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If you want to understand what is going on please read these stories in order they are all 100% true
The school holidays came to an end and a new term of school had started nobody

hated school more than me but instead of feeling frustration i felt nervous seeing

my friend Amy again we havent seen eachother since we tried having sex at my

house i knew for a fact she was more nervous than i am considering her romance

for me must of greatly increased since we had that day together and the scary

part is that we are in the same english class at school and english was first up.

I went to english class like normal and sat in my normal seat i arrived before Amy i watched the other

students amble in one by one i spotted Amy amongst them she gave me a weird shy look as she

walked in and sat a few seats away from me we shared brief stares through the first half of the class

until my phone buzzed i received a text from her "Hi" just hi nothing else just a plain hi i returned the

text like what else was i supposed to say.

Throughout the rest of the class we talked in depth talking about the day we did things Amy explaining

to me how she cant look at me without thinking about the amazing day we had together, i did mention

to her i want to do things again but its hard getting my mum out of the house and we cant go to her

house because she lives with to many people but then a very bad but good thought came to me i

suggested to her that we go to the park down the road from us and do it in the public toilets, the

park itself was a park plus a reserve all in one so it was a very big discreet place, Amy happily

agreed to try this plan i suggested we wag sport again and go there she continued to surprise

me and suggested we skip our next class and go there today i was both surprised and excited

that Amy would say something like that she was always a chicken when it came to wagging

classes i was a natural at it.

We waited out our current class it seemed like forever but the bell eventually rang and i caught

up to Amy and told her to follow my lead, we managed to sneak out of the school really easily

and i did mention i was a natural and the park was down the road so we did not have far to go.

Amy and i arrived at the park we sussed out all the spots with public toilets i was looking at one

near the playground but it was to exposed to alot of people but we found this other one near a

carpark and the car park was deserted considering its only 11am in the morning i was still a bit

unsure whether or not we should go there, Amy noticed a small disabled toilet in the toilet block

and took me by the hand and led me into the toilet locking the door behind us, i thought to

myself wow shes changed since we last saw each other.

I see why Amy chose the disabled toilet as men and women toilets all have cubicles side by side

somebody could easily walk in on us but the disabled was pretty much a 1 toilet room perfect

for what we are going to do.

Amy and i did pretty much the same method from our first time we reintroduced each other to

each others bodies slowly getting naked her hand immediately tugging my cock while i run my

fingers along her plump pussy making her wet at my touch i asked her if she was ready to

try having sex again she nodded in agreement i suggested she rides me on the toilet so i

sat down and had my cock exposed it wasn't fully hard because it was a bit cold but still

hard enough to be inside her she popped a condom over my cock and began to mount me

we still had trouble finding the hole i told her to just keep her balance while i try finding it

the head of my cock found its way inside her it caught us both by surprise we both looked

at eachother i helped her ease down on to my cock she took small pauses as she went down

taking my cock inside her for the first time i finally actually have my cock inside a girl.

Amy bounced up and down my cock it wasn't the easiest position to maintain but it was doing

the job i grasped her ass and helped add a little power in her thrusts until i felt the urge to

cum i asked her where im gonna cum she pointed at her mouth so i thought oh ok shes gonna

spit again i took her of my cock and noticed my condom covered cock was covered in her

cum but not her blood i think she might have been lying about being a virgin but it didint

stop me from jerking of in front of her face and shooting blast after blast of cum in her mouth

she took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked the last few drops and swallowed with

a smile, it looks like she gave swallowing a second chance turned out she actually enjoyed it

i guess it takes a little getting use to.

Amy and i spent the rest of the morning cuddling on the bathroom floor it was the least i could

do with her after she swallowed my load and finally took my virginity.

A few days later i got a text from Amy claiming she thinks shes pregnant now i know i didint cum

inside her above all that we used protection when we had sex but here i am freaking out i had to

ask why she thinks that and her reason was because she swallowed my cum she thinks shes pregnant

ive never heard anything so hilarious all my life i laughed like crazy at the thought explaining thats

not how you get pregnant i even done this research just to assure ourselves Amy is a little dramatic.

Amy and i began hooking up in the toilet on a regular basis when we had condoms on us she would

ride me and take my cock in her mouth as she swallows my load, at times where we didint have

condoms we would 69 each other back then i wasn't a big fan of eating pussy so most of the time

she would suck my cock and i would finger her but every hookup would end with my cum going

straight down her throat that was always the best part of hooking up with Amy just watching my

cock fill up her mouth with my cum and watch her swallow it down slowly with a smile i could

never get bored of that.

The next time and Amy hooked up we did our usual thing getting naked touching each other

tasting each other Amy then suggested a different position where she layed down and i would

get on top of her we took a little time trying to aim my condom covered cock into her warm wet

pussy my cock slid in more easier i parted her legs wider to lunge in deeper inside her Amy

closed her eyes in ecstasy as my cock went deeper inside her i began to move in and out

fast and hard from the start her pussy got more wet each time my cock slid in and out of

her we could feel the aggression between us as we sweated together and thrust into

eachother Amy put her hands over her eyes muttering "oh god" she looked like she was

gonna explode she bit her lower lip blowing very hard like she was giving birth i kept

fucking at my usual speed waiting for something to happen Amy let out a big gasp of

breath and i could feel something wet splatter over my nuts i noticed i actually made

her squirt but there was more the more i fuck the more her pussy squirted in between

us i told her im getting close to cumming "dont stop" Amy kept repeating sounding

like she was struggling to say it well i cant really blame her my cock is inside her

fucking her faster than she can handle her pussy was so warm and wet i could even

feel the warmness and wetness of her pussy through the condom it was just adding

to the satisfaction of my cock poking in and out of her it was so satisfying to watch my

cock raming her.

My cock was tensing up Amy didint want to me to stop so i kept going and next minute

a massive jolt of pleasure waved through my body pumping so much cum in the condom

inside her i could feel the condom getting full it was seeping to all any space it could find

in the condom i had to pull out before it burst i lunged out of her wet pussy i went back

to give her a few final licks and layed with her both of us panting trying to catch our breath

i was sad that all that cum went to waste but at least we experienced some new things, we

continued fucking in that position over the days we met up and fucked in the toilets so far

so good.

I was just at lunch break at school and really wanted a root but i had no condoms and no

money to buy condoms same thing with Amy and i knew she wanted it as bad as i did

normally if we didint have a condom we would do oral sex but i wanted to fuck i needed

my cock inside her we ended up ditching school once again to go to the park i ended up

talking to her about the whole no condom situation and asked her how badly she wants

to be fucked "pretty badly" she giggled i asked her if she wants i can go to the chemist

and get a free condom or we can have sex without a condom and i can pullout Amy

definitely wanted dick in her but she wasn't to sure if she wanted to risk having unprotected

sex she asked me how long it would take for me to go to chemist and back i told her half

an hour she looked at the direction i had to go in then looked back at me with an intense

thinking expression she then took me by the hand and led me into the toilets and began to

makeout with pushing me against the wall i made my hand into her panties and rammed my

fingers inside her while her hands made their way to my cock and jerked it to get me harder

she kissed her way down my body and found my cock she took it in her mouth sucking me

deeper than ususal lubing my dick to go deep inside her unprotected i raised her up to

me asking her if shes sure she wants to do this she nodded and began to lay on the floor

with her legs spread waiting for my dick to be inside her i positioned myself between her

legs and aied my cock slowly inside her as soon as my head made its way inside her i could

a feel a warm burning feeling as my shaft went deeper inside her i could feel more warmth

around my shaft i could feel the wetness drizzling my cock it was a feeling that i never wanna

stop feeling i continued with my normal thrusting inside her i could feel the inside of her pussy

spraying my cock with more of her juices Amy seemed to enjoy it to she could definitely feel the

difference i could see that same orgasmic look on her face this time i felt everything that went

on down there on my raw cock its like watching an old tv show in high definition i could feel her

pussy clamp my cock as more waves of her pussy juices drizzled my cock i think she must of came

at least 6 times with my bare cock inside her, Amy was still worried about me cumming inside her

she was pretty much chanting over and over again "please dont cum" in a very gasping tone.

I thought to myself since we are having unprotected sex thats different maybe i could cum somewhere

different i asked her if i could cum on her face she was definitely up for it and i could feel myself ready

to cum i aimed my cock at her face i jerked my cock it was all wet and smelt of Amy's juices immediately

one shot flew on her sheek the next just over her eye thats where she drew the line and caught the

rest of my cum in her mouth and went to suck around the head of my cock to suck out the last few

drops of cum she pretty much sucked all her juices of my cock while she was at it.

Once we got over our fear of unprotected sex we started doing it more often there was a time where

we had to use a girls cubicle toilet to fuck in because some idiot took our spot,

i remember there was a time where there were to many people around our spot i had to walk around

the park jerking of and cum in Amy's hand and watch her slurp the cum out of her hand, but it actually went

more intense than our normal fucks she was riding my cock while i was sitting on the toilet it got

way more intense she was way more into it she was deeply making out with me and really making

all the effort riding my unprotected cock we even decided to go a little further this time and try

properly having anal sex we have only ever tried anal once in the past and that ended up with the

condom getting stuck in her ass cheeks so doggystyle anal was definitely out of the question so

we are going to try a different position.

After sliding another condom on my cock Amy sat on me backwards and we tried to aim my cock

inside her ass my head gave way into her ass the sweatyness around her asshole acted as a

lubricant to get it inside her only problem is i couldn't slide the rest of my cock in her asshole

because there was to much ass blocking my shaft from going all the way inside her but i didint

wanna be rude but as Amy moved and tried bouncing up and down on the head of my cock

i felt something go pop i ignored it for a bit and kept going i didint think anything of it and i

was really close to cumming but suddenly a smell filled up the room it was a smell of fresh

shit i asked Amy to move up for a second and my horrific thought came true the condom

broke inside her and there was shit on my dick Amy got embarrassed over it i told her its fine

a normal thing if your gonna have anal sex there is a 50/50 chance theres gonna be shit

involved i ended up talking her into letting me cum in between her ass cheeks it actually

felt pretty good and i loved the smell of ass on my cock ive been bugging her for weeks

to let me eat her ass but anal was still something shes just getting into so gotta be slow

and steady.

Throughout the year me and Amy hooked up there would be multiple times where we had

to stop fucking because of me having a girlfriend here and there even tho i never even

got to do stuff with them except for a kiss here and there sometimes not even a kiss

this would cause Amy to get shitty at me because she was one jealous girl we both

know she wanted to date me but i saw nothing more than just a best friend who i

casually fuck now and then but shit got real sour when i got with my most

recent girlfriend witch was one of her best friends thats when she got mad at me and

told me she never wanted to fuck me again but i know if me and the girl breakup

she will come back till then im happy with my girlfriend but the sexual frustration is

hard to live with.

Sex Bucket List

2. have sex with my crush

3. cum in a girls pussy

4. have anal sex

5. cum in a girls ass

6. have a threesome

7. have a girl pee in my mouth

8. have a girl sit on my face

9. have sex in a public toilet X

10. have unprotected sex X

11. have a girlfriend i can fuck whenever i want

Hopefully this is a lot more hardcore for my viewers but like i said it gets more intense

as it goes.

Will Amy come back let me know in the comments

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