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She uses the damp towels to clean her smeared secretions from both the expansive closet floor and her bedroom. While moping up the evidence of what amounted to the best sexual encounters shes had in the three and a half years since her mother so thoughtfully sold her virginity
The way it is Now


Shower completed. She has sent him off to dress on his own.

She uses the damp towels to clean her smeared secretions from both the expansive closet floor and her bedroom. While moping up the evidence of what amounted to the best sexual encounters shes had in the three and a half years since her mother so thoughtfully sold her virginity. Her smile just won’t go away. The past 36 hours have been straight out of a story book. Well, a perverse porn novella. But still

It’s almost an hour later by the time she catches up to him again

her luggage mostly unpacked. The closet organized to her near OCD satisfaction. School clothes on one half the wall. The other should have fancy dress. But her wardrobe in that department consists of three dresses an ugly pant suit,and one evening black with gray pin stripe cocktail dress. Her general outfits again, not much there, on the second. Then footwear on the last. She had crammed as much of her and mothers shoe collection into the two hard case totes. Quite impressive she thought to herself. Fifty seven pair. Plus one random flat with a heavy heel that shes now using as a door stop for the closet.

He is dressed much the same as he was when they met. Trendy sport coat, slacks, a no-tuck plain button down and some loafers. She wrinkles her nose at the chocolate leather. “merto-sexual brown yay”

she thinks to herself. Then giggles. He turns from his Sunday Paper’s sports section to enquire about her amusement.

“Nothing really Daddy” she smiles sweetly. “I’m just glad you don’t try for that goofy Saddle horn the creepers call a man bun”

Philip starts to laugh too. But stops as he takes her vision in.

Her look is straight out of the late 1900’s Sarah is dressed for show. Dark purple bow style hair ties holding her Golden blond hair up (picture the way Anna from the movie frozen does) A pale purple dress with tiny deep purple flowers, that ends in a ruffled skirt about two inches below the knee. Brilliant white lace petticoat. A wide, dark purple velvet belt has a shiny black buckle. A black ribbon string tie around her collar and white tights/hose covering her lower legs. To complete the image. Highly glossed black Mary Janes cover her feet.

She giggles again, only this time it seems sinister in a way. Holding her hand out for him to take. In a mock English accent she says

“Victoria Bigglesworth-Hayes at your service”

Philip shakes her hand then steps back to look her over again. An inquisitive look on his face.

“should I Change into my tux?”

“No, silly.” she continues in her new voice. With another giggle.

“Would you like to go for a ride on my lift?” then in her normal sweet, sexy tone.”I’m somewhat into Cos-play Daddy. This frock is in homage to my favorite podcast THE LIFT. Victoria is the lead in a long series of short stories. Do you like it?”

“I Do! You look amazing” he replies. “But I feel under dressed by comparison You are beautiful.”

She blushes but only slightly under her powdered cheeks.

“I require some assistance before we go shopping, please.”

she holds out her vibrating egg witch he takes. She hikes up her skirts, leaning face forward into the wall and spreading her feet wide.

At this point, he discovers her tights are actually Full opaque white stockings complete with ruffled lace tops and a garter belt. But again, without panties. From this position. Both her holes are exposed. Her anal pucker is blush red, swollen. Still slightly distended from the earlier sex. Unlike her vagina, almost completely closed into a thin slit. Her labia daintily displayed as two thin petals of a pink rose. Soft, glistening with excitement. Trying to escape from a closed door. He’s almost not sure what to do. When she speaks. Her voice back in character.

“Just pick one please. Then we can go. I’m hungry”

He shrugs to himself and slips it into her pussy. Her body almost readily accepting the object and his fingers. There is a little resistance. Her vaginal walls clamp them, seeming to try pulling them deeper. Her muscle control still baffles him. He knows shes been sexually active for a few years now. But if not for her auto-erotic responses to the invasion and the soft moan that escapes her. He would swear she was still virgin by the way her pussy closes after he removes his hand.

Dropping her dress and uprighting herself. She makes a few adjustments, then moves down the hall to the door that leads across the breezeway to the garage waiting for him. As he passes she holds out the thin control for the vibe.

“Be careful with that sir.” keeping in her role. “You know how explosive things can be if left openly wild” giggles. “We wouldn’t want to ruin my favorite dress”

As they move through each of the portals. He opening the door

she gliding through ahead of him then stopping so he can get the next. Philip is easily accepting his own role. Companion, protector, lover. Without even thinking about it. She seamlessly entered his life as if she were meant to be there. He guides her to the middle bay by guiding her around his work truck. Parked nose facing outward in the closed space. The Tesla Model X is smoke gray. He opens the door for her to slide into the rich black and red leather interior. She’s seen them on the road near the mall and on the few occasions her mother took her down to the gallery area of town. But she’s never been in one before.

Her hands explore her surroundings as Philip gets into his seat.

“Buckle up. The car won’t move until it we are.”

She does her part. He hits the start button and the garage door automatically responds. When it’s open enough they roll through. The remote she gave him is still in his left hand. He looks at it momentarily as the machine rolls to the end of the semi private driveway.

“Do you plan on keeping in character all day?” he asks tentatively

This dynamic is strange to him. Different. But not unpleasant.

“I.. I guess I don’t have to if I’m making you uncomfortable” she responds in her normal tone. Only shes quieter. A hint of sadness in her voice.

“NO! Please. Keep going. The accent is fun. I can play along or, try to anyway. It’s just that..” his voice trails off as he tries to collect his thoughts and organize what needs to be said.

“I should probably stick to calling you Sarah. But I have to ask you to not call me Daddy in public. Please. I’m not so sure it’s a good idea. Not if we are going to continue being sexually involved.” He half glances at her looking for reaction. Her face a mask of indifference. When she speaks. She tries to remain calm. The words are almost robotic. Hollow.

“I hope you don’t mind Daaa…. Philip; found a port on the modem in your office. I used my laptop.It had a tracking app linked to her phone and did a search while you were sleeping.. I think I need to talk to her. But I. We. Umm It didn’t work. She’s gone. I don’t know how to contact her if she got rid of that phone. I’m hoping it’s just off. Maybe she just taking a break.” Her voice quivers. But she manages to hold her composure. “Philip, I don’t have anywhere I know I can go.” she becomes quieter as the words come out. He detects desperation. Maybe fear?

“I never found out who my father is.. I met my mothers parents once. When I was very little three or four I think. It didn’t go well. We didn’t stay long. Then again. It was a random thing. I was Ten. We were shopping for my birthday present at the mall. They stayed civil due to the atmosphere. But even I knew they were very uncomfortable. I was not wanted. That was more my grandmother than grandfather. He slipped me a fifty dollar bill when the women were talking said happy birthday. Then left very quickly. Leaving his wife to catch up. I’m not even sure they know I have a baby brother. I had to drop out of school so Mom could try to make a legit living. I’ve been e-commuting to school so I could take care of him. It’s not fair but.”

She stopped talking. The silence cut by the electric motion of the SUV as it rolled out of the spacious neighborhood into the clustered town streets.

Philip took her hand he gave it a squeeze for comfort. Dropped it gently. Then reaching over her head. He pulled her as close as the console would allow. A snuggleing embrace as he spoke.

“Sarah. I know it’s not ideal. But lets be real for a moment. You aren’t 18. I suspect you are probably younger than 17 considering your body’s size and muscle tone. But Let’s stick to that for now.

I’ll accept you at your word. You can stay with me. For now at least. I have a lawyer friend. He does real estate. But I bet he probably knows a good family practice. We’ll figure it out.

She sighs in response. She doesn’t say anything.. she just grabs him tight with the free arm. Her left pinned between her and the console armrest. They snuggle together like that until he pulls into the Ihop parking lot.

Breakfast went almost as planned. Philip started to toy with the remote in his pocket making Sarah squirm. The server, an obvious first job girl of 14 started to watch Sarah intently when she wasn’t otherwise busy. A few children sitting near openly commented on her dress to parents speculating she was a Disney Princess. One girl maybe 8 or 9 asked to have her picture taken together. To Philip’s delight. Sarah agreed. Her shaky English accent getting more comfortable for her the more she talked to passers who bothered to stop.

At one point she excused herself and stopped the “lovely server girl” for directions to “The Loo” and pantomimed Philip to get creative with the remote. Barely making it through the door, gaining some measure of privacy when the first orgasm rocked her body. Sarah did manage to stifle any vocal outbursts as the second and third hit her in rapid succession.. She also managed to get her dress above her hips so not much of her secretions got into the fabric. She played with her hard clit in the bathroom stall while her other hand had wormed its way through the buttons of her double breasted front panel to tug and twist her nipples.

She had been in there several minutes when the now curious server entered. Sarah had left the stall door open. And was surprised by her admirer. The shock on the girls face obvious as the strong climax tore through Sarah. Causing her to squirt desire fluids roughly a third the distance between them. Sarah then weakly pulled the still vibrating egg from her vagina and handed it to the girl with a hard, erotic kiss on the mouth. Gaining more composure. She righted her self. Washed her hands and left the room. The egg, covered in cum was still vibrating on high in the hands of her new friend. The name tag reading as.

Welcome to Ihop.

My name is:


Once she was in view of Philip, she signaled him to turn the vibe function off and hurried back to the table. In a low voice she asked if he had paid the check. He had. So she hinted it was time to leave. But not before grabbing one of his business cards from his wallet.

From her own clutch she got a pen. wrote her name and Call me on the back. She handed Rachael the card, the pen and the remote as the couple brushed passed the confused girl on the way out. A very bewildered Rachael barely managed to say Thank you, Come again!

Before the door closed
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