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The story of a bullied young who get a break in life only to bring more trouble.
Copyright 2018

By Dbuck

The Rocker

Part 2

Well, it's back to school after Christmas break. I'm more on the lookout for Carl now rather than Bryan. Want to hear the story? Here it goes. Emily and I had two more of her dominating play times before Christmas break. I really liked her a lot. I bought her a necklace for Christmas and decided at nine at night, three days before Christmas to go to her house and give it to her. I check to make sure no one sees me. No cars in the driveway. I knock on the door as Emily answers surprised.

She says, "run NOW."

"I got you a Christmas gift" I counter.

Then I hear the worst voice ever. "WHO THE FUCK IS THAT!"

I look into Emily's eyes and I actually see sympathy as I drop the present and run before Carl has a chance to see me.

So Carl and Emily are back together. Lisa is still dating a football jock and Brook is dating some senior. As for me, I'm in hiding not knowing what Emily told Carl about us.

The first week in February on a Saturday, while home alone. I'm watching TV as the doorbell rings. I open the door and immediately get the 'what the fuck' look on my face as I see Lisa and Brooke standing there.

"Hi DW," Lisa says.

"Hi?" I say, acclimating the question.

"Uhm, can we come in," Lisa asks.

"No," I say.

Then Brook cuts in and says, "DW we want to be friends and ask you to come to a Valentine's party as a blind date for Lisa's cousin who will be visiting from out of town."

"NO!" I say trying to be mean.

Then Lisa has the nerve to ask, "WHY?"

"Are you kidding me," I ask. "Where should I start?" "You haven't talked to me in five years. You don't even acknowledge me at school and you don't even acknowledge that you know me. Both of you watch me get beat and laugh or don't say anything and you WONDER why I say no," I say with venom.

I start to close the door when Lisa says, "please my parents won't let me have the party unless I find her a date."

I close the door leaving them standing there.

Friday, a day before Lisa's big Valentine's Day party. I walk into my last class and sit down at a desk as Lisa sits down beside me and Brook behind her. Both have big smiles on their faces.

"DW, our party starts at 7pm at my house and my cousin from out of town will be your date," Lisa says.

I start to say something when the teacher hands out a pop quiz.

As we're doing our quiz. I whisper to her, "I told you I'm not going."

Lisa looks at me with a shit-eating grin on her face and says, "yours. Wayne's and my parents are going out until Sunday evening, AND your Mom told me that YOU would be my cousin's date for our party." As I hear a snicker from Brook.

"Well, I'm not going if Bryan, his goons and the football team are there," I say.

"They're going to be there and so are you or I'll tell your Mom," Lisa says as I hear another snicker from Brook.

"Fucking ass holes," I say to myself, yes Mom included.


Early Saturday morning Mom and Dad are leaving to take my sister to the Grandparents and then gone for the weekend. It was no use arguing with my Mother. She told me if I didn't date Lisa's cousin, I couldn't go to the interview with Sam in California on spring break and told me I should get out more. Oh yes, let me go out and get my ass beat.

I spent most of Saturday jamming my guitar and writing a few song lyrics. Before I knew it, it was 6:30pm, so I ran upstairs and took a shower. I was looking through my clothes and realized "damn I don't go anywhere". I haven't anything to wear, so I put on a flannel shirt along with a black t-shirt underneath, jeans, and tennis shoes and headed next door to my ultimate death.

I walk up to Lisa's front door and knock as Brook answers and says, "Hi DW, welcome to me and Lisa's party."

"As if I had a fucking choice," I say.

Brook replies, "awe don't be mean" as she walks away snickering.

As I'm standing in the foyer, I see Bryan, Carl and their goons staring at me with smiles on their faces. Emily walks by and quickly turns her head trying to act like she doesn't know me (and never had my cock buried in her pussy).

I see people pointing at me and talking as Lisa approaches me and says, "Hi DW ready to meet your date."

Again, I see Brook standing beside her with a hand over her mouth trying not to laugh.

I'm thinking to myself, "This is NOT going to be good,"

I see a girl walking down the stairs about 6' 4" maybe almost 200 pounds not fat, athletic build. Long smooth legs boyish cut blonde hair with very perky B cups. Wearing a short blue skirt mid thigh high and a white blouse. She was actually very beautiful in an Amazon sort of way. Of course, I'm no prize myself and hope my looks don't scare her off.

She holds out her hand as I take it and I say, "Hi my name is DW."

Then she says, "H-h-hi m-m-my name is M-M-M-Matilda."

As soon as I say nice to meet you the room roars in laughter as I look over and see Lisa and Brook bent over in laughter. They're laughing so hard that tears are coming out of their eyes. Matilda's face is red as I squeeze her hand trying to let her know that it will be ok as people are laughing.

I can hear people in the background saying, "look at the two retards."

I want to turn and run out of the house, but as I look at Matilda as she looks ashamed and ready to cry. I put my arm around her and lead her to the other side of the room. Lisa brings us both a beer as she smirks. Matilda takes hers and I decline.

We start talking, as the music gets louder and I smell pot coming from upstairs. Matilda talks to me the best she can with her stuttering and me being patient with her. I find out she lives in California. She is 18 and a senior in high school. She is on the girl's basketball team and has a scholarship for college next year. She is really a sweet girl and it makes me mad that her cousin Lisa would set her up like this.

About an hour goes by Matilda is finishing her second beer when Carl walks by and I feel a hard smack on the back of my head so hard it brings me to my knees. I look behind me and see Bryan and his goons looking at me with those looks in their eyes and I know what is next as Matilda says she needs to go to the bathroom. That's when I tell her I'll get her another beer. Thinking fast shaking in fear, I walk to the kitchen. I see Carl and Brian coming after me. Thank god, there's a door in the kitchen leading outside as I make my escape and run home to safety.

I'm home for about 30 minutes staring at the phone wondering if I should get my revenge, knowing if they found out there would be a price tag on my head. As I'm reaching for the phone, I hear a knock on the front door. I open it to a crying Matilda. She is stuttering and crying so hard that I don't know what she is saying as I grab her and pull her inside and shut the door. She has a notebook and pen and starts to wring down how sorry she is about her cousin and how everyone treated us. I tell her it's not her fault and explain the history I have with them to include how Lisa has not talked to me in five years until she needed a date for you. She says Lisa has always been a stuck up bitch and she really didn't want to come here with her parents. I tell her it's ok and people will always judge.

We start talking more and really start hitting it off.

Using her pad and pen she asks, "what do you like to do?" Since I told me I like basketball.

I say, "I'll show you after I make a phone call."

I smile at her as I pick up the phone and dial the local police. I give them Lisa's address and explain the loud music, underage drinking, and the smell of pot coming from the house. They tell me they have already had complaints and the police are on their way.

As I hang up Matilda is on the floor laughing as she says, "that b-b-bitch deserves it."

I take her to my room. She sits on the bed and I grab my acoustic guitar. I sit on the floor, start playing, and sing a Cat Stevens song that I memorized. She looks awestruck as I play and she listens. Then I start playing a song that I have been writing. After about 15 minutes, she gets up turns out the lights, grabs my hand, and pulls me into bed beside her. We stare into each other's eyes as she starts kissing me with a passion like the one I never felt before. Then it's a sudden frantic dash of pulling clothes off, French kissing and grabbing each other.

I hear a gasp as she grabs my cock, which is hard enough to cut diamonds as she starts kissing my chest and starts working her way down and then starts sucking my man pole while kneading my balls like a true basketball player, Then she places her knees on each side of me and pushes her freshly shaved pussy down unto my face. I know exactly what to do as I lap the sweet musk of lust. I grab her hips and I immediately go for the button swirling my tongue around sucking it, when minutes later I hear a moan from around my dick and I'm rewarded for my efforts as I get a face blast of girl juice.

Matilda swings her body around and starts working my cock into her love hole. She is not as tight as Emily is, but her pussy is burning hot. Once she has all of me inside she gives me a hot passionate kiss then starts bouncing up and down with a heated passion I can't explain. I lean my head up and start sucking her beautiful tits while grabbing her ass. I'm trying to hold out as long as I can, when Matilda tightens up and let out a loud scream as girl juice starts trickling down my balls and I say "Matilda I'm going to cum," as Matilda pulls off of me, puts my cock head in her mouth as streams of my man juice spurts into her mouth. After she swallows and licks me clean, she collapses beside me. She tries to speak, as I put my mouth on her lips and give her a kiss. We lay there my arm around her and her head on my chest as we drift off to sleep.

As we're lost in lust, we don't even notice the flashing red and blue lights coming through the window or the commotion from next door as people are being arrested.


Well, it's Friday the day before I leave on spring break to California. To tour Sam's recording studio and talk about a summer contract and possibly finding me a band. Maybe I'll get to see Matilda as she lives near LA.

I spent February through now trying to avoid everyone because everyone at Lisa's party suspects me of calling the police. Bryan and Carl got a month in Juvenile detention for possession of Marijuana and other drugs. Lisa was grounded for two months. So I know there's a hit out on me. So I'm being very careful about where I go and avoiding everyone. I was doing a good job of it until this particular day.

I asked Mom to get me out of the last period so that I could go home and finish packing. I head to the main office, sign out, grab a pass, and start down the hallway towards the front door as I'm suddenly grabbed and slammed against the lockers. I'm staring at a very mad Carl, with Bryan standing behind him.

Carl gets in my face and says, "I know you're the one who called the cops," he says.

I tell him that other people had called before me. That makes him madder.

Carl says, "listen to me you ugly retarded mother fucker. My parents took my driver privileges away for a year and I may not get to play football my senior year next year, which means no football scholarship. YOU FUCK UP MY LIFE!" As he slams his fists on each side of my head rattling the wall lockers.

He rears his right fist back and says, "I'm going to make you squeal like a pig."

"Like I made your girlfriend, Emily squeal when I had my fat dick buried deep inside her tight little pussy," I say, thinking, "what the hell I'm going to die anyway."

He paused as I saw a look of surprise on his face.

Then he says, "WHAT?"

Mr. Ross, my savior rounds the corner and asks, "what is going on. Show me your hall passes?"

I show him mine and make a very fast exit as I hear him tell Bryan and Carl to go to the principal's office.

I need to be very careful when I get back.


10 am Saturday morning, I give Mom a hug and my Dad tells me to be careful as I head out the door with my bag to wait for my ride. As I'm waiting, I see Brook and Lisa sitting on Brook's porch looking at me and talking. I'm surprised when a black limousine pulls up.

A man gets out and says, "DW?"

"Yes, sir," I say, as he grabs my bag and opens the door for me to get in.

I look across the street at Brook and Lisa as they have the biggest 'what the fuck' looks on their faces. I wish I could write a hard rock song to describe it.

Mid-afternoon, I'm standing out in front of the airport after my first ride in an airplane feeling nauseous. I see a man standing in front of a limousine holding up a sign that says "DW". He gets me in the limousine and we drive to a huge mansion. I'm greeted by a very beautiful woman about my Moms age. About 5'5" Strawberry red hair C cups wearing a skirt and blouse.

"Hi, I'm Stephanie, you must be DW the Guitar prodigy my husband is so excited about," she says.

"Yes, Ma'am," I say shaking her hand.

"DW, please call me Steph you make me feel old," she says,

"Sorry Steph," I counter.

Stephanie tells me that her husband was called away and won't be back until Monday and she has to work on Sunday. She told me her daughter will be home from private school tonight until next week for spring break, but she will probably be spending time with her boyfriend so I can have the run of the house and the house staff will take care of me. I'm shown my room, which is huge and told dinner will be ready in an hour.

I unpack and shower (I have my own bathroom) and go to the dining room. My room is on the first floor, which is the guest bedroom. Two stairways on either side of the main entrance that leads upstairs I make my way to the back where I find the dining room and Stephanie sitting at the table. I'm served a meal that you get in expensive restaurants. A thick cut of Salmon, shrimp, and fries. We talk and she asks me about myself. Leaving out the miserable part of my life, I tell her. She tells me about herself. She was a model and met her husband eighteen years ago when he was getting started in the music recording industry and now she owns her own modeling agency that she wants her daughter to take over when she retires. She tells me her daughter is Rachael and she is sixteen, They have her in a private school, because They're not home much, however she is home every weekend, holidays, spring break, and summer.

After dinner, she shows me around the house. The theater room, gym, swimming pool, game room and finally a music room. My jaw drops as I see electric and bass guitars, drum sets, keyboards, AMPs, and a piano.

Stephanie laughs and says, "I guess you won't be bored."

Sunday morning, I wake up around 7am. I shower and head into the kitchen as I see a Hispanic woman.

"Oh, you must be Mr. DW. Miss Stephanie said to make you some breakfast," she says.

"Hello ma'am, I can just get some cereal or something," I say.

"No I'll make you breakfast and please call me Rosa," she says.

After an amazing breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes, I head to none other than the music room and start ROCKING! As I'm going through one of the songs, I wrote I see the door open and I immediately stop as I look at the goddess that just walked in. Maybe 5'2" Long straight strawberry red hair wrapped around a pale white face, emerald eyes that shine bright, B cups, on a petite frame. She is wearing a two-piece bikini with a wrap and sandals.

I must look like I'm choking as she says, "are you ok?"

"I-I-I'm fine," I say.

"I'm Rachael you can call me Rach," she says.

"I'm DW and you can call me Ddub," I counter.

"Like that's such a groovy name. My dad was not kidding when he said he found a guitar prodigy," she says.

"I'm not that good," I say.

"DW, seriously you make Jimmie Page sound like a beginner. Do you have a swimsuit?" she says.

I tell her that I have shorts.

"Come on we're going to a beach party with my friend," she says.

"Ok," I say back. I can't argue with a goddess.

We wait out front, as an old truck pulls up and we get in. Rachael in the middle and me on the other side.

"Hector this is DW," Rachael says to Hector.

"Hey DW, good to meet you man," Hector says.

I say the same. Hector is a Latino guy, the same height and weight as me. Short black hair wearing shorts sandals and a pink tank top. We all talk about school and why I'm here. Hector is a senior in high school and is going to work in his Dad's auto shop. Apparently, his Dad owns a couple auto repair shops and makes good money.

We get to the beach and meet up with a group of about twenty people, mixed of males and females all around my age. Rachael runs off to greet who I can only guess are her friends. I hear a lot of miss you and see hugging. I walk over to the edge of the water sit in the sand and stare out over the ocean. I suddenly realize that I have never seen the ocean before. Then I feel a hand on my shoulder as I jump and almost piss myself. I turn and see Rachael.

"Dang why so jumpy," she asks.

"You may never know," I say back.

Rachael grabs my hand and says, "come and meet my friends."

As she is introducing everyone to me, I'm thinking WOW, these kids act nowhere near how the kids at my school act. They don't act like They're better than everybody else. They're not judgmental. They're friendly and a joy to be around. After introductions, I see a couple of the guys offloading a truck, I walk over and offer to help. We offload a barbecue grill, coolers, chairs, and blankets. We set everything up and get the grill lit with briquettes.

The day passes and it's almost sunset when a fire is started, I'm sitting back by the ocean watching the sunset as Rachael sits beside me.

"Not having a good time," she asks.

"To tell you the truth I can't remember ever having such a great time. Except for times with my Uncle," I say.

I begin to tell her that her friends are amazing. Then she asks about my friends back home.

"I have no friends back home," I say.

"You can't be serious," she says.

That's when I spill my guts. I don't know why, but she seems so nice and easy to talk to. We sit there for an hour, with me talking and her listening. I tell her everything from the beatings, teasing and the way I'm treated. I even tell her about Brook, Emily, and Lisa. After I finish we sit there in silence for a good five minutes as I wonder if I said too much to a person, I barely know. Does she believe me? Does she think I'm a freak. Will she ever talk to me again?

"Gold Diggers," she finally says.

"What," I ask.

"They're gold diggers and the guys are freaks and are afraid of you. The guys are afraid of what you and what you might achieve and the girls only want you when they need something. Brook used you, she was new to the neighborhood and once she made other friends, she had no use for you. Emily just wants a free meal. She used you for sex when her football player boyfriend was out playing the field with other girls and when he was done she came back to him. I don't have to tell you why Lisa used you. They're gold diggers and when you're a famous rock star, they're going to be at your doorstep begging to be with you," she says finishing her rant,

Then she says, "please do me a favor?"

"What," I ask.

"When you become rich and famous, please don't change and don't treat people like crap, unless they do," she asks.

I tell her that somebody told me the same thing.

Rachael asks, "who?"

"One of Max's groupies after she took my virginity," I say.

"She hits me on the shoulder and says, "Ewe I hope you wore protection."

"I did and my Aunt asked the same thing," I say.

We start laughing and talking more as she tells me about herself. Growing up rich, going to private school and having everything given to her. That's why she likes to get out with the working class. Normal people as Rachael calls them.

We get back to the group as I'm handed a guitar by a guy named Mark and he asks, "DW, do you know peace train by Cat Steven?"

"PLEASE," I say as I grab the guitar, sit and start jamming.

I'm getting into it as everyone else starts singing along. After that, we start to sing folk songs around the campfire. After that, I see people paring up some couples backing into the shadows, I glance over and see Rachael's boyfriend sitting on the other side of the fire holding hands with another guy. I then glance over to see Rachael's reaction as she is in a lip-lock with another girl. Before I can ask myself, 'WHAT THE FUCK!' A Hispanic girl that has been at the party all day sits beside me. She has long dark brown hair very petite with b cups wearing a halter-top and cut off blue jean shorts.

"Hi, my name is Imelda want to go for a walk?" she says.

"Sure," I say.

She grabs my hand as we start walking along the beach. She asks how old I am and I ask her age. She says she turned sixteen yesterday as I wish her a happy belated birthday. I ask her if she got everything she wanted.

She says, "no, but I hope that I'm about to" as she wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down for a deep passionate kiss.

She immediately pushes her tongue into my mouth and starts playing sword fight with mine. We break the kiss as she leads me down the beach to a private cove where I see another couple off in the distance apparently doing the same thing we're getting ready to do.

Imelda starts stripping her clothes as I follow her lead. I'm already harder than Japanese Geometry as I pull my boxers off. Imelda steps back with her eyes wide as she says something in Spanish. We lay down on the sand and start making out again feeling each other's body. Her tiny hand starts rubbing my man meat as I have a finger in her tight sopping wet pussy.

Then she says, "no time for foreplay I have been watching you all day and we need to hurry and get back before my friends leave me."

She rolls me on my back, straddles me and places me at her entrance. She tells me she needs to go slow at first because she has never had anything this big in her. She slowly eases down on my shaft. She is hot and slippery like a tight velvet glove. Our pelvises finally meet up her body clamps up as she screams something in Spanish and collapses on top of me.

After she catches, her breath she flips us around, so that I'm on top and she says, "finish me off."

With no further directions, I start plowing in and out of her. Her pelvis matching my thrust after a couple minutes her body tenses up again as she screams out in Spanish. Not letting her catch her breath this time, I put her legs on my chest and start ramming in and out like an engine piston. I can feel myself almost there, but I want to hold out as long as I can when her pussy clamps onto my love muscle yet again as she screams, "FUCK ME GIVE ME THAT BIG FAT COCK." Then she starts babbling in Spanish again, which brought me over the edge as I pull out and start shooting. The first shot lands on her chin and neck, the second and third on her luscious tits and the rest on her belly as I collapse on top of her.

"DAMN" is all I could say.

"I hope you're going to be in town for a while because I want a lot more of you," Imelda says still trying to catch her breath.

We jump in the ocean to wash off as we see the other couple walk by and wave. We get dressed and start walking back hand in hand. She asks me how long I'm going to be in town and I tell her just for the week, and if things go well I should be back for the summer. As we get close to the party, I see everyone is packing up and I hear Imelda being called by her friends. She gives me a hot passionate kiss and says she wants to see me again.

I get back with Rachael and help everyone load up. It's 1am when we meet back up with Hector and head back to Rachael's house. We ride in silence, as everyone is tired. We pull up to the security gate at Rachael's house as we get out Hector hands me a piece of paper.

"What is this," I ask.

"My sister said she forgot to give you her number in case she doesn't see you before you leave and she wants you to call and write."

"Ok," I say.

Hector pulls away and we start walking towards the house with Rachael a little bit behind me, as I feel a hard slap on my ass.

"OWW," I turn to face Rachael and see a shit-eating grin on her face.

"OH MY GOD, you did the nasty with Imelda," she says.

"That's my business, Just like your sexuality is your business," I say as I'm laughing.

She smirks and says, "with my Mom and Dad thinking Hector is my boyfriend gives me good cover so please keep it to yourself."

"I'm not one to judge and would never jeopardize our new friendship," I say.

She gives me a hug and says, "I really hope you do get to stay for the summer. I like you like a little brother, she says.

"How do you know if I'm younger than you," I ask.

"My Dad has your information and your birthday is a day after mine. By the way, you must have given Imelda a good pounding for her to give you her phone number and address," she says.

"Why is that," I ask.

She says two words. "School Slut."

We both chuckle as we walk into the house. She gives me a hug, a kiss on the cheek and says "goodnight" as we head to our rooms.

The next day I'm up around 9am. I shower dress and head to the kitchen as I see Rachael coming down the stairs.

"Good morning Ddub," she says.

"Good morning Rach," I say back.

We walk into the kitchen and are greeted by Rosa and Stephanie. Stephanie runs to her daughter and they hug, both says how much they missed each other. Rachael and I sit at the nook and are served breakfast.

As we're eating, Stephanie asks her daughter, "did you have a good time at the beach party?" Rachael replies back saying she had an awesome time and really missed her friends.

"DW, how did Rachael get you out and did you have a good time," Stephanie asks.

Before I could answer, Rachael, says, "he had a GREAT time Mom" as she gives me a smirk and I stick my tongue out at her as she laughs.

Stephanie says, "well I'm glad you guys are getting along because if DW accepts your Father's offer for the summer we want him to stay here."

Good, I always wanted a younger brother to hang out with, Rachael says, "By one freaking day," I say as we all break into laughter."

"Well, young lady, you and I are going to go out and spend some time together and Ddub can talk to your Father when he gets home," Stephanie tells Rachael.

Stephanie and Rachael leave for a day together and I head into the music room and start jamming. I don't know how long I was playing as time flew by. I play to one of the songs I'm writing and see Sam sitting in one of the chairs. I stop playing as he starts clapping.

"Is that something you wrote, does it have lyrics and what is the name of the song?" he says,

"Yes, it does and the name is 'Bully', " I answer.

"Sing it," he says.

I start getting really nervous as I start to play. The words and the guitar just are not sounding right. Sam gets up grabs the microphone brings it to me, walks over and turns the AMP up. Then walks to me, puts his hands on my shoulders and says, "You're a ROCK STAR. You're going to be known around the world. NOW close your eyes, sing and play what you feel to the world," Sam says as he sits back down and I close my eyes. I think of all the bad people in my life and how they're trying to hold me back as I play my song. I don't know how I did as I was lost in my song, which I wrote to be a loud hard rock song. After the song, I open my eyes and see Sam sitting there with a big grin on his face and Stephanie, Rachael and Rosa standing in the doorway with their mouths hanging open. Rachael runs up to me and gives me a hug. Then Stephanie says, "babe get his ass in your den and get him signed. Offer him anything."

After signing the contract. Sam tells me there's a group of boys my age that are looking for a lead guitarist and will get us together during the summer. We're sitting at the dinner table eating an amazing meal with Sam and Stephanie sitting at the two ends and me and Rachael sitting across from each other. We sit in silence for a while.

Then Rachael says, "so Dad, do I get a little brother for the summer?"

There's a long pause as I grab a spoonful of peas from my plate and with perfect aim, I flip them into Rachael's face, as her Dad asks, "does that answer your question." Everyone laughs except for Rachael, who gives me a smirk and sticks her tongue out at me.

The rest of the week is touring Sam's music studio. He owns a floor of a five-story building that has music studios for other genres. I meet many famous musicians. I even play in some recordings, which gets my name on their albums and money in Sam's bank account, and I get a percentage put in mine.

Saturday afternoon I'm sitting in an empty studio, rocking out and waiting for Sam to get off and take us home. When I see her in the control room. Janet Morris, the bass player in the current best upcoming band, the Haters. She grabs my hand and drags me out of the studio and into Sam's office.

"Sam, Jessie has to go home to his Dad's funeral. How much for the kid for one gig, Janet asks Sam.

"Janet, what gig are you talking about," Sam asks.

She explains that they're opening for Metal Gear a major band tomorrow night and they have to be in Colorado the following evening. Sam knows this. What do you want DW," Sam asks.

"How are you getting to Colorado," I ask.

Janet says, "our equipment goes by truck and the band members on a bus."

"Deal," I say.

I get a confusing look from her as Sam explains where I live and I want them to take me home as it's on their way to the next concert. "Deal," she says.

Sunday morning after breakfast Sam and I take Rachael's bags out to her Mom's car so that she can be driven back to school. Sam gives her a hug. Rachael gives me a kiss on the cheek and says, "see you in June little brother."

"See you later BIG SISTER," I say with an attitude as everyone starts laughing. I head back inside and pack the small bag with the few things I brought with me. The band goes on at 5pm and Janet wants me there at two so we can go over a few songs.

Sam drops me off in the back area of the auditorium and gives me a pep talk. He also tells me that Rachael and Stephanie really like me and are excited that I'm coming to stay the summer. I tell him I like Rachael and Stephanie too and all of you made me feel at home. We shake hands and he tells me he will be watching the concert and to have a safe trip home.

I meet the rest of the band members. Mike the drummer is a tall skinny guy named Skip wearing combat boots, blue jean jacket and pants. Toby the lead singer is a tall muscular guy wearing cowboy boots blue jeans and a blue silk button up shirt that's not buttoned up. Janet is decked out in black leather pants and a black leather jacket with black knee high-high boots. Here I am pn a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and my converse.

Since I'm getting stares from them I ask, "was I suppose to wear something else?"

Toby says, "man nobody cares what you wear. When you're rocking, they don't even care what you look like."

They tell me to follow their lead and we will be playing a one-hour song set. 30 minutes till the show and I'm shaking like a leaf in a windstorm as I feel a leather covered arm wrap around my shoulders.

"Sam said this is your first real concert, He told me we would be amazed by your talent. He told me to tell you to close your eyes at first and think of what you want to tell the world and play your heart out. DW, you're going to be fine," Janet says.

Ten minutes until I strap myself into Jessie's Gibson, this is top of the line by the way. We get our cue and take our spots on stage. The crowd is roaring. I look around and see that the auditorium is packed.

Then Toby speaks into the microphone "Hello EVERYONE!" The crowd goes wild. Toby tells the audience that Jessie their lead guitarist couldn't make it. As there's a low booing in the crowd. Then he says, "we have someone just as good" as he motions me to the front of the stage.

I walk to the front of the stage. lift my right hand up with my guitar pick and slam it down on the Gibson sending a thunderous rumble through the arena as the crowd goes wild. Then I hear the drums, then the bass and my cue to join in as we start the first song.

The adrenaline is pumping as I'm playing my heart out moving to the front during my solo's. I'm constantly getting nods and approvals from the other band members as we finish our last song, so the feature band can finish their concert. The crowd goes wild as we all wave and walk off stage.

We're in the back as the feature band Metal Gear is getting ready to take the stage when none other than Shawn Davies the lead guitarist walks up to me with a sour look on his face. He is 6'5" and looks really mad.

He un-straps his guitar, gets on his knees holds the guitar in presentation and says, "I present this to the true guitar god." I'm speechless as one of the top ten guitarists in the business just gave me his guitar and called me a guitar god.

He stands up and I say, "thank you, sir."

"Take that guitar and keep our legacy going. The next concert I see you in I want that guitar in your hands," he says. I'm speechless as he walks away.

We're walking out the back as the equipment is loaded into a small moving van looking truck and me and the band members pile into...please no...a Volkswagen bus. a driver's seat and no passenger seat with no seats in the back. I load my new guitar and bag in the back. There are blankets and a cooler back there. The driver is a guy named Ralph. The band piles in the back. We stop and get fast food before hitting the highway.

We're eating and everyone is telling me how awesome I was. Then Skip asks, "why we couldn't stay for the after party and play with all of the hot chicks."

Janet says, "we have a deal with DW to take him home. He delivered an amazing performance for us."

I'm taking a drink from my straw as Toby says. "Janet would've got all the pussy anyway," as I flush my nostrils through my throat with soda. Everyone is laughing as I'm being patted on the back.

Mike lights up a joint opens the window and passes it around as I decline. I lay back and, because of the long concert and the adrenaline that was running through my veins, I pass out.

I wake up. We're still on the road. I hear snoring. I don't know what it is, but my head is laying on something warm. I feel a hand running through my hair. "Good morning Ddub," Janet says.

"What time is it," I ask.

"4am," she says. I realize my head is on her lap as she is running her hand through my hair. "DW what are you afraid of."

"Bullies, being beaten, never having any respect and being held down," I reply. Then I begin to tell her about the troubles in my life. The bullies, girls, not having any friends and being rejected.

"DW, those bullies are more afraid of you than you are of them. You're going to have to face them someday. The girls don't want to do anything for themselves. They want it given to them. Friends will come in time, Always remember that there are fakes out there. Friends that are only your friend, because of what you have or what you can do for them. Girls will come into life that are not true and only want you for your money and fame. Be careful of the girls and friends you let into your life and be wary of why they want you and when that true love wants to be in your life, you will know it," she says.

Continuing she says, "you played amazing yesterday and I know you can achieve much more if you face your demons. If you let those demons win, your world will come crashing down on you. I know you can do it DW."

I drift off back to sleep thinking about what she said. Demons?

We drive into town as I look at my watch. "Oh, shit! twenty minutes until school starts," I say.

"We will drop you off at school DW," Janet says.

I give them directions and ask them to drop me off at the entrance closest to my locker. Quick hugs and handshakes are given along with goodbyes and thank yous. I grab my bag and rush into school. The hallway is full of students, as everyone is congregating or getting items from their lockers. I walk by Brook, Lisa, and Emily standing in the hallway talking. I feel all three staring me down. I open my locker, shove my bag in, grab what I need for the day and close my locker. As I'm heading down the hall towards my class, I see Carl, Bryan and their goons waiting for me.

I can hear Janet's voice in my head saying over and over again, "face your demons!". I hear the outside door open from down the hall behind me as the hallway goes quiet and Carl and Brian gets the 'what the fuck' look on their face. I can still hear Janet's voice. Only this time it's not in my head.


I turn and see Janet standing in the hallway still wearing her tight leather pants showing off her tight ass and her leather jacket with a tank top underneath. She holds up my new guitar, points at it and says, "forget something?"

I rush over and open my locker. All eyes are locked on me and Janet as no one is talking. Janet hands me the guitar and I tell her I don't want to put it in my locker because I don't want to scratch it, She peels off her leather jacket and wraps it around the guitar. She tells me I can keep the jacket and wear it when I miss her as I place the guitar in my locker. She looks around seeing everyone staring.

She grabs my ears pulls my face to hers and whispers, "put your hands on my ass."

I do as I'm told (Damn she has a great ass). She pulls me in for a deep long kiss.

Then she whispers in my ear, "go get those demons." As she turns and walks away she says loud enough for everyone to hear, "take care babe I'll call you when I'm done touring."

She walks towards the door as everyone watches until she is gone. As soon as she is out the door the 5-minute, warning bell rings as I walk to my first class.

I'm sitting in the first period and notice that Lisa is sitting next to me. On the other side of me, I see Katy staring at me and smiling, which is odd. She is another stuck up cheerleader that never gave me the time of day, The rumors are that she has been passed around the football and basketball teams and is currently dating Wayne, who is on the basketball team.

Mr. Ross looks at me and asks, "DW, was that Janet Morris from the haters?"

"Yes sir," I say.

"Are you going to give us the story or are you going to make us ask," he says.

Without giving any details, I tell them about being asked to play in Janet's band and the guitar Janet brought in was given to me by Shawn Davies. I guess Mr. Ross is a big Rock n Roll fan because he sounded amazed and excited. He even asked if he could see the guitar sometime.


The week goes by with no scenes, however, there are a few people that never talked to me before are actually saying hi to me, as some are giving me odd stares. Even Brian, Carl and their goons are staying away. Carl still gives me the "I'm going am going to kill you" look. Friday morning I'm sitting in my first class as Katy sits beside me again. She has been sitting beside me all week. Every time I glance at her she is smiling at me.

Lunchtime, and I'm sitting on the bleachers at the football field eating lunch. I'm lost in thought, when I hear, "hi DW." I turn and see Katy standing there. She is about 5'7" maybe 100 pounds. thin frame with B cups and a cute little butt. Her strawberry red hair (the same shade as Brooks and Rachael's) is pulled back in two braids, giving her that innocent schoolgirl look. Wearing a blue flannel shirt, with a tank top underneath, torn blue jeans and tennis shoes. She was never one to dress up for school, except when she wears her cheerleading outfit on game days. Rumor has it that she comes from a big family and her father left long ago.

"May I sit with you," she asks.

I shrug as she sits beside me. I offer one of my sandwiches and we sit and eat in silence. As we eat, I'm wondering what her motives are. She is another person that has never given me the time of day.

I finally break the ice by asking, "what brings you out here?"

She says, "I have always wanted to meet you, but never had the nerve until now."

The bullshit light is going off in my head. Why does a beautiful girl that doesn't seem to have a problem getting guys is afraid to talk to the school punching bag?

I play along with the game by asking, "why are afraid to talk to me?"

"You just seem so angry all the time," she says.

"Angry? Try being the school punching bag for a bunch of thugs," I say.

"Don't be so hostile I just wanted to meet you," she says. Another pause as we finish eating. "Would you like to hang out for a couple hours tomorrow? Go for a walk through the park or something," she asks.

"What about Wayne," I ask.

"We broke up," she replies back.

"Ok," I say.

She gives me her address and phone number and tells me to come to her house at twelve. The bell rings as we head to our classes.

I'm up early Saturday morning so that I can do my chores of mowing the lawn and clipping the hedges. Basic yard work stuff. As I'm finishing up I see a car pull up in front of Lisa's as she gets out and the car pulls away. She smiles gives me a wave as she disappears into her house. I shrug it off and finish my yard work.

I arrive at Katy's house around 11:55. She lives about two miles from me. The house looks to be a one and a half story with a partial basement. The yard looks unkempt with dead patches of grass and weeds all over. I knock on the door and a boy about twelve or 13 about my height and kind of chubby wearing nothing but a pair of shorts. I ask if Katy is home. He invites me in turns and screams,

"KATY one of your ugly ass boyfriends are here."

Then he runs upstairs. I'm standing in the living room. There are two girls and one boy sitting on the couch glued to the TV. They look to be between 5 and 10 years old. The house smells like garbage, clothes, and junk all over. I can see the kitchen from here and it's piled with dirty dishes.

I'm about to go wait outside when Katy comes out from the basement door and shouts up the stairs, "MOM, I'm going out."

I hear a woman shout from upstairs, "don't be all day, you have to cook dinner and I'm going out." Katy shouts back up,

"I know MOM." She grabs my arm as we walk out the door.

As we walk towards the park I notice she is wearing a white t-shirt, jean shorts and tennis shoes with no socks. As we get close to the corner 7-11 store I ask her if she wants an ICEE. We go in and get two large ICEEs I pay and we walk to the park. We walk in silence as we get to the park and sit on a bench facing the pond. She asks me what it was like to play in a professional rock band. I tell her about the adrenaline rush and the satisfaction of hearing the audience scream. She asks me if I'm going to make a profession of it. Without giving up too much information I tell her I would like to, but the numbers are not in my favor with many people in the country wanting to do the same thing. I then ask her what she wants to do with her life. She tells me she just wants to get out of here, She doesn't like her home life and will probably have no money for college.

She begins to tell me how her dad left for a younger woman five years ago and she is stuck doing most of the work around the house since she is the oldest. Her mother works all week and goes out on the weekends. Her younger brothers and sisters don'thing to help out. She tells me the guys she dates seem to only want one thing and dump her after they get it. I see tears in her eyes as I put my arm around her and she lays her head on my shoulder. We finish our ICEEs and walk around the park. She holds my hand not really talking just idle comments about the weather and the beauty of the landscape. She sits on the swing and I push her. After a couple hours, we start walking back towards her house.

As we walk to her door she turns and says, "I had a great time DW."

"I did too," I say back. I ask her if she would like to go to the movies on Friday night.

"I would love that," she says.

"I'll pick you up at 7pm and we will get something to eat first," I say.

She says, "it's a date" as she kisses me on the lips and disappears through her door.

WOW, I'm going on a date!

After dinner that night my Mom and Dad are watching TV. I ask my Mom if I can borrow the car on Friday night.

She asks, "why?"

"I have a date," I say.

My Dad looks at me surprised and Mom asks, "who?"

I tell her, "a girl I met at school."

My Dad says, "it's about fucking time. I was beginning to think you were a dick licker" as my Mom laughs and I grimace at the thought.

The week of school goes by Brian and his goons are keeping their distance for some reason. Katy meets me at my locker in the mornings so we can walk to the first period together. Then we meet at the bleachers and eat lunch together and talk. It's nice having someone to talk to. Friday morning I open my locker as a folded up piece of paper falls out. I quickly pick it up and put it in my pocket as Katy comes so that I can walk her to class.

I forgot all about the note until I got home. I opened it up and read it.


Carl and I broke up after you told him about us, but that's ok. I need to talk to you about Katy. Meet me at my house tonight at 9pm.

Ps. Make sure no one sees you.


I wonder what she wants to tell me, but I decide that she can tell me some other time because I have a date. I take a shower and dress in a flannel shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Looking in the mirror I think to myself, "I need new clothes." I leave at 6:30pm to stop at the store to get snacks and drinks because I plan to take her to the drive-in movies.

I arrive at her house as Katy answers the door and quickly walks out. I hear her mother yell, "be home after the movie so I can go out." I open up the passenger side of my Mom' s Ford Pinto, she gets in and I close the door. As I'm getting in she starts laughing. I look at her and see that she is wearing tennis shoes, jeans and a flannel shirt the same pattern and color as mine, with a tank top underneath. I start laughing and say, "the sales clerk told me this shirt was an original." We're both are still laughing as we drive off.

I take her to the pizza parlor close to the drive-in. We eat pizza and chat about nothing important and drive to the movie theater. She picks 'Saturday Night Fever'. I grimace, as I know disco is nowhere near rock n roll.

She laughs and says, "I should have known better than to take a rock n roll star to a disco movie."

We pull the snacks and sodas out and get comfortable. I put my arm around her and she lays her head on my shoulder as we wait for the movie to start.

"do you always take your dates to the drive-in," she asks.

"I would have to say yes since you're my first date,

"What about you," I ask.

"I have never been on a date either. A real date anyway. My normal date is make out point, the back seat of a car or a motel room. No one has ever offered to take me to a movie or out to dinner," she says.

I think about it for a moment and decide that saying nothing is better. I kiss her on the forehead as the movie starts.

About 45 minutes into the movie she still has her head on my shoulder. I suddenly feel a kiss on my cheek I turn my head and am met with soft warm lips. I tenderly kiss her back as she wraps her arms around my neck. She sticks her tongue in my mouth as our bodies start heating up.

Then she stops and says, "I really like you DW and I don't want this to be like all of my other relationships. I want to take this slow and make it work."

"I would really like that," I say.

She lays her head on my shoulder and we finish watching the movie. On the way back to her house she asks me what I'm doing for the summer. I tell her I have a summer job in California. The rest of the ride is silent. I get her home and walk her up to the door, She kisses me with a sad look in her eyes.

"Don't be sad Katy, the deal was made before I met you," I say.

"I understand, but I want to see you as much as possible before you leave," she says. We kiss one more time before she lets me go.

Last week and a half of school before summer break and I get another note from Emily, telling me she needs to talk to me about Katy. Things have been going really good between us. Although we haven't had sex there has been a lot of making out and heavy petting. I asked Katy if she would like to spend the night at my house on Friday night since my parents are going out for the weekend with Lisa's and Wayne's parents. She tells me no because she has to babysit.

It's Friday night and I go to Emily's house to see what all the fuss is about. Her parents are out and she is babysitting her brother.

"First of all thank you for telling Carl we fucked while he was off enjoying Brook. I was really trying to get rid of his ass," she says. She tells me I need to be careful of Katy.

"Why," I ask.

"She uses people. She never even looked at you until she saw you with that rocker chick. She is friends with Carl and Bryan and I think there's something going on. Before Carl and I broke it off, he was plotting to get you for the party and our fuck times together. Did you know she is still dating Wayne," she says.

"No, I don't believe that," I say.

"DW, how many times has Carl and Bryan gone after you since you and Katy have been together? How many times has she had sex with you," she asks.

"Wow they have left me alone," I thought, "but I have one more question. Why do you care," I ask.

"DW, you're a sweet person and I do care about you and don't want to see you get hurt. you also have a huge cock, which I would love some more by the way," she says. I thank her for her information and go home.

I get up early Saturday morning to do the yard work so that I can go see Katy at noon for our afternoon walk through the park. Mom is letting me use her car while They're gone so I plan to take Katy to a nice restaurant for lunch. It's about 8am and I see Katy walking out of Wayne's house. She is carrying a small bag and Wayne is wearing only shorts. He walks her out to the sidewalk as they embrace in a deep kiss. Then she turns and starts walking towards her home and Wayne goes back in his house. I'm standing there reminding myself that I would never cry over a girl again. I start to gather everything to put it away and see Lisa standing at her mailbox looking at me then looking at Katy walking away. She gives me a sad look as I shrug and walk into the house.

I go directly to the basement and start writing a new song. I get tired after a couple of hours and go upstairs and lay in my bed staring at the ceiling. I hear the phone ring. I look at the clock. It's 12:30. I let it ring. I hear the phone ring again. It's 1pm. I let it ring. I drift off to sleep wishing I would never wake up.

I hear pounding on the front door. It's dark as I look at the clock. It's 10pm. I hear pounding on the door again. I lay there. Then I hear arguing outside. I open my window and see Katy standing there as Lisa and Brook are yelling at her to go away that I know that she was using me and that I saw her coming out of Wayne's house this morning. Then she runs off toward her house. I go back to bed. I think to myself, "why are Lisa and Brook defending me?" Not that I care.

About fifteen minutes later I hear pounding on the front door again. I decide to answer it and give Katy a piece of my mind. I open the door and Lisa barges in and starts yelling at me,

"DW, how can you be so stupid to let that bitch Katy take advantage of you?"

Then I yell back, "just like I let you and Brook take advantage of me?"

She yells back, "that was different."

"How the FUCK was that different," I yell back,

We're screaming back and forth at the top of our lungs. Then all of a sudden I have a 100-pound blonde cheerleader in my arms with her tongue in my mouth wrestling with mine. Then it's raining clothes in the living room. I'm on my back with Lisa still wrapped around me.

"Fuck me now," she demands.

Needing no further instruction, I roll her over putting her legs on my shoulders and place my love tool at her entrance. I push the head in as Lisa says, "oh my god is that you?" I reply by shoving half of it into her as she moans loudly. I push the rest in until we're pelvis to pelvis.

"FUCK ME," she yells.

I start hammering her like a jackhammer. No mercy as she is shaking her head screaming dirty words at me. She screams as her pussy and body tighten up. I'm not letting her catch her breath as I pound her even harder. I don't know how long we're going when her pussy tightens up again. She screams as I grunt unloading stream after stream of juice into her. I collapse on top of her, both of us out of breath. I roll off of her so that we're both laying on our back.

"I'm so sorry DW, I don't know what came over me, she says still out of breath. I don't reply. She faces me and says, "I love Steven, but he has been out of it lately."

"Feeling guilty," I ask.

"Not really he has messed around on me and he is going to college next year, so he will probably do it again. I do love him and this was a one-timer so please keep it between me and you," she says.

"I'm good at secrets. Just ask Emily," I say as I slam my hand over my mouth.

She looks at me and says, "wait a minute Emily said she met a guy while she and Carl separated. She said he had a huge cock and he would let her dominate him...You nasty pervert," she says as she starts laughing. Then Lisa says, "I'm going to give her so much shit,"

"No, I promised her I would not tell anyone. If you tell her I'll make sure the whole school knows what we just did," I counter.

"FINE," she says still laughing.

Monday morning last couple days of hell before the summer I leave to California. I'm at my locker getting my stuff as Katy walks up to me and says, "hi DW I was worried about you when you didn't come over Saturday. I made us a lunch basket and I'll meet you at our usual spot."

Not saying anything, I walk away and see Brook, Lisa, and Emily staring at me. During the first period, Katy hands me a note as I get up, walk to the trashcan and throw it away. Maybe that will give her a hint.

It's lunchtime and I don't head for the bleachers as usual. I head towards my old lunch spot in the woods. I'm getting ready to sit down by my favorite tree when I feel something hard hit me on the back of the head that's not part of the human body, as I go down. I'm being kicked, but I don't feel it. Then there's another blow to the back of my head.

Ever wonder what it was like to die?

I should write a Rock song about that.
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