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John, Fred, and both CG boys unholstered their guns and went running outside.
The Chauffeur (#34) The Aftermath


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John, Fred, and both CG boys took their guns out of their holsters and ran outside. I hear a couple of rounds fired off, not sure who fired or if they hit anything.

I looked around and asked if anyone was hurt. I saw blood on Mom and some on Jill and Dakota. I went to each of the ladies, I didn’t see any wounds on Mom. I went to both Jill and Dakota, worried that both of my ladies had been hit by gunfire.

Dr. Ronda, at the other end of the table, was checking everyone at the far end of the table. Jennifer was the first one to scream.

“OH, MY GAWD, DAVID, YOU’VE BEEN SHOT,” she says to me. I start to look at myself but at first, I don’t feel anything, nor do I see anything except some blood. Dakota points to what she believes is my wound. To me at least, it looks as if the bullet hit my bicep. The blood that was coming out of the wound was not causing me pain as my adrenaline was pumping so fast.

I just sit down on the floor as my brain begins to realize that my body has been hit by a bullet. I keep asking everyone to check themselves and the person next to you for any bullet wound or any other type of injury from diving to the floor.

John comes back to the house first. Jill is already dialing 911 and telling the emergency operator that the house was attacked. John walked the front windows and counted 11 bullet holes. He also noticed that two bullets were lodged in the wall behind Paula and Dr. Ronda. The doctor was using our first aid kit to stop my bleeding. Dakota and Jill were both holding my hand, Dakota's eyes were filled with tears. Jill was pissed off and wanted to get into her car and chase these bastards down.

Dr. Ronda kept telling her to calm down, you know, the usual thing that makes everyone calm. Yeah, not so much. Poor Patrick and Aurora, I invite them to our Thanksgiving meal and they nearly get killed. I just keep apologizing to them. They were nice enough to tell me not to worry, but of course, I do worry. I worry that maybe Jaxson, Inc. is under attack. First the fire at the trucking location in Sacramento and now multiple gunshots through our front window.

While it seemed like an eternity, I hear sirens coming our way. Mike Booker, Mark Newberg, Patrick, and Marcus moved all the ladies into the kitchen where there were no opportunities for a direct shot from outside our home. Dakota went to our room and her room and fetched both Jill’s gun and her own. She took Mom by the hand and pulled a chair into the kitchen for Mom to sit on.

As emergency vehicles arrived, Fred and the two CG boys stood guard at our front door. The Police also sent a SWAT unit, but they determined rather quickly that SWAT was not needed.

All the ladies were clearly shaken. A couple was crying. Amy was just as pissed as Jill. She left the others and went to her room retrieving her firearm. Patrick and Aurora were OK, shaken but OK. The porn twins and Belinda and Allison were all shaken with the porn twins crying. Allison and Belinda were hugging them and trying to sooth them and calm them down.

Donna came over and sat by me as did Jennifer. Although neither one had their gun, they stayed with me trying to stop my bleeding with a couple of cloth napkins and pressure on the wound.

The CG boys let the EMTs enter. Fred took over outside and discussed with the Police what happened. They called for their forensic crime unit.

As the EMTs worked on me, they suggested that I go to the hospital. I clearly refused to say that I was not going to abandon my family. Doctor Ronda assured the EMTs that she would stay here with us and keep a personal eye on me. Jill was up and pacing by the front door, she was really pissed off. She so wanted to go after those guys, but she decided that staying in the house was a better choice for everyone’s safety.

I saw Dakota on the phone.

“Who are you talking to Darling?” I asked.

She just handed me the phone. I looked at the caller ID and saw that she had called Roger.

“David, what the hell happened. Dakota said that you have lots of bullet holes in your front window,” Roger says to me.

“Well, yeah, we do have some new ventilation in our front windows. Police are here now. What’s the odds that we have this massive fire, that the Fire Department determines is arson, and as we are sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner, we end up with about a dozen bullet holes in our front window?” I ask.

Roger says he believes that someone, maybe the Russians were trying to intimidate us or the company. Little do they know that they are only setting their own fate should I have anything to do with them.

Bobby and Sammy begin to put all the food back in the oven and on the stove. They collect all the plates and silverware. They do pull out a sleeve of red solo cups and begin to pour wine for everyone in the kitchen trying to get people to settle down.

A large man named Julius McKenzie, a Sargent of the Police comes into the house to speak to us. He starts with me asking questions about if any of us saw the cars or the shooters. I pointed to our security system. He just smiled.

Amy played the security back for Sargent McKenzie. They got clear facial shots of the drivers of both cars, they had license tags of both cars and they had the video of the shooters firing multiple gunshots at the front of the house. Sargent McKenzie put out an APB for the cars. As he was speaking to others inside the kitchen, Sargent McKenzie took a call over his walkie talkie that both cars were spotted near downtown and Police were circling to take them down.

John came back into the house and came over to check on me first. I told him to go to Diane, as she is probably all shook up. He does as I suggest and goes over to her. He puts his arms around her and pulls her in tightly to him assuring her that everything will be alright.

Every so often, I apologize to Patrick and Aurora again. I feel so damn bad that they showed up for what was supposed to be a delightful meal and ended up in a shooting at our home. They both were cool about the whole thing, but I felt like shit.

About 45 minutes after the first of the Police arrived, news crews began to arrive as word was out that our home was fired upon. Fred took both of his nephews and walked to the gate entrance and poked the buttons to close the gates leaving the press outside of the courtyard. Several of them took Fred’s picture as he directed them to leave the property. A couple of minutes later, two news helicopters were hovering overhead shooting live pictures of our courtyard.

John gave the copy of the security video to Sargent McKenzie, but there was a copy still on the hard drive of the computer so we could look at it later.

The porn twins and Belinda decide to head to their pool home. Allison stays in the kitchen with everyone else. The Police were extracting bullets from the wall in the living room and the two that buzzed past us over the dining room table. They also extracted the one that hit me in the bicep. That one stung a bit as the adrenaline had worn off by then. The EMTs were cool about letting Dr. Ronda handle me and my injury. She extracted the bullet and sewed me up and put a large bandage on my left bicep covering the stitches that she put in my arm. She also gave me a large shot of morphine to help with the pain. It didn’t take long before I was as loopy as Jill was the night of her accident in the ER.

Both Jill and Amy were still pissed. I could see them pacing. I tried my best to ask them to calm down but asking that was about as helpful as telling an alcoholic not to drink the rum.

Mom got up from her chair and came over to me. By this time, I was apologizing to practically everyone for ruining their Thanksgiving. Mom looked me in the eyes and told me to just be quiet. Fred was coordinating things with the Police. John stood at our front door, although his gun was holstered now. I felt safer seeing him stand there. It was probably just the morphine making me think that way.

I apologized to Kim and Kay. They laughed a bit saying that they now had the best Thanksgiving story ever. I just giggled at that statement, clearly, the morphine was having its way with my brain. Jill finally settled down a bit and sat on the floor next to me. She put her arms around me and kissed me. I wanted to kiss her more and do ‘other’ things, but she playfully slapped my hand and told me to behave.

Maddie, BJ, and Danni were all having solo cups of wine, the Cierra wine. Bobby and Sammy kept asking if they could fix a plate for anyone. No one was hungry at that moment. I do remember Sammy telling all of us that he made several pies and they are in the fridge in the big kitchen. Marcus got up and went to go look at them. He came back several minutes later telling us that he saw a cherry pie, two Dutch apple crumb pies, a pumpkin pie, a pecan pie, and two chocolate mousse pies and a lemon meringue pie. He also told us that he saw several different types of cookies, but other than chocolate chip he couldn’t remember any of the flavors.

Sammy just laughed at him saying, “Why didn’t you just ask me, I would have told you what I made,” several of the ladies giggled at his answer.


It took nearly four hours before all the Police investigation was complete. They got the two cars that were on our security video, but the perpetrators had gotten away. The crime forensic unit was headed over to the two cars to be dusted for fingerprints as in the video no one was wearing gloves.

Patrick and Aurora asked the Police if they could go home. The Police offered to take them home, but they refused to say that their car was in our courtyard. Once again, I apologized, not very coherently but I apologized again.

They were escorted out to their car. They got in and left. Mark Newberg collected Kim and Kay and took them back to their apartment.

I saw that Jennifer was sad. I knew it was because the shooting screwed up her opportunity to maybe have a nice discussion with Patrick. I just kept apologizing to Jennifer for screwing up her Thanksgiving. She too told me to just shush.

Mike Booker asked if anyone needed a ride anywhere as he was headed across town. No one took him up on his offer. He just left, after again I apologized for ruining his Thanksgiving.

Maddie, BJ, and Danni all went down the hall and landed in a bedroom. Again, I apologized but they just ignored me. I guess that the morphine was making me even more worried that I had ruined everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday.

By this time of the evening, we were down to 18 people including me. I was still sitting on the floor of the formal dining room. Hunger was now beginning to take over my thoughts. I asked John if he was hungry and he told me that he was.

I asked Sammy if they could make John and I plates of food to eat. They gladly made me a plate with roast beef, turkey, some sliced ham, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes and gravy. When John saw the plate that they made me he asked for the exact same plate that I got. As the plates were being made, a couple of the ladies, including Diane, Dakota, Jill, and Amy all asked for plates of food. Bobby and Sammy were now smiling as I was trying to stuff food into my mouth as fast as I could.

John was eating even faster than me. He finished in just a couple of minutes. Taking his plate over to Bobby, he asked for more AFTER the ladies all got their food. Since Sammy was making the plates for the ladies, Bobby put several slices of roast beef, two turkey legs, and three slices of ham on John’s plate. No veggies, but a large blob of mashed potatoes and lots of gravy. John was licking his lips before he even got a bite of the second plate.

By now, Jennifer was hungry as well and asked if Sammy could make her a plate also. Of course, he obliged making Jennifer smile, the first smile since the shooting.

Mom asked for just a small plate as her tummy was still upset with all the commotion that we had today. Bobby gave her a nice helping of mashed potatoes telling her that the potatoes will soak up much of the belly acid. She thanked him for taking care of all of us.

I asked the CG boys to check and see if any of the Police were hungry. They all thanked us but declined. The CG boys came into the house, locking the front door and heading into the kitchen. Bobby and Sammy made each of them a plate of food, then made themselves a plate. We all just sat around, no one really saying anything.

John sat down on the floor at Diane’s feet. She caressed his shoulders telling him how she felt so safe with him by her side. I just smiled, what the heck else could I do? Dr. Ronda gave me another shot of morphine and I was just out of my mind with silliness. Everyone seemed to be laughing with me, but upon further thought maybe it was laughing AT me.

At some point, I began to find everything funny to me. I saw Dakota and Diane both giggling at me. I knew that the morphine was having its way with my brain.

Fred, his nephews and John all discussed taking turns watching over the house. They checked the back gate making sure to add a lock to it ensuring that the ladies in the pool home were safe. John took the first watch. They all agreed to take watches in three-hour increments.

At some point, the morphine did what it was supposed to do, it relaxed me enough that I fell asleep sitting on the floor next to the dining room table. No one tried to wake me, but a couple of the guys, I’m not sure who, got me up and took me to my bedroom.

I was out like a light. I felt two women get into bed with me at some point. I was able to open one eye and see Jennifer all snuggled up to me. The one behind me felt like Dakota, but I was too drugged up to even move.

It wasn’t until the next morning that I woke up. Jennifer was wrapped around me. I rolled over the best I could and saw Dakota snuggled up to me. A bit disoriented, I tried my best to sit up as I had to pee. It took several minutes but finally, I was able to sit up. I scooched off the bed and headed into the bathroom.

I was very wobbly legged, but I did manage to get into the shower. However, once in there I realized that I had forgotten to take off my shorts and tee shirt. The shorts were easy to remove, the tee shirt, not so much. Because of the large bandage on my left bicep lifting my arms over my head proved to be difficult….and painful as the morphine had worn off.

Dakota came into the bathroom. Apparently, my disjointed attempt to get out of bed woke her.

“Here, let me help you, Daddy,” Dakota said to me.

I ended up sitting on the bathroom sink countertop. Dakota tried to take my tee shirt off me, but I was up too high for her to get my shirt off. She asked me to take her hand and she pulled me back out to the bedroom and sat me down in Jill’s makeup chair. That was the proper height to be able to take the tee shirt off me. She had me lift my arms up as high as I could without too much pain. She first took the right arm off, then took my head out of the tee shirt. She moved very carefully taking extra care in taking the tee shirt off my left arm.

Once she was finally able to remove it, she looked around for something plastic to cover the bandage and not allow it to get wet. She told me to just sit still, she had an idea of what to use. She trotted out of the bedroom. I just sat there looking at how beautiful Jennifer was, still sleeping in my bed. That got me to thinking where Jill might be.

Of course, I got up and stumbled over to the bedroom door. I opened it and began to walk down the hallway. As I reached the living room, I saw the bullet holes through the front windows, my mind immediately flashed back to yesterday and the terrifying events.

“Daddy, I thought I told you to stay in Jill’s makeup chair. What the heck are you doing out here?” Dakota scolded me.

I just kept walking towards the dining room table, which was all cleaned off. Fred came over to me asking how I was doing.

“Sir, is there anything I can get you? Do you need anything?” Fred asked.

“Um, where’s Jill?”

“She’s sleeping on one of the couches in the TV room. Would you like me to get her?” he asked.

I didn’t respond, I just stumbled out to the TV room and found my Jilly. I sat down on the edge of the couch and kissed her. She opened one eye and looked at me.

“Darling, why are you out of bed. Didn’t Dr. Ronda tell you that you need to rest for a couple of days?” Jill said to me.

“Dakota’s trying to help me take a shower,” was all that I could manage to say.

Jill sat up. Dakota came over to me and put my left arm through this plastic newspaper bag and put a couple of strips of duct tape around it to hold it in place.

Dr. Ronda was sleeping on the other couch and she woke. She got up, grabbed her black doctor bag and began checking me out. So, here I sat in the TV room, completely naked. Dakota was trying to make my arm covered and safe for my shower. Dr. Ronda was taking my temperature, blood pressure, and gently poking the bandage to make sure it was fine. When she poked one specific spot I jumped.

“Hey! That hurts,” I said to her causing Dakota to giggle.

As Dr. Ronda was checking me over, my cock began to stir. All these beautiful women touching me and being around me just got my manhood ready to play.

Dr. Ronda was the first to joke about me, “Good thing the bullet hit your arm or there would be much more crying in this house,”

Dakota added, “Well the arm is not as needed as his wonderful cock is,”

Jill finished with, “Well, maybe we should have his dick bronzed then,”

All three of the ladies were giggling.

“David, you need to settle down. Getting hard during my blood pressure check is making the numbers all wacko.” She says to me.

“Well, you certainly know how to make me settle down,” I say to her looking into her beautiful eyes.

Before Ronda could even do anything, Dakota, who as usual was wearing no panties just one of my white tee shirts impaled herself on my hard cock. She began to rock back and forth. Jill just laughed and said, “Damn Dakota when are you NOT ready to fuck David?” This caused Dakota to just giggle.

I was truly enjoying her body riding my hard cock. I could feel her body roll through some small orgasms. I felt the wetness covering my cock and balls from Dakota’s sweet pussy.

I wrapped my right arm around her and pulled her into me tightly. She began to increase her fucking of me. I just laid my body back against the back cushion of the couch as Dakota was now fucking me with passion and purpose. It didn’t take all that long before she reached a large orgasm, “OH GAWD DADDY, I LOVE WHEN YOU’RE INSIDE OF ME. YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD DADDY. I LOVE YOU!” She says as I feel her pussy spasm on my cock and feel her wetness continue to coat my cock and balls.

In just a few moments, a second large orgasm ravaged her lithe body. “OH, GAWD DADDY, I’M CUMMING. OH GAWD, I’M CUMMING SO HARD,” she said before her lips met mine in a passionate kiss.

Dr. Ronda spoke up in a giggling voice, “Um, Dakota, you not helping his blood pressure to go down at all, not one little bit,” making Jill laugh out loud.

I just kept looking at Ronda, wondering if she really would have made a baby with me. She is beautiful, she is smart, she has a natural beauty that needs no makeup. All she would have to do is ask me and I would most certainly put a baby into her, but I know that she isn’t ready for that. She’s way too busy being a wonderful doctor with many patients and having a baby would just complicate things in her life now.

As I’m enjoying Dakota having her way with me, Danni comes out and giggles saying, “Hey, can I get some of that too?” Jill responds that she’s got way too many clothes on to get ‘some of that’. Danni sheds her clothes in just a few seconds. Jill reaches over and pulls on Dakota’s arm indicating that Dakota has already cum multiple times, and it is time to share. Dakota puts on her cute pouty face but unplugs herself from my cock. She was barely off me before Danni pounced on my cock. This caused both Jill and Dr. Ronda to laugh out loud.

Ronda went on to say, “Maybe I should start selling Fuck David tickets. We’d all be millionaires rather quickly,” she said laughing. This caused Jill to laugh as well. Dakota giggled and Danni’s eyes were rolling to the back of her head as she was bouncing up and down on my hard manhood.

I could feel her getting my cock and balls wet. She was really cumming repeatedly on me. I noticed that her breathing changed. I hear Dakota say quietly, “Here she goes,” giggling a bit.

And then it happened, Danni went completely limp falling forward onto my chest. Jill laughed, Dakota laughed. Dr. Ronda apparently had never seen this happen with me. She started to go over to check on Danni, but before she got to Danni Jill just slapped her across the face. This made Danni take a huge gulp of air. She came back to consciousness. She knew what had happened.

“Oh, my gawd, it happened again didn’t it?” She asked the room.

“Yep, you’re a two-time member of the club, you slut,” Dakota said smiling and giggling.

“The club?” Dr. Ronda asked.

Jill took the time to explain to Ronda that I apparently have a natural talent to make some women orgasm so hard that they pass out. It takes a slap across the face to bring them back to consciousness. Jill suspects that it is because many women begin to hold their breath during an orgasm and thus with the body orgasming and the girl holding her breath the two items make the lady pass out or go unconscious.

Dr. Ronda was intrigued.

“Does this happen to every girl you fuck David?” She asked.

“No, not at all. Usually, the younger ladies seem to respond to me more this way than ladies over the age of well, I would say 30,” I tell her.

“This is interesting. I’ve heard about this but have never seen it live and in person,” she says.

Jill pipes up and says, “Well Tina was the original member of the club, and at this point, she is the only 6-time member. Dakota has gone twice and now Danni has gone twice, but I think that Amy may be a three-time gal,” Jill tells Ronda.

I ask, “Tina is a 6-time gal? I had lost track,” I say to Jill.

Danni stays with her head on my chest.

I ask, smiling the whole time, “Do I get to cum or should I take care of myself?”

Danni goes back to fucking me hard. She is bouncing herself up and down on me. In my head, I thought about BJ’s statement that I would ‘toss her aside’ to fuck Danni. It kind of made me a bit sad thinking about being a second choice to people. Although Danni was cute and very sexual, I found BJ to have much more beauty to her than Danni. BJ didn’t need any makeup to look gorgeous, however, she didn’t see herself in that manner.

Danni is really bouncing up and down on my cock hard, but I’m not getting there. I don’t know why, but I’m just not feeling like Danni will get me to my orgasm.

I pull Dr. Ronda over to me and whisper in her ear, “Please fuck me,” smiling as I whisper that to her.

“David, you want me when you have a beautiful woman riding you hard?” Ronda whispers in my ear.

I just nod yes. She shakes her head, as if in amazement, and begins to shed her clothes. When she is naked, Dakota pulls on Danni’s arm and asks her to let Ronda have a turn with me. She doesn’t even argue, she just removes herself from my manhood. I kiss her as she gets off me, thanking her for the ride.

Ronda slowly gets on my cock. I feel her tight pussy gently adjust as she slowly puts herself onto my cock. It takes her a couple of minutes to have me fully inside of her. I grab her gently by the hips and roll her onto her back. I begin to thrust into her. She is moaning as she feels my cock go into her fully then move back out until just the tip of my cock remains inside of her pussy.

I must lean most of my weight on my right arm as putting weight on my left arm gave me some wincing pain. I went slowly in and out of Ronda. Her eyes never left mine as we fucked more like lovers than friends. I took my time and kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. She moaned into my ear telling me how much she loves me.

I feel her body spasming over and over underneath me. I sit back on my knees and lift each ankle over my shoulder, although using my left arm to lift her ankle was a bit more difficult than I anticipated.

Once they were over my shoulders, I began to push myself as deep into her as I could get. I felt the tip of my cock move past her cervix. This caused her to moan loudly and reach her first large orgasm.


I just keep pushing myself as deep into her as I can possibly get. Each time I feel my cock pushing past her cervix, I hold it there for a couple of moments. I know that if I’m that deep into her when I cum, it will make her have one long continuous orgasm as we’ve been through this before.

I keep thrusting into her. She keeps having orgasm after orgasm. Finally, I feel that twinge in my balls that tells me I’m approaching my own orgasm. I pick up my pace of thrusting into Ronda.

“DARLING, I’M ABOUT TO CUM IN YOU. YOU FEEL SO WONDERFUL TO ME. I LOVE YOU TOO,” I say to her just before I thrust as deep into her as I can get shooting all of myself into her womb directly.


I lean into her and kiss her deeply and passionately. I kiss her nose, I kiss each cheek and I put my lips back onto her lips and our tongues begin the dance of love.

After what felt like quite a long time of cumming into Ronda, Jill leaned down and said to Ronda, “If you aren’t on birth control, he just put a baby into you,” smiling as she said that.

Ronda didn’t respond, which confused me.

“Ronda, are you OK?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m more than OK. I love you, David Greene. You always make me feel so loved, no matter how many ladies are having their way with you, you always seem to make me feel like I am your only lover. No one in my entire life has made me feel that way,” Ronda says to me in a very serious tone. I kiss her again, as passionately as I can possibly kiss her. It takes several minutes before my cock begins to deflate and Ronda unplugs herself from me. She kisses me again as she is getting up from underneath me.


As I sit on the floor, Ronda is still breathing very heavy. I felt my cock and balls being very wet. Ronda jokes about not having to check my blood pressure now because she felt it would be a very high reading and then giggled about that joke.

I find it funny that all these women have circled around me. I mean, when I was younger, before I got married the first time, I wasn’t all that much of a lady’s man. I dated a few, and I even had a couple that I could go to just for sex, but nothing like what my life is right now. Of course, being a multi-millionaire might help as well along with a 28,000 square foot house.

Jill moved her feet so I could sit on the couch. Dr. Ronda put her clothes back on and went back to checking my bandage to make sure it was tight and secure.

Dakota went back to trying to put the plastic bag over my bandage to keep it dry during the shower that I was sure Dakota was going to join me in doing. I just sit on the couch looking at all the beautiful women in my life knowing that I love each one, well maybe not Danni just yet, but I could see her being a long-term part of the playgroup.

When Dakota had my arm fully covered, she got me up and walked me back down the hallway to my bedroom. When we opened the door, I heard the shower already running. I saw that my bed was empty and figured that Jennifer was in the shower.

I just walked into the bathroom, and sure enough, Jennifer was in my shower.

“Come to join me, lover?” Jennifer asked.

I opened the door and entered the shower. Jennifer gently touched my plastic covered bandage.

“Dakota did a good job covering your bandage,” she said to me.

“How do you know Dakota did this?” I asked.

“Tell me, who else takes as good a care of you other than Dakota?” she says.

“Well, as usual, you are correct my dear,” I tell her before I kiss her.

She responds to my kiss, parting her lips and putting her tongue into my mouth. I put my right arm around her. She puts both of her arms around me. We stand like that underneath the hot water kissing and holding each other. Again, I am fascinated by the love that all these ladies show me. I gently push her back against the wall.

“Darling, I hope you know that I love both you and your son,” I say to her in a serious tone.

“Yes, my dear, you have no idea how much that means to me. You take great care of me and you have made my son into a wonderful man,” she says before she puts her lips back on mine.

I feel her hand begin to stroke my cock. It doesn’t take but a couple of strokes to make me hard yet again.

“Lover, when we get out of the shower, I want you to make love to me, please,” she says.

“You know that I’ll do pretty much anything you ask of me,” I say before I kiss her yet again.

She takes the shampoo and washes my hair. Then she takes the soap and soaps up my entire body, paying attention to my now hard cock. She strokes me multiple times with my cock and balls all soaped up. I look at her, again, I am so enamored with the beautiful women that surround me.

She gently puts me underneath the showerhead rinsing all the soap and shampoo off my body. She even turns me around and washes my back. As she rinses my back off, she puts her arms around me and just holds me from behind. It feels just wonderful being held. I caress her arms and hands that are tightly holding me. I make my turn in her arms and kiss her hard and passionately.

“I was worried that you or well, anyone might have gotten hurt last night,” I tell her. She just puts a finger to my lips wanting me to hush up and not talk about last night.

I do as she wants and stop talking. It does feel nice the hot water cascading over my body. Jennifer’s body touching me, washing me, kissing me. We stand there in the shower just kissing. I’m not sure how long we stood there, but it was long enough to make my hands and feet all pruny.

After several minutes, I reach over and turn the water off. Jennifer steps out of the shower first and grabs two towels. She hands one to me. I step out of the shower and she begins to dry my body off. I, in turn, begin to dry her body, her beautiful body. It takes several minutes before we are both dry. Jennifer again paid attention to my hard cock, making sure it was completely dry. She took both towels tossed onto the countertop and took me by the hand back into my bedroom. She climbed onto one of the play beds. I just followed her onto the bed.

We started by a passionate embrace of each other, putting our lips on one another kissing as two people in love would kiss. I put my right arm around her pulling her tightly into me. She reached down and began stroking my hard cock and tickling my balls.

I didn’t spend any time playing with her beautiful chest, I just began to lick her neck and nibble on her ear. I heard her moaning as I was licking and nibbling. She kept stroking my cock. Finally, she grasped ahold of it and pulled me towards her pussy. I rolled up on top of her and gently pushed myself into her. She responded by declaring her love for me repeatedly as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock.

I slowly and gently thrust into her. We went like that for several minutes. At some point, I began to increase my thrusting into her. She responded by pulling her knees up next to her ears, her cute ears.

I just kept pushing my manhood as deep into her as I could possibly get. I heard her moaning over and over declaring her love for me, which I did for her as well. While we were making love, John and Diane walked in on us. Diane grabbed John’s arm and walked him right back out of the room. He didn’t fuss, he didn’t object, he just complied and left. Although I did see a rye smile cross his lips as he turned around to leave the room.

Jennifer and I spent more than an hour making love. I told her over and over how much she means to me. I kissed her profusely and as we finished up with our lovemaking, I pulled her tightly to me. She snuggled her head into my chest. It wasn’t very long before I heard her breathing change as she drifted off to sleep. I wasn’t even close to being tired. I laid there for many more minutes then slowly and gently got up and out of bed. This time, I decided to put a pair of shorts on and while it took a couple of extra minutes, I managed to get a white tee shirt on as well.

I left the bedroom, with my beautiful Jennifer sleeping in one of the play beds. I went back down the hallway to find my visitors John and Diane in the kitchen. John, of course, was waiting for Bobby to cook him some food. The food smelled wonderful, I asked Bobby if he could heat me up some of what John was having.

“Do you want it on bread, a bun, a roll, or just on your plate?” he asked.

“Huh? What the heck is he having?”

“He’s having a roast beef hoagie with blended cheese and mushroom and sweet onions,” Bobby tells me.

“Oh, so basically a steak sandwich, but with roast beef instead of steak,” I reply.


“Then, put mine on a hoagie roll as well, but add yellow mustard to the roll please,” I say to Bobby. He begins to make the sandwich as I have asked. I look at Diane, she is eating a salad and has a bottle of water, which makes me smile seeing her eat like that.

“I noticed that no one went out to Black Friday sales,” I say to the room.

“Well, you’re not quite accurate. BJ, Allison, Amy, and Donna all went out shopping,” Diane tells me.

“WOW, really?” I say completely surprised.

My head begins to make a list of what to get everyone for Christmas. In my head, I also wanted to get Tina something and just send it to her with a personal note from Jill an I.

I knew immediately what I wanted to get John. I had a pretty good idea on what to get Jill, but after that the ideas were slim. I decided that I needed to open an app on my phone to list what I want to get for everyone for Christmas.

In my head, I thought of getting everyone a bulletproof vest, but that sounded funnier in my head than I was sure it wouldn’t go over very well.

As Bobby puts John’s plate in front of him, he tells me that mine is just moments away. I smile and realize just how hungry I am.

I sat down at the kitchen table, Jennifer came out of the hallway and sat on my lap, giving me a kiss. I see John smiling from ear to ear. Diane was also smiling her big beautiful smile as well, seeing Jennifer sitting on my lap.

I remember the very first time I met Jennifer, thinking to myself how incredibly beautiful she was. Emerald green eyes, auburn hair and a body that would stop anyone to look at her. She’s smart, she beautiful, and she’s dedicated. And, I loved making love to her just a few minutes ago. Of course, Dr. Ronda and I had a wonderful time as well. Jill’s comment about IF Dr. Ronda didn’t take her birth control pills puzzled me, was she just being cute or was she serious? Guess I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Bobby puts a plate full of hot food in front of me. They start putting plates of food in front of several people, smiling the whole time. Diane and John get up and start pouring more of the Cierra wine into red solo cups that they see scattered around. John had the bottle in one hand and the other hand had a big piece of his roast beef sandwich. He would pour some wine, then take a bite of sandwich.

I’ve become fond of John and proud of him. He has shown great maturity. He is learning from Dakota. He keeps his mouth shut and takes notes in his assistant’s book. He takes care of Diane first, getting her food, giving her big hugs, and last night ensuring that she was OK and calmed her down. Everyone sees the change in maturity in John. He even says ‘Ma’am’ to Dakota when she directs him to do something, which makes her smile every time.

I glance at the clock and see that it is midafternoon. I ask the room if anyone has heard from the ladies who are shopping. Of course, my darling Dakota has heard from them. They have finished shopping for today and are heading home. They took Dakota’s BMW so they would have something comfortable to ride in, plus after the incident last night, that car had the functionality to get away should they need to escape some bad guys.

I decided to go up to my office and get on the laptop for a bit. Oddly, as I passed a closed door, I heard an orgasmic peak. I pushed the door open quietly to see Danni and one of the CG boys going at it. Danni was on all fours and the CG boy was pounding her tight little ebony pussy from behind. She was taking all that he was pounding into her. I just stood there being a voyeur for a couple of minutes. Finally, the CG boy saw me and just smiled. I smiled back and turned around and left. As I reached my office door, Danni erupted in yet another orgasm announcing, “OH MY GAWD, I’M CUMMING, FUCK ME, I’M CUMMING,” she said loudly.

When the CG boy hit his orgasmic peak he just grunted.

I turned on my laptop. Once again there were over 1500 emails. I scanned through looking for multiple emails of the same topic. I eliminated each one except for the last one of the series, that took out 640. I scanned through looking for ones that needed immediate read and respond. The first one I got to was Roger’s summary of the trucking company fire. He said that he expected a full report from the Arson investigators in the next week or so. He also said that although the news was reporting that the fire was out, it really wasn’t. It has several hot spots that they need to keep putting both fire retardant and water on to keep them at a minimum. I thanked him for the information and requested that he copy me on the Arson report when he gets it.

Unexpectedly, I received a sweet email from Tina. She said that she misses all of us, specifically me. She is at Arizona State University trying to finish up her AA degree in business. She said that her Mom is much happier now that she is there with her. She wanted to thank Jill, Dakota, and myself for taking such good care of her. She asked that if we were heading to Texas maybe we might stop in Arizona to see her and her Mom.

I felt my eyes get heavy with tears as I missed her very much but was so glad that she wasn’t here yesterday. I sent her a response to her email telling her that all three of us miss her greatly. I told her about how much John has matured. I also reminded her that we bought the extended warranty on her BMW and to make sure she uses it. I told her that I loved her and missed her and at some point, we will stop in unexpectedly to visit with her.

I worked on my laptop for nearly three hours, before my shopping foursome came hunting for me. I thought about Donna’s car. It really wasn’t all that nice, maybe I need to buy her a car. BJ and Allison also have hooptie-mobiles. Only Amy has a decent car, not great but decent.

Allison came over to me and asked how I was feeling. I told her that I was tired as I had been up in this office for a couple of hours. She invited me to come back downstairs and join everyone. Donna came over and just sat on my lap. She kissed me and told me that I needed to get my beautiful ass downstairs as everyone is missing me. Each of the ladies came over to me and kissed me tugging on my white tee shirt to get me to get off my laptop. Finally, I succumbed to their wily ways and shut my laptop off. BJ was tugging at my shorts, Donna at my tee shirt, Allison was holding my hand, and Amy, well she was pushing me from behind, grabbing a handful of my ass when she felt like doing so.

I was smiling all the way down the hallway, down the stairs, and into the kitchen. Several of the ladies came over to me and kissed me passionately. Of course, I returned their kiss with an equal amount of passion.

I saw Mom and Fred sitting at the dining room table just having coffee and talking. I decided that I would join them.

“Hey, you two, is everything OK?” I ask.

Mom answers first, “Well it could be better,” she says with a smile.

“Um, what would make it better?” I ask.

“You joining us in the bedroom. I haven’t had you in quite a while and I think Fred is willing to share me. What do you say, Fred, are you willing to share me?” She says smiling at Fred.

“Of course, my dear, your request is my demand. If you would like David to join us, I’m all for it. You know me and how I feel about you,” Fred says.

I glance down at Fred who is tenting his own shorts.

“Lead the way,” I say to them.

Mom gets up and pulls Fred by the arm to join her. I follow them. I see a couple of pouty faces from Dakota and Amy as I follow Fred and Mom. Jennifer and Ronda are both smiling.

I follow them to Mom’s door. She pushes it open. I follow them into her room. I had not seen her room since she moved in. I had always tried to give her, her own space and not interfere at all.

As I enter Mom’s bedroom, I am taken by Mom’s hand and walked over to her play bed. She points to the bed and I climb on. She follows me and Fred follows her. She lays on her back tugging at my hard cock through my shorts. I slide my shorts off and roll on top of her positioning my hard cock at the entrance to her sex. Fred meanwhile, slides up and puts his hard cock at her lips, which she gladly parts and begins to lick and suck Fred.

I push my hard cock into Mom slowly, stopping every few inches to allow her delightful pussy to adjust to my size. Mom wraps her legs around my back and pulls me all the way into her delightful wet velvety pussy. I hear her moan loudly as I begin to thrust in and out of her. As I’m fucking her, she’s trying to maintain sucking Fred off to completion.

Fred is gently thrusting himself into her throat passing her uvula and all the way into her throat, which she swallows hard to accommodate him. Meanwhile, I am thrusting myself into Mom at an increased pace. Mom is now moaning with Fred’s cock in her mouth and my cock pushing deep into her pussy. She is cumming all over my cock and balls. She is cumming so much that I feel the cum dripping off my balls onto the bed.


I smile at Fred. It doesn’t take him very long and he announces his own orgasm into Mom’s accepting mouth.

“DAMN MOM, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HERE I CUM MY DARLING,” I say as I shoot what feels like an enormous amount of cum into Mom. I keep my thrusting until my cock begins to deflate. I lean into Mom and kiss her hard. She kisses me back just as hard and puts her tongue into my mouth. We kiss for several minutes. Fred begins licking and sucking on Mom’s boobs. I roll off her, wipe myself off and put my shorts back on. Mom thanks me for joining them and I head out of the bedroom.

As I leave Mom’s bedroom, I am cornered by Ronda and Jennifer who literally drag me into my own bedroom.

“C’mon Tiger, we both want a shot at you. I want your tongue to lick my pussy clean,” Ronda says to me. Jennifer says, “I want you to shoot all you have into my pussy as you did earlier,” looking directly into my eyes and giving me a wink.

As they pull me into my own bedroom, Jennifer leads me to one of the play beds and drops my shorts so that I’m naked once again. She pushes me back onto the bed. Ronda as swift as a cat, climbs onto the bed and positions her pussy over my face and lowers it slowly. I take a wonderful deep exhilarating breath of her womanhood before I begin to lick and suck on her labia and clit. I dart my tongue in and out of her sex causing her to cum in just a couple of minutes of my licking her sweet tasty pussy.

I feel a pair of lips on my cock licking and sucking to get me fully hard once again. She is moaning and telling me that Mom tastes delicious on my cock. I just smile and keep licking and sucking Ronda. Jennifer has me hard in just a couple of minutes. I feel her mount me and begin to rock back and forth allowing my cock to go as deep into her as it will reach.

“OH, MY GAWD DAVID, I’M CUMMING SO HARD FROM YOUR WONDERFUL TONGUE. I DON’T KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT YOU MAKE ME CUM OVER AND OVER. I LOVE YOU DAVID,” she says as her body splashes my face with a copious amount of woman juice.

As I am lapping up Ronda’s cum, I feel Jennifer’s body begin to spasm on my cock. She hits a large orgasm as well saying, “DAVID, WE BOTH LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU MAKE OUR BODIES DO. I AM CUMMING SO HARD, CAN YOU FEEL ME CUMMING ON YOUR COCK, YOUR BEAUTIFUL COCK,” She says as her body shakes on top of me.

Both of my ladies are cumming together and I love both, for basically the same reason, they love me.

Ronda and Jennifer roll through orgasm number two, then number three and finally number four. As each of them comes down from number four, they both collapse onto me. Jennifer unplugs herself from my cock and Ronda rolls off my face. They both are laying alongside of me with their faces on my chest kissing each other. Ronda reaches down and pulls two fingers of um out of Jennifer’s pussy and puts them into her own mouth.

I just lay there and enjoy their kisses and soft wonderful bodies against my own.


As they both begin to drift off to sleep, I get up and head to the bathroom to take a shower since I now have three women’s sex juice on me. I step into the shower and turn on the delightful hot water and let it cascade over my body. I shampoo my hair and scrub my body with soap.

Once I am done, I turn off the water and step out drying myself off. I put on yet another set of shorts and a white tee shirt.

I unplug my phone from the charger and see that I have missed two calls from Special Agent Fernandez. I dial him back up.

“Hey there Agent, I see that I missed two of your phone calls to me,” I say to him.

“Oh, hey David. Yeah, I was calling to tell you that we have a good idea who started the fire at your trucking company facility. We are sure that it is family members of the Russian brothers that you helped us take down,” he tells me.

“What about the shooting at my home on Thursday night?” I ask.

“What shooting?” he asks.

“Well, we had two cars of guys shoot into the home Thursday. They fired about a dozen shots through the front windows. Thankfully, I was the only one who got hit. I took a bullet into my left bicep,” I tell him.

“David, I had no idea of that happening. No one from City Police sent me anything. Do you know who is handling the investigation?” He asks me.

“Um, hold on a moment, it’s Sargent McKenzie. He had SWAT here at first, but they decided that SWAT was not needed. I gave them a DVD from our security system of the two cars and the people who caused the issue,” I tell him.

“David, I’m sorry, but I have had nothing sent to me regarding a shooting at your home,” the agent says to me.

“Well, the media sure knew. They camped out in front of my entrance for 24 hours. They also had two news helicopters hovering over head for a couple of hours,” I tell Fernandez.

“And you believe that it is the same Russian brothers’ family?” He asks.

“I have no idea, I am just assuming it was them,” I say.

“David, I’ll call this Sargent McKenzie and get a copy of the report and I’ll get back to you soon,” Fernandez tells me.

“Thanks, Agent, I’ll look forward to hearing from you,” I tell him before hanging up.

I decided to look at the computer searching for the DVD that we gave the City Police. I set the computer to look at the archive. I put in the date of Thanksgiving into the computer. It pulls up the whole day. I fast forward to the shooting. I see two cars entering the courtyard. I see the plate camera clearly get a look at the plates of both cars. The face camera got a clear shot of each driver, who doesn’t look Russian at all. In fact, they appear to be on the Hispanic side.

I watch as two young Hispanic youths lean out of their passenger side of their cars and fire off several rounds into our home through the front windows. After they finish firing into the house, they speed away laughing. I notice that none of them policed their brass, yet no one from the City Police said anything about collecting the shooters brass. I pause the computer and head outside. I walk around and don’t see any casings, then I look at our front door and I find two casings. Each one is from a different weapon.

One of the cartridges is a .315 casing the other one is a .322. Both come from a hand-held pistol yet different guns, so I will be interested in what Special Agent Fernandez sees in the report from City Police.

I get a tissue and pick each cartridge up. I get two sandwich bags putting one cartridge in each baggie. I go back inside and text Roger that I have found two cartridges from two different guns. I tell him thru the text that I have put each one in a separate sandwich baggie. I take them inside and put the two baggies into the safe in my bedroom. Now I’m fairly ticked off. It seems as if the City Police are not doing their job as well as they should be. That thought takes me back to the issue I had with Lt. Horowitz and how he tried to strong arm me. Guess he has a long reach.

I turn off the computer from the archive segment and put it back on live view. I head back up to my office again to try and knock down some more emails. When I get there Jill is there as well working.

“Hun, have you begun to make any sort of Christmas lists yet?” I ask her.

“Um, no not really. I have a couple of ideas, but I haven’t really made any lists or bought anything just yet,” she tells me.

“I have a couple of ideas on what to get a couple of people as well. To me, a couple of difficult choices are Dakota and Amy. They are really difficult and yet really important to us,” I say to her.

“Yeah, they are two toughies, Bobby and Sammy might be difficult as well,” Jill says to me.

“Well, if you think of anything for any of these four, let me know. I don’t want to end up at Christmas Eve looking around like a mad person for a present,” I say to Jill.

We both put our heads down into our laptops. I am working hard on the ‘read-only’ emails deleting then after I read the information.

“What are you working on?” I ask Jill.

“Putting together some numbers of the credit card. It seems that we are really a big hit with our own credit card. I don’t remember Paula saying anything about how well the card is doing with the clients of Happy, Happee Limo. Did she say anything to you?” Jill asks me.

“Um, No, I don’t remember her saying anything. If that’s the case, it does explain why the limo companies are doing so well,” I say to her.

“Yes, yes it does,” she replies.

I go back to reading my ‘read-only’ emails. Jill goes back to studying the card usage in limo sales.

We work for a couple of hours. I get my email amount down inside of 100. I decide that I am through for the night. I turn my computer off and go over to my beautiful wife, I kiss her and ask when she thinks she will be finished. She tells me about another hour and for me to either head to bed or go play with someone. My eyes feel quite tired and, in my head, I think that I’m going to head to bed, but of course, I might be intercepted.

I just love the day I chose to become a chauffeur, and now, I’m loved by many women.



2019-04-10 04:38:42
can wait to read.


2019-04-09 05:11:49
Thanks for all the great chapters!! I am so thankful that you told us about wrist since this site takes forever to post your chapters!! I am a new member there, so I can't comment on anything yet!!! I can't wait for everything to be caught up here so I can post them to my favorites!!! Keep up the great work!!


2019-04-04 20:50:55
Chapter 35 has been sent to be published on 4/2 along with a new short story that I hope everyone finds funny called 'Always Caught' which was sent for publishing on 3/29 and currently I'm about 9400 words into writing chapter 36 of the Chauffeur.


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As always this is awesome. I find myself reading past chapters waiting on three new one. Great job my dude, keep it up

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2019-03-31 21:47:55
Spent the better part of today and yesterday at work reading this series. So far, it is fantastic. Your writing style is wholly your own, and the characters are reflective of that, but still distinct. One of the pitfalls of writing on this site is that you feel forced to make things episodic, and there was a little of that in your story that interrupted the flow, but otherwise the narrative stayed on course. I eagerly await your next installment.

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