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Avalon finally hears the tale of her parent's incestuos first time. This only makes the pregnant girl hotter!
Incestuous Bedtime Tale

(An Incestuous Harem Story)

Chapter Six: Daddy Loves His Virgin Daughter

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Avalon Young – January 2038

“Why didn't you ever take me to this field?” I asked, a tremulous whine to my voice. I trembled on the bed between my parents, Daddy's hand on the swollen swell of my belly. His touch felt at once naughty and wonderful against my baby bump.

Daddy sighed. “A forest fire destroyed it not long after.”

“Oh,” I said. Tears suddenly touched my eyes. That was so sad. It was such a special place for our family. Mommy was created there with Daddy and grandma, and then I was conceived there.

“But it lives on in our memories,” Mommy said, her hand joining our daddy's on my belly. She had such a soft smile on her lips, her fiery hair spilling around her face.

The smile on her lips made me shudder. I had to find out what happened next. “So Daddy gave you the ring...?”


Melissa Young – October 2018

I trembled as Daddy knelt before me in the little valley within the field of wildflowers. The Sierra Nevada mountains loomed around us, peaks kissed with snow. My heart beat faster and faster. This was really happening. Daddy really loved me. I hadn't made a fool of myself Friday night at the dinner. I hadn't misread my daddy.

This week was magical. I had awakened to these feelings for Daddy. The way he'd acted had opened my eyes to how handsome he was. That he was a man as well as my father. At eighteen, I was becoming a woman as well as his daughter. A woman that had needs, too. A desire for passion. He held the promise ring before him, a band of simple gold with a small, pink diamond on it.

I held out my hand before him, my slender fingers trembling. “I... I love you, too, Daddy.”

His hand took mine, holding it steady. I shuddered as he slipped the ring on my right hand. I felt the cool metal against my skin. A hot tremble rippled through me. My heart pounded hot blood through my veins as the ring seemed to tether me to Daddy. It was a physical manifestation of the burgeoning passion.

Tears burst out of the corners of my eyes and fell down my cheeks. I shuddered at the feel of it, trembling with delight. A warm breeze rippled across the field and caressed over my body clad in my tank top and hiking shorts.

“It's beautiful, Daddy,” I moaned as he rose.

His hands cupped my face and lifted my gaze. Through blurry vision, I stared at Daddy. He looked handsome, his chin chiseled. His red hair looked so powerful. His green eyes seized mine. I gasped as this hot tingle rippled through me. His head lowered. His lips neared.

He claimed mine in an incestuous kiss.

I groaned into his kiss, my arms throwing around his neck. His fingers stroked my tear-soaked cheeks as our lips worked together. He was so strong. His stubble rasped against my lips, letting me feel how masculine he was. I whimpered, feeling like such a princess finally claimed not by my prince, but by my king.

My Daddy-king.

I clung to him, kissing him with such intensity while this naughty heat erupted between my thighs. My virgin pussy warmed with intense delight. My body trembled as I clung to him, my arms tightening about his neck. His tongue thrust into my mouth. He stirred it around inside of me. His whiskers rasped against my lips and cheeks while I breathed in the manly scent of him.

His hands moved from my cheeks as I swayed. My legs trembled, my knees growing weak as the heat swelled in my pussy. Juices soaked my panties. His hands slid down my side, his thumbs sweeping over my small breasts, nudging my hard nipples.

I gasped at the electric tingles shooting from my nubs.

My pussy clenched in aching delight.

I broke the kiss and swayed, blinking my eyes. “Daddy...”

His smile grew. “My little Michelle. You have grown up into a beautiful woman.”

My cheeks warmed with a blush.

“I have to love you,” he said as he pressed me down to the blanket he'd spread out for our picnic.

For our lovemaking.

I didn't fight him. I sank down to it with him. I leaned back as his hands pressed up my tank top. I whimpered, his touch strong and rough with exciting callouses. The fabric rolled up and up my body. His thumbs caressed me as he went higher and higher.

I lifted my arms over my head. He pressed the fabric higher, exposing the sports bra I wore that cupped my small breasts. He threw it to the side, letting it fall on the flowers. I trembled, my breasts rising and falling. My toes flexed and curled. My nipples ached as I squirmed.

He stared down at me with such hunger in his green eyes. He saw me as a woman right now. Not his cute, adorable daughter, but a sexy, delicious vixen he wanted to ravish. A wanton moan burst from my lips.

“Daddy!” I moaned in aching need.

He thrust up my sports bra, his strong hands cupping my breasts. He massaged my tits with his thumbs, sliding up towards my throbbing pinnacles. I shuddered and trembled at the feel of him touching my naked boobs. He brushed my small areolas than my little nubs.

My nipples flared in delight.

“My little girl,” Daddy groaned in awe as he leaned down.

I gasped as his hot lips engulfed my nipple. He suckled hard. I whimpered in wondrous delight. I squirmed on the blanket as he sucked. His tongue danced around my areola. He caressed my nub. My fingers clenched and relaxed. My stomach clenched. My cunt grew hotter and hotter.

It was incredible. Every time Daddy suckled, my twat swelled with aching need. The pleasure shot down to my pussy. My juices leaked out, soaking my panties. I stared up at the blue sky. It spun over me as the heady rushes surged through my body.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I moaned out to the mountain air. My legs twitched. “Oh, Daddy, I love you!”

It was so wonderful to say it out loud. It was even hotter to do it with Daddy loving my nipples. He sucked on one while his fingers found the other. His digits twisted the nub. I gasped and spasmed. My toes flexed in my boots. It was incredible.

Daddy's green eyes stared up at me. They swam with delight.

His hands slid down my body as he kissed over to my other nipple. His whiskers rasped across my small mound. I groaned as his hungry lips sucked at my flesh. He climbed my other tit, the rough caress of his stubble surging tingles across my skin. He engulfed my other nipple.

I gasped and spasmed. He sucked on them as Daddy's fingers found my shorts. He stroked across my waistband to find the snap of my shorts. I groaned at the loud pop of my fastener coming undone. My zipper rasped.

Daddy's hand pressed into my shorts.

I shuddered as he caressed over my panties. He reached lower and lower to that molten heat between my thighs. Pleasure burst through me. My toes curled. My head tossed back and forth as his hand rubbed up and down my pussy. He stroked me and pressed my panties into the juicy delight of my virgin flesh.

I gasped as the pleasure rippled through my body. My ass flexed. I wiggled back and forth. Daddy suckled hard on my nipple as he pressed my panties into my virgin pussy. He rubbed the cotton up and down my hot flesh.

“Oh, Daddy!” I gasped, new delight surging through me. The cotton rasp of the panties against my hot vulva felt so much better than my fumbling fingers when I masturbated. “I love you so much, Daddy.”

He popped his mouth off my nipple. He grinned up at me as he diddled my pussy. I gasped as he pulled his hand out of my shorts. He held up his digits. My eyes widened at the juices gleaming on his fingertips.

“Yes, honey, that's your passion,” Daddy said. He rubbed his thumb and forefinger together. “You're that wet.”

“Daddy,” I whimpered in embarrassed delight, my cheeks burning.

Then he popped his fingers into his mouth. He sucked on that wonderful passion. His cheeks hollowed as he groaned like it was the tastiest thing in the world. My small breasts rose and fell. I bit my lower lip as he sucked his fingers clean.

“Mmm, you taste as good as your mother,” he said. For a moment, a flash of grief flicked through his vision.

I missed Mom. She'd been taken from us so soon, but I was here for Daddy now. I would love him in her place. He was such a wonderful man. I knew he made her happy, and he would make me happy now, too.

“I love you, Daddy,” I said, knowing he could see the truth in my vision.

He smiled as he grabbed my shorts. “I love you, too, Michelle.”

He yanked down my khaki shorts until they bunched around my ankles. I trembled as he lifted my foot. He pulled on my shoelace. It whisked before he pulled off my boot and heavy sock. My naked toes curled. He quickly undid my other boot and yanked it off. My shorts followed.

Then my panties.

He drew them off next. I trembled as my panties spilled down my thighs. I was naked now. Everything exposed. He could see my little, red bush covering my virgin twat. A wicked thrill ran through me. We were in our own, little paradise. The flowers swayed around us, caressed by the same gentle breeze that spilled over my body. My nipples throbbed.

My panties came off. Daddy thrust my legs apart. I whimpered at the hunger in his expression. His green eyes glowed. He leaned down. This nervous thrill rippled through me. My heart beat against the pressure clenching about my chest as his head lowered and lowered.

I felt his heat breath caressing my virgin flesh.

His lips nuzzled into my bush.

“Daddy!” I squealed at the first contact of his mouth against my virgin pussy.

His tongue flicked up the folds of my vulva. I shuddered as his tongue climbed higher and higher. He dipped into my folds and brushed my clit. This marvelous burst of passion exploded in the depths of my twat. My rump clenched. I whimpered and my eyes fluttered.

His hands gripped my thighs and pulled me against his mouth. His tongue fluttered out again and again. I gasped, my hands clenching together beneath my breasts as he devoured me. Pink glinted, drawing my eyes to my promise ring.

Tears burned in my eyes. I was Daddy's. He loved me.

Pleased me.

His hands gripped me as his tongue dove through my twat. His tongue lapped up and down my flesh. He teased me. Caressed me. He gathered my juices as they flowed out of me. He brushed my hymen.

The depths of my pussy clenched, eager to be penetrated.

“Daddy!” I moaned, crying out with the need to be taken hard for the first time. “Oh, Daddy! Daddy!”

I couldn't say anything else. The heat rippled through me. His tongue stroked my hot flesh. He brushed my clit. My body trembled each time. He swelled an orgasm in me. A great ballooning of passion. It was something that would drown me. A more powerful passion than anything I had experienced during my self-loving.

I stared down into his green eyes as his lips latched onto my clit. He sucked on me. I gasped, my back arching. My pussy clenched as the heat swelled through me. My head tossed back and forth. My fingers rubbed at my tits. I massaged them as Daddy loved me.

My orgasm screamed closer and closer. This wonderful, incestuous rush that would drown me. I groaned, my back arching. I humped against him. My clit throbbed in his mouth. Stars burst across my eyes as I hurtled towards this amazing peak.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” I howled.

I came.

My pussy convulsed.

My virgin flesh quivered in delight as the incestuous rush of bliss surged through me. This aching need filled me. My twat wanted to be filled with something huge as my head tossed back and forth. My hair danced around my face.

The blue sky spun over me. The flowers rustled around me. The wind caressed my body. I squeezed my thighs around his face, his whiskers rubbing into my flesh. His tongue lapped at my folds. He caressed me. He stroked my flesh as he devoured me.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you!” I howled. “I need you! Please, please, I need you in me! I want to be your woman, Daddy!”

Daddy rose and ripped off his shirt. I shuddered at his muscles rippling across his chest. He was a coach, fit and handsome. He grinned at me as my eyes traveled down his body to the bulge in his shorts. This wicked heat rushed through my body as I stared at it.

I wanted to see him.

His cock.

Daddy's big, throbbing cock.

I bit my lip as he unsnapped his shorts. My pussy, still twitching from my orgasm, clenched at the sound. The zipper rasped. He shoved them down, exposing his boxers tented by his dick. His cock throbbed. My heart beat faster and faster.

“Daddy!” I groaned as he thrust his boxers down and unveiled his prowess to my virgin eyes.

I shuddered at how large he was. My pussy ached to be filled by the very shaft that had created me in my mom's womb. My heart fluttered. His cock bobbed before him, precum beading at the tip of his dick. His balls swayed as he pushed down his boxers.

“Oh, Daddy,” I groaned in awe. “You're big.”

He grinned at me. “Your mom said something like that.”

“When she was lying here?” I asked, surrounded by all these beautiful flowers.

He nodded.

I smiled. I could feel Mom staring down at us from heaven. I glanced up at the blue sky. I hoped she was happy that I was loving Daddy in her place. That I would take care of him. He wouldn't be sad any longer. I would make him so happy.

As Daddy loomed over me, I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down. I was so ready. My legs were spread wide. I was open and vulnerable. I was ready to be penetrated by my daddy. To be loved by him. His green eyes filled my vision as his cock nudged against my pussy folds.

I shuddered at the feel of him against my hymen.

“I'm ready, Daddy,” I said. I was so ready. He was so sexy. “Make me your woman, Daddy.”

“Gladly,” he groaned.

He leaned down and kissed me hard. I groaned, tasting this spicy delight on his lips. That was my pussy juices. They tasted so good. Daddy must have just loved eating me. I savored the wonderful feel of his rasping stubble against my lips and cheeks. I slid my arms around his torso, hugging him. His strong chest pressed into my little titties.

He felt so big and strong above me.

So powerful.

His cock pressed against my hymen. I groaned at the feel of his dick pushing and pushing on me. My cherry stretched and stretched. This flare of pain grew. I whimpered into the kiss. My eyes squeezed shut and—

My cherry popped.

His cock slammed into my pussy. I groaned as his dick filled my twat. I shuddered, my cunt squeezing around him as he stretched me open and open. My fingers dug into his back as he filled me up with his wonderful shaft.

His balls rested against my flesh. I had taken every bit of my daddy into me. I felt so complete. It was like I was born to take his cock. Created to be united with him. Incestuous passion surged through me. My nipples throbbed against his chest. I gripped him tight as I loved him.

Then Daddy moved.

My eyes widened at the wonderful friction of his cock sliding out of my pussy. My twat clung to his shaft. Pleasure rippled through me as he rammed back into my depths. This wonderful passion surged through my body. My nipples throbbed and ached. My fingernails bit into his back as he plunged into me again and again.

I gripped him as his cock thrust into me over and over. My pussy clung to him. This pleasure rippled through my body. It was incredible to feel. My tongue danced around his as I whimpered beneath him.

It was incredible.



His balls smacked into my rump. He drove his cock into me over and over. He churned up my deflowered pussy with his cock. This rippling pleasure surged through me. My twat clung to him. His balls smacked into me over and over. That wonderful sound echoed through the air.

The wind rushed over us. The flowers rustled around us. The blue sky wheeled overhead.

The world celebrated our incestuous passion.

It had finally happened. Daddy was in me. His big cock pumped in and out of my pussy. The pleasure built and built as I whimpered into his kiss. My tongue darted around inside of his mouth. My fingernails bit into his back as he drove his cock deep into me. His balls smacked against my rump.

He broke the kiss and groaned, “My little Michelle,” he panted. “You're so grown up now. You're such a sexy woman.”

“Daddy!” I moaned in delight, my pussy clenching around his cock. The friction increased. A heady rush of pleasure rippled through me. “Oh, yes, I love you! You're so sexy! Daddy! Daddy!”

“So hot and tight,” he groaned. “So delicious. My sexy, little girl. Damn, you're as tight as your mother.”

I beamed at him.

My little hips wiggled and humped against him. My clit throbbed as it rubbed into his thick bush. My legs squeezed around his waist. The pleasure built faster and faster. My eyes fluttered. My fingers scratched at his back as he hammered me. His balls smacked into me, heavy with his seed.

The seed that created me in Mom's womb.

Would we make a baby?

I wanted that so much. I wanted to be his entirely. My pussy clenched around his cock, the friction bringing me closer and closer. I humped into him. The pleasure built and built into me. I groaned as he buried hard into me.

I came.

My pussy convulsed around Daddy's cock, celebrating our union.

My cunt spasmed around his dick. This amazing rapture surged through me. My hips undulated, stirring around his cock as my flesh convulsed. Pleasure drowned my mind. Stars burst across my vision as I clung to him.

“Daddy! Daddy!” I moaned. “Please, please! I need you!”

“Michelle!” he groaned, thrusting harder and faster. He rammed his cock into my convulsing depths. His cock speared into me again and again. It felt so incredible. “My darling Michelle!”

His eyes filled my world. They burned with his passion as he rammed into me. My twat convulsed around him. I wanted him spurting in me. His cock rammed deep into me. He filled me to the hilt with his dick.

His jizz spurted into me.

Hot blasts of cum spurted into my depths. His seed filled me. I clung to him and writhed through my rapture. My pleasure hit this amazing peak as more and more of Daddy's passion spilled into me. I felt him in me.

“I love you, Daddy!” I howled out for the entire world to hear.

I wished I could tell everyone about our incestuous passion. This was amazing. It was the best thing in the world. I whimpered beneath Daddy as the world spun around me. He held me. Loved me. Kissed me.


Coach Harrison “Harry” Young

My daughter's pussy milked my cock dry.

It was so incredible. I kissed her as she whimpered beneath me. Her body felt so lithe and small. The wind rippled around our body, the flowers smelling so sweet. I broke the kiss and stared down at my daughter. Her blue eyes shone with the same hue as Rachel's.

I didn't know if my wife would have approved, but I hoped she did. I hoped she watched and saw how special this was. I didn't take advantage of Michelle. I made sure of her feelings. I gave her what she craved.

She gave me what I needed.

“I love you, Michelle,” I said, staring into her blue eyes. “I would marry you if I could.”

She beamed at me. “I know. I love you, too, Daddy. I'm your wife, even if we can't tell anyone.”

“My wife,” I said, breathing it in. My daughter felt so amazing beneath me. So tiny and yet so passionate. She brimmed with exuberance. I leaned down and kissed her.

This was our special spot now, too. A place I shared with Rachel. Life stirred in my cock. I was eager to make love to my daughter again and again.


Avalon Young – January 2038

Tears spilled down my cheeks. This was such an amazing thing to hear about how my parents finally had sex. How they had crossed into that wonderful world of incest. I was so happy since I started joining them in bed.

Their hands stroked my baby bump. My incestuous daughter grew in me. Daddy had started his third generation. I wanted her to grow up and make love to him, too. That would be so sexy. My parents held me. They nuzzled into me.

“Thank you for telling me this,” I moaned. “It was the best bedtime tale ever.”

Mommy, her blue eyes brimming with tears, smiled at me. “I'm so glad we could tell you. It was wonderful to remember that day. We made you there. Daddy bred me right off the bat.”

I found myself smiling and sniffling all at the same time. “That's so beautiful. Ooh, I wished I could have made love to Daddy there.”

“Me, too, little Ava,” Daddy said. He leaned in from the other side. He kissed my lips, claiming them.

Mommy nuzzled in from the other side, her tongue licking up my salty tears of joy. I shuddered at it, her hand wandering lower and lower, sliding off my baby bump to brush the shaved flesh of my pubic mound.

Then my pussy.

I groaned into the kiss with Daddy as Mommy's fingers caressed my pregnant twat. She caressed up and down my folds. She stroked my naughty pussy lips and brushed my clit. Wicked pleasure sparked through me.

My hands twitched. My fingers flexed and curled. The itch to do something naughty grew and grew in me as Mommy's deft touch stroked up and down my pussy lips. My toes curled at the hot touch caressing me. She brushed my clit. She stirred around it, teasing me.

I whimpered and moaned, my tongue dueling with Daddy's as my hands darted to the side. I brushed Daddy's rippling abs and Mommy's smooth stomach. My hands slid down both their flesh, reaching for their naughty bits. I brushed through Daddy's wiry bush and Mommy shaved pudenda to grab his cock and cup her pussy.

My fingers thrust into her juicy depths while my hand pumped up and down his shaft. His dick and her cunt had made me, and now, in my naughty pussy, a new member of our family grew. The incestuous thrills shot through me.

I couldn't wait to raise my daughter to be a daddy's girl, too. I would tell her such wicked bedtime tales about her parents and sexy grandmother.

I giggled, breaking the kiss as the pleasure flowed through me. I pumped my hand up and down Daddy's cock while fingering Mommy's juicy pussy. “Our family rocks!” I declared, Mommy's digits rubbing my clit. “It's the best family in the world.”

“I know,” Mommy said. “Mmm, you're going to be such a sexy mother.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. “And you're going to be such a hot grandma. Ooh, my daughter's going to be just like me.”

Daddy groaned. “I don't know if I can survive two of you, little Ava.”

I beamed at him. “Good thing that little, red pill exists.” I winked at him. “You're going to need it. When our daughter's eighteen, she's going to be wanting your cock as much as Mommy and me.”

“Mmm, yes,” Mommy moaned, her pussy squeezing around my fingers. Her own digits thrust into my pregnant pussy. “You have to feel how wet our pregnant daughter is. She's soaking my fingers.”

Daddy, his cock throbbing in my pumping grip, thrust his hand down between my thighs. His thick digits joined Mommy's. I gasped as he thrust a pair into my twat, stretching out my pregnant pussy. I whimpered, stroking him faster as they both plunged in and out of me. They stirred me up, teasing me.

“She is excited, isn't she?” Daddy asked Mommy.

“Uh-huh,” I moaned. “What girl wouldn't be in bed with her parents and hearing such sexy bedtime tales.”

“Mmm, yes,” groaned Mommy. She leaned her head close and nuzzled her nose against my cheek. “Such a wicked, little girl, aren't you, Avalon?”

“Yep!” I moaned, my pussy clenching down on both their fingers.

They plundered them in and out of my pregnant twat while my hands pleased them. Daddy's cock throbbed and twitched in my grip, his precum flowing out and lubing my stroking hand. At the same time, my fingers plunged into Mommy's juicy cunt. I loved the feel of her hot twat around me. She gripped me as she loved me.

Daddy nuzzled into the other side of me. He thrust his fingers deeper into my pussy than Mommy's did. He sent such delight rippling through me. I groaned and squirmed on the bed as his whiskered cheeks rubbed on my face. His lips nibbled on the side of mine. Mommy's came in from the other side.

The three of us kissed as we loved each other.

Such a wicked and wanton family.

My nipples throbbed as their fingers churned up my pussy. I thrust a third digit into Mommy's cunt, her juices soaking me. I whimpered and shuddered between them. Mommy's breasts rubbed on my left side, Daddy's strong chest on my right.

He groaned as his cock throbbed in my hand. More and more of his precum flowed out of his dick. It was such a naughty thing to feel. It made me tremble. My pussy clenched around both my parents' probing fingers, the friction building and building in me.

We were loving each other the way a family should.

Our tongues caressed each other as we shared our three-way kiss. The bed creaked as all of us squirmed and groaned. My passion mounted, and I knew so did theirs. I fisted Daddy's cock and rubbed my thumb in fast circles against Mommy's clit. Her hot twat squeezed around my three digits while her two fingers, joined by Daddy's, plundered my pregnant twat.

I broke the kiss, moaning, “Mommy! Daddy!”

“Mmm, are you going to cum, little Ava?” Daddy groaned into my ear, his voice husky and low.

“Are you?” Mommy asked. She licked my other lobe and nibbled on it.

I let out a whimpering moan, unable to speak as the pleasure built and built in me. I gasped, my entire body tensing as the delight reached that peak in me. My pussy clenched about their fingers, increasing the friction to that wonderful height.

I exploded into incestuous passion.

My fingers thrust deep into Mommy's cunt while my other hand furiously pumped away at Daddy's cock. I bucked between them. The bed creaked as my petite body thrashed. My round breasts heaved as I whimpered and moaned.

“Daddy!” I gasped. “Oh, Mommy, yes!”

“That's it!” Daddy groaned, thrusting his fingers in and out of my cunt faster than Mommy did.

“Ooh, yes, yes, enjoy yourself,” Mommy cooed into my ear. She bit my lobe, her pussy clenching on my digits.

Then her flesh spasmed around them just like my cunt did around their digits. She joined me in rapture. She experienced those same heavenly waves of delight that washed out of my pussy. My body thrashed between them as stars exploded across my vision.

“Little Ava!” Daddy grunted.

His cock erupted. Hot cum spurted over my swelling belly. It bathed my little baby bump in the very seed that had started my daughter in my womb. I trembled on the bed, my toes curling and relaxing. My head tossed back and forth as Daddy bathed my pregnant stomach in his cum.

“Oh, Mommy!” I gasped. “Daddy's spurting on me!”

“Mmm, he is,” she moaned, her pussy convulsing around my digits. Her juices soaked my hand. “But you know where he'd rather spurt his seed?”

“In one of his daughter's pussies!” I howled, fisting Daddy's cock, wringing him dry as my orgasm peaked.

“That's right,” purred Mommy. “Ride him. He took that little, red pill. Thank god for Super Viagra.”

“Yes!” Daddy groaned.

I grinned as I sat up, his cum running over my baby bump and dribbling to my pussy. Mommy and Daddy's fingers slid out of my still-spasming cunny. My orgasms rippled through me, dying down, but not wholly forgotten. I threw my leg over Daddy's waist, straddling him.

His eyes stared up at my round breasts. They were already growing larger than Mommy's tits. I shuddered as I pressed my pussy against Daddy's cock. Mommy smiled while taking Daddy's right hand. She pulled his pussy-soaked fingers to her lips and sucked on them.

Daddy groaned in delight, his dick throbbing against my hungry twat.

I reached down and grabbed him. I stared down my body, my breasts heaving, the slight swell to my stomach dribbling with cum. I raised my body up with my thighs and guided his aching shaft to the entrance to my pussy.

I felt that familiar cock and smiled in delight. I impaled myself down his dick and groaned, my breasts bouncing before me. It felt so incredible to take him in me. He filled me to the hilt. My eyes fluttered in delight.

“Daddy!” I moaned as the rapture rippled through me. I felt so complete with him in me. My pussy was bred to take his cock. Grandmother was the first, and she made Mommy who made me. I wished I could have met Grandma Rachel.

“Mmm, ride him,” mommy purred. She leaned in and licked up at the cum staining my baby bump.

I shuddered at the feel of her tongue sliding up my skin. She licked up Daddy's cum while his still-hard cock throbbed in my bred pussy. I rose up his shaft, my cunt clinging to him. The pleasure rippled through me, sliding through my body, filling me with such delight.

I gasped as Mommy's tongue probed into my bellybutton. She scooped out some of the jizz from there. I slammed my pussy down Daddy's cock. My clit rubbed into his wiry pubic hair. His bush tickled my labia, sending such wicked delight through my body.

“Yes, yes, I love your cock, Daddy!” I howled at the top of my voice, the bed creaking as I raised myself up his cock again. My thighs flexed as I rode him, my breasts heaving. “It's the best.”

“Yes, it is,” Mommy groaned. Her tongue lapped up more cum, savoring it. Then she rose, jizz on her lips, and cupped my face.

She kissed me hard.

Mommy thrust her cum-coated tongue into my mouth, sharing our daddy's wonderful seed. This heady thrill rushed through me. My cunt clenched around Daddy's cock. I slammed down him over and over, the silky friction rippling through me as I snowballed his jizz back and forth with mommy.

I hoped to do this with my daughter someday.

My pussy clung to daddy's cock. I rode up and down him, my hips dancing from side to side, stirring around his big dick. I kissed Mommy as she shifted over. She straddled Daddy's face, his moans growing muffled by her pussy.

She squealed into my kiss. I knew Daddy loved her.

I broke the kiss and stared into her blue eyes. Such passion swam in them. We rode Daddy together, sharing him. Loving him. Our arms went around the other's neck, our forehead's pressed tight as we had this unbreakable bond.

We were both our Daddy's lover.

It was so hot to share this with her. “I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you, Avalon,” she groaned, her voice breaking with emotion.

We kissed again, our tongues dueling. We feasted on each other's lips as we rode Daddy. Our breasts brushed together, nipples caressing as I worked my pussy up and down Daddy's thick cock. The amazing shaft stimulated me.

Brought me closer and closer to cumming.

My orgasm built in me as I kissed Mommy with such hunger. Daddy groaned, his cock loving the hot embrace of my bred pussy. Mommy's lips devoured mine. I could tell Daddy feasted on her with such passion. He loved her pussy, drinking her wonderful juices.

This incestuous rush surged through me, driving me towards another orgasm. I clung to Mommy, loving her as I loved our daddy's dick with my juicy pussy. My cunt clung to his thick shaft as I worked up and down him.

“Damn!” Daddy groaned into Mommy's twat. “Our daughter, Michelle!”

Mommy broke the kiss and moaned, “I know! Oh, god, she's such a naughty minx. Ooh, yes, Daddy! Eat my pussy!”

I grinned as she arched her head back. Her breasts swam at the bottom of my vision. I ducked down and suckled on a pink nub, wishing she lactated. Drinking her milk would be so hot. I nursed hard while my pussy clenched around Daddy's cock.

I slammed down him harder. I rode him as fast as I could while moaning around Mommy's hard nub. I loved the feel of her in my mouth. I climbed towards my orgasm faster and faster. I squeezed my eyes shut as I reveled in sharing my love with my parents.

“Avalon! Daddy!” moaned Mommy. “Oh, yes, yes, you two are driving me wild.”

“Cum, Michelle!” Daddy groaned. “I love it when you drown me.”

So did I.

I sucked so hard as Mommy gasped. Her body shook. I knew she was giving Daddy what he craved. My bred pussy clenched his dick. I slammed down him, my clit throbbing while Mommy bucked. I wanted to join her in rapture.

She held me to her breast as she cried out her orgasmic passion. Her moans echoed through our bedroom. I sucked hard on her nipple. I nibbled on it, loving every bit of her nub. My tongue danced around her areola as my orgasm swelled and swelled.

“Avalon!” gasped Mommy. “You naughty, little girl.”

I popped my mouth off and moaned, “I am!”

I exploded with incestuous passion.

My pussy convulsed around Daddy's cock. My flesh writhed as I bucked on him. I groaned and gasped, the bliss surging through me. My tits heaved, brushing Mommy's. We clung to each other, pressing our tits tight now as we both shared incestuous passion.

Daddy made us both climax.

“Cum in our little girl!” Mommy moaned. “Do it, Daddy! She needs it.”

“Yes, she does,” Daddy groaned as I bucked and bounced on his cock, working my writhing cunt up and down his shaft.

“Uh-huh,” I whimpered, my mind drowning in orgasmic bliss. Cumming on my daddy's big dick was the best.

My flesh spasmed around him. His dick throbbed as Mommy kissed me. She thrust her tongue into my mouth, muffling my moans. Our nipples throbbed as they rubbed together, adding sparks to my orgasm while new waves of delight washed out of my cunt.

Daddy groaned into Mommy's snatch.

His cock erupted.

My orgasm intensified as his jizz spilled into me. New surges of passion rushed through me. I bucked and groaned on the bed as the delight burned through my body. Waves after rippling waves of ecstasy washed over my mind.

I loved my family.

I clung to Mommy as my pussy milked Daddy's cock. His cum flooded my pregnant twat. I shuddered, my hands darting down to rub my baby bump. I couldn't wait for my daughter to feel this amazing bliss. To lose her cherry to her Daddy's amazing cock.

I had this flash of her, a red-haired beauty who looked like me and Mommy blended together. She had blue eyes, like Mommy, and freckles like me. She would be so sexy and naughty and delicious. She would cry out in delight.

As I came down from my orgasmic high, I broke my kiss with Mommy and moaned, “I want to name my daughter Vanessa!”

It just felt right. I could see her. I knew she would be so happy. I couldn't wait for her to grow up and be ready for Daddy's cock.


Vanessa Young – May 2056

My heart beat so fast as I stood before my parents' door. It was past midnight. I was eighteen now, but... This was such a big step. Was I ready for this? Was I ready to become a woman? I knew Mommy wanted it. She was so feisty and fierce and fearless. I bit my lip, my red hair swaying down my back. It was still in a braid.

I was too nervous to undo it when I went to bed a few hours ago. I hadn't slept a wink. I kept staring at the clock, watching it countdown to slowly midnight.

I gave the softest knock on my parents' door. A little rap. I swallowed and held my breath. The house felt so silent. I could hear the clock downstairs ticking away. It was one of those old-fashioned ones with gears in it. It wasn't even hooked into the house's agent.

The bed creaked.

I let out a whimper. I wanted to just run away. I wasn't ready for this.

The door opened and my mother and grandmother were both their standing naked. They were both beautiful, Mommy's round breasts still firm and ripe while Grandmother's had a little bit of sag. She had a mature face, her blue eyes so bright while Mommy's green eyes had a playful look in them.

“So, it's midnight, huh?” Mommy asked.

“You're just like your mother,” Grandmother said with a fond tone.

“I'm...” I swallowed. “I'm scared. I'm not sure I'm ready, Mommy.” Tears brimmed in my eyes. “Is that bad.”

Mommy gave me a soft smile. She cupped my face. “Of course not, honey. You don't need to feel pressured. You have to be ready for it.”

That helped. Some of the tension around my heart relaxed. It wasn't squeezing me with as much terror. I wasn't as afraid of losing my virginity to Daddy. I could feel him in at the bad, watching me. He wasn't saying anything. I knew he wouldn't hurt me. I loved him. Trusted him.

But losing my virginity was such a big step.

“Do you want a bedtime tale to help relax you?” Mommy asked, slipping her arm around my body. She pulled me close to her. I felt her round breast pressing into my side.

“That would be nice,” I said as she led me down the hallway.

“You're such a good mother, Avalon,” Grandmother said as Mother led me to my bedroom.

Once, it was Mommy's bedroom, and before that, it was Grandmother's. They both loved Daddy. We were all sisters, too, though it was weird to think about that.

Mommy opened my door and led me to my bed, the pink sheets thrown back. I sank down on the bed and Mommy slipped beside me. She lay on her side, her breasts jiggling as they piled together. Her nipples were right before me.

Feeling nervous, I found myself latching onto her nub and suckling like I was a baby. I gasped as a squirt of rich, creamy breast milk filled my mouth. I whimpered at the hot, sweet treat. So different from cow's milk. I didn't like that type of cream, but Mom's...

I found myself suckling with hunger.

Mommy cooed and stroked my hair down to my braid. “Mmm, you haven't nursed from me since you were a baby. Do you like that I still lactate? Your daddy and grandmother love it. They made sure I kept lactating all these years. Isn't that naughty of them?”

I whimpered around her nipple, nodding my head.

“So, what story would you like to hear?” Mommy asked.

I popped my mouth off her nipple and moaned, “You and Daddy's wedding day.”

Mommy smiled, her green eyes twinkling. I had grandmother's blue eyes. “Well,” Mommy purred as I latched onto her nipple again, “that was a naughty day. I was still pregnant with you, nice and round...”

To be continued...
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