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A story I have had in my head for a while and decided to act on it, please let me know where I can improve I am not a writer by trade. Thank you
If you have not read part I, then part II won't make much sense.

The story is going to be a long story with multiple parts in the end with each element adding to Tori's sexual experiences. It's starting with an older guy and Tori at age 16 so if that is not your thing don't bother. She may get to be 20+ in the story when all is said and done.

The story is not a 3 paragraph nonstop sex text fap story it's going to build up over time with the story, and character build up being as important as the sex.

All of the characters are fictional and have no link to real people, and they are fictional, I also do not condone this behavior in real life it's fictional.

Part III is in rough draft mode and will post here shortly.


The Rules

John started the car and got back on the road. They were about 15 minutes from Tori's house, he had the time needed to lay out a plan.

"I’m sorry I didn’t go all the way down on you, but I promise I'll do better next time. It's just I've never done that before," Tori assured him earnestly.

John hesitated a moment, taking in what had just happened as he looked at Tori.

"You never have to apologize to me for that stuff sweetheart, I should apologize for even asking that of you," John said reassuringly.

Her big brown eyes gazed at him sadly. "You didn't like it... I'm too inexperienced... This won't work, will it?" She stammered miserably, her immaturity showing.

"Of course, I liked it, and your inexperience was an amazing turn on. It's just I don’t want you to do anything you’re not ready to do. You have to admit that what we just did happened quickly, considering where we were just three days ago." John said, as he reached over and gently took her hand. "Did you like it?".

"It tasted funny. Salty, but I like salty things," she said teasingly with a wink and a naughty smile.

"We need to talk seriously for a moment about a plan for both of us to follow, " John announced.

"A plan, OK I'm listening," Tori was now more confused than ever.

As the car approached Tori's house, they noticed Jen was not yet home, which was perfect as John needed to communicate this to her now. Before school tomorrow. Before she hung out with Sydney and Riley. It had to be now.

"First, we need to talk about sex, we cannot have intercourse until your 18, this is something we both have to understand and agree to. When you are 18 I promise I'll take you any place in the world and we can make that decision, assuming our relationship is what I hope it to be. Until then it is off limits. Agreed?” John stated.

"If that's what we need to do, I suppose we should do that," Tori answered reluctantly.

"When we are around people... My girls, Kelly, the softball team, your mom, anyone... We have to make sure we are Coach John and player Tori, agreed?" John’s tone was again serious.

"Yes, of course, it would be bad for both of us right now if people knew, I get it," Tori responded.

"We can't tell anyone, best friends, trusted relatives, no one. It will only lead to disaster and ruin any chance we have. Make sense?” John asked.

"Yes, I understand," Tori said quietly.

"Back to sex - If I ever ask you to do something you’re not ready for or comfortable doing you have to tell me. I will never be disappointed or hold that against you," John stated reassuringly.

"I'm ready for anything you want to do to me," Tori replied, raising her fingers to her mouth and slowly sucking them as a subtle but sexy reminder of his last request.

John felt his dick rising again as he looked at the pouty-faced teen sucking her fingers.

"Last thing and this may be the most difficult for you to understand. I want you to date boys so you can decide if being with someone closer to your age is or isn't what you want. You are going to have to go to the Year End Dance, Proms and all the other social events at high school with a date your age. just please not Jake!" John said with a chuckle.

"But I don't want to date anyone. I don't want to cheat on you, I want to be with you," Tori protested.

"We can discuss this again later, but you need to have that experience. When I married Kelly our relationship was the only serious one we’d both had, and it ended terribly. I blame it on not doing what you should do at your age, dating other youngsters, experiencing several relationships. I do not want you regretting anything. You have my blessing to do all that and if you find the love of your life is not me I will understand." John insisted.

"I don't know. It doesn't make sense to me, does this mean you will date girls too? "Tori asked.

"I'm not 16 sweetie, and as of right now no, I do not want to. I’ve had those experiences already. If we hadn't discovered our feelings, I doubt I would have ever got involved in a serious relationship again. Should that change I will talk to you first. I won't do anything like that without us talking, I know how that feels." John said reassuringly.

"One last thing, if you do find another man that you want to spend the rest of your life with, I must be invited to the wedding so I can protest the marriage," John added, breaking the serious tone.

"Deal," Tori stated confidently.

At that moment Jen pulled into the driveway, Tori smiled at John, and a return smile came back at her. John nodded as Tori got out of the car and walked toward the house. John always enjoyed watching her little teen ass in motion, and with his headlights in her eyes Jen could not see what John was looking at.

Jen gestured to John to hold off on backing up. She was a looker and her Asian/Spanish genes produced an extra sexy allure about her. She had just come back from a Yoga work out, her jet black hair was up in a bun, but her body-hugging yoga pants and tight V neck top were the dead giveaway.

Jen walked to the driver’s side door, rested her forearms against the inner door panel and leaned in the window. Her light tan skin still glistening with sweat from her work out and her tits bulged out of her top at eye level begging for attention that John had no problem giving. Already aroused from watching her daughter’s ass, John’s arousal continued to build.

"Hi John, how did my girl do?” Jen asked.

"Perfect," John remarked, thinking of the blowjob her daughter had just delivered.

"I know how much you like Tori," Jen remarked with a smile.

John's heart started to race. "You do?"

"She is like your third daughter, and we are both thankful for that," Jen said.

John was relieved, as for a moment he’d thought the cat was already out of the bag about him and Tori.

"The feelings are mutual, she is a good kid with a bright future," John remarked as if talking about one of the twins.

"You know, I’m single now, and last I checked you were too. We ought to hang out some night, maybe have a sleepover like our kids used to do," Jen said half-jokingly as she laughed.

"Mmm, I would never jeopardize my relationship with you or Tori by... Well you know. Besides new relationships are off limits to me at the moment," John said confidently.

"Awe you’re so cute John and don't take this the wrong way... But no one says two people need a committed relationship to keep each other company." She teased, giving him a cute smirk and a wink.

"Listen, Jen, you're a beautiful woman, and I have known you a long time, let's not mess up our friendship. Tori needs stability too so let's not fool around with that," John insisted.

"I respect that John, and agree, Tori is my baby... But if you ever feel lonely, you know where I live." Jen winked and walked off with a smile and wave, making sure John got a clear view of her firm shapely ass wrapped in skin-tight Yoga pants.

John pulled out the driveway and started his drive home. What the fuck just happened he wondered. Tori's mom just invited me to fuck her with no strings attached. I wish she had done that a month ago as I might have jumped at the offer. She is hot as hell but not now, no chance.

John's thoughts raced. Jen's a good mother and would kill for Tori, but all too often she puts her priorities ahead of others including Tori. Selfish is the word and if I slept with Jen Tori would be crushed. It can't happen. Knowing Jen that was a warning shot across the bow before her full-on attack, I have seen it before, he thought, and I'll need a plan.

The Start of Softball Season April 4th

Several weeks passed since Tori and John had consummated their relationship with Tori's first blowjob. The weeks went by without an opportunity for them to get much alone time, as Jen has been picking Tori up after practice. John had encouraged Tori to get her license ASAP, as she was past the sixteen and a half mark, but she still needed to complete the drivers-ed class.

Both John and Tori were sticking to the plan, in public no one would guess their secret, although when the opportunity was there they would give each other flirty smiles and sneaky nods.

The season was starting today, and for the next three months the team would embark on their journey - Hoping to finish in the top half of the division and maybe qualify for the states. The high school team was usually in the bottom half of the standing, but that was primarily due to the previous coach scaring off the better athletes.

This team had a different vibe to it, Sydney now played shortstop and was a defensive gem as well as being the team's leadoff slap hitter. Riley played center field, batted second and reached base more times than not, while Tori was the team's second baseman who played with attitude, toughness and could swing the bat as well as any senior, she batted fifth.

Those three changes alone, and the fact the team practiced long and hard should make a difference, at least that was the expectations.

The first game was away against a team at the top of the division last season, mostly due to their pitching. If there was a weakness on John’s team it was that they had no power pitcher, to win they had to make plays and scratch out runs against teams with strong pitching. He knew this, and his team built on speed and defense for this very reason, every player on the roster could run.

During the first game, John’s team struggled to get base runners as expected, but they executed in the field and going into the last inning the teams were tied 1-1. Sydney was leading off and so far had been kept off the base paths but you could see the fire in her eyes.

"I'm going to get on base dad, let me steal second, and we can win this." The firecracker spouted.

When Sydney said, she was going to do something more often than not she did it.

"Ok Syd, you got the green light after you get on base," John concurred.

Sydney slapped a bouncer to shortstop that hit the dirt hard and went 20 feet in the air, and she was on first quickly.

Next up was Riley and she knew her job was to move Sydney to third but she needed to let her sister steal second and took the first pitch. Sydney stole second sliding headfirst.

Like clockwork, Riley placed a perfect bunt down, moving Sydney to third and as a bonus Riley, with her speed, was safe at first.

The third and fourth hitters struck out much to John’s amazement. Simple contact could get them a run, but they could not handle the overpowering pitcher.

It was up to Tori, top of the last inning, two outs, Riley at first and Sydney on third. The outfield gave her no respect at all, maybe based on her size, but they were playing shallow. Tori in the batter's box looked at John, and he gave her a confident nod. The next pitch Tori lined a ball over the centerfielder’s head that rolled to the fence - Tori had come through with a two-run triple.

The team got the last three outs of the game and were off to a good 1-0 start.

The bus ride back to the high school was loud and happy. Tori sat with Sydney, and they chatted it up.

"Great job Syd, that was clutch," Tori yelled for the whole bus to hear.

"Looks who's talking." Yelled back Sydney, as the two high fived each other.

The bus atmosphere calmed, Tori and Sydney began to talk. They had been friends forever along with Riley who was sitting with team captain and senior Lauren.

"You have a date for the end of year dance?" Syd asked.

"Na, I'll probably be the third wheel with you or Riy" She said.

The reality was several boys were after Tori in school, but despite John's plan, she couldn't get herself to act and commit to a date with any of them.

"Hey, my boyfriend plays on the hockey team, and there's a sophomore who is super cute, Chris I forget his last name. I'm gonna hook you two up for the dance." Sydney confidently boasted.

"No, really it's OK Syd," but Tori know it was too late, Sydney was the school matchmaker. She and Jeff, a senior, had been dating about a year and had already played matchmaker for her sister far too often, so was now starting on her surrogate younger sister.

Riley could date anyone with her looks, but whenever things got close to sex she would make up an excuse and end the relationship. To complicate matters, Sydney was very protective of her sister, in fact, in their freshman year, a boy made Riley cry. Sydney skipped her next class, waited outside the boy’s class and after it ended walked up and punched him in the face.

Sydney got five days detention, was nearly expelled and only saved by John's friendship with Fred the AD.

To make matters worse, when John asked Sydney what she’d learned from her actions she said, “next time punch the kid outside of school.” Not the answer he was hoping for, but that's Sydney.

"Hey remember those sleepovers we had Tori, you ever think about... You know the ones we did truth or dare?" Sydney asked.

"How could I forget?" Tori smirked.

"Yea, right, those were fun nights on many fronts," Sydney remarked back.

"Have you ever said anything about, you know..." Tori whispered.

"Oh no that's strictly between us," Sydney assured.

"I know it's been a while, but do you remember a few years back when we all did a truth about whom we would want to marry, and you picked my dad because he was all alone and you loved him." Sydney chuckled.

"Oh my god, yes, I mean why not Brad Pitt or Tom Brady?" Chuckled Tori.

"Yeah, I only ask because I doubt my dad will ever get married again after the divorce, I love my mom, but she put him through a lot. Anyway, after you graduate college if he is still single, please seduce him. You, me and Riley are the only girls he trusts now." They both laughed.

Sydney, forever the matchmaker Tori thought to herself.

The First Night Together

Once the team returned to their high school parking lot Tori approached John.

"Coach John, my mom just texted me... she has to stop at a property for a quick showing, and she asked if you or the twins could drop me off, but the twins already left." Tori shrugged and beamed her big brown sad eyes at him with a shy look about her.

"Still haven't got that drivers-ed class done I see, but happy to for the game MVP, let me get the equipment into the field house, and I'll be right back," John replied.

"Thanks coach and no, mom said wait till the end of the season for the classes. Too much going on, I'll pretty much hit 17 by the time I get my license," she remarked.

Tori's birthday was mid-July and John was already putting a special plan in place for her 17th birthday.

Tori grabbed an equipment bag to assist. They made their way to the field house and then the equipment closet. They had used this routine a few times, knowing the place was empty.

Tori moved closer to John as the two began to kiss, their lips slid over each other's softly, their tongues met swirling. When they pulled apart her eyes were still closed wanting more.

"Come on let's get going," John insisted with a soft, reassuring tone.

Tori looked disappointed. They had kissed a few times over the past week in that very room, it was their "safe" spot when the building was empty after practices or games and generally they would kiss and talk for several minutes.

The parking lot was dark as the two got in the car with nervous anticipation. It was usually vacant as John was always the last to leave. He looked at Tori and smiled, and she returned the smile.

"It's been a long time since we last had alone time," John remarked.

"It's too long. I hate it, we need to change this," Tori replied emphatically.

He leaned over to Tori and the two kissed again, seconds lead to minutes as the two became passionately interlocked in a prolonged show of overdue emotion. After several minutes they slowly settled in their seats again. John was already hard, and Tori felt a damp yearning between her legs, and realized she wanted to do more.

"I want to return the favor," John said mysteriously.

"For the hit? What buy me an ice cream?" Tori joked.

"How long is Jen out for do you think?" John asked.

"With her, you never know," Tori replied smugly.

"Well I have a plan if you're interested," John suggested mysteriously.

"Hmm, what’s your plan this time?" She queried with a sly smile.

"You need to send Jen a text," John said as he started the car.

"What is it I need to text my mom?" Tori asked.

"You're going to sleep at the twin’s tonight," John suggested.

"Ok, and then what?" Tori asked.

"Then you sleep at the twin’s," he replied with a smile.

Wondering what his plan actually was, Tori gave John a slight smirk, picked up her phone and texted her mom exactly as John had suggested.

TEXT FROM TORI: Mom I am going to sleep over the twins tonight. :)

TEXT FROM JEN: Ok love, have fun, call me if you need anything. :)

They drove to Tori's to pick up some clothes then continued to his house, aka the twin's house. Well one of the twin's houses.

John knew his girls would not be over tonight as Kelly had asked them to stay at her home to help open the pool as they did every year. After the divorce and John's softball coaching started, Kelly would insist on holding team year-end pool parties. The situation got John and Kelly back to a post-marriage friendship, and they had a lot of fun times there with the Bobcats as a result.

As the two entered John’s house Tori turned and hugged him. "I miss you so much, I want to do this more often, a kiss every other day isn't enough," she said.

John embraced Tori. "Go shower. I'll make something to eat then I want to give you your surprise." John instructed, carefully not letting on to what his plan for her was.

Twenty minutes later Tori came downstairs dressed in the all too familiar sweat pants and tee-shirt draped over braless tits. Her nipples were visibly erect through the tee-shirt cloth, her long dark hair still wet was draped over her shoulders and down her back. The sight aroused John, who was used to Tori in a softball uniform or practice sweats and always with her ponytail. She looked extra sexy with her hair down.

"Made you your favorite, let's eat," John announced.

"So this is how Softball life progresses. When I am 10 I get ice cream after games, but when I'm 16 I get filet mignon? "Tori said with a laugh. "What if we’d lost tonight, who would get the steak?" Tori asked.

"You would my dear, regardless of the outcome. I already had a plan to get us some quality time tonight, and Jen just helped with her ‘drive Tori home’ request. I needed to see you alone, it’s been too long." John remarked sincerely.

Tori's heart fluttered, and the tingly feeling in her privates was back. John cared and it just melted her heart how he treated her.

After dinner, John suggested Tori blow dry her hair and leave it down, then he would meet her upstairs after cleaning up the dishes. Tori was filled with anticipation. She knew they were going to spend their first night together, she was excited and nervous all at once. John watched her ass as she walked off, even in sweats it looked perfect.

John did not bother with the dishes, he just showered quickly in the downstairs bathroom and headed upstairs. When he got to his bedroom door, Tori was in front of his bed. No longer in sweats and a tee-shirt, instead she was in a white silk one-piece babydoll with no panties, her long dark silky hair flowing down over her shoulders and resting on her perky tits.

"I got this online a few weeks ago and wanted to show it to you. Do you like it?" Tori asked in a playful girly tone.

"Well, my surprise just got trumped. You are stunning Tori, gorgeous, beautiful!" John just stood there looking her up and down as she put her left hand behind her back and her right started twirling her long hair bangs. Then she slightly twisting her body in a shy manner.

"Turn around baby," he requested, “I want to see all of that lingerie.”

Tori gave John a good look at her ass through the slightly transparent silk, then spun around on the spot so he could check out the entire package. After taking time to her long athletic legs, John went to a drawer, pulled out a soft blindfold, and went to stand behind Tori. He pressed his hips against Tori's backside, and she felt his rising cock against her firm ass, then he whispered in her ear. "Tell me to stop any time, and I will."

Tori nodded her approval, her heart beating with excitement.

John put the blindfold over her eyes and tied it firmly in place. He started kissing her neck, gently pulling her upper arms slightly back to cause her chest to arch out and emphasize her small tits. Tori let out a few short gasps and her heart beat became noticeably quicker as John kissed her neck. His hands flowed freely over her lingerie exploring her teen body. He grabbed her tiny waist and ground his dick against her ass. She countered by pushing back and squirming her hips in his grasp.

His hands went to her hips and over her smooth flat belly while he continued to kiss each side of her neck and an occasional ear lobe.

Tori's mouth was open, and she let out the occasional soft gasp, her heart fluttered whenever he hit a sensitive spot on her nubile body. She twisted her torso and head to allow for their lips to meet for a brief moment.

John's hands moved under her lingerie, for the first time touching her bare breasts, her skin soft was smooth, flawless. Her nipples were now fully erect as he gently pinched them and got soft whimpers in return. He cupped each of her apple sized mounds in his hands, while she continued to grind her ass against his erection.

"Lift your arms," he whispered in her ear, and she did what she was told. He lifted her lingerie over her head.

"Turn around," he whispered again, and she obliged.

John looked at his teen beauty, entirely nude for the first time. He was already aware her body was filling out, but it was even more noticeable while looking at her naked. His erection twitched, and for a moment he thought about rescinding his plan of waiting to fuck her. It was exactly what he wanted to do at that moment, but he couldn't.

Instead, he guided her to the bed, where, still blindfolded, she lay down on her back with her legs bent and her long dark hair spread around her. She turned her head to the side, put two fingers in her mouth and started sucking them gently - Her full lips emphasized the sexiness of her mouth as her other hand exploring her body.

"John please, please don't stop!" She pleaded innocently.

John removed his shirt and sweats, climbed on the bed, gently spread her thighs, her bald mound right there before him, a sheen of wetness covered her pink labia. He started to kiss and lick her inner thighs. Tori began to breathe rapidly and let out louder moans, she had built up a thin layer of sweat on her light bronze skin, her entire body glistened.

He traveled further north to her hips always kissing or licking her sensitive spots looking for a reaction. Now at her smooth firm belly, Tori started to arch her back as she continued to get more turned on.

"Do you like this?" John whispered

"Yes," was all she could manage to reply in a short gasp.

John continued exploring her body admiring her firm B/C cups and pert hard nipples. He started sucking on one nipple while caressing her other breast, in response, Tori arched her back more, her hands clenched the comforter on the bed and her whimpers turned to soft moans. Her juices were flowing. She was on the verge of orgasm.

He finally made it to her lips, and they passionately kissed for several minutes bringing Tori off the edge, for now. Trying to cum she started grinding her wet pussy against his leg. Mentally she was someplace else, losing herself in the moment. John could do anything to her now and she would not stop him.

John put his mouth to her ear and whispered. "Are you ready for your surprise?"

"Yes" is all she could answer nearly out of breath; her body was quivering. She had never felt this way.

John again moved, but this time he headed back down her body, kissing and licking every inch of the teen's body. He made it to her hip and then moved to her pussy. Tori now knew what her surprise was and she was moving her hips up and down in anticipation.

"Please." She whispered.

"What do you want Tori?" John asked.

"Lick me. Please," she gasped.

John traced her soft wet labia slowly with his fingers. Fluid was slowly flowing out of her. He loved her smell and her craving to cum. He put his hands on her upper thighs and moved his head down to her open pussy and began to work his tongue around her Labia. Tori's hips were now moving up and down with John's tongue.

Pushing apart her lips and swirling his tongue he started on her clit. She had never felt this way and it was so intense that she needed to cum in the worst way. John knew exactly how to bring her to the edge of orgasm and then back off. He moved off her pussy and started licking her inner thighs. Tori was going crazy, her hips were moving faster as her pussy desperately searched for his tongue to let her cum.

"Please, John," she gasped reaching her arms back over her head, elbows near her ears, hands grabbing his headboard posts with her back arching and hips moving. It was heaven for John to see.

"Beg me to let you cum," he suggested.

"Please, I need to cum. Please, let me cum!" Tori begged.

John put his head down and this time kept his tongue swirling and moving with the intent to let the teen reach orgasm. Tori arched her back to its limit. Her hips quivered and she ripped the blindfold off, then holding each end she placed it across her mouth and bit down. Seconds later a muffled scream escaped the makeshift gag in her mouth and a few bursts of her pussy juices shot out covering John’s lower face.

Tori screamed for what seemed like 2 solid minutes of uncontrollable orgasm as John continued to lick her sopping wet pussy.

It took several more minutes for her to come back to earth, exhausted, sweating, and panting.

Finally getting her emotions back under some sort of control, Tori propped herself up on her elbows, her knees bent, and legs still spread with John kneeling between them. Tori looking at her lover in amazement.

"What was that?" She asked in amazement.

"That was payback... And your wildest orgasm to date I would venture to guess," John grinning.

"Payback?" Tori questioned.

"For the last time we were alone." John winked.

"That was the best I have ever had that done to me," Tori remarked dreamily.

"You’ve had someone do that to you before?" John asked curiously.

"I meant the Orgasm. I'm sorry I am out of it right now, you sent me to the moon," Tori assured him. Before sitting up and putting her arms around John’s torso, her head pressed against his bare chest.

"I missed you," she whispered.

"Same here," John answered.

"We need a plan for tomorrow morning to get you to school," John insisted.

Tori nodded and at the same time pushed on John's chest to lay him back. She moved between his legs. John was not expecting this but did not stop the eager teen.

"I want to try again," Tori whispered.

She placed her right hand on his erection and, with her other elbow supporting her, his dick was directly in front of her face. He was rock hard to the point he thought his skin would burst open.

"This won't take long," John admitted.

Tori kept eye contact and started licking his shaft slowly from the base to the tip several times, occasionally stopping at the head to suckle on it for a moment or two.

"Do you like this John?" Tori mimicking his words back to him.

"Yes!" He replied.

Focusing on his gland, she started sucking hard, drawing pre-cum, popping her head up for a second, "Mmmm, salty snack..." she teased.

Tori’s mouth engulfed his cockhead and working inch by inch started to slowly go down his shaft. John did all he could not blow his load.

"You are amazing!" John whispered.

"mmm-hmm," Tori responded.

Tori got to the halfway point of his shaft, but this time stopped there for several seconds to let her mouth get used to the intrusion while swirling her tongue around his shaft. Then she slurped her way back to the tip for a brief pause only to slowly go down again. Fighting back her gag reflex she managed to go another inch deeper then waited until she collected herself before sliding her mouth back up — Then she did it again and again, each time another inch of cock disappearing into her mouth, followed by a slight gag and a pause.

Her eyes were watery now and tears were flowing down her cheeks as she hit the 8-inch mark on John's shaft. Again she stopped to regain her composure then, much to John’s surprise, her next head bob consumed his entire shaft! Tori’s tongue swirled around the root of his manhood until he could not hold back, and with nowhere else for it to go he started shooting his entire load down her throat.

Tori quickly came up coughing and gagging. Cum shooting down her throat had been one thing too much for the inexperienced teen to consume.

Tears were running down her face and cum coated her pouting lips. A thick line of his seed was running from her forehead to the bridge of her nose, and her left cheek had a string of semen spatter dripping down it. She looked at John and licked her lips clean, then wiped her cheek and nose with two fingers and, completely unprompted this time, gave John her best innocent girl look and started licking her fingers clean.

"Did I improve coach?" Tori said with a devious smile.

"Tori that was amazing, how…" John stammered before Tori interrupted him.

"The Internet can teach you anything," she answered before he could finish.

The two cuddled in bed for hours just talking, Tori's head on John's shoulder and her arm draped across his chest. It was the first time they had been together to just talk. Eventually, they fell asleep in that cuddle position.

To be continued.


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You gave me a negative with no explaination, so I thought I would return the favor. Could the negative have been because my story was on the top along with your? We will never know...


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part 3 and 4 are done just having a few people review, should be poasted in a week or 2, part 5 and 6 are in rough draft.

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OMG, do we know each other? this story sounds exactly like your talking about me and my experience.


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I cant wait for part 3 part one was great and part two was awesome I cant wait for part 3!!


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Part 1 is posted now, I had made some edits and the site puts it back into full review mode the reviews take 4-7 days I believe. Thank you for reading and commenting/voting.

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