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I still can't believe it happened, I won the lottery and not a piddling amount it was the biggest in the state of New York history as well as U.S. history. Even after taxes I walked, well rolled away with ten billion dollars. After spreading some around to family and friends I thought about what to do with it and finally had an idea. I talked to lawyers and came up with protections that I would need then I started building a mansion between two college towns. It had all of the modern conveniences and technological advantages a place could have, an advanced library multiple bathrooms and one large shower room and a large indoor pool. When it was finished it had one large master bedroom with a customized masters bed, and twenty five double occupancy bedrooms and three rooms acting as servants quarters, again all female although older.

It had a large ten car and one mini bus garage and I bought six cars and the mini bus for it. I listed it in all the local and school papers that I would be accepting application with photos from female students for the following semester for housing. Of course I got a lot of complaints from people that I was a pig and just wanted to take advantage of the young girls, I just smiled and told them all to mind their own business. Surprisingly I received two thousand applications from all types of students from incoming freshmen, seventeen year old girls to seniors on their last semester, twenty one years old and up. I carefully went through all of the applications and chose fifty of them for interviews, set aside thirty alternates and filed the rest in metal filing cabinets I had bought for that purpose.

I set up interviews and talked with all eighty girls chose fifty and brought them back in for a second interview. I explained to them there wouldn’t be any cost staying at the mansion, named Bear’s Honey Den, but their were rules that they had to follow to live there. One : no boyfriends while living at the mansion, two : no clothes worn when at the mansion, three : grades must be kept at a B or 80 depending on the schools grading system and four : the girls would take turns two at a time sleeping with me in my bed whether or not we had sex was up to each girl, five : the girls would maintain the mansion cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc…, I would be responsible for repairs. Each girl must sign a contract before moving in to the mansion.

Each girl read the contract and after asking a few questions like what about board which I told them I provided the food, the cleaning supplies, laundry machines, etc…, all they needed to do was provide the labor. I was surprised when they all signed most without reading the contract. I had my fifty beautiful young girl students. When they began moving in a week before schools started they were amazed at the place. Each room had two comfy beds, two desks with top of the line computers the best Wi-Fi set up with back up, a large back up generator, everything they would need to help them graduate while living in comfort. Many of their parent complained but were basically told to shut up unless they wanted to foot the bill for a four year stay in a similar comfortable situation, of course none did.

I even lured the Laughlin sisters to take a room and their mother took a position as a house mother keeping all of the girls in line. Once school started I never had so much fun in my entire life, young beautiful naked girls of al types walking around the mansion. I used my money to make some wise investment that brought in a safe income that was a little larger than my monthly outgoing expenses not to mention the monthly subscribers of the mansions video feeds, the bedrooms and bathrooms were camera free but every where else was on camera 24/7. They should have read the contract, but I don’t think it would have mattered. I even kept a bowl of twenties by the front door so the girls had money when they went out. After the first year many of the complaints went away due to the success of the situation.

Most of the fifty girls made the deans list and none got pregnant. The only problem was that many didn’t want to leave after four years and extended their stay by getting multiple degrees or going for advanced degrees. A lot more of the girls than I thought would joined me in my bed and initiated sex. It was a great life and many of the girls made me take better care of myself and get things operated on in the hospital thus I lived longer and I didn't mind since I was also happier.

I knew many of them were with me for the benefits I provided but I also got benefits from them. Imagine an old lonely disabled guy like me that had been poor and alone all of his life all of a sudden gaining wealth and young beautiful women wanted to be around me I think I am justified in going a bit crazy for awhile. I did finally settle down and found a core group of women that I believe actually wanted to be with me and not just for the money. Many young women came and went and I helped them all the best I could but these six core women stayed with me until it was my time.

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2019-04-15 20:55:02
Yep, as you say.


2019-04-12 21:29:12
Great start for a story but that's about all it was was a start....

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