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A young man discovers how much his lover wants him to be his.
Tales of Joseph Hill

"Come over to the House. I have a surprise for you.-Anniston."

I looked at the message on my phone and sighed, my eyes going back to the winding up lecture.

My name is Joseph Hill. I am a 22 year old guy who comes all the way from Africa, studying in California on a scholarship. My father was from the Seychelles and my mother from the continent proper. It's from my dad's genes that I get my lighter skin tone. "Light-skin black" as others may call it.

Now, let me destroy any misconceptions you may have at first. I am not some big, hulking black man with a long and huge dick...there are those men out there, black or white or of other countries who are certainly blessed with such, but not me. It's a stupid misconception.

My dick is 6 inches and really thick. That's my claim to fame. My dick is so thick that it fills out any cunt that blesses it with it's presence. And yes, blesses MY cock with it's presence. I'm not one of those men that think that women fall at their feet just for their dick size. That's stupid. The world would be full of Bimbos if that were true. Or those that do are just massive thots. Anyway, it's usually my efforts to please my lover before myself that gets me into women's beds.

For me, getting pussy comes from two sources usually. Lonely housewives and cheated on women/girlfriends. Not that i can't get my own girlfriend, but I see no reason to get a girl I like then sleep with someone else because I also like them. I thus stayed single. It's a stupid thing to think you can give one person your love and another your body and pleasure and make it work.

This, of course, was what I learned from my own experience with seeing my father and Mother's relationship, leading to their breakup. My father would come home late, with pink lipstick marks on his chest and shirt and thought he would still have my mother if he showered her with gifts. This may work on some women who stay in such relationships for security, but not my mom. She dumped his ass straight away and raised me on her own, denying my father any rights to see me, even when he eventually cleaned up his act, got married again and became very successful, offering to pay for my education.

She told him where he could shove his money. Right up his ass.

That being said, I did my part and got good grades in my subjects through high school and got a scholarship to Westmont college in California. My mother was so proud. I was going to study computer science and get a good job in I.T company back in Africa.

Of course, there were always distractions. Take the sender of this message. Laura Anniston nee Tanner.

She was 32 years old, divorced, step mother to her 17 year old ex-husband's daughter with his first wife and drop dead gorgeous. She had long blonde hair with streaks of black, a beautiful face with warm brown eyes and perfect full lips. She had an amazing and curvaceous figure while still keeping fit and slim. Her ass was the envy of most women and she had the largest pairs of tits I had ever scene. If anyone had had her, they would have been more than satisfied with snagging such a woman.

Her husband hadn't.

John tanner was an imposing man to say the least. Quite a good businessman and a giant in his business dealings. He had real success in his life. Money in the bank, a beautiful wife at home and a child to seal the deal and confirm his virility to the world. Or so he told himself. But with his success came arrogance. He slept around and had a poor time trying to hide it. It took only the second time he came home smelling of another woman's perfume for his wife to catch on. He dumped his ass and served him divorce papers the very same day that she met me, leaving him to explain to his daughter what was going on.

We thus met in a bar, Laura silently drinking her sorrows away. It was one of those expensive and high end bars in Los Angeles. I had been working as a bartender and was on my very last shift working for the place when I noticed her. I had been thinking of actually chatting up one of the pretty young things who had been giggling everytime they looked my way. But seeing her so down just made me want to hug her. Not that I did. That would have been awkward.

I had already noticed the shining and expensive looking wedding band on her finger and so knew I could still get lucky with one of the young things I left behind. I just had to help the lady in front of me first.

"Hi. My name's Joseph. What's yours?" I said, smoothly moving to sit next to her own barstool. Her brown eyes moved from my drink to my face before she sighed. "Laura."

She hadn't told me to scram yet so I took that's as my permission to go on. "Well Laura, I'm sure you're not in the mood to get hit on. So I'll tell you that I'm not here to do that. But seeing a beautiful woman like yourself down in the dumps just makes me feel bad. So, I thought that, seeing as we may never see each other again after tonight, how about you tell a complete stranger what's got your heart so down. I may not be able to help, but telling someone could at least lessen the feeling you're dragging around. And I am a good listener." I said, looking at her expectantly.

At that moment, I had thought Laura would actually say no and ask me to leave her alone. But soon after, the whole story of her and the scumbag ex-husband John came out, soon I was wiping away her tears as the club's music played in the background, letting her sob and cry her pain away silently in peace. The pretty young ladies had already left and I sighed as I got ready for a lone night of blueballs and porn before the now calm blonde looked at me getting ready to leave as well and gently caught hold of my arm.

"Would you...would you like to get out of here?" She had asked.

She wasn't drunk. Having been a bartender for some time, I could know. So I took her hand and nodded.

What followed was a whirlwind of sex, fucking, kissing and moaning and even lovemaking throughout the night in an expensive hotel room that she paid for. When morning came, she was holding onto me possesively. I woke up to her softly kissing all over my chest before her eyes met mine.

"Hey." I whispered to her, smiling happily as she did. No longer sad. It was warming my heart to see. She had a glow to her now that she was happy. She lay her head on my chest, hearing my heartbeat as I kisses the top of her head and her golden locks of hair. She began moving the tip of her manicured fingers round my chest as we just lay there. "I was thinking maybe we could breakfast here, then walk around till lunch, I know this amazing place...."

I took her hand away from my chest, kissing it gently. "I'm going to have to stop you there beautiful. I've got classes in a few so..."

Her eyes widened. "Classes? Just how young are...?" I had to laugh gently at that. "Cool down beautiful, I'm not male jailbate if that what's you're worried about. I meant to say lectures. I'm 22 and in college." I said as she calmed down. It seemed she didn't care about the age difference as long as I was legal. I moved off the bed, to her obvious disapproval, watching as I walked naked to the shower. A few minutes in the steaming hot water coming down my back and the curtain was pulled back, revealing Laura in all her naked glory.

"Room for one more." She asked naughtily as I simply laughed and pulled her to me.


Laura was insatiable after that. Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) she was only insatiable for me and my dick. Having given her ex his marching orders and cleaned him of half his wealth, Laura was a woman reborn and revitalised. She started her own chain of risque clothing lines and stores and was soon making a killing in the market. I was the lucky dude she modelled for so I was even more happier.

But Laura wasn't at her best alone. She could go it alone but never be happy alone. And she took me as the centre for her love and affection. The sex was great but she was fearful. I was a young and eager man. She an older yet attractive and sexy woman. Her love of sex was just half the work she put in on me. Her thoughts were that if she wanted to keep me around, she had to keep me pleased and sated.

She wanted to make me a permanent fixture in her life and tie me down to her. My refusal of her money for shopping or her offering to buy me real expensive gifts just made her more desperate, thinking I was already looking up some younger girl to be mine. I heard her whispering one night if it was actually a racial problem, with her being a rich white woman. I had to laugh to myself at that.

That wasn't the case really. I was just brought up knowing that it was the man who was supposed to provide for their woman and even though I wasn't bothered about her being richer and more successful than me in the relationship, it just wasn't in my nature to accept money freely.

"Listen Laura. You don't have to give me money or gifts to keep me round. If you want me around, I'll be around. When you want me gone, I'll leave. Enough said." I had told her once.

It didn't reassure her one bit. She didn't want me gone, ever. As successful and happier as she was after her divorce, deep inside Laura knew she couldn't survive another failed relationship. Even if said relationship had all been based and started on one night of sexual pleasure.

After that, Laura made it a point to fuck me whenever possible. She insisted on sucking me off everyday before I keft our bed and before she went to work or I was off to college, just for good measure. She would make sure my balls were drained completely and my dick was fucked to aching that I couldn't get it up even if one of the hot girls in class gave me a lap dance naked.

Not that that tactic lasted long. Soon, my cock was lasting longer hard and my balls filling with more sperm than she could drink down. That didn't stop her from fucking me every evening at her house however.


Laura's home was empty except for a single not on her bed directing me to some classy and expensive hotel in the city. I was expected and told to go up to room 545.

When I finally got to the room and locked the door behind me, the sight that met my eyes was breathtaking. There was no light in the room except the candles leading to the bed where Laura lay scantily clad in.

"Come on in loverboy. And take off all those clothes. You're way too dressed for what we're going to do."

I smiled as she moved off the bed to help me out of my clothing. "I'll have to a shower first and..." I began before she interrupted. "No need. I want you like you are, sweaty, smelling of your musk and with balls aching with cum for me." She said huskily.

Finally naked and my cock and swinging free, Laura's lust grew as she smiled a lusty smile as she led me to the bed, pushing me to seat on the edge as she knelt on the carpeted floor, moving her blonde head to my uncut black cock, peeling away the foreskin to reveal it angry, throbbing and precum leaking head, smiling as she moved to give it a deep kiss, sucking up any precum at it's tip.

Her wet tongue pushed from her full lips to slowly lick and taste the underside of my dick, making me shiver with anticipation as her head moved forward now to suck gently on my cockhead, drinking down more of my prejizz.

"Mmmm, just look at how much your leaking," she said, licking her full lips as she detached them a moment from my dickhead, "I wonder how much of that hot, thick load you're going to pour down my throat. You must be really backed up since we never fuck" She said, a smile on her face at the thought.

My beautiful blonde finally parted her lips wider, taking my dark cock into her wet and hot mouth, hungrily licking around the length of my hard cock, savouring the taste of my black fuckmeat, worshipping the black cock that had been taking care of her sexual needs. Her eyes were shut as she let all her focus go into pleasuring my cock with her mouth, having me at the end of my rope with pleasure.

Her cheeks were flush in pleasure and lust as she puckered her lips and formed a tight seal around my cock, sucking hard on my dick, shamelessly and diligently pleasuring her man, fucking her face on my dick as her lips bottomed out on my cocks very root time and time again from both experience and practice, loudly sucking and slurping every time her blonde head bobbed up and down my dark rod of meat.

"Oh Fuck, Laura! Damn, you're fucking killing me with those lips." I groaned out, my hand gently moving away strands of her blonde hair away from her face, enjoying watching my mature lover take my cock between her lips again and again. "Suck me Harder babe. Show me how much you're a slut for that black cock!" I said, beginning to push back slightly with my hips, trying to get more pleasure out of her.

Her perfectly painted red lips were smearing her bright red lipstick all over my black cock, my slut's perfect, soft lips tightening even more at my command, her tongue and hot, wet mouth working my cock even more with each plunge of her sucking mouth, covering my pleasure filled cock in hot spit and saliva as Laura's mouth did its best to milk my aching balls of it hot, creamy load.

"Fuck! That's it babe. Move it to your mouth and suck it good!" I groaned out. "Sure thing stud." Laura said as she pulled off my cock, moving my cock head into her mouth and sucking eagerly on it, dredges of my cum mixing in with the leaking prejizz and giving the sucking blonde a taste of what was to come.

She stopped her work on his tip, moving her lips from his leaking tip and moving her mouth over to my sperm ladder balls, giving my sack a long, wet lick before moving to one of my waiting cum orbs into her mouth, her lips sucking it deeper into her wet mouth, sealing shut as her wet, hot tongue went to work on it, bathing it in hot saliva while easing up on pulling it from its sack, sucking on it gently and lovingly, savouring the taste, moving to the other waiting jizz nut after a good 5 minute spit shine and nursing of the first, giving it the same Loving treatment as I struggled not to cum right there.

"FUCK!FUCK!FUCK!" I groaned loudly at the pleasure.

My balls now lay hanging in their dark sack, nursed on and covered in shiny spit, Laura giving each now spit covered nut a deep kiss of affection. "Mwah! Brew mama a good meal boys, get that thick, creamy sludge ready for me to drink down! I'm hungry for some jizz cream." She whispered to my balls and I could swear I fell them ache even more as they began to fill up on her orders.

Laura went back to work on my cock but I knew I was nearing my end after that show. Laura knew it too, my black dick getting harder in her sucking mouth, matching my readying cock with her actions as her head was bobbed even quicker up and down my cock, the hotel bedroom filling with the sound of frantic slurping and sucks my lover blowing my cock. She finally let off for the finale, her eyes on mine.

"Give it to me lover. Blast that hot cum down my throat. Feed me that hot jizz cream to my tummy. Let me taste that load you've been brewing for me." She said and then without warning, took me all the way down her throat in one go.

If her words hadn't made me cum, that certainly would have. I roared out in pleasure, grabbing the top of her blonde head, tightening my hand on her perfect, blonde locks to keep her from escaping her meal as I began to cum, my cock pulsing as let out load after load out of my cock.

Laura did not even hesitate, tightening her lips as she forcefully moved back her mouth from my cock base to it's tip despite my hand on her, sealing her lips over my cock head to get a taste of my sperm. She gulped it down without a word only the sound of her throat taking down my thick, hot sperm drink filling the room, accompanied by groans of pleasure and approval. I unloaded a literal sea of jizz into her mouth, a huge wave of hot creamy sperm that she drank down eagerly, pasting her mouth and tonsils in cum, helped along by her hungrily sucking mouth and slurping lips.

My cock finally tapered off, spewing another 6 large shots of creamy hot sperm into her mouth, virile and protein rich seed filling her still sucking mouth as she gulped the rest down into her hungry tummy, not letting a drop go to waste.

I pulled my black cock out of her mouth, watching as she opened her mouth and showed me the thick and creamy treat I had left her, gargling the hot and salty tasting spunk in her mouth for my amusement and pleasure, the sight making me cum once more with the last shots i had, 5 thick lines of sperm spraying her face as she finally swallowed down my nutritious and life giving cum.

She licked her lips and moved forward my drained form, taking my sensitive cock back into her mouth and cleaning it dutifully as I shivered in lust and sensitivity, none of this stopping my blonde slut from sucking on my cock for another 6 minutes to drain any remaining sperm from my cock and get me hard and ready again.

Laura licked her finger and smacked her lips. "Delicious as always stud. I don't have to worry about dinner any more after my cum supper. But now it's time to fill me up where it counts."


I gave Laura a few minutes to freshen up, washing off the taste of my black spunk from her mouth.

I was already on the bed, my cock hard as she came out of the bathroom, looking at my dark length with great lust.

She moved onto the bed with me, bringing her full lips to mine in a deep and passion filled kiss, our tongue delving past each other's lips to meet and fight for dominance. She broke our kiss and began smooching me all over, painting my skin and smearing her newly applied lipstick all over me, claiming me over and over again.

My hand and fingers moved to her pussy, feeling how drenched she was, her pussy a river of her hot, flowing juices. My fingers came back slickened

with her love juices, sucking them into my mouth and enjoying the taste as I ever had. I wanted to feel her, push into my mature blonde lover and have her cunt squeeze and surround my black cock with it's hot softness.

"You ready babe?" I whispered into her ears. "I'm ready to give you this black dick. Fuck you so hard and good till I fill you with my spunk." I whispered into her ear as she moaned in approval at the thought.

I moved on top of her, making her spread her legs wide for me as I took her in a mating press. She was biting her lips and mewling in need. My fat cockhead was at her wet entrance, her legs spread wide for me as I began the plunge, feeling her cunt spread open, parting for my black cock obediently as it always had, letting it's master into its depths and stuffing m mature lover full of cock.

"Ughhh Fuck! So fucking full!...Oh Fuck!" Laura cried out, her legs moving to lock onto my back, her hands closing in and scratching at my back at the stuffing she was receiving. The feeling she loved of my black cock filling her cunt full with thick, dark meat.

I began pounding into her cunt, letting her cunt feel the fucking it had only gotten a night ago but this time with a renewed vigor. My black cock slammed into her wet pussy again and again, the smack of flesh on flesh filling the room and the cries of my blonde Lover Laura enough to wake the whole hotel as I fucked, her moans, cries and pleading for more pleasure music to my ears. It was such an Ego booster to have this beautiful, sexy and rich mature white woman below, begging me to fuck her that my slams just grew in intensity.

"Ohfuckohfuckohfuck! FUCK YES! Kiss me, babe! Give me those lips and kiss me!" She cried out, using her interlocked legs and arms to bring me closer in a wet, smearing deep kiss, her lips eagerly taking in my tongue, sucking on it and drinking down my spit before letting me explore every bit of her mouth as I pounded into her, stuffing her throat full of my tongue as I fucked her good.

She wasn't eager to let go of the kiss, sucking on my tongue once more as I left her mouth, her golden hair splayed out across the bed as I fucked her.

"Fuck yeahh! Who's my fucking whore?!" I growled out as I fucked her.

"Me! I am! I am!" She near shouted as increased the intensity of my cock smashing into her pussy at her words. I was taking her harder than I had ever done before, her the sounds of her sopping wet pussy eagerly taking my black cock in again and again filling the room.

"Ram it all the way in, Joseph!" She cried out in delirious lust, alternating now between spreading her legs wider apart and locking them around me as I fucked her. "Fuck my white pussy deep! Pound that thick, fat black cock into me!"

I didn't know what her plan had been that night as I took her, not until it hit me in the back of my mind that I usually wore protection whenever it was her fertile time of the month for her. She hadn't mentioned if it was her time nor shown me any of the condoms she usually bought for our fucks. I didn't think there was a single condom in sight as I fucked her and Laura didn't seem to want to let go of me as I fucked her.

She had planned this, the fucking slut.

As if confirming it all as I pounded into her, her lips moved to my ear and began to speak through her cries of pleasure. "That's it babe. Get ready to cum in me! Put those balls to work and make me your woman. I want you to knock me up tonight. Make me your woman permanently! Make me mother your black baby!" She whispered hungrily in my ear as I near came at her words.

"You know you want to. You want to fuck a black baby into my white womb! You want to breed me black and make me mother our children. I'll come over to your college everyday when my belly is showing our baby growing, just so you can brag how you knocked up some rich white slut with your black baby, made her a whore for your black cock and had her begging to be your baby mama." She purred into my ear, the pleasure of my pounding and straining what she wanted from me.

"I'll be your sugar mama, your whore, your breeding bitch and cum slut. I'll be your personal, mature white piece of ass that you show of to your friends. I'll marry you and give you all my money if you just pump me full of that load and make me a mother. So do it babe! Do it! Cum inside me, spunk my womb full of your cream. JUST FUCKING CUM!" She cried out as I finally had enough.

There was no escape from her as she pulled me towards her waiting lips, roaring my triumph into the deep kiss she pulled me into her as I began to fire my boiling hot seed into her fertile womb, no doubt impregnating my mature blonde lover right there, making her a mother as she wished. My balls pulsed as i seeded her, Laura's cries and coos of pleasure at the feel of my virile and boiling spunk pasting her womb urging me on, my black seed already breeding her with my baby.

I finally pulled out, my cock slick with her juices and tip leaking the last dredges of my cum, Laura's pussy spread open by her fingers to show me the extent of my work, my seed draining out of her in thick streams, yet most of life giving sperm already at work inside her womb, making a mother out of her.

She had finally tied me to her, making sure I would be there to watch over my lover and the black child growing in her white belly. She would be my woman and she'd no doubt make sure there was nice and expensive ring tying me even more closely to her by the time I finished college. I found that I didn't mind. Laura was beautiful, smart and the sexiest woman I had ever met. I think I would be quite happy with her as my wife. I pulled her tired and sweating up to the pillows and covered us with the blankets as I kisses her brow and began to fall asleep, only to dreamily realise that Laura had gone underneath the blankets.

I soon felt her lips on my aching cock, slurping up the last bits of my cum from my dick as she decided to spend the rest of the night sucking on my cock and drinking down my sperm as thanks for knocking her up with my baby.

I fell asleep to her gentle ministrations, knowing that this was going to be a good life and unknowing to me, not the end of my exploits with women.
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