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Her baby daddy is finally back home after his work trip and she is ready to get down to business
He’s on the road often, so when he’s finally able to come home for a few days it’s like a breath of fresh air. We aren’t in an established relationship but our bond and chemistry are unquestionable. We’ve been at this for over 5 years now and things seem to be getting better with time. Although he’s just my “baby daddy” I still save myself for him, anticipating the days he’s able to walk through that front door. Our freaky conversations on the phone and the dirty nicknames he’ll give me, his cum bucket, slut bag, make me feel confident and sexy and I’m trying to live up to those nicknames tonight.

He makes it to my apartment late that night. I fall asleep in bed while watching a movie and didn’t notice him coming in. He wakes me up and greets me with a hug. He immediately wants to take a shower and offers me to go in with him. I had a pretty rough day, so I use this as the perfect opportunity to relax.

He already has the shower on when I get in the bathroom. He begins to take off my clothes for me and we both get in. The hot water feels amazing running down my body. He grabs the body wash and towel and begins to wash my body. He softly scrubs my body. He begins to massage my breasts and shoulders and I lean my head back on his chest taking in the moment. His soft and sensitive touches help me escape from the troubles of the day and as I let the hot water run down my body it’s almost as if I’m rinsing off the cares of the world.

We switch spots so he is now facing the shower head. I start to wash him off and I can’t help but notice how fine he is. His broad shoulders and back, the thickness in his body, golden complexion, fat dick. He’s about 5 inches taller than me and being in this shower right now seeing how large he is compared to my slim frame makes me feel delicate and vulnerable. He doesn’t know how bad I want him right now. I appreciate when he’s intimate in a non-sexual manner, and as much as I am enjoying the moment, I’m ready for him to have his way with me.

He turns me around so that I’m facing the wall. As the water continues to fall down on our backs and the steam begins to encamp the bathroom, he begins to passionately kiss me. His lips are incredibly soft and big. He’s an amazing kisser and we tongue kiss until we can no longer take the teasing. He slightly pulls my body towards his and arches my back. He slowly puts his dick inside of me and I let out a loud moan. He begins stroking. The feeling of his dick inside my pussy is exhilarating and I begin to throw my ass back at him. He leans over me and starts going harder. The feeling starts to intensify and my pussy starts to tighten around his dick as I’m about to cum. We both let out a moan and climax at the same time.

We get out the shower, dry ourselves off, put on clothes, and head to the bedroom. As bad as I wanted things to down again our daughter was asleep in the bed with us that night and wasn’t budging. We call it a night and put a movie on that we can fall asleep to.

I wake up early the next morning. I smile as I look across and see him and our child sound asleep. I quietly get out the bed, eat breakfast, clean up and relax for the rest of the morning. It’s now noon and they are beginning to wake up. My daughter has plans to spend the weekend with her grandparents, so we will be kid free. As I’m getting her and I dressed for the day, I purposely put on an outfit that he has complimented before and shows off my figure. As my daughter’s grandparents arrive, I bring her downstairs to their car to say my hellos and goodbyes and head back to the apartment.

He’s finally out the bed and looking for something to wear. I sit on the bed and watch him get dressed. I fantasize about him dominating me, his strength overpowering my slim, petite body, and he’s fucking me until I can’t take it anymore. No man has ever made me feel this way. My desire and lust for him grows deeper and deeper. I imagine myself sucking his dick. I gently move my tongue over the tip of his dick as I feel him getting hard in my mouth. I began sucking and spitting, making sure I put every inch down my mouth till he’s in my throat, and stroking his dick while I fondle his firm balls in my mouth. I make him cum swallowing every bit of his sweetness. My phone begins to ring and my daydream is interrupted.

As the day passes, he tries to make his move multiple times. I decline his approach and make it seem as though I’m upset with him about an issue we have. As bad as I want him, I want him to save it all for tonight when we have the time for each other. I refuse to settle for a quickie.

We make it back home from the movies and get settled in. I go and take a shower. I know that lace panties are his favorite so I choose those and a tank top as my night wear. He’s already in bed with just his boxers on. As we are lying in bed he pulls me in closer to him. His embrace always makes me feel protected. He gently kisses me on the back with his soft, full lips and I can’t help but to be turned on by his touch. He turns me on my stomach and continues kissing me moving down my back. He leans over me and I can feel his dick getting hard against my ass. His soft kisses, subtle whispers in my ear, and touch are driving me crazy. He pauses to take off my shirt and panties, his boxers, then continues.

He lays me on my back. He opens my legs and exposes me to him. He doesn’t hesitate to go right in. His tongue slowly dances across my clit. He starts sucking at it and begins moving his tongue a little faster. My toes curl up at the pleasure I am receiving right now. I can hardly contain my composure so he grabs my waist so that I can’t move. My pussy becomes wetter and wetter after each touch and my clit is throbbing. I want him more than ever.

I push his head out the way and I get on all fours, letting him know that I was ready for him. I instantly let out a moan as he sticks his dick inside of me. His firm, hard dick feels amazing against my tight, warm pussy. He starts off with gentle strokes, caressing my pussy as he thrusts in and out. I feel my pussy get wetter with every stroke. I cum on his dick within a minute of him being inside of me. Me climaxing only makes me beg for more. “Fuck me harder!” I yell out. He does exactly as I please. He grabs me by my tiny waist with both hands and begins pounding my pussy like he’s never done before. I start fucking him back. The moaning becomes uncontrollable and I can’t help but call out his name. “How that dick feel girl?”, “That pussy so fucking tight!” His dirty talk, groans, and lip biting send me over the edge. A sensation courses through my body and I cum again, this orgasm being a lot stronger than the first one.

He turns me on my side and starts fucking me again. He’s hitting spots that I never knew existed. His dick has me in a state of euphoria. The pleasure becomes so intense that I’m almost on the verge of tears. I tighten up my pussy with every stroke. He grabs and smacks my ass as he continues to fuck me. He lets out a moan and cums inside of me. I’m in awe and can’t do anything but just lay down. His semen begins to drip out my pussy and down my leg. I love when he marks his territory. The passion and pleasure of it all was truly extraordinary. I close my eyes to take it all in. He comes back from the bathroom and wipes off the cum that got on me. We lay down and just enjoy each other’s company until we doze off.
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