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Amy officialy moved schools so i was back to being a sexually frustrated person but ended up being seduced by this girl with a high sex drive but didn't leave me with to many happy endings.
Chapter 3

My ex best friend also known as my ex sex buddy Amy ended up moving schools to another town i will always miss what we use to do with each other I’m glad we still managed to get back to speaking terms after what happened with me dating her best friend and me getting cheated on by her best friend with another woman but i don’t think me and Amy could get back to our sexual ways and i had doubts to find anyone else to play with.

I was coming towards the end of year 9 and my life seemed less stressful without my past best friend/sex buddy has gone but again I’ve become a lot more sexually frustrated and its been driving me crazy.

I did meet this girl in my gym class she was newly transferred from a special education class i wasn’t really much of a fan of gym class so i didn’t put much effort in and sat most of the sport activities out this girl seemed to be one of them types if she has a sore finger its treated like she has broken both of her legs she ended up coming towards me later i found out her name was Rose she came of as a real bitch telling me i need to have a shower because i stink

"well obviously ive been in gym class" i snapped back at her we weren’t exactly the friendliest to each other at first.

After gym class i didn’t see that girl for the rest of the day until my last period in science class her eyes were immediately were fixed towards mine and the shit thing was there was a spare seat next to me I shouldn’t have to worry to much as my friend was on the other side of me so I just paid most of my attention to him, Rose sat next to me logged into her computer and didn’t say a word to me she had some special teacher next to her.

The class went on like normal Rose finally broke her silence towards me and actually introduced herself nicely this time and im a sucker for niceness so I returned the favour with the niceness we only talked now and then as my friend was being a dickhead in class and kept on drawing attention to himself.

As class went on we started talking Rose started asking me if I was a virgin and how many times ive had sex she then went on to tell me that she has fucked half the guys at school.

Rose doesn’t seem like the sexual type, she had short stringy hair nothing past her ears and no makeup and small boobs but she had a nice skinny body to go with it.

I went on with my schoolwork on the computer till I felt something brush against my ankle I looked down to see Rose playing footsies with me I didn’t think much of it I just thought it would be a harmless little game so I continued on to pay footsies with her till her hand reached and slid across my inner thigh sending a shudder down my spine I tried not to look at her I went back to my school work like normal then again her hand grasped my inner thigh getting closer to my cock I held my head down looking at the position of her hand our eyes shifted in each others direction I could sense the sexual tension in her eyes as she looked at me her eyes fixating at me while smacking her lips sensually all of these actions in a brief few seconds.

A few more minutes went by nothing happened I thought to myself she has probably given up but at the same time I kind of wanted her to keep going I kept looking in her direction seeing where her hands are for the time being they were all over the keyboard typing up her school work.

A few minutes later Rose was up to her od tricks I could see her scanning the room then making way for my thighs well at least I thought it was my thigh she decided to go straight for my cock I was startled by her touch my hand immediately grabbed hers

“slow down gurl” I muttered to Rose

we were rudely interrupted by my friend on the other side of me being a pain in the ass he was eventually separated from the class leaving me alone with Rose.

Rose asked me if I liked what she was doing and to be honest I really did I haven’t felt this sexually close with a girl since Amy plus a girl has never come on to me before this was really exciting so I was honest with her I told her I did but I was worried we were going to get caught her teacher kept hovering over us being a cockblock, Rose soon got rid of her then asks me to touch her, my nerves increased I proceeded to lightly graze her thigh with my hand she then egged me on to touch her pussy I looked around to see if anyone was watching then proceeded to rub her clit through her pants with my thumb I could see Rose’s eyes close and lean back at my touch she told me I could finger her I decided to act dumb and ask how we were going to do it, I watched Rose unclasp her shorts and she took my hand up her shorts and I was met with something extremely wet I managed to rub the folds of her pussy lips and I mean she was beyond wet when I withdrew my finger I had to wave my hand to get her juices of.

I told her how wet she was

“I cant help it im so horny” Rose exclaimed

I wasn’t really complaining I liked it I managed to sneak a few more touches of her wet clit I couldn’t really get in any deeper as her pants weren’t open far enough and I was worried about getting caught.

I don’t know why but Rose told me how she was on her period and had a tampon stuffed deep inside her she talked about it as if it was really sexy maybe the fact that she knows she’s becoming a real woman turns her on it is definitely turning me on I’m hard as a rock I didn’t even hesitate to let her touch me she continued to rub the head of my cock while I poked at her wet clit.

It was about 10 minutes before home town and we were still masturbating each other every chance we get she wanted me to kiss her but I thought no way as much as I wanted to it was to noticeable she even told me I could do whatever I wanted with her she was even willing to let me fuck her in the ass, by the end of the day she gave me her Facebook name so I can talk to her online and we parted ways much more happier than we did earlier.

I laid in bed thinking about the experience I had at school and was looking forward to seeing more of her the next day and imagining all the things we can sneak together.

The next morning at school I was called into the priceable office, as I approached the principle he asked me about a girl named Rose in class yesterday and started asking me questions if I touched her and sent any nudes to her and got accused of forcefully touching her but the principle didn’t seemed really phased by it as if it wasn’t a big deal I denied everything that happened even though I was into it she was the one who was all over me at the start, later on I found out she’s done this to quite a lot of people at school she gets all kinky with them and dobs on them the next day.

I never really spoke to Rose much for the whole year she tried again on me a couple times in class but I wasn’t going to fall for that trap again.


I was back to my old tricks in year 10 wagging about 75% of my classes on a daily basis I spent most of my time at the library it was quiet lots to do and most importantly free Wi-Fi.

One day as I was leaving the library I heard somebody yelling out to me I looked around to see Rose waving at me I was in a rush and couldn’t stay so I just waved back with a smile.

My mind took me back to the last time I interacted with Rose I must admit she still looks the same apart from the new red hair of hers but still short and thin.

Later on in the night I got a message from Rose just saying hello to me I was hesitant at first but we were both 16 were both legal so nothing bad could happen we proceeded to talk through most of the night things started to get heated as she started sending me nude photos of her licking her boobs they were making me want her more I didn’t know how to respond to the photos I was a lost for words.

Rose decided to take control of the conversation asking me to fuck her tomorrow and to bring protection, by this point my hand was in my pants stroking my cock to this conversation I began to ask questions where and when and asked her to promise not to dob me in this time then next minute she tells me not to worry about tomorrow then blocks me randomly well I definitely fucked that one up.

I was chatting up this other girl on Facebook she wasnt exactly the type to show any sexual feelings but showed a lot of romance towards me so I decided to meetup with her tomorrow since Rose ditched me.


I had a wonderful time with this girl nothing sexual happened apart from a kiss on the cheek but there maybe a bit of romance there its to early to tell.

My time with this girl was coming to an end she had to catch a bus in 15 minutes so if I was going to make a move I had to make it fast but was soon stopped in my tracks when Rose spotted us and came and started talking to us she pretty much had a massive conversation with the girl and left me out till I got a message from Rose on Facebook asking me if I still want to do what we were talking about last night, in other words shes asking to have sex with me I replied back with a yes I was defiantly sexually frustrated from being around this girl I needed a root.

Once my dates bus arrived I kissed her on the cheek goodbye I went back down to see Rose staring at me things were awkward for me I was still nervous around her she asked me to play truth or dare with her and straight away she dared me to kiss her on the lips I looked around to make sure nobody was looking I went to place a quick kiss on her lips, her next dare went a little more kinky it was to grab her boobs that seemed easy then next minute she took it to the next level and dared me to dry hump her I was defiantly not going to do this in the middle of a library I suggested we go somewhere more private so she followed me outside the library under a nearbye bridge she stopped me here this wasn’t exactly the most private place but it will do she layed down and pulled me on top of her and dry humped her slowly this wasn’t exactly helping me with my big erection in my pants so I urged her to keep going with the game.

It was my turn to do a dare I asked to do whatever she wants to me while I close my eyes I thought this should be interesting I felt her hand grasp my head and her lips met mine in a passionate kiss but kind of slid her lips across my face at the same time, one thing I can definitely say is I’ve never been kissed like that before and I don’t think anyone else has.

I was then dared to do the same thing to her but to her boobs so I did the only thing I could do grope and suck them she groaned as my mouth covered her boobs and tongue flickering over nipples she started grinding on me some more while unbuckling my belt I had to stop her we were going to get caught doing kinky shit like this in public I asked her if she wanted to go to the public toilets up the road from here so we wont get caught she kissed me then nodded and followed me to the closest public toilet I let her go in first followed by me just so people wont see us go in together, as soon as I walked in and closed the door behind me Rose latched onto me deeply making out with me pulling my cock out of my pants and sat on the toilet and attempted to grind on me this was weirder than grinding on me under the bridge.

I went to unzip Rose’s pants she asked me if just want to have sex, wow she is thick minded I thought, I nodded yes Rose stood up and pulled her shorts and panties down while I took her place on the toilet I caught a brief glimpse of her pussy before moving on top of my condom covered cock she was so tight it took a few attempts getting her pussy to slide onto my cock but we eventually got her wet little pussy down my covered shaft Rose got straight into it riding my cock I could hear her muttering words like “oh yeah” “oh fuck” as she rode my cock I ran my hand up and down her body and squeezed her tits I had to do my bit to help I could feel her pussy squeeze around my cock she took one final thrust on my cock then next minute “ok im done I gotta go bye” she managed to cum but left me in the toilet with my pants around my ankles and having to finish myself of I was only a few strokes away from cumming but still I wasn’t to happy about cumming in the bathroom sink after she left me.

Rose later messaged me apologising for blueballing me but she apparently had to be somewhere but in other words she came she went she then went on demanding that we do this everyday witch was greatly exaggerated as I saw her a few times at the library after we fucked but she never really wanted to fuck I got to kiss her now and then but managed to slide a finger in her once but that’s about as far as I got for a while.

Once again I was at the library with another girl who I sort of had a crush on but didn’t know to well but was still in the stage of dating girls without thinking, her name was Jenny she was skinny as a rake long golden hair very cute freckled face she attended the school across from me witch was one of the things I found sexy about her I always had a thing for a sexy ginger private school girl but our little date was interrupted by Rose walking in on us this time she spent all her time chatting up Jenny she even managed to get her to kiss a few times, at first I was jealous but was turned on at seeing 2 girls kiss each other they spent pretty much most of the time in the library kissing and making out.

I asked them if they want to take this further we could go sneak into the bushes across the road “lets see if I can score a threesome for myself” I thought.

Rose took control of the whole situation saying we should take turns kissing each other and touching each others boobs, Jenny’s boobs were about the same size as Rose and her kissing style was slightly less wet than Roses.

Things were going well at first we were dry humping each other and rubbing each other till Rose went even further pushing me away telling me to stand guard for them as they intensely make out.

At the end of the day Jenny and Rose ended up dating so sadly for me I couldn’t touch any of them, they eventually parted after a few days I know they spent one day alone together but I never got to know what they were up to on that day, I still keep in contact with Jenny now and then weve managed to sneak a kiss and exchange a nude here and there but nothing went to extreme.

A year or so later

Rose invited me to walk to a local takeout place with her as she was living down the road from me at the time.

The whole walk down there Rose was telling me how sexually frustrated she was saying she needs a fuck badly I kept suggesting to her I could fuck her but she cant leave me hanging this time but she continued on about how much she wants sex I told her there’s a bridge up the road here we could go and have sex but I told her I don’t have a condom with me witch ruined my chances of having sex but she didn’t say no to other things.

We went to the bridge and made sure nobody was looking Rose had my cock in her hand jerking it of I asked her what other things shes done while grasping her boobs she just kept telling me she’s done everything

“even anal?” I suggested

she just nodded jerking my cock faster I began to move my hand into her panties and reached around to her asshole to see if she would reject but she gladly opened her legs to give me more access I managed to slide half my finger in her ass this really got my cock pumping I could smell the odours of her ass escape her panties filling my nose and that was it my cum flew out all over the ground I wanted her so bad I knew I had the house to myself the next night so I suggested she comes over tomorrow night as I have the house to myself she agreed but also mentioned she’s not promising anything while giving me a wink.

The night came I was soon greeted at my door by Rose we spent a little time talking till I asked her what she wanted to do she was hinting at sex but didn’t want to admit it I went out right and told her we can have sex if she wants I didn’t have to ask her twice.

Rose was fully naked in my bed with her fingers in her cunt keep in mind she did all this in the time it took me to grab a condom.

I went straight into fucking Rose moving my hips thrusting in and out of her she moaned as my cock poked her insides deep I continued fucking her faster her breathing and moaning continued at a high pace then to a sudden stop I must of made her cum again because she was urging for me to pull out, I asked her if she cumed and she told me she did twice she was trying to go for a third but didn’t have the energy, my dick couldn’t be that good I thought to myself or maybe she just is a genuinely horny person I don’t know but I wanted to cum badly but she was immediately out of the mood all she wanted to do was go on her phone and message other people I managed to beg her to let me finger her while she texted people witch I did with skill I knew she was trying her best to concentrate on her phone but it was to much for her she wanted another fuck but I pretty much fell into the same trap, a few thrusts later she came again.

It was getting close till my parents were coming home I had to get rid of Rose but at the same time really needed to cum.

As I was trying to get rid of Rose she was going through my cupboards and found a bag of lollies and asked me if she could take it home I struck a deal with her if she lets me quickly fuck her ass she can have them she was straight away against it but told me I could slide my dick in her ass with a condom on then slide out it wasn’t exactly what I wanted but ill take it.

I bent Rose over my couch and she spread her asshole open for me I lunged my dick all the way inside her ass was really well lubed with her sweat I savoured the brief seconds I had inside her till she told me to pull out.

Rose soon left me once again with my dick in my hand having to make myself cum then again I finally got some ass again so I cant complain.

Sex Bucket List

1. have sex with my crush

2. cum in a girls pussy

3. have anal sex

4. cum in a girls ass

5. have a threesome

6. have a girl pee in my mouth

7. have a girl sit on my face

8. have a girlfriend i can fuck whenever i want

Sadly didint get to mark anything of my bucket list but now at least ive had sex with 3 girls so far.
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