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After my daughter in law gave me a surprise wake up call my first day visiting, I didn't think anything could too that. Was I ever wrong

After spending the day visiting with friends and family, we are sitting around

relaxing, enjoying a drink or three. Every once in a while Becky would give me a

sly little wink and stick her finger in her mouth. Or she would teasingly play with

her straw.

I was very tired from the busy day, and couldn't wait to go to bed, so I could

jerk off thinking of the great morning I had. And hoping the next morning would

be equally as memorable. Little did I know what lay instore.

I was awaken by the strangest sensation. The toes of both of my feet were

being sucked on. I looked down and Becky and her twin sister Monie were

sucking on my toes.

Realizing I was awake, they quickly jumped up, and like all good little

Cowgirls had me stretched out and tied to the bed.

They had this very well planned. They were both completely naked, and

had mischievous smiles on there faces.

They went back to my toes and slowly started working their way up my legs.

My cock was hard as a rock. I was going nuts. They are identical twins and equally

the same hard bodies. I was in heaven.

Although normally I can tell them apart, not so much this time. One of them

is sucking my hard on while the other is licking my balls.

After a few minutes the one licking my balls moves up and sits her pussy on my

face. Now I knew who was who. Becky has a shaved pussy and the one

on my face was neatly trimmed. Monie was riding my tongue while Becky was

sucking me.

Then Becky moves and sits down on me. I feel her tight cunt squeeze around

my dick. I'm straining against being tied, so far I haven't touched either one of


She is riding my cock and I am going nuts, I want to touch both of them,

I want to squeeze their big firm tits. The more I strain, the faster they ride me.

I see Monie's tits rising and falling faster and she rides my tongue harder.

I sense she is about to cum, I tongue her faster. I want to taste her. She pushes

down and as she cums she floods my face, covering it with her juices. She is as

loud as her sister when she cums.

I feel Becky speed up as she starts to cum too. Between the two of them

it sure is noisy. Becky cums in a flood and soaks my cock.

After a minute they both climb off of me and untie me. They cuddle up next to

me, stroking my hard cock as they lay beside me. Their wet pussies rub against

my legs and their fingers are teasing my cock. Their large firm tits against my

arms and chest. They take turns kissing me, i know Becky can taste Monie on my

face and tongue. That turns me on more.

They move up so their breasts are next to my face, and finally I can lick and

suck their magnificent tits. Taking turns on the twins twins, I'm in heaven.

Getting up, Monie gets on her knees, Becky lays down on her back in front of

Monie and she starts licking Becky's wet pussy. Between licks Monie looks back at

me and tells me to fuck her virgin ass. Who am I to argue.

I first insert my fingers into Movie's cunt, then slowly slide them into her ass

getting her ready to shove my hard dick into it.

Monie is really getting into licking Becky's cunt. I am loving watching this

As I slide my cock into Monie 's ass. She whimpers as my cock reaches the depths

of her ass. I slowly start fucking her. Her ass is so tight. It squeezes my cock with

every thrust.

Becky is close to cummng from the tonguing she is receiving from her sister.

She pulls Monie's head tight to her as she cums. Monie is not far behind her and

she cums from the pounding her ass is getting. They are both shaking as they cum

In wave after wave of ecstasy.

Becky says she now wants my cock in her ass so they change places. As Becky

begins to lick Monie's cunt she says how wet she is.

I first slide my hard dick into Becky's cunt getting it all lubed up and ready for

her ass hole. After a few strokes I pull out of her pussy and bury my dick in her

ass. Becky gasps a little as I begin fucking her ass. I thought her pussy was tight

until I feel how tight her poop chute is.

Monie is loving her twin licking her cunt. I am loving fucking Becky's ass.

I can feel Becky as she finger fucks herself while I fuck her . I am enjoying

watching the twins and watching my cock as it slides in and out of Becky 's ass.

Soon Becky tenses and she is beginning to cum, she begins licking her sisters

cunt with urgency, she wants them to cum at the same time.

Becky collapses on Monie, with every touch they shudder just a little from the

intensity of their orgasms. After catching their breath they tell me it is now my


My cock is aching from the build up and no release but I know it will be soon.

I stand and Becky and Monie get in their knees, they kiss the head of my dick.

Then start licking the length of my cock and my balls. What a turn on. My cock

being licked clean after having been in the ass of these two beautiful twins.

They waste no time and get to work, stroking and sucking my cock. The view

is incredible as identical twins suck me. After all I've been through I know I'm

not going to last long. And this is definitely my number one fantasy being fulfilled.

They sense how close I am and suck harder and faster.

I'm not sure who's mouth I'm in as I start to cum, but she takes my cock from

her mouth and they both are jerking me off. My cum is shooting over both of their

faces and tits. With each stroke another wave shoots through me. What a great

sight. Beautiful, naked twins on the floor, stroking my hard cock, with my cum on

their faces and tits. It's heaven.

I watch as Becky and Monie begin licking my cum from each other's face

Becky then gathers some of my cum in her tongue and I watch as Monie sucks

it from her tongue. When they have cleaned each other's faces they stand, grab my

hands and we are off to the shower.

Two beautiful petite brunettes in the shower soaping each other and me up.

Wet dreams are made of this. We all kiss and feel each other's slippery bodies

rubbing each other.

As we get out of the shower I am loving watching the two of them dry each

other off. They then turn their attention to me.

When I am finally dry and we are dressing I ask them both not to wear bras

or panties. I tell them it will keep me excited knowing that. They happily comply

each wearing low cut, loose fitting blouses and short denim skirts. Cowboy boots

complete their ensembles. This is going to make for an interesting day.

We head out the door going for lunch as we have already had each other for


Getting to the restaurant, I follow them in. Watching their tight young butts

sway as they go. When we are seated they each give me a little peek up their

skirts. Our hostess smiles as she glances down at the cleavage of these two lovely

twins. We are getting some disapproving looks from some of the other guests but

a few of the men were looking lustfully at my lunch dates. Who could blame them.

If they only knew how our morning was.

They told me they we're practicing to surprise my son with a threesome for his

birthday present..and asked what I thought.

Silly girls, I told them I was there for one more day and they needed a little

more practice. I was willing to help them out. I had some ideas that we could try.

They agreed and said they couldn't wait to hear my thoughts.

I told them we needed to go do a little shopping first. They were ready.

As we left the restaurant I had a twin on either side cuddled next to me. We were

again drawing looks as we walked out the door.

Our first stop was to find them matching lingerie. I don't know anyone that

doesn't like the look of matching bra, panties, garter belt and stockings in black

now double it by having twins dressed alike. They were as excited as I was n

imagining the view .

Next stop was an adult novelty store where we purchased lube and a couple of

toys. They had never been in before and were amazed by the variety. We got two

matching vibrators that could pleasure both pussy and asshole at the same time.

We also picked up a large double headed one for them to share.

As I paid for our purchases and walked out Becky and Monie were excitedly

chatting about how eager they were to try their presents out.

Unfortunately we had obligations for the rest of the day and would have to

wait until morning. The rest of the day and evening were spent being responsible

but never far from our minds was what is in-store for the next morning.
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