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It was Summer and Danny was out of school. He wanted to stay with Aunt Lynn, in San Francisco. And thus the journey for Danny was to begin..
Danny's Aunt Lynn picks up Danny at home for the summer. His Aunt Lynn came from work..always looking beautiful in in a black blouse and short skirt wearing boots with with medium heels that made a nice sound on the pavement. Her shoulder length dirty blonde hair just from the beauty shop was so well done as was her nails...lilac colored as was her lips.

Danny hugs his aunt...with a kiss..and the long trip was on it's way. He never got to see his aunt much as she lived alone 900 miles away. Danny was an only kid who was quiet and shy. He didn't have a girlfriend and never had a talk about sex at the age of 17. What he didn't know was that he was to get an education in life. He found her sequin hand bag...He was askex by Aunt Lynn to get some change for the tolls. As he got it...he found a long black black sequin purse he took out. As his aunt got past the toll booth, he asked about the purse. As he opened it..his aunt said "you found my cigarettes?". As she took and lit her Capri 120?, Danny watched his aunt smoke. Her cheeks hollowed as she took a drag. Danny began to feel something him react....his bulge in his shorts...but watching his aunt smoke was just the first thing. Wearing dark blue shorts covered up his wetness.

Aunt Lynn asked and found about his social life not being perfect. She asked if was gay or straight. He stammered but his aunt said "either way it matters not...I am a lesbian now since your uncle left me"

So the trip came to close. Danny went to a guest room. As his aunt was on the phone with her lesbian partner. Lynn had taken her metal vibrator while talking with her lover...the talk was replaced with moaning that aroused Danny...he reached into his pants..hearing his aunt moan. Danny stroked his penis...went in the hallway and one point in a crack in the door see his aunt Lynn twerk on he bed..hearing her short breaths and that vibrator took his aunt to a wanton state. As this is going..Danny keeps Stroking...having not to be seen...biting his tougue... Soon his Aunt says to Jodi...over the phone..."Oh gawd...I gonna cum.." Danny held his breath as As his Aunt came in a hard way...her sex coating her she took it her mouth...Danny hax reached his climax...hearing his wetness drip to the floor. He rubbed his rod smearing wetness on his tongue tasting his slickness of his sex. Although..someone saw his enjoying himself.

The next morning...Aunt Lynn went to Danny. She simply asked..."did you enjoy yourself last night" as she kissed him.

As Danny helped clean the house...helping with the laundry...he noticed his aunt had many different wigs. The commode with the mirrors...with his aunt's cosmetics. As he put the laudry away....something drawer was rolling around. His aunt's 6 inch vibrator...for which he saw her post orgasm lick. He did the same. The sweet taste of her aunt's climax was enough. She apparently used it again before he awoke. He fumbled with it as his aunt called for him to help with the laundry. Not before looking at his aunts wardrobe and footwear. This moment too..made him wet...

About lunchtime, his Aunt's partner Jodi arrives. Both Lynn and Jodi work at the same office building. Jodi kisses Lynn...french kissing...Danny was turned on...say he had to go to the bathroom....where he needed to relieve the tension...his precum coating he head of his he slow4 brought out a nice orgasm..

Jodi's son who was a spending the summer as crossdressing...known as Kristin. As Danny looked at gym shorts..leaning against the wall...legs crossed felt his river run again..So all four went out to lunch and came home. As Jodi and Lynn talked, Kristin and Danny talked too on the breeze way. Danny afraid of what to say...Kristin stopped him and said "I know what's going saw your mother enjoy her vibrator...didn't you?" "She told my mom it really got to you..." "And just before we got here...your aunt saw you checking out her vibrator,cosmetics and ger clothes". "You want to wear her clothes, make-up and wigs?" "Do you want to be like me?" "Do you feel stiff as I speak to you" as Kristin's finger finds a moist spot on Danny's sorts. Brazen as Kristin was...her finger fought inside Danny's and dewy..for he Kristin licks his sex off her fingers.

"Admit it are gay...but you want to be woman....she's inside you.." As Danny looks stunned...Kristin kissed Danny.

So as Kristin entered the house...hearing and her mother's vagina being licked...Danny and Kristin left to go to Kristins bedroom 2 doors down. Kristin asked Danny if he wanted to try crossdressing. "I guess...I admit..the answer is yes.." So within 5 hours of preparation, transformation Danny was turned into a woman..even in high heels (they shared the same shoe size).

Danny saw the woman in him. In a blonde wig..with clip on earrings. He felt the silkyness of his legs...and the breeze touching him. Danni with an I instead of y was born. Then Kristin...sliding shorts down..shiwed Danni her first Shemale cock...long and thin. Danni began rubbing her shorts...breathing was she crawled across the room...mumbling..."I" as her pink lips met Kristin's shaft...moaning as Danni slid it in...with his hand stroking his...

Danni's mind was on Auto pilot...she didn't hear Jodi and Lynn come to the Kristin stuck a butt plug with with a fake jewel on it....Danni's muffled moans...her ass pumping as a small pudde on the floor attested...The Woman in out...and a naughty whore she Kristin let loose her sex dribbled dow Danni's cheek in the amazement of Jodi and Lynn

To be continued..
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