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We put Paige’s plan into place and later on the whole gang has a night in the town
By the time she contacted me, Paige had put the plan into place. She had Brittany accidentally spill coffee on this women’s tan corduroy pants. I think her name was Kim if I remember right. Kim wasn’t too upset at the situation but Paige had made it so that pair of pants was headed to the laundromat for sure on Saturday. The stain was right on the front of one of the legs. That day she would go in and try to gauge when Kim would be there. She usually would put the clothes in the washer and leave to run errands and come back and put them in the dryer and leave again for half the day. No one had ever yelled at Kim for this and Paige had never really put much thought into it until she saw Kim in those pants which Were just another pair of pants to Kim. The plan was to snatch the pants when they had finished drying and have some fun in them before returning them in time. It was a risky idea and was a stretch but the thrill of doing something so bad had Paige’s blood boiling and mine as well. Unfortunately, Zach and Trevor were both busy the day she had this planned for so they couldn’t take part. In order to make it up to them we also had something planned for all of this later that night. She explained the whole plan and I agreed instantly as I was stiff as a board hearing it.

we wasted a little of the day waiting in my car to see when she would arrive and sure enough, there was Kim coming in with a load of baskets. We came back a little later now that we knew she would be there that day and timed it so she had already put things in the dryer. Paige went in and checked dryer Kim usually went to and sure enough she saw the cords right in the mix. She was the happiest if ever seen to find them and to think a few months before that she’d never messed with corduroy and didn’t even know me or the others. I waited for her to come out but she had to be sneaky with it. There wasn’t many people in there but she get weird grabbing one article of clothing and not the rest.

Once she got outside though it was on. She pointed at a back alley and told me to follow her. Now keep in mind I was dressed in normal clothes because I didn’t want to draw attention but it wasn’t going to matter. The target that day was Kims corduroys. Paige rushes to the end of the alley and started undoing her pants ferociously. She knew that time was off the essence and by the time I got to her she had kicked her shoes and pants into the corner and was pulling the cords on. I don’t know what they looked like on Kim but based on what Paige told me, they fit even tighter around Paige’s ass than Kim’s . The ass that pooped out much more based on the fact that the pants didn’t have back pockets. We had hoped that we would have time to toss them in a separate dryer after using them so that they’d be dry and she might just think they didn’t wash well. If we didn’t get them back in with the rest of the laundry in time we would just hope she didn’t notice them missing for a week.

As soon as she has them all the way on we both started fondling the pants as we kissed. Paige was way beyond the point of guilt that she was cheating on her bf at this point so much that I forgot he existed in that moment. I spun her around and put her up against the wall so she could put her hands against it and bend over. She did as I asked and I whipped out my dick and blasted a stream of piss all down her ass. She shook her as at me and spanked it as I finished my stream. I converged on her quickly and started trying to finger her asshole through the pants. As she grinned the finger, she let out moans and began wetting the front of the pants herself. My other hand massaged her pussy through them the same way she did to Brittany. The soaked material must have lost integrity because I poked a small hole through the seem and eventually started exploring her asshole. She squealed like a pig and tightened her legs at this and told me she just needed to go to the car and finish this. She flat out wanted to fuck at this point and we raced to the car, leaving her actually clothes just sitting in the alley.

I finished a huge load all over the ass of the pants and came again right in Paige’s cunt. Going to the car was probably where we made a mistake and took too much time. When we finished things up, we raced back to get her clothes and through the pants in the dryer far away from Kim’s clothes. We thought we were in the clear until about ten minutes later when Kim showed up and snatched her clothes quickly and left.

The thrill and the rush we were feeling from being naughty was higher than ever. We new the plan wouldn’t go 100% but we made out better than we thought. We damaged the pants more than we meant to but a week later Paige was able to plant the pants back in there still covered in dry piss and cum. We won’t ever know if Kim thought to rewash them or not but Paige did say that when she saw her wear them next the tiny hole was still there. Later I think she tried to stitch them but it was still a sexy reminder. The fun didn’t end that day with just that. We still had a surprise for Zach and Trevor later that night and it was going to be amazing.



2019-06-16 15:31:27
But in the 5th part you could have done a more detailed depiction of the part where you and Paige mess of Kim's pants.


2019-06-16 15:29:50
Well the last two parts seems a bit rushed and not as detailed as the first 3.Also i was missing the corduroy aspect in the 4th part.The 5th was nice with the stolen pants.
When i saw someone(male or female) with a nice pair of corduroy pants always fantasied about stealing his/her cords and messing them up real nice.

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