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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" without protection.


I Dream of Demie 10 - The Cutback (MFF, caution, interr, magic, mc, oral, impreg?)

by Krosis of the Collective


'We need to talk.'

Those are some of the most dread-inducing words you can hear, or read for that matter, since they were written on the note that I found behind my apartment door. It was signed by Erica.

She was my neighbor from down the hall. A few weeks ago I had pulled her into my apartment, thinking she was Demie trying to fool me with her shapechanging power, and had proceeded to ravage her hot little MILF body, blowing my load into her unprotected and fertile pussy. She had said she would let me know what became of our passionate moment, and given the timing...

"Hi Tom," Erica said sheepishly after she opened her door. "Come on in."

It seemed she wore yoga pants all the time. Damn how her ass looked incredible in those! I felt my cock stir as I followed the brown-haired beauty into her living room. As I was closing the door behind me I felt it bounce back.

Demie walked in behind me. "Problem?" she asked.

Erica turned back. "Oh! I've seen you around..."

I introduced her. "My...roommate, Demie." They shook hands.

Now Erica didn't seem to know what to do. "Um, this is kind of personal, Demie, between Tom and me..."

Demie plopped herself down on the couch. "Tom and I share *everything*, Erica. No secrets here." She waited.

"Oh...are you...together...?"


I was shocked. Demie had never seemed proprietary about me before. In fact, on more than one occasion she had said that demons just didn't get jealous and I could fuck whomever I wanted. What had changed?

Erica visibly lost some of her steam. "Oh...oh dear..." She sat down across from Demie. "I'm sorry, but a few weeks ago Tom and I...we had sex..."

I held my breath.

"...and now I'm pregnant."

I let out my breath. Pregnant!

Demie leaned forward. "So now that you know Tom is spoken for, what will you do about it, Erica?"

"Well, I could never have an abortion! I'll have it...maybe put it up for adoption...?" She looked at me.

I just stood there. I didn't know what to say.

"Hmm..." Demie said, shuffling her butt closer to Erica. "You know, all this talk of impregnation is really turning my crank. How about you, Erica?"

"Demie..." I warned her. She shot me an innocent look. Now she was right next to Erica.

"" Erica was caught, entranced in Demie's hypnotic eyes.

I moved forward, pulling Demie back from the ensorcelled woman. "Demie, don't kill her," I hissed.

She raised two fingers in the scout salute. "I swear I won't kill her...happy?"

"Um, yeah..." I replied, confused, and let go.

Demie returned to her target. Erica tried to kiss her and I almost screamed to keep her from the kiss of death, but Demie turned her head aside, moving to lick Erica's neck. The MILF moaned.

Just then I realized something: it was too quiet. "Erica, where's your daughter?"

Demie was pushing Erica back onto the couch.

"She's with her dad tonight, back tomorrow," Erica replied dreamily.

Now her yoga pants were off and Demie moved her face down to Erica's crotch. "Oh Goddddd..." Erica groaned as Demie brought her mouth to the young mother's pussy.

"Hmp," responded Demie at the mention of God. 'He's got nothing to do with this,' is what she would have said if her mouth wasn't otherwise occupied.

My cock was super hard now so I freed it from my jeans and moved it over to Erica's face. She smiled and took it into her mouth, gasping as Demie speared her pussy with her tongue. This only lasted a few seconds, though, as she then opened her mouth wide in ecstasy.

" deeeep...unhhh!" She started to raise her hips into Demie's mouth. "Oh shit! Shit!" Her whole body went rigid. "Fuuuuucccckkkkk!!!!" She was shaking uncontrollably now, her eyes rolling back into her head. Then she collapsed.

Demie extracted her tongue, which was now the size of a large snake, from Erica's vagina. Both it and her mouth were covered in blood.

"Demie! I said...!"

She held up a finger to shush me and then pulled me into the bedroom as her tongue shrank back down. "You said don't kill her. She'll live. Your bastard is dead, though." She licked her lips, cleaning the blood from them.

"" I looked back to the couch. Erica was coming back to her senses.

"Oh God," she cried, reaching down and finding blood everywhere. "Please call an ambulance!"

Another couch ruined. At least it wasn't mine this time.


Spontaneous miscarriage, they had said. I knew the truth. Erica had been freaked right out by what had happened and asked us to leave while the paramedics were working on her.

"Why?" I hissed at Demie. "Why would you do that?"

"I have my reasons," she said, starting up my volcano vape. She would say no more on the matter. After we puffed she jumped my bones and all my concerns went away for a while.


I went to work the next morning. I hadn't seen Carrie around the office for a few days, but didn't want to attract attention by asking about her. Did I put a bun in her oven too? Demie knew about her...would the demon go after Carrie if so? Maybe it was already too late and that's why she hadn't come to work?


Demie wasn't home when I got back to the apartment. After watching TV and playing some video games I went to sleep.

As I drifted in and out of sleep I could see my hall closet open, a dim blue light spilling out of it, and then a dark mass was floating toward my bed. I was, of course, dreaming...I seemed to have a lot of weird dreams since Demie came into my life.

The floating object stopped by the side of my bed. "Tom."



My eyes flew open. This wasn't a dream! I looked up into Kate's dark eyes.

"HOLY FUCK!" I rolled to the side, off of the bed. I peered over the bed at the torso floating above where I had been sleeping. Kate looked back at me in annoyance. She was wearing half of the skintight black dress illusion she normally wore around me, but it stopped short at where her hips would have been.

She crossed her arms. "Yes, yes, I'm alive, no thanks to you, dumm-- er, Tom." She looked upset but not murderous.

" don't want to kill me...?"

She made a sour face. "I did at first...getting cut in half fucking hurt! But after I was able to cauterize the damage I realized that you were only trying to help in your big dumb man way. If that's true and you weren't trying to kill me..." She took a deep breath and I couldn't help but notice her breasts fill out her dress, "...I need your help again, Tom."

I carefully clambered back onto the bed. "How can I help? And how are you not dead?"

She sighed. "It took all of my remaining magic to keep this body going. Then when Demie got back and you started to fuck again -- sorry about Erica, by the way -- I was able to channel some of that power to float and reopen the portal." She leaned forward. "This body won't need to help me find a new one, and quick, or I really will die."


I wasn't about to let Kate destroy someone's mind by taking them over, but Kate only needed female, adult, and virgin. It took some web searching but I found what we were looking for.

There had been a car crash three years ago. A woman's husband had been killed and her 15-year-old daughter was put into a coma. The girl's body healed but she never woke up. Chances are the girl was a was Kate's best chance.

I took the day off work and we went to the hospital. I grabbed a rental wheelchair, put Kate in it with a bundled up blanket where her legs used to be, and then we headed up to the coma ward. We found the girl's last name (Chesler) on a room and went in.

The girl was the only one in that particular room. Kate wheeled up and took a close look at her. Amy Chesler was 18 now, pale due to years of being bedridden, with brown hair. Kate concentrated.

"Yes, a virgin, and her brain isn't damaged. Her soul has moved on. You've done it, Tom!" She flashed me a cute smile.

Just then a woman walked into the room. "Oh! Who are you?"

This fortysomething woman was obviously the girl's mother, she looked so much like her. Her brown hair was limp and her face had worry lines, but she was wearing a nice spring dress that accentuated her womanly curves.

"Um..." I said unhelpfully.

Kate spoke up, gesticulating smoothly with her hands, "I am Kate, a spiritualist, Mrs. Chesler, and I believe that I can bring your daughter back to us!"

"Really?" The woman came forward. "I don't believe in that sort of thing..."

"What's the worst that can happen?" replied Kate. "If I perform my ritual and nothing changes, you've lost nothing. But what if it works? Can you afford to say no?"

The woman thought for a moment. "Afford...I've spent most of the insurance money on her medical bills..."

"No cost, Mrs. Chesler. We do what we do for a higher power."

After a moment the woman nodded. Kate ushered me close and whispered in my ear, "You have to keep her away from here for at least 20 minutes...there can't be any interruptions."

"But how am I...?"

She pressed a vial into my hand. I looked down at it and then back up to her. She pantomimed dabbing something behind her ears, like cologne. I quickly uncapped the vial and did so before handing it back. I then approached the mother. "Mrs. Chesler, we should leave my colleague alone for this. It's very important that she not be disturbed." I passed her by and pulled the curtains around the bed.

The older woman took a deep breath in my wake. "Oh...but...umm..."

I returned to her. "Everything okay?"

She had a dreamy look on her face. "You...smell nice..."

I'd seen this look before. The vial! It must have had some of Demie's vaginal secretions in it, and that stuff made anyone who smelled it horny! I took a closer look at Mrs. Chesler. Her nipples were now prominent through the sheer fabric of her dress.

"Why don't we find someplace private?" I asked, my cock hardening.

We quickly found an empty room and pulled the curtains around one of the unused beds. She rushed forward and we kissed passionately as our hands explored each other's bodies. Damn, I missed kissing! I couldn't kiss Demie without dying, and my only other recent lover was a transformed cat. My one attempt had earned me a bitten lip.

After a minute or so of lip wrestling I knelt, raised her skirt up, and pulled her panties down. I buried my mouth in her snatch as she leaned back against the side of the bed.

"Oh God, it's been so long..." she groaned as I licked around and between her pussy lips. Soon I found her clit and nibbled on it. Within a minute I was rewarded with a splash of liquid as she moaned in orgasm.

I quickly unfastened my pants as I rose, my hard cock moving between her thighs as she sat back on the bed. She clamped her legs around me as I easily found my wet target and thrust. As I pulled back and then pushed into her again I bottomed out in her easily. She stared into my eyes and grabbed my head, pulling me in for another passionate kiss.

She hadn't asked for a condom and I really wasn't caring by this point. Demie's magic pussy juice tended to make people forget safe sex and just go for raw animal fucking, and boy did we. I pulled back and rammed into her, making her gasp. We continued to French as I plumbed her depths.

How many minutes had we been there? It felt like not very long at all, certainly not 20, so I slowed down my thrusts and started to rotate my hips, grinding my pelvis against hers.

"Oh God..." she moaned, "...I'm gonna..."

Then I felt her insides grip me as she came again. She glommed her mouth onto mine once more, our tongues dancing with each other. I did my best to hold off my own orgasm...needed more time...

I reached up and pulled the straps of her dress and bra off of her shoulders and down, freeing her breasts. They were large, with thick nipples. I clamped my mouth onto one.

"Oh!" she gasped, and I felt her insides give another little squeeze. I continued to rotate my hips and grind against her.

As I licked and nibbled on her nipple I considered that almost 20 years ago her daughter had fed from these boobs. I wondered what they looked like then, full of milk. Then I wondered if I could make them look like that again. I was fucking her unprotected...she probably hadn't had sex in the three years since her husband had died...the chance that she was on any birth control was slim to none. I sucked hard on her nipple and started to thrust again.

"Oh...oh...ohhh..." she moaned.

I could feel the inside of her pussy tightening up again. I thrust harder, faster...I was going to fill this MILF's tummy up with my sperm and make her pregnant! These beautiful boobs I was sucking on were going to balloon up, to fill with nourishing milk for our baby.

"Uaahhh!" she cried out as she came.

I felt her pussy ripple around my cock, and that set off my own orgasm. I grunted into her breast as my dick became overwhelmed with pleasure and I pumped life-giving seed deep inside the older woman's unprotected reproductive system.

She felt it and cried out again, her orgasm extending. She arched her back, gasping and shaking. I fell on top of her, grunting as the last spurts of my ejaculation splashed her spasming cervix.

I looked at the clock on the wall. It had only been ten minutes?!

"What is going on here!?" The curtain whooshed aside as a female nurse confronted us.

I acted quickly, pulling out of Mrs. Chesler and making her gasp. I grabbed the nurse, a slim Asian, by the arm and pulled her close, sliding the curtain back into place behind her.

She gasped and looked ready to scream. I covered her mouth with my hand. "Easy..." I said, looking into her eyes. "Just take some deep breaths and I'll explain." She nodded, reluctantly. "Okay, breathe in..." She did so. "Breathe out. Breathe in...breathe out."

I made sure that my face was close to hers as she did this, and watched her eyes glaze over as the smell of Demie's sexcretions permeated her brain. I looked down at the nurse's tight little body in her blue tailored scrubs as I felt Mrs. Chesler come up behind me to fondle my still-hard cock. We still had another ten minutes...


Mrs. Chesler and the nurse, both now full of my cum, accompanied me back into the Chesler girl's room, each holding one of my arms and nuzzling against me. That had been fun, and it had taken another fifteen minutes so I figured Kate had to be done by then.

"Mom?" The girl on the bed was sitting up, seemingly confused.

Mrs. Chesler rushed forward. "Amy! Oh my God!" She hugged her daughter as the nurse got over her shock and came forward to examine the woken coma patient.

With both women distracted, Amy/Kate indicated with a nod that I should look behind one of the other curtains. Sure enough, Kate's old body was there, dead and slumped in the wheelchair. Now what?

I looked back at Kate/Amy, wide eyed. She nodded to the door. Nodding back, I quickly exited the room and the hospital before anyone could start asking questions I couldn't answer.


On the taxi ride home I considered what had happened with Mrs. Chesler. I really wanted to fuck a baby into her, and then the nurse, to know that my children would grow in their wombs. I knew that I had an impregnation fetish but that had always been about the possibility that something like that could happen, not actually trying to ensure it. I wondered if it had to do with Demie aborting Erica's baby...was I trying to make up for that? I was confused.

To be continued...
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