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This is a story I have had in my head for a while and decided to act on it, please let me know where I can improve as I am not a writer by trade. Thank you

This is a story I have had in my head for a while and decided to act on it, please let me know where I can improve as I am not a writer by trade. Thank you

The story is going to be a long story with multiple parts in the end with each part adding to Tori's sexual experiences. It's starting with an older guy and Tori at age 16 so if that is not your thing don't bother. She may get to be 20+ in the story when all is said and done.

The story is not a 3 paragraph nonstop sex text fap story it's going to build up over time with the story, and character build up being as important as the sex.

All of the characters are fictional and have no link to real people, and they are fictional, I also do not condone this behavior in real life it's fictional.

Part II is in rough draft mode and will be posted in a few days.


The Plot

John becomes the local high school girls’ softball head coach, Tori has been on his recreational town teams the past five years and he has known Tori her entire life. The two get closer and closer over five years and eventually find and reveal a connection that has been there for some time.

The story is going to be a long story with multiple parts in the end with each element adding to Tori's sexual experiences. It's starting with an older guy and Tori at 16 so if that is not your thing don't bother. She may get to be 20+ in the story when all is said and done.

The story is not a 3 paragraph nonstop sex text fap story it's going to build up over time with the story, and character build up being as important as the sex.

All of the characters are fictional and have no link to real people, and they are fictional, I also do not condone this behavior in real life it's fictional.

Part II is in rough draft mode and will be posted in a few days.

Comments welcome on how to improve, thank you


Flash Back The Coach

Coaching softball had become a hobby, and a love of John's ever since his divorce five years ago from his high school sweetheart, Kelly. It was and to some extent still is therapy and an escape from dealing with the separation events had brought to the family. Kelly had cheated on John several times during their 10-year marriage and that not only ended the relationship but also put any contact between John and the opposite sex on indefinite hold. They had got married too young and to complicate things had kids too young who were now 12, twin girls whom he loves very much, the one positive of the marriage as he has stated many times.

The spring after the divorce an old friend of his, Fred, who ran the recreational town softball team and also served as the Athletic Director for the Town High School suggested coaching a girls softball team to him. The local town league needed coaches, and it would allow him to see his kids more often, twins Riley and Sydney, at the time 12 years old.

Both girls were already playing and were good athletes, and his work from home Cyber Security job allowed him the luxury of never missing a game and would work out equally well for team practices and games. His baseball experience in high school and division 3 college gave him the technical skill set to help young ladies develop their skills. The icing on the cake was his overall positive demeanor, that intangible to help players developed solid fundamental skills. John decided to accept the offer.

John dove right into the coaching role that spring as head coach of the U12 Bobcats and put as much time and effort into it as he did his full-time job. That first year he inherited many players but needed to fill the roster out with five more players. His daughters requested several friends including their best friend and a neighbor two houses down, Tori, although two years younger than the twins they spent much time together. Sleepovers nearly every weekend at the house and during summer months they frequently vacationed together with Tori's parents, Mike and Jen.

Jen 33 worked as a real estate agent, was a knockout – The very definition of a MILF and eager to flaunt it. She had jet black hair, deep blue eyes and firm round D-Cup breasts that resisted gravity like they were fake, but were in fact 100% authentic and, on her five-foot-four-inch frame, looked even more spectacular but not by any means out of place. John often referred to Jen as a cock tease, which was a spot on assessment as Mike, 41, made good money from his executive-level corporate job, but regular trips around the globe consumed so much of his time that he seemed missing more often than not.

John knew Tori well from her friendship with the twins and had a feeling she was going to do well in athletics, not to mention she was a sweet kid. Determined to make this experience the best it could be for his kids John approached Tori's dad and asked him to help coach, guaranteeing Tori would be on the team. Mike knew nothing about coaching any sport, but John insisted he come along to let their daughters be on the same team. It was a no brainer for both fathers and the first season began.

Over the next five years, John ran the team and followed the core group of players through the U16 age group, although Tori's dad could not commit after the first season due to Tori's parents own divorce and work commitments, Tori continued on the team. John got the feeling that Tori, like him, used the sport to escape. John over the years would pick up his girls and Tori for practices and games, in fact, it became the norm even when his kids could not make a practice or a game Coach John would make sure Tori had a ride.

Over the years a mutual connection developed between John and Tori. He respected her as a player and a person while he took on a male role model, with Tori's dad seldom involved after the divorce. John could think of only a handful of games he attended after the first year, and he could tell it wore on Tori. Jen made most of the games, but her preoccupation with hanging with her friends and dating also took time away from Tori. John and the twins were always there as a support structure for her during those years, and there were times Tori would spend weeks hanging with his daughters at both his place and Kelly's house.

He had watched all the girls develop over those five years into young ladies, his girls now 17 in high school, no longer playing softball because the coach was a "bitch," and Tori now 15 heading into high school with plans to try out for the high school team.

Tori had become quite pretty over the years, her mix of Asian and Latino ethnicity gave her an exotic look like her mom including big dark brown eyes, full lips and a body that was following in her mother's footsteps. She seemed closer to 18 than 16 both physically and mentally, probably from hanging with his kids all those years, and that was still going strong.

She worked extremely hard over those years at softball, developed a love for the game, and it became her focus. John remembers she had been "OK" that first season five years ago but had blossomed into a star player with her natural athletic abilities at the core along with Johns coaching.

By the time the last season had come to an end, she was one of, if not the best player at her age in town. Tori often credited John and his coaching as the reason she had improved so much and had stated so more than once to him. John at this point looked at Tori differently, an infatuation with her had set in part due to her personality, and partly due to her budding young teen body, he fought the thoughts and never acted on them.

It was late August, and the last day of their final softball season with the town team, John as always drove her home.

They pulled into the familiar driveway her mom's new Volvo in her spot and her dad's 3-year-old Subaru next to it with no plates waiting for Tori to hit 16 and a half to take ownership thanks to her dad.

"Just think next year you will be driving that and won't need coach driving you home," John gesturing to the Subaru.

"Yeah, nice of my father to leave it behind, I think he has a Mustang or some car that makes no sense to impress his girlfriend," Tori shrugged with a tone of sadness.

"I understand Tori, believe me, life can throw you curveballs. Hey maybe I should call your dad and ask where he got his Mustang I could use a new car, this 10-year-old Jeep is starting to wear on me," John said jokingly.

Tori smiled, her braces gave her that innocent yet adorable look along with her ponytail. She always smiled especially on the field and whenever John made his bad jokes.

"Thank you for all the help Coach John and the rides too, I don't think I would have done so well if it weren't for you and the girls these past few years," Tori said in a serious tone.

"You're a heck of a player and person Tori, continue with softball you won't regret it, and as for the rides, you can pay me back the gas money when you're rich and famous," as John smiled back at her.

Tori's eyes watered and leaned over to hug John. "Thank you so much," Tori reiterated.

John had hugged her many times in the past but this time her embrace was different, he felt her perky teen breasts press against him and her soft cheek as she pulled him closer and tighter than previous times.

"No worries Tori if you need anything don't hesitate to ask," John said in a caring voice.

Tori collected her gear from the back seat and walked off with a wave and a smile. John watched her go and could not help but look at her firm athletic backside with shorts at least a size too small wrapped around her buns like cellophane. He felt a tingle in his manhood as he began to drive off.

John felt guilt set in, he shouldn’t be thinking of Tori like that, and it wasn't the first time especially the past month, he shook it off and drove home wondering if that were the last hug he would get from her.

The Offer 6 month later February

It was early February, John was busy with a project for work, and the twins focused on what 17-year-olds seem to do on a typical weekend, texting friends and playing Fortnite upstairs. At this point, they were driving and would randomly go to Mom or Dad’s, as he and Kelly still lived about two miles apart in the same town and had got them a car to share so they could get around.

Riley walked by his office, and John asked her to come in for a sec.

"What's up dad?" Riley said in her soft voice.

"Hey, it's been a while since you girls have hung out with Tori, how’s she doing?" John asked

"Oh, yeah we see Tori all the time now that she is in high school, and she sleeps over Mom's sometimes but not as much, homework, she played Soccer that consumed most of her time last Fall, and we play basketball, so it's just busy times," Riley reassured him.

"Gotcha, thanks honey," replied John as Riley walked off towards the kitchen.

A few moments later the phone rang. It was Fred, and he needed to talk about the high school softball situation. He informed John that the softball coach aka "the bitch" had decided to resign after 12 years, and Fred was calling in hopes John might be interested in coaching the high school girls softball team. He could run the team as he wished and start the roster fresh as a new coach coming in. After a brief pause and short discussion on compensation, John happily took on the job.

John excitedly called Sydney and Riley down to tell them the news and ask them to try out! The girls took a few minutes and made their way downstairs both in sweat pants and tight t-shirts, their typical attire before bed.

"What happened, Syd?" John asked, pointed to her pants that had a wet spot near her crotch.

"Oh… I spilled water in my lap playing a placement game and had to sit in it for a bit, can’t bail on the squad dad,” Sydney boasted with confidence.

"Oh, well I hope you won. Girls the reason I wanted to talk to you is the bitch is gone, and dad is the new high school varsity softball coach!" He exclaimed.

"You should both consider trying out, it would be a reunion with the old town team, not that I can guarantee your spots," John stated half-jokingly.

The girls were visibly excited, they liked softball, and both agreed to try out, they hugged each other, kissed dad and went back upstairs.

John had coached most of the girls on the team already, and the freshman class had a few good players coming in. His thoughts moved to Tori, whom he had not seen since summer; he was looking forward to seeing her.

Varsity Try-Outs early March

Tori showed up her dark hair in a long braid along with the twins who were smiling ear to ear.

John could not help but notice his two daughters and how much they had grown up, they had tight shorts on, and tank tops over their sports bras. They had flat firm bellies, firm bubble butts and John was quite proud of them. Both had blonde hair like their mother, Sydney liked her hair long while Riley kept hers shoulder length. Their shapely bodies had blossomed, with perky C-Cup tits that seemed bigger on their five foot six frames that massed 115 pounds give or take between the two.

"I am so happy your dad is coaching us again, and the team is back together for the high school!" Tori said to the twins.

"Yeah we wanted to play but not for the witch that was coaching the past few years" Sydney sarcastically blurted.

"Hey look who's here the school slut-hound Jake, carful Tori he likes the freshman" laughed Riley.

"Yeah no kidding he has been asking me out for months, he wants to talk after tryouts," Remarked Tori.

"No, he wants to stare at your ass, and so he can jerk off later, probably all our asses let’s make sure we give him a good show" laughed Sydney.

The girls all laughed and started to stretch, Sydney was always the wise guy of the bunch and a little on the wild side while Riley was more serious and reserved.

It had been seven months since John had seen Tori, now 16 she looked like she had aged two years in those seven months. Her braces were off, it took away that little girl look to some extent. Her tits although still small, filled out her undersized sports bra to the breaking point, they had gained noticeable volume. Her hips and legs more shapely, her ass as firm and round as ever and she grew an inch or two now standing about 5 foot 4 inches tall and maybe tipped the 100-pound mark. She was petite but tough as nails when she played, and a joy to coach and watch.

The tryouts went as expected, Tori, the twins and one other player from the old team filled the varsity spots. The twins took off for their mother's house right after tryouts. John lingered with his assistant coaches for a bit going over the roster and practice schedule. John couldn't help but noticed Tori had wandered off with one of the high school jocks, Jake. A sense of sadness or disappointment filled him momentarily, "she has a boyfriend already," he thought.

After 20 minutes John headed to the parking lot to head home. He noticed Tori was talking with Jake who was interested in her and John knowing Tori for so long could tell she was uncomfortable. Most of the upperclassman would gawk at Tori every time she would walk past them, she was the hottie of the freshman class hands down, and John knew what their intentions were. John sauntered monitoring the situation and noticed Jake trying to get Tori to hop in his car. Tori was reluctant, but the boy persisted to the point Tori seemed upset.

"Hi, Tori everything all right?" A familiar voice came from behind them.

Tori turned and saw John walking toward the two, and a big smile filled her face.

"Hi Coach John, yeah... umm we are just talking," Tori said nervously.

"Well, I want to be the first to congratulate you on your varsity spot, well deserved," John said as he approached the two.

John knew Jake and his reputation, a senior jock with a lousy rep with the girls.

"You need a ride home like old times?" John laughed.

Tori hesitated and looked at the Jake nervously before replying.

"Yeah, that would be great. I'll catch you later Jake." Tori remarked as she walked off with John to his car.

"Thank you so much Coach John, he was pressuring me to go for a ride and I felt awkward trying to say no without getting him mad," Tori said in a nervous voice.

As they walked to the car John could not help but admire Tori, still in her sports bra and as always shorts that were a bit too small hugging her firm ass cheek.

The two of them got into John's car.

"Be careful Tori, those upperclassmen have one track minds, they see a pretty freshman, and their hormones take over their thinking," John said in a fatherly voice.

"You think I am pretty Coach John?" Tori replied.

"Um, well yes Tori you are a beautiful and smart girl, and every guy in high school is going to be interested in you. Just be careful, ok?" Awkwardly John replied.

"How's your mom and dad doing?" John asked trying to change the subject.

"Dad's traveling as always and mom is dating some guy, and I think they are out tonight," Tori said with a sigh.

Darkness started to fall as they pulled into Tori's driveway and she unbuckled.

"Coach John, can I tell you something?" Tori softly said with her hand on the door handle.

"Sure Tori, what is it?" John seemed confused.

"I missed you," Tori said in a quiet voice.

"I missed you too Tori; it's great we have softball again,” John said in a reassuring voice.

Tori turned to John, her big brown eyes now staring directly into his, she bit her lip and leaned over the car console. The two began to kiss slowly, and Tori let out a whimper as their tongues began to roll.

John pulled back almost in a daze and looked forward.

"Tori, I am sorry, I didn't mean to ...." Tori cut him off.

"It's me; you didn't do anything, I am sorry, I’m just stupid." As she opened the door her eyes glassy from tears she walked off to her house.

First Practice two days later

John had not stopped thinking about Tori; ever since he drove off that night hard as a rock after the brief kiss, but there was no way he could let it happen, John is 36 she is 16, not to mention he works at her high school and is her softball coach. He kept thinking this, even though could not stop himself from thinking of Tori as he jerked off every night, those big brown eyes, soft skin, and her body. Oh, that body! Why me he thought.

At practice, Tori was noticeably not herself emotionally not a single smile and had a blank gaze almost emotionless the entire workout. Her performance on the softball field was as bad as it gets, but John could not get himself to say anything to her about her poor play as under the circumstances he felt more to blame for the situation he’d put her in. That was out of character for him, what made him a great coach was accountability for all players on the team his kids included. The players certainly noticed this as did the assistant coaches as they asked him several times to take her off the field until she gets her act together. He couldn't do it to Tori and acknowledging what happened two days prior. He too was grappling with his own emotions. It was impossible to lay into her or make an example of her, not today.

Practice ended, and John put the equipment back in the fieldhouse and started his usual route to the parking lot in his sweats and T-shirt, still thinking about Tori and the kiss. He walked through the now empty building, and it always was at this time of night. He quickly noticed a couple at the end of the hall and quickly realized it was Tori and Jake, not talking this time instead they were locked in a passionate kiss, and Jake had his hand on the outside of her practice shirt squeezing one of her breasts.

John felt a jealous rage and anger come over him and ran up to the two of them pulling Jake off Tori and slamming him against the lockers along the wall.

"You fucking little turd, you’re a senior and she is a freshman! I can have you expelled for engaging sexually with a freshman you asshole!" John angrily said.

Jake was scared, John was five foot eleven inches feet tall 185 ponds and took care of himself physically and could snap the 160-pound boy in half and Jake knew it.

"If I see you near her again I will take matters into my own hands. Tori is family to me; got it!" John shouted as he let go of the scared boy.

Jake ran off, awkwardly John turned to Tori unsure what would happen next. She was crying and had mascara running down her cheeks with her head looking down.

"Tori, what happened here, did he force himself onto you?" John asked.

"No, well not really. I mean Jake wouldn't stop after we kissed," Tori wiping her tears.

"I'll kill the little bastard," John exclaimed.

"Please, coach it’s my fault, I kissed him hoping you would see, but that was all I was going to do, you don't understand. I'll be fine, and I have to go." Tori started to walk away.

John moved in front of her, she was looking at the ground sad or ashamed or both. His feelings were impossible to put into perspective, a connection an attraction, his mind was racing. He put his hands on her shoulders, and she stopped crying, his touch made her feel safe, she had emotions for him but knew it was not meant to be.

John took his left hand and moved it to her chin and gently raised it until her big brown eyes were again looking directly into his, as they did two days earlier.

"I do understand Tori," John replies as his lips moved to hers.

The two embraced into a passionate kiss, and John felt her perky teen tits pressed against his chest. Tori, in turn, could feel John's aroused manhood pressing against her firm belly, she was damp, wet even between her legs as the two kissed. Tori moaned softly thinking this was supposed to happen two days ago. She didn't care how old he was or how young she was. All that mattered to her was the feeling the connection she felt. After several minutes they stopped, he looked at her and smiled.

"I have feelings for you too Tori, Let's make this work, we will have to be very careful, but I want to be with you," John softly said.

Tori smiled back and replied, "Coach John?"

"Call me John and let's get you home it's getting late we can talk on the ride," John replied.

The Ride Home

Tori broke the awkward silence 5 minutes into the drive to her house.

"Coach, I mean John, I am so sorry, I was immature and wrong to do what I did today," Tori confessed.

"Immature maybe, wrong perhaps. You know why? You could have found yourself in a very bad situation you might have regretted," John said in his fatherly tone.

"That said your plan worked and I am happy your here, next to me." Smiling at Tori and receiving a shy smile back.

"We have to figure out how to make this work. I shouldn't say this, but ever since we said goodbye last summer at the end of the season you're all, I think about." John revealed.

Tori moved closer to John resting her head on his shoulder, her right arm now across his chest.

"I've always had a crush on you, as far back as I can remember" Tori admitted.

John's right hand started stroking Tori's silky ponytail that ran halfway down her back. The two were silent for several minutes as John savored this moment, his dick once again revealing his attraction to the teen beauty, Tori noticing his elevated shorts.

"Can I touch it,?" Tori nervously proposed.

"Yes, please do" John suggested.

Tori maneuvered her right hand under John's shorts and exposed his 8-inch dick. Her innocent eyes widened as she had never touched a dick before or seen a real one for that matter. Although it wasn't huge, to her it certainly was formidable. Her tiny soft hand wrapped around his shaft. John could feel her soft, warm hand move slowly up and down each stroke stimulating him more and more.

"Is this right? Am I doing it right?" Tori asked as she gazed at his veiny manhood.

"Perfect, you are perfect," John replied.

John's pre-cum leaked out his urethra, and Tori asked: "is that cum?".

"Yes baby, but there's a lot more in there," he said with a witty grin.

John was trying to focus on the road as Tori kept stroking his rock hard member, she was now leaning over the center console looking down at his dick, the shaft and her hand now sticky with pre-cum. Tori felt tingling and wetness building.

John pulled into a parking lot of a restaurant unable to focus on the road, he parked far from any other cars and reclined his seat so he was now as horizontal as he could be.

"Tori, have you ever given a blow job before?" he asked.

"No" She nervously replied.

"Do you want to try, now?" John asked.

"I want to try everything with you," Tori looked him in the eyes with an innocence about her.

John guided her head with his left hand lower toward his throbbing gland, her lips inches from his manhood.

"Open your mouth and slowly go down on me baby," he whispered.

Tori did not hesitate, her mouth opened and she slowly went down on John’s dick, for 2 or 3 minutes she was only sucking and licking his gland. John guided her down inch by inch slowly until he felt her head pull back when she reached the gagging limit of her soft wet mouth.

She now had half his dick engulfed, but that was all she could handle. John let her dictate the boundaries and moved his hand off her head. He could quickly cum with her full lips wrapped around his dick sliding up and down now in a slow rhythmic pace, her tongue swirling around his shaft, saliva dripping down to his base but he was trying to savor this moment as long as possible.

Tori was on now her knees in the passenger seat, her elbows rested on the center console, and her head continued bobbing up and down. Looking at her ass raised in the air he could not help himself. His right arm moved to caress her ass, he always thought it was firm but touching it as she wiggled it a few inches back and forth was nothing short of amazing. His large hand compared to her tight little ass, had one of her cheeks firmly in his grasp.

"You like when I touch you?" John inquired.

"Mmmhumm." She responded causing John to almost lose control with the vibrations shooting through his sensitive throbbing shaft.

John moved his hand now sliding slowly between her ass cheeks and getting two fingers between her legs. Tori obligingly moved her knees apart so John had free access to her now wet pussy through her shorts.

He slowly began to massage her pussy through her shorts and could sense her excitement. Her mouth was vibrating with soft intermittent moans of pleasure all the while never taking her lips off his shaft and her hips gyrating ever so slightly.

The sight of Tori's ass and hips moving like this was too much, he took his left hand and held her head in place as he blew a massive load of cum in her mouth. Tori responded with her orgasm as his fingers continued to rub her pussy, her shorts now thoroughly soaked with her pussy juice.

Tori came up for air, cum smeared around her sexy mouth. It dripped from her lips, down her pretty face and a string of cum and saliva cast off the bottom of her chin. John just lay there for a moment his now limp cock laid out in the open covered in his cum and her saliva.

Tori let out a short school girl giggle as, slightly embarrassed, she cleaned what amounted to about a tablespoon of cum off her face with her fingers. As she turned to reach for the towel in her softball bag John sat up, grasped her hand and guided it to her mouth. Tori opened her mouth instinctively and let her cum covered fingers enter, staring at John with a pouty look on her face she proceeded to lick them clean.

"Swallow it," John instructed.

Tori obeyed and let all of the sperm flow down her throat as she gave him an innocent shy look that begged for approval.

"Good girl. Now it’s time to get you home," John replied with a smile, as pulled his sweats up over his cock and raised the car seat back up.

To Be Continued


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