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This story is for my friend Alex (also knows to me as Cumdumpster_314). I hope it is brutally rape-y enough for her liking.
Last One at the Party

The haze of the soft smoke in the room floated around Alex’s face. With a soft sigh she wondered how much time she had wasted in this tiny apartment. The clock on the little DVR was blinking 01:32 AM. Alex scans the room for her friend, only to realize Isabella must have already left with her boyfriend. Leaving her alone, again.

Alex brushed her hand through her long blonde hair while taking another look around. Her deep green eyes notice the apartment was nearly empty, except for a few guys. All the other girls had gone somewhere else, maybe into a back room or home for the night. Standing up Alex stretches as she walked to the kitchen to find if anybody else was still around. Nobody there either, Alex starts to panic a little and returns to look in the living room.

In the living room set four guys all spread out. Alex had no idea who any of them where. The first one was shorter than the others. His hair was cut tight like a military man, but his bangs were long and spiked up slightly. The long sleeves shirt he had on hugged his muscles well enough. The jeans had a black belt that looped through to keep his pants up where they should be. Something the other three seemed less interested in. His blue eyes look up to notice Alex standing with a slight look of worry on her face.

The next guy was the tallest, his face was angular and almost reminded her of what a model would look for in a face. However; his ears and hair just set wrong on him and gave off that slightly quirky look that dropped his sex appeal down a notch or two. He was skinny as well, lean with only a slight tone to his muscle. Maybe he played basketball due to his sport shorts and jersey T-shirt he had on. This one’s brown eyes glanced to his friend then to Alex.

Alex took notice of the third guy. He had dark skin, but it was in-between solid black and light tan. A mixed look prevented Alex from pinning down where his heritage might be from. A large smile on his face as he watched some program. A reality show with a witty host had him nearly miss what his friends had taken notice of. He was probable the heaviest of the four and it was both chubby cuteness and some muscle to carry it all. His smile never left when he looked to the young girl that his friends had started to stare at.

The last was a lot more sinister looking. His eyes where cold steel in color and had not stopped watching Alex the entire time from when the last other party goer had left. Leaving him and his three friends. The change of occupancy meant he could think more openly. He whispered to the first guy and then moved to the second and third whispering to each one. Every one of the men nodded and seemed to reposition. This last guy had a very clean haircut, and his button-down t-shirt looked casual enough for the party

Alex moved back to the couch and set down wondering if her friend was going to return. Her eyes did not notice how the guys had moved. How they now surrounded her. How the fourth guy was sitting on the couch next to her. He leaned close to her before whispering, “If you scream, you die.”

That is when the shortest guy grabs Alex around her throat from behind. The couch set in the middle of the room facing the T.V. This meant the walkway from the front door to the kitchen was easy for him to stand behind her. The sinister guy nodded as the other two moved in. “Hold her tight Tyler.” He said to the guy now choking Alex.

Alex felt panic and her heart went full on fight-or-flight with the way he grabbed her throat. She reached up to grab his arms, but the tall guy was pulling her hands away and down to her sides. “Nicely done Richard”, the sinister guy said to the man holding her Arms. The next guy grabs Alex’s legs quickly, preventing Alex from kicking away. “Hold her tight Mitch”, Alex heard one of them say.

Alex opened her mouth to scream only to feel her face get slapped so hard it nearly knocked her unconscious. This time instead of screaming, she simply let out a whimper and started to cry. “Look at me bitch”, Alex heard the wicked guy say. “The names Lukas, and if you want to live tonight. You better just keep your mouth shut”, he then smiled to his friends. “Unless we fill it for you.”

Alex felt the hand around her throat start to squeeze and she opened her mouth in a gasp. That is when Lukas’ hand moved up and pushed his fingers into her open lips. They grabbed her tongue and pulled it out slightly as she gasped. Lukas was pulling her tongue out. He leaned over to her lips and with a loud spit sound let his saliva splatter all over her open mouth and tongue. “Fuck you are a bitch.” He said and then let her tongue go. Alex was feeling her heart pounding like she might pass out from the rush of fear.

“To the floor boys”, he demanded and like they had done it before, the three moved Alex to the floor with a rough thud. Her head bouncing on the ground a little while her throat was still held tightly by Tyler. Alex made a slight plea for mercy. Tyler used his free hand and slammed it down into her diaphragm, knocking the wind out of her. Alex starts to gasp for air. “Fucking don’t talk bitch”, Tyler yelled at her. Then his free hand starts to undo the belt he wore. He was the first to start stripping, but the last to get his pants off due to the belt. Alex could see how each one was now fully exposed. A range of cock sizes all before her.

On the floor Alex was worried her life would end. Lukas was poised at her head, as she was looking up at the underside of his shaft. It was pretty big, probable the second biggest of the four. Tyler was shifted to the side and held her neck tightly. Lukas lowered himself down to his knees and put the tip of his cock against Alex’s mouth. “Open bitch”, he demanded. Alex slowly lets her lips part. Teeth still clinched before Tyler squeezes hard on her throat. “All the way”, Tyler jested. As her teeth part further open Lukas pushes his cock into her mouth.

Alex had been a shy girl most of her life. Hardly ever touching on the subject of sex with her few friends. Little by little she grew more tense when somebody would talk about all the guys they had done. Alex had even masturbated less than what she thought her friends did. As this man was pushing his cock into her mouth, how could he know she had never done anything like this.

Further Lukas’ cock reached into the depth of Alex’s mouth. Inch by inch it pushed her lips open, her teeth gently grazing along his skin. Her tongue was moving to accommodate the intrusion. “Fuck, that’s good girl”, Lukas said. The other guys had started touching Alex’s body. Richard was putting his knees into her bicep and forearm on one side and his hands where squeezing her breast under her shirt.

Mitch was now lifting her shirt up over her breast. Sized on the bra tag showed EE and still squeezed around her mounds tightly. He slowly undoes the front clasp of the bra. With a click sound her breast fall freely before the four guys. Every one of them let out their own cat call of “Damn...Wow...Fucking hot…. Look at those nipples”, the guys murmured among themselves. Alex closed her eyes. Mitch punched her ribs near the bottom. “Keep your fucking eyes open bitch, you get to watch it all”, Mitch demanded.

Alex opened her eyes and tears streamed down her cheeks. Lukas was holding his cock near the back of her throat. Just on the cusp of touching her gag reflex. Then he pulled back. Alex could feel the shape of his head as it moved along the inside of her mouth. With another grunt he pushed himself deep into her throat again. This time hitting her gag, and she coughed. “Looks like she might not handle you Richard”, Lukas said with a laugh.

Mitch had his weight on her legs. With strong muscles Mitch shifted her legs apart. The small skirt she wore road up her sides and shifted to show him the small little red panties she wore. The new pair had been her hope tonight that maybe she could find a guy to show them off too. Alex felt more tears drip down her cheek when she knew what him spreading her legs meant.

Mitch put his knees over top of Alex’s thighs and held her in place. One of her legs started to pull back and away to free itself, but Mitch hit her in the thigh above his own knee so hard. It felt like it was bruised instantly. Alex recognized that he had lifted his middle knuckle up and made it like a spike that dug into the meat of her muscle, raising the pain more intense. A numb feeling falling over her leg as it shook in pain.

Richard and Tyler were in unison to hold Alex down as Lukas was pushing his cock deep now into Alex. Her coughs became gags for air as Tyler squeezed her neck tightly. “Fuck Lukas, it’s weird to feel you through her neck”, Tyler said. Lukas just looked up to Mitch and smiled, “Do it Mitch, it's your turn to go first.”

Mitch smile and grabbed the band of her panties right at the crotch. With a strong pull he lifted Alex’s ass into the air as her panties reached their limits. A loud rip sound echoed in the living room as her pussy was exposed before the four guys. It was smooth except for the sight of a few little hairs she had missed in her shaving. Mitch moved the head of his cock up to her pussy lips.

Alex felt her heart sink at knowing this was it, this was her first time. Her first time was to be from being raped by not just one, but four guys. One last attempt as she pulled her arms against Richard. Richard lifted himself up and dropped a knee into her side. Knocking the wind from her once more. “No no, little fuck hole. Lift her head up Lukas. Let her watch”, Richard asked.

Lukas pulled his cock from her mouth as Alex whimpered. “Sure”, he said. Alex felt Tyler lift her head up and look down at her exposed body. Mitch had his cock, right at her pussy entrance. “Noooo”, she screamed watching as Mitch dropped his body forward. The head of his cock spreading her labia open. Alex felt the head of his cock force her lips apart and simply rip past her hymen like a thin tissue.

“Ahhhhhh”, Alex screamed before Tyler squeezed her throat shut, cutting her scream in mid flow. Alex closed her eyes but felt Richard suddenly slap her face hard and her eyes shot open. “Watch it bitch”, Richard demanded. Alex was seeing it all. Mitch was now sliding his cock to the base of his shaft. All the way inside of Alex as his cock’s head kissed her back wall. Mitch was staring into Alex’s eyes with a smile. “Fuck, a virgin. Lucky me”, he mumbled. “Guess your other hole is a virgin too”, Tyler said, “I get that next.”

Alex had to watch as Mitch moved in and out of her pussy. But not for long before Tyler let her head go and Lukas grabbed her cheek hard. She felt his fingers dig into her face as he got his cock back in her mouth. This time he was not moving slow, but with brutal purpose to fuck her face. His cock spread her mouth open and started to slam his hips up and down into her face. Every thrust hitting her throat that had her cough and gag.

Alex lost sense of time, but could hear them all laughing. Joking about how her virgin pussy was tight. Then Mitch said something she almost missed. ‘Going to cum now”, he mumbled. Alex suddenly realized her body was getting hot. Hot enough to feel like she was sweating. The burning sensation from her hymen and pussy being fucked hard faded. When had it faded? Now her body was screaming as Mitch pushed his cock up inside her deep. Oh gosh, it felt good.

Alex’s body was betraying her as the first gush of cum erupted from Mitch inside her pussy. The feeling of his hot seed pouring into her body had a wave of pleasure bust forth in a flood over inside her. Instead of coughing and gagging now, a moan vibrated Lukas’ cock as he pushed it deep into her mouth. “Fuck Mitch, you made her cum didn’t you”, Lukas mused.

Alex’s body was quivering under Mitch, Richard, Tyler and Lukas. Why, why did it happen this way? Her first time was so painful and hurt her so much. But the orgasm was real, it was running in her body for a moment while Mitch pumped her a few times and then pulled out. The feeling of warm goo dripping down her ass to the floor was burning into Alex’s memory.

No sooner than the first drops of Mitch’s cum hitting the floor before Lukas was groaning loudly. “Swallow bitch”, as he rammed his cock so deep, she started to lose air. It was Lukas’ turn to cum. It was thick, so thick Alex felt as each jet of his creamy rope sprayed into her throat and start to travel down to her belly. Her fear was strong, she quickly tried to swallow his seed to avoid from it going down her windpipe. Lukas felt her throat start to gulp and he smiled. He knew what was happening, it wasn’t the first time for him and his friends.

Tyler and Richard smiled as their friends pulled their now deflating cocks from Alex. “Turn her over”, Tyler and Richard demanded. With almost practiced motion Alex felt her body lift up and roll over to her belly. Her big breast being smashed into the ground as Lukas put his knee into her back. Richard moved in front of her face. His hard-thick cock was the biggest, but only by a bit compared to Lukas.

Tyler and Mitch changed places. “Ok, lets lift her ass up for Tyler and get her mouth on Richard.” The four men pulled Alex up to all fours and she felt her body going numb. Lukas was holding her throat now and off to her left side. Mitch was on the other side and was spreading her ass cheeks and felt a glob of his spit splatter her ass hole. Alex’s mind was going dull and couldn’t figure out why he did that.

Lukas lifted her face up to look at Richard. His cock was pushing up to her lips and she simply opened her mouth. Feeling his big cock spread her lips hard. Almost to much for her as she tried to keep from biting. Afraid of what would happen if she hurt him. Lukas rubbed her face slowly. “Good girl, you learn quick”, he said. Richard was not happy about her compliance. “Fuck this bitch”, was all he said before he grasped the back of her head and pushed his cock all the way into her face in one thrust.

Alex gagged hard and this time felt herself try to resist. One hand came up and pushed against his thigh, but he was strong. Her face slammed into his stomach and her chin against his sack while he let himself just stay deep in her mouth. Alex tears dripped onto the carpet, unable to breathe, unable to scream, unable to stop him.

Her focus on what was going into her mouth made Alex miss the tip of Tyler’s cock brushing against her ass hole. It was subtle, his hand was resting on her left cheek while the right grasped around his own shaft. “Fuck, this is going to be tight”, Tyler said. Then Alex forgot all about the cock held in her mouth when a new pain tore through her body. Tyler pushed the head of his cock in. The saliva and little bit of cum from Mitch making it go in with smooth friction. It felt like her skin was ripped open and Alex screamed into a cock, but it came out gurgled and muffled.

Tyler was feeling how tightly her ass gripped and squeezed his cock. The way her muscles tried to prevent him from going deeper. He let go of his cock as the head was securely inside Alex’s ass and grabbed her hips. Then Mitch leg go of her cheeks and watched as Tyler moved up against her ass, his cock not slowing down as he pushed it all the way inside her butt. Alex kicked her legs a bit, but how Tyler was between her legs and already balls deep meant she could not stop it.

Lukas laughed at watching Alex struggle with her ass being penetrated for the first time. “Go for it Tyler, get her to cum from her ass and I'll buy you a beer”, Lukas said with a smile. Tyler nodded and then starts to drag his cock out of her ass, then pushed it back in. Faster and faster his dick moved. Alex was scared now, worried it would ruin her ass, but it also changed feelings about after 30 seconds of fucking. This new feeling started to scare her more.

Richard’s cock was still moving in her mouth now. Forgetting it was inside her mouth Alex was letting Richard grab her hair and was pulling her head back and forth, in rhythm with his thrusting hips. The cock reached so far into her throat it was sure to block air every time. Alex was trying to keep up, taking deep breaths in between the thrust. Alex felt her world start to go black as the cocks moved in an odd rhythm to each other. But the sensation was not burning as much in her ass. It was starting to tingle deep into her pussy.

Alex was still crying when her thoughts were filled with the fact that Tyler was about to win a bet. Her hips had stopped bucking away from Tyler and now where bucking back into his thrust. Trying to make the angle easier to go, the way her ass moved had Tyler pushing harder and faster. Richard was not to be out done as he was grasping her head now with both hands and pumping his cock in and out in a more manageable rhythm.

“Fuck,” Richard moaned and without pausing he started to cum. Richard was not holding her head still, he was pulling in and out still. His cum was coating the entire inside of Alex’s mouth. Her tongue could taste his salty slime and worked to push his thick seed to the back of her throat to swallow it. Lukas was still petting her face knowing she was in survival mode, trying to avoid being hurt. But that was not what he wanted.

Lukas suddenly reached down to her big nipple and grasped it between two fingers. Pulling hard in an attempt to rip one off he started to yank her downward. “Fuck you bitch, don’t enjoy this”, he demanded before Richard pulled his cock out and a few squirts splattered her face. Her eyes still open felt the sting as the cum hit her directly, forcing her to close them instantly.

Her body arched and followed the pull of the nipple and that sent Tyler over the edge. Alex felt the way his cock was all the way to the hilt and his balls brushed against her pussy as she started to cum. Her pussy was leaking cum from Mitch, but her juices started to leak as well. As she felt Tyler’s hot sperm spill into her depths, her body shook as an orgasm hit her again. From her first anal, and an anal rape too. Alex both cried from pain, shame, pleasure, and humiliation.

Slowly Tyler pulled his cum dripping cock from Alex’s ass and watched his white seed drip out and down across her pussy. Richard had started to jerk his cock making sure to wipe the last drops of his cum on her tear soaked face. Mitch slapped her ass so hard it forced her to whimper. Lukas, ran his hand up into her hair and twirled it in his fingers.

Lukas moved forward and pushed her body down and set on her back. Alex struggled to breathe having his heavyweight on her. “Listen bitch”, he said. The other three getting their clothes on. “We are pretty tight group. If you call the cops on any of us, doesn’t matter who. The others will be sure to find you and kill you before the cops find them. We will also fuck up your friends and family.” He threatened menacingly.

Alex took a breath and tried to process what just happened. Her green eyes blink slowly,feeling the sting as she tries to see past the cum. Richard reached down and wiped her face of the cum and smiled. “Yeah, and I would love to fuck your mom if you try to rat us out bitch.” he said with a smile.

Alex laid still on the ground and felt as each one finished getting dressed. One by one the four of them walked out the door and left her there. Covered in cum, all her holes sore and bruised. Alex turns to her side and curls up, tears dripping down her cheek as she felt her hand move to between her legs. Her fingers slowly rub along the line of her slit. A small smile formed on her mouth as she felt herself dip her fingers into her now no longer virgin pussy. “My rape fantasy happened, it really happened”, Alex said with a smile.
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