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Kyle discovers a secret about his twin sisters and has an encounter with his mom
Sunlight spilled through a gap in the curtains and onto Kyle’s face as he winced and pulled the covers over his head. He groaned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes as he flicked on his phone and looked at the time: 11:46AM.

Kyle was home from college for the summer break and living back at his mom’s house with his sisters Becca and Vicky, twins who went to the local college. They were not completely identical however, with the most obvious feature being that Becca had light brown hair and Vicky had a dirty blonde look. Kyle had a stable enough relationship with his sisters, despite the usual snide remarks often found in sibling relations, but it was hard growing up with them as it always felt as though they were a team and Kyle was by himself. Throw their mum into the equation and it was three girls against one guy as their dad had left home and abandoned them when they were all still kids. Becca and Vicky were both 20 years old which was just two years older than Kyle, but they often used this gap as a sign of heightened maturity whenever they felt the need to belittle him or vent their frustrations his way.

Kyle flicked aimlessly through a few social media apps before turning his attention elsewhere, namely to the morning wood he had which was pitching up his boxer shorts like a tent. He opened up his web browser and went to his go-to porn site and began scrolling through the videos on the front page to see if any of them took his fancy. He couldn’t hear any noise coming from outside his bedroom door and figured his mom and sisters must be out, especially considering his mom hadn’t tried to wake him up yet. Kyle wriggled out of his boxer shorts and tossed them onto the floor and began playing a video featuring two teen lesbians who are shown how to masturbate by an older woman. Kyle gently pulled his foreskin back over his shaft and began jerking himself, already sensing pre cum leaking from the tip.

Suddenly, the video began to buffer and lag causing Kyle to sigh angrily. “Come on…” he grunted, tapping his screen as he flicked out of it to refresh the page. A few adverts catered to porn popped up and he began swiping them away. However, one caught his eye. It was a sex cam site which featured the thumbnails of various women scantily dressed and posing for their audience. Kyle began to scroll down the page when suddenly his eyes bulged and he sat up. “No fucking way…” he mumbled, hesitating before tapping one of the icons with an unsteady thumb.

Kyle gasped and his erect cock twanged off of his bed covers as he jumped further back, nearly hitting his head on the wall as he saw his two sisters, Becca and Vicky, kneeling on their bed wearing lingerie which barely left anything to the imagination. Kyle stared, speechless at what he was seeing. Becca’s arm was around Vicky’s waist, gently stroking her stomach as she wriggled a dildo in plain view of the camera with her other hand. Vicky was smiling and rubbing Becca’s bare leg as she looked down, presumably at the chat box which was full of sleazy and vulgar comments.

“You’re going to have to get us in the private room if you want to see that” Vicky cooed sweetly as Becca giggled, still twirling the dildo around in her hand. Becca began stroking Vicky’s hair as she raised the dildo up to her mouth and started gently sucking on the tip like a lollypop.

“What the fuuuck…” Kyle groaned, trying to look away but finding his eyes were glued to the screen. His mouth had gone dry and his cock seemed to be harder than he had ever known it to be. He tossed the covers off of him so that his cock wouldn’t rub against the sheets as he felt that too much contact to the tip would cause him to cum. However, he allowed his finger to gently trace up and down his cock, not daring to jerk it as he knew he would cum in seconds if he did so. He kept in control, eventually gripping his cock as he grow more adventurous, now softly massaging the shaft with his thumb but being sure to back off every 10 seconds or so when the pressure inside of him built up too much. His heart was thudding loudly in his chest as he watched his two sisters pose seductively for their viewers, eager to excite somebody enough so that they pay the fee and get them into a private room.

Kyle let go of his cock and gripped the mattress as Becca and Vicky began gently kissing one another on the lips, each with big grins on their faces as they allowed their tongues to caress against each other. Kyle’s cock twitched and pulsed, desperate to cum at the sight of this, but Kyle hung onto the slight bit of control he had left. There’s no way he would allow himself to cum to this…to his own sisters…

Becca pulled away from Vicky as she turned her attention to the chat again. “Aw thank you sweety!” she smiled as somebody donated the $20 required to get them in a private room. Vicky repositioned herself on the bed as she reached around and unhooked her bra. It slackened and fell off of her shoulders but she wrapped her arm around her boobs to stop the viewers from seeing as she tossed her bra onto the floor. She sat up and Kyle could see she was wearing lacy stockings and suspenders as she shuffled over to Becca and sat behind her, wrapping her arms around her and peeking at the chat over her shoulder. Becca grinned and bit her bottom lip as the stream turned off and was replaced by a message which read “Models are currently in a private room”.

Kyle felt his heart drop as he stared at the blunt message. He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair, trying to process what he had just seen. His sisters were in Becca’s bedroom across the hall right now doing things which Kyle could only imagine…

Suddenly, his bedroom door began to creak open with a high pitched groan. Kyle jumped up, dropping his phone in the process. If it wasn’t for the pile of clothes in front of the door, his mother would have seen him completely naked with a raging erection. But he just about managed to grab his covers and pull them over himself as she poked her head around the door.

“Wakey wakey!” she cooed, walking into his room with a plate of toast in one hand and a glass of juice in the other. There was no denying she was an attractive woman. She had hazel eyes which complimented her chestnut hair, still without a hint of grey at the age of 45. Her figure was like an hourglass with boobs Kyle had to say seemed bigger and fatter than any double D’s he’d ever seen in porn. This was somewhat a contrast to Becca and Vicky who both had a very slim build with perky boobs to boot, but could still declare a sizeable cleavage whenever one of them wore a low-cut top.

“Shit mom, give me a sec!” Kyle burst out, flustered as he tried to position the covers so nothing could be seen.

His mom rolled her eyes. “You might be a college boy now but that’s no reason to swear at your mother” she said, smiling as she placed the food and drink on Kyle’s bedside table and sat on his bed. She looked at him quizzically and tilted her head slightly. “Everything okay?” she asked.

“Yeah…yeah I’m fine” Kyle replied, trying to compose himself.

“Girl trouble?” his mom said, leaning in closer.

“Er…something like that…” Kyle mumbled, more to himself than to his mother. But this is all she needed to hear to set her off.

“Really? Is it somebody at college!?” she said quickly, her eyes lighting up as she inched closer to Kyle, her hand now resting on the covers inches away from his erect cock. She knew Kyle had left to go to college still a virgin. He had never been particularly successful with girls throughout school and nothing had really changed since starting college either.

“It’s nothing! Really, honestly, just let me get dressed” Kyle pleaded with his mum. She pouted before eventually breaking out into a wan smile.

“I just want you to be happy…that’s all” she finally said, looking up at him.

Kyle smiled back awkwardly. His mind was still transfixed on his two sisters and what they could be doing right now.

His mom leant forward, repositioning her hand as she did so which unknowingly pressed down on her son’s erection as she gave Kyle a kiss on the forehead. Kyle gasped sharply as his cock traced down over his bedsheets under the pressure of his mom pressing down on it. He clenched in an attempt to prevent the inevitable, but it was a vain attempt as cum began to spurt out of his cock from under his bedsheets.

“UGH! FU-UH!” Kyle moaned pathetically.

“What are you..?” his mom began, watching her son shudder and tense up as he leant forward and hid his face under his arm. This was certainly not the best time to be having the most intense orgasm of your life, but this is exactly what was happening to Kyle. He wasn’t sure if it was the taboo aspect or something else, but seeing his sisters on that website seemed to have awoken something within him.

“Kyle, are you okay? What’s happening!?” his mom cried out, grabbing a fistful of his covers as she began to yank them off of him, thinking he must have cut himself on something or be having some kind of fit for him to be reacting this way.

“Mom…don’t!” Kyle gasped, his face becoming a deep crimson. His entire body seemed weak and fragile as it attempted to recover from the orgasm, but he just about managed to hold the covers in place. “I just have a headache! I’m fine, honestly!”

His mom stared at him for a few more seconds before letting go off the bedsheets. “Okay…if you say so” she said slowly as she began to back away from him. “Well…I’ll let you get dressed in that case…I’ll be downstairs if you need me” she said. Kyle could see her eyes awkwardly glancing around the room before lingering on where her hand had been moments earlier as she nudged the door open and left, smiling awkwardly at him.

Kyle stared in horror at the door his mum had just closed; he had never felt so humiliated in his entire life. He allowed himself to fall backwards so his head collided with a pillow before covering his face with his hands. Kyle could feel his cock becoming limp as it drooped down and rested under his belly button. “Am I dreaming..?” he finally mumbled, taking his hands away from his face and looking at the beam of light streaming in from the crack in the curtains. Kyle replayed the scene which had just occurred over in his mind. Had she noticed what he had done!? She had left the room in a hurry…

As if from nowhere, Kyle was brought to his senses by Becca’s voice. He could feel his heart rate increasing as he looked for the source of the sound before finding it in his phone he had dropped on the floor. He picked it up and flipped it over so he was looking at the screen where he saw Becca draped in her dressing gown addressing the chat. Her hair was messier than it had been previously and her gown was showing off a generous amount of cleavage. Vicky then walked into view wrapped in a towel and sat down next to Becca.

“Thanks so much for the donations today guuyysss!” Becca sang.

“We’ll be around again soon, so keep an eye out for us!” Vicky piped up as they both blew kisses at the camera before turning the stream off.

Kyle waited with baited breath for any sounds of commotion from across the hall. Sure enough, barely thirty seconds later, he heard Becca’s bedroom door squeak open and soft footsteps padding across the carpet before going into the bathroom which was next to Kyle’s room. He jumped up and wiped himself down with a towel before getting dressed. By this point, whoever had gone into the bathroom had turned on the shower as he could hear the pipes churning over his head.

Kyle opened his bedroom door and peered cautiously around; he was not quite up to facing his mother anytime soon. He then crept across the hallway and tried to listen for any sounds of activity from inside of Becca’s room. Suddenly, her door swung open and Becca began to walk back but jumped back in surprise when she saw Kyle stood there.

“Woah, what the fuck!?” she snapped. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt which almost went down to her knees.

“Oh I, erm…have you seen my phone charger?” Kyle stammered anxiously, coming across as nothing but awkward.

Becca glared at him. “And why the fuck would I know anything about that?” she shot back.

“I was just wondering is all…I can’t find it” came Kyle’s weak reply.

Becca crossed her arms and stared daggers at him. “I don’t know where it is. Now get out of my way” she ordered, shoving past him before practically jumping down the stairs.

Kyle stood at the entrance to Becca’s room and peered around, wondering what kind of toys and other sexual instruments lay hidden away in there. But thinking he had landed himself in enough trouble already today, he decided better than to risk being caught snooping and instead began to walk back to his room.

But that’s when he spotted Vicky’s bedroom door which was slightly ajar and two doors down from Kyle’s. He bit his lip. He knew his sister’s shower routine. He knew she always left the shower in nothing but a towel which of course meant that it would come off as soon as she entered her bedroom. Maybe he could sneak in and hide…or set up his phone and record her! Kyle forced his eyes shut and rubbed his head. “What am I thinking…” he muttered to himself as he went into his own room and shut the door behind him.


Kyle spent the next few hours shut up in his room. He did not particularly want to come face to face with either his mother or his two sisters, but as it turned out, they apparently did not want to see him either as he went the entire afternoon undisturbed. However, that was until just after six o’clock when Kyle heard footsteps dashing up the stairs and approach his door followed by three quick knocks.

“Kyle, mom said dinner’s ready!” Vicky’s voice rang out.

“Uh, okay, down in a minute!” Kyle replied as he closed a few tabs on his laptop. Despite his best efforts, he had found himself continuously refreshing the sex cam page he had saw his sisters on in the hope they would do another stream. But it looks like they had earned enough money for one day from their earlier session.

Kyle left his bedroom and went down the stairs. The house his mother owned wasn’t a mansion by any means, but it was still one of the bigger ones in the area. Kyle’s grandparents had originally owned it but had left it to their daughter, Kyle’s mom, when they passed away just over ten years ago.

“He is alive after all!” Becca announced, looking up from her meal as Kyle entered the dining room. Vicky giggled and covered her mouth which was full of food.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Kyle replied, sliding out a chair and taking a seat at the end of the table opposite his mom who glanced quickly up at Kyle before looking back down at her food.

Becca shrugged. “We don’t see you for months when you’re at college and when you come home we still don’t see you.”

Kyle picked up his fork and twirled it awkwardly in his hand. It was extremely difficult to make any kind of eye contact with anybody here.

“I’ve just been busy” Kyle finally said as Vicky snorted, nearly choking on her dinner.

“Busy!? Doing what!?” she exclaimed, staring at Kyle in disbelief. “Mom, do you hear this!?”

Their mother glanced up at Vicky before quickly glancing to Kyle before looking away. “Leave your brother alone, girls” she said.

Vicky rolled her eyes. “Ah well, guess we might see you tomorrow then, me and Becca are heading over to that new bar across town tonight.”

“Oh yeah?” Kyle said, trying to finish his dinner as fast as possible.

“It’s a girl’s night only before you get any ideas” Becca piped up, pushing her now empty plate away from herself. “I’m just going to go shower if that’s cool?” she added, asking the table in general.

“Well hurry up, Chloe is picking us up soon. Are you getting dressed at hers?” Vicky asked, finishing off the last bits of her meal.

Becca nodded. “Yeah, I’ll take that dress I got last weekend.”

As this conversation was going on, Kyle’s mom was staring at the table, idly twirling her fork and deep in thought.

Becca stood up. She was still wearing the oversized t-shirt which made it look as if she wasn’t wearing panties. Kyle could feel his heart beating faster as his cock began to twitch at the sight of her.

“Actually…I need to use the bathroom” Kyle announced as Becca groaned and rolled her eyes.

“Well hurry up then!” She barked, sitting back down and picking some fluff out from between her bare toes as Kyle hurried off upstairs.

He went into the bathroom and locked the door. He glanced around and his eyes lit up as he pulled out his phone and set it to record before placing it in a box on a shelf which faced the shower cubicle. There was a gap in this box, which housed a few candles his mom sometimes used, which provided the perfect scope for his phone to not be obstructed whilst also being virtually impossible to spot.

Satisfied, Kyle washed his hands and went back downstairs as Becca and Vicky dashed past him on the way down.

“I was thinking…” Kyle’s mom began as he started to clear some of the plates away, “…since your sisters will be out tonight…why don’t the two of us spend a little time together…what do you say?”

Kyle could feel his cheeks growing red as he turned away from his mom and began washing the plates. “Erm…yeah sure thing” he replied, still unsure if she had noticed him cumming earlier.

“Good, it’s been awhile since we’ve done something like that, hasn’t it!” she beamed, drying the plates Kyle had just washed.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs caused the two of them to spin around as Becca and Vicky appeared.

“We’re going now, Chloe turned up early!” Vicky announced, her handbag slung over her shoulder and filled to the brim with clothes, make-up and bottles of alcohol.

Kyle felt his heart drop as he watched Becca slip her shoes on.

“I thought you were getting a shower?” Kyle asked, instantly regretting his decision to do so.

Becca looked up at him, a bewildered expression on her face. “I’ll get one at Chloe’s? Why do you care?” she asked as Kyle shook his head and looked away.

“Bye girls! Stay safe!” their mom yelled as they dashed out of the front door and left Kyle alone with his mom.

“Couple of glasses of wine and a movie? Or beer, if that’s cooler?” Kyle’s mom suggested after a few awkward seconds of silence. “I mean, I had a couple before dinner so you have some catching up to do!” she added, laughing.

Kyle faked a smile back at her. “Sounds good to me” he said as he finished washing the last of the dishes.

“I’ll just go and grab a quick shower. Meet in the living room in half an hour?” She said.

Kyle nodded and went upstairs to his room and collapsed onto his bed. He had been so close to catching his sister on camera…if only he could set up a camera in their room and record them doing a show….

Kyle sat up. Maybe he could do one better than that…he could get them into a private room during one of their streams and they would never know it was him…what if their friend Chloe was a cam girl too!? Kyle had met her before and had often wondered what she would look like naked…

Kyle turned his laptop on and opened up the sex cam site. He licked his lips, eager to see if his sisters and Chloe would pop up anytime soon.

He heard his mom go into the bathroom and lock the door, the shower springing into life moments later. Suddenly, he froze. The camera was still recording in there!

Kyle grit his teeth and rubbed his face with his hands. “Shit!” he hissed, not quite believing what he had done.

He waited with baited breath as the shower came to a halt roughly ten minutes later. Kyle sat on the edge of his bed for another few moments as his mom applied whatever creams and lotions she usually put on as part of her post-shower ritual. Eventually, he heard the bathroom door open and his mom stepped out. But she didn’t go straight to her bedroom as Kyle got quite the shock when she opened his door instead.

“Come on” she said, poking her head around the door and motioning by tilting her head.

Kyle looked up nervously; she was only wearing a towel.

“Sure” Kyle said, standing up and thinking she wanted him to go and pick out a movie.

He walked over to her and she grabbed his hand. “Mom, what are you doing?” Kyle asked as she pulled him away and down the hall. Her hair was still soaking wet and flowed down her back.

She didn’t answer and instead led Kyle into her master bedroom. “Sit on the bed please, Kyle” she said sternly, closing the door behind them. The room was dimly lit by a small lamp in the corner.

Kyle nervously did what she said. For whatever reason, it didn’t even cross his mind that she had found his phone. Instead, Kyle sat there expecting some other grave news. He watched as she walked over and stood before him, staring down at him intently.

“Do you mind telling me what this was doing in the bathroom?” she asked, holding up his phone which was still recording.

Kyle’s mouth dropped open and his blood went cold.

“I…I…I” he stammered blankly, his eyes nearly bulging out of his head as he tried to think of something to say. His options were either tell the truth and say he planned to spy on his sister, or lie and say he put it there to spy on his mom.

“If I didn’t know any better…I’d say you were spying on me in the shower” Kyle’s mom said after watching her son squirm for a few moments.

“No, please it’s not like that!” Kyle pleaded. He went to stand but his mom motioned for him to sit down.

“Okay, fair enough” his mom began. “Well why don’t you explain to me why I had your cum on my hand when I left your room this morning?”

Kyle could feel his face growing hotter by the second. “You pressed down on it! I needed some privacy and…and…” he stammered, wishing for more than anything that the ground would swallow him up. His mom smiled at him, softly and motherly this time.

“You can talk to me…you know that, right?” she said, tilting Kyle’s chin up with her index finger, forcing eye contact. “Sometimes a growing man like yourself needs a mothers love…wouldn’t you agree?”

Kyle stared at her, dumbfounded as her free hand began to tug at the towel which was wrapped around her. In a flash, it fell off of her and crumbled around her feet.

Kyle stared at his mother’s naked body, lost for words. She looked amazing, so much more womanly and mature than Becca and Vicky. Kyle could feel his cock beginning to harden as he took in every inch of his mother’s figure.

“Would you like mommy to put her clothes on?” she cooed softly. Kyle shook his head.

“Good boy” she smiled. “Now, show me yours.”

With shaking hands, Kyle started to unbuckle his belt. His mouth was as dry as cotton, his eyes glued to his mom’s chest. He shuffled his trousers down which exposed his cock, stiff and erect like an exclamation mark, the tip glistening in pre cum.

“Oh wow!” his mom remarked, beaming at him. “You really are a man now! Don’t be shy…keep going!” she urged him as Kyle pulled his top up and over his head and kicked off his trousers so he was naked too.

She pushed him back, forcing Kyle to shuffle up the bed as she climbed on top of him and sat on his chest.

“Have you ever seen a pussy up close before?” she breathed, looking down at him. Kyle shook his head. “Would you like to?” she asked. “O-okay” Karl said, barely audible.

She shuffled up so her knees where at either side of her son’s head and positioned her pussy so it was an inch away from Kyle’s face.

“This…is the clitoris” she said, separating her labia with two fingers and pointing to her clit with her other hand. “Girls will love it if you touch them here! Try it…I want you to lick it.”

Kyle poked out his tongue as his mother guided her clit over it. It tasted metallic and had a slippery texture. After a few moments, Kyle grew more confident and began lapping at it himself.

“Mmm…good boy!” his mother moaned, biting her bottom lip. Kyle could sense his mom getting wet as he could taste her more by the second as her juices ran down his tongue. But he didn’t care; he had never felt so aroused in his entire life. And, truth be told, neither had his mother.

She glanced back and looked at her son’s cock which was throbbing and twitching, a glob of pre cum trickled all the way to his balls. She licked her lips at the sight of it.

Kyle reached up and began fondling and squeezing his mom’s boobs. She turned around to look at him and smiled. “Oh, you like mommy’s boobies do you?” she laughed.

“Yeah…they’re amazing…” Kyle breathed, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples which were now erect and hard like two rubber pellets. His mom put her hands over his and allowed him to play with them. Kyle was no longer licking her clit but her pussy was resting on his lips, the aroma, like an aphrodisiac, flowing up Kyle’s nostrils and causing his mouth to water.

Suddenly, Kyle’s expression changed and he began to squirm. “I’m going to cum!” he announced suddenly, much to his mom’s surprise.

“Oh baby, not yet!” she moaned, letting go of his hands and shuffling back slightly. “Close your eyes, okay? Don’t cum yet baby!” she begged as Kyle began kicking out. She felt his first squirt shoot up her back before he even moaned. She quickly spun around, secretly disappointed he was cumming so quick but figuring he might as well get the most out of it.

She slid his cock in between her boobs and began jerking it, sending cum squirting over them and even reaching up to her chin. She felt his cum running down her back from the initial squirt and into her ass crack.

Kyle gripped the bed sheets as he came all over his moms boobs. She was amazed at the load. Given that he came in his bed earlier, this was still one of the biggest loads she had ever seen! This only turned her on more as she began jerking him faster and faster, sending cum flying all over her naked body.

Kyle was groaning as he writhed about on the bed in blissful agony. Cum ran down his mom’s chest, down her arm, down her face as well as splattering all over the bed. But the orgasm finally came to an end as his mom let go of his cock, her hand covered in his cum. She looked down at his cock which was glistening in semen, still twitching and forcing out small globs of cum. She couldn’t help herself. She rested her hands against Kyle’s legs and bent down, taking his cum covered cock in her mouth.

Kyle gasped as his mom began lapping at his tip like a professional before taking his entire cock to the back of her throat. His cock was hypersensitive from his orgasm and he honestly though he might faint from the incredible sensations he was feeling.

“Mom! Stop!” he gasped, rocking and squirming on the bed, not sure if he was absolutely loving this or hating it. His mom continued to lap hungrily at his cock, licking off the cum and sucking out every fresh glob from the tip. She gagged and spluttered as she deep throated him, his cock still as hard as ever in her mouth.

Kyle could see long gooey ropes of his cum swinging from his mom’s boobs like a pendulum as she continued sucking his cock. She eventually pulled away, taking a deep breath as she did so and leaving his cock covered in her saliva.

“Oh…oh Kyle!” she moaned, looking down at him as spittle ran down her chin. Kyle watched as his mom began fondling her boobs, a look of absolute passion and lust on her face as she massaged his cum into her skin.

She bent down and shuffled closer to Kyle, leaning over him and pulling something out of her bedside cabinet. Kyle instantly knew what it was and needed no explanation as his mom flicked it on which caused it to start vibrating. It was the type of vibrator which had a shape like a ball at the end which was intended to be pressed against the clit.

Sitting once again on Kyle’s chest, she pressed the vibrator against her clit and grabbed Kyle’s hand. “Use these two fingers” she moaned, motioning to the two middle fingers on his right hand as she guided them inside of her pussy. Kyle began fingering his mom as she pressed the vibrator hard against her clit. He had never done this before, but he seemed to be doing a good job as his mom rocked her head back, her eyes closed and her mouth wide open as she began to moan. The sound of a wet squelching could soon be heard over the buzzing of the vibrator as Kyle continued to pleasure his mom. He could see her toes curling and digging into the bedding beside his head.

“Oooh that feels so fucking good!” she moaned through gritted teeth, her naked body shining in sweat and semen in the warm glow of the lamp. Kyle’s wrist was getting tired but he refused to quit until his mom had told him to. As it so happens, this was only a few seconds later as she slapped at his hand, causing him to withdraw with his fingers covered in her juices.

She leant back further, pushing down on his cock with her arm as she steadied herself to prepare for the orgasm. She repositioned her feet and brushed one against Kyle’s face. He took this as a hint and grabbed it before greedily sucking on his moms toes.

“Oh nobody has ever done that to me before!” she moaned, relishing in the ticklish sensation before forcing herself to pull it away as she spread her legs and grunted heavily before squirting over her sons face.

Kyle could see his mom’s stomach convulsing as droplets squirted from her pussy and splattered over his chest, face and the bed sheets around him. Her pussy was clearly spasming heavily as the orgasm overwhelmed her, causing her to gag and groan as she writhed just like Kyle himself had done moments earlier.

They both lay there, exhausted and covered in each other’s juices. Kyle’s mom was breathing heavily, and it was a few minutes before she sat up and climbed off of Kyle.

Kyle looked up at her and smiled. “That was fun!” he said quickly, glancing quickly between his moms face and his cock.

She glanced down and saw it was erect and ready to go. She smiled. “You have too much stamina” she purred, grinning down at him.

“Can I fuck you?” Kyle asked suddenly, desperate to finally lose his virginity and feeling more ready than he had ever been before.

His mom blinked, shocked. Despite what they had just done, she wasn’t ready to be faced with this question so bluntly.

She thought for a moment before replying. “You want your first time to be with me?” she asked as Kyle sat up, nodding frantically.

“Not tonight…I want you to think about it. If you still want to tomorrow, then sure. You can fuck your mommy” she grinned, biting her bottom lip. “Would you like to sleep with me tonight?” she asked as Kyle leant back against the headboard.

“If that’s okay?” Kyle replied.

“Of course it is, sweetheart!” his mom beamed at him. “Now, get under the sheets and relax, you won’t be able to sleep with an erection, will you?” she grinned, snuggling up behind him so her boobs pressed into his back. She reached around and began jerking him once again whilst gently breathing into his ear. “And let me know when you’re about to cum” she moaned, “I want to see what you taste like!”


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Text me 863-307-2158. Im 26, 6'2" white and Mexican with a deep southern voice.


2019-05-18 22:05:19
Very good, hope it becomes a series


2019-05-18 18:07:09
good story!


2019-05-17 06:31:02
Nice story. I could see this becoming a series.


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i hope so and get him to fuck his sisters

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