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Part 4 is a look at how we passed the time sometimes when the Orgy couldn't all be together. Part 5 cumming soon
A couple weeks later I found myself at a party. I don’t remember who’s house it was or why we were able to lock the door but me and this girl and managed to find a room in the house to ourselves and lock the door. I do recall her having a friend who either lived at the house or was dating somebody who lived at the house and was able to get us up there. By this point she was piss drunk and throughout the night we had been joking and I was hinting at her possibly pissing her pants. She was a cute blonde about 5 foot three and was wearing a darker pair of sexy tight jeans that I couldn’t stop staring at because of the way her ass fit into them. When we got in the room I remember us getting really handsy with each other and me tickling her and bringing it up again that she was going to pee her self. As things progressed, I tickled her more and more and I could tell she wasn’t in control of her emotions anymore or her actions.The last thing I remember is Her finally giving in to what was always going to happen and the piss starting leaking slowly down her jeans as I fondled her crotch through them and meanwhile she was still giggling because of the tickling and the fact that she was drunk. She seemed to be enjoying it because there were moans mixed in there as well but I doubt that she actually remembered the night because we didn’t see each other again. I remember peeling her pants off with her and as she crawled away still giggling. With them now in my lap i started sucking then pee out of her jeans. We fucked and I’m pretty sure that her friend gave her spare clothes and they chalked it up to her just being drunk. Nights like these were how I filled the void of the corduroy orgy being left on pause. My grand prize for that night was waking up in my own bed and somehow having her jeans there with me still so in there. I now had two pairs of women’s pants who had left me with them soaked in their pee if you count the first pair of pants that Paige had left during our first sexual encounter.

Paige seemed to be going through it as well. She was seeing more expanded time with her boyfriend who was getting out and coming to visit her more frequently. However, the sex hadn’t changed much. When she wasn’t there she was stuck at work and the tension was building up and opportunity arose for her one night when she caught a coworker stealing from the drawer. She didn’t initially say anything but she had caught the whole thing on camera and was going to use this to her advantage. The coworkers name was Brittany who had to wear the same uniform as Paige but often would substitute her work pants for a pair of jeans. Little things had been stacking up to the point that Paige was annoyed with Brittany. None the less, Brittany was a very attractive; girl black shoulder length hair and a huge ass that fit inside of the jeans she would wear. Lately, Paige had been imagining what it be like to see Brittany have to piss her pants the way we all did during the orgy. Late one day while it was just Brittany and Paige closing up the café, Brittany decided to try to pick from the drawer yet again and this is when Paige swooped in for her chance. "What do you think you doing", Paige asked as she came around corner questioning Brittany. "I saw the whole thing and I’ve already got you on camera multiple times doing what you doing right now and let’s not forget that you can’t seem to get our uniform right because they have to be black pants even if they are going to be in jeans". Britney tried her best to drop the money as if nothing happened but it was too late. Paige absolutely saw everything. Before Brittany could even try to speak, Paige showed the video of the last time she said did this and had convinced Brittany that she already sent it to multiple locations so trying to do anything to her phone wouldn’t make any difference. Brittany was now at Paige's command." We can keep this whole thing quiet now Britt as long as you do exactly what I say. I’ve been staring at that fat ass long enough and I want to see it get wet in those jeans. I want you to pee your pants right now",Paige insisted."Are you serious? What would you gin from that?,Britney replied not really sure what to make of any of this. Piss your fucking pants Brittany, Paige repeated this time a little more sternly. :Don't make me ask again. I know that you have to pay the bills and you have childcare to worry about so I don’t think you want to lose this job now do you? I won’t repeat myself again. Turn around for me up against the counter, spread your legs and piss those pants that you insist on wearing to work".

As I have said before, Paige didn’t need corduroy to enjoy the passing fetish and honestly she hadn’t started the corduroy before meeting myself and the others. She was minutes away from getting her way with this girl that had no control over the situation and soon would be wetting her jeans. Brittany had a little girl and was a single mother and so a lot of the reason she might’ve been stealing was for the girl but nobody really knew. She certainly couldn't afford to lose this job so finally she did what she was told. She had no idea what this would get Paige in return but she turned away and spread her legs while shaking. She sat there for a minute and realized that she might not be able to pee. When she said something about it, Paige came up with a glass of water and forced her to start guzzling it. Paige didn't plan on doing any harm to this woman but was simply trying to teach her a lesson and also get herself off at the same time. Lately ever since she joined the orgy with us she had been finding ways to do things just to make her feel naughty and she loved it. She wrapped her arms around Brittany’s waist as she forced her to drink the cup and was almost to the point of grinding up on her ass. Now, more confused than ever, Britney guzzled the first glass of water and was now about to have to do a second one if she didn't start to pee really fast. She couldn't try to defend herself and tell anyone about it because there was evidence of her stealing and she could wind up in jail. What else could she do but be Paige's little play mate? Slowly, Paige moved her hand off Brittany's waist way down to her crotch and began to slowly massage it. Brittany, now trying to finish the second glass had her eyes go wide and almost tried to strangle out of it."Shh, Brittany just do as I ask and this will all be over soon. Paige noticed Brittany was nearing tears from her embarrassment and waddling her legs more and eventually could feel a small warm stream off pee leaking through her pants."That’s a good girl Britt. just keep it coming, Paige whispered as she rubbed the girl's crotch. Brittany’s jeans started being cased in a darker color and soon her ass was getting so too up to her belt loops. Paige could even feel it on the front of her own pants has she grinded Brittany’s luscious ass. Paige couldn’t help but moan as it took place and kept ferociously milking Brittany’s pussy through her pants. Brittany didn't know what to think and she didn’t really know why all of a sudden she was starting to like what was happening. She knew that people had fetishes for pee but didn’t take Paige as the type of person, All she had to do was let Paige get off to her to get out of stealing and it her best bet. Uncontrollably now, Brittany begin to moan with her because she couldn’t think of what else to do but she definitely did enjoy the hand rubbing against her crotch. Page was now acting without even thinking because she knew she had the situation right where she wanted without consequence.It was now to the point where Brittany’s pants were soaked crotch and ass and Paige would have looked that way too but her black jeans weren't as noticeable. She slowly made her way to the button on Britt's pants and went to pop them open. Britt became a little uneasy on what was happening as she was a single mother but did not plan on something like this happening today. Paige's hand slowly slide her hand into Brittany's pants and to no surprise noticed there was no underwear to be found. You’re such a slut baby I couldn’t guess. She was now grinding Britney against counter top of the bar with a hand down her pants as she finished her piss. Her legs got week as Paige pulled the wet jeans down under Britt’s ass and began to finger fuck her aggressively.As her eyes rolled to the back of her head, Britt went out of consciousness into a daze until she realized she was ready to come and make an even bigger mess and her pants. She let out a tremendous groan as she finished and Paige quickly removed her hand from the situation. She wiped the mess off of her hand on Brittany's pants and started walking away to go finish closing up the café .Out of breath now and struggling to stay up on the counter, Brittany looked at Paige wondering why she didn't want to finish too. She had so many questions as to why this just took place but she really had no way to confront her as Paige owned the proof that she had stolen from her place of work." I will keep everything that happened a secret about you stealing but you need to be a little more careful than that and if it keeps up then just know that you’ll have to satisfy my needs as well",Paige finally said as she boke the silence. Britney realized what was happening now and was almost in a situation where she was a prostitute to Paige. Paige would give up a little money from the register and look the other way while Britt stole it as long as Brittany was going to give Paige what she needed in return. "Also know that if you get caught, I didn’t know anything because I will deny it. Finish up closing down and I’ll see you tomorrow", Paige instructed as she left the building. Britt was baffled that Paige was just going to walk out to her car with stains on the front of her pants from another woman’s piss and then she had to ask because it just ran into her head. "Hey what am I supposed to do? I have to go pick up my daughter from the sitter and now I’m late as it is and my pants are covered in my piss and juices". "I don’t know, you’re going to have to figure that one out. I guess that should’ve been something you thought about before you started stealing", Paige giggled as she walked out of the cafe. From that point on, Britt never stole again at least that Paige had known about. However, later on I’m pretty sure that they still had sexual encounters. All in all, it was clear that the orgy members needed to meet up again because withdrawal was setting in. The corduroy aspect of it all wasn’t going to be gone for long. The next day while she was at work, Paige noticed that a woman that frequently went to the same laundromat that she did stopped in to eat breakfast. She was in her late 30s and Paige considered her attractive but had never really noticed until she saw the tan corduroy pants she walked in for the first time in. The woman probably didn’t think much of the pants and they were just another pair that she owned but to Paige they sparked a devious idea. She never seen them before and she was assuming that this woman only took clothes to the laundromat that she would wash only if they were stained or definitely dirty.She got a hold of me later that night and told me about Brittany and then how she saw the women and put her plan into place......
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