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Jacob's liaison with Grace

Chapter 4

Jacob woke up again for the third time in the night. Breathing heavily as sweat poured off of him, he tried to calm down. The nightmares of swirling darkness tormented him now without abating in its cryptic message. Sitting up, he looked over at the clock.

“Damn,” he said out loud to himself at seeing the clock only read a little after four in red letters. Getting up, he moved to the bathroom to relieve the pressure he had. After that, he lay back in bed and thought about his previous day.

Billy, his biggest bully, had been consumed by the apparition taking form in his parent's room. After attacking Jacob, the otherworldly being came to the rescue and Billy had been completely drained of his insides. The husk still lay next to the bed on the floor in his parent’s room. Thinking on that, Jacob realized his father would be due back any day now. A new sort of fear washed over him and he began to cry a bit.

Jacob’s father would not understand what was going on. Even when the man returned, what would he say or even do about his missing lover? That thought made Jacob shudder in pain. He knew the fisted blows surely to come over it. His father would know, he always knew when Jacob had done something. Two people dead and so far the only things Jacob had gotten positive out of the experience was a promise from an alien lifeform of untold pleasures and the chance to get laid by Ms. Grace.

Ms. Grace who had made advances on him twice earlier in the day. Once in the office and another in the library. Each time Jacob had wanted nothing more than allow her what she wanted. But he had to wait all day tomorrow to get to her. Tomorrow at the track field. He made the mental note and felt better with that.

“Better to have something positive going than to keep dwelling on the two deaths,” he surmised to himself. With a sigh, he decided to get up for the day. Early as it was, he bet he could accomplish a few things before he left for school.

The first thing was to search almost the entirety of the house. He avoided his father’s room and his shared parent’s room, but he looked for things that needed fixing. He got a list going. The first thing was replacing his father’s recliner. Broken when he and Shanda fucked on the thing. The chair had been old, and it wouldn’t matter what Jacob said. The fists would do all the talking in that conversation. With a shudder, Jacob found a recliner online that looked as close to the old as possible and ordered it.

Jacob quickly found as he ordered things online that he had much more money than he anticipated. Saved up over the years by his father’s generous allowances and subsequently invested, Jacob ordered almost a new household worth of goods. His morning alarm going off brought him out of the trance of shopping. Blinking in surprise at the sudden intrusion, he got up and turned the alarm off.

Rubbing his eyes and the stretching, Jacob felt good about what he accomplished. Granted a lot of mail would be delivered over the next few days, but with his new skinny body, he felt up to the task. Besides, if he could get most of the house finished and looking good, he bet his father would be impressed. Maybe even not notice the chair being different. Plus, something about the whole thing told him the house needed to look better anyway.

Moving from his room, he showered and completed his morning rituals. As he was getting dressed, he noticed suddenly how hard his dick had become. It throbbed hard and a thought crossed his mind. With a sigh of mock annoyance, he left getting dressed and moved to his parent's old room.

Even as he approached to open the door, he heard the pulsing of a heartbeat in liquid. He gripped the warm know, something he knew once turned to open the door, would herald a gust of humid air. He didn’t understand it, but the alien pod in the room seemed up the moisture in the air considerably. It promised queer things that Jacob did not understand.

The knob turned and he almost choked with the smell. A salty tang of heat touched his tongue and it tasted sweet. He gagged on it and quickly turned back. Having felt as if he intruded, Jacob frowned knowing his cock would have to wait now for satisfaction. Worship was the only way to whatever goddess he know pledged himself to, but self-worship seemed inappropriate to him. Never one to actually masturbate, he returned to his room and finished getting dressed.

After some breakfast, which still consisted of a few pieces of fruit and some boiled eggs, he suddenly remembered that he had Ms. Grace's number. In the previous night's festivities, he had forgotten to text her. Rushing to find his phone, he sent a text.

“Hey, it’s me, Jacob.”

Jacob had an iPhone. One that allowed him to see if the message had been delivered and read by the recipient. He watched in morbid fascination as not only did it swap immediately from delivered to read, but also appeared with the typing ellipses.

“Finally. Thought you forgot about me.”

His stomach sank. He had never texted a girl before let alone dreamed of one responding quickly to him. It made him feel like she was excited to hear from him. Sitting there for a moment at his table, he responded.

“Had something come up and had to take care of it.”

She sent back a frowny face.

“I practically waited up all night,” she responded. That guilted him a bit.

“Sorry, life,” he replied trying to play it off.

“Don’t you want this?”

Jacob was about to reply asking what she was talking about when a picture suddenly appeared on the phone. He dropped his phone out of surprise and quickly recovered himself before picking the phone back up. A girl, no a woman had sent him a picture of her naughty parts. Parts he got to touch yesterday.

Hers was completely bare. Plump and pale with butterflied lips that glistened with moisture. Pink petals looked inviting as hell and he licked his lips thinking about how hot her pussy felt in his hands. Shaking, he responded.

“How can I not?”

“Its all yours,” she replied.

“Do I still have to wait?” He asked.

The ellipses for response typed for a long time. So much so that Jacob became aware of the time. He swore to himself before finishing dressing. Moving quickly, he gathered his school stuff and phone before moving through the house.

As Jacob left home and walked to school, he found himself disappointed that Grace didn’t respond. Even as he walked into school, the phone didn’t go off. He silenced the device with a heavy sigh and headed to his first class.

Class didn’t mean anything to Jacob. Even as people complimented his new look and inquired about it his only thoughts centered around Grace and her gorgeous pussy. Plus, he worried constantly about her never responding. By lunch, he had lost his patience.

Walking down the halls, he went on the hunt for Grace. His first stop took him to the office where after some inquiry he learned she hadn’t even shown up to school. That set him on a course of sending another text.

Jacob had leaned up against a set of lockers while he stared at his phone. He hesitated to open the thread for fear of the picture being still visible. And he nerves began setting in as he thought about what to send.

Jacob by no means felt desperate, but still, he was nervous to message again. He somehow knew that would make him seem desperate. With a shrug, he took action.

“You okay?”

The message sent and delivered. Almost immediately it said read too. Then a reply came.

“Oh my god, I forgot to send my last text.”

“Okay,” he replied not knowing what to say to that. His stomach sank a bit with the realization that she had forgotten. Mostly because he didn’t know what it meant.

“Seriously, can you meet me at the meeting place like right now?”

That was a question Jacob did not expect. He sat against the wall thinking of the consequences for a moment. Then another messaged arrived.

“I literally cannot wait anymore. I’ll be there in ten.”

The message made him suddenly panic. How was he going to get through the school not only that fast but the break between classes had almost concluded? Swiftly he moved off the wall and navigated halls. He surmised that if he could just make it to the computer hall wing, he would be able to use one of the side doors there to leave. With a target in mind, Jacob left his leaning post and navigated the halls.

As he walked, Jacob almost wished he had his once ginormous frame. People bumped into him, many of them unaware now of who he was. Thankfully, there weren’t any comments about this frame. That would have ruined the mood of everything. As he rounded a corner, he found himself suddenly in an empty hall. Any second now the bell would ring to signal the start of class.

Jacob moved quicker now. He knew the hall he needed to get to would be unwatched by teachers for stragglers. Then as he moved, a sudden thought of being caught by a teacher became a real possibility. To his surprise, when he rounded the next corner he ran right into what he didn’t want to.

Ms. Devons let out a squeal of surprise as Jacob ran into her. He bounded and he heard her fall to the floor on her rump.

“I’m sorry Ms. Devons,” Jacob stuttered out in horror. This woman was not the one he wanted to run into at the moment. When he suddenly felt a hand grip his hard cock, which had grown painfully hard growing down the leg of his pants. He had been so focused on moving through the halls, he had done his best to ignore it. Now that Ms. Devons had grasped it and elicited a gasp from the both of them, he throbbed even more painfully.

“Oh my god,” Ms. Devons spoked before her hand let go. Jacob grabbed it and pulled her up.

Ms. Devons could only be described as a small petite woman. She wore glasses that always changed in style. It seemed to Jacob the few times he had studied her, that she pursued a life of shifting personas. Sometimes she was meek, other times powerful. Today she looked small to him and her blue eyes looked up at him with astonishment.

“I am so sorry,” She said slowly as if trying to wrap her mind around the situation.

“It’s okay, but, I’m late for class,” Jacob replied knowing it was a lie, but the way his cock throbbed in anticipation of events to come, it didn’t matter to him that he did.

“Get to class,” she said, seeming to stare right through him.

“Thanks,” he said and left her standing in the hallway.

He continued his way through the hall until he arrived at one last corner. Being careful this time, he slowed down enough to gather if anyone was near as he cleared it. Nobody in the halls, he went without hassling until he reached the door he sought.

No one tended to watch the doors. The halls of Silverton High happened to worry not about its students leaving. Most faculty offered engaging classes and the school’s academic national ranking put it often high on the list of great school’s.

Outside, Jacob blinked under the bright sun. The side entrance had few windows that watched it and the few that did, only one that rarely had an occupant. This entrance to the school opened directly next to the auditorium. Brick and stone flashed past him as he moved, a sense of urgency pulsing in his testicles. Jacob felt driven to get to the meeting place at all means.

Past the biggest part of the building was the fields. The Track field ran all the way around two football fields while being framed by two baseball fields and two soccer fields. Woven in between the fields and track were different stadium setting like areas with bleachers, concession stands and buildings. Jacob knew a lot of these areas, as he often had used many before to hide at lunches, breaks and to avoid going home. He even knew how to get into some of the buildings as their locks hadn’t been maintained in some years.

Moving between the buildings, Jacob realized that he had no idea what her vehicle looked like or where she would even park. There were other vehicles and so he leaned up against a wall, obscured by shadows.

“Are you here?” he sent to her.

The message delivered but did not get read. He looked at his phone impatient that she would continue to keep him waiting. Didn’t she know how much he needed relief?

Minutes passed and he looked from his phone to the cars all around. Nothing gave him a hint of where she was. The fact she hadn’t read his message sent shivers of rising fear in him. His thoughts centered on this endeavor being a cruel joke. Then he heard the sound of footsteps. Panicking, he moved as far as he could in the shadows, hoping not to be seen at all.

“Jacob?” a small feminine whispered.

The voice could barely be heard and he almost missed it altogether.

“Grace?” he responded, his heart pounding in his chest.

There was shuffling in some dirt and then Jacob saw Grace. She moved slowly on the wall opposite him. She wore a floral patterned sundress with leather sandals. He could see her red lipstick from where he stood, shining in the light of the sun. Het blonde hair also glimmered in the rays of light. Grace looked like an angel to Jacob and his throat became dry.

“Where are you?” She whispered.

“Right here,” Jacob said after clearing his throat. Nervous, he walked out of the shadows and into the light.

They stood looking at each other for a moment, her blue eyes darting about as she looked down the lanes.

“We are in a bad place to meet,” she said. “I kind of hoped there would be more privacy.”

She was biting her lip and shifting about on her feet in what looked to Jacob like impatience.

“We can’t do much here,” she said with a groan.

“Why can’t we leave?” Jacob asked.

“There were people near my car. If I was seen leaving with a student,” she said looking down. There was no need to finish the sentence as Jacob understood the implication.

“I know a place close by,” he said.

She stopped moving.

“What do you mean?”

“These old buildings aren’t all secured well,” he replied whilst turning suddenly and walking briskly on a route to a building he knew he could break into. “Follow me.”

Jacob never felt so alive in his life. The exhilaration of talking to a girl and actually having her follow him made him happier than anything in his life.

The building that Jacob chose was almost in the center of the fields. He had no idea what the building had been intended to originally be used for, but he knew that inside it had a few amenities that would be perfect for the two of them. Walking up to the door, he moved the lock and yanked hard on the doorknob. Like magic, the door popped open.

“See?” he said to Grace.

“If we didn’t need this room so bad, I would have to reprimand you for this,” she said. She was back to dancing on her tiptoes. “Can we go in?”

“After you,” he replied.

Grace didn’t wait and she went inside. He followed.

“It's a little dark,” she commented. Jacob always knew the place would be.

The building had no windows and only single lights in the center of the rooms. Upgrades had never been done here and one would have to wander blindly to the center of the room to find the cord to pull. Jacob did this and soon bathed both of them in yellow light.

“This is old,” she said with a circle examining the room. “At least there are things to be used.”

Jacob was about to say something but thought better of it. The dryness in his throat had come back and he feared souring her mood. She stopped turning facing him.

“I would never have known this was on campus,” she said. “How did you find this?”

“Hiding,” he replied feeling sudden heat rising in him as his fists clenched. His gaze fell to the floor and he blinked back tears as he felt ashamed for being such a weak person.

“It wasn’t right how you were treated,” Grace said and her feet appeared into his view. Looking up, he was thrown back as Grace threw herself on him and wrapped herself around him. A tongue was thrust into his mouth.

He tasted the sweet cherry on her lips, its sweetness a surprise. The warmth of her tongue was too. Her kiss was sloppy but he minded not. It's as a disappointment when she broke the kiss.

“I’m gonna make it up to you as much as I can though,” She said with a sudden fierceness in her voice.

Jacob didn’t know what brought them to where they were within a few seconds, but he soon found himself pressed up against a wall. Hands were ripping his pants open and soon they were about his ankles. Hands rubbed his clothed crotch as she bit insistently at his ear.

“Fuck’n Christ Jacob,” she said.

“What?” he replied in a panic.

“If the ladies knew you had this, let us just say you would have been much more popular.”

“Thanks,” he said. “You know, you’re pretty yourself.”

“So is your cock too I bet.”

She knelt down in front of him and she yanked his boxers down. His cock relished the freedom as it flopped heavily out into the air.

“I have to taste it,” she groaned.

Jacob wasn’t sure what he expected. Maybe a lick or even kiss. But when he watched her begin swallowing his cock, all he could do is fall back against the wall and allow the sensations of the blow job to wash over him.

Sucking sounds filled the room as well as wet ones. His cock felt heavenly as she sucked on the tip. Then she was slowly jacking him off whilst looking up at him.

“I want to suck this down my throat, but I think you’re too big.”

Jacob could really care less out it. His dick needed more of the stimulation now. Something washed over and he felt a surge of power inside himself.

“That’s okay, you can try again after you shove it into up your pussy.”

The look of surprise on her face was something he relished at that moment.

“I had totally forgotten that I wanted to fuck,” she said. “This cock is just so amazing looking.”

“Its all yours right now,” Jacob said with a sigh of impatience. The throbs for release becoming insistent.

“Seems like our friend here is really getting impatient,” She noted before standing up.

“I don’t want you to fuck me right at this moment. That thing is too big for you to shove into me right away.”

Jacob was almost insulted, but then his brain clicked to tell him she hadn’t cut at him. Instead, she had told him she needed to be the one to put his cock into her. Maybe his dick had become too big, but if she wanted to ride it, there didn’t need to be a complaint from him.

“There’s a spot I can lay down,” he said.

Grace leaned forward and kissed him once more, rubbing herself against his body. His cock sandwiched between the two of them as she did. The stimulation made him shake and by the time she broke the kiss he was panting.

“Let’s go, I really can’t wait any longer,” she said.

Jacob kicked his pants away and moved to a set of stairs.

“There is an unused cot upstairs,” he said, before going up.

He made it to the top and fumble once more the light. Once on, he saw at once that grace stood at the top of the stair naked.

“Sundresses are easy off and to put back on,” she said.

Grace was much more petite than he realized. Her clothing the other day accentuated her chest, which sported large spheres of breasts. Big and perky, with nipples jutting out proudly. Her waist was toned and hips a bit wider than he would have thought. Grace was gorgeous with her blond hair and red lips.

“You can pick your jaw up,” she said with a giggle. “I have never stood naked before in front of a student.”

Jacob wondered briefly if she had been with many students or if he was the first.

“I would never do this, only tease, but there something about you,” she continued. Something told him she was feeling guilty all of a sudden and out of place.

“We don’t have to,” he offered. “But you won’t get a chance at this cock again.”

To iterate his point, Jacob went over to the cot. Surprisingly there wasn’t a build up of dust on the thing. He has down and began slowly jacking himself.

“Sure be nice to have something promised on it,” Jacob said. It was weird to him how easily he could swap from a meek person into a sexual being. Plus, it felt right too and that unnerved him a bit. What would he become when all was said and done?

Goops of pre-cum came out the tip, to which Jacob used to lather up his cock. This action lubed himself up and soon he groaned in pleasure with the sensations. He closed his eyes trying to remember what sex felt like.

“Dammit,” Grace said with a stamp of her feet. “I can’t stand it anymore.”

Jacob heard her and he opened his eyes to see Grace coming over to him. Her breasts barely moved as she walked, but her hips swung sultrily. As she walked up, Jacob didn’t even bother to stop himself.

Grace wasted no time in walking up to him. Jacob soon found himself pushed onto his back and Grace’s tongue back in his mouth. This time, Grace openly moaned into him and Jacob got braver in his hands.

Her breasts were firm and heavy in his hands as he squeezed them gently. A feat that was new to him, but he figured if he made her moan, that was what he should continue doing. Soon enough, his hands roamed to her nipples, to which he delightfully found she groaned throatily and shoved her tongue deeper down his throat.

“Touch me,” she said after breaking the kiss. The sudden ability to breath easier had Jacob gasping for air. “Just like you did in the library.”

Reaching between them, Jacob snaked a hand down her body until he could move a finger through soaking swollen lips. He remembered that she had thick labia and they felt spongy to his touch as he rubbed over their slippery surfaces. Unfortunately, Jacob was too embarrassed to tell Grace of his inexperience with sex. Press as he may, he had no practice in female anatomy in any significant way, but he did know some things.

Like how if you rubbed a hand on the firm nub hidden between the folds of a woman’s labia, it would cause a great amount of pleasure to her. Jacob fumbled through slippery folds of sex until he found her clit. Rubbing vigorously on it made him jump.

“You found the right spot,” she groaned.

Jacob really didn’t care what she had to say about it. He found himself fascinated by finding the pleasure point. And hers seemed to be extremely sensitive.

“Oh yes,” she exclaimed.

Jacob had begun rubbing vigorously on the nub. Before he knew it, he felt his hand become covered in an unknown liquid.

“You made me squirt,” she cried out.

Her thighs powerfully clamped around his hand, trapping him in a painful vice. Jacob felt unprepared as she convulsed uncontrollably. The pattering of fluid hitting the floor could barely be heard through her gasps.

“Are you okay?” Jacob asked, not understanding what had just occurred. Grace had fallen silent for the most part, but her body hadn’t relaxed yet. “Hey.”

Grace opened her eyes and bit her lip.

“That was delicious,” she said. “I needed that.”

She relaxed and Jacob withdrew his hand. He tried to lean up only to be stopped when she grabbed his shoulders and shoved him back down onto the cot.

“But as it goes, you can't get too much of a good thing,” she said. A fierceness in her hands told Jacob he was in some sort of trouble right at this moment. She moved and ended up straddling him around his waist. “I’m gonna be sore after this.”

Jacob didn’t know what else to do, but her bountiful breasts did hang in front of his face. Reaching up with both hands, he managed to position one to suckle on.

Grace let out a throaty moan, even leaning to lower her chest for easier access to him. He felt elated right now as his cock throbbed. The flesh of her nipple was something new to him. Heck, the whole experience was new for the most part. His first sexual encounter was way more animalistic than what currently transpired, and he lacked the opportunity to properly experience. He didn’t intend to let the second time pass.

Moving back and forth, he suckled without abandon between the two bags of flesh. He loved how firm they were, and felt a strangely comforted with it. Something felt right about it and missing from his life.

“God Jacob,” She cried out. He felt a warmth spread over his stomach.

“You peed on me?” he said in sudden fear as he unlatched from a nipple. It was only when he did that he saw she was in another fit of convulsions. Her face contorted in what seemed like pain. As she seemed to recover, that is when she moved.

“I need your cock in me right now,” she yelled. Suddenly, she moved and he found the head of his dick bouncing around looking for a comforting place to be.

He groaned in disappointment when he chest left his immediate reach as she leaned up. Watching as she reached back, he noted how flexible she appeared to be.

“One day you may get to see how flexible I am,” she replied. “But today, I am just content in draining everything out of your cock that it has to offer me.”

And like that, he slid up her oily cunt.

“Helps a lot that I slobbered this thing down my throat,” she groaned.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Jacob replied, trying to keep his mind lucid as a tight hole took him in. It felt like a band of rubber being stretched around his cock as it went down the length.

“The lube my spit provides,” she told him. “Let’s you slide right in easily.”

He could agree with that sentiment. When she sank down his entire length the both of them froze not making a sound at all. Jacob could feel her heartbeat around his dick. A pulsing as her pussy squeezed repeatedly and pleasantly.

“Hey,” she said. He looked from her chest up to her face. “I hope you’re ready, cause I’m gonna milk your cock with my fuckhole.”

Then she leaned forward and began riding his cock.

They both gasped with the machinations of her body. She rode his cock slowly, doing things Jacob wished he had a camera for. One thing was for sure, he had moved his hands to her hips to find that she had a wonderful amount of cushion there. Fingers dug into the flesh as she shifted her hips up and down.

“I’m gonna tire out with your length,” she said with a moan. “But I can’t stop riding it.”

“Please don’t,” he begged her. Sex with a woman seemed to be much more enjoyable to him when she took it from him. Made him feel like she wanted him even more than presenting herself as Shanda did. A pang of guilt washed over him for a second until he remembered that Grace was just like Shanda.

A slut who needed sex to survive. Who wanted the pleasure to never end. What more was there to her life?

“I don’t aim to stop boy until your balls are shriveled up raisins,” she hissed while increasing her pace. “I love sex, but hot cum splashing against my womb sets me off even more.”

“That’s good because you keep it up,” he grunted trying to concentrate on holding back the inevitable torrent of cum he no doubt would unleash into her. “I’m gonna cum.”

“Don’t hold back,” she said. “I need it.”

Her pace picked up even more, impossible as it seemed to Jacob. He heard the slick noises of their sexes being together. It was all too much for him.

“Argh,” he yelled.

“Yes,” she screamed in reply. “Fill my fuckhole.”

Each spurt of cum came more powerful than the one before it. Powerful throbs that made grunt with their passing. He could feel his balls emptying.

“God yes,” she cried out.

“Ow,” he was his reply. Her long nails scratched down his chest leaving a feeling of fire in the paths. Still, he continued to cum. A fire hose that refused to cease in its dousing mission. At the conclusion of his orgasmic release, Jacob relaxed with a warm feeling washing over his body.

“That was incredible,” she said getting off of him. She fell on the cot next to him. Things were bigger than he expected, but then as curvy as she was, she wasn’t big. “I want you to take a picture of your cum leaking out, then we can go back to fucking.”

“Okay,” Jacob replied getting up from the cot. He found a phone thrust into his hand.

“Kneel down and take as many pictures you can as I push out your cum,” she said. “There is a lot of it.”

Grace had lain down and he watched as her chest heaved.

“Go there is so much,” she said between the heavy breaths.

Jacob didn’t reply. Instead, he knelt down between her legs. He pulled the camera app up on her phone.

“You don’t keep your phone locked?” He asked snapping a few pictures of her angry red lips. The petals of her pussy inflamed in an even angrier red. Her clit had become swollen and engorged fully or so it seemed to him. It could have been hiding before when he fingered her as he did not expect to see the dime sized dome of glistening flesh poking out so proudly out of her meat curtains.

“No need to,” she said. “Concerning the situation, I love to take pictures of my creamy cunt or myself often. Need two phones with my career field.”

Jacob thought for a moment and worried that she had many pictures of her cunt full of cum.

“You ready?” she asked.

“One sec,” Jacob replied. He set up the phone and snapped a few photos of her pussy. “Ready.”

“I’m gonna spread myself first,” she told him.

Jacob didn’t respond but took pictures of her pussy as she moved fingers to spread her outer labia. As they spread, she groaned.

“It's still so hot.”

A few seconds elapsed and then the white creamy goo began flowing through her meaty lips. He marveled with each press of the photo taking button at how astonishingly gorgeous a woman’s sex was. Her hidden hole blinked open and shut many times and then, began sputtering the thick goo out.

“Oh god,” she cried out. “It’s going down my ass.”

Sure enough, the cum was doing that. Viscously flowing out of her gaping hole. Jacob marveled at his handwork creamily flowing down to and across the bud of her ass. Even though he snapped pictures continuously, the sight of pink butthole being covered slowly in cum made his cock spring almost painfully back into the ready position. Then another sight about it made his mind reel in memory.

Shanda’s puckering asshole became called to mind. Ridged fissures of her sphincter that anus were not as pronounced as Grace’s but he knew the woman had enjoyed anal sex extensively. Grace’s asshole looked well used to Jacob as the ring of her anus happened to be swollen and way bigger than the dime-sized of Shanda’s. This anus happened to be the size of a half dollar and the fissure from its edge was thick and canyon-like as they traveled into dark depths. Feeling bold and without warning, he rubbed the white cum around it.

“Oh, you tease,” Grace groaned. He applied more pressure against its elastic tissue. She began breathing heavier once more.

“It's warm,” Jacob commented.

“You’re gonna find out shortly how much warmer if you keep doing that.”

“Oh, I don’t need the threat,” Jacob said looking up and locking eyes with her. His finger sunk into the orifice with no resistance.

“God, you’re bold.”

“Says the office slut on the cot with a student,” he replied. A second finger joined the first.

“You’re being mean,” she said with a moan.

“Would a cock be better?” he asked.

Jacob didn’t wait for a reply. He put the phone gently on the floor and moved up between her legs. Her eyes didn’t move from his as he sunk his cock back into her cunt.

“What are you doing?”

“Lubing my cock up for that ass,” he replied. She bit her lip.

“I don’t know what it is, but the surprises keep coming.”

“What do you mean?” Jacob replied taking his cock out. Her mouth opened up as if to say something. He looked down and positioned his cock against her puckering anus. The fissures of her ass rubbed pleasantly against the head of his dick.

“You just seem so shy and quiet,” she replied.

“Is that what you like?” Jacob asked rhetorically. “Finding a young man who is shy so you can destroy their innocence?”

Jacob had begun raising his voice, but he had a smile on his face.

“Don’t be mean,” she cried out. He didn’t know if that was because of what he said or due to the head of his cock pressing up against his eager sphincter.

“Mean,” Jacob said with a laugh. “Mean would be taking this cock away wouldn’t it?”

Grace let out a gasp, horror written all over her face.

“Please just stick it up my ass,” she begged. “I can’t live without you up my ass.”

“Without me?” Jacob said out loud. No one had ever said something so remotely as needing him in any way. In fact, Jacob had felt earlier when asking about her desire for a young inexperienced male that it could have been any. The insistence that he needed “Him” was something of a surprising conundrum for Jacob. This slut wasn’t just one who wanted cock, she needed his cock. Up her ass. What woman used those coupling of words for anyone?

“Yes, god yes just fuck me,” she cried out in a desperate plea. He almost freaked out when he locked eyes with her and say her eye shadow running in black down her cheeks. With an intake of air, he obliged her desperation and sank himself into her bowels.

The heat once again hugged his cock and the sensation was softer to plow his dick against. It's felt different to from his first experience, and Jacob felt more in control having his cock where it was. In fact, even as he pulled his cock out of the sheathing orifice, Grace had fallen quiet.

“You okay?” he asked, feeling genuine concern, but in reality, he couldn’t stop himself from what he was doing. At this moment, she was something to be used right now for his enjoyment. As he moved, he looked at her and had a bad realization.

Grace’s eyes were rolled into the back of her head. While the sounds of his cock schlicking in and out of her ass dominated the noises, he relaxed seeing that she still breathed. He stopped though.

“Hey,” Jacob said. There was no reply from her. Her eyes were closed now. Feeling suddenly ashamed and exposed, Jacob did the only thing his mind could think up of. He stopped having sex with her.

His dick popped out and he almost freaked realizing that she passed out, she may not remember anything about their encounter. So he placed her on the cot completely and grabbed her dress, which he placed onto her form as best he could. Not knowing what else to do, he headed downstairs and dressed.

Picking his phone up off the ground, where it had fallen before, he decided to take a course of action which would placate his fear. Right now, Jacob had nothing if Grace woke up and panicked herself.

Moving back upstairs, he was assaulted by the scent of sex hanging in the air. He moved through it cautiously as if he were hiding in a fog. Moving quickly, he grabbed her phone and began sending himself everything on it he could find. Surprisingly, Jacob didn’t find much in concerns of sex. Only pictures that he had taken of their encounter. There were tons of pictures of herself in various poses and outfits. All sent to himself.

Finishing, he did check on her once more. She didn’t rouse at all. Feeling bad, he sent a text to her explaining the situation and to call him when she awoke. In all actuality, the whole thing left Jacob unsettled as he had never been in the situation.

“Waiting around seems like a bad idea,” he said out loud to himself.

He let out a sigh of despair before deciding to leave.

Walking out of the building on the baseball fields was always a nerve-wracking event for Jacob. Being caught using the buildings by an administrator would be one thing, but if any of his bullies followed then the hideaways would end up being torture areas. Maybe now they would be fucking areas.

Opening the door slowly, he peered out before realizing that night had fallen. The sight made him check his phone and over three hours had passed since he had snuck into the building. Feeling brave now that night had fallen, Jacob left the building.

Walking through the fields Jacob found himself unmolested. No one happened to be around and he went through the fields quickly before reaching the brighter sidewalks.

Jacob’s pace was slow as he walked under the streetlights. The night air was cooler than yesterday and he found himself having missed the walks to and from school. Something that he hadn’t crossed his mind as he spent past days at home.

He checked his phone often, hoping that Grace would text him at some point telling him she was okay. With no luck, he walked down streets navigating them with confidence in that there wasn’t lurking in wait.

A slight breeze rustled trees and Jacob began whistling. He felt great except maybe for the uncomfortableness of his cock. It was still swollen, but when he put his pants on, he had tucked the throbbing member up past the waistband. The head pushed against his belly button with its curve, but he paid it no mind as he walked. The throbbing from the lack of release bothered him, but walking dulled it.

Looking up, he saw the moon and found himself lost in its luminous brilliance. The stars complimented the night with it, sharing in the beauty. He thought it funny how he never looked at the stars before. Then again, he also never stayed out late either on account of his father.

As he walked now, he thought of the man that was his father. The man was late coming home. Business trips could last like that, but Jacob was sure that his father had probably taken a vacation on the return. Such actions had been taken before and even once when he was much younger, Jacob had been home alone for over a month. His father showed up one day, beat him as usual and life went on. No explanations, no love, and no life.

A tear fell down his face as he walked down the street to his house. The flashing lights of red and blue on the street in front of his house made him utterly panic. Taking some breaths, he went home fast.

As he walked down the sidewalk, a cop in full uniform walked up to him.

“Hold on there,” the officer said quickly betraying her gender before he could tell.

“What’s going on?” Jacob asked fearing that his father had come home and found the alien in the bedroom.

“There’s a gas leak further down the street,” she said.

It took a moment for that to register in his mind.


“Yeah, couple of houses down. The Millers had a line open up. We have everyone staying back from their place until the all clear is given.”

There wasn’t a find. Jacob checked the driveway. No car that matched his father’s. Just a few emergency vehicles sitting with lights whirling in their different colors. With a sigh of relief, he asked how long the wait would be.

“Not much longer now. They had to dig the line up and once it is changed out, everyone can go home.”

“Okay cool.”

“Where do you live?”

“Right here,” Jacob replied pointing at his house.

The female cop blinked at him in surprise.

“I’m so sorry we didn’t realize anyone would be home,” she said to him.

“Don’t worry about it,” he said. “Just want to go in.”

“You actually can,” she said. “You’re outside of the zone.”

“Good,” Jacob said before moving on. A crazy thing for him being that she was an authority figure. Normally he would have been too terrified to do such things. “Have a good night officer.”

If she responded Jacob didn’t hear. He walked up briskly to his door and quickly let himself inside. Securing the door, he moved to check the entirety of the house for security. Something that should have been done before. The front door may have been locked, but if anyone came inside the house through the unlocked back door or windows, they could find out.

The chore done, Jacob’s stomach growled. Moving to the kitchen, he fixed a healthy dinner, stripping his clothes while he did. After eating, he headed upstairs to shower.

After the shower, Jacob knew there was one thing left to do. He needed to check on the lifeform in his parent’s bedroom. That worried him as he had no idea what would be in store for him when he did. It took him ten whole minutes to work up the nerve to check. Mostly because of the flashing lights that rebounded through window curtains. If the lifeform had a plan of action or anything went wrong, cops were nearby to intervene.

Moving to the room, Jacob opened the door slowly. A humid heat of hair did assault him like it did that morning accompanied now by a salty pleasant scent. The second is that the cocoon that held the alien priestess had drastically changed.

The pod on the wall that looked like a pregnant belly did not look like it was pregnant anymore. A hole in the yellow membrane had spilled the liquid contents onto the floor, which had stained the carpet green and yellow. That stain radiated out and covered almost the entirety of the carpet in the room.

Something moved inside the pod. A slushing of sorts and more liquid spilled to the floor. Tendrils had drooped from their anchors and the pod now looked sickly to him. There wasn’t life contained within its cells anymore.

Another slushing sound came from the emptying sac. Nervous, Jacob did the one thing that his instincts screamed not to do. He made a noise.

“Hello?” he said. The moving that had been going on stopped.

A weird breathing noise could be heard resounding from the sac.

“Do you need help?” he asked not even knowing why he did. The pounding in his ears told him to run. But he couldn’t move.

“Jacob,” it spoke his name with a hiss. More weird breathing noises. “I can smell that it's you.”

“It is,” he said.

“I’ll release you then,” it said once more in a raspy voice.

Then it felt like a weight had been suddenly lifted off of him.

“You are about to see my glorious birth,” it said. How fortuitous for you.”

“Uh thanks,” Jacob responded honestly not wanting to be in the room any longer. It may be here because of him, but he didn’t know what was about to exit the opening pod.

“It's my thanks,” it said in its raspy voice. “It's taking me a bit to set my new body up.”

“Is that why your voice is raspy?” He asked the question before he thought about it being rude to the alien.

It laughed in response.

“Sorry,” he said looking down as heat burned into his cheeks.

“Don’t be, I need the feedback,” it said.

Moments passed. Jacob sighed and moved to lean against the wall. From there he spied the dried out remains of Billy laying still in the same position from his death. That sight made Jacob shudder in guilt feeling that the poor guy didn’t truly deserve the way he died.

“Jacob,” a heavenly feminine voice said. “I think I have the voice correct now.”

“I’ll say,” he said, genuinely surprised with the change.

“It sounds good?”

“Like heaven spoke itself,” he said with a smile.

“That’s supposed to be a compliment,” she said and then there was a second of silence. “Yes, it was. Thank you.”

“There will be many more I think,” he said.

“As long as it’s all for the betterment of worship.”

She was referring to sex. Jacob knew that.

“I worshipped with a woman earlier,” he said.

“I know, that was meant to be,” she said. “She is undergoing a change as we speak.”

“What do you mean?”

Sloshing in the pod was his response. He watched as the taunt grey looking skin of the belly moved around. Something wriggled underneath and even though Jacob had no idea what it would look like, it didn’t worry him that a monster may emerge from the pod. He figured this situation was either really great, to which it had been for the most part. Or the situation would dissolve into a poor one and then, he figured there would be no need to worry.

Sighing, Jacob turned over to look at the bed his parents once used more than a few years ago. He worried that his father would see that someone had been in the room. Besides the fact that the pod was present and so was a body.

“You worry too much,” she said. At least, he hoped it was a she. That was the whole point of offering a female up to her to bond too is so that she would be. Gender seemed to be a fluid concept to her kind, or rather whatever she was.

“I try not too,” he said sheepishly. “Are you okay?”

“Of course,” she replied. “I am currently just disseminating memories and figuring out this body that I have.”

“Oh,” he replied.

“It's different. While the woman grew up with this, this is my first time possessing a physical form.”

Jacob found that understandable.

“We have a huge mess to clean up,” he said after a moment.

“Don’t worry about the body or this pod. Both are easily disposed of.”

As if to support the statement, a tentacle fell from the ceiling to the floor and landed with a crunch. In moments it began cracking before disintegrating into dust.

“What about you?”

“I am no so easily disposed, but I will require a bath and food soon.”

“I can handle both,” he said. “Be back soon.”

Jacob tore out of the room. It may have been getting late into the night, but Jacob rushed out of the house excitedly. There weren’t many reasons not too.

The first thing was to get would be things for a woman to bathe in. Running as fast as he could, something that didn’t even register to him that he was doing, he went down lighted streets until he reached a department store.

Shopping for someone other than himself was entirely new, especially being that before when Jacob’s weight prevented him from shopping in the store himself. He always shopped online. The experience was lost on him as he stood in the aisle of body soaps. He had no idea what to really get, so he grabbed three different liquid body washes. Then he was off to do the same for shampoos and conditioners. He matched flavors and then moved to find toothpaste and vaginal washes.

After a few moments, he realized he needed a cart and went to the front to get one. No one bothered him as he went back to buy deodorants and perfumes. He even grabbed a few different lubes. Everything he gathered wasn’t just for her either, he realized quickly that anything that would aid in ‘Worshiping’ on her side of things, then he needed to provide it.

Also moving quickly, he got some clothing items for her. Being that money wasn’t a big deal to him, he bought a few different sizes of clothing that didn’t have numbers but letters of sizes. He assumed and hoped that she would fit between small and large sizes. After getting sweat pants, shorts, underwear and a few shirts he went over to the men’s side and bought a few shirts to fit himself. Not wanting to offend if by chance what he bought she didn’t like. Thinking on that, he went back and bought a few sundresses too.

Food was the last thing to buy. He had no idea what to get her for that. Moving fast, he grabbed a variety of foods, including sweets. After finishing and checking out, which thankfully there were self-checkout stations, he left.

Standing outside, Jacob only now realized a major flaw in his outing. He had no way of walking with the items. No car owned or even a person to call for a ride. Sighing, Jacob did the only things he could think of to do. Looking around and feeling altogether like a criminal, Jacob left the department store and traveled home.

Thankfully, Jacob knew he could take side roads to get home. Less traveled ones, but it would take longer to get home. So far, Jacob surmised he had been gone for over an hour. The what-ifs piled up in his mind and more than once, he stopped to keep himself from hyperventilating.

Home neared and Jacob had a full-on panic attack seeing the flashing lights in the distance. In his rush, Jacob hadn’t even considered the emergency down the street from his house. A street over and he would be home. Right now, he stood on a plane in another existence trying to figure out his problem. On one hand, there was the option of leaving the cart by the back yard. A tall wooden fence hid the yard. The issue was, that meant leaving the card in the open next to a neighbors fence. That would surely mean that if he was stopped or held up the cart wouldn’t necessarily be there when he made it back. The other hand meant walking up to his home with the cart. With a deep breath, he chose the latter.

Walking down his street pushing a cart probably wasn’t the oddest or worst transgression on his block. Jacob didn’t live in the best part of town it was far from the worst. There still happened to be homeless who occasionally frequented the area. Pushing the cart, Jacob moved closer to home and the emergency vehicles.

The cart moved especially noisier as he approached home. He never realized how covered in loose gravel the sidewalks had. As he approached home the same blonde cop from earlier approached him.

“Hey you need to stay back,” she said to him. “Oh, it’s you.”

“Yeah, it's me,” he replied feeling sheepish and scratching his head.

“You rushed out so fast earlier,” she said.

“Yeah was in a rush. Had to run an errand for my dad and well,” Jacob motioned to the cart full of stuff.

“You stole the cart?”

“Not on purpose, but I didn’t have another way to carry my stuff,” he said. He saw her tense up. “I plan on returning it.”

He held his hands up and put on a face of despair.

“I don’t know if I can let this slide,” she said biting her lip. “You have a receipt?”

“Yes,” Jacob replied. He dug through his pockets and produced the slip of paper to the officer. She snatched the receipt from him.

“Let me see this.”

Jacob sat there in his annoyance, but he didn’t let it be known how annoyed he was. She went through every bag and checked.

“You have an interesting haul here.”

“My dad is bringing home some new girl from overseas and apparently she didn’t have clothing. He didn’t tell me sizes.”

“Oh,” she replied.

“Yeah, this is really awkward for me too,” Jacob said again scratching the back of his head.

“Get the cart back by tomorrow night,” she told him handing the receipt over to him. He took the paper and almost cringed when their skin touched. “I'll be by to check and make sure you returned it.”

She walked off her radio cackling in noise. Letting out his breath, he pushed the cart up to his front door. Opening the door, he quickly moved the bags inside and left the cart on the porch before going in.

The food was the first priority. Putting it up quickly, he moved to grab the soaps first. Moving upstairs, he worried what sight would greet him when he entered his parent’s bedroom.

Jacob wasted no time in walking in and put the bags of soap onto the bed. He did catch that Billy no longer lay where he was. Noting that a dusty end was probably the cause, he turned to the apparatus on the wall.

There was no hint of life at all in the thing. The outside looked like tree bark and the only thing still hanging was the actual pod, which had turned white in totality.

“You there?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied. “My skin has hardened.”

“That’s good,” he replied having no idea what she was talking about.

“I’m ready to emerge.”

She didn’t even wait for him to reply. Instead, the white sac ripped open and he watched as a human woman emerged. That sight surprised the hell out of Jacob. He didn’t expect her to look human or as a woman at all. She came out and he drank the view in as she stretched.

This woman was an avatar of fertility. She had an hourglass figure with a voluptuous body. He could see just from her hip size that her backside was big. He tiny waist was toned. Her breasts perked up with their grapefruit size with giant jutting nipples.

She stopped stretching and dropped her arms to her side. Black hair shined like obsidian and stretched down past her shoulder. Her eyes blinked with giant red irises and black pupils Her nose was small, her face reserved, and she looked astonishingly beautiful.

“What do you think?” she said with a smile.

“I uh,” Jacob had no words. His mouth hung agape at the sight of her.

“I am here now Jacob,” she said.


2019-05-17 17:58:04
Can't wait for the next chapter


2019-05-13 20:26:16
very odd and weird story....but i liked it so far....

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