoke out, I hear somebody climbing the stairs up. It can only be the mother of Katin. Sylvia climbs the stairs up on all fours. I keep on my knees and without looking back if she really it is, I command Sylvia: "Come behind me, bitch!". Sylvia doesn't answer and just do it, she goes in same position I am.

Sylvia brings her upper body part in straight position. Few seconds later Sylvia clings her body direct on my back, put her hands on my hips. She must be naked, because I can feel her nipples pushing against my back as well as her private hair is pushing against my ass. Also, when I look down to her hands on my hips, I see Sylvia is holding left hand her yellow bikini pant and right hand her yellow triangle bra. Next, I take Sylvia's bikini pant and triangle bra to hang it over my cock.

# Family contribution: mother drives daughter & me crazy

Sylvia is just direct behind me, looks over my left shoulder direct at Katin. Surprised, immediately Katin tries to close her legs automatically. She cannot due to the bonding of her ankles to the beams of the handrail left and right. Anyway, I slap her legs left and right same time accompanied by saying: "No worries, your pussy keeps open for Sylvia and me!".

Sylvia comes with her mouth direct beside my ear that I hear her breathing. She is waiting there for a second and then she whispers in my ear: "I am here darling, ready to do everything you want!". I am just answering: "Good bitch!" and bring my left hand around our both together pressed bodies to slap her left ass cheek few times from this position.

Sylvia put her hands on my shoulders each and still looks over my left shoulder direct at Katin and tells her daughter: "Oh Sweetie, you look a little bit tensed and stressed. Wasn't Michael nice to you?".

# My next rule for Katin & Sylvia: The mother and daughter agreement

Because mothers are doing everything for their daugthers that they not get hurt I tell both whores: "When ever mother Sylvia isn't following my commands, daughter Katin gets punished instead! ... Understand?". Immediately Katin answers: Yes, Sir!".

This is the right time to introduce Sylvia to my first both rules "Yes, Sir!" and "Thank You, Sir!" same way I did with Katin before.

# My next rule for Katin: pussy puking

I tell Katin: "Next, you get a diet program which wet your pussy and my cock same time. This will serve as lubrication for upcoming pussy fuck! For this, Sylvia will empty your stomach!". I turn my head to right side to Sylvia who is still in position, direct behind me and looks over my right shoulder. I tell Sylvia: "Sweetie, you rae my personal lubricating assistant. For this, you make sure cock and pussy are wet all time!". Sylvia smiles and answers: "Yes, Siiiirrr!" and rubs her body on my body.

Then I tell Sylvia further: "Just put your fore and middle finger in Katin's throat entrance. Wait there, till gagging starts and don't pull your fingers off, before I tell you! Don't be afraid, the mouth lockjaw will help you that her daughter doesn't bite your fingers in between!".

# Pussy puking: Try No 1

Then I grab Sylvia's fore and middle finger of her right hand and move them pushed together in front of Katin's face. One second later I spit one Sylvia's fore and middle finger and of course the spit is landing direct in Katin's face too. Katin is obviously disgusted but is carrying the package. After that I tell Sylvia: "Bring your fat daughter to puke!". Then she sticks both fingers direct in her mouth. Katin is looking at me. Unfortunately the fingers are not deep enough. Sylvia is a little bit afraid to do it.

Now the mother and daughter agreement applies. I bash Katin's massive boobs and repeat: "Bring your daughter to puke on her pussy!". Katin is still looking at me, like she judges me somehow. Sylvia is still trying during Katin catches one boob slap after another. Sylvia starts crying and pull her fingers back again.

# Pussy puking: Try No 2:

Next approach. Sylia's fore and middle finger just circling around Katin's throat entrance. Then she push both fingers in. I hear the gulp sound of throat entering of mothers fore and middle finger. Sticking there I tell Sylvia: "Now you hav to keep your fingers there. Pull off your fore and middlefinger not off even Katin starts to throw out her stomach!

It takes few times before she starts gagging. Sylvia is of course still afraid to do this at your own daughter. But every time Sylvia pull back her fingers even a small piece I slap Katin's boobs alternately couple of times with one hand by repeating: "Keep your fingers in your daughter's throat your stupid mother!".

Katin is still looking at me till her eyes go away due to the gagging. and is non stop gagging. Katin cannot do anything against it, because she is bond. The first content flows out her mouth left and right and passing Syliva's fingers and dropping down on Katin's massive tits. Then the vomit is flowing over and between her tits. Massive amounts of puke collect on her fat boobs, before is flowing slowly down over the edge of her tits and dropping down direct on her pussy, as wished. Also some times the puke even sprinkles left and right out of her mouth, hit my body too. It smells disgusting

# What kind of Mother-Daughter-Relationship is this?

Is Katin may be a victim of her mother? There is no more pushing by me required. It is crazy, Sylvia keeps the fingers into her daugthers throat who is suffering a lot right now. Katin is emptieng her complete stomach. I am thinking by myself: What kind of mother Slyvia is? May the childhood for Katin was very hard, because she has this kind of mother. May be, Katin is only a victim and she is a slut, because she not had a chance to learn other way to live. It is not the right time to think about this, I will go in this thoughts later on.

# Katin's puke and tears are everywhere

When only strange gagging sounds appear, without any more content comes out of Katin I tell Sylvia: "Okay, well done, You can pull off your fingers Katin's throat!"

# Pussy destruction: hotpant out of my pussy

I pull the hotpant out of Katin's pussy by my left hand again, but very slowly. This action is causing some pain for Katin. I circle on her clitoris with my right hand to give her some pleasure, but Katin only whimper and suffer. Meanwhile I add to the attentive watching Sylvia: "Sylvia, just hear the sounds coming from your daughter ... these are the sound of love!".

# Park hotpant it in my mouth

Keeping the hotpant in my left hand, I soak the hotpant into the puke which is all over her big tits and push the vomit covered piece of clothing into Katin's mouth. Immediately she starts gagging, due to hotpant fully covered with vomit. I push the hotpant complete into her open stretched mouth accompanied by telling her: "Breath to your nose!". Of course my pushing is not very helpful, pushing the vomit covered hotpant against her uvula all time.

# Cock lubrication refresh

The lubrication of my cock I do by wet pussy. For this, I step up two more steps but keep on my knees. My cock is pushed against Katin's pussy entrance and my upper body part is pushing against her football sized silicon tits. I feel the vomit all over her, distributing on my chest. By pushing my cock head against her pussy first he gets lubricated. Then I move the complete cock along Katin's puke covered pussy, up and down in order to get lubricated.


# Rape my pussy!

I am in kneeing position in front of bonded body of Katin. Sylvia still press her body against my body and looks over my right shoulder. My cock head is pressing against Katin's tight pussy but not going in yet.

Next, I bring my upper body left side Katin and trying to get beside her. Katin s head is almost beside mine. My last question: "Ready for pussy rape?" and Katin tries to answer but still not understandably due to the stretched mouth lockjaw: "Yes, Sir!". Just spoke out, then I enter Katin's fresh pussy deep as possible first time, her head is still beside my head. It isn't easy to go deep first time, I push and push hard but the pussy is to tight. The helpless Katin is just starting immediately moaning direct into my ear. May these are sounds of pain, due to a damaged pussy. Caused by the Hotpant I pushed into her pussy before and then I pulled out again. Yes, sure when I think about it, it sounds like pain. Anyway, my big dick is going into her cunt without stopping in between.

# Eye spit

Next I lean back a bit, but keep deep as possible into her pussy. Then I pull Katin's head back by head hair. Now Sylvia and I am face to face to Katin.

Next I tell her Katin: "Open your eyes and let them open, whore!". She just get the first eye spit by me direct into the left eye. Immediately she turns her face. I bring her back by head hair pulling and release her head again. Then I tell her: "Keep your head straight and eyes open!". She knows that she has to do it, therefore she is nodding and tries to say with lockjaw attached and vomit covered hotpant in her mouth: "Yes, Sir!".

Sylvia not only witness, she has to spit as well into the eyes of her daughter. For this I tell Sylvia: "I take care of spitting into the left eye and you are spitting into her right eye!".

The spitting starts. Non stop eye spit left eye by myself and right eye by her mother Sylvia. Time to time I need to tell her again to open her eyes again. All in all it is working. Every time she catches a eye spit she is saying: "Mmmmhhh" in the negative way. Katin even gags few times, because of the disgusting action as well as due to the hotpant in her mouth.

Each eye get spitted so much, that the spit is rolling down Katin's cheeks already, flowing along and directly into her mouth.

Katin has a puke covered body and a lot of eye spit which is rolling down her face. Katin starts crying like a small baby and I tell Sylvia: "Keep doing, don't suffer with your daughter!". Also I compliment Katin: "I have to say ... sweetheard, all the puke and spit on you, you look very very nice!".

# Rape my pussy, till you cum

Sylvia scratches with both hands my back during I try to enter her daughter. This is good, because this is distracting for the pain my cock feels right now, when I fuck her daughter.

When my cock swallowed by her tight pussy and my balls touch her lips, it takes not long till my cock fill her body up with my warm cum.

# Katin's orgasm?!

About this time my cum just shot into her pussy which causes an orgasm for Katin too. I mean it sounds like. Katin moans so much for pleasure, even she has to gag in between due to the hotpant pushing against her uvula when she breaths so intense. Confused I am thinking, did Katin got an orgasm? It this even possible? I mean she was just crying like a baby got racked by her ex boyfriend and her mother same time?

Anyway, I conclude for myself, she got an orgasm which enables me to treat her next time even harder. Find Chapter 5, sexual session #2.
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