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Tiff gets her needs met.
Tiffany and the Caribbean Cruise 3

I awoke from my drug induced nap just in time for lunch. I was laying on my back gaining energy when she opened the door. “Hey baby, I missed you.” I was stroking my cock and leering at her. “Nurse, I need some help here!” Tiffany had an expression halfway between a grin and a grimace on her face. “Just a second, let me visit the ladies.” She inspected her self and found a small semen deposit on her hair near the top of her head. She cleaned it with a washcloth and came over to the bed. “Well, what have we here?” She kneeled next to the bed and sucked her third dick in two hours. I was feeling much better and suggested that she climb up on the bed for some fucking. Tiffany had to get out of that. Her pussy was dripping with two guys come and her natural sex lubricants. “ I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste you.” She purred. Well, of course, I didn't complain as she began to deep throat me and squeeze my full balls. After I unloaded in her throat she told me what a stud I was and how good my come tasted. I was thrilled. I was ready for another cruise. Little did I know!

Tiffany jumped in the shower and we went to the formal dining room for a good lunch.

We got separated at the lunch buffet. I was concentrating on getting a good table near the window. Way on the other side of the elegant dining area Tiffany was approached by a white uniformed member of the crew. His uniform had gold braid and ornate decoration. “How is your cruise, so far madam?” He said with an Indian accent. “My name is Dilip. I am with the security section.” Tiffany nodded. She had no idea why he had introduced himself. “We have videos of you on the sundeck last night. But I don't believe you were with your husband. We have photos of all the passengers. Mr Mark is staying in another cabin.” Tiffany's stomach was in an uproar. Fear chemicals were pouring into her digestive system. She felt sick.

“I need you to come down to my office on the second deck after lunch. 1:30.” Dilip commanded. Tiffany nodded. “OK, I'll be there.” Her heart was pounding.

Lunch was quiet. I figured she was just tired or disappointed at my lack of energy. I didn't suspect that she was getting fucked silly every time we were apart!

We walked the pool deck after lunch and I got tired, as usual. Back in the cabin, I laid on the bed and went instantly to sleep.

When Tiffany got off the elevator on the second deck she realized that there were no decorations or plush carpeting. It was finished in an industrial style. Hard rubber floors, Painted walls and metal trim. All business.

Dilip opened his office door and pointed to a chair. Tiffany sat in the cold metal and vinyl chair. “We have several hundred cameras on the ship, you know. And we have motion detecting software. It highlights movement, so we don't have to search hours of recordings. I started the day reviewing last nights activities and there you were.” As he talked, he cued up a video. It wasn't zoomed, but Tiffany and Mark were unmistakable on the recording. “Oh stop it.” Tiffany blurted out. But Dilip left it going. “I like this part the best.” Dilip pointed at the video of Tiffany cleaning off Marks cock from her knees.

“Your husband wouldn't like seeing that would he?”

Tiffany suspected where this was going.

“What do you want?”

Dilip stood and turned the door lock to closed. He turned and began to unfasten his crisp white trousers. “In about half an hour and this recording could be lost.” He intoned. He stepped out of his pants and began to stroke his dark skinned member. It was the fattest cock Tiffany had ever seen.

“Shit.” She thought. How did I get in this situation? Dilip brought his now hardening cock over to her and guided it into her mouth. Tiffany opened wide and began to suck her fourth cock of the cruise. Despite her situation, Tiffany was embarrassed to realize that she was puddling. Her pussy was dripping as Dilip's fat member probed her throat. She removed his cock from her mouth, turned around and leaned over his desk. Dilip pulled down her tight shorts and rubbed his swollen cock head against her sex. Tiffany moaned and pushed her ass back slightly. The massive cock head parted her wet vaginal lips and she gasped. “Fuck me.” Dilip slowly pushed all of his cock in and he placed his hands on Tiffany's shoulders. “Pound me.” She moaned. Dilip slapped his hips against her ass and pulled her tight. She hadn't ever felt so stretched before and she laid her head down on the desk. It was definitely one of her best fucks.

Dilip felt the tightening in his balls and he pulled out and sprayed his hot seed on Tiffany's tight ass. He took a finger and pushed the sticky substance down into her ass crack, rubbing against her brown eye. Tiffany pushed back and his digit entered her bung hole. “Oh.” She murmured. Tiffany had never had anal sex, but the old barriers were falling. Dilip pushed his middle finger as far as it would go. “Ow.” She pulled forward away from his long thin digit. “Next time, Dilip thought to himself.”

Tiffany was exhausted as she straightened up and redressed herself. She scurried out the door, thinking that her debt had been paid. Dilip watched her tall figure exit the little office and planned his next move. That ass was his.
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