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Kate's nephew Bobby just reached the legal age of consent a few weeks ago. Auntie Kate asked if he was having fun with girls his age yet. He totally missed the hidden meaning in that question and that wasn't all he'd been missing out on.
My nephew Bobby reached the age of consent a couple months ago. He actually had two parties, one with friends and one with family, though nobody mentioned the age of consent thing. It was at the latter party that I had a chance to talk to him quietly off to the side.

"Well, Bobby, what's going on? Are you having fun with girls, yet?"

"Not really."

"Not really? But sorta? Do you have a girl friend?"

"Well I like this girl Allison, but she's just a friend."

"A friend who's a girl, not a girl friend?"

"Yeah. Sorta. But she's really pretty." I knew Allison from church and I had to agree ten times over about that. She was gorgeous and physically mature even though she was a few months younger than Bobby.

"Aren't you the mysterious one. Are you ever alone with her?"

"Well yeah. We sometimes sit and talk at her house. In the basement rec room."

"But you like her apparently. What does she let you do?"

"She lets me walk her home."

"Have you kissed her Bobby, touched her anywhere special?"

"No Aunt Kate. We just sit and talk."

"Are you afraid to try to kiss her? I mean some kids your age are already having sex and you're afraid to kiss her?"

"Well yeah but I guess I'd like to. Kiss her that is."

The party seemed to be breaking up and Bobby needed to say bye and thank you to everybody.

"Why don't you come by my house after school tomorrow. I have some time off and we can talk some more about this." Bobby and his mom and dad lived a few blocks away, so he wouldn't need a ride.


At 3 PM the next day Bobby came to the door. It was a Monday. My husband wasn't due home for several hours.

"OK Bobby, let's go sit on the sofa together." I fetched a coke for him and iced tea for me.

He sat on the sofa and I sat right next to him. He wasn't expecting me to be that close, but he didn't say anything.

"So Bobby, let's pretend I'm Allison and you're gonna kiss her." I turned to face him, staring longingly into his eyes. Our faces moved closer and closer, mostly my doing.

"I'm supposed to kiss you?"

"Yep." He gave me a peck on the cheek. "On the lips." Another peck, but on the lips.

"Well that's better, but she wants a real kiss." And I pulled his head close and held him to me kissing. He didn't pull away but he wasn't really into it.

"Open your mouth a bit." And with that he was beginning to enjoy it more. We actually sat there kissing each other for several minutes and I was able to show him how to make it really passionate.

"Wasn't that fun, Bobby?" He nodded. "You know that girls really like to have their breasts rubbed, but maybe you should go slow," and with that I took his hands and put them on my ribs. "Slide your hands up slowly - see if she stops you. ... Good ... Feel the sides of my boobs? ... Hehe ... Keep kissing her .. me ..." Finally I pulled one of his hands across the front of my chest.

"Aunt Kate!" and he was trying to pull his hand off, but I just held it there.

"Rub them both. Gently," I urged him, as I also started kissing him again. "Now squeeze them a little," I suggested. I was enjoying the feeling even if he wasn't the most practiced male to work there. And he must have been enjoying it, too, because I could see he was getting aroused. It crossed my mind that I was getting carried away. I certainly hadn't planned for anything like this.

"That feels really good, Bobby. You're already a master. Do you like doing that?"

"Well I guess. Yeah its nice. But you're my ....."

"I'm your aunt. But we're pretending I'm Allison, OK. Besides, I'm a girl too and I like the same things." He smiled at that. "You know it even feels better if you touch them directly. Slide your hands up under my T-shirt." Of course, he did and found my bra. "Well Bobby, you have to push my bra up if you're going to touch them," and his cool hands eventually cupped my boobs. It felt so nice.

"I bet you've never seen a girl's boobs have you."


"So why don't you pull up my shirt and look," I suggested. He did and he just stared. "My bra isn't very comfortable like this. Besides you need to learn how to unclip one." I turned so he could see what he was doing. "Pull the ends together and the little hooks will come apart," and he did that, too. "You'll have to practice doing that without looking. Who wants to stop kissing just to undo a bra?"

My boobs were completely free now and I had him twiddle my nipples. Boy he loved that and if it wasn't obvious before, I could see he was totally aroused.

I reached down to let him know I knew what was going on below his belt. He was hard and I could tell he was above average in size. He took a deep breath but he wasn't resisting anymore though he seemed embarrassed.

"You know what, Bobby? Someday I bet Allison will do this for you," I said as my hand rubbed down his side and again wrapped around the bulge in his pants. He was blushing.

"Don't be embarrassed, that's supposed to happen at times like this," and I unzipped his pants. "Let's see what we have here." I was so out of control.

"Auntie!!!" he objected, but I kept going and out popped his cock. It didn't hurt that I started rubbing it vigorously.

"I bet you like this!" He was speechless as his breath accelerated. "I like doing it, too." We kept playing like that, me rubbing his cock and he holding my breasts while we kissed.

Bobby was breathing harder now. "I'm gonna make a mess!" and then his sperm was shooting all over my skirt. Some got on his pants.

When that was finished, he panted, "I'm sorry,".

"It's OK. I liked that. I'll throw this into the washing machine. Wait here I'll get something to clean up your pants," and I went off to get a damp washcloth. That worked pretty well.

But I was getting the feeling that maybe I had gone too far. He's my sister's son after all and the sense of impropriety was overwhelming.

"Maybe you should go now," and I kissed him and led him to the front door.

And just as I was about to close the door behind him, I couldn't resist saying, "Maybe we could talk [what a euphemism that was] some more on Wednesday after school. I have to leave work early to get ready for a trip."

Bobby went out the door and halfway down the walk, he looked back at me seeming confused and amazed. I blew him a kiss.


When Simon came home from work a couple hours later, I poured some inexpensive wine and served him dinner. Afterwards, I made it clear how much I wanted to have sex and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. But the thing was, I was imagining Bobby's cock, not his.

Sex at home had always been good but some of the excitement went out of it a long time before. It had been five years since the first time a man came to my room when I was travelling on business. Then a couple years later, Simon came home from a trip and I was incredibly horny. After a couple glasses of wine, we hopped into bed before we even had dinner. It was when I went down on him that I noticed. Faint but without a doubt, the aroma of another woman was on his cock.

I didn't say anything and we had a really nice romp in the hay. Afterwards, I poured two more glasses of wine and we sat on the sofa. Then I broached the subject on my mind.

"You've been sleeping with other women haven't you."

"What makes you say that?"

"On your cock. I could smell her. Whoever you were with last night."

He looked down crestfallen. "I'm so so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Oh Kate, Kate, you know I love you."

"Anyone special?"

"No, no, I just met her a couple nights ago." So there had been two nights. But how could I be angry?

"It's really OK. We're apart so much with our travels. I've been wondering how you were managing."

He looked at me surprised. He'd been expecting a big scene. There was moisture in his eyes. That's when I decided to fess up.

"Simon. I have something to tell you. ... .... I haven't been faithful either. Like I said we're apart so much. I'm sorry too."

"Oh Kate, Kate. It's only been when I've been away."

"Me too. I love you so much Simon," and I started to cry.

Somehow we managed to reach an understanding. Only on the road and don't bring home the details.

Well the part about not bringing home the details didn't last. One night after one of his business trips, in the middle of our love making, he paused to catch his breath. "Tell me about her," I begged. "The girl last night." I wasn't sure there was a girl last night but there was. "Tell me everything that happened. While you're fucking me." He managed to tell part of the story - she was married too and had cheated many times before - and rather than continue the way we'd been going, we began reenacting the story, at least the part where they were in bed. The finger fucking, the oral sex and then their positions for intercourse, no condoms. She was on her knees when Simon came in her and it was pretty much the same with me.

I had to tell one of my stories and we realized just how hot it was to share these tales. It became a tradition. We'd do it during or after our own sex acts.

Like I said, other than those times, sex at home had lost some of its excitement, but it can also be routine when men come to your hotel room. Make out by the door. Strip each other's clothes off. Oral sex for both. Slip a condom on if he has one. Fuck in a couple positions. I can't tell you how many times it was one and done and I better get back to my room in case my wife calls again. Of course, it was a lot more fun it he stayed all night and there were three rounds, then sleep, then sex in the shower in the morning.

But nothing could match the excitement I was feeling after the first encounter with Bobby. After Simon fell asleep that night, I laid there in bed masturbating and dreaming of the day's adventure. And the fantasies. That went on for two nights. There's a fine line between fantasy and obsession. And that's how the next visit with Bobby took shape in my mind. Unfortunately, it wasn't an away game and I vowed not to tell Simon.


Wednesday came, and I was pacing the living room waiting for Bobby's arrival. Finally the doorbell rang. It was Bobby. I was wearing a short skirt, a silky top and my favorite black underthings.

We closed the door and stood there kissing. "Take my top off." He reached down and pulled it up. I raised my hands over my head and off it came. I had on my favorite black bra, and he would soon see my favorite black panties. "Unhook my bra ... no no - no looking." He struggled. One of the hooks resisted. But he did it and I was topless in front of my nephew again. "Lets go sit on the sofa."

"Well. Did you kiss her?" I asked while he rubbed my chest.

"Yeah. It was nice. I rubbed her breasts too. Through her top. I think she liked it. We did that for a long time."

"Nice. Did you take her bra off?"

"No. She wouldn't let me pull her top off or even reach under there like you showed me."

"Well, still, it sounds like you had a nice time."

Enough about Allison. "You know what to do," I coached, and he began fondling my tits with improved expertise. "Kiss my neck" When he did that, I felt the electricity all over my body and especially between my legs. I was getting soaked. "You can kiss my boobs, too," and he did.

My hands weren't idle either, and soon I had his cock out and began rubbing.

I couldn't resist. A few moments later, I bent over and kissed the tip of his shaft. "You have a beautiful cock, Bobby." Bobby seemed totally amazed that I would kiss him there. "But you would be more comfortable if we took off your pants." I slid down to the floor in front of him and he raised his butt so I could drag his pants and his underpants off, taking the shoes off too in a single stroke. A lovely pair of balls dangled below his rock hard shaft.

And I couldn't resist taking the next step. "I bet it will be a long time before Allison does this:" and I wrapped my lips around his bare penis.

As I was sucking and bobbing down and up over his cock, his breath became rough and irregular. After a few minutes, he exclaimed, "Oh no! Oh no," as jets of semen erupted in my mouth. He tried to pull out but I didn't let him. More and more kept coming. Young men are so wonderful. I swallowed every last drop.

When I finally took my mouth away, he said, "I'm so sorry!!! I'm so sorry!!!"

"No, no, don't be sorry. It's exactly what I wanted," and I climbed back up on the sofa.

"Well, I've played with yours, maybe you should play with mine," I suggested, and I put his hand on my bare leg. "Some day Allison will let you do that, but put your hand on her leg and start to slide up." I was remembering how Danny G, two years older than me, had done that so long ago. I had pushed Marty away at first but my body was aching for more and I finally let him reach all the way up under my skirt. "If she pushes your hand away, maybe she'll let you do more next time."

But I didn't push Bobby's hand away. "Rub inside my thighs first," and I felt his hand so close to my pussy. "Now rub my panties right here," and I guided him to my vulva. Guys think its all about clits, but I gotta tell you, I love to have my pussy lips rubbed. "Oh oh oh."

"How do my panties feel?" I pulled my skirt up so he could see my panties too.

He seemed embarrassed but he answered, "They're kinda wet, sorta."

"They're wet because my body wants more. You can see the outline of my pussy, do you like that?"

"Oh yes!"

"I want you to take off my skirt, unzip it on the side here." He did that as I kicked off my shoes and let him slide the skirt down. There I was with nothing but my panties on.

"Slide your hand down here," and I guided his hand through the panties' waistband and down to my pussy. "Rub me some more there. ... Ohhhhh ... Those are my pussy lips. Push your finger between them. ... .Ooh yes yes." I was laying back against the armrest now, with my knees up and my legs about as far apart as the sofa would let them be. "Allison will feel safe as long as she has her panties on," I lied. When Marty G's hand had reached into my panties and more, my life was changed forever.

"Have you ever seen a girl's pussy?" He shook his head. "Even in porn?"

"I've never looked at porn." Oh my, he was an innocent.

"Well maybe you should take off my panties." His hands were shaking as he grabbed the waist and pulled them off over my legs. I parted my legs so he could get a good look. "I shave all the hair off for my husband. But I'll bet Allison's pussy is still very furry." Thinking about her seemed to jolt him a bit.

"Are you curious what's in there? These are my pussy lips - labia. Spread them apart and see." And he did. "This is where my pee comes out. Down here is my vagina. Your cock goes in here." Did I just say "your cock?" I pushed the folds apart more for him. "That little pink bump, that's my clitoris - it's very sensitive. And way down here is my asshole. Oh Bobby, rub me some more!"

I was starting to have a little orgasm from his attention. "Keep rubbing." My hips rocked up and down in rhythm of his hand. "Oh Bobby, Oh Bobby.... Moannn ... Oh Bobby, can you put a finger in my vagina?" He put one finger in. "Put two in." He put two in. "Fuck me with your fingers. In out in out," and I grabbed his cock that had returned to its full glory. We continued masturbating each other until my orgasm subsided and a few moments later I felt his juices hitting the side of my leg and running down onto the sofa.

We sat on the sofa beside each other."Always cuddle a girl after you make love. ... Well we didn't really make love, but it was pretty good wasn't it." I guided his hand to my breast as we started kissing gently. "Run your hands all over my body," and he did a pretty good job of that. "Oh one thing, if Allison lets you put your finger in, only use one while she's a virgin, OK?" He nodded, not sure why.

"Bobby, you saw how my whole body was reacting? That was my orgasm. It's like what happens to you but inside."

"Are you going to tell Uncle Simon what we did?"

"No. It's our secret. And don't tell your mom or Allison. Besides, we didn't have intercourse." I couldn't be sure how long that would be true. "Well we'd better get dressed and get you going. I have a plane to catch and I have to clean up our little mess here." I'd been able to clean up that sofa many times before when Simon and me had made love there. Bobby was the only other man (boy?) to have left his juices there. "It's only an overnight and you can tell me all about Allison on Friday, OK?"


There was no bar in the hotel that night and no man came to my room. But Bobby was there in my fantasies. I replayed the day's events over and over and didn't stop him from going all the way. My fingers did the job of his beautiful cock. I gave myself a screaming orgasm.

My meeting with our client was uneventful and my flight home came in around 11 PM Thursday night.

By coincidence, Simon had also traveled Wednesday night, but he wouldn't be home until late Friday night. I called him Thursday night when I got in to tell him I'd made it.

"Are you alone?" I asked.


"Oooh. Is she pretty?"

"So, So."


"Yes." He was obviously not sharing the nature of my questions with her.

"How many times have you fucked her?"

"Only two."

"Well just wanted to let you know I'm home safe. I wasn't as lucky as you last night."

"Glad you made it back OK. Love ya."


My masturbation fantasies were a mix of Simon with his mystery lady and me with Bobby. And each of my self-induced orgasms ended with Bobby's cock exploding deep inside my belly.


On Friday afternoon, Bobby showed up a bit later than I expected. He'd been spending time with Allison.

"What did you two do?" I asked.

"Well she still didn't want me to reach up under her top. So we kept kissing and I was rubbing her tits."

"Yeah?" Memories of Marty G came flooding back.

"Well when I put my hand on her leg she didn't push it away. And I slid it up under her skirt and she still didn't push it away. And when I put my hand on her panties, she just went," he made a moaning sound. "They were really wet. She wouldn't let me put my hand inside her panties either, but she really liked it when I rubbed her there. Her whole body was shaking."

"Let me smell your fingers." Even through her panties, she'd left her personal love aroma on his hand. "Nice! Next time ask her to do you, too." Oh Marty G you were a naughty boy back then.

"Let's go into the bedroom." With all my cheating and then the more open encounters, I'd never taken another man to my marriage bed. This was so taboo and even more so, with my sister's son.

Standing next to the bed, I took off Bobby's shirt as we kissed and he rubbed my boobs through the fabric of my top.

When he pulled it over my head, he just gawked. I'd taken off my bra earlier. He started rubbing my bare chest and, after I took off his undershirt, I was able to rub his chest, too. He was already growing a nice crop of hair.

"Reach under my skirt," I suggested and when he did, he discovered my other secret.

"Auntie, you don't have any panties on!"

"Surprise," I giggled and started groping for his erection as I stepped out of my shoes. His hand was rubbing my pussy as I undid his belt and his zipper. "Keep doing that, Bobby." He managed to step out of his shoes and pants while his hand fooled around between my legs.

There we were, both naked. I turned to pull back the covers on the bed and laid down on my back with my legs apart rubbing my inner thighs. He could see everything and he just stood there watching with his cock pointing straight out. I gave him a brief demo of female masturbation, but really wanted him next to me.

"Don't just stand there," I said and moved aside to make room for him. We laid there on our sides kissing and making out with our legs tangled together. He was playing with my boobs and I was rubbing his cock gently. "Down there, too," I begged and he addressed my vulva just like I'd shown him the other day. Soon there were two fingers playing inside and firing up my orgasm.

"You know why my vagina gets so wet, don't you?"

"So my cock can go in easy."

"Right and why your cock gets hard?"

"Same thing."

"And I showed you where it goes." He nodded. "Don't you think you should see how that all works?"

It took him a minute to process that. "Really?!?!?!?"


I rolled onto my back and spread my legs apart. "Get between my legs." He seemed unsure as he moved into position. I held his cock as he adjusted how far away his knees had to be. I held it at my opening.

"Here. Push it in." This was really happening.


"More. All the way. You can't hurt me." Oh god that felt good.

"Go ahead," and he started thrusting. I pushed up against each thrust. We were both breathing hard from the start and I couldn't help moaning. "Oh Bobby, Bobby, I wanted you so bad."

After a very few minutes, I could tell he was about to cum. But he stopped thrusting. "Should I stop?"

"No No Keep going," and shortly I could feel the eruption of his orgasm like the other times, but this time in my vagina. "Don't stop. Don't stop."

When he finally popped out, he looked into my eyes - his own eyes wide - and with a big smile, "I just fucked you!!!"

"Yes you did," I chuckled, "and it was wonderful."

But then a look of fear came over his face. "Are you going to get pregnant?"

"No Bobby. I am using birth control."

He looked relieved.

"But someday Allison or some other girl is going to have sex with you and you better have a condom on until you know she's on some other kind of birth control. ... Besides it's good hygiene to prevent diseases. ... So you know what? I want you to go to the corner drug store and buy some condoms. Bring one to me on Monday and I'll show you how to use it. And don't forget you have to tell me what Allison and you do."

I could feel some of his very copious production leaking out and a blob was dripping down to my asshole. "Bobby, look between my legs and see what you've done," I giggled.

"Is it all coming out?"

"No, no," I laughed. There's always enough inside to make a baby if the girl isn't protected. Bobby, got some on his finger and looked at it. Then he rubbed the blob on the sheet and looked back at me.

"Remember what I said about cuddling?"

"Oh. Right," and he laid back down beside me so we could kiss. We did that for a while and he played with my chest.

"Oh Bobby, kiss my boobs again. You do that so well," and he did. "Kiss my tummy." He slithered down and did that too. "Now kiss my knees."

"Oh Bobby, kiss my thighs," and I showed him where. It was getting me excited again.

"Oh Bobby, Bobby, will you kiss my pussy?" He dutifully kissed my pussy lips. I was tempted to ask him to lick me, but I wasn't sure he was ready,, especially with the mess he'd made there. "Do you like the way it smells?"

"Oh yes Auntie." I could see he had gotten hard again.

"And Bobby, you know what?" No answer. "I want you to fuck me again. But this time I want you to do it from behind." I rolled onto my knees. "Move around behind me." He did. "You can really see my pussy can't you?"

"Oh yes."

"You see where your cock goes?"

"Oh yes." But when he tried to put it in it was the wrong place.

"Not there. Lower," and then he was inside thrusting away, hitting all the places inside me that feel so good when its done that way. "Oh Bobby, So good, so good." He came inside me yet again and even more leaked out.

"That was wonderful, Bobby. But you better get dressed and get moving. Don't tell anybody what we've been doing, OK?" I put on a robe and went to the door with him. Despite being conflicted about the whole series of events up to this afternoon, I added, "So Bobby, you don't go to church anymore do you? If the weather's good, Uncle Simon will be playing golf Sunday morning. Why don't you come over here around 9?"

Bobby had a definite spring in his step as he walked out the door and down to the sidewalk. I showered and cleaned out as best I could. Simon would be wanting sex that night, and as much as we shared about our sexual exploits, I hadn't told him about Bobby. I was sure I never would.


Simon and I had exuberant sex Friday night and Saturday night after an R-rated movie we saw on cable. Simon headed off to the golf club as expected on Sunday morning. I showered to clean off the crusty residue from the previous night and put my very sheer nightie back on. Bobby arrived a little after nine.

"Auntie Kate, you're uh uh ...."

"In my nightie," I giggled, grabbed his hand and dragged him, giggling and half running, into the bedroom.

"It's amazing. You can see right through it!" he exclaimed as I kicked off my slippers and we started kissing and fondling each other. Then I laid back on the bed with the nightie almost to my knees. He began to undress.

"Where's that condom you were supposed to bring?" It was in his pocket and I showed him how to put it on.

"Kiss my toes. .... Mmm. ... Now my ankles. ... Mmm, yes. .... and my thighs thru the fabric ..." He obeyed at every step. "Kiss my nipples." He did. "... and my tummy. ... Mmm. ... Oh, Bobby, kiss my pussy thru the fabric. ... Ohhhh ... You can gnaw on it too. .... Oh yes yes yes ....," and I finally just ripped my nightie off over my head. "Kiss me there again!!"

My hips were already rocking when I said, "You can use your tongue too, here" and I pointed to the valley between my pussy lips and my leg. "Now here on my lips. ... OH OH OH ... Use it in the middle .. inside. ...." My hips were pushing up up up rhythmically. He had instinctively found my clit. Moannnn. "Oh Bobby Bobby Bobby. .... My opening. Lick around my opening." I could feel my juices pouring out. "Oh Bobby ... Put it in. Put it in like your cock." My orgasm made me scream. "Oh Bobby Bobby, fuck me. Fuck me now!"

Bobby climbed up over me and his cock slid inside me. We fucked like that for a couple minutes until I had an idea. "Lie on your back for me." I pushed him off. He rolled off to the side and I sat on his legs, stroking his upright slippery cock.

"What's been happening with Allison?"

"She let me take off her panties and push her top up."

"What are her tits like?"

"They're real round. So pretty." It was a long time since someone would say that about mine.

"What else?" It was so erotic for me to have him tell me about him and her together.

"She likes it when I put my finger in her vagina. And she rubs my penis. I made a mess on her skirt the first time, but now we're more careful. "

"Hehe." But my juices on the condom were drying up. So you guessed it. I moved up over his body til his cock was pointing at my pussy. I'd left a bottle of KY under the pillow and squeezed a bit onto the condom. Then I used his cock to excite myself and then held it under my opening. He exhaled sharply when I slid down over it. We began fucking again and I leaned back so he could see everything. "Just don't let it land on her pussy. She could get pregnant that way. Do you like watching your cock go in and out of me?"

"Oh, Yes," and he didn't have to watch for long before he filled the condom with his cum.

After he popped out, I helped him take off the rubber. "Never use one twice, OK. It's a good way to get a girl pregnant. ... But let's make love again without one." And we did.


Bobby had visited me a few more times when, one Wednesday afternoon, he came by when I got home from work. He seemed very excited.

"Allison let me fuck her," he exclaimed.

"Wow, tell me all about it!"

"Well we were on her bed. I was licking her pussy like you showed me. I had my finger in her, too. She was having her orgasm. She really likes that, you know."

"Yes, yes, go on."

"Well out of the blue she said. 'You can put it in if you want.' 'Really?' I said. "Really," she said. 'I want to have sex like a real woman.' "


"I guess I wasn't very gentle. She cried out when i put my cock in. But then it seemed ok."

"Go on."

"After I came and we were done, there was blood on the sheet. She took off her sheets and put them in the washer."

"Did you use one of those condoms I showed you how to put on?"

"No. I left them at home."

I was filled with panic. I wasn't going to be fucked that afternoon. We called Allison. There was still time to get to a far away drug store before her folks got home. We picked her up. I gave her and Bobby some money and sent them in to buy Plan B and for her some condoms of her own. I made them go in together so they would both take responsibility for the situation.

When they came out, I asked Allison where her condoms were. "I didn't get them here. I can get them from the school nurse for free." My how things have changed.

Bobby reported to me that Allison got so sick she missed school one day. But her period came on time and all three of us breathed a sigh of relief. Bobby told me Allison fessed up to her mom that she was having sex and her mom took her to the doctor to get an IUD. "If either one of you start having sex with others, use the condoms anyway, OK. Too many kids get sexually transmitted diseases, OK?" He promised.

Bobby and I got together like that one more time, but I decided this had to end. "Bobby, what we've been doing, it's not really OK, I think you know. And you have a beautiful lover your own age. So after we make love today, we should probably stop."

We had sex in a couple of positions and I showed him how to make love in 69 position. I let him ejaculate in my mouth. I tasted his wonderful cock and his wonderful juices mixed with mine for the last time.

There was moisture in his eyes as we kissed goodbye at the door and he left. I slunk into the sofa and bawled.


Simon and I were making love one night a couple weeks later. Something came over me and I blurted out, "I fucked Bobby."

A shocked look came over Simon's face, but then he laughed. "You're more naughty than I thought, hehe." A pause. "I fucked his mother!"

"My sister? You fucked my sister?"

Then we both broke out laughing. I was laughing so hard Simon had a hard time keeping his cock in me.We were still chuckling off and on when he came.

"Maybe we should do a threesome," I joked.

"With Beth?" Suddenly, it wasn't a joke.



"Hi Beth, it's me."

"Hi Kate, what's up?"

"Do you remember that time with Marty G? You, me and him?"

"Yeah," she answered hesitatingly.

"It was fun, right?"

"Uh, I suppose. Yeah."

"You've been having fun with Simon, haven't you?" I tried not to sound accusatory.

"Oh Beth! He told you? Oh my god. Oh my god. … I'm so sorry," I heard her start crying. "It just happened."

"Beth," I interrupted her. "Beth, we're actually pretty open about these things. It's OK." Silence. "But Peter doesn't know does he?"

"No. Oh my god."

"Well like I said, remember that time with Marty G? Why don't you come over for dinner? Peter's away and Bobby can take care of himself. Maybe he'll have Allison over. I bet those two are fucking like rabbits."

"Oh my god. The three of us!?!?"

But that's another story altogether.
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