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A hard day, a cold driving rain, a lonely figure and a night of chance.
This is a work of fiction. Any resemblances to actual events, characters, persons, alive or dead or beings of Earth or the multiverse, past, present or future, is purely coincidental. Unless, of course, I'm psychic, in which case this a work of non-fiction. But I highly doubt that, I'm not that attuned. I mean if I was, I’d have won Powerball by now and been able to afford creative writing classes, and a proofreader.

Be forewarned, these writings, including this warning, may trigger some issue or issues that you have. Either by the language used or it’s content in general. If you are one to get bothered by every little thing, you have to make the decision now. You have two choices. One, you can decide, if you can be a mature adult about things and continue. Or Two, just close it now and step away from wherever the hell it is that you are reading this.


Chapter 6: Freshly Paved Streets

I woke up to a gentle growling in my ears. My eyes slowly opened, I felt my chest vibrate and I realized, that noise was coming from me. She, on the other hand was quiet, her head on my thigh, gazing intently, gently running a finger up a vein. She felt me rise and smiled.

“Hey Old Man.”

*“Hey You.”

Time slipped by at a normal pace. I was watching her trace the wanderings of her fingertip up and down my flesh and I could see it rising to meet her touch. She kept away, just far enough to barely brush against me. I got lost in her play. *“Tease.”

“Mmmhmmmm.” Her smile grew just snarky enough to let me know she was playing with a purpose. She teased a little more, in silence, then cast her gaze to my face and broke it with an earnest question, “Where do you think we go from here?”

*”I don’t know. Do we have to go anywhere?”

“No, I suppose not.”

*”I mean, this is a pretty nice place I’m in. At the very least, I wouldn’t mind visiting again.”

She sat up, crossed her legs, and hunched down looking at me. I had to prop myself up to see her. “Me too.” Her head tilted a bit. I leaned up and kissed her. “It’s seven in the morning. We could have some breakfast.”

*”Yeah we could do that, or you could come over here, slide me inside, and we could talk, not move, just talk. Then, we could have breakfast.”

She leaned forward and pulled my arms out from my sides, I fell back to the bed with a solid thump. She climbed over my stomach, and took me in her hand and slid me right inside slowly inching her way down. “Oww”

*”Still sensitive?”

“Yeah, a little. It’s, okay now.” She sat back and pulled me up, I put my arms on her waist and sat up, holding her with my hands half on her ribs, half on her shoulder blades. “Hi.”

*“Good morning.”

“This is a pretty nice way to wake up.”

*”I’ve had worse.”

“Me too.”

*”You know, life really is a tore up, bumfuck, backwater road sometimes. But the rest stops, have the best views around. If only you stop, take a breath and look around.”

She just lazily twiddled a finger around my chest. “You know, I meant what I said before.”


“Loving you.”

*”I know you did and I meant every word myself.”

“Hmmmm… did I miss something?”

*”?My other first has that heart string?” I looked at her eyes and then at her hand then back up to see if she tracked my vision. She had. *“And she’s playing it, right now.” She watched her fingers circle the flesh right over my heart and smiled. It only took a couple of twirls, “Oh,” her eyes shot up to mine and the corners of her mouth rose even higher. Purple irises imprisoned my thoughts and dragged me in, to mingle with hers. My blood pumped and I swelled inside her. “Ohhh.”

Our noses brushed and teased. Our lips played no touch, dancing into and away from each other, with that electric feeling of being connected. She rocked back and forth as I rolled side to side. She leaned back and shook. I looked down at our meeting, she was soft. It was the first time I had seen her like that, mostly it had been half hard or more until then. It gracefully curved, arcing gently between us. It peeked out like a luscious and full clit, hooded under an angled foreskin. It was the first cock I ever saw that kind of turned me on and I realized she wasn’t circumcised to boot.

The slow grinding movements and gentle whispers of scent, stirred up the pleasures, increasing the level of desire. Her hands clamped strenuously into my back as she sucked my tongue and held it fast with her teeth. She trembled and rose up kissing my forehead. “Oh fuck, I’m…”

I was pushed over the line when she arched her back offering me her breast. I sucked in her nipple and started to cum within her tenuous trembling. She was stirring me on with rippling muscles and sighs. The orgasm was slow and steady and strong and long.

We shook and rumbled then settled into each other, spent and well fucked.

*”Fuck that was…”

“Different. Wow, dizzy.”

*”That’s putting it… yeah, different, that works.”

Once again the laughter took hold. I rolled her over and stayed inside.

“I love, shit, those heart… oh, beats.”

*”They’re like an exclamation point to it all, aren’t they?”


*”Ready to eat?”

“In a minute.”

*”Take as long as you like Little One, I’m in no rush to move.”

She sniffed and sighed and squeezed me. “My mom used to call me that.”

*”Do you want me to stop?”

“No, it’s nice to hear again.” Her stomach grumbled. “Guess, it’s time to make some food.”

*”What do we have?”

“We have bacon, eggs, I’m pretty sure there’s some fruit and cheese left, and I think there’s some pancake mix.”

*”Well we could throw together an omelette and mix some fruit in with the pancakes. You have chocolate syrup?”


*”Hey, do you have a bathtub here?”

“Yeah, downstairs.”

*Big enough for two?”

“Big enough for me, you and a Wookie.”

*”Good, how about you fix us a nice hot bath and I’ll go and get breakfast made.”

“Okay?” she looked puzzled but intrigued. I got up slid, out of bed, she took my hand and stomped to the floor. We walked down the hall, she stopped by the bathroom and got some things and I watched her walk by and down the stairs. I put some wood in the stove and fanned it back to life. The day was fully arrived but the chill of the night had reclaimed the air and by the look of the sky, it wasn’t much better outside. The fire returned, with a little bit of prompting, and so did it’s purpose. I went to the kitchen and prepared our meal. I was putting the last of the pancakes on the plate when she snuck up behind me and kissed my neck. Her cock pressed into my cheek and nuzzled back of my thigh. I felt her hand slide down my stomache and wrap around mine. “Ooh strawberry pancakes. With… maple and,” she dipped her finger in the mix, “chocolate syrup?”

I forked a piece off, *”MhmM. Here have a taste.”

“Oh, mmm that’s nice.”

*’It’s better with dark chocolate chips, but this’ll do.”

“This, is… mmm.”

I took the plate, and walked to the stairs, she gave me that look again. *”There’s a nice hot bath waiting for us, you don’t want it to get cold do you.”

“I was wondering where this was heading.”

*”What, you never sat in a tub with a glass of wine and some snacks and just relaxed?”

“No. But okay, one sec I’ll grab the wine and do you ummm want some weed?”

*”Just the wine.”

She led me down the stairs and through another bedroom, to a bathroom that was small, but eclectic. The tub had feet like eagle talons holding a globe and it really could fit two and a Wookie, a smaller than average, maybe teenage Wookie, but yeah we could fit. I went back upstairs, got the smokes and the candle, from the bathroom and the top, from the coffee table, and went back down. She was already in and under the bubbles. The scent of Lavender and Hibiscus hinted off the water. I laid the table top across the sides of the tub, lit the candle and put it on the sink. I closed the window curtains to the day, picked up the plate and the glasses, put them on the table top and stepped into the tub.

We ate not saying much, just relaxing, refueling and reinforcing that comfortable bond. When the food was finished, and our energy returned, I took the settings and the table and laid them on the sink. I took her hand, stood her up, pulled the plug, and turned the hot water on to reheat the tub. I stepped into it and sat back down pulling her with me.

“We’re gonna get old peopley.”

*”Probably, but it goes away, and I’m already old people.”

I traced the line of a scar from her left shoulder down to her ribs. *“Surgery?” She tensed away a touch.

”That one? No. The one above my hip and the one on my side yes. I had an extra kidney, that failed, and some stuff that needed untwisting.”

*”That sucks?”

“I don’t remember them, I was a newborn for the untwisting and three I think, for the kidney.”

I kissed the one by her shoulders. She pulled away again then settled back in.

“That one still hurts.”


“Oh you didn’t hurt it, it’s not a physical pain.”

I pulled her back and hugged her tight.

*”I’m guessing something got ugly.”

“Yeah, friends, well not friends.”

*”Enough said.”

“Thanks.” She turned as much as she could and hugged me hard. A somberness returned but this time there were no tears. I just let her find what she needed to.

“Will I see you again after today?”

*“I’d like that very much.”

She pulled away to look at my face. “Me too.” The last bit of sadness chased from her eyes, but even the little bit I saw bore a hole in my mind. She smiled and everything made sense in it’s light once again.

We got up, dried off and went back up stairs, wrapped in a single oversized beach towel. She laid on the bed and I pulled her to the edge, by her feet, and knelt between her thighs. I kissed and nibbled from her knee to her abdomen. Her musk filled me with want once more. I tasted at the tender skin and worked my way to her rising. I got her hard and stiff and wanting. “mmmm your mouth feels good on my…” she shied.

*“You can say it, I’m sucking your dick..”

“Yes you are, unn, sucking my dick, oh shit, good.”

I reached across and grabbed the oil and teased myself with it. Then I rose up and straddled myself over her, kissed her, grabbed her and slicked my hands up and down her velvety cock. Slowly I ground myself onto her. “Oh, you really did like it.”

I closed my eyes and remembered and relaxed, she popped through the taut ring and I felt the release, and with one slow, steady push I felt her fullness in me. The pain was vivid, like the dull ache of a tourniquet constantly being tightened. She stayed still and held me. “I really really do love you.”

*”I know and you know too.” She rolled herself up and kissed my neck while I slowly started to move. She licked my chest with little fluttering flits. I ground against her with a very circular intent. My eyes closed again and I drifted back, grinding deeper with longer motions. I felt a warmth around the head of my cock, and looked down to see her mouth just moving past the head. I could sense the look on her face, it glowed with devious delight.

There aren’t too many words to describe what I was feeling, okay there are, but we use them all too much and too often, so I’ll just let your imagination fill the gaps.

I watched as her head bobbed on my shaft and my ass rode on hers. Her hands scraped my ribs and back as she rose and took my mouth and breath for her own. “Fuck I’m, shit, oh Joe.” I felt it, a pulse and a speed, and a slickness grew inside me. “Shit.”

I pulled her in and pushed into her stomach, I felt the pause and the break and the warmth on my abdomen. *”Oh, fuuuck, mee,” I moaned as my own orgasm rose out of me, down my stomach and cock. She giggled and I cracked up.

*”I do too you know.”


*”Love you.”

“I know.”


“Yeah it is.”

*”So what do you say to once a week?”

“Elaborate, please.”

*”We get together once a week, just for this, all night long, awake or asleep, just this, all this.”

“I can do Thursday nights after four,” She said, without even a pause.

*“I can make that work.”

“Schools out in a couple of months. Maybe we can get together more then?”

*”Oh no, we can get together more than once a week now. I mean we can work on some of your projects, go see a movie, dinner, whatever. I’m just saying once a week, we dedicate to this… serendipity thing.”

“Serendipity Thursdays, it is, definitely. Hey, do you cosplay?”

*”I haven’t. I did some D&D, when it first came out, and a couple times over the years, but nothing in costume, unless you consider combat paintball.”

“It’s fun, I don’t go out and do it anymore, mostly I just dress up to take pictures to sell my gear. But it would be so much fun to con, I haven’t been to one since my parents died.”

*”Well I have no problem with it, which is funny considering I hate work uniforms, if you need another coat rack for pics, I’m in. And if you needed a con date. I’ve been to a couple, they’re good fun. Interesting toys, awesome costume work, fantastic replicas. That honestly fun group of geeks you’re happy to meet. And some hot chicks dressed as slave Leah, of course there’s the one or two that could pull off Jabba the Hutt easier, but what’s not to love?”


*”That’s Dirty Old Perv to you.”

“My, Dirty, Old, Perv,” she chided, while kissing up my neck. “You know, with a little work you could pull off Sirius. At least enough to be recognizable.”

*”And will would you be escorting me as Luna Lovegood? You could pull off the essence of her, beautifully, without a stitch of cloth or creme.” She grabbed my face and kissed me, more to hide her blush than thank me, but who the hell am I to judge.

“Mmmhmm, I could do that. You’d make a good Aeryn Sun too.”

*”I do not have the chest to pull Aeryn off. And that would mean shaving things. Except the pits and the bush, Aeryn wouldn’t shave them in my universe. Oh damn, you know, you’d make a fantastic Nibari. Wait a minute, I thought you liked boys.”

“I do. But there are a few handsome looking women too. Okay maybe Aeryn’s small chested older sister? Those peacekeeper outfits were hot, you’d look good in one.”

*”So is that what I am to you, a handsome looking woman?”


*”Fair enough. Ahh, The sacrifices we make.” I stood up, she started to rise *“I’ll be right back, relax.” She laid back down and I went downstairs to the bath, grabbed all the stuff from breakfast and brought it back up. I put the table top back, rolled a smoke, just tobacco and started washing the plates and glasses. I heard her footsteps as a rhythmic skipping down the hall. Her arms where soon around me, and her lips tickled my neck. “I’ll dry.”

When the dishes were done and stored away, she dragged me to the living room, threw the cushions, from the couch, onto the rug by the cast iron stove. Then she skipped back down the hall and returned with a comforter and a pillow. She took my hand, sat down on the cushions, pulling me to her. I scooted up behind her and pulled the comforter around us.

“I was twelve.” She started to say, then stopped. I kissed her neck, right where it curves. “mmmm, I was at a party, I had just changed schools a semester before, but someone from my old school was there. He was birthday boy’s cousin or something. He was one of the reasons we moved. I guess it wasn’t far enough.” She pushed back into me a little more. “The reason we moved was, one day I was peeing in the girl’s room, some girls busted in and knocked into the door. I was pulling my panties up, but they saw ME. Then the word spread. The cousin was a friend of the boy that kissed me on a dare.” Her neck stretched, her shoulders squared, and she looked to the ceiling.

*”You don’t have to tell me anymore.”

“It’s okay, I want to. Anyway, he started telling everyone at the party I was a homo, that I had a penis, that’s not a girl. Him and some of the other boys chased me trying to undress me to get real proof. I slipped under a fence and ran, they were too big to fit. Then I felt a pain in my back and I was crashing to the floor. He had ripped off a metal sign from the fence and threw it at me.”

*”So that’s how you ended up with that scar.”


*”What happened? How’d you get away?”

“I guess I screamed. I don’t recall it was hazey. The person whose house it was ran out, there were cops, paramedics, the hospital, things are a bit blurry. He went to Kids Kamp, my friends acted differently from then on, and we ended up moving again.”

*”Because it was your fault, for being different.”

“Yeah, you know.”

*”Not to that extent, but I had my share as a kid. No more, than most, roughly about average.”

“Well if anyone here finds out and knows we’re together, I’m sorry, if that happens, and people you know change.”

*”It won’t be anything new, if that’s the case. I’ve seen that shit come and go, I’ve seen people come and go, some stay some do not. Look. I’m 53 years old, I don’t give a fuck what people think about me. Some people like me or don’t for no reason, others hate me for real ones, but that’s because, they’re, complete shit piles and that’s on them. The people that love me, love me for what I love them for, they’re good people no matter our differences. And if I lose one or two or all of them, because I’m with you, well then thanks for the memories and have a nice life. I know I will, with you, with or without them.”

“You were wrong, you know?”

*”About what? I’m wrong about tons of stuff.”

“It’s not stranger’s ears, it’s a friend’s.”

*”Yeah, now, but then they were a strangers, I was right for then.”

“No, you were a friend, right from the start.”


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