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Tiff is being fucked into exhaustion and she cant control the situation.
Tiffany and the Caribbean Cruise 4

Tiffany returned to the cabin as I awoke from another nap. We spent the afternoon walking around the ship and marveling at the number of things to do and see. Ice skating rink, sports bars, buffet, burger shop and of course bingo. But the wave machine was the most interesting feature. Powerful pumps created a moving current and people (mostly men) were lined up to try their skills. Many lasted only seconds before the current knocked them to the side of the tank, but some guys were pretty coordinated. A buff looking guy was riding a small board and cutting back and forth with style. Tiffany wasn't looking at him though. She spied Mark and Mike sitting at the surf bar nursing beers. Her sex quivered at their sight. She was getting hornier the more cock she got. “What is going on with me? She thought to herself.

I was fascinated by the surfer and didn't share her vision. “Want a cocktail?” Tiffany asked. “Uh, sure” I was barely listening as I watched the guy do a spinner and still maintain balance. A couple of people clapped. This guy had it going.

Tiffany paid no attention. She made her way through the crowd and slipped into a space next to the M&Ms. Mark snaked his long arm around Tiffany's waist and pulled her close. “I've got something for you!” His mouth was an inch from her ear. She stiffened and tried to pull away. “My husband is right there!” She gestured behind her. Mike leered at her proud breasts from the other side of Mark.

“Eat your pussy m'am? We've got a two for one special going this afternoon. Two tongues and two cocks. Same low price.” He smirked, apparently thinking he was clever.

Tiffany was flushing from the paranoia at being seen and the excitement of the sexual tension. She moved over and ordered two Jack and Cokes. “I'm going to dinner with my husband tonight.” She said in an attempt to set some boundaries. “Come by the suite at 5PM and we'll help you do your make-up.” Mike grinned.

Tiffany grabbed the cocktails and carved her way through the humanity towards me.

After the cocktails, I had my usual fatigue and we returned to the room. We both napped until 4PM. Tiffany got up while I was still in dreamland and looked through the closet to choose an outfit for dinner.

She was chose a tight tan dress that showed her curves. A push up bra enhanced her B cups and added a cup size. Stilleto's, dangly earrings and crotchless panty hose completed the look.

Tiffany leaned over my sleeping form and whispered, I'm going for coffee, I'll be back to get you at six for dinner. I grunted my acknowledgement and rolled back to sleep.

The boys were waiting on the balcony when she knocked at the suite door.

Tiffany joined them at the railing. The sun glistened across the turquoise sea. Mark went into the suite and prepared a three glasses of Veuve Cliquot champagne.

“A toast to cruising.”

They clinked their glasses and tasted the bubbly.

Mark set his down and maneuvered behind Tiffany. He leaned over and began to nuzzle her neck. His hand closed around her flat stomach and he kissed her neck and worked his way up to her ear.

Mike wandered over to the bottle and poured a second glass. “Mark can do the warm up work.” He thought to himself as he sipped.

Mark turned her around and wrapped his arms around her tight figure. “You look really hot tonight.” He breathed in her ear. Tiffany's sex began to moisten.

Mark placed her on the bed and pushed her dress up to her narrow waist. He kneeled by the bed and buried his face in her sweet slot. Tiffany spread her legs and pulled them up and back, exposing herself to Marks advance. He slipped his index finger into her pussy as his tongue worked around the clitoris. “Oh. Do that. Don't stop.” She snapped, breathlessly. Tiffany was so sexualized from the last few days of fucking and sucking, that she began to come within two minutes of Marks licking session. “Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh.” She pushed Marks head away from her privates. “It's too sensitive.” She gasped. Mark stopped licking but maintained his position between the skinny legs.

Mike downed the last of the champagne, feeling a head rush. He removed his Reyn Spooner surf shirt and stepped out of his shorts. His eight inch man meat was filling with blood. “My turn!” He thought as he approached the bed. He knelt near her head and rubbed his purple cock head around her lips.

Trish turned her head towards him and opened her mouth. Mike slowly began to mouth fuck her. He reached behind her neck and pulled her closer as his meat disappeared down her willing throat. She looked very hot with her long earrings against her neck and her breasts heaving with the rhythm. Tiffany's oversensitivity disappeared as Mikes throbber slowly pumped in and out of her wet mouth tunnel.

Mark began to disrobe. He stood and stroked his manhood to full erection as he watched Mike fuck her mouth.

Mark didn't wait any longer. He mounted her missionary style and began to stroke her tightness. Tiffany adjusted her tight ass and pulled her legs back over her head. Her limberness had been maintained with constant exercise. Mark marveled at the view.

Mike pulled his meat out of her mouth and began to stroke it. “Don't stain my dress.” Tiffany hissed as Mark began to increase his rhythm.

Mike felt the familiar tightening of his balls and aimed his rocket at her ear and neck. Two long streams crashed into her graceful neck and ran down the side. Mike rubbed the hot liquid up her cheek and into her mouth. Tiffany sucked the salty fluid form Mikes fingers.

The visual of Mike coming on her sent Mark over the edge. He pumped his load into her tight box. He reached down and gripped his rod, milking all the sauce into her hot box as he withdrew. It began to run out of her pulsing vaginal lips and down into her ass crack.

Mark moved to the other side of her face and commanded:” Clean me up.”

Tiffany willingly opened her mouth and sucked all the remaining white fluid into her throat. Her eyes remained closed as her breathing began to slow.

She had been thoroughly fucked and licked. Now she needed a rest.

As, before, the boys bid her goodbye, dressed and headed to the bar for a post fuck discussion.

After a couple of minutes, Tiffany saw that she had twenty minutes to get going. “Perfect” she thought as she reached down and scooped some of Marks load out of her ass crack. She sucked it off her finger. “I'm turning into quite a come slut.” She thought.
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