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Leann, a naughty futa, has to make up for her mistake by pleasing the futa-jantiors with her nubile body.
Futa Naked In School – Naughty Futa Bake Sale

Chapter One: Leann's Big Futa Mistake

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Ji-Min Song's Week, Friday

After a week of going naked at my college, I was relaxed. It was the first week back from Spring Break, and I had a great time being enrolled in the Program for the last five days. It had opened my eyes to my sexuality. I had learned so much about it.

Shame tomorrow's student council sponsored bake sale would be my last chance to do it officially. Sure, I could go naked if I wanted to. Xochitl and her futa-sister certainly did it, using any chance they could to have incestuous sex in public. Quickies before classes, in the middle of the cafeteria, fierce petting sessions between classes. Those two were all over each other.

Most, however, didn't go naked though they might wear some of the newer clothing designs now that it was warming up. Skirts cut high in the front to show off your panties, or pussies, blouses with transparent tops to show off your nipples or bras, or blouses with built-in support so you could have your tits cradled and nipples exposed. Girls were grooming their pubic hair into shapes, dying them. Futas were piercing their nipples and showing them off.

The world was getting a little freer.

“So how do you like going naked for the week?” asked Reina Vela, the student council's secretary. She was the only one in the room not naked for our student council meeting. “I know Leanne's been having a lot of fun.”

“Getting all the pussy I can get,” Leann Winthrop said. The futa's large breasts swayed. She was the vice president of the student council. She leaned back in her chair across from me, those lush melons jiggling.

I liked futas with big tits.

“How about you, Ji-Min,” Reina asked, glancing at me.

“I've been having my fun,” I said, blushing and nodding. My short, black hair swayed about my face. I was Korean and unlike many, I didn't have a Western name. My parents were a little traditional.

“I heard Adile got at your pussy,” Leann said. “Damn, I would love a crack at that lesbian.”

“You can't fuck her straight,” said Reina, folding her arms.

Leann shrugged. “It would be hot to try.”

Reina glanced at me. “Did you and Adile...”

I nodded, my cheeks burning. “Once, when I asked for relief, she volunteered and, well, she's pretty good at eating pussy. I returned the favor. It's different without a cock, but fun.”

“Damn, I want to get chosen,” groaned Reina. “There are only eleven weeks left in the school year. I don't want to wait until next year. It sounds like a blast.”

“Oh, yes,” Leann said. “I remember how you came on my dick after Wednesday's meeting.”

“So hard,” Reina panted. “My futa-girlfriend was wondering why I was late, and I just said, 'Program's fault,' and kissed her. Would you believe she ate me out full of your cum? She was turned on.”

“Kinky,” Leann said. “Not my thing eating cum out of a girl, but good to know. I can send you to her with another pussy load of cum.”

“We're having a meeting right now,” I said, squiring, my pussy getting wet and wet. My nipples were hard atop my small breasts.

“I can send you home with cum, too,” Leann said. “No rule that says we can't fuck just because we're in the Program together.”

“We're having a meeting,” I repeated.

“Not until Priscilla gets here,” said Leann. Priscilla was the president while I was the treasurer. It was a bit of a stereotype, but I loved math. I really, really did. Numbers just made sense. Before I lost my cherry on Tuesday, sex wasn't as important to me, but now...

Maybe we could have some fun if Priscilla wasn't—

The doors to the student council room threw open and Priscilla marched in. Her large breasts quivered in her baby doll t-shirt. She wore jeans tight enough to prove that she wasn't a futa but all girl. Her strawberry hair swayed about her shoulders as she marched around the table, a look of fury on her face.

“Uh-huh,” Leann said. “What happened?”

“The janitors is what happened.”

“Custodians,” said Reina. “They prefer custodians.”

“Whatev.” Priscilla reached the head of the table and gripped the back of her chair, knuckles whitening. “The bake sale is in jeopardy.'”

“What?” Leann straightened up, her large tits heaving. “No, we're all set. I have promises of baked goods, the weather's going to be a warm 70 so we can be naked. No rain. It'll be a perfect, spring day. My mom is bringing in her cupcakes! They're the best.”

“The janitors claim they weren't informed about the bake sale,” Priscilla said, practically grinding her teeth together. Her gaze shot to Leann. “You did tell them, right?”

“Well...” Leann squirmed.

“What does this mean?” I asked. The bake sale was my idea to raise money for the college.

“That they're not going to help because we didn't give them the month notice like someone was supposed to.”

Leann's shoulders melted. “I thought I filled out the form.”

“Our bake sale is ruined over some dumb form?” asked Reina. “Why do we need the custodians?”

“'Only the custodial staff can set up tables on college's property,'” Priscilla said in a mocking tone like she was repeating words. “Union rules or some BS like that. We can't even bring our own tables. How messed up is that?”

“Shit,” Leann groaned. “I'm sorry. I must have forgotten. I really thought I did it.”

“So there's nothing we can do?” I asked, my heart fluttering, on the verge of panic.

“Well...” Priscilla bit her lower lip. “You two are in the Program, so if we were to offer them some schoolgirl delight... You know...”

Leann's cheeks went red. “What?”

I swallowed, my own cheeks warming as this thrill shot through me. The custodians were four futas. They had that sexy, working vibe. They didn't wear the most attractive outfits, but they made me tingle thinking about satisfying them.

“It's against the rules,” Leann said. “They're staff.”

“Well, this is a school event,” said Priscilla. “Outreach to the custodial staff. If we can make them happy...”

“I'll do it,” I said, my pussy on fire. “I don't mine. They're cute.”

“Good,” said Priscilla. “Way to be a team player. And you, Leann...”

“But I'm a futa.”

“Some of them might be into futas.” Priscilla faced Leann. “This is your fuck-up. You can't expect Ji-Min to clean it all up herself.”

“Shit,” Leann muttered


Leann Winthrop's Week, Friday

I had managed to avoid any futa-on-futa contact all week. I wasn't sure I was down for this, but...

It was my fuck-up.

“Maybe they'll just be satisfied with you,” I muttered to Ji-Min as we walked naked through the empty halls.

“Maybe,” Ji-Min said, an eagerness in the voice. The petite, Korean sophomore had this look of sparkling lust in her eyes, her pale-olive cheeks flushed dark. Dusky nipples thrust hard from atop her small, quivering breasts, and her landing strip of black hair led to the juicy lips of her pussy.

“Damn,” I muttered, a twinge racing through me. She was cute, a year younger than me. I was a junior, like Priscilla.

We rounded the corner and there it was: the custodial break room. We were near the gym and the boiler room. I took a deep breath, my stomach roiling. Could I do something with a futa? I wasn't into them. I mean, they had cocks. Not just pussies, but big, throbbing shafts thrusting from their folds. No cute, dainty clits to nibble on.

Ji-Min knocked on the door, looking so cute and nubile as she trembled. I swallowed, my dick growing harder. I wasn't sure if it was her or this strange excitement that I might be forced to service a futa-janitor that made my cock throb.

The door opened to a youthful janitor with blonde hair gathered in pigtails. She looked barely out of college, her hazel eyes bright. She wore a green jump-suit she wore half-unzipped to show off her small, conical breasts cupped in a demi bra, nipples poking hard at the satin.

“Well, look at you two,” she purred, her eyes flicking up and down Ji-Min.

“We're here to apologize for the mix-up about the bake sale,” Ji-Min said. “If you need anything from us, we'll be more than happy to provide it. Any service. Any use.”

“Any?” she asked. Her nametag read Skylar. She turned around and purred, “Azra, there are two naked students here wanting to be our fuck-toys. One's a futa, and the other is just scrumptious.”

“Send them in,” came the rich tones thick with a Middle-Eastern accent.

Fuck toy? Shit.

Skylar stepped aside and, with a giggle, ushered us into a small locker room. A folding table was in the center, cards around it. Three more futas sat there, a Hispanic one with her brown hair pulled into a ponytail and her jumpsuit bunched around her waist, smiled. Her tits were out, round and brown, topped by pink nipples.

“Mmm, look at them,” she purred in her Latina accent.

“Uh-huh,” Raquel said a short, Asian futa, her skin a darker shade than Ji-Min's. She had a smile playing her lips. “What do you say, Azra?”

The last futa, her skin a deep brown, set down her cards. She flicked her eyes up and down us, her breasts rising and falling beneath her jumpsuit. She stood up and smiled as Skylar closed the door behind us. Azra nodded her head, eyes smoldering.

“Who else knows about this little arrangement?” Azra asked, stopping before us.

“Just the student council,” I said. “No one will find out. And, uh, besides, this is a school activity. Custodial outreach, so it should fall in line with the Program rules. Technically.

Azra's smile grinned. She had plump lips. Her hand unzipped her jumpsuit, revealing round breasts beneath, her dark-brown nipples hard. “Perfect.”

“Come here and suck my dick, cutie,” said Skylar. “That's the girl, not you, futa.”

“Leann,” I muttered as Ji-Min whirled around and fell to her knees before Skylar. The Korean sophomore didn't even hesitate to swallow the ivory cock before her. She bobbed her head, working her lips up and down it.

“Damn,” said the Asian futa. She stood up. Her nametag read Yen. She had a hungry look in her eyes as she unzipped her suit, her breasts small and conical.

“Come suck my dick, too,” said Raquel. The Hispanic futa, her naked tits swaying, stalked by me. She shoved down her jumpsuit more to pull out her cock, the tip pierced by a gold ring. “Wrap those lips around this, mamacita.”

Ji-Min ripped her mouth of Skylar's cock, turned her head, and engulfed the Hispanic futa. The naughty schoolgirl bobbed her mouth, her hips wiggling. She gripped both cocks, pumping up and down them with practiced ease.

My dick swelled to a full erection. My pussy ached, clenching. Juices dribbled down my thighs. My breasts swayed. Azra and Yen stripped off their jumpsuits, standing naked and hard. Azra had a short but squat futa-dick she fisted while Yen had one almost as big as mine. Hers thrust from a thick, black bush.

“She's good,” Yen said.

“Yeah,” I said, glancing down at the two futas dicks. “So should I...?”

“Start sucking, futa-slut?” Azra asked. “Well, she looks busy. Wrap that pretty, White mouth around my big cock and make me explode.”

“Damn,” I muttered. I sighed. I had to do this. Might as well get it over with. Ji-Min was having fun.

Maybe I would, too.

I sank to my knees before Azra and Yen. I grasped their futa-dick. They throbbed and pulsed in my grip. I stroked them, this strange thrill racing through me. I was holding futa-cocks in my hand. Hard, throbbing clit-dicks. They felt like mine, the hard core and the outer layer of skin that shifted over it. Precum beaded their tips.

Ji-Min sucked with hunger behind me. I had to do as good a job as her. I leaned forward and opened my mouth. I swallowed the tip of Yen's cock. I tensed against the taste of her precum, but it wasn't bad. Salty.

I sucked.

Not bad at all.

I stroked their cocks, Azra's shorter but wider. I fisted them as I sucked on Yen's dick. I tried to remember what girls had done to my futa-cock, which ached so bad right now, and swirled my tongue around Yen's tip. I caressed it, bringing a moan from her lips.

“Don't forget about me,” Azra purred, her voice throaty.

I pulled my mouth off Yen's cock, a little bit of drool running down my chin. I turned my head and engulfed Azra's dick. I sucked it into my mouth. I sealed my lips about that shaft and bobbed up and down that wider cock.

I sucked a few times while Yen's cock beckoned. I had to please them both. I had to make them both happy. I fucked up, so I had to pay. I switched futa-dicks and engulfed the slender, Asian futa's dick. Her small breasts quivered.

“Oh, yes, what a good mouth you have,” groaned Yen. “Mmm, this is making up for us having to come in our day off.”

“Indeed,” groaned Skylar. “Ooh, cutie, you got a mouth on you. Hows the futa doing?”

“Adequate,” Azra said.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching. I couldn't do adequate. I had to give the best damn blowjob ever.

I popped my mouth off of Yen's cock, saliva dribbling down to my throat, and shifted over engulf Azra's futa-dick. I sucked it into my mouth, my cheeks hollowing. I could see Ji-Min bobbing her head. I worked my lips down the squat dick, breathing in the tangy musk of Azra's pussy. I sucked, my tits jiggling as I moved.

Azra groaned. Pleasure crossed her face, her round breasts swaying above my head. I heard the delight I gave her with my mouth and tongue. I fisted Yen's cock faster, giving Azra's dick a final, hard suck. Then I switched, panting before I engulfed Yen's shaft.

Her spongy dick slid past my lips. I sealed tight about her shaft and danced my tongue. I pumped my hands up and down Azra's shaft, stroking her fast. Hard. I knew where a futa liked to be stroked, something not all girls seemed to know.

The tip.

That spongy crown drank in all the pleasure.

I pumped fast while my tongue danced over the Asian futa's dick. She moaned, her voice sweet and soft, her pussy juices spicy. I could see her folds through her thick forest of dark hair. Dew beaded them.

“Oh, yes, yes, just like that, cutie!” groaned Skylar. “I'm going to jizz all over your face. Bet you want that.”

“Mmm, yum!” Ji-Min said.

“Oh, mamacita, I love it,” Raquel moaned. “Work that mouth up and down my cock. Ooh, you're a tiny thing, but you can take all of my dick.”

Would Yen and Azra, especially Azra, want to cum on my face. I shuddered. It was so demeaning to have that, but... The bake sale was important. Our chance to leave a lasting impact on the school. My pussy clenched, my dick throbbing.

I popped my mouth off Yen's cock and moaned, “You can cum on my face, too!”

Azra smiled.

I sucked on her dick. The Middle-Eastern futa shudder. Her breasts swayed. She grabbed a fistful of my brown hair, holding it tight. My breasts swayed as I sucked and slurped. Drool dribbled down my chin as I loved them.

The pants and moans of the four futa-janitors mixed with the wet sucking and slurping Ji-Min and I produced. I shuddered, my pussy clenching. My futa-dick throbbed before me. I swirled my tongue around Azra's cock then switched.

“I want you to cum on my face!” I moaned before engulfing Yen's dick.

Her cock throbbed in my mouth, her breasts quivering. “Oh, yes, we will, futa-slut!”

“Mmm, cum on my face, too!” Ji-Min moaned. “I want it!”

“Oh, cutie, you'll get it!” groaned Skylar. “Keep sucking like that. I'm going to erupt in your mouth.”

I shuddered, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. My hands pumped up and down Azra's and Yen's clit-dicks. The scents of their pussies swelled, filling my nose as I blew them. The heady aroma had me shuddering. My hips wiggled from side to side, the excitement building and building in me. It was this wild rush.

A kinky thrill.

I sucked and slurped and bobbed my head. I went back and forth, my tits heaving. The futas moaned. In the background, Skylar and Raquel gasped. They were both moaning, building towards their release.

“Yes, yes, cum on my face!” Ji-Min moaned. “Just erupt!”

“Cutie!” Skylar howled.

“¡Mierda!” cursed the Hispanic futa. “Take it, mamacita!”

“Yes, yes, bathe me,” the sophomore groaned.

I pictured her cute face getting bathed in cum. She looked like a little doll. They were splattering her with cum. Both Yen and Azra watched. I shuddered and popped my mouth off Yen's cock. I fisted both their cocks as hard as I could.

“Cum on my face!” I begged, needing to win their support. “Please, please, fire that jizz across my features.”

They glanced down at me. Azra licked her lips, her plump tits swaying. Yen whimpered, her cute face twisting up. Her black hair danced around her face. Her clit-dick throbbed in my hand, precum bubbling from the tip.

“Almost there, futa-slut!” she groaned.

“Yes, yes, get us there,” panted Azra, gripping my hair. “A few more strokes.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned, my pussy clenching, dripping with juices. My futa-dick ached. I was so turned on right now.

Just aching to explode.

Their dicks erupted.

Yen's fired a moment before Azra's did. The Asian futa's cum splattered the side of my face and spilled up to my chin. The Middle Eastern futa's blast caught me right on the lips. I gasped as her salty cum flooded my mouth before she coated my upper lip and nose.

“Take it, futa-slut!” moaned Yen, her body heaving. Juices dripped from her thick bush.

“Oh, damn, yes, that's it!” Azra panted.

I shuddered as they drenched my face. They coated me in it. I whimpered, fisting their cocks. Jizz rained down to splatter my large boobs. My futa-dick throbbed as their girl-spunk ran in hot lines down my face and cheek. I trembled, squeezing out more.

My tongue swept out, licking up the cum. I couldn't believe how good it tasted. I shuddered, my futa-dick aching and throbbing. It was such a hot thrill. I felt so dizzy from it. It wasn't that bad. The hot cream ran down my face to my waiting tongue.

Not bad at all.

Azra grinned. “Just got coated in cum, didn't you?”

“Yes, ma'am,” I moan, tits rising.

“Mmm, bet you got a hard cock and a wet pussy, don't you?” she asked.

I nodded then gasped as she lifted me up by the hair. I groaned, catching a glimpse of Ji-Min scooping up the cum that adorned her face before I was turned and thrust at the card table. My pussy clenched, a rush of heat surging through me as I was bent over it.

I could feel playing cards sticking to my tits, my nipples rubbing into the felt. I shuddered, my futa-dick throbbing. I could feel my twat on display. Azra's short, squat cock rubbed up and down my pussy folds.

“You ever took a dick back here?” she asked. “You got a cherry, futa-slut?”

“Just some girls' fingers,” I moaned, pussy juices dribbling down my cock. “If you need to.” I felt shocked that I was saying these words, but I had to please Azra. “You can fuck me. You can take my pussy virginity.”

“I think I just might at that,” groaned Azra. Her futa-dick pressed against my pussy lips and slid up and down my folds. “The others can enjoy the cutie.”

“They will,” I moaned, so eager to please this futa. I had to do a good job. I licked up some more cum dribbling down my face. “Fuck me! Plunge that cock into me!”

Azra thrust hard into my pussy.

I gasped as she spread me open wider than any fingers had. Her cock wasn't long, the length of my middle finger, but that girth had me shuddering. My futa-dick throbbed and twitched. The ache swelled at the tip as this silky friction surged through me.

“You like that, don't you, futa-slut?” she hissed, her trimmed bush rubbing into my ass and the shaved folds of my pussy.

“I do,” I groaned, speaking the truth.

Her futa-dick felt amazing in my cunt.

My pussy squeezed around her dick as the futa-janitor fucked me from behind. In the background, the other three enjoyed Ji-Min. She whimpered and gasped while I shuddered and moaned. My pussy clenched around Azra's big dick. I savored it plundering my cunt. The hot thrusts. The powerful, hammering plunges.

My silky flesh drank it in. This dizzying delight surged over me. I groaned, my cunt clenching down on that amazing cock. It reamed hard and fast. Over and over, she plunged it into me. Her crotch smacked my rump while the friction swelled.

My futa-dick throbbed and ached, drinking in the pleasure. The ache built at the tip. My ovaries brimmed with cum while my pussy delighted in this huge cock. Getting fucked in the cunt was an amazing treat.

I was glad I had to do this.

“Damn, Azra, slam that big futa-dick in me!” I panted.

“Like it, huh?” she asked. “Just a slut for a clit-dick!”

“Uh-huh,” I panted, the stimulation rippling through me. “Oh, wow, that's good. Damn, you're plunging hard and fast into me, aren't you?”

“Yep!” she said. “You're just so hot and juicy. And I bet you're hard.”

“Feel it!” I groaned, my cunt squeezing down around her dick. I was just savoring this wonderful pleasure hammering me. She fucked me hard.


Her hand slid around my waist and down to my shaved crotch. She wrapped around my futa-dick, stroking me. Her touch was electric. I loved it. Jolts shot down my shaft to my cunt. My flesh squeezed around her touch.

Her futa-dick reamed me. She stretched my cunt with every plunge. My futa-cock throbbed in her stroking hand. She pumped it up and down, almost with the same ferocity as her squat shaft reamed my cunt.

I moaned and whimpered, the card table rocking beneath me as I took my first futa-dick. My pussy savored it. Azra's hand stroked me hard, fast. My breasts rubbed into the playing cards and the padded, vinyl surface. My nipples throbbed, feeding the growing pressure in my ovaries.

I clamped my cunt down around her girl-dick, something I liked girls doing to me. Azra moaned while my own friction increased. That wonderful heat surged through me, feeding that swelling ache at the tip of my cock.

“I'm going to cum on this dick!” I moaned in shock. I couldn't believe I'd ever say that. “I'm going to cum on your big futa-dick, Azra!”

“Good,” she groaned, plunging hard into me. She buried her cock to the hilt in me again and again, her crotch smacking my rump.

The friction was incredible. I screamed closer and closer to an orgasm. My ovaries brimmed. They were filled with cum that just had to erupt out of me. I shuddered, my hips wiggling from side to side. I stirred her around in me. That amazing cock reamed me. She plunged it over and over into me. Time and time again.

It was an amazing delight.

A wonderful treat.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I gasped, my dick on the verge of erupting. Her futa-dick had driven me to the edge.

“Cum on my dick, futa-slut!” she moaned. “Explode on my cock. Yes, yes, you're just such a treat. Schoolgirl futa-pussy! I love the Program!”

“Me, too!” I moaned, my twat clenching down on her reaming clit-dick.

She plunged hard into me while stroking up my girl-cock. She reached the pinnacle, caressing my spongy tip. I shuddered and squeezed my cunt down around her girl-dick. I couldn't take much more of this.

I erupted.

My futa-dick fired. Jizz showered from my cock. The pleasure surged through my body. The powerful jolts of bliss fired from my shaft met the waves of euphoria rippling out of my spasming cunt. My pussy writhed around the janitor's dick.

She stirred me up. I moaned as I bucked on the table. It creaked beneath me as my pussy writhed and spasmed around her thrusting cock. She grunted, pounding me hard. Her hand fisted my erupting dick.

“Yes, cum in me, Azra!” I moaned. “Use my cunt! Just spill all that futa cum in me!”

“Getting there, schoolgirl futa-slut!”

I loved it. I was a futa-slut. My orgasm burned intensely through me. I groaned, shuddering on the table. My nipples rubbed across it. This amazing treat surged through me. My cunt convulsed and writhed.

She buried into me and grunted.

Hot cum fired into me.

I gasped as I felt a futa unload into me for the first time ever. My cunt convulsed and spasmed around her girl-dick. That heat surged through my body. I gasped and whimpered. I squirmed, my hips rippling from side to side. My cunt milked her girl-dick. I bucked so hard as she flooded me.

“Oh, fuck, yes!” she groaned, her hand sliding up and down my futa-cock, wringing out the last few drops of my jizz.

It was one of the best orgasms of my life.



As Azra took Leann in hand, I was pulled down onto Skylar's lap. The blonde, girlish futa-janitor had a big grin on her face. Her small breasts rose and fell. They were conical tips topped in puffy, pink nipples.

“Mmm, you're going to ride me, aren't you?” the futa-janitor purred. Then she giggled like a schoolgirl. She must be my age, only a year or two since she'd graduated from high school. Unlike me, she hadn't gone to college.

“Yes,” I moaned, feeling her futa-cock rubbing into the shaved folds of my pussy. I didn't start out this week shaved. I was glad I started.

I slid my pussy up her futa-shaft. I climbed up her dick to the pinnacle. I whimpered, rubbing my self on that wonderful point, and then I slid down her. I groaned as I engulfed her dick. My nineteen-year-old pussy spread and spread around her girl-cock.

“Ooh, cutie, yes,” Skylar groaned. Her hands grabbed my butt-cheeks. She pulled down on me, parting my asscheeks in the process. “Raquel, you have to get in her. You have to try her asshole.”

“Mmm, gladly,” purred the Hispanic futa.

She knelt behind me, pressing her dick into my rump. I shivered. Getting Dped was something I learned to love this week. Having two futas in me at the same time was exciting. I hoped my futa-girlfriend, when I met her, would be okay with sharing me.

Because I'd love to lick her cum out of a girl's pussy.

“You are a naughty thing,” said Skylar. “The way you lick your lips. You look like a cute, innocent doll, but the Program's made you into a slut.”

“Into a girl who knows what she wants,” I said, my pussy clenching around Skylar's clit-dick. I reached behind me and seized Raquel's dick. With a bold jerk, I slid her shaft down to my asshole. It poked against me, her cock ring rubbing on my sphincter. “There. Right there. That's where I want you to jam into me.”

“Yes, mamacita,” groaned Raquel. “Definitely like a girl who knows what she wants.”

I whimpered as she thrust. Her futa-dick penetrated my bowels, her piercing a hard circle contrasting with her softer flesh. My back arch arched, my firm titties jiggling. Skylar leaned back on her elbow, pigtails swaying off her shoulders. I whimpered as Raquel's spit-lubed cock went deeper and deeper into my bowels.

I shuddered as she bottomed out in me, her thick bush rubbing into my butt-cheeks. She hugged me, rubbing her tits into my back. She drew back, her cock ring stimulating my anal sheath. I groaned, squeezing down on Skylar's cock.

“Oh, yes, yes, you two are just wonderful,” I moaned and lifted my hips, riding Skylar's cock as Raquel's rammed to the hilt in my bowels, her hands clenching on my tits.

“Look at this,” the Asian futa purred, stepping up. Her cock dripped with Leann's saliva. I licked my lips then engulfed Yen's cock, tasting the brunette futa's spit.

It was like an indirect kiss with the student council vice president.

It sent such a wicked thrill through me. My pussy and asshole clenched down on both futa dicks, drinking in the feel of them. I rode them, sliding my cunt up and down them. That wonderful pleasure surged through me. A treat to enjoy. My hips wiggled back and forth, stirring those hard dicks around in my cunt and bowels.

A treat to enjoy.

I whimpered and slammed down Skylar's thick cock. It was such a delight. A wonderful treat. I groaned, my asshole squeezing and relaxing. A dizzying heat surged through me, driving me towards that amazing treat.

I moaned around Yen's futa-dick in my mouth. It was a delight. A treat to enjoy. My hips wiggled back and forth. My cunt clenched and relaxed. That wonderful passion surged through me. It was incredible. My heart pounded in my chest.

An amazing delight surged through my body. This wicked passion. My heart thundered faster and faster. I took all three of their dicks in my body. My asshole squeezed down on Raquel as she plundered me. I moaned around Yen's tip, loving her precum flowing across my tongue. My pussy worked up and down Skylar's, delight rippling out of my pussy.

“Damn, what a naughty schoolgirl slut,” panted Skylar. “Ooh, yes, yes, work that cunt up and down my dick.”

“Mamacita, you got a tight ass,” moaned Raquel. “I'm going to explode in you.”

I squealed in delight around Yen's cock.

“Yes, yes, she's hungry for it,” panted the Asian futa. Her spicy pussy juices filled my nose. They coated her thick, silky pubic hair. “She wants my cum.”

“Our cum!” Skylar moaned.


It was a wicked treat to please all three of them. I groaned, sucking hard on the futa-dick in my mouth. That wonderful passion surged through my body as both my holes drank in those dual frictions. Velvety and silky raptures swirled through me.

I worked my cunt up and down faster. Harder. I rode Skylar's girl-dick as Raquel's futa-cock reamed my bowels. It was an incredible passion to enjoy. This amazing bliss. My hips worked from side to side, stirring them up as I drove closer and closer to my orgasm.

I would explode on them both. That wonderful moment of eruption. They would flood my body. It would be incredible. I squeezed my asshole and pussy on the two futa dicks. I slammed down Skylar's cock as Raquel hammered my bowels.

“Shit, that's good, cutie!” Skylar moaned, her conical tits jiggling.

I grabbed them, massaged them. Raquel squeezed her hands about my little titties while her round boobs caressed my back. I shuddered, my tongue dancing around Yen's cock. My pleasure came closer and closer to exploding through me.

It would be awesome.

“¡Mamacita, si!” groaned Raquel. “I'm going to flood this asshole. I'm going to give you so much jizz.”

“Do it!” panted Skylar.

I shuddered and slammed down her girl-dick. My clit pressed into her pubic bone. The pleasure sparked through me. A wonderful tsunami of rapture that slid through my body. My head tossed back and forth. I groaned, my cunt squeezing down on the blonde's futa-dick while Raquel reamed me.

“Shit!” Yen moaned, her small tits quivering as she fucked my mouth, driving her girl-dick to the hilt in me. “Yes, yes, suck hard, slut!”

“Cutie!” Skylar moaned. “Yes!”

Her futa-cum fired into my pussy. I gasped around Yen's cock as I reveled in that wonderful taste of her precum. Jizz basted my cunt. My pussy clenched hard. My body couldn't resist the delight being reamed by two futas had given me.

I joined her.

Rapture exploded through my pussy. My asshole convulsed around Raquel's plunging cock. She buried to the hilt in my flesh and gasped. Two futas flooded my holes. My pussy spasmed around Skylar's cock, milking out the last of her cum as Raquel was just getting started.

I squealed my delight around Yen's cock.

“¡Mamacita!” Raquel gasped out in rapture as she based me.

“Oh, yes, yes!” groaned Skylar.

“Slut!” moaned Yen. Her futa-dick throbbed.

Hot cum flooded my mouth. I groaned in delight, my throat working to gulp down her flood. My orgasm intensified. Those waves of delight washed through my body, surging me towards that wonderful pinnacle. All three futa-janitors had used me.

I loved being in the Program.


Leann Winthrop

I didn't hesitate to bury my face into Ji-Min's sloppy cunt. The Korean sophomore lay on her back, panting, jizz streaked across her face. More spunk leaked out of her twat. I licked, gathering up her tangy cream infused with that salty seed.

I loved it.

“Damn, she's just hungry for it,” said Azra, her cum leaking out of my twat.

“Yes, she is,” Yen said, her saliva-soaked dick nuzzling into the cheeks of my ass.

I whimpered, about to have a futa enjoy my last virgin hole. My futa-dick throbbed, already hard again. I thrust my tongue deep into Ji-Min's pussy, swirling around in her and fishing out the cum that had flooded her. Yen's cock found my sphincter.

“Fuck her up the ass!” Skylar cheered. The blonde knelt beside Ji-Min and fisted her dick. “I want to cum on those schoolgirl titties. They're so cute.”

“So are yours,” Ji-Min moaned, her hands cupping her little tits. “Mmm, Leann, lick me clean while they cum on us.”

“Gladly,” I said and then groaned as Yen pressed forward.

My anal ring squeezed tight for a moment, but then the pressure of the Asian futa's cock overcame my sphincter. I groaned into Ji-Min's twat as my asshole spread wider and wider. My pussy clenched. My futa-dick throbbed.

Yen's cock popped into my bowels.

More and more of her dick slid into me as I devoured the cum leaking out Ji-Min's pussy. Skylar had fired so much into her. I licked and lapped as I took more and more girl-cock into my velvety anal sheath. My large tits swayed beneath me.

“Bugger her hard,” Azra said, kneeling down and stroking her stout, pussy-soaked dick. Her cum ran out of my pussy and dribbled down my swaying dick.

“I plan on it,” Yen moaned as her cock sank deeper. Her silky bush pressed on my rump.

I groaned as she drew back, sliding her cock through my virgin bowels. My pussy dripped with more of Azra's cum. It ran down my swaying girl-dick as Yen slammed forward into me. I moaned into Ji-Min's pussy, trembling.

This was such an incredible treat. A delight to enjoy. My tongue plundered through Ji-Min's folds. I licked and lapped at her. I teased her. Drove her wild. She whimpered, her hips wiggling back and forth. She smeared her hot cunt against my hungry mouth. I devoured the futa-spunk. Loved it.

Such a treat to enjoy.

I whimpered and moaned as the futa reamed me. She plundered me fast as I lapped out all the yummy cum. The other futas fisted their cocks, aiming them at Ji-Min's tits. The Korean cutie shuddered, massaging her tits, looking like she was in heaven.

“Yes, yes, cum on my tits!” she moaned. “Just coat them in your girl-jizz.”

“Do it!” I moaned.

“Want to lick them clean?” Azra asked.

“Yes!” I whimpered, shocked by the admission. “Yes, I do!”

“Good!” groaned Azra. “You'll get your support. We'll set up.”

“The bake sale's happening!” squealed Ji-Min. “Oh, Leann, yes, yes, it's wonderful. Keep licking my twat. Get all of Skylar's yummy cum out of me.”

“So yummy!” I groaned, my bowels clenching down on Yen's cock.

Skylar giggled and winked at me, fisting her futa-dick.

The burning heat in my asshole fed my pussy. My cunt drank it in, my dick throbbing, aching. My ovaries swirled with a fresh load of cum as I trembled beneath the passionate strokes of Yen's big dick. She plunged into me. Hard. Fast.

She reamed me. Filled me.

I squealed, my head dizzy from the forceful plunges. That delicious futa-dick reamed my asshole. The velvety friction made me groan. My tongue fluttered through the depths of Ji-Min's pussy, licking out all of the passion.

My tongue scooped out the last of Skylar's cum. I whimpered into Ji-Min's pussy, reveling in her shaved folds. Her tangy passion coated my lips and chin. I reveled in it. Enjoyed it. I lapped through those folds, savoring every moment of being reamed.

My ass ached from the power of Yen's strokes.

“Damn,” she groaned. “You got a tight ass, futa!”

“Cum in her ass!” moaned Ji-Min. “And cum on my tits! Ooh, we're going to have such a wonderful bake sale tomorrow!”

“Yes, yes!” I moaned, my orgasm building faster and faster. My bowels clenched down on Yen's cock, increasing the friction.

Increasing my bliss.

My dick throbbed, coated in Azra's futa-cum. My pussy grew hotter. I wiggled my hips, my cock swaying. Jizz dripped from the tip. I shuddered, Yen's hard cock reaming me faster and faster. I came closer and closer to that eruption.

“Fuck,” I moaned.

“Yes, yes, fuck her!” gasped Ji-Min. “Leann! Leann! Suck on my clit!”

I latched onto her bud and sucked.

The girl bucked and moaned. Her face twisted in rapture. Then a flood of her tangy juices gushed out. The Korean cutie spasmed on her back. She bathed my face with a hot gush of her cute cream. Her eyes squeezed shut as she humped her convulsing twat against me.

I lapped up the juices, screaming towards my own orgasm. Yen's cock pounded me so hard. My futa-dick, though not being directly stimulated, ached. Pulsed. The pressure reached a boiling point as Yen rammed to the hilt in my bowels, her flesh smacking my rump.

“Shit, yes!” I gasped and came.

“The futa-slut's cumming on my dick!” panted Yen as my asshole spasmed around her thrusting girl-dick.

My futa-cock erupted. My spunk splashed on the floor, drops of jizz splattering my legs. My tits swayed. I moaned into Ji-Min's twat as my cunt convulsed. Juices gushed down my cock and thighs. I trembled, whimpering. Yen fucked me hard.

Waves of rapture washed out of my asshole and pussy. Jolts of bliss fired from my cock. The dual ecstasies devoured my mind. I whimpered, loving them. I thrust my tongue into Ji-Min's cunt as I trembled through my climax.

“Damn,” Raquel moaned. “Damn, that's hot.”

Her cock spurted first. She splattered Ji-Min's firm, little titties in white spunk.

“Yes, yes!” gasped Ji-Min. “Ooh, that's good. Coat my tits! Just bathe them in your spunk! Oh, my god, I love it!”

“Shit, you're hot, cutie!” moaned Skylar.

Her futa-dick erupted. Then Azra's. The head futa-janitor's jizz spurted down Ji-Min's body, landing on her stomach. Near her landing strip. I whimpered, my asshole writhing around Yen's cock. She fucked hard into me.

“Oh, futa-slut, yes!”

Her dick erupted into me. I groaned as I felt her jizz flooding my bowels. It was a different sensation. It had me dizzy. I shuddered, my bowels writhing and milking the dick in my asshole. This amazing cock that had me trembling and aching.

My mind melted as Azra's last spurt of cum landed across Ji-Min's landing strip. I licked up her pussy and to that line of silky hair. I gathered the salty cum, my mind melting beneath the onslaught of being a fuck-toy for the futa-janitors.

The last spurt of cum fired into my asshole. My pleasure died to buzzing bliss as I licked higher and higher, gathering up the salty cum. The futas watched, pleased. They would help set up. Ji-Min and I had fixed my fuck-up.

It was fun doing it, too.

Tomorrow's bake sale would be a huge success.

To be continued...
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