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Almost all the characters in this story went to college together four years ago. Dev, the protagonist, returns after four years to meet some of his old friends.

Four years ago, Dev said goodbye to Nidhi at their college graduation party with a pleasant hug and an overly dramatic "I'm going to miss you!" After that, it had been surprisingly easy to fall out of each other's lives. He left India for his MBA and she found work in Bangalore. Four years later, though, he was finally returning home. When Nidhi saw him post this on Facebook, she sent him a message:

Hey! Ohmygod it's been too long. I'm in town too. Let's meet up tonight?

He stared at her message for a good five minutes, feeling more vindicated than he ever had. Part of him wanted to reject her as payback, but he told her that he’d be happy to meet her. While showering later that night, Dev found himself thinking about Nidhi again. She wasn’t conventionally sexy – she was fat. But Dev loved her curves. He recalled the last time he had seen her – their graduation party. It was dark. They were all at a club. Nidhi was wearing tight blue jeans that stretched around her fleshy thighs and big, round bum. Dev got hard thinking about how he wanted her to sit on his face. For her top, she was wearing a silvery noodle strap party top. It showed off her smooth light brown shoulders and her ample, ample cleavage. Her massive breasts would bounce around with every move she made on the dance floor – it was very obvious she didn’t have a bra on. Dev recalled all the times he had wanked off thinking about burying his face in her tits. Her black curls fell in a pretty mess around her shoulders. She was pretty, with an oval face, tiny nose, and perfect pink lips. Dev jerked himself off as he thought about holding her hair up and fucking her face. About pushing his erection past her lips till he could feel her throat muscles gag around his dick. About showering her face and gloriously large tits in his hot, sticky spunk. Dev wasn't inherently a violent lover but with Nidhi it was different. They were decent friends in college, but he had a massive crush on her. He was planning to tell her about it at their graduation party, in fact. But he hesitated for too long. He recalled sitting at the bar with his neat whiskey, watching Nidhi dancing provocatively with other guys. The more he drank, the more blatantly he stared at her. She was pretty drunk too. It was obvious. At one point, she was really getting in the zone – grinding slowly and erotically up against some lanky dude behind her. Her ass was pressed up against his crotch. His mouth was on her neck. His hands were feeling her up – thighs, waist, stomach, breasts. She was really enjoying it. She turned around and whispered in his ear. Then they both left the dance floor and walked towards the toilets. Dev turned back to his drink and sat there, miserable, until it was nearly 2 AM. He, along with everyone else, was getting up to leave. It was around this time that Nidhi appeared as well. Her hair was messier and one of her straps was falling off her shoulder. She saw Dev and hugged him goodbye and good luck. Dev hugged her back. He could smell the guy’s deodorant on her. It filled him up with bitterness and resentment.

It had been four years since that night. Dev had changed, dramatically. He had had sex more times than he could count, with women hotter than he’d ever imagined. His friends envied his social life. He was pretty happy about it too. But he never forgot about Nidhi. Every time he’d see her post a picture on Instagram, he’d remember that night and he’d remember how rejected he felt. He also couldn’t help but notice how, over the years, she had become even more beautiful. Just as curvy and sexy, and she dressed better and looked fresher and more attractive.

Dev wondered how the night was going to turn out as he slowly made his way to her house on Bangalore’s packed roads. Was it just a social visit? Did she want something more? Should he forget about what happened and be nice to her? Should he act cold and punish her, even if it meant being petty? By the time he was standing outside her door, he was about an hour late. And he was as confused as he had been when he left his place.


Nidhi looked even better than he had expected. Her voluminous curls framed her smiling oval face. She was wearing a black blouse revealing more than a hint of her ample cleavage and a pair of curve-hugging maroon leggings.

“It’s been so long!”, she said as she hugged him. Dev felt her large, soft breasts press against his upper abs. It made his groin tingle.

"Wow, you look good", she exclaimed, running her hands over his big shoulders, "come on inside."

He followed her inside, shamelessly ogling at her swaying hips while she walked silently. With every step, a small wave rippled up her soft, large butt cheeks. Oh, how he wanted to bury himself in her flesh. They sat next to each other on the sofa.

"So", she began, "how've you been?"

And so he started telling her about the past four years: how amazing the U.S. was, and how his office allowed him to have a good balance between his work and his social life.

"Oh, you're seeing someone?"

"Nah, not dating. I just like to entertain the occasional lady friend, that’s all."

"Hmm", she nodded, tucking her hair behind her ear, "somebody's become quite the ladies' man!"

He laughed, enjoying the moment and hopelessly feeling that maybe she was a little jealous.

"I'll get us drinks!", she said and got up. Again, he couldn't keep his eyes off her ass as she made her way to the kitchen. When she came back, he noticed she had unbuttoned a couple of more buttons in her blouse and was showing a lot of cleavage. Dev was actually nervous about keeping his eyes up now. She handed him a gin and tonic and sat closer to him.

She then got to telling him what her life had been like for the past four years - good job, living on her own, and so on. He wasn't really listening. His eyes kept darting towards her chest. If she noticed, she didn't show it. She kept talking, occasionally playing with her hair and touching on his arm. A small part of him felt she was flirting with him, but he couldn't be sure.

She got out more gin and they got to reminiscing about college. They laughed at old jokes and the silly things they used to do. He was having a good time and the gin was working it's magic. They were sitting very close to each other and her leg was resting on top of his. He also leaned closer to her as they talked away. At some point of time (he was too buzzed to recall when), she had dimmed the lights. There was a lull in their conversation, and he found himself staring at her. His eyes moved between her breasts and her lips.

"Whatchu looking at?"

He leaned in and kissed her. She kissed him back, holding the back of his neck. Her lips felt as soft as he had imagined. They tasted of strawberry – and gin. She sucked on his lips and his hands cupped her breasts. She reached down to his pants but he broke the kiss. He looked away from her, picking up his drink again.

"Hey, what happened?", she asked, inching even closer to him and moving her hand around his muscular shoulders. She couldn't resist squeezing his muscles.

"I had a crush on you in college", Dev said calmly, “and you never looked at me that way.”

Nidhi sat closer to Dev, pressing her breasts into his side. She touched his cheek and replied, “Dev, I’m really fucking sorry about that. I was an idiot in college.”

Dev looked into her eyes. She did seem really sorry. And she did seem to want him now. He leaned in and they started kissing again. Soon, they were making out violently. Her hand moved down to his erection except now she was rubbing it through his pants. Her other hand grabbed the back of his head and pulled his mouth closer to hers. His hands were all over her. He first squeezed her fleshy thighs over her leggings and moaned into her mouth. He'd been wanting to do that for too long. Then he reached up to her breasts and kneaded them through her blouse and bra. This made him even hungrier for her and he tore her blouse open - breaking their kiss and sending her buttons flying across the room.

"Fuck, sorry", he said while getting a good first look at her massive bra-encased tits.

"Don't be. I love it", she said before she pushed him down on the sofa and started pushing her tongue in his mouth. He sucked on her tongue while throwing away her blouse and pushing her bra cups up to release her melons. She pulled his t shirt off his head and paused for a second to admire his body.

"Fuck, you're hot", she said, almost salivating.

"Right back at you", he said while putting his hands on her ass cheeks and pulling her tits towards his face. She moaned as he went crazy on her breasts. He sucked and slobbered on them and but her fat nipples as she smothered him. His hands explored her leggings-clad ass and squeezed her butt cheeks as she moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck, Dev, I need you inside me."

He patted her ass twice and she got up off him. She took off her maroon leggings and panties. He pulled down his jeans and boxers, letting his wet-tipped hard dick spring free.

"Holy fuck", she said, looking at his thick, 9-inch whopper, "you've been carrying that thing around in your pants?"

"Yes, and all I want to do right now is shove it down your throat", he said as he sat down again with his dick between his legs. Her nipples visibly hardened and her breathing quickened. She clearly enjoyed being spoken down to.

"Yes, sir", she said and she knelt between his legs. She wrapped both her hands around his shaft and still had more than enough to suck on. But for now she was just marvelling at the sheer size and sturdiness of the erection while stroking it.

"You're so fucking huge", she gasps.

Dev smiles, saying, "Now you wish you had hooked up with me earlier, don't you?"

"You have no idea."

Dev grunted in pleasure and twitched his cock in her hands. She got the signal. Holding the massive penis head right under her lips, she spat out a massive glob of saliva and let it drop on his dick. Then using her hands, she lubed his cock with her spit. After doing this a few times, she opened her mouth and, keeping her eyes locked on Dev's, she pushed his mushroom past her soft lips. He moaned in delight as she sucked his dick head and wet it with her tongue. He placed his hand on her head and pushed it down on his dick. She started gagging at 4 inches and Dev held her head there for a moment before releasing her. She spit up copiously and it all dripped off her chin on to her tits. Her eyes were also teary.

"Fuck yeah, Dev!"

"You like having your mouth used like that?"

"Oh fuck yes", she says while furiously stroking his dick with both her hands, "I love choking on your big, fat dick."

"Then open your fucking mouth, slut."

She complied happily and tried to deepthroat him again. She goes half an inch lower this time. Just as she's about to raise her head, Dev pushes it down again, making her choke even harder and spit all over his dick. She's tearing up when he lets her go. Gasping for breath and red in the face, she says, "Fuck that was amazing!"

"Yes, but now I need you to get up and take this dick on your pussy", Dev says.

"Yes, sir", she grins, clearly enjoying Dev's dominant side.

As Dev sits on the sofa, Nidhi sits astride him and slowly lowers her wet cunt on to his massive erection. They both moan as Dev eventually fills her up entirely, and she shivers and says, "I've never felt so full before, holy fuck!"

She slowly raises herself again until only his tip is inside her and begins another gradual descent. Tired of this, Dev grabs her fleshy love handles and yanks her all the way down his cock, making her squeal. He starts fucking her hard and fast, holding her plump body tightly close to his own muscular one.

"You have no fucking idea how long I've waited to do this. Just to feel your wonderful curves against me while I ram into your dripping cunt", he whispers in her ear. She bites her lower lip and starts to grind back and forth on his lap with his pecker buried deep within her. Grabbing handfuls of her ass flesh, he adds, "And I've waited far too long to do this!" before spanking her hard on both ass cheeks. She moans and asks him to do it again. He starts spanking her harder and harder while she rides him.

"Who's your Daddy?", he asks her lustily while between spanks.

"You're my Daddy, oh fuck, Dev! Daddy please spank my fat ass!"

This gets him really hot and he picks her up with her ass and matches her towards the wall. He pushes her against it and starts pummelling her hard.

"Fuck, Daddy, I'm so close...", she says, "choke me."

Dev presses a hand against her throat and chokes her hard while he fucks her, knowing fully well she wants it. And soon enough, her fingernails dig into his back as she cums hard. Her pussy squirts copiously all over Dev.

He pulls out and she drops to her knees, smiling and satisfied.

She then looks up and says, "Will Daddy fuck my face?"

Dev grins as he grabs her hair and starts fucking her open mouth hard. He uses it like a sex toy and soon he too is on the verge of cumming. He withdraws and Nidhi barely had enough time to take a breath before he shoots copiously all over her face, hair, and tits.

She is shocked by the sheer volume of cum and proceeds to gather it and eat it off her fingers. Once she's done, she opens wide and shows Dev what a good girl she's been. Later that night, as they're cuddling in bed, Nidhi says, "That was wonderful tonight, Dev. I don't know how to thank you."

"You don't have to. I've been wanting to bone you for a long time now."

"I hope you don't think I'm a freak."

"You are a freak. And I love it. It's super sexy."

Nidhi kisses his cheek, replying, "By the way, some other college friends are throwing a sort of reunion party this weekend with whoever is in town. You want to go?"

"Sure thing, babe."


It was almost daybreak when Nidhi opened her eyes. Dev was fast asleep beside her. She looked at his peaceful, sleeping face as she remembered what had happened last night and she smiled. She reached between her legs and caressed her pussy – she was satisfied and happy, for the first time in years. Yes, years.

She got up and walked to the bathroom. Wow, she thought, I’m actually a little weak in the knees. Her butt was still sore too. She switched on the shower, leaving the door open in case Dev woke up and wanted to join her. As the cool water made its way down her curves, she touched herself. She closed her eyes and thought about last night. Not only about how good Dev had fucked her, but also about how Dev confessed about having a crush on her. She knew he felt rejected and she felt sorry for him. But he didn’t know that she had been unable to successfully date anyone, ever. And it was all because of her insecurities surrounding her size. She reached out for her loofah, squirted some gel on it, and lathered her body. Her hairless arm pits, her breasts, her stomach, her ass. She had been fat all her life. And all her life, she had seen guys swooning after her thin friends. As a result, she was always insecure and jealous. And that’s why any guy who was interested in her – she drove away with her issues. As she cleaned her inner thighs, her thoughts moved on to the more fun parts of last night. Dev had fucked her real good. And, most significantly, he was just as rough and dominant as she needed him to be. He choked her, called her a whore, and spanked her till it hurt just enough. Of course, she wasn’t always like this. She didn’t always get off on being humiliated and belittled. As she let the cold water wash the soap off her clean, brown skin, she thought about how it had all started: the graduation party.

She was 22 and still a virgin. Her virginity hadn’t really bothered her during her college years as much as it did when college came to an end. She simply couldn’t think of herself as someone who graduated a virgin. No, that would be unacceptably sad and pathetic. The one thing she was determined to do the night of the party was get laid. So, she wore tight jeans and a flimsy, glittery noodle-strap top and downed more shots than she cared to remember. Drunk and desperate, she made her way to the dance floor and moved her body as provocatively as she could. Any guy she started dancing with soon made his way to another (thinner) girl. Of course, these guys never passed up the chance to grope her first. It was killing her inside: the constant rejection and fear that she was never going to get laid because of her size. At one point, some lanky guy came up behind her and started grinding against her. She pushed her hips back and began grinding against him too. He nuzzled her hair and moved his bony hands over her body: thighs, stomach, breasts. He kissed her neck and she felt a current course through her body. Her nipples were hardening. Her breath was getting irregular. She reached around and pulled his face closer for a little kiss. He squeezed her breast before whispering in her ear, “Let’s go somewhere quieter.”

It was happening, she thought. She giggled her assent and let herself be led to the ladies’ washroom. As soon as they were inside a relatively clean cubicle, he pushed her against the wall and began kissing her neck. His hands squeezed her ass before moving up her back to unzip her top. It was all a bit aggressive for her, so she tried to push him back gently, but he pushed her arms away and kept going. He threw her top away and did the same with her bra, letting her big breasts fall out in front of him. After a moment of just staring at them, he attacked her tits with his mouth. He licked and sucked and bit her breasts. He was smothering himself with them and kept telling her how he loved her big tits. She was getting really aroused too (although he was biting a bit harder than she’d have liked) and started taking off her jeans. He helped her pull them down her fat thighs, and then did the same with her panties. She was completely naked while he stood in front of her, completely dressed, sniffing her underwear.

“Aren’t you a little over-dressed?”, Nidhi asked him nervously with a smile.

“Sit on the toilet”, he told her.

She nervously obliged and he thrust his crotch in her face. She proceeded to unzip his jeans. Then she reached inside and pulled out the first penis she had ever seen. It was smaller than she had expected. It also looked flaccid.

“Well, go on. Suck it.”

She put the semi-hard dick in her mouth and began sucking on it. She nearly cringed because it tasted of urine and something else. It was kind of vile. As she slowly bobbed her head on it, it grew a bit larger in her mouth and stiffer. Then the guy grabbed her ears and started fucking her face hard.

“Fuck, yes, that’s more like it…”, he said as he abused her mouth.

She was about to choke so she put her hands on his skinny thighs and pushed his dick out of her mouth. She spat up on her tits and was coughing hard when he pulled her up and pushed her against the wall, face-first. Before she could ask him to take it easy, he pushed his now erect penis into her virgin pussy, making her squeal. He clamped a strong hand over her mouth to stop the noise as he began pounding her.

“Fuck, that’s a tight pussy…”

She was not prepared for his dick in her pussy. She had never felt so full in her life. It stretched her out good, way better than her fingers, and throbbed inside her as he fucked her. It felt good. But she wanted him to slow down. And she needed him to use a condom. She tried to speak through his fingers over her mouth but he wouldn’t let her. She tried to push him but for a lanky guy he was surprisingly strong. She soon realized that he wasn’t just being dominant or a little rough – he was raping her. She tried hard to get away but he had her pinned against the wall – helpless. She screamed but his hand around her mouth muffled it. Plus, the music was too loud for anyone to hear her. She was beginning to seriously sob as he kept fucking her. He kept fucking her for what seemed like forever before, horrifyingly, cumming inside her pussy. Even then he didn’t pull out, though. He stood behind her with his softening dick inside her and whispered in her ear, “Now was that amazing or what, fatty?”

“You raped me!”, she said through tears and gritted teeth, now that he had taken his hand off her mouth.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa”, he whispered, covering her mouth again, “don’t be saying stupid shit like that, fatty. You agreed to come back here with me. And I can feel how wet your pussy is around my cock. So don’t you fucking lie to me. Fucking bitch. I know you enjoyed it too.”

She was at a loss for words. The tears kept flowing down her face. The guy had pulled out of her pussy and was peeing into the toilet like it was the most normal thing in the world. She had been raped and couldn’t do anything about it. And he was right about one thing, though – her pussy was wet.

“Oh stop fucking crying, will you?”, he said, shaking the piss off his cock. She furiously turned to face him with her crying face. He stepped closer to her, looking her in the eyes.

“Listen, you and I both know why you were dancing like a fucking 2 penny slut on that dance floor. You were desperate for a cock so that you could feel attractive or whatever. So, don’t fucking turn this on me. You should be fucking grateful I fucked you – now you can say you at least got laid tonight. And let’s face it, if it weren’t for me, no other guy was particularly interested in screwing a heavyweight like you. So goodnight and goodbye.”

And with that, he picked up her underwear, sniffed them once more, put them in his jeans pocket, and left her. Naked, crying, and creampied. She felt his cum dripping down her thighs and it terrified her. She sat down on the toilet – and she could feel drops of his urine on the seat. She had never felt more degraded in her life. And that was the first time she had had a real orgasm with a guy.

That had happened four years ago.

After that night, she tried to forget about dating and sex. But the same problems haunted her at work. Her friends were sexually active and thinner than she was. She grew jealous, sad, lonely, and desperate. She joined Tinder. She went on bind dates. They were mostly terrible. The guys were either not interested in sleeping with her or they were far too creepy. The first blind date that did go well was with a guy called Arun. Arun was by all appearances a decent chap. He was tall, dark, and lean. When the night arrived, she put on her short skirt and low-cut top to meet him for dinner. He was cooking.

She began to quite like him as dinner went on. He was funny, laid-back, and cooked great food. After dinner was over, she walked up behind him as he was doing the dishes and hugged him. She made sure to press her breasts up against his back. She knew what the boys liked about her. He turned around and embraced her in the softest, gentlest kiss she had ever had. She was slowly going limp in his arms.

“Do you want to go to the bedroom?”, he asked her.

She smiled her assent. After that kiss, she was ready to do anything. They both got under the sheets and took off each other’s clothes slowly. He planted soft kisses on her neck while caressing her breast. His hand slowly moved down her body and between her legs. He gently rubbed her clit. She spread her legs wider and pulled him closer, moaning. She felt his erect penis touch her pussy and she shivered with anticipation.

“Put it in me”, she said. He kept kissing her neck and slowly penetrated her. She moaned as he slowly moved in and out of her. She wanted more.

“Harder…”, she whispered to him.

He increased the pace a little, but not enough. Not nearly enough. To be perfectly honest, he was really teasing her more than he was pleasuring or satisfying her. She hugged him and turned so that she was now on top of him. And then she rode him hard, fast and deep. Her hands were in her hair, her ass was bouncing on his balls, her pussy was creaming. After just a couple of minutes, she came all over his rod. She was euphoric with pleasure. It was finally happening. She had met a nice guy who liked her and satisfied her. She pulled him close and put her lips on his ear, “Fuck my slut face and cum all over me.” She was surprised by her own words. She didn’t usually talk like that but she was too horny to think straight. All she knew was that she wanted some dick and she wanted it hard.

He politely pushed her away and got up.

“Hey, what happened?”

“Nothing… but, um, you need to leave.”

“Why? Was it something I said? What happened?”

“Just leave, Nidhi, please. You’re making it worse.”

Confused, she left his home. That night, she received a message from him. He was sorry he had to push her out of the house but he found that they were... sexually incompatible. In fact, he went on to say that she seemed a bit depraved. A bit too dirty. Abnormal, almost. And what happened that night made him too uncomfortable to see her for a while. Maybe forever. That night, she sobbed into her pillow. For almost a year after that, she went about her life thinking that she wasn’t going to get laid ever. She was going to die an old, single maid.

Then, finally, last night happened, and Dev changed everything for the better. Dev understood her. He didn’t judge her when she asked him to choke her. He called her a whore – that was so hot. And she loved that he found her so sexy.

“Room for one more?”

Nidhi came back to the present and smiled. She turned around in the shower and saw Dev standing at the entrance, very naked and very, very erect.

“For you, always”

Dev hopped into the shower. Nidhi dropped to her knees and started stroking him while fondling his balls. She was going to give him the time of his life. She would do whatever she could to please him. He was the best thing that had happened to her. She looked up into his eyes as she rubbed the tip of his dick on her plump lips, making him quiver. Keeping eye contact, she slathered saliva all over his cock with her tongue even though the shower kept washing it away. She held his shaft and pressed it past her pressed lips and into her warm, wet mouth. She pushed it deeper and deeper inside – past her gag reflex point and in her throat – until her nose was touching his groomed pubes. She stuck her tongue out from underneath his shaft and licked his balls with his dick down her throat. She was tearing up but she kept the dick inside her – this was the least she could do for him. Eventually, it was Dev who pulled out and, while she was coughing, told her she was the best fuck he’d ever had. She glowed with pride and deep-throated him again. And again. And again. Then she stroked his big dick while sucking on his heavy balls. She took one inside her mouth and suck hard on it – making him moan. Then she did the same with the other before trying, in vain, to stuff both of his testicles in her mouth. They were just too big. She licked his ball sack and rubbed her face all over it.

“Oh fuck Nidhi I want to fuck your face.”

“Fuck, yeah. Use my slut mouth like your personal fuck toy. Grab my hair and slam your cock down my throat.”

He pushed her head against the bathroom wall and held both her hands up with her wrists. Then he put his cock in between her lips and started fucking her face mercilessly. As she sat there on the bathroom floor getting her face fucked, she played with her big tits because she knew he liked that. She bounced them in her dainty hands and pinched and pulled her nipples as he abused her face. After a few minutes, he let her hands go and pulled his cock out – letting her cough and spit on the bathroom floor. Stepping out of the shower, he sat on the toilet seat and beckoned her over.

“Let me fuck those big ol’ titties.”

“Yes, Daddy”, she replied coyly.

He laughed his approval as she crawled over to him and, kneeling between his legs, plopped her big, wet breasts on his lap. Then squeezing his erect cock with her boobs, she started jerking him off. Her huge tits completely wrapped around his erection. He moaned as she fucked his dick with her tits faster and faster, all the while looking at him. She would occasionally stick her tongue out and try to lick the tip of his cock when it emerged from between her boobs. Given the size of her tits, the only reason his dick could come out was because he was quite well hung himself. Even then, only the tip surfaced from her cleavage – the rest of his cock stayed hidden between her wet pillows. His balls, heavy with cum, tantalizingly rubbed against her body too. It felt so dirty, Nidhi thought, so depraved. She was just his cum slut. A cheap whore.

“Get up, I need some of that fat ass”, he commanded, his voice husky with arousal.

She stood up and leaned over slowly and rested her fat, round, soft, wet ass on his lap. His erection was poking her ass crack but still outside it. She felt his big hands on her bum, squeezing her ass cheeks. He gave her a hard spank and she giggled. He spanked her other cheek. He was rubbing his dick against her tight, puckered, dirty asshole. She gulped. It would be amazing if he pushed it in. And just then, she felt pressure against her sphincter as he pushed the tip of his dick past her butt hole. She somehow steadied herself as he breached her tightest barrier and made her completely his. She was gratified to hear his moans of pleasure as he started slowly thrusting in and out of her ass. She felt his hands grabbing fistfuls of her ass as he increased the pace of his fucking. She reached between her legs and rubbed her sore pussy. With her other hand, she pulled at and played with her tits. He was spreading her ass wider and wider as he went deeper and deeper inside her. She was losing his mind as he owned her anus. He pulled out and commanded, “Kneel.”

As she knelt in front of him obediently, his dirty, smelly, big, erect cock swayed front of her face.

“Clean your shit off my cock.”

She loved this treatment. It sent little shivers of excitement down her spine. She beamed at him before taking his cock in her mouth and sucking off all that shit. It tasted absolutely vile but she did a thorough job. She loved it. She loved doing it for him.

“Now jerk me off till I shoot all over your pretty face.”

Using both hands to grab his shaft, she began stroking hard and fast. She knew he had waited long enough for this orgasm. She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out for his cum. Soon, he was shivering with pleasure and then he groaned and shot, copiously, all over her face, tongue, neck, tits, and hands. She was alarmed at the sheer quantity he could generate. He sat down on the floor, exhausted, as she proceeded to collect the cum off her body and eat it in front of him. He just marvelled at how unbelievably depraved and slutty she was.

“We’re filthy”, he said.

“Yup”, she nodded, busily polishing his load off her skin.

“By the way, when was that college reunion thing you were telling me about?”

“Soon – Saturday night. Tonight, though, some of my friends were planning to have a little get-together before the shindig, you know. The reunion is going to be too many people and not enough privacy. Won’t be able to catch up properly. Actually, you should come too.”

Having finished eating his cum, she got off the wet floor and proceeded to dry herself off with a towel. She thought about she was earlier dreading about this whole reunion thing, but now she was looking forward to it. She had a hot date! And she remembered how one of her thin friends, Raneeta, often said she had a crush on him. She stuck out her bum as she towelled it – putting on a little show for Dev. Seeing them together would definitely show Raneeta.

“So”, Nidhi asked, coming out of the bathroom all dry and bouncy, “you coming?”

He stood up, shamelessly staring at her dry, naked curves.

“Of course I’m coming, sweetheart”, he replied as he hugged her.



I stood in front of the mirror feeling, after a long time, confident and sexy. I had a pink noodle strap top on which offered a generous view of my big breasts. I turn around to check out my ass – it’s wrapped in a pair of tight light blue jeans. I can see every curve of my body. My hand automatically runs across the back of my smooth, fleshy thighs. I face myself in the mirror again, making some final adjustments to my wavy shoulder-length black hair and minimalist make-up.

“God damn”

I turn around. Dev is sitting on the edge of the bed, ogling at my ass.

“Like what you see?”, I ask him, playfully turning around and giving my ass a light spank.

“Babe”, he says, adjusting his trousers, “I wish you hadn’t put on your make-up already.

‘Cause then I would’ve given you a nice facial.”

My heart pounded in my chest. I loved it when he spoke to me like that.

“Well, how about this”, I said, walking up to him and bending over to whisper in his ear while giving him the complete view down my top, “as soon as we come back from dinner, you can throw me on the floor and fuck all of my holes raw – use me like your fuck doll. In fact, just to make things easier, I’m not wearing any underwear tonight.”

Dev groaned.

“That doesn’t make things easier, honey”, he said, getting up and adjusting his erection, “but I guess it is about time we leave now.”


Nidhi was being such a tease. All the way to the restaurant, she kept brushing her hand across my crotch, kissing my neck, caressing my thighs. I had a raging erection by the time we reached the place. It would’ve been awkward but I didn’t care – I wanted Nidhi to see how hard she made me. I wanted her to marvel at it, and know that I wanted to fuck her so hard.

“Table for 4, I think there’s a reservation under this name...”, I said to the receptionist. She was a pretty young thing, petite and dressed up in a little black dress. Her eyes fell to my erection and she blushed. She smiled and tried to look away as I thanked her for guiding us to the table.

“Saw that?”, I asked Nidhi when the receptionist was out of earshot. She snorted.

“Yeah, she wasn’t being very subtle, the little bitch. I love how this feels, though.”

“How what feels?”

“I love how I see all these other women who clearly want you, and knowing that they’re not going to get you. That after we all go home your dick is going to be all the way inside me”, she said, placing her hand over my erection.

“Damn – wish I could fuck you right now. I could, too. But I do enjoy the anticipation.”

“Me too”, she grinned, playing with her hair.

“So, who’s coming, again?”, I asked nonchalantly, opening up a menu. She had already told me, but I wanted to hear it again. Just to make sure.

“Oh, like I told you – Harshita is coming, and so is Raneeta. And Harshita is bringing a date, apparently. She won’t tell us who he is – it’s a surprise.”

I grinned. Raneeta. The dusky hottie from college. She had made a move on me more than once. Unfortunately, all those times I was too hung up on Nidhi to pay her any mind. But she was smoking hot, and horny. I wonder what she looked like now, and if she felt the same way. I’m not saying I’d cheat on Nidhi, but...

“What the fuck”, Nidhi mumbled.

“What?”, I asked her, following her line of sight towards the restaurant’s entrance. Her friends had just walked in. There was Raneeta – looking hotter than ever before with her new short hair, little black dress, and high heels. And behind her were Harshita, who was arguably the prettiest girl in college, and her boyfriend, some lanky dude who didn’t dress well. I knew him. He was in college too. Wait...

“Nidhi, is he the guy you hooked up with on graduation night?”, I whispered, dreading the answer.

“No...”, she mumbled, and then looked straight at me before answering, “he’s the guy who raped me on graduation night.”

As I sat there, stunned, her friends had made their way to the table. I eventually got up and greeted everyone, hugging Raneeta, but I was still processing what Nidhi just told me. Rape? No, I remember – both of them had left together. It seemed pretty consensual. But then I don’t know what happened later, maybe he had taken it too far? Plus, the way Nidhi was behaving right now – nervous, shaky – it was hard to not believe her.

“So, Dev”, I heard Raneeta’s honey voice, “long time, no see. How are you?”


I was having trouble breathing. What was he doing here? How was this happening? I...

“So, Nidhi, I guess you remember Vicky from college. We’ve been dating for a couple of weeks now”, Harshita said, smiling and resting her pretty head on Vicky’s bony shoulder. Did she not know? She looked so... calm, so normal. So beautiful. She really was gorgeous. Her skin was fair but not pale. It had a certain glow that let you know she took good care of it. She had high cheekbones, pretty eyes, and nice, full, lips. Red lips. Her hair was straight with just a hint of wave, black, shiny, and waist-length. She had a medium build which really came across as petite when she was around me and Raneeta. But she did have perky tits and a tight ass, even though she had a very innocent vibe. No wonder she was voted the prettiest freshman in college. I smiled back at them somehow, and momentarily my eyes met his. Vicky was smiling back, the rascal. He knew I remembered. He remembered too. How did he have the audacity?

“Oh, yeah... hey Vicky... wow, couple of weeks, ha”, I mumbled somehow. I think I was having a panic attack.

“Are you okay, Nidhi?”, Harshita asked, concerned, her perfectly shaped eyebrows arching in sincerity.

“You know what”, Vicky said, getting up, “I’ll get her some warm water or something from the kitchen. It should help. Here, come with me.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. Not wanting to make things appear strange, I got up and followed Vicky – as he held my hand – out of the restaurant and into the kitchen. But he didn’t get me any water, though – he just took me outside the kitchen through the back door. We were standing in a cold, dark back alley as I hugged myself for warmth and he lit his cigarette. I didn’t know what to say.

“That’s a nice outfit you have”, he said, staring shamelessly at my tits, “it’s because you knew I was coming tonight, right?”

I gathered some courage and spoke out, “Now listen here, you creep, don’t even dare to pull –“

Before I could finish what I was saying, he yanked my arm and pushed me up against the wall. I had forgotten how strong he was. I could feel his breath on my neck, his hands moving over my body. One of his hands rested on my breast, which he squeezed slowly. The other unbuttoned my jeans.

“You have no fucking idea what I can dare to do. Which is all the same, because you’re going to find out. Wow – no panties, looks like you did know I was coming...”, he whispered in my ear as he pushed my jeans down my fat ass and felt up my pussy. I felt him push his dick up against my hole and penetrate me. Once he was well inside me, he grabbed my hair with one hand and my breasts with his other, and began fucking me slowly up against the wall. His mouth was on my neck, occasionally whispering in my ear.

“Fuck, yes, that’s it. Take my cock, you bitch. You whore. You’re just a slut, a fat fucking slut. Look at you, you pig, getting fucked in the back alley like a 2 penny whore...” After five minutes, he had pushed his dick all the way inside me and painfully squeezed my tits as he unloaded his sperm in me.

“You’re welcome”, he said as he pulled me off the wall. He took the liberty of pulling my jeans up and buttoning them. He also took the liberty of dusting the dirt off my clothes, brushing his hands against my breasts, and generally all over me.

“Let’s go”, he said, tucking his dick back inside, “the others will be waiting.”


I wasn’t so sure about Vicky ushering Nidhi out of the room like that, but I had no choice. There was no good reason I could give for stopping him. And then I felt a hand on my thigh.

“Dev!”, it was Raneeta, “don’t worry, Vicky will take good care of her. In the meantime, what’s been happening in your life? Go on, fill me in.”

She added a little wink after the last line and let her hand rest on my thigh. I started talking, sharing inane detailed about my life. I didn’t really care. And neither did Raneeta, I imagine. Good old Harshita listened in earnest while Raneeta caressed my thigh.

“But enough about me though”, I said, inching my chair closer to the table, “what about you, Harshita? What’s the story behind you and Vicky?”

She beamed and started telling me something about how they bumped into each other at the supermarket. I really wasn’t listening. Raneeta’s hand was on my crotch now, caressing my erection. I occasionally looked at her. She seemed insanely calm and normal to be doing this under the table. She also looked insanely hot. Her skin, dark and dusky, was smooth and shiny. Her LBD was sleeveless, showing off her slender arms. There was also some lace work on her chest, which allowed some teasing glances of her cleavage. Her rack, while not as voluminous as Nidhi’s, was big too. Nice handfuls, beautifully outlined against her tight dress. The dress was tight indeed: it hugged her flat tummy and her curvy, spankable booty. I nearly gasped as Raneeta unzipped my pants and reached inside, manoeuvring around until she grabbed my naked, erect, hot rod. I shifted a bit in my seat as she jerked me off slowly. It was amazing what Harshita wouldn’t notice. It was also amazing what Raneeta was willing to do in public. Her hand was working its soft, warm magic around my shaft. I needed to fuck someone – now.

I felt her hand rapidly being pulled away. I looked around, Nidhi and Vicky were returning. Things looked okay, I guess. I couldn’t tell if something was wrong or not.

“How’re you feeling now, babe?”, I asked her, covering my unzipped crotch with a napkin.

“Much better”, she beamed, “let’s get on with dinner now!”

I did know her better than that, though. I knew that she was putting on a mask now. Something had happened back there in the kitchen. And Vicky was going to pay for it.


Finally, dinner was over and everyone was leaving. Vicky, of course, had the audacity to hug me goodbye and I definitely felt his hand squeezing my butt cheek as he did. I also heard his warning, which he whispered in my ear: “I’ll be seeing you soon, sweetheart.” It gave me chills. I noticed Raneeta’s hands on Dev’s ass when the hugged – which is definitely something I’m curious about. Raneeta was the first to leave in her cab, and then Vicky and Harshita took off in their car. As soon as they were mobile, Dev said, “Quick, get in the car!”

I obeyed him and quickly got in the passenger seat as he turned the engine on and put the car in drive.

“What happened, back there?”, he asked, looking straight ahead.

“He raped me”, I said quietly. Dev’s eyes hardened.

“Hey, don’t worry”, he said, patting my thigh, “Vicky will be paying for his crimes very, very soon.”

“What do you mean?”, I asked him, but he didn’t reply. He was too focussed on the road. And that’s when I looked ahead and noticed Vicky and Harshita’s car up ahead of us. Dev was following them.

“Babe, what are you planning to do?”, I asked him, the worry clear in my voice. His hand moved from my thigh to my face.

“Do you trust me?”, he asked.


“Then suck my cock.”

I grinned, nodded, and bent over till my face was in his lap. As I unzipped him, I felt his hand caressing my cheek. This was a new side to Dev that I was seeing. It was... extremely arousing.


Nidhi pulled my dick out of my pants with her hand. She I felt her spit on my shaft a couple of times. It was making me incredibly hard. She kissed the tip a few times too before finally popping it in her warm, wet mouth. Her fingers played with my heavy balls while she bobbed up and down on my cock, applying the perfect amount of suction. Part of me wanted to grab her hair and fuck her face right there – but that would have to wait. There were bigger things at hand.

Vicky and Harshita’s car was just a few feet ahead. I hoped they didn’t notice that we were following them. It was a struggle to keep up behind them with Nidhi deep-throating and gagging on my cock. She pulled my hard, erect dick out of her throat and rubbed her face all over it – just the way I like it. Messy. Sloppy. I moved my hand from her hair to her chest. I reached inside the blouse she was wearing and grabbed hold of her large breast. Her nipple was hard. I squeezed it and massaged her teat while she sucked me off.

After some time, Vicky stopped his car. I stopped mine at the other end of the street behind him so as not to alert them. I grabbed Nidhi’s hair and pulled her off my cock. She wiped her chin and tucked her tits back into her blouse.

“There they are”, she said. Vicky was helping Harshita out of the car. What a gentleman. I stamped my foot on the gas and stormed down the street – bringing the car to a grinding halt in front of them. I kicked open the door and marched out.

“Dev... what the fuck...”, Vicky mumbled before I threw a right hand punch, getting him clean on the nose. He fell down. Harshita was cowering behind the car.

“Don’t worry, my problem is just with Vicky”, I said, out of breath.

“...why!”, she yelled.

“Because he’s a rapist”, I told her, “now, very calmly, take us to your place.”

Nidhi got out of the car and corroborated what I had just said. Although Harshita was clearly struggling to believe our story, she was listening to us. She led the way to her home.


I couldn’t believe what had just happened in the span of five minutes. Dev had knocked the wind out of Vicky and I found out that Vicky had raped Nidhi... too. I felt Nidhi’s soft arm around my shoulders. Dev was holding Vicky up.

“Did he really rape you?”, I asked Nidhi as we stood in the elevator. She nodded, “Twice.”

I turned to hug her and she hugged me back. Her large, soft pillowy breasts pushing against my perky but smaller ones. It felt so comfortable to be hugging her. I slowly broke the hug. She was smiling at me as we pulled away. It was almost romantic. She kissed my cheek softly like it was nothing at all.

When we reached our floor, Dev led Vicky down the corridor and I walked on behind with Nidhi on my arm.

“It’s the fifth one on your left”, I called to him. I felt Nidhi’s hand caressing my waist. My arm was around her hip, my head on her shoulder. Her scent was... intoxicating. Floral. Light. Heady. My hand dropped to Nidhi’s ass accidentally – but I left it there. I gave it a squeeze. It was so soft. Welcoming.

When we reached my room, I just handed Dev the key while Nidhi and I continued to pet each other. We walk inside the room and Nidhi and I sit down on the bed. Dev shuts the door behind us and pushes Vicky down on the chair.

“You’re beautiful”, I whisper to Nidhi and we finally lean in and kiss each other.


It was nice to see Nidhi and Harshita getting along so well. It made the whole plan much, much easier. While the two of them kissed and caressed one another, I rummaged the room till I found some rope. I tied Vicky to his chair before breaking up the girls and sitting between them. My arms were around their waists, their heads on my shoulders, and we were facing Vicky.

“So here’s what’s going to happen, you bitch. Clearly, you seem to think that raping women makes you a real man. But now, I’m going to show you what a real man can really do. And you’re going to watch like the bitch you are. You’re going to watch while Nidhi and I fuck like animals – and she willingly does things for me that you couldn’t force her to do for you. And, Harshita, baby, I’m not gonna force you into anything but if you want to join...”

“Fuck yes, I want to join. He’s raped me too”, she said, indignantly. Nidhi and I looked at her – shocked, sympathetic. Harshita placed her hand on my crotch before adding, “and now I want to take revenge by cuckolding him with a real man – you.”

I leaned in and kissed her soft, tender lips. She kissed back and started stroking my erection over my pants. Soon, I felt Nidhi’s lips on my neck and her hand moving up my shirt.

“Fuck”, I muttered, breaking the kiss with Vicky’s girlfriend, “take out my cock.”

Both girls got on their fours on either side of me, with their faces at my crotch. I caught Vicky looking at Nidhi’s big fat ass.

“You like that ass, eh? Nidhi, who does this ass belong to?”, I said, giving her a light spank.

“It belongs to you, Daddy”, she replied coyly, giving her booty a nice shake. The girls had unzipped me and I lifted my ass to let them pull down my pants, allowing my raging erection to, finally, breathe.

“...damn, that’s big”, Harshita said, staring at it.

“I know, right?”, added Nidhi, “much bigger than Vicky’s.”

The girls started with showering kisses and wet licks over my cock and balls. It was amazing. My right hand was on Nidhi’s back. I reached inside her dress and felt her smooth, naked skin. I moved my hand around her and grabbed her large, soft, breast. With my other hand, I caressed Harshita’s pert bottom over her tight brown pants.

Nidhi grabbed my shaft and pushed my cock inside Harshita’s warm, wet mouth. She started bobbing her pretty head up and down on it. Nidhi started sucking my balls, occasionally spitting on them. Harshita’s mouth felt very different from Nidhi’s. Harshita was more... soft. She didn’t suck as hard or go as fast. But her mouth and lips felt wonderful wrapped around my dick.

She took my cock out of her mouth with a pop and fed it to Nidhi. While Nidhi fucked my cock with her face, Harshita sat up and took off her top – throwing it at Vicky. Her perky white breasts were encased in a black bra which she also pulled off before leaning in and pushing her tongue into my mouth. I take my hand off Nidhi’s boob and yank off Harshita’s pants. She pushes me down on the bed. I look up as Harshita takes off her black thongs (throwing it to Vicky) and Nidhi finally takes her messy face off my cock in order to take her clothes off. My eyes quickly move back to Harshita as she climbs on me and we start making out again. I feel her hand guide my cock into her pussy as I finally penetrate her. She moans into my mouth as I start fucking her from below. I feel her perky breasts against my chest, her tight, tight pussy around my cock, and her mouth on my neck as I fuck her hard. I see Nidhi standing right off the bed, completely naked in all her curvaceous glory.

“That’s how a real man fucks a woman, you see?”, she tells Vicky, “you could never be him. In fact, you’re going to clean me up before Dev fucks me.”

She faces Vicky and then lifts one leg over his lap and shoves his face down to her pussy, commanding, “Now suck your weak cum out of my pussy, bitch.”

It’s incredibly arousing to see Nidhi, who’s usually extremely submissive to me, dominate her rapist. In fact, it brings out the inner domme in me. I hug Harshita and turn us both so that I’m on top of her. Her beautiful porcelain face is contorted in pleasure. I choke her and start fucking her harder. I can hear her moans getting louder but more strained too.

“You like it?”, I ask while staring into her eyes, which are tearing up.

“Y-Yes”, she manages to say, before squealing as she cums around my dick. I pull out of her and get off her limp, sweaty body.


Once Vicky was done sucking his own cum out of my pussy and swallowing it, I turned around. Harshita was cumming. Dev pulled out of her once she was done. It was so arousing to watch him fuck her brains out. He got off her and walked towards me, his thick, long, erect dick swinging in front of him. Finally, he was going to fuck me.

“Are you ready, babe?”, he asked me, breathless and horny.

“Yes, babe”, I replied, beaming, “take me from behind in front of Vicky, so that he knows what a real man can do to me.”

He nods and swats my fat ass. I love it when he does that. I turn around and get on Vicky’s chair, my knees on either side of his legs. My breasts are hovering right in front of his scared face, and my arms over his shoulders. I look right into his eyes and smile as I feel Dev rubbing his dick at the entrance of my pussy.

I wrap my hand around Vicky’s neck, forcing him to keep looking into my eyes as Dev penetrates me and I moan. One of Dev’s hands grabs a fistful of my ass, and the other grabs a fistful of my curly hair. He starts pummelling into my hard – just the way I love it. The room is filled with sounds of his pelvis slamming against my fat ass, his grunts, and my moans. Dev’s like a machine – it’s incredible. He keeps on fucking me with the same force – and this is right after he’s destroyed Harshita.

Dev lets go of my hair and both of his strong hands move to my floppy breasts. He holds on to them tight and starts humping me even harder, almost yelling in my ear, “Fuck yes!” I scream into Vicky’s face as I cum hard. I see the humiliation and shame in Vicky’s eyes, and it turns me on even more.

“Do you think you could ever fuck me like this? Do you think you could fuck anyone like this, you bitch?”, I spit out at him while getting reamed from behind.

“No, ma’am”, he mumbles.

“That’s right – not what are you?”

“I’m your bitch”, he says hesitantly.

“Very good”, I smile, “you’re my bitch, and Harshita’s bitch, and Dev’s bitch. You’re just a little sissy tiny dicked bitch boy.”

“That is so hot”, I hear Harshita say. She walks over to us, having finally recovered from her orgasm.

“He’s like a machine”, she mumbles, staring at our sweating, heaving bodies fucking like animals. Dev grabs my hair again and pushes my face towards hers – we start making out. Harshita is no longer holding back – she wraps her arms around me and sucks my tongue in her mouth. I moan as I cum, once more, with my lovers around me.


I’ve been waiting to shoot my load ever since Raneeta gave me that handsy at dinner. In fact, I’ve been hard since before that – what with Nidhi’s teasing. Watching Nidhi and Harshita make out as I fuck Nidhi from behind while Vicky watches – it was a dream come true. It was just what I needed. I finally pull out of Nidhi, who collapses on the floor in a hot, sweaty, tired, happy, mess.

I grab Harshita by her bony hips and push her onto Vicky’s lap. She invitingly opens her legs and I push my dick into her hot, pink, wet snatch. Being close to orgasm, I start fucking her hard and fast – pushing her against Vicky.

“I’m going to cum inside you...”, I say.

“Yes!”, she moans in reply, “dump your load in me while my boyfriend helplessly watches from underneath me. Breed me! Do it!”

I finally climax – pushing my dick all the way inside her, shooting stream after stream of hot, sticky cum into Harshita as she moans in pleasure. Once I’m done cumming, I start to slowly thrust again, whispering, “I’m just making sure it’s all inside you, baby.”

“Yes”, she replies, in a daze, “Own me, push that cum inside me. Fuck, I can’t believe you can keep going even after cumming.”

I pull out eventually. We kick Vicky’s ass out of the room – letting him find his way back. Harshita, Nidhi, and I don’t even bother to shower because we’re too tired. We lay there on the cool bedsheets in each other’s arms, completely naked and completely satisfied.



I woke up in Dev’s arms. My head was resting on his muscular pec, and my bare tits were pressed against his abs. I could feel his raging morning wood poking my arm and, when I looked down at it, I just marvelled. How could a man be this fucking horny? He was an animal. A machine. And after last night’s intense threesome, here he was again: his 9 inch thick rod poking right up at the sky. I couldn’t believe it. I got off his body and stretched. Last night was crazy. I’ve never had a more exhilarating experience. I stood up and walked up to the window. I pulled the curtains aside, letting the warm morning light cleanse my naked body. I looked back at Dev and his magnificent erection. Nidhi was also still sleeping on his other arm, her gorgeous fat ass in full display.

As I thought about last night, I reached down between my legs and touched my pussy. A sigh escaped my lips. I’ve never felt more satisfied in my life. Vicky only cared about his own please. His own orgasm – he’d fuck me whenever he wanted to, and didn’t do a good job of it either. But Dev. Dev was different. He took my consent and then literally made me pass out from an orgasm. Last night changed me. It unlocked a sexual side of me that... I didn’t really know existed. And it wasn’t just Dev, no. It was Nidhi too. I could drown myself in her curves and die happy. I found my hand rubbing my clitoris involuntarily. I bit my lower lip. My other hand reached up and grabbed my breast as I started masturbating – in front of the open window, that too. Out for the whole world to see what a slut I am. I pinched my nipple and moaned. My pussy was getting wet. I sucked on a couple of fingers and pushed them inside – fuck, that feels good. I finger myself while rubbing my clit with my thumb and massaging my breast. And I look out the window and –

There’s a guy looking at me. I stop immediately. There is a young man, probably early twenties, in the opposite apartment looking at me through his window. After the initial pause, though, I continue masturbating – and I don’t take my eyes off him. He smiles back and pulls down his tracks, revealing an erect dick. He jerks it off furiously as I put on a show for him – sticking my tongue out, slapping my breast, and fingering myself hard. I was starting to sweat. I was so dirty. Such a slut. A whore. Playing with herself for strangers to see and enjoy. I was a naughty, naughty girl.

“Having fun, are we?”


I stood up and walked over to where Harshita was masturbating in front of the window. She had changed so much – and in just the one night that I knew her. It was amazing. She was always beautiful; and now she was embracing her sexuality. It just made her irresistible.

“I guess I was thinking about last night and I got carried away...”, she said coyly.

“And putting on a show for our neighbours, I see”, I replied, looking over her shoulder to see some chap covering his junk hurriedly.

“Maybe”, she giggled as I hugged her, feeling her breasts against my chest and her soft ass in my hands. Grabbing her waist, I flipped her around and pushed her to the window. I stood right behind her and whispered in her ear, “Well, the show must go on.”

She gasped as I pressed my dick between her pussy lips and pushed it inside her. Feeling her pussy stretch out around my cock was an amazing sensation. She was definitely tighter than Nidhi. And she smelled wonderful – her soft black hair was in my face as I grabbed her hips and fucked her against the glass. I grabbed her mane in my fist and yanked her head back, pushing her tits into the window.

“Oh fuck, Dev, you’re the best, baby...”, she moaned as I took her from behind. I slapped her pert, white ass as I fucked her. The guy in the opposite apartment was jerking off again. Yes, you little pervert. Jerk off to her. Jerk off to her while I fuck her.

I let go of her hair and, with my cock still inside her, I pull her back off the window. I push her down so she arches her back and rests her hands on the window as I plough into her from behind. Her eyes are locked straight up ahead at our voyeur. I fuck her harder and harder. I’m just slamming into her from behind. Our bodies are covered in a fine layer of sweat. Her whole body shakes each time I ram into her, breaking her sultry moans. I feel her pussy clench like a vice around my cock as she cums, and it sets off my own orgasm. I shoot stream after stream of cum inside her as she gasps and moans, feeling me fill her womb. Once I’m done cumming, I thrust inside her a few more times, pushing in the cum. I let go of her. She gets up and turns to me with the widest grin on her pretty face. She hugs me close, saying, “I think I’m in love with you.”

I laugh and kiss her cheek, replying, “Come on, babe. Let’s wake Nidhi up for breakfast.”


They thought I didn’t hear them, but of course I did. I woke up the second Dev penetrated Harshita and she moaned. I quietly watched as they fucked against the window. As he spanked her. As he slammed against her porcelain body. As they came together. I watched it all. That bitch was trying to steal Dev. And all throughout breakfast, that’s all I could think about. She probably had his cum dripping down her thighs right now, the slut. But all that was going to change. I was going to show Dev who he should really be with. That’s why I had worn a loose blow tank top to show off my cleavage and a pair of white mini shorts. I had caught a lot of people staring at me, including occasional glances from Dev.

“So, the reunion is tonight, right?”, Dev asked between spoonfuls of his oatmeal.

“Yep”, Harshita replied with a smile. She was sitting beside him and both of them were opposite me. I hated how beautiful she looked. She was wearing a tight white tank top and pink hot pants which showed off her sexy legs. Her hair fell down her back and, for her face, she just had some red lipstick on.

“So who are you finally going with, Harshita? You know, now that Vicky is gone”, I ask in vain.

“Well, I thought I could be Dev’s date too”, she shrugged.

“Oh, totally”, Dev replied, patting Harshita’s shoulder, “you have to come with us. And if anyone has any questions, they can just fuck off.”

I smiled and looked back down at my breakfast plate. I peeled my banana and looked right at Dev. He looked back, interested. I made an “o” with my mouth and pushed the banana inside, all the while locking eyes with him. I moved the fruit in and out of my mouth, occasionally sticking my tongue out underneath to lick it. When I finally took a bite of it, Dev gasped. I grinned.

“Excuse me”, Harshita said, as she daintily got up to go to the ladies’ room. Perfect. I had Dev all to myself now. I took off my slippers, reached under the table with my leg and placed my foot on his crotch. He was erect. After a few minutes, I was able to unzip his trousers and pull out his cock. Right there, in the middle of the breakfast hall. Dev was trying very had to be cool about it but I could see beads of sweat form on his temple. I held his thick dick with my toes and started stroking him. He looked up at me, flushed with arousal. I grinned as I kept stroking him.

I poured some maple syrup on my pancakes. I picked up a bit with my fork and made him watch as I used the food to rub maple syrup over my lips and chin before finally putting it in my mouth. I felt his cock shiver in my grasp.

He couldn’t take his eyes off me. I “accidentally” dribbled some maple syrup on my chest.

“Silly me”, I said while slowly dabbing my wet, sticky cleavage with a paper napkin. I could do this all day, I thought. I didn’t care if anyone saw me. All I knew was that Dev was getting off on this. I let his cock free from my toes and started just rubbing the bottom of my feet against his shaft. He gasped and shivered. It was amazing having such a hunk of a man respond to me like this. I picked up my glass of milk and drank it – spilling more than a little bit down my chin and on my breasts.

“Oh dear...”, I said, looking up at Dev helplessly.

“There, let me help you with that”, he replied in a husky voice, reaching across the table with a napkin and patting down my chest. Just as he was beginning to cup by breast, his phone buzzed. He checked his text. It looked serious.

“I’ll be right back, honey”, he said, tucking his dick back into his pants.

“What happened?”

“Harshita needs me”, is all he said as he walked away from me. That bitch!


I was too turned on to worry about people noticing me enter the ladies’ room. I stormed in and went straight to the cubicle Harshita mentioned in her text. When I opened it, I found her sitting on the toilet with her tits out and a naughty smile on her face.

“Hey, big boy”, she said sexily, touching my erection, “I see you’re already ready for me.”

“Harshita, you said it was an emergency. What happened?”

“Your baby needs some dessert, Daddy”, she replied, pouting and taking my dick out, “I didn’t get a chance to blow you this morning and all through breakfast I kept thinking about your massive morning wood. I mean, it was amazing. And I just needed it in my mouth.”

“Well, go ahead then”, I replied as she popped my dick right into her mouth. She held on to my shaft with one hand, and with the other she pressed my taint. I moaned right away – she meant business with this blowjob. She kept moaning as she closed her eyes and moved her soft, red, juicy lips up and down my rod.

“Look up at me.”

She opened her eyes immediately – those beautiful eyes, and looked up while she kept sucking me.

“Fuck yeah, that’s it, baby...”

“You like that, Daddy?”, she said, taking my cock out of her mouth to stroke it with both hands while she looked up at me, saying, “you like it when your little whore takes it in her slutty mouth?”

She pushed my cock back between her lips and attempted to deep-throat me. Like I said, she meant business. Even when I felt her gag reflex, she pushed my cock past that point right down in her throat. Her nose was in my pubes and my nuts were on her chin. When she finally pulled out, she had tears in her eyes. She was a champion.

“You like it when I deep-throat you? Your dick is so powerful. I was fucking choking on it. You like it when I choke on your fat cock? When I gag and spit and drool because your dick is too much for me?”, she asked as she spat on my dick a whole bunch of times, rubbing it all over and making a big, sloppy mess. She rubbed her face over my wet cock and balls, messing it up too.

“That’s right”, she said, “I want you to ruin my face with your cock!”

She grabbed my ass and pushed my cock into her open mouth. I grabbed her hair with my fists and started face-fucking her right there. And she fucking took it like a champ.

When I finally pulled out, she was coughing up spit all over herself. I held her chin up with one hand, and jerked my cock at her with the other.

“Oh, that’s it, yeah, don’t I look pretty?”, she said, drooling, “Don’t I look like a pretty slut? Give me that cum, Daddy. Fucking shoot your load on my face! I want it! I want your cream on me! Cum! Cum! Cum!”

It all got too much for me I shot my load right on her messed up, pretty face.


I moaned in satisfaction as I felt rope after rope of his hot, sticky, white cum fall on my ruined face. It was amazing he had this much in him after this morning. I still marvelled at his capacity. When he was finished, I looked up at him while collecting his cum off my face and neck and eating it. It was delicious. It was salty, and warm. And thick. I felt it slide down my throat. I was his slut. And I loved pleasing him.

“Baby, that was incredible”, he said, “but I need to pee.”

I just sat there, thinking. Looking at him.

“Babe, could you get off the toilet, I need to piss”, he said again.

“You can piss on me.”

He looked at me, rather shocked. I was surprised too. This would be a new domain for me. I had never thought about it till now. But with Dev, and unlocking my sexuality, I feel ready for new things. Not only that, it was kind of turning me on thinking about it. Dev’s piss streaming down my face and in my mouth maybe. It would be so degrading. Even more than getting fucked while some pervert jerked off to me. It was exciting. And if I was ever going to do this with anyone, I trusted Dev. So I pulled him closer to me and pointed his dick at my face. I stuck my tongue out and gave him a smile. And then I felt his urine hit my forehead. I closed my eyes and tried not to giggle as the warm liquid washed over my face. Quite a bit of it went into my mouth – and I swallowed. It tasted vile. I loved it. I shook my face and let his piss flow all over me. It was amazing. I ran down my face and neck and down my tits. When he was finally done, I opened my eyes again and kissed his dick and licked it clean. He was looking at me in amazement.

“You’re the fucking best”, he said. I was giddy. He helped clean me up with the toilet paper and put on my white tank top. I looked at myself in the mirror and it was pretty obvious that I had just been fucked, but I didn’t care. In fact, I rather enjoyed it. We walked out of the ladies’ room confidently, his hand around my waist. When we reached the breakfast room, though, something was wrong.

“Where the fuck is Nidhi?”


I couldn’t believe it. I had just sucked a banana, rubbed maple syrup on my, and spilled milk on my tits while giving him a foot-job. And now he had to leave because Harshita needed him? I couldn’t believe it. I was fuming with anger, tears welling in my eyes, as I sat there with some milk still on my tits. I put my face in my hands.


I looked up. It was some guy – in his forties, probably – sitting opposite me, where Dev sat.

“I’m sorry your friend doesn’t appreciate you”, he said, reaching out to touch my arm.

“What the fuck do you mean?”

“Well, I’ve been sitting at the next table, and I couldn’t help but notice the incredibly sexy show you put on. That thing with the maple syrup? Goddamn, it was hot. I didn’t mean to pry, but to be fair you weren’t being subtle. And then your guy just left? It seems unfair. And it seems like he doesn’t appreciate all that you do for him. I, for one, know how to appreciate a beautiful sensual woman.”

He was stroking my arm by now. He had a way with words, this one. I studied his face. He didn’t look too bad. There were streaks of grey in his mop of black hair. He had a receding hairline but overall he looked distinguished. And he seemed to be in good shape too.

“Alright”, I said, “you have a car?”

“Of course I do.”

“Let’s go.”

He smiled smugly as I got up to go with him. He put his hand around my waist as we walked out together. He was stroking my bum. But he was right. Fuck Dev. And fuck that bitch Harshita! If I couldn’t entice Dev, I would just have to make him jealous. I will have to show him that I do have my options if he doesn’t care about me.

The old guy, whose name I still don’t know, unlocked a large SUV and held the door open for me before getting in himself. He drove us to a secluded alley and pulled up. I sat there, waiting for him to make the first move. It was a bit awkward, to be sure. I felt his hand on my breast. I turned to him and leaned in for a kiss. I felt his tongue in my mouth and I sucked on it. He was freaky – I could tell. I knew his type – they come off all distinguished and charming but they’re really sex fiends. His hand reached inside my top and grabbed my breast over my bra. I moaned into his mouth as he kneaded my tits. I moved my hand to his crotch and rubbed his erection. It was big – but not as big as Dev’s. I pulled it out of his pants and started stroking him. He broke the kiss.

“Get on me”, he said, moving his seat back to make room for me. That was sweet.

I sit on his lap, with his dick between us. I take off my top and pull my tits out of my bra.

“Fuck...”, he mutters as he admires my body. He moves his hands across my massive, bare, fleshy thighs. He grabs my butt over my hot pants and even reaches inside my pants to pull at my thong, making me squeal. He was a gutsy one. His hands then moved up my sides and finally reached my melon-like breasts. He leaned forward and sealed his lips around one of my nipples, sucking hard enough to make me moan. I reached between my legs and unzipped my pants. I pulled my thongs aside and tried to push his penis inside me. He moved his hands down and helped me – we both moaned as he entered me. When he was all the way in, I started to slowly roll my hips and grind against his pelvis. He moaned with my tit in his mouth and started sucking harder. He spat on my tits, licked them, and even bit me occasionally. He buried his face in there – trying to smother himself. His hands were inside my pants, massaging my ass. It actually felt great. I moved my hands through my hair as I started to really get into it. By as soon as I closed my eyes, I pictured Dev. And I didn’t fight it either. I pictured him smothering over my big tits while I fucked him in his car on the street. I felt his hand rub my asshole.

“Go on, push your finger in, Dev.”

“Who’s Dev?”, he asked, looking up from my bosom. I pushed his face back in between my tits and told him to shut the fuck up. I moaned loudly as I felt his digit penetrate my asshole, while I rode his cock. I was cumming. I rode him faster and faster. The whole car was moving with the force of our fucking.

“I’m gonna cum...”, he whimpered and I immediately got off him, letting his cock out of my cunt, and then sitting back on his lap. I jerked him off furiously until he came explosively in my hand.

“I thought I was gonna cum inside you”, he said.

“Sorry bro”, I replied, “but right now only one man has that privilege. I won’t disappoint you though – watch.”

And he did watch – very closely – as I rubbed his sticky cum over my large tits, which were already wet with his saliva. He kept watching as I pushed my sticky melons back inside my bra, and put my top back on. I slid back to the passenger seat and zipped up my pants. Then I looked to him and asked in the sweetest voice possible, “Care to drop me off?”

“For you”, he replied with a satisfied smile, “anything.”


“I don’t get it – her phone is ringing but she isn’t answering it. It’s been hours!”, I said for the millionth time.

Harshita turned to face me with a flip of her hair and a smile. She looked so beautiful – that too with minimal make-up. Her lips were baby pink and she had a little bit mascara on to contrast her white complexion. She was looking hot too – she was wearing a classic noodle strap little black dress. And it was little – it barely covered her ass. She walked over to me and sat on my lap.

“Look, she’s 26, okay? She can handle herself. I know you’re worried about her – I am too. But she’ll be fine. Now don’t let this ruin tonight – we’re already late for the reunion party.”

“You’re right. Agh, you’re right! Let’s have fun tonight”, I replied, patting her ass. We got up and made our way to the car. I was excited for tonight. Not only because I had a hot date, but because things had a real potential of turning interesting. Harshita and I had debated whether Vicky would have the balls to turn up. I was sure that Raneeta would be coming and make a move on me. Plus, there were the others – Harshita’s friends, my friends, acquaintances.

Also, where the fuck was Nidhi?


This party was killer, I thought as I downed my fourth shot with Dev and a couple of other friends: Raneeta, Vaishnavi, and Vaishnavi's boyfriend. The two of them were really good friends – and complete sluts too. Seriously, they’d fuck anything that moved. I used to judge them in college – but now, I get it. I like being Dev’s slut, after all.

“So you two together, ha? How did that happen?”, Raneeta said, putting her arm on Dev’s. Did she have a thing for him? I felt Dev’s hand on my ass. I smiled, nodding along as Dev answered her question. I liked to think Raneeta had a thing for him. I liked to think that all women wanted him, but he wanted me the most. I loved thinking that he was everyone’s object of desire while his hand reached inside my panties and stroked my asshole. It was so dirty. So amazing. I was already getting wet. And drunk.

Matter of fact, we were all getting pretty drunk. I looked around, and everyone was getting drunk. All the dark corners had couples making out. The people dancing were also getting raunchier. In front of me, Vaishnavi's boyfriend was kissing her neck. And Dev, of course, had his finger in my asshole. It made me giggle – but it also made me very, very hot.

Raneeta was laughing at something Dev had said and stroking his arm. Poor girl. She was trying so hard. I pulled Dev’s hands from my butt and walked over to Raneeta. I hugged her against the bar, feeling her big tits against mine and her curvy ass in my hands. I smelled her intoxicating perfume, and whispered in her ear, “You know, I can share him if you like.”

I faced her and she kissed me on my lips. I melted in her arms and felt her hands squeeze my ass as we made out.


I adjusted the erection in my pants as I saw the two sexy women make out in front of me. Harshita in her LBD, Raneeta in her little white piece. They were making out passionately – like drunk girls should. And right next to them, Vaishnavi’s boyfriend was practically dry-humping her from behind. She was hot and cute – Vaishnavi. She was almost as fair as Harshita – and pretty too. But whereas Harshita’s face had an innocent vibe to it, Vaishnavi’s face told you right off the bat that she liked it dirty. But compared to most girls, Vaishnavi was definitely on the petite side. Not that I didn’t like it. Her cute breasts were practically falling out of her dress as she grinded against her boyfriend. She looked really hot. But I had more women waiting for me. I stepped up to Raneeta and Harshita and placed a hand on each of their butts. They broke from each other and directed their kisses toward me instead.

“I’ve waited for this for such a long time”, Raneeta slurred as she started rubbing my erection over my pants.

“Should we take this someplace quieter?”, Harshita asked, her hand on my ass.

“Fuck that”, Raneeta replied, getting on her knees and taking my cock out in public, “I’m going to get down right here.”

Harshita looked at me – shocked.

“The club is owned by one of our friends – tonight’s party is no-holds-barred. There are no limits”, I explained.

She beamed at me and then got down on her knees too. She kissed Raneeta’s neck while the dusky girl stared at my cock.

“Fuck, I always thought you were big – never this big.”

Harshita giggled knowingly and pulled down Raneeta’s top, revealing her big, dark, sexy breasts. Raneeta spat on my cock a few times before putting it in her mouth and bobbing her head furiously up and down on it. Harshita was still playing with Raneeta’s tits. Beside us, Vaishnavi was on her knees too – servicing her boyfriend’s cock with her mouth. I looked around – and everyone was getting down on each other. There was Urvashi – a pale, white girl from Assam with a medium build and soft curves who was sucking a guy’s balls in one corner. Then, on the dancer floor, Saisha (dark skin, dark hair, nasty curves) was stripping her clothes off while a bunch of dudes groped her. Further near the walls, things were getting really nasty. Selza, a beautiful and petite white skinned girl was getting face-fucked. And, damn, there was the other Saira – tall and thin girl with nut-brown skin and heavy tits – was getting fucked missionary style on a couch while another girl did a line of cocaine off her tits. Fuck, it was an amazing feeling to be getting a blowjob while looking around at a bunch of hot women getting nasty.

“My turn!”

I looked back down and Harshita had taken my wet, hard cock from Raneeta’s mouth and popped it into her own. She played with my balls as she tried to deep-throat me. She had already pulled her tits out of her dress. Raneeta, meanwhile stood up. Her bare tits were covered in her spit because of her sloppy blowjob. She looked at me hungrily as she pulled her dress up her ass, bent over a bar stool, pulled her panties aside, and looked back to tell me, “I need you to fuck me. NOW!”

I pulled my cock out of Harshita’s wet, warm mouth and – finally – pushed it inside Raneeta. We both moaned loudly as I stretched out her tight pussy. I grabbed her thick ass and started fucking her good. She arched her back and screamed for everyone to hear –

“Fuck, this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for! Fuck me!”

And so I did. Harshita stood up and pouted at me. She was feeling left out.

“Don’t worry, babe! Just bend over next to Raneeta and I’ll fuck you too!”

She grinned and did as I said, exposing her fine, white ass for me and pulling her panties aside. I pulled out of Raneeta’s sopping wet cunt and pushed my cock right into Harshita – knocking the wind out of her. I was fucking her so hard she nearly lost her balance. Next to us, Vaishnavi was getting fucked standing up against the bar. The guy looked at me, impressed.

“Two women, huh pal? Nice!”

“You want to trade?”

“Fuck, yeah!”

We pulled out of our respective women and swapped places. Vaishnavi gave me that sexy smile I always knew her for. I lifted her up – she tied her feet around my back – and started fucking her like that, holding her up. Her eyes widened, she was amazed.

“You’re fucking huge!”

“Babe”, her boyfriend said from next to us, while fucking Harshita, “I’m right here.”

Vaishnavi made an apologetic face before winking at me. I grinned and fucked her harder – making her cum on my cock. She was, by far, the tightest cunt I had fucked. When I pulled out of her, she slid down to the ground, tired, and I marched over to Raneeta with my erection. She looked hungry. She pushed me down on the floor and got on top of me.

“I’m not letting you go anywhere”, she said as she guided my long cock inside her wet cunt. She leaned over me and started riding me hard – her big tits slapping my face. I loved it. She soon came and her hot, sweaty, dusky, naked body fell on mine. I gently pushed her off me and was about to get up when Ashita pushed me down again.

“Harshita told me how good you fucked – and I just saw you ruin Ramita. I need that too!”, she said as she sat on my cock. I was bewildered, but turned on. Ashita was crazy hot – imagine the perfect white skinned Indian girl with a black girl’s ass. That was her. She placed her petite hands on my sweaty chest and started riding me hard – until she, too, came and kissed me before getting up. And she was followed by Khloe – curvy brown skin girl with curls. She wanted me to fuck her ass on the floor. And I barely pulled out of her when Saira – the tall, thin one with big brown tits – pulled me down on top of her on the floor. She wrapped her long legs around my waist and pulled me inside her, moaning. Before I could even say anything, she grabbed my head and stuffed it between her big, ripe, juicy, sweaty tits. I realised soon enough that her tits were covered in a generous dusting of cocaine. Normally, I wouldn’t have snorted it. But after fucking more girls than I could remember and having a hot girl’s sweaty tits in my face and cunt on my dick, I had no self-control. I was unleashed. I snorted up the coke and what I couldn’t snort, I licked off her tits.


I wasn’t sure if I was going for the reunion. In fact, I decided against it – going, instead, over to Marvin’s place (he was the old guy I met earlier) and fucking him. But the moment he asked me if he could cum inside me, I got reminded of Dev again. I felt like I had to meet him. I felt like a fool for getting jealous. So I let Marvin cum in my mouth and rushed off to the party.

I could barely believe what I saw.

It was a fucking orgy. I walked around, feeling way over-dressed in my noodle strap top and short skirt, and watched everyone fucking like animals. But I stopped in my tracks when I saw Dev. He was pulling his dick out of some girl’s ass – Khloe, I think – and immediately got on top of another girl – Saira. He was humping her hard with her face buried between her tits. And, what’s more... it looked like he was snorting coke off her boobs. I stood there in bewilderment as he fucked her like a maniac until she squirted like a fire hose. Then he got up – and I could see he was different. He had become an animal. He marched around the room and pulled random women off their men and fucked them – against the wall, on the floor, in the air – however he wanted, and left them once they came. And they always came. It made me so, incredibly hot. I couldn’t resist. I walked up behind him – he was fucking someone doggy style – and pulled his shoulder toward me. He kept fucking. Then yanked him hard and he yelped. He stared at me.

“Dev”, I began, almost sobbing, “I’m sorry I didn’t return any of your calls and that I left you guys – it was stupid, I was getting jealous and I’m so fucking sorry, will you please take me back?”

He didn’t say anything. He was too high on the alcohol and drugs. He grabbed the front of my top and ripped it apart. It felt like the whole room was staring at us. He threw my top away and tore away my bra as well, hurting my tits a bit. Then he turned me around and pushed me down on my knees and pushed my face to the ground. He tore my skirt and my panties. I was scared, but I was also hot. And I deserved this. I felt him grab my curls in one fist and my ass in his other hand, and push his hard, wet, dick inside my asshole. I screamed. But Dev didn’t care. I was his bitch and he would use me as he pleased. And that was fucking hot.

Soon, he was fucking my asshole hard – rapidly and mercilessly stretching out my sphincter with his 9 inch long and thick as hell cock. His balls slapping against my pussy felt amazing too. In no time at all, I felt my body spasm as I came – without even having a cock in my pussy. The people around were cheering us on. Dev kept fucking me – he was a machine. And then he finally pulled out and let go of me. I got on my knees, lifted my breasts, and stuck my tongue out. He stared down at me as he jerked his cock off furiously. Soon, other girls crawled up beside me too – all hungry for his man-juice. Harshita was on my left, Raneeta on my right. I felt someone’s breasts on my back too.

Finally, Dev started cumming. And it was divine. It was the biggest load I have ever seen. He showered us all in his hot, sticky, salty cum. When he was finally spent, he collapsed on the ground. We girls ate and played around with his cum before we too were tired. There were around 8 of us. We lay down on and around Dev – he was our man, and we were his bitches – and fell asleep in his arms. Right there, in the middle of the dance floor.
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