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Continue from PT2 crossdressing
I have been used by my master Jeremy now for nearly 2 years, l split from my wife and Jeremy moved me into a small flat which he pays for so lm always on call, l really am his sissy slave now and l love it. I’ve been taking the hormone medication for 13 months, my cock has almost disappeared and my balls are tiny lm unable to shoot any spunk or get an erection at all which has pleased Jeremy, over the last 7 months my boobs have begun to develop, l keep asking him to take me to Thailand to have my balls and cock removed so l will have a real pussy but Jeremy says he likes the man-pussy l have already.

Last month Jeremy took me to Colin’s place and l had to wear my inflatable belly which makes me look pregnant, my master brought me some lovely smock-tops and skirts also three dresses, one dress is really sexy it has a split at the front and back the top is tight so l can show off my boobs the only thing l dislike is Jeremy got a foam rubber baby doll from Simon. Jeremy stretches my man-pussy and forces the doll into me then after a few hours l have to make out my waters have broken and l go into labour he straps my legs in the air, gels his hand so he can slide it into my man-pussy and take out our baby. He has been taking me out at night to be used and abused at a local dogging spot, l have met quite a few new sissy’s there and lm getting quite a name for myself the first time Jeremy took me l was so nervous but soon realised l was worrying about nothing because l really enjoyed myself. He told me to wear something eye catching so l went for just a white uplifting bra as a top, white G-string, white stocking and suspenders with a very white short mini skirt that looked more like a piece of cloth wrapped around my waist, my eye makeup was heavy and my lipstick deep red, l still had to rely on wearing wigs because l was waiting on Jake, my master’s friend who is a hairdresser to style my hair, so for now decided to go with the long haired dark wig, when Jeremy saw me he said lm a sexy bitch that looks ready to be fucked, l felt good.

When we arrived at the dogging spot Jeremy parked the far side of the carpark so to watch me walk to the beach huts that were along the promenade there were a few guy stood between the huts and some sat in their cars, l could feel their eyes burning into me. I was so nervous my legs were like jelly, l stood leaning against one of the huts and a guy came over he said l look nice then as we chatted he got closer, his hand was then gently stroking my bum, ‘mmm, nice and firm’ he remarked, when l didn’t protest or move his hand he pulled my G-string to one side and pushed a finger into my love-hole and grinned, he whispered, he’d love to fuck me, l seductively answered, l would like that and moved between 2 huts. I couldn’t bend over so had to get on all fours and thought ‘oh fuck, lm going to ruin my stockings’, l heard his zipper then felt his warm slightly moist cock being slid up and down between my bum cheeks as if to tease me, l closed my eyes as he forced the head of his cock into my love-hole, he must have inserted over half his cock inside me before gripping my hips and ramming the full length deep into me, l let out ‘oh my god’, he had a long cock and it felt good, he worked it in and out my man-pussy fast like a greased piston, he just kept going on fucking me l didn’t think he was ever going to fill my waiting hole but then slowed his fucking down and gave a really hard thrust into my love-hole with his cock and opened his sluices to start filling me, l wasn’t disappointed at the amount he was filling me with as my belly began to feel bloated, he made sure l got every drop. When he slid his wonderful cock from me l heard my master telling me to stay on all fours as l had others to service, the next 2 cocks to fuck me really were quickies and l don’t thing the second guy even shot anything inside me, after them Jeremy got me to kneel on one of the little porches in front of the huts as that way l could be roasted which seemed to be a hit with the guys. I was getting fed hot spunk both ends my love-hole began dribbling spunk as the guys fucked me and the amount l swallowed was turning out to be very filling l even had guys shooting their spunk over me, it was fantastic l was the centre of attention and was loving it, so was my master. There was quite a crowd watching the show and like everything all good things must come to an end the guys after leaving their load either in me or over me drifted off and the ones watching and wanking themselves went back to their cars, l was dripping spunk from my man-pussy, face, back and bum cheeks. Jeremy said l had done well and he was going back to the car but l was ordered to wait for more guys to fuck me, so stood between the huts and where l had so much spunk running from my man-pussy and dripping off me a puddle of spunk formed around my feet, it wasn’t long before a few guys began to appear and l was on all fours again being roasted, two guys fisted me, another tried to wank me but gave up once he realised how small my cock was so fucked my throat. I really can’t remember how long my master left me there but l was over flowing with spunk and exhausted, my makeup had ran down my cheeks l looked a mess when Jeremy came to collect me l was washed down by him and 2 other guys pissing over me, when l went to the car Jeremy gave me a towel then l stripped he threw my clothes into the rubbish bin l wrapped the towel around me and got into the car. We got to Jeremy’s flat l wasn’t bothered l only had a towel around me as my master’s neighbours had seen me naked many times, after a bath Jeremy told he was taking me to Jakes to get my hair done because l had been so good at the dogging spot then gave me a quick fucking before l was allowed to go home, l got home went straight to bed and slept like a log.

I got to Jeremy’s and dressed, my bras fitted me without padding now thanks to the hormone medication and due to my balls and cock being so tiny l found lace tight fitting knickers comfortable, l went for a short summer dress with a little makeup no lipstick. Jeremy was watching telly l sat beside him we began kissing, he said that he will drop me off at Jakes because he didn’t fancy sitting in a hairdressers for a couple of hours, l reached down unzipped his flies took out his cock to slowly and gently start wanking him then said ‘so you don’t miss me’ lowered my head, took his cock into my mouth and suck the head of his cock hard, Jeremy let out a low moan and pushed my head onto his cock to deep throat fuck me, l began lifting and lowering my mouth faster and faster on my masters cock he gave a groan thrust his cock down my throat, a stream of spunk shot down my throat into my stomach, Jeremy held my head down and didn’t release the hold on the back of my head till he had emptied every drop of spunk from his balls, l lifted my head and licked my lips then thanked my master for feeding me his fresh creamy spunk. On the way to Jakes, Jeremy informed me he was taking me to his friends Markus’s and wanted me to wear a long evening dress. When we got too Jakes he was waiting by the door, l kissed my master and got from the car Jake opened the door and showed me to a chair in his shop, l was quite excited at having my hair styled as it was another step to me being a better sissy.

As Jake leant me back in the chair and began washing my hair l closed my eyes, l had never realised how soft his hands were before, l had snogged him and he had a quick feel of my bum through my skirt but we had never fucked. He was telling me how nice l looked in my summer dress and from where he was standing my boobs look good as well l laughed and thanked him for the complements and for doing my hair when his shop was closed, his voice became lower when he said ‘there is a way you can thank me’, l felt his lips press against mine then his tongue part my lips, l should have slapped his face but l began sucking his tongue. I don’t know why l didn’t protest, we broke from our kiss l opened my eyes to see him grinning down at me, ‘let’s make you even more beautiful’ he said and sat me up in the chair, Jake began trimming my hair then brush drying it, next turned me to face the mirror and asked, what did l think, the hair style really suited me and without thinking l said ‘l could kiss you’, Jake removed the cloak around me, held my hand and led me into a back room leant me against the wall and asked for that kiss, l pressed my lips to his our tongues flicked about each other’s mouths he slid a hand under my dress l stopped him and said we shouldn’t be doing this l belong to Jeremy lm his sissy slave, Jake retorted who said l couldn’t belong to both of them and if Jeremy found out then he would look after me, l have always fancied Jake and if Jeremy never found out then it will be alright l told myself then released my hold on his hand, we began kissing, Jake’s hand was now caressing my bum, ‘l’ve got to get inside you’ whispered Jake, he undid the front of my dress lifted my bra to suck my nipples, l lifted my dress and peeled down my knickers, he turned me to face the wall with my legs apart and spread my bum cheeks his warm cock began to part my love-hole l pushed my bum out as Jake’s cock slid further into my hole then his balls were sandwiched between us, l could feel his breath on my neck, he ran his hands down my body stopping at my hips and held me tight then eased his cock out halfway and kissed my neck again, ‘you are my sissy’ he said softly and began fucking me in a slow rhythm, each time he slammed his cock into my man-pussy Jake would whisper ‘my girl’ then thrust his cock into me again ‘my sissy’, l began whimpering which got louder the faster he fucked my hole. He was fucking me so hard, l wanted his creamy spunk inside me, he wrapped his arms around me, held me tight and let me have it and boy did he let me have it, l thought he replace his cock with a hose that was fully on, he kept his cock buried deep in my man-pussy then as his cock came from my hole there was a rush of spunk, l asked had he been saving up his load he whispered ‘there is more where that came from’ and kissed my neck. We dressed then Jake had to sit me back into the chair as my hair had become messed up, we arranged a date night when l wasn’t seeing Jeremy, Jake said he would like to make me a meal at his house so l said that would be a lovely first date, before Jeremy came to pick me up l gave Jake a cock sucking, he shot so much spunk l was struggling to swallow his load, after he said he had always shot a good supply when he comes and he wasn’t joking.

At Jeremy’s l changed out of my clothes and into a nice baby-doll nightie because Jeremy wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon in bed where he fucked me before having a snooze, he remarked my man-pussy was very lubricated l innocently declared it must be because of all the spunk l had been filled with at the dogging spot the night before. I wasn’t that tired so asked if l could go and see Norman and Gloria downstairs, Jeremy said l could but first l had to drink his piss because he couldn’t be bothered to get up to pee so l went to the kitchen came back with a large glass for him to piss into then l had to drink every drop or l couldn’t go out, l gulped down his piss which l had to thank him for then slipped on a pair of knickers with a matching up lifting bra so my boobs look the best they could with a gown over the top.

Gloria noticed l had had my hair styled, Norman was more interested in what l was wearing so me and Gloria went into the bedroom to chat she seemed fascinated at my medication and how it was shrinking my cock and stopping me from shooting any spunk, l knew what she was leading to so asked if she wanted to look, first she said ‘no’ but then straight after said ‘ow go on then’, l took my knickers off then sat back on the bed she poked my balls which made me laugh, l joked ‘it won’t bite’, Gloria asked how do l please the men if l have no vagina l pointed out there are other hole and l call mine man-pussy or love-hole, she winced and asked if that hurt l shrugged my shoulders telling her l got used to it and l find it a real turn on making love that way then lowered my bra to show her how my boobs are developing, l could see she had more questions so asked ‘what?’, Gloria ask if she could kiss me and kissed me, after she inspected my cock to see if l had got hard she was becoming obsessed with trying to get my cock hard, using her finger and thumb managed to grip my cock like she had done once before, l could feel a stirring and tingling in my cock then a tiny dribble of watery spunk trickled from the tip, next it got a bit weird because Gloria asked if l was to go to bed with her would it be like her going to bed with another woman so answering the best l could explained that it would be because l would have to use my mouth on her or we would use a vibrator she would use it in her vagina whereas l would use it in my man-pussy. She reached under the mattress pulled out a vibrator and switched it on then passed it to me, l told her that going with a woman doesn’t do anything for me, l could see it wasn’t what she wanted to hear then said l had better be going and left.

When l went into Jeremy’s flat l heard giggling coming from the bedroom so went to investigate, he was snogging a red head and she was obviously wanking him off l demanded to know who she was, Jeremy informed me she was Shirley his new sissy l was devastated and asked what about me he flippantly retorted that he had sold me to a new master and later that night he was taking me to him, l began telling him l will do whatever he wanted if he keeps me as his sissy but he ignored my begging and told me to stand and watch him fuck a well behaved sissy’s man-pussy, she smiled at me and got on all fours Jeremy got behind her and rammed his cock deep into Shirley’s hole, ‘oh, that so good’ sighed Jeremy, she straight away began yelling she wanted his cock, l started pleading that he rethinks getting a new sissy, he aggressively told me to shut up or get out because l was ruining his fuck then told me to go to Norman and Gloria’s so he can enjoy his new sissy. I stormed out of the flat and went to Gloria’s in tears when she opened the door l asked if she still wanted me to go to bed with her, we went straight into the bedroom she got her vibrator out, slipped her dress over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, Gloria had massive tits held up by her bra which she unclipped, her massive tits flopped onto her round belly that had stretch marks, l said how l wished my tits were like hers, she slid her knickers off and lay on the bed her large tits slid by her side. I stripped and Gloria said l had lovely looking tits, but l knew she was only being polite, we lay side by side and began kissing this time more passionately with our tongues entwined, she started whimpering and sighing, Gloria lay onto her back l began sucking her nipples to slowly work my mouth down to her quite saggy pussy her clitoris was very large and protruded from between her pussy lips, it was bigger than my cock and very sensitive, l licked her clitoris her moaning got louder she opened her chubby legs wider, l switched on the vibrator and teased her clitoris to heighten the pleasure she was already getting, Gloria let one almighty scream as she orgasmed a few moments later Norman was standing at the foot of the bed opened mouthed, Gloria came down from her orgasm and told him to go away but he was glued to the spot so l started licking her clitoris once more and this time used the vibrator to fuck her with which started her moaning and moving in rhythm to me fucking her with the vibrator, l raised my bum to offer myself to Norman, he got the hint and was on me with his cock filling my man-pussy. Gloria’s pussy was streaming with her love juices so l began lapping all she leaked, it wasn’t as sweet as spunk but it wasn’t distasteful, her pussy was turning into a waterfall. Norman let out a groan and started filling my man-pussy with his warm creamy spunk, he was pulling out of me when his wife Gloria began trembling and panting then gave another scream, all 3 of us now lay exhausted on the bed. Gloria run her finger through my hair, l changed position to lay side by side in her fat arms, we didn’t speak and Norman had dressed and gone back into the other room. I can’t say l really enjoyed playing with Gloria, l got more satisfaction from being fucked by Norman, l realised l had done it to get back at my master Jeremy, l could have stayed in Gloria’s chubby arms but knew l had to go back to Jeremy’s flat to dress ready to meet my new master.

I kissed Gloria and said l had to go she asked if we could play again l just answered ‘sure’ and left her lying on the bed wiping her vibrator clean, when l got back to Jeremy’s he and Shirley were coming out of the bathroom naked, Shirley’s balls and cock were no more than a lump between her legs, she saw me looking took hold of Jeremy’s hand and placed it between her legs, Jeremy let out ‘mmm’ then told me to pack some clothes to take with me and he wanted the key to my flat because Shirley needed somewhere to live. I went to my room got the key and went to his room where he was sitting on the bed, l knelt in front of him and began pleading, l will do anything, l didn’t mind if he wanted Shirley he could use me in other ways, l’ll do anything, l ran my hand up his leg to take hold of his cock, Shirley walked in and sat next to Jeremy, he belittled me by telling her l will do anything if he keeps me, the bitch smiled and repeated ‘oh, anything’ then declared that if she told me to go to the flat opposite naked and piss over the woman, Jeremy interrupted Shirley and said he might let me stay if l go to flat one and fuck myself in front of her then knock on Martha’s door opposite and piss on her, l was desperate and agreed to do it, Jeremy passed me a rabbit, as l left the flat l could hear them laughing. I nervously knocked on the door of flat one slid the rabbit into my man-pussy and began fucking myself the door was answered by a 50ish year old woman who immediately slammed the door shut, l removed the rabbit from my pussy and went to Martha’s door knocked twice and waited for her to answer the door, she asked if l had locked myself out again, l told her no, but l needed her to stand in the corridor, she stepped from her door way l put my arms around her neck as if to cuddle her and started pissing on her, Martha didn’t realise what l was doing till it was too late and became angry, she slapped my face and went into her flat. I went back to tell Jeremy l had done as he asked so l can stay but he was just playing with me and Shirley proudly announced she doesn’t share her man with a well-used sissy whore like me, l burst into tears and went to my room to pack some clothes. Later Jeremy and Shirley came into my room he picked out the best evening dress for her to wear then picked out an evening dress for me, he made sure his new sissy got first pick on everything. Then it was time for me to see who Jeremy had sold me too, when l walked down the stairs Shirley was commenting on how could Jeremy fuck a sissy with a bum like mine, it’s so big, he replied she was just a fill in till something better came along, l could feel my eyes filling up. I was told to sit in the back of the car and be quiet by Shirley as we drove to my new master l could see she was rubbing Jeremy’s cock it was like l wasn’t in the car, after about an hour we drove into a house on its own at the top of a hill.


2019-04-13 20:47:08
Just posted Pt4 so l hope you enjoy it.


2019-04-12 17:10:13
Looking forward to PArt 4

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