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My beginnings as a Cum Dumpster for Dog Sperm...
My Life as a Gay High School Doggy Fuck-Bitch, pt 1

In my previous blog I detailed my first oral experiences with Gay Male Dog Sex blowing one dog, Max, who eventually fucked me, as often as I could in my mid to late teens because he was so well behaved while he was in my mouth. This is the story of my first time with our experienced Stud Dog, King, in the Fall of 1977 after I became a Junior in High School. He was a magnificent beast, but he was a BEAST when it came to sex, as I was to discover one long afternoon. My tale of my tail will progress in this blog to how I became my Dads two stud dog’s “fuck bitch” intermittently for my last two years of High School. My kid brother and my best friend had been fucking me since I was 12 years old in 1972 so I wasn’t a “Virgin” by any means and I had been giving my Dads Doberman Max blowjobs several times the summer of ’77 whenever I spent the week on his farm. At the end of the summer and the beginning of the school year my mother and father reunited (against my heartfelt objections!) and my brother, mother, and I moved out to his farm from our home in the suburbs and I began school in the country.

My brother and I now got to spend a LOT of time alone after school because now my Mom also had to commute to town to go to work and neither of them would be home until around 9pm at night, so after school he would fuck me just about every day. He was 15 by then and was filling out with raging hormones, growing pubic hair and his cock seemed to grow larger by the moment. His circumcised mans-dick was smooth with a nice flaring head, arching up and over in a big looping curve from base to tip and getting to be as big around as a can of hairspray. He was always going to be skinny and only 5 foot 8 inches, which made his huge cock look even more gigantic. His nuts were bare with no fuzz on them, and I loved to lick down from the head to his ‘taint with no hairs to get in the way. Sometimes I would get in the door of our trailer-house after riding the bus or after I drove home and he’d be pulling his dong out of his pants and waving it in front of me and that’s all it would take for me to drop to my knees and start to lick and suck his constantly dripping peter. There was a large full length mirror in my folks bedroom and we both got a thrill from watching me suck and get fucked by him and if we had (or took) the time my Dad had an 8mm porno loop collection and a projector and we’d try each of the positions out we saw on the screen, even though Dad only had heterosexual movies. We were having a ball with Gene fucking me even more than when we lived in the suburbs, but I still gave Max the regular blowjob, particularly when Gene my brother started staying late for special studies after school.

I’d been daydreaming in my last class one day in late Fall about going home and sucking Max’s doggy cock knowing my brother would be practicing that afternoon, and my raging hard-on was making my jockey shorts all wet and sticky. I thought it would be just another afternoon of slimy dogs cum covering me, but I was so wrong when I saw my kid brother getting on the bus to take us home right after school, saying his class had been cancelled that day. He was sitting in the back of the bus where the bus driver couldn’t see in the rear view mirror so I took the seat in front of him, stretching out my legs across the bench seat and turning to face him for the nearly empty bus ride into the prairie. Our home was the last stop and we were the only ones the last few miles, so Gene had daringly pulled his big dick out and was stroking it as I watched the beads of pre-cum run down over his hand onto the front of his jeans. He was making me super horny watching the drops become a trickle of clear juice from his piss-hole down over the back of his hand, and when he put his hand on the back of the seat I licked the salty stream off and almost came I was tingling so hard! I told him we’d have to feed the animals when we first got home before he fucked me because although it was a warm “Indian Summer” in early October, the sun would set shortly and it’s taking about an hour to feed the livestock and then the dogs in the kennel.

We got off the bus and didn’t bother to change our clothes and as we took care of the animals I had to push Gene away a half dozen times because every time I bent over or was near his crotch he’d either try to dry-hump or face-fuck me with his pants still zipped! FINALLY we got the rabbits, chickens, and pigs fed, and we went to the heated shed where Max, King, and the three breeding bitches (Rhonda, Ilene, and Tess, although they really don’t add too much to the story, unless they were in heat and Max and King knew it) were kept in separate fenced enclosures. We put the girls out of their pens in the “run” to let them stretch their legs, but since the pens were inside a 20x60ft metal 2 story shed that was built originally for dry storing hay each one had a very large heated pen with very nice raised beds so they didn’t need to run around long before they ran back to their pens to eat the canned food we put out for them.

Gene and I had talked a few times about having me trying to suck off on King while he fucked me so we saved him for last and went into his kennel, leaving the door swung open so he could go down the run and stretch his legs, but he ran around in circles jumping up on us both for attention, happy for the company. King was a very bright dog and Dad probably would have let him stay in the house with us except he way too excitable for a 90 pound 6 year old, but that dog sure was a good producer; each of his bitches averaged 4-6 healthy pups each and many went on to place well in shows. Naturally Gene brought it up, “Why don’t you try to blow King today…I’ll hold him!” and I eagerly agreed!

King was also very much an Alpha dog, I had tried to blow him once by myself after I had been sucking Max and he had gotten very aggressive and unruly, but we figured Gene could hold him by the collar while I tried to blow King and maybe even Gene could fuck me from behind if we got the stud dog calmed down enough. Or so we figured as we stripped inside the very warm shed and went into Kings pen, both our young boners standing erect and dripping. I dropped to my knees next to the raised dog bed on a piece of carpet and stroked my brothers hot penis while he grabbed Kings collar and tried to hold him still with it as I reached under his belly and stroked his furry sheath over his bone.

As I said, King was a bright dog, he knew what I was trying to do and he looked at my face intently as his pointed red tip came out in my hand and continued to slide out into my palm and past it, wet and hot against my wrist. What we didn’t realize until later was one of the girl Dogs had started to come into heat and King knew it and was getting horny before we even went into the kennel. Daringly I took it to mean he was ok with it and I went down on all fours beneath him and slid my pursed lips over his red hot poker, but when I did he arched his back, pushed forward with his pelvis, and shoved his cock into my mouth up to the sheath. I was experienced for my age but I didn’t expect it and my vision blurred as I gagged on his member, Gene wasn’t expecting it either (probably because he was so pre-occupied watching me and busily had his hand flying over his spit lubed dick) because he didn’t pull King back but just held onto Kings collar. I think he even helped lift King up when the dog suddenly grabbed me from the front by grabbing down and around under my armpits with his front legs and crammed his doggy-dick brutally hard inside my face. Being pulled on plus falling forward made my lips peel his thick skinned sheath back and then up, around, and then over his expanding knot.

I was thrashing about and choking trying to accept his steely tasting rod in my throat and yet trying NOT to hurt his knot with my teeth as King aggressively started pumping my skull. I kicked and thrashed about as tears and doggy juice tainted snot poured out of my eyes and nose, covering my face and making it difficult to breathe and making me quake in fear. I could only keep it up for a minute (that seemed an eternity!), which finally became impossible to contain as his knot swelled my cheeks out and became too big to hold, so I pulled back and yanked my mouth off him in a splash of goo and I fell to the side.

“Oh shit!” I gasped aloud as I lay on my side trying to catch my breath as spunk ran out of my nose and lips, unable to see from all the slime covering my eyes. I could hear Gene laughing but he quickly stopped and I could hear a soft growling inches from my ear. I turned my head slowly to look up and I could see King staring down at me with his teeth lightly bared, and far beneath him out of focus his massive cock bobbing up and down as he squirted thin jets of semen onto the carpeting. Gene was sitting on the raised bed platform with a serious look on his face as he was straining to hold King back with his collar firmly in his hand. I crawled a few feet away and kneeled upright to wipe my eyes and the rest of my face clear, my naked teenage body spattered with fluids, covered with human spit and canine semen. As I did so King backed up and sat at Genes feet but he wouldn’t take his intense gaze off me as his knot subsided and just the red tip of his cock still protruded from its hairy cover.

“Wow, he sure wanted to fuck your mouth!” Gene exclaimed, “I had a hell of a time pulling him off you!”. I got up and King got up too, and as I walked back over to pet him he tried to jump up on me but Gene pulled him back down and said quietly, “No…” After a few minutes of petting him King seemed to be all calm and friendly again after his dramatic and unexpected actions so Gene let go of his collar. The sun hadn’t even set outside and it was only 4:30 in the afternoon and I knew Gene and I wanted to get off badly and both of us were still hard and turned on, so I told him maybe we should just continue on Kings bed because I really wanted to get fucked after being hotly abused by that dog! My hot dicked brother suggested that perhaps I should NOT try to blow King again but that since we were naked and oh so horny he’d help King finally fuck me like he’d knew I wanted him to….”Oh YES, I want you BOTH!”

King Fucks Me, To be continued….


2019-05-22 23:44:25
this sounds like fun,


2019-05-22 23:44:25
this sounds like fun,

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