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Tom's opposite neighbour Susie introduces herself and asks him a special favour- one that he is more than happy to help with.
It was another sweltering hot day as it had been for a few weeks, a Saturday afternoon and I'd been out tanning in the park for a few hours. I headed home as was hungry and wanted to have a cycle in the late afternoon when it was a little cooler.

As I got home I heard chatting, from across the street and noticed my opposite neighbour was out on her balcony having lunch with a friend about the same age. I'd sometimes seen her coming and going, a woman a couple of years older than me, maybe late thirties, quite attractive and certainly with a body that looked younger and fitter than that. I'd often looked down from my 3rd floor window into her 2nd floor flat and wondered if I'd catch a glimpse of her in her undies or naked but sadly never did.

I went in the flat and had a bite to eat and a shower to cool down. With the heat being tiring, I then had a little nap on the sofa. Waking up about an hour later with a stiff cock flat against my tummy, telling me how horny I was. I was pretty aware of that fact anyway as it was a few weeks since I'd broken up with my girlfriend and I definitely needed a fuck.

On getting up I made a cold drink and got myself dressed for a cycle... Cycling shorts, with shorts on top and that was about all, as it was too hot for a shirt.

As I got home after about an hour, it felt like the bike needed a bit of maintenance. I decided I would do that before putting the bike away as I was already dirty and sweaty and needed a shower.

I got a few tools out and tweaked a few things and cleaned & oiled the bike which took about 15 minutes. All the while I could hear faint conversation from the opposite balcony and hear chinking of wine glasses and the occasional girly laugh. I glanced up a couple of times and noticed them both glancing across at me, wine glasses in hand and muttering inaudibly, followed by more stifled laughs.

I was literally running with sweat after my cycle and could still smell remains of tanning oil on my skin. I was also smeared with bike oil on my hands and arms.

Finishing up, I locked my bike away in the garage and went upstairs. Immediately took off my socks, and sweaty cycling shorts, and threw them in the washing machine. I quickly drank down a cold pint of water and was thinking about getting in the shower when there was a knock at the door. I expected it could only be my nextdoor neighbour, I threw on a pair of loose shorts and checked through the peep hole. I wasn't 100% but pretty sure it was my opposite neighbour. As she knocked again and stepped back I could see her turquoise dress, I could see it was definitely her. I was surprised to see her there as we had never even met, but it was so hot I decided not to grab a shirt, and opened the door.

"Hello" she said. She looked slightly surprised as she looked at me, as if she expected me to be showered and fully dressed in the 2 minutes since she'd seen me come in the door.

"Hi" I said, opening the door wider.

"I'm Susie, I live opposite at no.2. Sorry to bother you"

"no that's fine" I said, "I'm Tom" shaking her hand. "Sorry, I'm all hot & sweaty, I've just been out cycling" knowing full well she was well aware of that.

"oh yeah... I saw you out the front" she replied, casting her eye down my chest and stomach. " actually I came over to ask you a favour..."

"oh, okay... Umm well come in" I moved to the side to let her in.

As she came past me there was a definite whiff of wine.

"you're obviously good with your hands" she said almost under her breath in a way slightly tipsy people do. Having heard that, I figured she was going to ask me to fix her bike or something similar, maybe something at her place. I'd never seen a guy in the flat so thought she lived alone.

I followed her into the lounge and got a good eyeful of her bum in her tight dress. Seeing her up close she wasn't quite as nice looking as she might have seemed from across the street but her body was even better. Maybe an inch taller than me at about 5'9 she was slim and athletic, like a lot of women who are single at about her age.

After a second or 2 glancing around she turned to face me and I thought 'nothing to lose' I shamelessly flicked my eyes down her body as I asked her " so what can I help you with..?"

"ah, well it's not strictly for me actually..." she smirked a little. She walked to my kitchen window and waved down at her friend who was still sat on the balcony playing with her phone. I could see her friend wasn't looking up but she clarified... "that's Louise, my best friend, down there drowning her sorrows".

"Ah right... Is she okay? What's happened?"

"Well, she'll be fine... Just man trouble. She's just recently split up with her boyfriend, so I'm being a good friend and feeding her wine and telling her she doesn't need him".

"Ah I see....that's shit for her" I tried to sympathise, but mainly just wondering what she was doing in my flat blabbering on about her friend's troubles if she wanted me to fix her bike or something.

" yeah you know, one of those things...she's down in the dumps about it, moaning she hasn't had sex in a month and blah blah..."

She rolled her eyes jokingly. I wondered how much she'd had to drink and if she often knocked on people's doors and talked so openly about her friends' sex life. Not that it bothered me.

"hah well yeah...that's no good is it?" I replied, a bit surprised by how forward she was. I was still sweltering hot and I could feel my fresh sweat running down my chest and down my sides from my armpits, and my balls and my dick were properly wet and hanging loose in the heat. I was wishing I'd had time for a shower before opening the door and hoping I didn't smell.

But on the other hand, I was in very good shape from exercising a lot and I was pumped from my cycle so I didn't care too much, I thought I'd let her enjoy the view rather than find a tshirt to put on while we were talking.

"well, this is where you come in" she said. " since we're friends now I wanted to ask if you could, y'know, help her out".

I wasn't sure if she meant what she was implying, but in the 2 minutes I'd known this woman it was clear she said what she meant without too much worry. Or maybe it was wine talking.

"Okaayyy..." I said with a smirk. "you're saying you want me to...?"

"well look... She's my mate and I want her to see what she's been missing for the last couple of years. She's always saying her ex boyfriend was the best sex she's had, but she's only been with three guys so to be honest she's not got much to compare to. I always thought he seemed a bit soppy so I doubt she was really getting what she needed."

She looked me down to my shorts and back up my abs and chest with a lusty gaze and pursed her lips.

"and you look like the kind of guy who can give her a proper fuck for once. You know, with your muscles and... stuff".

She stepped towards me, still looking down at my abs and shorts. She was in touching distance now and I could smell the wine again as she reached out and ran her fingers down my hairy chest and across my abs to my belly button which was wet with sweat.

"well, shit, this isn't your every day kind of request" I said. Her fingers on my tummy and playing with my belt buckle had got my cock twitching in my shorts and she could clearly see the outline of my cock head as it swelled to a semi, as I had no underwear on.

"does your friend know what you're asking me?"

"yeah of course she knows" she replied, with one hand up on my chest now and the other hooked in the pocket of my shorts, keeping me close.

"okay, and does she want..."

"look, she doesn't get a say. She's been banging on about no sex for weeks and how she'll never find anyone as good as her ex, which is a load of old nonsense. She knows deep down she just needs a good sorting out and shell be back on course. And you're the man for the job. So, you're gonna help me out?"

I was still taken aback and I guess, undecided. Was it some kind of wind-up? It seemed too good to be true. It definitely wasn't every day your new neighbour asks you to go and give her best friend a good seeing to.

"well look, I need to have a shower and sort myself out" I said, without actually answering her request. I guess I was stalling for time, maybe a few minutes in the shower would help me get my head around what was going on. But by the time I'd finished my sentence she was shaking her head decidedly, and cut me off.

" uh-uh, nope. You're fine as you are. She needs a real man...muscles, sweat, the whole lot".

She moved her hand from my chest and grabbed and squeezed my bicep and brought the other hand up from my shorts to run it down my chest and abs again, but this time not stopping at my belt buckle. She continued down to my shorts where she placed her hand over my dick which was still twitching and stiffened against her hand as she squeezed lightly.

"mmmm, you're definitely the right man for the job" she smiled at me. I smiled back as I pushed my hips forward into her hand to increase the pressure between us. "let me just double-check before I drag you all the way over the road" she said cheekily as she brought both hands down to my shorts and started to unbuckle the belt. I looked down and couldn't really believe what was happening. Here was an almost-stranger in my flat, asking me to go over the road and fuck her friend, and she was about to have a sneak preview of my cock for her own amusement.

I wasn't going to stop her, and I was transfixed as I looked down. she'd opened my shorts and was sliding my zip down and peeling back each side of my light brown cargo shorts, exposing my sweaty matted pubic hair and the base of my cock.

She slid down to her knees and fixed her gaze on my manhood as she slid my shorts down a little further which took them past the natural ledge of my dick head. They tumbled to the floor as my semi-stiff cock reared upwards, to just below horizontal, and bounced off the end of Susie's nose which made her giggle as she pulled back to get a clearer view.

I was a little self-conscious of how sweaty my balls were and wished again I'd had that shower.

However, Susie didn't flinch atall, and she took my cock in her hand for the first time with an overhand grip, tugging it downwards slightly towards her face, examining my length and squeezing and tugging it back and forth a few times.

"Mmm very good...nice dick" she said with a grin, still her hand wrapped tight around my dick and looking up at me. I didn't say anything, partly as my brain was still computing what was happening, and partly because my mouth was watering so much from how horny Iwas. I swallowed hard and just managed a smile as I looked down at her.

With her spare left hand she reached up again and ran it down from my chest down my ribbed stomach muscles and into my pubic hair which was long as my ex girlfriend liked me unshaven and not trimmed. The hair was dark and thick and wet with sweat, and she ran her fingers into its thickness and pushed against my pubic bone.

I was really hoping her next move was to swallow my dick into her mouth, but instead she switched to an under hand grip and cupped my penis that way. She leaned forward but she was too high to be aiming to suck the head of my cock. Instead she leaned further in and extended her tongue out towards my bushy pubes.

I was transfixed as I'd never really had a girl specifically do that before, and I watched as close as I could as she ran her tongue into my curly pubic hair, swirling it around and licking and flicking at it, pushing hard into my pubic bone as she lapped at it. It seemed she was trying to taste my fresh cock sweat and if I was self conscious about it before, I quickly forgot that as it seemed to be driving her wild. My hairs became more matted and sopping wet with her spit, and she alternated between swirling her tongue into my thick hairy bush, and running it down my sweaty cock, just the first inch or so where it joined my body.

This got me rock hard so my cock was now pushing into her throat and the underside of her chin as she continued to lick and suck at my pubes. After a couple of minutes of this she went back to tugging at my dick with her hand firmly wrapped around it, and dribbled a thick line of spit down from the base to the head of my cock head as a lubricant for her sloppy hand job. I wished she would suck me deep into her mouth but she never did.

Just a few seconds later she jumped up quickly and declared that was enough and we were to go over the road to her place right now, as Louise would be waiting. She left me with my dick throbbing hard and soaking wet with spit and sweat.

I pulled up my shorts and wondered what I should be doing... Should I go and have a wash, should I get fully dressed? After leaving it a minute for my hardness to disappear, I figured I wouldn't bother to out a shirt on, as it seemed a waste of time. It was such hot weather nobody would think it weird if I went outside and crossed the road with no shirt on. I slipped on a pair of trainers and grabbed my keys and looked at Susie. She was already by the from door and opening it up like she owned the place. "ready..?" she asked as she swung the door open without waiting for a response.,

Walking downstairs and across the road with her, i silently wondered what I would find when we walked in to her place. Crossing the road I looked up at the balcony and couldn't see any sign of her friend. Who knows whether she was actually expecting Susie to come back to the flat with or without me. As we reached her 2nd floor front door she put her key in the lock and looked back at me with a smile as she turned it and pushed the door open.

I followed her in a bit hesitantly looking around, not quite sure what to expect. Of course, it just looked like any old flat, with a big tv opposite a mustard yellow velvet sofa. I looked to my right to the balcony where there were still plates and remains of their lunch, including at least one empty wine bottle, with a another almost 2 thirds gone. Susie dropped her keys down on the little shelf by the door and walked off down the small corridor which must've led to the bedroom and bathroom, as the kitchen was adjoined to the lounge through a kind of archway. I glanced around, wondering if should sit down on the sofa, but decided to step out to the balcony for a look. I looked up at my windows, and wondered if Susie had ever spotted me glancing down into her place as I was in my kitchen or bathroom. Possibly, but who cared now anyway, she'd more or less sucked my cock!

After 30 secs or so, I heard steps and turned around into the balcony doorway to see Susie leading her friend by the hand out towards me. And wow, what a sight she was!

"Sooo, Louise this is Tom", she said as she stepped back and almost pushed her friend toward.

"and Tom, this is Louise, who you'll be, umm helping today" she smirked.

I stepped down off the balcony threshold and shook hands lightly with Louise. She was gorgeous. Beautiful face with blonde hair tied back in a high medium-length pony tail, and a superb tight body squeezed into a figure-hugging leopard print maxi dress.

Ordinarily I wouldn't have been so blatant about getting an eyeful of someone I'd just met, but given what I was supposedly here for, it seemed appropriate.

" nice to meet you" Louise said, and I noticed she had a faint kind of lisp and was politely well-spoken, which instantly made her even hotter.

" you too" I smiled and made good eye contact with her, trying to gauge what she made of this whole situation. " looks like you two had a nice lunch, I laughed looking at the wine bottles.

"we always do" said Susie "you wanna join us with a glass?"

That's wasn't my intention in mentioning the wine, but I thought since they were both a few glasses down, why not? Susie disappeared back to the kitchen.

I looked back at Louise.

"well, this is a bit, umm, bizarre" I said with a smile, being friendly and making conversation.

She smiled back... "tell me about it" she said rolling her eyes knowingly, implying maybe this was the kind thing Susie was inclined to do. "I'm sorry, she's a bloody nightmare sometimes"

" nah that's okay... she does seem a bit wild though!" I wasn't sure if i should mention her getting my cock out and dribbling her spit all over me, I thought best not..! and anyway these two seemed like close enough friends that whatever happened, Susie would probably tell her that later anyway. But I was relieved that Louise was clearly on the right wavelength. I half-imagined getting over here and finding out she wasn't into the idea atall.

" sorry about this, too" I said, indicating my state of undress and how sweaty I was. " Y'know, I didn't get chance to change, or like, put any clothes on!"

"hah yeh, don't worry, Susie can be pretty insistent when she wants something! And nobody's really gonna mind you walking around the place with no shirt on!" The last sentence came from her mouth while her eyes has dropped to my body and were fixed on my abs. She took a sip from the wine glass in her left hand without moving her gaze.

Susie came back in with a 2 glasses - hers and one for me. "So you two have got to know each other?"

" uh yeah, just mainly talking about me walking round the street with no clothes on!"

" oh, sounds awful" she said sarcastically with laugh, and she looked at Louise with a grin and a look that said 'look what I've brought you, aren't you lucky!?'

"thanks" I said, raising my glass and we all said cheers, and I thought I'll be the lucky one if this goes according to Susie's plan!

I had 3 or 4 quick sips of the chilled wine to ease any nerves. Wine always makes me horny too, so that would do no harm.

We all moved to the 2-seat sofa, with me and Louise next to each other, and Susie came round and perched on the arm next to me, with her tight turquoise dress clinging to her hot bum. I was starting to wonder how this was going to work... Was Susie going to pack us off to her bedroom, or maybe go and sit on the balcony and leave me & Louise on the sofa? Would we finish this bottle of wine before anything happened?

"so, why don't you show us what Louise has got to look forward to...apart from all this" Susie said, reaching down and running her nearest hand down over my shoulder and chest, playfully pinching my pec muscle. That was the only invitation my cock needed, and I felt it twitch in my shorts and she ran her hand lower to my tummy. They both still had their wine glasses in hand, and I loved the idea of being a piece of meat for them to play with after their girly lunch...the afternoon entertainment.

I could feel my dick swelling, hot and clammy, and slippery against my balls.

Susie's one hand moved down to my belt, and there were 3 sets of eyes fixed on my shorts as she pulled the long strap up hard and expertly flicked the metal pin out with a finger. Admittedly she'd practiced on me 10 mins earlier but she was clearly a girl who had opened a few belts in her time.

Louise absent-mindedly bit her bottom lip and her eyes widened as Susie busily popped the button open and started to work my zip down. Louise took a noisy slurp of wine and was still fixed on my shorts as Susie got my zip down all the way and folded back one half of the material. She looked across to watch Louise as she peeled back her side of my shorts, revealing my semi hard cock, draped sideways in the crease between my body and thigh, pointing at her. It was laying there fat and juicy, what with a few weeks of no sex and the added heat of the day. My dark pubes were still wet and matted in thick swirls with my own sweat and Susie's saliva. I wondered if Louise would notice and realise that wasn't just sweat, but right now I didn't care. Even if something freaked Louise out or she bailed out at any point I was almost certain I could go ahead and fuck Susie anyway, so I decided there and then to push this as far as possible.

Susie was still running her hand down my sweaty body and into my pubes ( I found out later she hated when guys trimmed down there, which explained her fixation with it). She sipped wine every few moments, as if this was the most normal afternoon activity. Louise, meanwhile, was staring at my dick as it twitched harder and squirmed its way up way thigh towards a full erection. She also still had her wine in her left hand and reached across with her right to rub and fondle my balls. I pushed my hips up and she pulled my shorts right down to my feet. I left my trainers on but wiggled my feet up out of my shorts and kicked them away from me. Opening my legs wider, Louise went back to my ball sack which was now hanging loose and sweaty, my balls full of spunk.

Her wrist lay resting on the length of my dick as she cupped and rolled my hairy balls in her hand. I was now fully hard and my circumcised cock lay there throbbing against my tummy and my wet pubic hairs, begging for a mouth or pussy to gobble it up.

I had a sip of wine and then reached behind Susie with my left hand to put the glass down on the small table by the side of the sofa. My hand now free, I rested it on Susie's outside hip and bum cheek, as she perched on the narrow arm of the sofa. She smiled at me to let me know that was okay, but quickly looked back to Louise whose face was now just a few inches from my dick and was still stroking and lightly squeezing my bollocks.

"go on babe, get hold of him properly" she instructed Louise. She looked up at her friend and whimpered 'ah God..' and then I watched closely as she let my balls drop free and moved her hand up to the base of my cock. I don't have a long penis, at around 6inches but it's thick and was as hard as I could ever remember. I hadn't had a sniff of tits or pussy yet but being totally naked with these 2 hot women as they gawped at my toned body and knowing I was here to service their needs was incredibly hot. I was going to be only the 4th dick louise had fucked but I was going to fill her up and fuck her properly, and make this the best favour Susie had ever done for her.

Louise was leaning right in now, gripping my dick tight and stroking it as it lay flat on my tummy. I took her wine glass from her left hand and swallowed the last mouthful and reached round to put the glass next to mine. She seemed transfixed, her eyes going between my muscled abs and the tip of my cock. I also found out later she had never seen a circumcised guy.

My left hand went back round Susie's hip and straight on to her butt cheek. I wanted flesh now, and I ran my hand down to find the hem of her dress. She rolled towards me slightly to allow me better access and I grabbed the bottom of her tight dress and tugged it upwards, peeling it up her thigh as it clung to her. Susie was watching closely as Louise wanked me hard but slow, her small hand stretched around my pole.

"suck him babe, see what he tastes like..." she encouraged Louise. " I bet he tastes all sweaty and manly". Louise didn't hesitate, she popped herself up on her knees on the sofa next to me, steadying herself on my solid cock, and her tits bulged forward in that tight leopard print dress as she leaned in to take me in her mouth. I got my fist view of her arse in the air as she leaned down and licked around the pink rim of my dick, near the opening. After a couple of little licks she looked up at me as if to check it was ok to carry on..then proceeded to open her mouth and sink my swollen cock head into her beautiful mouth. Now, when a girl first gets her hot wet lips around a guys penis there is every temptation to close your eyes and let the incredible feelings take over. However, there was no way I was closing my eyes and missing one second of this show. I wanted it to stay with me forever.

I lounged back into the sofa and opened my legs a little wider. My left hand was now groping Susie's naked bum cheek and I was searching for pussy juice. She rolled a little further so she was almost laying on her side, her boobs right in my face, and opened up her top leg. I reached down a little further and found what i wanted. I ran my middle finger along her smooth slit until I found my bearings and introduced two more fingers to the game. With a finger either side now teasing her pussy lips open slightly, my middle finger had free reign. A couple of seconds later and my thick finger had found the honey pot... Her hips flinched to open herself up to me and my finger dipped into her drizzling little pussy. I ran my fingers over her soft lips and spread her cream around, exploring until I found the little nub of her clit. Susie gasped almost silently as I alternated between her dripping pussy opening and her hard little clit.

Louise was busily sucking hard on my dick head, but only took the tip into her mouth, making a sloppy popping sound each time it popped out of her lips. It felt fucking amazing but I desperately wanted to feel her hot mouth over my whole cock. With my right hand I reached down to Louise's back and could just about reach her hot little bum. As I'd done with Susie I was looking for the bottom of her dress. I couldn't quite reach, but instead I pinched a bit of the tight material and tugged it up towards me, slowly pulling her tight leopard print dress up and over her firm bum. I pulled it up far enough to expose her thong, unlike Susie who hadn't worn any. It was white cotton and disappeared over the crest of her bum and between her butt cheeks. I couldn't wait to taste her and I hoped her cock sucking was making her as juicy as Susie was.

I ran my hand up her back and played with the soft hairs on the back of her neck, before grabbing her neat blonde pony tail and getting a good grip on it.

This time when she sucked the shiny head of my cock into her hot mouth, i guided her head down further than previously and made her take most of my length in her mouth. Her red lips were stretched wide as I hit the back of her throat. My head instinctively went back with the pleasure of it, but I quickly snapped back to the scene in front of me. I had my left hand buried in the pussy to my left and another beautiful girl sucking on my meat like it was the first time she'd taken a cock to the back of her throat.

Louise came up for air and my wet dick slapped against my hard tummy. She steadied herself with her right hand on my thigh furthest from her, and made a 'phew'' noise. She looked pleased with herself as she took a breath. I smiled at her and pulled her up towards me for a kiss. Our lips locked together and I tasted my sweaty cock on her mouth as our tongues played with each other. My left hand was still playing lazily with Susie's dripping cunt, and I wanted something in my mouth. With my spare hand I reached up and pulled the top of Susie's dress down to let her tight little tits pop out into my face. Louise was still up close and I thought this would be a test of how far the boundaries could be pushed. Were they into each other? I kissed Louise again and then turned left to get a taste of Susie's titties. I flicked my tongue over her nipples in turn and sucked them into my mouth, before going back to Louise to kiss and suck her hot little tongue. It was incredibly hot switching between this gorgeous girl's hot mouth and Susie's firm boobs with their dark drown nipples.

After one last lingering kiss with Louise, I took her by the pony tail once again and led her head down. Rather than straight back to my cock, I pushed her face into my chest and slowly pushed her face down my slippery, sweaty hard body, slipping over my chest and abs until her face was level with my pipe again. Before Louise could open her mouth to start her dick sucking again, I brought my dripping wet left hand round from behind Susie and smeared her thick white pussy cream around the head of my cock. If Louise wasn't bi curious enough to suck on Susie's tits when she had the chance that was her choice. But now she was going to suck her friends pussy juice off my cock head whether she liked it or not.

Louise didn't flinch...she took my piece back in her mouth with the same sloppy sucking noise as before, as I brought my left hand back up to smear the last bit of cunt cream onto Susie's own nipples. I couldn't wait any more to taste it, so I leaned forward slightly and got my first taste of Susie's juice off her own nipple. I ran my tongue cross one hard brown nipple, and bit lightly before sucking it into my hot mouth, my tongue still flicking quickly across it.

Susie moaned with delight as I chewed down on her nips one after the other, running my tongue across between them and hungrily trying to taste that little bit of juice. I wanted more and so did she...

She stood up and pulled her dress up over her head, throwing it to make a little pile with my discarded shorts. I got my first full view of Susie, toned and slim she looked like a runner's body, and had a little neat trimmed landing strip leading down to her thigh-gap, and slightly bony hips. I could see the smears of her lubrication on the tops of her thighs as the light from behind her flashed between her legs with her movements. She stepped forward and up onto the sofa with her right foot down the outside of my left thigh. She carefully lifted her left leg over Louise's bobbing cock-sucking head, and placed it up on the back of the sofa, behind my right shoulder. She gently lunged forward and I was presented with pussy no.1. What a beautiful pussy it was, perfectly smooth apart from the tiny patch of neat light brown hairs, cute little inner lips which hung slightly down and forwards, and properly smeared with that tasty cream I'd just eaten off her boobs. She steadied herself with her left hand on her raised thigh and leaned a little further forward so I was now in touching distance.

I opened my mouth wide and ran my tongue slowly over the whole length of her soft wet pussy. I got the beautiful sweet taste of her juice and ran my tongue up over her inner lips and onto her clit. I paused there for a second, circling slowly around her hard little bump, flicking my wet tongue across it and then gently sucking it into my mouth. Louise hadn't stopped sucking, and was now happily taking my whole length to the back of her throat while she rolled and cupped my balls again with her right hand.

This was absolute heaven..! My hips rocked in time to Louise's incredible blow job, my cock throbbed harder and fatter into her mouth with each wet suck, and I had a beautiful dripping wet pussy in my mouth. I could have died right there, and been happy with my lot.

Nothing gets me more turned on than licking pussies, and I was really going to work on Susie. My hands were on her tight bum cheeks and i pulled her onto me as i teased my tongue around her pussy hole, trying to lick as much sauce out of her as I could. I closed my lips around the whole of her, and sucked and feasted on the taste of woman I hadn't had for some weeks. I looked up her body to see her right hand playing with her nipples and cupping and squeezing her boobs, as she looked back down at me going to town on her. There were moments I almost forgot my dick was buried deep in Louise's face as I lost myself in the joy of Susie's pussy lips.

I wanted to make her cum on me, I wanted to be smothered in her cream. I went for the move that never failed to make my ex orgasm, and squeezed 2 fingers from my right hand slowly into her tight tunnel, all the while sucking and flicking gently across her button with my tongue. She ground down onto my fingers and moaned with growing pleasure. With my left hand I pulled her bum cheek open slightly and slipped my thumb in between and onto her little bum hole. I looked up for a reaction, but Susie was now simply squeezing her boobs with both hands, eyes closed in the pleasure coming from everywhere. I wasn't going inside her bum, I just wanted to tease her...but I also had another idea.

After a minute or so of rubbing and teasing my thumb around her tight puckered anus, I dropped my hand down to where Louise was busily slobbering all over my fat cock, still struggling slightly with the girth. As her head bobbed up and down, I fondled blindly to find my bearings, and then placed my thumb under her nose as she continued to suck me. I wanted her to smell the dirty musk of her best friend's arsehole as my cock filled her mouth. As I felt her mouth swallow my whole length once more, I knew she'd be breathing through her nose, so I pushed the tip of my thumb gently into one nostril, and stayed with her as she came back up, and back down again.

I was now a few minutes into my work on pussy no.1, and it's owner was now starting to show signs of getting close. Her breathing was getting heavier and her moans a little more absent-minded as I curled my fingers inside her to hit the front wall of her cunt, and flicked a little quicker around her hard little clit. My left hand was back on her butt cheeks now, and I groped and squeezed them as I sucked her towards her orgasm.

Another 30 seconds or so and Susie was nearing the point of no return. I looked up to gauge her progress and her face told me just to keep on and she would surely be exploding over me in a few seconds from now. One last hard suck and flick on the clit and she was done... I felt her hands dig into the material of the sofa by my head, and she made a sort of gurgling noise and ground down into me, such that my hand and wrist pushed down on the back of Louise's head and she had no option but to swallow and gag on my pipe. Susie's hips bucked and she ground harder onto my big fingers as her orgasm took her over. I looked up to see her eyes half closed and head thrown back, and I jammed into her as hard as I could and let her fuck my fingers. I looked down to see Susie's white pussy juice squelching out down the base of my fingers and into the palm of my hand, which was still wedged against the top of blondie's head, which in turn kept her pushed fully down on my twitching erection. I felt a bit bad for Louise but Susie's orgasm would soon subside, and i'm sure she could breathe through her nose anyway!

Sure enough, after another 10 seconds or so Susie gathered herself and looked down over her shoulder at Louise as she pulled herselfy up a few inches.

"sorry Hun, I got a bit carried away" she giggled, as Louise pulled herself up off my meat and jokingly took a deep breath as if she'd been underwater for a minute. I still had my 2 fingers inside Susie's tight cunt, and I brought my left hand up to sniff my thumb which had been all over her arse. There was the unmistakeable aroma of a woman's anus, and it drove me mad. My cock twitched in Louise's hand and I decided I couldn't wait any was time to fuck someone.

Susie pulled herself up off my fingers and slumped back onto the arm of the sofa next to me, wiping the sweat from her brow with the back of her wrist. She was clearly ready to fuck, but i wanted pussy no.2. After all, that was what i was supposedly here for! I grabbed Louise's pony tail again and pulled her up to my face to kiss her again. This time I had a face full of her friend's juices, but Louise made no complaint. It was obvious she was a very compliant girl, either that or was just so horny she didn't bat an eyelid. My left hand pulled her body round 90 degrees and her right leg over to straddle me. As we kissed deeply, I thought she must've been the prettiest girl I'd ever been with, and that little lisp made her one of the sexiest. Add to that the fact I knew she'd only had 3 cocks and her ex was a bit of a wet blanket, made me rock hard and determined to give her the time of her life.

I still had my hand on her hair controlling the kiss, and with my other I reached round and pulled the rest of her dress fully up over her bum. She obliged, sitting upright and pulling it over her head so she was completely exposed to me, her b cup tits falling free into my face. She had a couple of little moles on the top of her chest and lower neck, which drew my attention, and I leaned in to kiss her neck and top of her chest, gently pulling her head back by by the grip I had on her hair.

Louse sat fully into me now, and there was no mistaking the wetness I could feel on her white cotton thong, pressed into my cock and balls. The thought of her dripping pussy pressed up against that thin white material was almost too much. My left hand grabbed her bum cheek as I'd done with her mate just minutes ago, but this was different. Susie's was tight and super firm like an athlete's bum, but there was a softness to Louise's flesh, although still wonderfully tight and a perfect handful.

I pulled Louise up slightly so I could kiss further down and get to her breasts. She had almost the same size tits as Susie but distinctly different, with pinker nipples, slightly puffy as they pointed upwards towards me. As Louise rose higher on me, this brought her pussy up to the head of my penis and she began to gently grind her panties down onto me. As I swallowed her right nipple into my mouth, I felt my cock head nudge into the crevice of her pussy opening and i grabbed her bum with both hands as if i was going to drive into her.

She ground down harder into me and I felt the fabric of her panties resist against me as I pushed maybe a centimetre inside her. She groaned as I switched across and took her puffy left nipple into my mouth and swirled and flicked my tongue around it. I had both my hands on her bum cheeks now and I grabbed them tight and pulled them up and apart slightly, which I knew would open up her pussy lips. Louise tipped her head back as I munched hungrily on her boob, and then suddenly both her hands came down in between her thighs. With two fingers she pulled her thong to one side, showing me a fleeting glimpse of her pussy. With her other hand, she grabbed the shaft of my meat and lowered herself gently onto me.

Her soft lips gave way and I felt the head of my cock enveloped in her tight hotness. With the first inch or 2 inside her, Louise paused and readjusted her hips slightly. The narrowness of her opening was intense on the tip of my cock, almost pushing me out of her as she flinched. But as she settled, her head went back again and her eyes closed as she sank down, wriggling her hips down into me and filling herself with dick. What an incredible feeling it was as she gently ground into me, quite easily the tightest cunt I'd ever been inside.

I immediately wanted to grab her hips and pound her hard but I would have to take my time with this pussy as she adjusted to my girth and settled into a gentle rocking motion. Louise leaned forward and her hands went behind my head onto the back of the sofa, which changed her angle slightly and which took me full-length inside her. As she leant into me I looked over her shoulder and saw Susie emerging from the kitchen with a pint of cold water. I hadn't even realised she'd left the room but as she walked back in to see her best friend straddling me, she must also have seen my thick shaft stretching her open as I pulled her bum cheeks tight.

Louise was getting into a rhythm now but her thong was slightly annoying the way she had it pulled to one side. She obviously felt it too, and she quickly stood up on the sofa, feet on the outside of my thighs, and pulled her undies down. I expected her to step out of them but instead she only took them down to just above her knees. Now rather than sitting back into her straddle position, she left her feet where they were, and squatted back into me, one hand on the back of the sofa to steady herself, the other reaching down to lift my fat cock off my tummy and guide it back into her soaking pussy. I love being ridden in this squatting position. Louise was clearly no slut, but the way she left her panties round her knees in a kind of cute, innocent way made her look it.

Now I had a clear view down at her pussy, and I saw she had a fair bush of very light brown hair, slightly trimmed. I desperately wanted to bury my mouth into it, but that would have to wait because there was fucking that needed doing.

Louise brought both hands to my chest now to steady herself as she started back on her steady rhythm. I opened my legs as wide as possible to allow her to drop deeper into me with each thrust. I knew this also allowed Susie a wider view of my full hairy balls, and possibly my bum hole too, as her best mate mindlessly impaled herself onto my shaft. I still wondered if either of them would go full lesbian on the other. Louise had happily sucked Susie's pussy juice off my meat but I still wondered what their boundaries were. Even if this was the limit, I'd go home very happy, having had my cock sucked by 2 girls, licked one pussy to orgasm and fucked the tightest little hole I'd ever had.

Louise seemed to be building up nicely, groaning and cursing quietly, almost politely as she slipped and wriggled up and down my throbbing shaft. Every few strokes I pulled her hips down onto me for an extra deep thrust and then let her get back to her rhythm. I watched her face closely, judging her progress, and tried desperately to not lose myself and go past my point of no return.

Susie approached us now, and did a little wolf-whistle..."wow, look at you stuff!" she said as she stood right behind Louise and draped her hand on the back of her head, playing with her hair. She looked at us with the approving look of an older sister.

We were a few minutes in now, and I figured louise's squatting position must've been pretty tiring. She'd been setting the pace but now I wanted to give her the full effect of my super hard thick cock, and there was only one way to do that.

I grabbed Louise's hips and slowly pulled her up off me, her sloppy pussy releasing my cock which sprang out and smacked wet against my pubes.

I guided her off me and into position to be fucked from behind, both knees up on the sofa and her elbows resting on the arm where Susie had been sat earlier

Her panties were still just above her knees and I grabbed them as I knelt on the wooden floor behind her, which put my face perfectly level with her bum as she offered herself to me. I desperately wanted to taste this beautiful girl's pussy before I buried myself back in her. I hooked my hands around the front of Louise's thighs and leaned in until I caught the familiar aroma of pussy and bum mixed together. I couldn't wait any longer and I opened wide and took the whole of Louise's pussy in my mouth in one suck. She let out a polite, surprised 'ooh' as I engulfed her dripping vagina and sucked gently on her, pressing closer so that my nose rested on her bum hole. Louise's fine blonde hairs on her arse tickled my nose and this drove me crazy as I lapped at her and tried to suck out as much pussy juice as I could. The aroma of her bum made me crazy and I ran my tongue up briefly across her wrinkled little star to judge her reaction. She was only positive, wriggling her knees slightly wider, as far as her stretched white thong allowed. With that green flag I repeated the move, running my flat tongue up from her clit along the length of her pussy and without stopping, up onto her arsehole, where I flicked and swirled it around, cleaning off the anus of the hottest girl I'd ever slept with. A minute or so of this, and my cock needed attention again. I stood up and adjusted Louise's legs so I could get in between. I needed her legs wider but for that I had to take her panties right off. I pulled them off her legs and past her feet but quickly pulled them back up her left leg all the way to her thigh so they dangled there off her making her look slutty in a way she probably wasn't used to.

She looked over her shoulder impatiently and arched her back, opening up access to her pussy hole for me. I took my cock in hand and inched forward until it was resting on her furry little opening, and paused. I was now lined up and so I took my hands and grabbed a perfect handful of butt cheek in each, before sliding my length gently into Louise's slot. I instantly felt that amazing tightness as my dick swelled into her and my pubes met her blonde pussy hairs, my balls resting on her outer lips.

Rather than pull out slightly and start pumping, I wanted to really make Louise feel full, so I grabbed her hips and pulled her into me. I widened my legs and dipped my hips down to drive deeper into her. I felt my full balls grind into her mound and the head of my cock swell inside her against the grip of her pussy walls. I rocked my hips like this a few times and then started to fuck this gorgeous girl properly.

Susie had taken a seat in the other armchair in the living room, side-on to us, sipping her cold drink with a satisfied smile on her face as she watched her plan come together and her best friend getting exactly what she needed. From her angle she had the perfect view of my throbbing cock disappearing into her friends tight wet pussy. I was running with sweat again very quickly as I gradually stepped up the pace, and my hairy balls were soaked with sweat and with pussy cream as they hung loose and bounced off Louise's furry cunt lips each time I slotted into her.

Louise arched her back and pushed back into me with each stroke and groaned with pleasure as she built towards her orgasm. I had to manage my pace so I didn't reach my climax before her, although I was getting close. As Louise's noise levels went up, Susie stood up, still butt naked and walked over to us, giving encouragement to her friend all the time.

"Yes babe, let him make you cum" Susie said as she reach out and clutched Louise's hair with one hand, lifting it off the clammy, sweaty skin of her back.

With her other hand she reached down and clinched a handful of her beautiful bum cheek, pulling it wide and opening up the most amazing view for me.

"oooooaaahhhh" Louise moaned as she bucked hard back into me and my cock stretched her wonderful pussy, and I could tell she was on the edge of cumming.

Her head dropped down into her wrists and I maintained my rhythm as she collapsed into a spasming orgasm which lasted a good 30 seconds. Her pussy twitched and pulsed around my meat as she came, and that was too much for me. I was now ready to explode and told them both.

I dragged my swollen cock from the tightest little fanny I have ever had, and pulled back about 2 inches. Her pussy folded closed before me, and glistened with her juices. Before I had chance to take hold of my cock, Susie had grabbed it with her nearest hand, letting go her grip of Louise's bum. I immediately replaced her hand with my two on each of Louise's beautiful arse cheeks, grabbing hard and spreading them wide as Susie fisted my dick fast and hard. Just before I lost myself in a wave of crazy pleasure, I looked down to see Susie's hand squeezing and stroking me hard, my length pointed directly at the best target I'd ever seen- Louise's pink pussy slit and sweaty little bum hole just awaiting my load. The next 20 seconds were a blur as i was lost in a haze of orgasmic pleasure, and my swollen prick throbbed and splashed stream after stream of thick cream out onto Louise's pussy slit and arsehole. None was wasted as Susie aimed me expertly at her friend's holes and milked me hard and fast to cover Louise in my warm spunk.

Susie stroked me slower now as my orgasm subsided. She tugged me forward slightly and pushed the tip of my cock onto Louise's tight bum hole, wiggling it around and smearing thick white cream around her anus and down over her pussy lips.

Louise stayed slumped forward into her forearms as our orgasms faded, and Susie studied closely the amount of cum she had expertly wanked out of me. She looked up at me and grabbed my face in an almost patronising way, but quickly smiled and said "well done, that's a very good boy" and patted my cheek to jokingly tell me I'd done a good job.

The rest of that afternoon the three of us lounged around, shared showers, drank some more wine and fucked. We had slow lazy summer sex, these 2 best friends sharing my body and I did everything Susie asked of me for Louise's pleasure. It was far and away the hottest experience of my life. My fingers are crossed that Louise doesn't find herself a new man any time soon and so my services might be required again in the near future. As for Susie, we swapped numbers and it's become a very friendly neighbourly relationship, with added no-strings benefits on our own doorstep. What's not to like about that?!
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