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Mom continues to enjoy a new hight of sexual pleasure
Moms Profitable 2

Jill sat in the kitchen Sunday waiting for her husband Al to arrive. She was still feeling the sexual glow of the Friday and Saturday’s sex succession with Gary and Luther.

Evan walked in, “mom I like you better cum soaked then like this”. She smiled at him she giggled, “me too honey but your father will here any minute, we’ve got to play it straight”. Evan nodded in agreement.

“Mom have you spoken to Luther”? “No Gary called they want to know when we can get together; they want it too be soon, this is going to be difficult as I don’t know your fathers schedule”.

Evan gave her a wink, “we’ll need to see what his schedule is”. “Evan you think I did the right thing about parting with the guys right? I just afraid I might have gone further than I should have”?

Evan looked at her with a shocked look, “mom from what I saw you had a very good time, they had a very good time what’s so terrible? Well I don’t want you to think I’m terrible”. Evan laughed, “no way mom frankly I can’t wait to see them and you together again”.

She gave him a coy smile, “I would really like to see them again from there phone calls and texts messages they think I’m hot I know they really want me even if it’s sexually I’m ok with it”.

She chuckled, suddenly they both looked at each other as they heard the garage door going up Al was home. She had to constantly sneak to the bathroom to text Gary and Luther. She felt like a schoolgirl sneaking around to talk to her boyfriends. After most text she was flushed as they had sexual references to her body.

Monday after Al and Evan had left, she was in the car heading to her job, her phone rang it was Gary. “Hi baby what’s up? Well not me Jill what’s going on when are we getting together? Don’t you want to see us”? Without the slightest hesitation she responded, “honey I’m doing my best the hubby hasn’t scheduled any long trips yet so after work today I’ll have a better idea. You know our nut sacks are already very full we may need to jerk off if you’re not available. No sweetie don’t do that I’ll work something out soon, I really want to spend time with you guys I need all that cum” she giggled.

She turned into her office, “babe I’m at work I’ll talk to you tonight, how about calling me around 8:30 and tell Luther no jerking off that’s my job? Ok love talk to you later”.

Monday at dinner Al told them he was going to the coast on Wednesday he would be returning either Saturday or Sunday. Evan smiled at her he headed for his room, she did the dishes, by the time the kitchen was clean Al was asleep in his chair.

Jill quietly went to her room as she passed Evans room, she stuck her head in, “honey if you see dad come up the stairs yell for me as I maybe talking to Gary, no sweat mom”.

She closed her door she had Gary on the phone in 30 seconds, “hi babe I’ve got some good news, great let’s hear it Jill. Al is going to the coast on Wednesday, so I was thinking why don’t you and Luther spend the rest of the week at our house? Wow Jill that would be great your bed big enough for the three of us”. She giggled, “yup all I have to do is change the sheets every day”. They both laughed. “Ok then we’ll see you Wednesday afternoon, honey is it ok to ask you guys to give me a dp every day while your here? Not at all babe we’re looking forward to it, so am I, just one more thing no jerking off till you get here.

She smiled to herself as she thought I feel like a schoolgirl again flirting on the phone with him using sexual innuendos is a turn on. I should check my underwear draw to see what I’ve got for the days there here she realized when they are with her only cum soaked panties are needed.

Down the hall Evan was having a conversation with Luther about the week and weekend. Evan told Luther, “bro you guys will be fucking her for four days that’s twice as long as last time so how about 750 for both of you”? Luther was hesitating, “look Lu you guys know its really good tight pussy not to mention she had a virgin ass until last weekend. You guys have turned her into a DP slut its really not a bad price”. Again, Luther was silent, then finally he spoke.

“Evan I’ve got a deal for you; you charge Gary and me 500 for the whole four days then on Friday night I’ll have Roy and Barry come over they’ll pay you 600 for Friday and Saturday”. Now it was Evans turn to be silent, “let me think about this for a bit I’ll call you back.

Evan went down the hall to his moms’ room she was in the closet looking at her outfits. “Mom you in here? Yes, in the closet why? Just figured we’d talk, about what”? This was the opening he needed he sat on the edge of her bed. “The last time they were with you after one day you’d drained them dry”. She smiled broadly, “yes I did. It took till Monday night for the cum to completely leak out”. “Well all I’m saying is I hope they have enough cum to satisfy you”.

She gave Evan a strange look, ‘you don’t think they can keep Cumming for the four days”? Evan realized this was a possible opening, “well I think they’ll be ok for Wednesday and Thursday but, he paused”. She stopped sorting through her outfits, she turned placing her hand on her hips. “You know you maybe right when they left, they had absolutely nothing left I had milked out every drop I’m very good at that”.

“Well you seem to be the expert on my sex needs what should we do”? He smiled, “well what would you think about a gangbang”. Her eye’s shot open her mouth dropped down, “really you think that would be the best thing to do”? Evan paused for several second before he responded, “well I’m not saying 10 guys but perhaps two more cocks is what we would need”.

Evan saw the familiar look on her face as she started chewing her bottom lip she was once again nervous about the suggestion, intrigued but very nervous. “I don’t know Evan I’d have to give this a lot of thought, mom the last time I made the suggestion about parting with the guys you had the same reaction, I’m curious how does your pussy and ass feel”?

She hesitated for quiet a while before responding, “give me some time to consider this I’ll let you know, ok mom just remember Wednesday night they are coming over, so we need to know how you feel about it asap”.

A half hour passed Evan had told Luther he was waiting for an answer then Luther could contact Roy and Barry to make the financial arrangements.

He heard a soft knock on his door he cut the transmission with Luther as she walked in, she was wearing a robe. “Evan lets talk for a little bit, ok mom what’s up? Honey I appreciate you a lot frankly I haven’t felt so sexually charged in 10 years, your suggestion to fuck them was exactly what I needed”.

Evan looked at her he was confused she continued, “I was really looking forward to several day of good sex with the guys but I’m apprehensive about two additional cocks. Secondly I don’t want your friends treating me like a cheap whore”. Evan had had it, “mom you and the guys had a terrific time from what I saw, you seemed to really be looking forward to this week that said if you think about it the more cock the better”.

He sat at his chair waiting for a response from her it didn’t take long. “Well I guess when it comes to my sexual needs and the way to get them satisfied you are the expert so I guess we can try it. That’s great I’ll set something up for Friday and Saturday”.

She smiled put her head down a bit and in a low slutty voice asked, “honey will it be more black cock? Yes, mom from what I’ve seen your very partial to black cock”. She giggled, “you really know me honey I admit I’m becoming a black cock cum slut are you ok with that”.

She opened her robe all she had on was the tight red boy short her big tits bounced free she got a coy look on her face. “Honey I figured with that settled you may want a blow job”? Evan pulled his cock out, as she dropped to her knees, he tried close the door. “Leave it open we’ll her if he come up besides it very sexy”, she swallowed his entire cock.

She went to work sucking his cock while with one hand messaging his ball while with the other hand, she probed his ass hole until finally her index finger pushed in. That was all Evan could take, he grabbed her head as his balls started pumping cum in her mouth. She swallowed every drop, “babe get on the bed”, he did and seconds later she kissed the head of his cock. She then started licking his ball sack with a few minutes she spread his ass cheeks she plunged her tongue in his hole.

Evans cock had gotten rock hard again. She looked in his eyes with a big smile just then they heard Al heading to bed. She pulled her robe on as he got to Evans door. “Thank honey now I know how to clean the system”, she looked saw Al the two headed for bed leaving Evan in an aroused state.

Evan called Luther to be sure the arrangements had been made, he was assured he would have his money by Friday noon after hanging up he jacked off watching the video his mom and the guys were in.

Wednesday morning Al left for the airport Evan headed off to school while Jill did a little light cleaning then she started getting ready for her guests. She had decided to wear a yellow cheek huger pantie with yellow half bra and yellow 5” heels.

Evan called at 2 to tell her the coach had called a practice so they would not be home till six or seven both guys would need showers food would be good. She suggested Chinese he agreed as they could order while the guys were showering. At six thirty all three guys arrived, Jill had on tight white shorts a button up blouse with the first 3 button undo and flip flops.

Gary and Luther came in each one gave her a tongue kiss along with some tit rubbing, she pushed them away “please go shower I like you better when you smell good”. She showed them where to shower as she was leaving, “I’m getting Chinese what do you want, once she had their orders, she had Evan call it would take 45 minutes.

She had started drinking she was on her third vodka while they sat in the kitchen waiting for the guys and food. Luther came in the kitchen he was clean he really looked good, so she told him so. He thanked her “you look pretty good yourself momma is that what your going to be wearing later”?

Giggling like a 16-year-old girl she smiled coyly, “no baby after we eat, I’ll go sex myself up for you two”.

The bell rang Luther jumped up “I’ll get it” get was off, she was surprised as he paid for dinner which had to be 60 or 70 dollars. Gary came into the kitchen they all ate. They made small talk they joked about certain sexual things they liked, and she liked. Dinner was over Gary and Luther jumped up they started washing the dishes.

“I think I’ll go get sexy” hey mamma smoke this while your doing it then call us”. She looked at the fat joint she had been handed, “really you want me to smoke this? Yup we all are having one so get with the program mamma”. She walked out of the kitchen wiggling her ass way more then necessary.

She changed into the outfit, she had smoked half the joint she was stoned, he mind kept think about their cocks. She yelled for them they were in her room in 10 seconds.

Gary smiled “wow Jill you look smoken hot how about a few pictures”? in her present state she started posing pushing her tits out spreading her legs she even pulled her panties down enough for them to get a picture of her red bush. They took her hand she was led to the bed; they removed her bra Gary was sucking her nipples while Luther was gently rubbing her clit. All she could do was moan as the feeling was great.

“Guys I don’t want you to think I’m a black cock slut, but I’d love both cocks in me soon”! They need only be told, Luther laid on the bed “climb on Jill” she did Gary got behind her, plop his cock was in her. The guys started a slow steady movement, “Oh fuck I love your cock please it feels so good, oh fuckkkkkk she had her first orgasm”. Looking into Luther eyes she dreamily asked, “I’m beginning to want this all the time is it ok”?

Several minutes later both guys were pounding her pussy and ass every time her pussy milked Luther’s cock her ass contracted giving Gary the same feeling of milking his cock. “Oh, Fuck me, oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkmeeeeeeeeeee” her body convulsed she was shaking from the intensity of the orgasm.

Both guys grunted as cum was flowing from their cock deep into her womb and ass the sensation of cum flowing into her caused her orgasm to continue, all she could do was moan with animal lust. When it subsided, it took two minutes before she could speak.

As the three separated she had a glow on her face which told everyone she had been well fucked. “Guys I really need this on a regular basis please let’s work on it”. Luther winked at Gary he looked at her, “oh we will Jill but is it ok to say you are a cum loving black cock craving cum slut”? Jill smiled at Luther “Yes I’m you’re cum loving black cock craving cum slut”, they all laughed.

Thursday morning, she made them all breakfast in a bra and cum soaked panties, they left for school she got cleaned up washed the sheets which were also cum soaked laughed to herself as sexually she felt 21 again. Every so often she would shudder as a glob of cum would leak out of her pussy or ass she was soaked in cum.

Thursday night was a repeat of Wednesday, she was apprehensive about the photos they had taken of her, but it was way too late for that. Thursday night after several DP’s a couple of blow jobs and two solo missionary fuckings she sat up she looked at the two boys on either side of her, “guys please don’t let anyone see the photos I let you take of me” both guys assured her they would never let anyone see them.

Friday night Roy and Barry showed up a 7pm Evan opened the door before they came in, he stuck his hand out each guy handed him money which he counted before they were allowed in. He showed them into the den where Luther Gary and Jill were standing drinking.

They stopped cold at the sight before them, Luther and Gary were in briefs, Jill had on a light green bra which only covered her nipples, light green boy shorts, green garter belt with green stockings and green heels.

Evan was in his room with several cameras videoing the event, Luther introduced her to each guy as she was introduced, she gave a very passionate tongue kiss she then wiggled over to the bar to make them drinks.

Barry looked at Luther, “man you weren’t kidding she is one smoken hot momma, she stood there making the drinks smiling. “Wait till you try the pussy it’s hot wet and very accommodating”. She looked directly at the two new guys, “he’s correct I have plans on draining all the ball sacks in the room”, she giggled.

After half their drinks were gone Barry looked at Jill, “Jill baby I’d really like to fuck you stupid, what do you think”? She gave a coy look, “well honey I’m always up for a good fuck with lots of cum so let’s go”.

They went into the bedroom in less than a minute she had four guys on her Barry was eating her pussy, Luther and Gary were sucking her nipples, while Roy was stuffing his cock deep in her throat. All she could do was moan in heightened sexual delight she had never had four men on her like this at the same time the feeling was beyond description.

She shuddered as an orgasm hit her from Barry eating her pussy, she was on her back legs spread wide as Barry’s cock went deep in her pussy. Her pussy was already contracting around his cock milking it, within five minutes she shuddered as his cum flowed deep into her. She looked up at him, “well is the pussy good”? “It sure is momma”, that’s when she realized his cock was still hard. “Baby as long as your cock is in there and rock hard let do it again”. Barry once again started pumping her.

It took a while of solid fucking but her pussy milked his cock “oh my fuckennnnnnnnnnnnn she orgasmed her pussy had creamed his cock he could take no more for the second time in 20 minutes he blasted a load of cum deep in her. Barry rolled off she was laying spread eagle leaking cum, Roy sat next to her on the bed, she smiled at him. “Honey why don’t you get your cock in her, I guarantee this pussy will milk your cock, this cunt knows how to milk cock, so she gets every drop out of you”.

Roy could not believe how good her pussy was even with two large loads of cum in her she was tight enough to milk him he only lasted three minutes before blowing another large load in her.

For the next four hours she was fucked more times then she could count both her ass and pussy were leaking cum, she was sore but by 11:30 the guys were starting to fall asleep as she had in fact drained their ball sacks dry.

Laying between Luther and Gary she whispered to Gary “honey only you two are allowed to DP me”, she kissed him on the cheek she fell asleep in a sexual high.

Saturday morning Barry and Roy thanked her for a wonderful evening they asked if they could come back often, she was at the back door in cum drenched panties. “You guys know where I live call, I’ll try to work it out”.

They were gone she headed back to her room Luther and Gary were sitting up in bed smiling, “hey Luther I see a pussy and ass that needs a DP think we should go for it? I think we should ask first man”. They both looked at Jill, “what the fuck are you guys waiting for I need to DP now”!

Jill moaned cried and screamed as the two cocks work her body, due to the amount of sex they had done with her already both guys lasted a solid fifteen minutes. Jill orgasmed five or six time then she realizes the big one was coming and quickly. She leaned down on Luther chest as Gary’s cock started pumping cum into already very full bowels, Luther felt the pulsing of the cock in her ass he gave her pussy another bath of fresh cum. They all separated completely spent.

They fell asleep suddenly Evan came in the room, “mom dad’s home guys get into my room and get dressed”. In a flash they were moving for his room, Jill pulled the sheets off the bed threw them on the bathroom floor pulled on shorts and a top she was working to get the sex smell out of the room as Al walked in.

Jill, Evan where are you and who’s car is in the garage, Evan, Gary and Luther came into the kitchen, “hi dad these are my friends from the football team he introduced them. Al shook hands with them, “where’s your mother she is cleaning, doing wash that kind of stuff”. He nodded knowing her routine.

Jill entered the room with a wash basket, she handed it to Evan “put this by the washing machine I’ll be right out”, Al chimed in while you three are out there please move your car, Evan park mine and bring me the keys”. Al looked at the three guys hey you guys want to stay for dinner”? They smiled “sure would if its ok with the misses”.

Saturday while Al lounged around Jill gave Gary a super blow job, then he went in Luther came for his blow job. She was licking the cum off her lips as she looked at Luther “I need your cocks regularly we’ve got to find a way to work it out I don’t care I’m sexually committed to your black cocks’, she smiled as she turned to leave “besides I’m a really good cock sucker and I need cum”.

Late Saturday as they drove home Gary looked at Luther “man we’ve got to find a way, so we don’t have to keep paying Evan for her pussy, yup”. Gary twisted in his seat, “bro I have two suggestions, ok let’s hear them. First, we talk her into meeting us somewhere and not telling anyone including Evan”. Luther shook his head “has some merit but she’s probably not going to do it which would cause us issues with him, ok second we get a couple of the gay guy from school to make him their bitch”. Gary saw the look on Luther’s face. ‘let’s talk about option two”.
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