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A respiratory infection slows me down.
Chapter 16 Two Mother's Concern

On Friday April 5th, I picked mother up at work at five as usual and the first thing she said to me was, "You look exhausted. You look like you need a vacation from your vacation."

"I am tired," I said. I wanted to say more like, my dick is so tired I was not sure it could ever get hard again or that my balls were so empty I was not sure they could ever produce kum again. I wondered if anyone had ever fucked himself to the grave. As soon as I entered the kitchen, I sat at the kitchen table, placing my arms on the table and resting my head on them, I promptly fell to sleep.

Mother busied herself fixing dinner. When she was finished, she tried to wake me. She found I was feverish and refused to eat, so she made me take aspirin and drink water. Then she took me to my room and put me to bed. I went to sleep only remembering her tucking the blanket under my chin, kissing me on the cheek, and telling me to, "Sleep tight Johnny." When I awoke, in my bed, it was the next day. I ached in every joint and felt chilled. Andrea was bathing my face with a cold washcloth and Mary and mother were disagreeing about how important it was to bring my temperature down. I was very pleased that everyone I really cared about was taking care of me. I went back to sleep only to be awakened, set up with pillows behind me, and fed chicken noodle soup.

Content but exhausted, I again fell asleep. Eating, peeing, and sleeping is all I was allowed to do all weekend, but then that is all I wanted to do. Monday morning, mother awakened me, to tell me that she had arranged for me to see a doctor, and Mary Logan would take me to my appointment. After sleeping a couple hours more, I was awakened by Mary gently shaking me. "John, you have to dress so I can take you to see the doctor.," she said. I did not feel that I wanted to get out of bed, but I thanked her and started to get up. I was too dizzy to stand and fell back on my bed. Having not left the room, Mary said, "Let me help you."

Mother had laid out my clothes, and in very little time I was dressed. Assisting me, Mary led me to the front passenger seat of the Logan family van. I dozed off during the drive, but when she woke me again, I was able to walk without much assistance. Not until the doctor had diagnosed me with a respiratory infection did he find out that the woman with me was not my mother. He hesitated to proceed but after I assured him that she was standing in for my mother, he proceeded to prescribe an antibiotic and off we went to the pharmacy.

Before noon I was fed some more chicken noodle soup and back in bed sleeping. When I awoke again, Andrea was holding my hand and mother was telling Mary, "He almost never gets sick but when he does, he usually sleeps it off."

"Not my boys," Mary said, "they cry and moan all the way through every little illness. I had to keep checking John to be sure he was still alive."

"Thank you so much, Mary dear," my mother said.

Andrea whispered in my ear, "Aren't our mothers sweet together, it is like they were loving sisters."

Loving sisters, I thought, that is nice. I wondered if they would stay that way if they knew I had fucked each of them. I knew I had to stop giving in to them and concentrate on my loving Andrea. She had insisted that on her birthday, June 17, I would get her cherry. The only reason for waiting is because she wants to keep her cherry longer than her mother did. This seemed to me like a silly competition between them, but I respected it. I loved Andrea and would never do anything to betray that love.

Still weak from my respiratory infection, I was kept home from school with Mary fawning over me. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed her attention but like mother she wanted to do everything for me. It was Thursday when I told her to let me go to the bathroom without her. When I came out of the bathroom, she was there asking, "Did everything come out okay?"

I laughed and she asked why. I explained that she had just asked me if everything had come out okay. "You know...shit and pee coming out okay."

For a moment she looked puzzled, then laughed, and hugged me. "I didn't mean it that way," she said as she gave me one of her full body hugs. Feeling her breasts pressed firmly against me, my thoughts turned sexual. Like always in my youth when I had sexual thoughts, my dick responded. It found the opening in my pajamas and pressed firmly against her mound. "You are getting well, aren't you, Johnny?" she asked. I agreed but she added, "Still, I think you need to rest in bed."

"I'm tired of bed and my balls feel like they are so full of cum they are going to burst," I confessed.

"Are you sure you are well enough?" she asked.

"I'm sure."

"Wouldn't want you to relapse and have to explain to your mom that I was blowing you when your fever came back," she said as she led me to my room.

"Huh uh, not on my bed...unless..."

"Unless what?" she asked.

"Unless we can do a side-ways 69," I said.

"Are you up for that?" she asked.

"Look at this, " I said, pointing at my rock-hard dick poking out of the opening in my pajamas. She chuckled and in short order we were naked, getting into position. All I could see was that sweet/salty pussy juice flooding out of her beautiful pussy. I was so tired of chicken noodle soup and so sure that this snack not only would taste better but be more satisfying. I dove in, slurping up as much of that sweet/salty pussy juice as I could. At the same time, I could feel the mouth of the mother of my dear Andrea taking my dick deeply. It had been six days since my dick had had this experience. He was quite sensitive. My balls eagerly responded. I do not think Mary was ready for such a rapid response. She seemed to choke with the first surge, but she recovered quickly, taking the remainder of my cum in and swallowing it. I continued to drink in her pussy juice, savoring its pleasant taste. She continued to suck on my limp dick and in short order it was getting hard. Her juices continued to satisfy my thirst. Soon I was once again hard and felt the need to plunge in deeply. She accommodated by swallowing and swallowing again before I pulled back. She repeated this untiringly. When I again felt the pressure beginning to build in my balls, I attacked her clitoris with my tongue and inserted my hand, not including my thumb, into her pussy. I pumped my hand rapidly in and out as I worked strenuously on her clit. Soon she was showing signs of an orgasm and I allowed my balls once again to empty themselves down her throat. This time she was ready, taking the entire load without the slightest sign of choking.

We both rolled to our backs to catch our breath. She spoke first, "You taste like chicken soup."

"I think I have had enough chicken soup," I said between breaths.

"Want a tuna sandwich for lunch?"

"How about a PB and J?" Without a word she sat up and in an instant was on her way out of my room. I watched her wide naked butt as she disappeared from my view. I thought that in her house she never went to the kitchen without putting on a robe. I had to go watch her make my PB & J sandwich. I jumped up and suddenly realized I was not as recovered as I had thought. I sat back on the bed and put my head between my knees before I blacked out. I had recovered and was sitting on the edge of the bed when she returned with two sandwiches, each wrapped in a napkin. She handed me one and I thanked her. She sat beside me and we quietly munched. Before I finished my last bite, she asked, "How do you feel?"

Swallowing the last bite, I said, "Better, much better."

"In an hour, I will have to go, but then within an hour after that Andy will be here. I suppose you want to save yourself for her," she said.

I looked down to see that my dick had hardened into a ridged rod, ready for action. I said, "I think I would like to fuck you before you go."

"Oh, Johnny I was hoping you would say that," she said as she placed the last of her sandwich on my nightstand. As I tossed my used napkin in my wastebasket, she pushed me to my back. "Where's your rubbers?" she asked, and I indicated the nightstand. She had one on me in no time saying, "You don't have to do a thing except lay there and let me ride your cock."

I moved so that my head was on the pillow and I watched as Mary straddled me dropping her pussy slowly down to engulf my dick. I had experienced this before, but Mary could move more rapidly and never seemed to pull off too far like others had. There was no pause in her movements. She pumped up and down with long strokes tightening her pussy around my dick on both the up stroke and the down stroke. She must have had a lot of practice doing this with her husband. Of course, I finished well before she had to leave. After removing the rubber, she licked my dick clean. "Still tastes like chicken soup,” she commented before she began dressing in her clothes which she had so hastily discarded several hours before. As she left, she said, "Do dress in your pajamas, just in case you fall asleep."

I did dress in my pajamas and laid on top of the covers thinking there was no way I could fall asleep while anticipating the arrival of my sweet Andrea. The next thing I knew she was gently shaking me and asking if I was okay.

"Yes, sure," I said trying to clear the sleep from my brain.

"You look tired. Did my mom fuck you?" She bluntly inquired.

"Yes, but it did not tire me," I lied.

"I told her not to fuck you until you were completely well. She never listens to me. I suppose you didn't even use a rubber," Andrea said sounding like she was the mother.

"Yes, we did, look in the wastebasket."

She reached in the wastebasket, pulling out the rubber that had been neatly tied so it did not leak out. Andrea made a sound of disbelief as she said, "Never heard of her passing up a chance to drink kum. You sure someone else..." She left the question unfinished.

I hastened to tell her about the chicken soup taste, and she said, "I really had you going. I saw mom on the way. In fact, she gave me a ride. Told me all about the taste. You better still taste like that 'because I like chicken soup." Almost before I could blink, my dear sweet Andrea had my dick in her mouth. I knew I had better produce one more chicken soup flavored load of cum. I combed my finger through her straw-

colored hair, as she took my dick deep into her throat like her mother had taught her. I felt her swallow the head of my dick as she forced it down her throat. Then just as she would pull off, she would swallow again. I wished this would never stop. The feeling was so fantastic as it was repeated over and over. She would speed up doing the swallowing three or four times without a breath and then slow down to breath after everyone. This added a variety that I never experienced with either of our mothers. To perpetuate the feeling, I tried to take my mind off it by calculate how many times per minute she would swallow. The closest I figured she was swallowing the head of my dick between one hundred and one hundred and twenty times per minute. So, in the four or five minutes it took me to launch a load of cum into her mouth, she would swallow at least four hundred and maybe even six hundred times. Such devotion, I had to love her. The first surge of cum went down her throat but by the second she had pulled back so that she took the rest in her mouth.

When I had finished, she sat up and swirled the cum around in her mouth. She swallowed then smiled that too large for her face smile of hers. "It does, it tastes like chicken soup," she insisted. "I wonder what else you could taste like." Andrea had permission to stay and have dinner with my mother and me. I was shocked while eating dinner Andrea said, "You know Kate, John's cum tastes just like chicken soup."

Without a pause, mother said, "I wouldn't wonder, that is all he ate for five or six days." She then looked to me with her loving grey eyes and said, "Don't look so shocked, Johnny. We girls shared a lot while you slept your life away." That statement caused my mind to race, filling with questions. I wondered how much had been shared. Did mother know about what me and Andrea's mother had done? Did Andrea know about what mother and I had done? Why can't people keep secrets? As I continued to question in my mind, I began to get agree. I even felt anger toward my dear sweet Andrea. Part of my love for her involved the secretes we had shared with each other. Now both our mothers seemed to know all those secrets. Did Andrea realize that every secrete she shared with our mothers diminished our mutual feelings? Did she realize she was destroying my love for her? I could not stay here without expressing my anger. I felt as if I was ready to explode. I stood and quickly walked to my room.

"What's wrong Johnny? Are you getting sick again?" mother called. I slammed my door to shut out her voice. I flopped down on .my bed and wondered how I could get across to Andrea that our sexual games should not become public knowledge. I had trusted she would keep secrets and now she had betrayed that trust. I believed I could trust her mother but my mother... The door opened and mother asked, "Can we come in?"

"Go away!" I shouted.

"But Johnny, you..."

I interrupted her by shouting, "No, go away and let me think!" She would not leave. She and Andrea came into my room despite my agree protestations. I knew my mother well enough to know that she would not leave me alone. I knew I had to either get across to them that secrets were secrets or totally give up and let things happen. They had both said some things, but I had not been listening. I thought that I had to get away from them. I jumped up, intending to leave. I realized I was in my pajamas. I would have to dress. The world spun and went black. I do not know how long I was out but when I came to, I was in bed, under the covers and still in my pajamas. Andrea was bathing my face with a cold cloth.

Realizing I was awake, mother said, "Your fever is back, Johnny. You started acting like your old self before you were totally well."

"I'm sorry, John. You just rest now. We will talk later," Andrea said. I closed my eyes and went to sleep. I woke facing the clock. I could see it was after nine.

Mary's voice came through the fog in my brain. "What would you like for breakfast?" she asked.

"What day is this?" I asked.

"Friday," she responded. "I've missed a whole week of school," I said. "Yes, and we are getting you well before you miss any more. Now what can I bring you for breakfast?" she said insistently.

Thinking back, I remembered her blueberry pancakes. "How about your wonderful blueberry pancakes?"

"Does you mom have blueberries?"

"I'm sure she doesn't," I responded.

"Of what she would have, what can I get you," she clarified.

"Four scrambled eggs and two pieces of toast with butter and honey," I ordered. I was suddenly alone. I remember what had so upset me the day before. I had to ask Mary about the secrets that had been revealed to my mother.

The next I knew; Mary was again waking me. I sat up and she put the tray of food on my lap. "You feeling better?" she asked.

I had already started shoveling eggs into my mouth. I mumbled, "I am." I thought of how I could ask her what had been revealed to my mother. Still chewing on honey covered toast I hesitantly asked, "You know that...Andrea told my mom that...that she...she liked my cum?"

"Actually Johnny, it was me who told you mom," Mary confessed.

"You? Why would you? You didn't say anything about you and me, did you?" These questions had to be asked. I did not know if I wanted answers.

"Of course I didn't tell her about us. That would be wrong," she said.

"Why? And why isn't it wrong...Oh hell!" I was so flustered that I couldn't make the questions come out the way I wanted.

"Johnny, your mom is a very understanding mom. She knows how you and Andy love each other. She wants the best for you both. I'm sure she will do anything she can to make the two of you happy."

I drank a little coffee and decided to share another of my concerns. "I agree but mom changes when she is drunk. She says and does awful things when she's drunk."

"Oh, I see. You are afraid she might get drunk and let slip something," she said. "I worry she might get drunk and say something to your husband," I shared.

"Yes, well he tries to never to be around people who've been drinking, and I understand she has been trying to stay sober."

"Yes, well..." I wondered how much I should say. I plunged ahead, "All that needs to happen is for mom to get lonely or think she has done something wrong and she finds a bottle and no matter how hard she tries not to, she gets drunk. Once she is drunk, she does things she should not, like telling secrets."

"Your secret, as long as it does not get to Mr. Logan, will do no harm. I wouldn't worry. Now is there any help I can give you with your schoolwork."

I checked through the work that Andrea had brought from my teachers. I did not have a lot to do and I thought I would rather have Andrea help me, so I said I was tired and felt I should sleep some. I returned to bed. She tucked me in and left me alone to sleep. I slept until about one in the afternoon. I felt hungry. I found Mary had left. I dished up a large bowel of vanilla ice cream sprinkled some salt on it and put a generous serving of caramel syrup over it. I had never sprinkled salt on my caramel sundry and have no idea why I did at this time, but with the first taste I said aloud, "What's this?" I took another bite, savoring it in my mouth. It was sweeter, colder, and creamier; but it tasted like it was flavored with pussy juice. And it gave me a hard-on. When I finished my caramel sundry, I checked the clock. Andrea was not due to arrive for more than an hour, so I thought of beating-off. I had not had to do so in a while. I stood, lowered my pajamas bottoms, and sat my bare butt on the throw pillow that Mary had put on the chair for my comfort. My dick was oozing so much precum that I did not need any spittle to lube him up. I decided this was for release rather than pleasure, so I gripped tight and picked up a rapid rhythm. My balls were just drawing up like they do when I am about to cum when the door opened. Caught, I thought as I instinctively tried to cover up.

It was Andrea, carrying her bookbag. "Oh John! Should you be doing that?"

Although I really wanted to finish myself off, I asked, "What do you mean?"

"'Cause mom blames herself for your relapse, 'cause she fucked you before you were totally well."

"Well, I am totally well and ready to blow now," I informed her.

"Oh my..." she said as she dropped her bookbag and rushing to kneel in front of me. "Let me," she insisted as she brushed my hand away. She wrapped her tiny hands around my dick and lowered her lips to slurp up the fresh precum. She removed her hands as she lowered her mouth over him. She pleasure-moaned as she took him deep. With the first swallow I felt the first surge building. Just as she pulled off the first surge of cum hit. Normally this would have been when she would inhale and she might have gagged, but instead she repeatedly swallowed and pulled off and swallowed without breathing between swallows. It was fantastic as I emptied my balls. As soon as she knew I was finished, she stood and kissed me. I could taste the salty sweetness of my cum as our tongues danced. Too soon she broke the kiss to announce, "No more chicken soup."

"No more chicken soup," I repeated as I glanced at the clock. I asked, "How come you are so early?"

"Mom called our chemistry teacher and persuaded him to excuse me from class to come and tutor you. She even picked me up and drove me here, dropping me off just now. You know her last words to me were, 'Now don't pester him for cum. You are here to teach him chemistry.'"

"Well, you taught me the chemistry of cum. That is, if I don't eat chicken soup, my cum doesn't taste like chicken soup," I added as I pulled up my pajamas bottoms. She agreed and proceeded to get out our books and for the next hour we concentrated on classroom chemistry. Then it dawned on me I could teach her something about pussy juice chemistry. I asked her if she liked caramel sundries. She said she did, so I made her a small salted caramel sundry without letting her see me add the salt.

With the first bite, a questioning look appeared in her dark blue eyes. With the second bite melting in her mouth she asked, "Is this some kind of special caramel?"

"What does it taste like?"

"By the expression on your face, I must be right. It tastes like pussy and I have to ask, where did you get the pussy juice to flavor this," she said.

I told her about the added salt, and she asked how I had come up with the idea. I said, "It just came to me." She laughed and it took me a moment to catch on to my unintended play on words. We continued working on all the school assignments that I had yet to complete.

I noted at five twenty that mother was late. Andrea must have noticed also because she asked, "Shouldn't your mother be home by now?"

I searched for a reason she might be late. I said, "She might have stopped for groceries." I hoped she was not in a bar; drunk out of her mind, getting double teamed on a pool table. We continued to work on my schoolwork for another half hour. I began to be really concerned about mother. The door burst open. Mother rushed in. On the way to the bathroom she said, "Johnny, get the groceries out of the car."

Chapter 17 Is This the End?

Over the next few days things returned to normal. That is normal for us. Nearly every day after school, Andrea and I would rush to my house where we would do our side-ways 69 on my bed. She continued to enjoy swallowing my cum and I continued to drink down her pussy juice. Our weekends were split between spending most of the daytime hours with her family and the evening hours with my mother. The end of the school year was rapidly approaching. Plans were being made for the summer and I looked forward with great anticipation to Andrea's birthday on June 17, when she would give me her virginity.
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