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Steve just fucked his friend Cat after an intense oral session as his wife slept upstairs. Cat has now made her way upstairs to enjoy an unsuspecting Ashly.
Steve's heart was racing as he slowly made his way up the stairs. He could hear Ashley moaning and gasping. When he got to the top of the stairs and clicked on the hall light, he saw the sexiest sight he had ever seen in his whole boring life. His wife was clawing at their headboard with one hand, while grasping Cats hair in the other. Cat's face was between Ashly's legs and Steve could hear slurping sounds among the moaning. Cat had Ashly's legs bent and hiked up almost to her shoulders and Ashly and Cat were both naked.

Cats round and plump ass was still dripping and was now posted high up in the air as if it were inviting Steve into his bedroom for round two. Ashly was wimpering and whining, she screamed out in ways Steve had never heard before. Her round perky breasts came to rock hard points and the goosebumps on her flesh said it all. "Oh my god Cat... Oh my god." She whispered and gasped- Ashly had no control over her senses and the entire scene had Steve hard and instantly dumbfounded, standing at the threshold of their master suite, wide-mouthed in awe.

Wait, did she just say oh my god- "Cat"? Steves mind went into hyperdrive *The room is kind of dark, how could she tell it was Cat? Just by her hair? I've never eaten her out but, is she really fucking going along with this? Does she know I just fucked Cat like a dirty slut? Had she watched?* Steve was so shocked at what he was experiencing he stood, frozen as his mind played 20 questions. Cat vividly and loudly searched Steve's wife's pussy with her tongue. She finally lifted her hand from Ashlys right knee, looked back at Steve and summoned him with a wave of her hand. Cat then went back, Face-first into Ashlys gushing slit as she took that same waving hand and pulled at her ass cheek to open herself up and give Steve a way in to joining them. Cat all but had to yell, "Steve come help me fuck your wife" to snap him out of the voyeur little boy he immediately became.

Without further hesitation Steve mounted Cat in her ass first this time, and he pressed in with such gusto Cat moaned hard into Ashly's pussy. Ashly opened her eyes to see Steve begin pounding his pecker into her friends asshole. Steve's heart raced in fear again, but Ashly surprised the holy hell out of Steve when instead of what he thought would be the sure end for sure, Ashly made a twisted grin and licked her lips. (Though he cared he pumped harder at how sexy his wife watching him had just became during his existential crisis in his head).

"Fuck her hard Steven, fuck your whore up in her ass!" Steve heard this and obeyed. His hips swirled and pumped into Cat. Cat licked and began fingering Ashly. The more pleasure Ashly got the louder she coached Steve. "Yes Daddy, YES DADDY! PUMP HER LITTLE HOLE!!" Ashly was yelling in between moaning and clawing for the sky like it was going to reach out a hand to hold hers.

Ashly began to cum. She squirted a thick clear liquid all over Cats mouth. Cat wiped her face up and down Ashly's clit. As Cat pushed her thumb inside Ashlys pucked shitter. Ashlys eyes widened and she screamed out "OW! Oh Cat that hurts.." Cat ignored and she slipped her fingers in her shoot almost the same way Steve had just done to get her opened up moments ago.

As Steve watched this and used his cock to penetrate Cat's asshole as hard as he could, he wondered what Ashly's asshole would feel wrapped around his dick. Her moans made him so happy and his cock was enjoying the tight starfish it was sinking into so intensely, before he knew it he was dumping his balls inside Cat's bowels again. This time it was him who kept firmly reeming her after his jizz ropes had filled her. He never wanted to pull out.

"Aww no more baby batter for your wife?" Ashly was panting. Cat had her first 3 fingers on her left hand inside Ashly's tiny butthole. She was stretching her and going deep. Cat had created quite a thick cum and spit lube from eating Ashly that Ashly went from looking a little discomforted, to sheer enjoyment and ecstasy. Steve's dick was sore but he didn't care. Those words had him at attention immediately once again.

His cock was standing straight out perpendicular to his body. It was as stiff as granite and the large blue vein that ran from balls to tip was bulging hard. Ashly's inviting asshole looked amazing covered in Cat's bubbly spit. He watched for a second as Cat stretched Ashly. He loved the look Ashly's face was making. She was trying to look sexy but her pain was showing through. He loved watching her mix pain and pleasure for the first time in their marriage and the thought of making her scream and struggle beneath his prick, made him pounce.

Steve pulled Cats face away and mounted Ashly like a primitive dog about to mount his bitch in heat. Cat's fingers made a gushy popping sound as they sprang free from Ashly. Ashly exhaled a moaned in instant disappointment only to inhale, then scream. She screamed long and loudly as her husband began to show her what "Fuck her hard" really meant. Cat laughed out "YESSSS FUCK YEAH GET HER STEVE GET HER!" and she rolled to the head of the bed where Ashly's screaming, grunting and now protesting mouth was. Cat swung her leg on each side of Ashly's face and began rubbing her clit along Ashly's open mouth as she firmly held her head forcing her to begin lapping eagerly at Cats sloppy clit. Steve gripped her hips and belly and kept pounding his pencil into her contracting and flexing anal pussy. Ashly tried to begin saying something but out of desperation she continued to swirl her tongue adventurously into Cats vag.

Steve loved what he was watching, and how his prick was feeling. Beneath him was his wifes asshole getting fucked open by him for the first time, while she was forced to eat his fantasy woman's pussy like a common whore. Steve secretly always loved whores. The way they would become cum dumps for anything ready to fill them. It made his cock twinge with excitement to hear when his buddies at work would talk about picking up a hooker or some slut at a bar. It always made him come home and fantasize about the kinds of things he was doing right now.

"You like your husbands fuck stick?! Yeah? You want me to fill you like I filled my slut? You love that pussy don't you? You should suck my dick if you want to taste her asshole!" Steve let loose with all the nasty things he'd always wanted to hear hinswlf yell out. Ashly moaned hard. She sat up and screamed out "You fucked my best friend?!" Steve slammed into her and grinding in hard. "I did! And She told you she was going to fuck me and then come fuck you so here we are!" And his thoughts for one second said, "great, im in trouble now, " but was shattered with Ashly screaming, "Yes daddy! Im sorry!" And Steve knew then he had finally gotten what he wanted. His whore and his wife. He could fuck them both and the control was all in his cock, they wanted him, both of them- and he wanted them both too. "Here it comes," he was pumping his load deep into Ashly while watching her finish Cat. Cat was jerking back and forth and cumming on Ashly's face. They all collapsed and Steve's cock was the last thing standing.

Ashly rolled over towards Cat. Cat met her with a long wet and very sexy kiss. "Thank you." She whispered to Cat. Cat looked at her, then kissed her again, "Anything for you my love, I told you I could get him to enjoy this," they both giggled. Steve sat up, "Wait what?" He was shocked, "What are you talking about?" Ashly blushed and Cat laughed loudly. "Steve, I've been your wife's girlfriend for years now. We fuck all the time and we fuck other men too." Steve felt a sudden wave of anger and resentment he was pissed. "What the FUCK? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Cat got very stern. "Now listen you vanilla fuck head. You are her husband, she wants your babies and your love and your last name but she too is tired of the boring life you both have somehow found yourselves in, so I decided it's time to make this a threesome or you can leave and we can find another willing participant, do you understand?"

Steve sat there for a moment. His face relaxed and his face was back to a normal color he reached out and grabbed both Ashly and Cats hands, "I'm sorry I lost my temper- this is my dream and I wish you had just said something sooner. What'll be the sleeping arrangements?"

Dudley DowrongReport

2019-04-20 23:30:17
U "Lady authors" really know how to get readers "into" the story. I think Ch 3 should be telling Steve about some of the fucking stories about Ashley & Cat in their foursomes, etc. Then the invitation to Steve, "Do U want to try that now, Steve?"
Also seems to me Steve got his fantasy. Why did not Ashley suggest something different before now? Of course this story could not have happened then...I can't understand why female partners hesitate to suggest something different to their male lover. Twice my wife surprised & delighted me when she asked, "Can we wait a few more minutes & play more before U put it in me?" then later, "Would U be willing to go up my rear, It's been so long?" She also complimented me when she said, " I can understand why other women didn't want to let U go once U made love to them. U are so gentle in Ur demands & want to make sure I enjoy the experience & I am satisfied. Thank you for being so loving.
Thank you for sharing Ur talent with us.


2019-04-20 21:42:27
Yep hot alright. Us guys in vanilla marriages can only dream and wank about such a hot arrangement with wife and her gf.

Summer DirewolfReport

2019-04-20 19:50:38
WOW that is one hot story.


2019-04-20 18:55:22
Still hot as fuck

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