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So I feel this part needs some explanation. I originally planned on writing a continuation, and then a final 3rd part. But after some thought I changed my mind and wrote it as one. This one was also planned and written while I was in a very taboo kind of mood. Not much build up for this one. But if any of the tags are not your thing you might want to skip it. Hope you all enjoy.
Chris woke up the next morning feeling better. Well that is until the events of the night before started to come back to him. Even with regret setting in he told himself it wasn't all his fault. True the girls were high, but they were the ones to start it all he told himself. That made him feel better again as he sighed and rolled out of bed. Throwing on a pair of sweats and a tshirt he slowly headed downstairs. He walked through the main floor of the house and everything was quiet. He opened the door to the basement and listened closely... nothing, not a sound. "The girls must still be asleep" he thought to himself. He went to the kitchen and started making breakfast.

Chris grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at the kitchen table when everything was finished. He noticed he had a text message from Alexis. He opened it up and to his surprise it was a picture of Alexis asleep. She was completely naked and the message with it just said "you wore her out last night" he smiled looking at it. He was amazed at seeing her whole body on display. Her breasts were prefect. They stood perky and round with small pink circles in the middle displaying her nipples.

His hand slide down to his crotch and started to rub. He was just about to pull his dick out when he heard something from down stairs. A minute later the basement door opened and the 4 girls walked into the kitchen. Chris looked on as each girl was wearing a nightie... except for Alexis. She was still naked and had her hands clasped together in front of her. She blushed and rocked a little as she stood there "Hi daddy". "Good morning baby girl" He looked her up and down. Her arms pressing her breasts together.

He smiled and motioned to the table looking at the other girls. "Breakfast is ready". They each sat down smiling as Alexis walked over to him "daddy? I don't have anywhere to sit." She glanced down. He pushed back from the table and started to get up. She pushed him back down and slide in sitting down on his leg. She shifted back and felt his hard-on, immediately grinning. She looked back at him "Staci told me she sent you a picture of me sleeping." Chris nodded. Alexis blushed as Staci spoke up, "I told her since its her birthday, she should just wear her birthday suit". Chris grinned as he put a hand on Alexis' hip, "not a bad idea" he looked around at each of the girls. "So girls....after last night and considering it Is her birthday, I say with give some control back to Lexi. She runs the show today. What she says goes" Alexis smiled as she looked around at her friends questioningly. They all nodded their heads. She looked back at her dad. "So...ANYTHING I say goes?" Chris nodded "ANYTHING"

An almost devilish grin came to her lips. After everything that happened the day before something inside this once innocent girl broke free. She look at her friends again as she moved her hips a little, grinding on Chris. She looked back smiling at him, "daddy? Do you have a present for me" She said in a mock innocent voice as she swung her leg over him now straddling his lap. She rocked a few more times as she reached down between her legs with one hand. She rubbed his balls through the sweats. Chris groaned as he hooked the waist band and slide them down. His cock was rock hard pressed firmly against him under his daughter's weight as she sat there. She looked back at him as she moved. The head disappearing and reappearing under her firm butt cheeks. She leaned forward as she raised herself, letting his manhood spring free.

Chris started to reach for his cock but Alexis brushed his hand away shaking her head. Alexis grinned, "Staci?.. how about helping us out" Staci grinned as she stood up and walked around the table next to them. Reaching down she took hold of Chris' shaft and guided it to Alexis' pussy. Alexis braced herself on the table as she pushed back impaling herself on it. The force took everyone by surprise especially Staci. Her hand was forced away as Alexis met Chris' body with a slap. Alexis' eye shot open and an almost animalistic grunt escaped her lips, "mmm. F...fuck yes" she made eye contact with Hannah and Jennifer who stared on. Jennifer's jaw dropped and Hannah just blushed.

Alexis started rocking her hips. Staci just stood there next to them. Absent minded her hand went to her crotch. Alexis saw and reach over, "rule number 1... no touching yourselves or cumming without permission." She smirked as she moved her hand away from her crotch. Alexis smiled " How about getting down and having a lick" she said pointing to where her and Chris incestuously met. Staci complied climbing between their legs. She leaned in and ran her tongue along the underside of Chris' shaft. As Alexis slide back down, Staci's tongue flicked at her clit. Alexis moaned as she started rocking faster causing chris to groan. Alexis looked back at him, "don't cum daddy... not till I say so" Chris nodded. Staci licked and sucked Alexis' clit as she moved. She started moving faster and harder.

Just then Chris' phone started to ring. Everyone froze as Chris reached over grabbing it. The screen read "Ashley". Chris showed Alexis and she quickly grabbed it before he could react. She grinned and slide her finger across the screen. She lifted it to her ear, "hey mom". She started grinding on Chris again. Everyone watched in shock. She motioned for staci to continue. "Thanks.. yea, we just got up." She moved faster. "Mmmhmm. Daddy made us breakfast. Its so good. " she gave everyone a devilish grin "yea, my belly is so full of sausage..I'm stuffed". Hannah gasped, Jennifer almost spat out her food from stifling her laughter. Alexis' breathing got quicker as she moved faster and harder. Alexis was mindful to not slap down against him though. "I love..." alexis' voice trailed off. Her body started to shake. Chris felt her pussy muscles contract as she shuttered. Alexis dropped the phone as her orgasm rocked through her body she slapped her hand over her mouth "oooooh ssshit". Staci quickly reached out picking the phone up as she continued licking and sucking. Holding it back up to Alexis. A few seconds later through heavy breathing she managed to grab the phone. She pushed Staci away as she cleared her throat. "S..sorry mom.... I ... I stubbed my toe". She got herself back together as her orgasm quickly subsided. "Yes ma'am" she nodded closing her eyes. "Daddy's right here, want to talk to him?". She paused, "oh ok. I love you too, bye" she hung up and collapsed leaning against the table. A moment later she lifted herself off the impaling cock and stood up. Chris groaned in disappointment, "What the h.." Alexis cut him off looking at him "mom says hi". She walked around and sat down where Staci was sitting a little while before, "I'm starving".

No one could say anything. They all just stared. Staci had stood up now and was staring at Chris' raging erection. Alexis had left him with a huge case of blue balls. Staci smirked, "well, now I have no where to sit. Guess I'll just sit here" she moved between Chris' legs and turned away. Reaching down she tugged her panties to the side, but as she started to sit Alexis stopped her. "Remember the cumming unless I say." Staci huffed, "fine." She looked back at Chris and reach down grabbing a hold of his cock with her other hand. Alexis spoke up again, "and don't even think about putting that in your pussy... Don't think I don't remember who tried to fuck MY DADDY first" Staci stared at her for a second. Jennifer saw the wheels turning in Staci's head. The two girls looked at each other. Jennifer only said a word "technicality". Hannah and Alexis looked at each other confused. Chris was about to say something when Staci's hand moved the head of his cock back, and between her asscheek. she moved it around a little then found what she wanted...her tight little asshole.

Chris' eyes went wide. The girls watched as Staci took a deep breath then looked at Alexis defiantly. She lowered herself and let our a loud gasp as the head pushed against her puckering anus. She wiggled her hips and applied more pressure. She felt her hole give and with a little more weight the head popped in. Staci knew she was lucky the head of his cock was still coated in Alexis' juices. Hannah gasped, "did... did you just put that in your butt?". Staci slipped down a little more and nodded, "you can say ASS. Don't be such a prude". Jennifer and Alexis watched. Alexis knew Staci had bested her. But the girls had a conversation a while back when Staci first told them she had tried anal for the first time. The other girls weren't interested so Alexis let her have her moment. Hannah spoke up, "I'm not a prude....Lexi didn't start cussing till yesterday."

Hannah was trying to make herself look better but failed. Hannah had skipped a grade in middle school which put her in the same classes as Jennifer and Alexis. So being the youngest and smallest of the girls she was always trying to prove herself to the other girls. It also didn't help that her parents both were killed in a car accident when she was very young and her foster parents never paid her any attention. She sometimes thought they only kept her around cause she was the smartest. She was also an early bloomer so although being younger then Alexis she was a little more developed. Another advantage over Alexis was the fact she had started masterbating already.

"Well...." Alexis looked at hannah, "you are the only virgin here now". Hannah just hung her head as Staci grunted as a few more inches slide into her rectum. Alexis stood up and smiled, "be right back". She ran from the room and down the stair everyone looked curiously at each other. Staci start rocking her hips working down a little lower. Alexis came back walking towards her dad and Staci she had her phone in one hand and in The other was the egg vibrator. She set the vibrator on the table. Turning the camera on her phone, she bent down snapping a close up picture of what was happening. Staci just smile.

Chris couldn't believe what was happening. His daughter giving him blue balls then her friend taking his cock up her ass like a pro.... he just couldn't think straight, all he could do was sit there as this girl's ass squeeze him like a vice. His mind spinning as she took the rest of him. "Oh.. fuck yes" Staci screamed as her plump ass rested in Chris' lap. His cock buried deep in her bowels. Alexis reached down spreading Staci's pussy lips as she took another picture. Staci laugh, "what are those for? blackmail?" Alexis giggled and winked, "maybe". Alexis took a few steps back. Making sure Chris' face wasn't seen but Staci's was. She took a few more pictures grinning devilishly.

Staci slowly and carefully started rotating her hips on Chris. She looked at Alexis then back over her shoulder at Chris, "let me know when you're close and I'll stop... wouldnt want to break the rules" Chris grunted a little and nodded, "it won't be long, you ass is so tight". She smiled looking at the girls as she moved her hips in circles. Jennifer laughed, "wow Chris is going to have the worst case of "blues". Alexis giggled as she picked up the egg looking at it, "maybe" She handed the egg to hannah then pointed towards Staci, "maybe not". Hannah looked at the egg, then at Staci understand immediately.

Staci had her eyes closed in concentration as she moved, focusing on her hip movements to suppress her building climax. She didnt see or hear Hannah stand up and step over to her. Hannah looked down seeing Staci's pussy dripping wet. Hannah bent over holding the egg. Staci's eyes shot open as she felt the tip of the egg touch her. She looked down at Hannah with lust filled eyes. Her mind racing, half wanting the egg inside her aching pussy but she didnt know how much more she could take. Jennifer reached over picking up the remote. Hannah felt the egg start to hum and vibrate. She held it at Staci's glistening fuck hole. Hannah looked at Alexis...she nodded. Hannah looked staci in the eyes as she put her palm on the bottom of the egg and pushed it into her, "see, not a prude".

Staci felt the vibration and groaned. Chris grunted as he felt it though the thin wall between her tunnels. Staci's breathing sped up a little. Alexis laughed, "don't forget...if you do, you will be punished". Staci look at her moaning a little, "I... don't know... if I can". Staci's breathing got heavier. Alexis interrupted her, "if you cum. I will send these pictures to EVERYONE". Staci looked at her seeing she was serious. A wave of fear washed over her. Staci wasn't used to being forced into a submissive role like this and froze. Her climax that was building was ripped away.

Chris looked around Staci at Alexis, "Lexi you cant." She smiled, "just a little pay back for yesterday. She woke the beast, now she gets to pay." Chris' balls were aching as he looked at his daughter. She smiled, "don't worry daddy. Your not in any pictures...well your face isn't, and besides I think you've had enough". She stepped closer nudging Hannah out of the way. She leaned in close so only Staci and Chris could hear, "daddy, you can cum now". As she stood back up Chris grinned.

Staci bit her lip as she leaned forward grabbed the table. She mentally checked herself then looked at Jennifer who was still hold the remote. She clenched ever muscle and held up three fingers. Jennifer hit the button and an audible hum came from her pussy. Staci looked back, "hurry Chris...before I get close again" she held the table tight for leverage as she bounced up and down. Chris' eyes rolled, "oh shit... almost" Chris started you move his hips to meet her. Staci reached down, cupping his balls and kneaded them. He let out a loud grunt and looked at Alexis who was grinning from ear to ear.

His mind went blank and his eyes glazed over. He couldnt take anymore. His balls contracted and released. His cum shot up his cock like a firework and exploded deep into Staci's bowel. She gasped and Alexis knew he was cumming. Staci bounced with each load. Chris grunted as he came hard. Load after load filled her to compacity. Alexis took a couple more pictures seeing cum starting to leak from around his shaft in her ass. Staci slowed and stopped moving. Alexis could see her dad was spent as he slumped back. She motioned to Jennifer to turn the egg off. Staci sighed, she paused a minute then slow slide off him. Cum oozed out of her and down her leg. She smiled, "Lexi, you are twisted". she laughed, "well I'm going to go clean myself up" She reach down slipping a finger inside her and pulling the egg out. she stood and pulled her panties back in place.

Alexis shook her head, "No. You wanted to be dirty and take Daddy's dick in your ass you can stay dirty. Rule number 2... no bathroom breaks, don't want you getting any idea in there alone" Chris reached down grabbing his sweats pulling them up as he stood. He picked up everyone's plates and placed them in the sink with the other dishes. Alexis walked over kissing him on the cheek, "thanks for everything daddy" she motioned to her friends, "let's go and let daddy do the dishes" the girls all stood following Alexis back downstairs.

Chris watched them and as they disappeared to the basement. He then turned starting on the dishes. He just shook his head as he thought about what to do with Alexis. In less than 24 hours his sweet and innocent little girl has been changed into a sex hungry young lady. He stood at the sink looking out the window as he washed the dishes letting his mind wandered. After alot of thought it came to him. She was going to need more toys to occupy herself. When the dishes were all cleaned he went to his room and changed. He sent alexis a text, "heading to the store be back soon". A response came back a couple minutes later, "ok, hurry back".

Living out in the country had its advantages. Due to local regulations all adult stores and strip clubs had to be zoned outside town, and it just so happened that there was one such store not to far away. It was privately owned, and had a reputation for have some of the most unusual stuff. Chris and Ashley visited it once but the older guy that ran it creeped Ashley out. Chris knew it would be the perfect place to find something unusual. The man smiled as Chris walked in, "hey there, can I help you find anything?" Chris shook his head, "no I'm just looking" He wandered around the store for a while trying to figure out exactly what he wanted to buy. He ended up making a second pass around the store looking at the collection of dildos. Chris stared at one in particular. Tilting his head he read the name a few times chuckling a little "The Incredible Inflatable Squirting Dong" Chris picked it up looking at it. It was only about 6 inches long and not very thick. He also could see 2 hoses coming off it. The box read, "new and improved ribbed design for added strength and size". Chris was curious so he bought it.

Chris quickly drove back home. He couldn't wait to see his daughters face. Walking in the door, he was greeted by a pleasant surprise in the living room. The girls were sitting on the couch, Alexis of course was still naked but the other 3 girls were now topless wearing only panties. Chris smiled looking at the 4 pairs of breasts. Each prefect in their own way. The girls were to interested in the movie to notice him. He cleared his through, "ahem...hello girls, I'm back" they all jumped. Jennifer and Hannah quickly throw an arm across their chests. Jennifer sighed and dropped her arm but Hannah tried to stay covered.

Alexis smiled, "welcome back daddy. I made another rule while you were gone. New rule is, since I'm naked everyone can only wear one piece of clothing" She looked at her friends, "everyone decided to just wear panties". She looked him up and down, then saw the bag in his hand. She grinned big then gave him an innocent look, "what's that? Is it for me?" Chris smiled and nodded. She jumped up and skipped over. Her breast jiggling as he handed it to her. She pulled the box out looking it over, "mmmm. This looks fun"

Her friends watched as she walked over and sat on the floor opening the box. She looked at Chris, "daddy?'re still all dressed" Chris smiled he reached down undoing his short and pushing them down. He grabbed the hem of his shirt for a second then paused as he tilted his head thinking. Letting go he looked at Alexis, "how about this" he hooked his boxers pushing them down instead. He stood there bottomless. Alexus giggled licking her lips. His flaccid manhood swinging as he walked over then sat down in his chair.

Alexis pulled everything out of the box. Laying the dildo out looking at it. She grabbed a small slip of paper reading it. As she look back and forth between the paper and the dildo she grinned. Chris looked down at it. One of the two hoses had a rubber bulb at the end. Alexis reached over squeezing it. With a hiss of air it thickened a little. She looked at her friends as she picked it up. It was soft and rubbery, hanging in a slight curve. She pumped the bulb again and it jumped, growing a little stiffer. She put her thumb on a dial twisting it. The air released and the dildo slumped over again. She look questioningly at the other hose. Looking back at the paper then smirking. She looked up, "it cums" she giggled.

She held up the hose which was actually two small hose in one. At the end was a small fitting. "It say you can attach a bottle to it and as you pump it up the bottle gets pressurized." She says as she reads. She motioned to a button, "you press this and it shoots what ever is inside". She grins big, "Hannah, go get a bottle of water. I want to try it". Hannah hesitates for a second then stands up running to the kitchen. She walks back in handing it to Alexis. Alexis connects the bottle then starts pumping. She presses the button for a second holding the dildo up, a jet of water shoots from the tip. All the girls giggle. Alexis motioned towards her phone, "someone take a picture" Jennifer grabbed it and pointed at her taking a picture of her holding it up.

Alexis leaned back a little touching the tip of the dildo to her slit. She makes eye contact with each of her friends as she pushes a little and the tip spreads her pussy. Her eyes roll, "mmm. Oh gawd". Jennifer takes another picture. Gripping it about half way down the shaft she pushes more in. Jennifer hands Hannah the phone as she and Staci slide down onto the floor with her, "You be the photographer". Hannah still trying to maintain some decency stayed on the couch still covering her chest with one arm, but does as she's told. She takes a picture of the girls on the floor. Chris could only sit and watch. His cock now at full attention. Trying to follow the rules he avoided stroking himself.

Alexis looked at him then at Hannah, "Hannah? Daddy needs some help". The girl looked at him then shook her heads, "I.. I can't I'm still a virgin". Staci laughed looking at Hannah, "prude... You don't have to fuck him. You got a mouth and 2 hands...use them" Hannah hesitates as she shifts uncomfortably. Jennifer jumps up, "well, if you won't I will." She turns on her heels towards Chris, stubbling a little her foot hit the bulb. A hiss of air pumps in, Alexis' eye bulge as she feels it grow.

Staci reaches down smiling and gives it a couple more pumps. Alexis moans as she slides more into her. Jennifer sways her hips as she walks over to Chris. She looks at Alexis, who give her a nod, "give daddy a proper thanks for my new toy". Jennifer grins as she pushes her panties down. She quickly steps out if them flicking them towards Hannah with her toe. She climbs into the chair straddling him as she leans in, " I've been dying for another go at this". She wastes no time, before Chris can blink Jennifer takes his cock and slips it into her. She lets out a grunt as she slides down it, "oh f.f.f...fuck." she flashed Hannah a quick glance, "Hannah, you don't know what you're missing. Take a picture" Hannah points the phone at them as She rocks her hips looking back at Chris.

From behind her they hear faint moans. Jennifer and Chris look as Staci is moving the dildo in and out of Alexis slowly. Her moans get louder as Jennifer moves her hips in time with Staci's hand. Chris moans and closes his eyes. Jennifer snaps him back a little as she whispered, "imagining I'm your little girl....daddy?" She giggles. He opens his eyes smirking at her. A couple more pumping sounds are heard. Staci laughs as she holds the bulb in one hand and the base of the rubber cock in the other. Jennifer continues moving almost bouncing off Chris' lap, "mmm. Yes... feels... so good". Alexis' shrieks of pleasure get even louder and echo through the room, "mmm... oh shit... I... I'm..CUMMING". Alexis starts flailing and flopping around on the floor as her orgasm rocks through her. Jennifer looks at Chris, "our turn". She smiles as she rides harder and harder. She tilts her heads back gasping for air.

Alexis' cries are soon replaced with Jennifer's. She leans back more looking upside down at Alexis. She can only mouth one word, "please". Alexis laughs and nods, "ok, you're both free to cum". That was all she needed. She throws her self back up looking Chris in the eyes, "cum in me you dirty old man". She grins as she gyrated her hips. Chris' ball can't take much more. Just as he lets out a deep grunt Jennifer screams. Chris feels her muscle ripple as she shakes. His balls tense and with a thrust of his hips he starts cumming. Alexis and Staci watch as the two bodies in the chair shudder. Chris is pulled back to awareness as his daughter yells, "HANNAH.. NO".

His last load shoots as he shakes his head and quickly looks over. Hannah has a hand buried deep in her panties. A slight wet slapping sound can be heard then she jumps and freezes. She blushes deep red and hangs her head as she quickly pulls her hand out. Alexis reaches down and pulls the dildo from herself with a sigh, then stands up. She walks over to Hannah, "you broke rule number one". Hannah doesn't look at her. "As punishment, your clothing permission has been revoked." Hannah looks up, "but.." Alexis stops her, "no buts. If you break the rules, then you get punished. Even you agreed to do what I say. If not then you can go find some friends your own age". Chris could see Alexis' words stung Hannah. The girl looked so small and weak. A tear slide down her cheek as she stood, "o...ok.... I'm sorry". She hooked a thumb into her panties on either side and gave Chris a quick glance. He saw it in her eyes she was pleading for him to say something. He knew that he had the power to stop this... but he also knew he didnt want to.

Hannah pushed her panties down her hips and let them fall to the floor. Stepping out of them she sat back down. Everyone just watched. Alexis picked up her phone and took a picture of Hannah sitting there. Jennifer slipped herself from Chris' lap. She kissed his cheek as cum dripped from her pussy, "thanks". Alexis' face instantly changed from anger to a smile, "there, that's better". Chris just stared at Hannah her body exposed to all. She no longer cared about covering herself. Chris took a minute to look her over. Her small but perky tits looked firm, centered by dark puffy nipples. His eyes moved down to the patch of peach fuzzy pubic hair on her mound. Her whole body blushing as everyone stared.

Alexis broke the silence as she tossed her phone on the couch, " now.." walking back over picking up her new toy "who else wants to try this out?". Staci glowed as she raised her hand, "O...O..O....ME...ME" she quickly got on knees facing away from Chris and tugged her panties down to her knees. She glanced back as she leaned forward onto her hands. He got a full view of he ass and pussy from behind. "Eager little bitch aren't you?" Alexis grinned moving down behind her. Staci laugh, "I am.. like a bitch in heat... now give it to me" everyone laughed, even Hannah. Alexis touched the rubber to Staci's waiting pussy. Staci pushes back just a little as her soaking wet lips envelop the tip. She let out a soft moan. Alexis placed her palm flat against the base, "you want it, you got it" she pushed hard and everyone watched as the still slightly inflated 8in dong disappeared into Staci. Staci's body lurched forward from the force, "OH..WOW".

Jennifer got down beside Alexis and picked up the bulb. She grinned at everyone, " I'm curious how big it can get" she gives the bulb a couple quick pumps. They can see Staci's pussy lips expand a little as it swells. Staci drops to her elbows and looks back over her shoulder with wide eyes, "wow, I feel so full. I dont think I've ever had anything this big in me" Chris watched Hannah stand up and smile. She walked over sitting on his daughter's other side. Her breast jiggle slightly. She looked at Staci pointing at the box reading the label aloud, "new and improved ribbed design" she giggles, "for added strength and SIZE". Jennifer give a couple more pumps and Staci shudders.

Hannah perks up, "I got an idea" she jumps up and runs from the room. Walking back a minute later she drops the remote in Chris' lap and walk back to the girls holding out the egg. She whispers something to Jennifer and Alexis as Staci looks back questioningly. Hannah hides it from Staci's view as she touches it to her spread ass. Chris picks up the remote and waits. Hannah grins and pushes it into Staci. Her eyes roll and Jennifer gives a couple more pumps. With the 3 girls crowded around Staci's backside he couldn't see, Chris stands up and moves to the couch to get a better sideways view. He breasts swing as she breaths heavy. Staci's face is contorted as she tries to relax her muscles to accommodate the intrusion. Chris grabs the phone and starts taking pictures. Alexis grins as she slowly pulls the base back. Staci moans as it leaves her depths. All 3 girls watch as Staci's pussy lips grip tight. Their eyes go wide seeing it has swelled to what they guessed was about 10in. Hannah holds her arm up, "look it's almost as thick as my wrist". They giggle and alexis pushes it back in. Staci throws her head back gasping. "what do you think? More?" Jennifer gives another pump, "I don't think it's even close." She pumps again, "see still easy to pump". Staci gasps again shaking her head, "no, no more. Its starting to hurt a little" Chris grins, "this might help" he press the level 1 button and the egg in her ass starts to vibrate.

She takes a deep breath turning her head to look at him. Alexis giggles, "its vibrating through her walls. I can feel it" Hannah and Jennifer reach out touching the base feeling the vibration. Hannah reaches over and takes the bulb from Jennifer, "let me try". She gives it a couple pumps. Staci squeals, "OH GOD. NO MORE". The expression on Hannah's face had changed now. It wasn't soft like before. Alexis and Jennifer noticed giving her a question look. Alexis reached for the bulb but Hannah waved her hand away shaking her head, "I agree with Jenni, I say we see how big it can get". She gives it a couple more pumps. Staci stares at Chris, he can see a hint of fear in her eyes. "Ok Hannah, that's enough" Alexis says reaching over and pulls the bulb from her. Hannah looks at Alexis and Jennifer, "come on, think about it. Staci has been bossing us around for years. She's stole possible boyfriends, made jokes about us and been an evil person. She just wants to control us. Have you forgot about yesterday Lexi? How she embarrassed you in front of the boys at the mall? Or how she teased and tortured you after we got here?" She stood up looking at them. Staci watched Hannah over her shoulder. "Jenni, you might sleep around a little but at least you don't flaunt it like Staci does. She's a slut and everyone knows it. I.. I mean look at us. She broke you Lexi. You're mind is as warped as her's. You would have never said what you did earlier if it wasn't for her. It's all her fault, and it's time she hurts as much as we do" Hannah starts to tear up.

Jennifer stands up and hugs her, "it's ok Hannah" Chris shifted awkwardly in his seat looking at them, setting the phone down. Staci's eyes narrowed as Hannah talked. She could see her words taking hold on the other 2 girls. She opened her mouth to say something as Hannah finished, but Alexis quickly stopped her with a squeeze of the bulb. A deep guttural gasp was all that came from her mouth. In the minutes it took Hannah to pour out everything on her mind Staci's body had stretched and grown accustom to the intrusion but still ached slightly. She looked at each of the girls and although she didn't say anything her eyes said it all "I'm sorry". The 2 girls hugged each other tight. Alexis watched them as she wiggled the base in Staci. After a minute Hannah looked down at Alexis. She could see Hannah was thinking. After a few second Hannah leaned in close whispering something to Jennifer. Jennifer leaned back looking Hannah in the eyes she smiles and nods. They let go of each other and Hannah walked back to the couch sitting down next to Chris. She reached over and picked up Alexis' phone. Jennifer went back to Alexis and whispered something to her, she nodded.

Alexis looked at Hannah then at Staci who was now looking straight ahead, not making eye contact, "well...well. I think Hannah has a point. Wouldn't you say so Staci?" Staci just nodded biting her lip, "mmhmm" Alexis grins glancing at Hannah, "then I guess someone should be punished for everything she has done. You might have even broke poor, quiet and innocent little Hannah" Hannah smirked knowing Alexis was only joking and wiped away her tears. Alexis looks at Chris holding up 2 fingers, he nods and presses level 2. As the vibration increase a shudder course through her body. Her arms and legs shake and give. Her head falls to the floor as her arm fall to her sides. Her breast pressed flat between her and the floor. Her legs bend and her ass falls sitting on her heels. Jennifer reached up grabbing the base. Her and Alexis slowly pulled at the rigid rubber falis. Staci stayed silent. Hannah took pictures as they pulled it out slowly.

They all watched Staci's pussy lips gripped tight to every inch distending some. She felt like she was being pulled inside out, shuddering. The vibrator in her ass still quietly humming. They giggled at the girth. Jennifer wiggles it smiling, "not sure how much more she can take" "one way to find out" alexis grinned pushing it back in. Staci's hips jerk back up a little as she arcs her back and Hannah gasps. Everyone looks at her. Hannah's eyes are slightly wide as she mumbles something. She zooms the camera in taking a picture and then says one word, "stomach". Everyone looks back seeing a bulge in Staci's stomach as she arcs . With each breath she takes it shows. Jennifer reaches over picking up the bottle of water. She looks at Alexis as her thumb hovers over the button, "so you just press this?" Alexis nods and Jennifer presses it for a second. They see some water disappear out of the bottle. Staci give a throat wrenching gargle, "OH.. FUCK". Staci's tongue falls from her mouth as she shakes.

Hannah laughs, "all of it". Staci turns her head looking at Hannah with wide eyes. Jennifer nods and presses again holding it. They watch as the water bottle drains. Hannah takes more pictures. Jennifer unscrews the bottle, "all gone." Alexis looks at Chris, "Daddy? Can you get some more?". Chris stands up going to the kitchen. He comes back a minute later holding another water bottle. He stops dead in his tracks at what he sees. Squatting over the empty bottle is Hannah. She's looking down as she holds it firmly to her pussy and is peeing into it. Chris gasps as he sees what she is doing, "w..what the hell?" Hannah looks up at him, "I had to go.. remember no bathroom breaks? I havent gone since this morning" He just shakes his head as he watches this young girl fill the bottle. He sets the bottle in his hand down and sits back on the couch. When she's done she hands it to Jennifer and picks up the water opening it, taking a sip, "I'm thristy". She giggles and sets it back down.

She walks back over sitting next to chris again. Jennifer screws the bottle onto the fitting. Alexis grins as she turns the dial just a little. I small hiss of air rushes out and then Alexis quickly closes the valve, "releasing just a little so we can repressurize the new bottle" Staci's eyes are slightly glazed as she feels the pressure subside just a little. Jennifer grabs the base and pulls it back a few inches and then rams it back into Staci's stretched pussy. Staci grunts and spreads her legs a little. Alexis give the bulb a pump... and then another.. and then another. It's now bigger then before she released the air. Staci's stomach bulges more. Jennifer laughs, "Ready Staci?" She shakes her head gasping, " just wait a minute...please" Hannah grabs the phone slipping down onto the floor, "do it Jenni". Hannah switches the phone to video mode and hits record as Jennifer presses the button. Staci's mouth falls open and her eyes roll as the contents of the bottle flow into her. She spreads her legs more and holds her stomach as she squeals in pain.

Chris watches as her belly swells. The gap between her stomach and the floor dwindles alittle more. Alexis gives a pump and the bottle is empty. Staci gasps for air. A half pain, half pleasure moan comes from her, "mmmm. hurts" Hannah laughs as she stops the video and replays it. She leans over hold the screen in front of Staci's face. Staci watches in horror seeing her body expand. She shudders again, "oh my god.. look at me.. I can feel it in my stomach". The vibrations rippling through her body. Alexis moves the dildo in and out of her slowly. Hannah sets the phone down next to Alexis and stands up. Chris watchs as Hannah walks back over but doesn't sit next to him. She stands in front of him looking down at the floor. She finally looks up at him, "excuse me... can I sit here?" She says in an innocent voice.

Chris doesn't react. Hannah climbs into his lap slowly then turns facing away. Alexis and Jennifer watch her with smiles on there faces. Hannah's legs fall to either side of Chris. His rock hard cock pointing to the ceiling between her legs. She places a hand on each of his knees and slides forward just a little. Chris looks down as her tight smooth outer labia contacts the base of his shaft. She moves one hand up his leg and presses the stiffness against her. She gasps, "mmm it's so warm" she wiggles her hips looking at her friends. She looks back over her shoulder at him, "Chris? I made a deal with Lexi and Jenni." She press harder as she glides along his shaft the head pressing against her stomach, "If they agreed to make Staci pay.. then I would agree to no longer be a virgin". Chris' eye widened as he looked at her. He could feel his cock being coated with her juices as she moved.

She looked at the girls on the floor grinning. Alexis pumped the dildo faster into Staci. Hannah grabbed the remote and hit level 3. Staci let out an ear piercing scream. Jennifer picked up Alexis' phone and pointed it at chris and Hannah, "smile". Hannah grinned as she rolled her hips forward and the thick head of his cock hit her clit. She shuddered and leaned forward putting her hand back on his knees. pulling her feet up onto the couch next to Chris, she looked back at him as she raised up notching the head against her hole. She looked back at Jennifer who was moving closer.

Rolling her hips she hesitated a few seconds then slowly applied downward pressure. Chris felt the tip press against her as her tight pink hole finally began to stretch. Hannah let out a soft moan as it slips inside. She paused a moment looking back, "mmm... ready to take another girl's virginity?" Chris grinned putting his hands on her waist. She wiggled her hips slipping down a little more. She scrunched her face taking a deep breath. Chris held her steady as she moved back, bending her knees and squatting over him. Her feet planted to either side as her hands went to her nipples rolling them between her fingers. Another loud scream came from Staci and everyone looked as Alexis laughed and pounded the dildo harder in and out of her, "she's cumming". They watched as Staci's hips bucked and pushed back as her juices flowed and squirted onto the floor. Hannah grinned and relaxed her muscles letting gravity take over. Her body slide down Chris' shaft stopping only a fraction of an inch from the base. Chris could feel his cock pressed firmly against her cervix.

Hannah looked down wiggle her hips. Jennifer laughed, "Hannah look". She reached up pressing her stomach. You could see a bulge where Chris' cock ended inside her. Hannah moved her hips forward and back a little watching it. She looked at Jennifer smiling, "you're right Jenni. It hurts but feels amazing at the same time". She slowly moves her hips more. As Staci's climax subsided Alexis let go of the base and crawled over to watch, leaving Staci in a heaving pile on the floor.

With the help of Chris she slowly raised herself up till just the tip was left. She looked back and with all her weight she dropped into it. Chris gasped and his eyes shot open as he felt her insides squeeze and stretch. The tip was nestled against her cervix opening it slightly. She raised up again and with another thrust down her body opened more and the mushroom tip was locked in her womb. She rocked and rolled her hips keeping his swollen gland embedded in her. She smiled big at Chris, "let me know when. You know where it is and I'm not on the pill." Chris nodded. Alexis and Jennifer watched as she moved faster. A grumble came from Staci. Alexis looked back as the girl slowly crawled over. Her belly ripped and swung as she moved. The inflated dildo still buried deep in her dragging the hoses behind her. Her eyes glazed, "p...please....turn it off" Alexis laughed as she begged. They had forgotten the egg was still on, she picked up the remote turning it off. Staci sighed and sat back on her heels. Her stomach hung slightly as she sat there.

Hannah closed her eyes as she reached down with one hand cupping his balls. She kneaded them in her hand. Her other hand moved down to her clit rubbing furiously. She started to shake as her body climaxed. Chris moaned as he felt her body squeeze tight. She felt her hand being pushed away and opened her eyes. Jennifer was between her legs smiling up at her. Jennifer leaned in and took his balls into her mouth. She moaned as she sucked on his balls. Hannah sighed as her orgasm subsided. Alexis laid down and slide between Jennifer's legs. She looked at Staci, "let's see if we can all cum together one more time. Then we'll take care of daddy". Staci nodded as Alexis spread her legs. Chris was dumb struck. He watched as the chain of girls began licking their friends. Jennifer released his balls from her lips and began in on Hannah's clit. Hannah's eyes bulged as Jennifer's tongue flicked across her sensitive button. Hannah gasped, "oh...gawd.. Jenni.. I... I'm CUMMING AGAIN". Her body shook and her pussy muscles ripped around his cock. Jennifer let out a groan and nodded down at Alexis. Alexis quickly raised a hand and slide a finger into her, Staci did the same to Alexis.

Chris' breathing became heavy and labored as he held back. The aching in his balls growing, "H..Hannah? I can't.. hold back much longer" Hannah shook her head, "I don't care... just do it". She screamed out as her body convulsed through another orgasm. "B..but..." was all he got out. It was too much for him. He let out a deep guttural grunt as he started to cum. Almost in a chain reaction Jennifer started to shake, "MMM... YES". then Alexis, "OH.. GAWD". Load after load shot deep into Hannah's womb. Her legs gave out and her feet fell out from under her. Chris grunted and moved his hips through each fertile load. Hannah fell back against his chest as she went weak. Chris stopped moving as the last bit was milked from him. He looked down as Alexis slide out from under Jennifer. Jennifer collapsed breathing fast.

Hannah put her hands on her stomach, " mmm. It's so warm inside me". Alexis laughed, " There's no way you aren't knocked up." Hannah looked at her fearfully, "m..maybe. But he came in you too.. maybe we'll be pregnant together". Everyone sat resting for a minute. Hannah was the first to move. She slowly raised herself up pulling Chris' drained cock from her. Only a small amount of cum followed, "mmm. I still feel so full". Chris stood up next, walking over to Staci. He held out his hand, "I think you've had enough. Let's get that out of you" she nodded eagerly taking his hand. The other girls all came over and helped Staci to her feet. "Let's take her outside. It's going to be messy". They all help her waddle outside.

Hannah rubbed her engorged belly as Alexis grabbing the bulb. Staci spread her legs squatting down. Alexis slowly turned the release dial and watched as it hissed and deflated. Water came rushing out of Staci. When the hissing stop, Staci reach down and pulled it out, falling to the ground. Her gapping pussy was red.

The rest of the day went on as normal. Well as normal as could be expected. Everyone was tired and worn out for the day's events. The girls left in Staci's car the next morning. Chris and Alexis waved to them as they drove away. Alexis smiled up at him, "you know daddy. Hannah might be right. Staci and Jenni are on birth control, but me and her aren't." She rubbed her stomach. He nodded and sighed as he thought, "We'll figure out what to do later if it comes to that baby girl". For the most part everything when back to normal. Alexis wasnt nearly as sex hungry after that weekend. She and Chris still had sex though and when ever her friends came over they got a little too. Staci did learn her lesson and was alot nicer to the other girls now.

A few weeks after Alexis' birthday weekend Chris was sitting in his office at home working when his phone rang. It was Ashley. They hadn't gotten to talk much lately so he quickly answered it, "hey sweetie". "H..hey", Her voice was soft and quiet, "I.. um... need to talk you about something, are you free?". He heard her breathing into the phone he knew something was wrong. "Of course, I got all the time you need". He heard her sigh pause. "come on, out with it. You're as bad as your daughter sometimes. " he laughed, "what is it. They ask you to stay even longer? " "N..not exactly" she responded. "Well then what? " her next words hit him like a ton of bricks, "Chris.. I.. I've met someone. One of the other doctors here. I've been having a had time the last couple months being away and last month I couldn't take it anymore. I slept with him. It was suppose to be a one time thing, but after that we started to grow close." Chris was speechless. He had cheated too so he understood. Finally he spoke, "Ashley.. I..." she cut him off, " Chris, I'm pregnant." He could hear her sobbing on the other end. "I.. I've decided to stay here with him and when he goes home I'm going with him" again Chris was speechless. "I'm sorry to do this to you and Lexi. I do love you both, I really do" they both said goodbye and Chris just stared at his phone not sure what to do.

He was woken out of his trace by giggling from out in the hall and then a knock at his door, "Come in". He looked up to see Alexis and Hannah standing there. He had forgotten all about Hannah coming over so they could work on a project together. Alexis saw the tears in his eyes and ran over, "what's wrong daddy?" He looked at Hannah, "can you give us a few minutes" Alexis looked back at her nodding and gave her a wave. Hannah closed the door as Chris told Alexis everything. Alexis hugged him tight as she cried a little. After a few minutes she let go of him, "well I have something that might cheer you up". She turned and left coming back with Hannah a couple minute later. Both girls grinning as they walked in. Their hands folded together in front of them. Chris shook his head, "I'm sorry girls, I'm not in the mood to play right now". Alexis shook her head, " I know the rules, no play till school work is done." They walk over each leaning back against his desk to eather side of him. "we have a surprise for you." Hannah said. Chris looked from one to the other as both girls held out a hand and opened them. In each girl's hand was a pregnancy test. "Mommy isn't the only one pregnant" Alexis grinned. Hannah leaned in, "These ones are yours, and we want to keep them" they both put there hands on their stomachs.

Chris smiled as he reached out and hugged them both. Alexis looked at Hannah then back at Chris, "There is one more thing Daddy. Hannah is pretty sure she'll be kicked out as soon as her foster parents find out, so she'll need a place to live". Hannah gave him a sorrowful nod. Chris smiled, "of course you can stay here. What kind of guy would I be to turn you down. Especially now that it will be just Lexi and me here" Hannah smiled, " Thanks Daddy" she winked as they all hugged again. Chris smiled, he might have lost a wife but he gained so much more.


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I really look forward to reading more stories and I hope you find the inspiration for one more chapter for this story, perhaps a time skip to switch it up a bit.


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Oh...and please let me know what you did and didnt like in this one. I know water sports and inflation aren't for some but I like them. So let me know


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LoL.. I'm not sure where I would go if I continued. I kinda did alot in this one and I believe that each new chapter should bring something new and different to the story. But if I get any ideas, maybe. I do have few other stories in my head right now so this isn't the last you'll hear from me


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Great story do another chapter


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