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Nicole Stevens and Hugh Cocker have a sexual obsession about middle school boys and girls. Nicole just graduated from college and her best assets was her absolutely beautiful body. Hugh on the other hand . . . has a special ability that can make individuals eagerly satisfy his horny fantasies.
This tale is about a couple new 1st year teachers' named Nicole Stevens and Hugh Cocker who have a sexual obsession about middle school boys and girls. Nicole just graduated from college and her principal would be first to agree that one of her best assets was her absolutely beautiful body. She was somewhat slim . . . fitting into a 32B bra and the rest of her body was a complete knockout. Hugh on the other hand . . . has a special ability that can make individuals eagerly satisfy his horny fantasies.

Nicole, having the least seniority on her middle school staff, was given 8th grade classes that were primarily made up of students who had done poorly in their previous classes, and in some cases were true discipline problems. She was determined to be a career teacher but this first year was turning out to be near impossible. She also found it very difficult not to be attracted to some of the boys in her class, who of course loved looking at her.

But there were two young girls . . .Katie and Kellie both 14-years-old, that almost caused her to quit. But as luck would have it, they foolishly decided to do some- thing with a few boys that would normally have had them kicked out . . .but Nicole decided she would use what she saw and heard to blackmail them into behaving the way she wanted, and at the same time giving her something to rub her pussy over late at night. . . but someone got in the way. And this is how our tale begins . . .

Nicole usually checked papers on her prep period, but she was all caught up and decided to go down to the gym and visit with another first year teacher, Mr. Cocker. She had a steady boyfriend in college who loved to experiment with various types of kinky behavior, but the relationship fell apart just before graduation. Mr. Cocker was the new male gym teacher and he gave her the universal signal that he found her attractive (making no effort to hide his huge boner in the hallway when they talked) so she had begun to spend more time with him.

One short cut from her room to his office was through a store room that kept the wrestling mats and other sports equipment. Nicole was about to open the door. . . when she heard some voices inside. Instead of just barging in, she elected to open the door slightly and listen to the conversation. As luck would have it . . . the participants inside included both Katie and Kellie but also Kevin and Matt . . . four students in her next hour class. As she carefully twisted the handle to one side, she placed her ear at the opening, and this is what she heard:

"Twenty bucks and you can see Katie's tits . . .and for another ten, I will rub your cock for you until it shoots," said Kellie.

"Really?" asked Matt. "How much would it cost for me to rub my cock all over your face Kellie?" There was silence and then Katie said, "She'd do it for fifty bucks and strip naked while you do it to her . . . too."

"We're gonna get caught guys . . .and then we'll all be busted," said Kevin offering a few seconds of reason . . . into the conversation.

"It's up to you guys . . . Bring the money tomorrow and Kellie and I will put on a little show for you. Here's a kiss to seal the deal," said Katie. There was silence and Nicole assumed the girls were letting some of their teen feminine assets tease the boys into paying up tomorrow.

"There's more where that came from guys . . .see you tomorrow, right here during 6th hour. Just tell your teachers you gotta go to the library and we'll meet you." Nicole quickly sprinted back into her room . . . her tight little pussy twitching with erotic energy. She pretended to be looking at papers when she watched the four students pass by her door not looking at her. She smiled and decided this would be something worth sharing with Mr. Cocker.

There was only about 10 minutes left in the hour, so she quickly ran to his office and knocked on the door. At first there was no answer, but then Hugh opened up the door, just a crack, and noticed it was Nicole.

"Oh hi . . .I just got out of the shower and I got to get dressed before the kids get here."

"I'm sorry Hugh, I'll talk to you later," she said but was suddenly disappointed she wasn't going to be able see the man with or without his clothes on. Hugh stuck his head out and looked down the hall.

"Nobodies around so just come on in and lock the door. Forgive me if I'm only wearing a towel," he said quickly opened the door showing the young woman he had a towel hastily wrapped around his waist as he let her in and then pulled the door shut and flipped the dead bolt into place. There was an uncomfortable moment of silence but finally he mentally ordered her to sit in his seat and explain what was on her mind while he dressed. He also ordered her to keep staring at his growing cock.

"You know how I have been having trouble with those two little bitches Kellie and Katie?" He nodded and she continued. "Well I just heard something they would never tell a soul . . . they are having boys pay them to do sexual favors . . . here in the building." Now this thought excited Hugh, since he actually loved looking at Kellie's little titties anyways when she was in his class in her gym outfit and Katie's blonde hair and blue eyes had caught his attention ever since September. As a result, his bare cock . . . under the towel began to grow in excitement. On cue, Nicole focused her eyes on his stiff growing organ. She attempted to look him in the face, but she couldn't stop staring, per his mental commands.

"What exactly did you hear?" he asked placing his hands on his hips. He had tied the towel on his right side and most of that leg and thigh were bare and visible. He moved slightly closer to her as she shared word for word what had been said inside the storeroom. As Nicole continued her explanation, she watched his obviously long cock continue to poke out the towel . . . that separated her from seeing a free view of his loins. Knowing she had his attention, she elected to add more graphic detail to see how far this man's organ would stick out.

"These young girls obviously have had some sexual experience in the past . . . and I really worry about the boys, although I'm sure their reaction to the girls offer would be similar to what's happening . . . right now . . . to your COCK. . . under that towel," she said with a grin on her face, wondering where she was getting the courage to be so frankly with the well hung man. Hugh looked down and noticed his full erection, and began sensing the erotic thoughts in her mind and the opportunities that this discovery might offer.

"I think we both share a desire for this age group. . . am I right?" asked Hugh waiting for her reaction. How did he know . . . she thought to herself . . . and should she admit it? "Don't be embarrassed Nicole . . . I'm sure you would love to see and touch your boy’s stiff cocks . . . as much as I would love to rub my shaft all over Katie and Kellie's naked bodies and blushing faces . . . am I correct?" She looked at him straight in the eyes and winked.

"Uh, huh . . . so what can we do to make everyone happy and maybe let this guy (looking down at his now fully erect cock) . . . get out of his hiding place . . . and end up in a couple of the girl's mouths . . . or better yet . . .their tight pussies," she said as she moved next to the man, sneaking her hand in between the flap of the towel and slowly moving it up his leg to capture the shaft of his huge cock in her moist hand. He ordered her to manipulate his stallion for a few minutes, but suddenly looked at the clock.

"We gotta go . . . or we'll both get in trouble. But I wouldn't mind doing more of this type of activity in our spare time," he said leaning across and touching his lips to hers. Immediately she engulfed his tongue into her mouth and began to suck on it . . . as if it were the huge cock still in her eager hands. The bell rang and they separated.

"I have a small digital camera at home . . . and I will set it up early tomorrow morning in the storeroom at such an angle to take in what Kellie and Katie have in mind. I have a remote control for it, and how about you come back into my office 6th hour tomorrow and we will watch what they have planned and then use the tape to force the girls . . . and maybe guys . . . into doing other things for us. Your hand, incidentally feels great on my stiff cock. Maybe we can strip naked tomorrow while we watch the students and have some hot fun ourselves."

"I'd love that. . . but get ready for some action Mr. Cocker. I love the length of this thing and so will my moist pussy . . . and that's a promise. Now get dressed before we both lose our jobs. (Pause) But before you do . . . this guy has been very patient and he needs a little more oral teasing," and with that, Nicole bent down onto her knees . . .pulled the towel out of the way and instantly wrapped her mouth around the man's uncircumcised (her first) cock and quickly sucked it into her mouth.

Just as quickly, she yanked the towel off his hips and told him to get back in the bathroom and get dressed. As she was sprinting back down the hallway, she could not understand why she had done those things while in his office. Hugh followed her thoughts in his own mind . . . as he put on his gym sweats trying his best to camouflage his still stiff cock.

Taping Horny Teens in the Storeroom

The bell rang at the end of 5th hour the next day and Nicole's body began to twitch with excitement and anticipation. She hadn't spoken with Mr. Cocker since yesterday. Saying goodbye to the last of her students, she went to the restroom next to her classroom and quickly freshened up. She had worn a skirt and beautiful satin blouse . . . wanting so much to impress him.

She added a little makeup and combed her long brown hair with her brush and went back into the hallway. She almost ran into Kellie and Katie as they headed towards the storeroom. The girls were wearing matching outfits . . .tight blue jeans and t-shirts. She wondered what was going on in their minds as they saw her. Instead of going through the store room she pretended to be going to the office, but then turned back into the gym and knocked on Mr. Cocker's door.

"Come on in," he said closing the door behind him and once again, bolting the lock. There was a large monitor on the wall and as Nicole got closer to it, she heard the same familiar voices as yesterday and could now see the two boys sitting on a stack of mats and the girls just entering. One girl locked the far entrance and the other did the same to the door they had entered.

"Hey guys . . .ready for a little fun? How much cash were you able to bring?" asked Katie.

"I found fifty bucks Kellie so I guess you'll be stripping naked for me, won't you?" said Matt looking over Kellie's teen body. The girl smiled at the boy. Mr. Cocker momentarily got into her mind and realized she wanted new clothes and thought this was a way to get them by taking money from the boys.

"How about you Kevin . . . got some cash so that I can give you some treats as well?" asked Katie. Kevin was obviously bashful about this plan but took out a $20 bill and handed it to Katie. Once again Mr. Cocker went into her mind and discovered she had seen her brother's cock recently . . . and actually wanted very badly to see another one or two of them ASAP.

This got the gym teacher rather horny as well, and he was trying to decide whether he should just let the quartet do whatever they wanted or manipulate the scene to his own fantasies. He also was looking forward to getting Nicole naked and very hot as well. Hmmm, if he remembered correctly, she liked looking at boy's cocks . . . and maybe that would be how this little episode should start.

"Tell you what Nicole . . .I bet it's the guys that start the action first," he said trying to catch her attention.

"No way . . . especially Kevin . . . he looks petrified," she said looking back at the screen as the two girls were huddling together.

"Alright . . .here's the bet . . . if the boy's get going first . . . I want you up here on my lap, buck naked . . . and if the young ladies start the action . . . I will strip off my clothes and rub your pussy with my long cock while we watch the rest of the action," he said anxious to see her reaction.

"Your one fast little fucker, Mr. Cocker. . . but YOU gotta bet." Where was she getting that language from she wondered? And speaking of pussies . . . it was hers that was itching for some stiff company. Mr. Cocker had brought in another chair and placed it next to his.

"Join me and we'll see what happens," he said moving the extra chair right next to hers and right in front of the monitor. The girls suddenly broke their huddle and Kevin broke the silence.

"Sit down ladies . . . I know my twenty bucks only entitles me to see your titties, Katie . . . but I wanted to show you a piece of equipment you would be missing in that type of bargain."

"What are you doin' bro . . . it's them who are paying us!" said Matt.

"If you are too bashful . . . then step aside," said Kevin. "I just know Katie wants to see my cock AND yours . . . and I don't plan on disappointing her!" Katie immediately turned scarlet wondering how the young boy had read her mind. She was sitting next to her friend, as Kevin stood in front of her. Without any hesitation . . .he unhooked his belt, unsnapped the button at the top of his jeans and slowly pulled down his zipper.

"Are you ready Katie . . . cuz here it comes!" he said pulling back the sides of his jeans and letting them fall to his feet. The young girl placed her hands over her mouth as she saw his young cock pushing against the material of his boxers. Hugh looked at Nicole's face and knew she was just as interested as Katie . . . to watch the boy pull out his stiff rod.

She also began to undue the buttons on her satin blouse as the boy slipped his fingers into the elastic of his shorts and slowly began to take out his cock. Soon the stalk of his 6" organ began to show up against his stomach as the uninhibited Kevin shed his boxers. For a brief second, his big cock dangled in front of the girl's face. Mr. Cocker immediately put thoughts in both Kevin's mind and Katie's.

"Pull off your t-shirt Katie. I paid to see your titties and I want you to rub them all over my big cock." But before he had finished his request. . . she had her light blue t-shirt pulled off and she was reaching behind her back to unfasten her bra. Mr. Cocker zoomed in the camera . . . as the young girl's bare titties filled up the screen. Her little mounds were about the size of young lemons. She had nipples that resembled #2 pencil erasers that were slowly getting longer and longer.

The topless girl stood up and leaned towards his big purple cock . . . that was now aimed towards the ceiling. Nicole had her satin blouse off and had also shed her bra. Mr. Cocker didn't know where to look first . . . as the young woman's 32B titties jiggled slightly as she unhooked her skirt. She was now standing before the horny gym teacher in just a pair of French cut panties . . . which she was slipping off her hips and letting go to the floor. Mr. Cocker smiled at his success, as she moved over in front of him, ready to sit on his lap.

"Take out my cock Nicole, and place it in your tight, wet pussy while we watch the show." Nicole was almost in a trance as she fumbled with the man's zipper. She reached inside and her hand immediately found his stiff 8" cock all bare and ready for action. It was the largest one she had ever seen, having remembered it from the day before, and the fact that it was uncircumcised made it even more intimidating. She looked at the lust in the man's eyes and turned slightly so that her tight little ass was about to lie on his lap.

As she was attempting to sit, she felt behind her ass and discovered the skin covered tip of his cock and manipulated it so that she could drive it into her waiting pussy. God she thought to herself . . . 'Why am I so horny all of a sudden!' She continued to watch the students in the storeroom on the screen and slowly felt the man's cock glide into her moist slippery pussy. Down . . . down . . . down she went as his huge shaft began to fill up her insides.

Finally, her cheeks sat on his lap and she looked back up at the screen. Kevin had a firm hold on the base of his cock and he was deliberately rubbing the underside back and forth across Katie’s stiff nipples. The girl had knelt down slightly and pulled back her shoulders so that the aroused boy could continue his lewd actions. The horny girl stared at the 6" cock and began to wonder what it would be like to lick and even suck his cock. Her thoughts were being refocused by Hugh as she heard herself say:

"Kellie, get naked like you promised . . . Matt here wants to rub his long cock all over your body just like Kevin is doing to me. You won't believe how GREAT it feels. Go ahead dude, pull out your cock and show her how ready you are." Having received cerebral instructions from Hugh, the boy did more than that . . .as he quickly took off every bit of clothing he was wearing. All of a sudden the others were following suit and soon four naked teen bodies were showcased in the monitor in front of Mr. Cocker and Nicole.

Nicole couldn't help herself as she began to move her hips up and down driving his long cock deeper and deeper into her almost "flaming with desire" pussy. She looked at both young boys' cocks on the screen and marveled at their rigid organs . . . both less any pubic hair whatsoever. They looked so yummy she longed to have them in her own mouth. At the same time Hugh was focusing in on the two young girl's bare breasts . . . that reminded him of small delicious fruits.

He had both girls cup their titties and offer them to the boys who were staring at their naked orbs. In response, the boys spread their legs wide and began to grab their cocks and show them off to the girls as they leaned across and began to lick both pairs of stiff nipples. Within seconds they had swallowed the erect buds and were gently biting and licking the rigid nips with their tongues and teeth. The microphone on the camera was easily picking up the moans from the horny girls. After a few minutes, they broke away as they listened to the girls discuss their organs.

"Wow guys . . .I have never seen a real cock before. We sure got more than we bargained for, huh Kellie...I love feeling your boners up against my body," said Katie to her friend.

"I saw my little brother's penis a week or so ago . . .but it ain't nothing compared to this thing," said Kellie as she reached out and touched Matt's shaft that was about to erupt. Mr. Cocker elected to freeze the action for a moment and move to the next step in his plan. The hour was about over and he didn't want to get caught with his lewd little game.

He mentally had Nicole get off his cock and put back on her satin blouse and outfit . . . but leave her panties in his top drawer. At the same time, he zipped up his pants and moved towards the kids in the storeroom. He mentally scanned the area around him to make sure no one would interrupt and then opened the door to the storeroom knowing the panic he would now be creating.

"What in the Sam hell is going on in here?" he asked as he moved Matt over the edge and watched the young boy's cock begin to spew load after load of hot come all over Kellie's bare stomach. He deliberately had her aim his cock upwards slightly so that he could watch the boy's sperm shoot all over her bare titties and face. He reached into the fluids inside the boy’s balls and replenished the supply as load after load of hot cum squirted all over Kellie.

Katie and Kevin couldn't believe what was happening. Neither of the girls had seen a boy cum before and this avalanche of slimy wads was a sight to see. Mr. Cocker loved the way her body was covered with his sperm and elected to have Kevin do the same thing to Katie. He trained his thoughts on moving Katie's hand onto the young boy's rigid cock and began to move it up and down. Then everyone heard Katie whisper . . . "Shoot your stuff all over me too, Kevin," and almost as if a faucet was turned on, the boy's hips began to buck back and forth, almost like priming a pump and suddenly a thick spray of cum began to leave the tip of his cock.

"Yes!" screamed Katie as she managed to kneel in front of the erupting boy, allowing him to splash his load all over her face. Just like with Matt, Mr. Cocker increased the amount of sperm leaving his cock and soon her face was covered with cum. She tilted it slightly and aimed his shooting hose at her firm titties as cum belched forward and covered her pink nipples with his whitish grey goo. Everyone stared as she moved his cock back and forth zigzagging semen in every direction. After several minutes . . . the spray lessened and the three males looked at the two naked 14-year-old girls covered in cum. Mr. Cocker visited each of their minds and began moving back into his role as a teacher.

"Guys get dressed and get back to class. I don't know what the four of you were thinking, but there will be consequences for this inappropriate behavior. Ladies . . . follow me into my office. You must take a shower before going back to class and I will decide what we are going to do afterwards. Now move!" he bellowed as the girls picked up their clothes and followed the gym teacher into his nearby office. He decided to let them remain naked as he whisked them into the adjoining room where Nicole had dressed and was looking at a fitness magazine when the naked girls were ushered into the room.

"Miss Stevens!" they yelled attempting to cover up their naked bodies. He instantly made her forget what she had just seen and be surprised at how they looked.

"Nicole, I found these two girls stripped naked in the storeroom servicing Kevin and Matt. What do you think we should do with them? Maybe call their parents and let them see the semen all over their naked bodies before taking them to the principal?" said Mr. Cocker. Nicole secretly examined the girl's hairless pussies and bare titties and had to admit they were very appealing to look at. She had a sudden impulse to rub their little clits and make them both cum till they screamed.

"No . . . I want them both to get down on their knees and SUCK YOUR COCK before we give them their punishment. Now do it ladies or I'll call your parents this minute!" said Nicole. Mr. Cocker of course was controlling the action, and he couldn't wait to show them his long cock and make them suck his slimy cream. He watched the girls immediately kneel down in front of him, showing their back little asses to Nicole. He was going to enjoy this next little session, as he made the bell pause a few minutes before ringing in the hallway.

"An excellent FIRST punishment Nicole. Okay Kellie, pull out my cock and rub it all over Katie's lips for me. You know what to do Nicole, so get moving." Kellie's hand discovered the tab on Mr. Cocker's pants as she pulled it down. Katie waited in suspense as the zipper came to a halt. Kellie reached inside and secretly wondered where this man's underwear was, as she captured his stiff cock in her hand and attempted to pull it through the opening.

Mr. Cocker instantly let his pants fall to the ground, not wanting to get his shaft caught in the zipper. Kellie's hand looked very small compared to the huge shaft she was now holding and moving towards Katie's lips. Unlike the boy's cocks . . . this one looked different as the girl moved it back and forth across her friend's lips and mouth. Hugh sent a message, and Kellie squeezed the foreskin around the tip and slowly unveiled the dark purple head hiding underneath.

Katie's eyes opened even wider as she closely inspected the man's incredible tool. The tip had to be almost 3" in circumference. Gently Kellie began to feed the huge cock into her friend's mouth and she was rewarded from behind, as a warm finger began to rub up against her wet pussy. At the same time, Katie began to open up her lips as wide as possible and accommodate the man's cock head, as a similar wiggling finger moved along her dripping pussy lips as well.

Mr. Cocker began to slowly push his cock into the 14-year-olds mouth, feeling incredible satisfaction throughout his entire body. Looking down and watching two naked jail bait teens service his cock, was the ultimate! Nicole had positioned herself so that she could fondle and manipulate the girl's hairless pussies from behind. After a few moments she was now finger-fucking the two young lasses as the warmth of their tight pussies surrounded her long fingers.

Both girls were holding their best friend's breasts in their hands as they began to pinch and tweak the stiff nipples of their partner. Nicole could feel the heat coming from the young girl's bodies as she continued to fuck their little holes with both middle fingers. In and out she thrust her digits, knowing how good it must feel to them. Gradually she pulled out her slippery fingers and began to gently rub their clits . . .wanting them to cum as soon as possible.

"Put your heads together girls," said Mr. Cocker as he took hold of his own shaft and began to dip his wand into their tight moist mouths, switching back and forth. He knew he was seconds from shooting his load and suddenly yelled out:

"SUCK MY COCK . . . MY LITTLE SLUTS!" and instantly his cock began to spew load after load of hot cum into each of their mouths. Both sets of pink lips were being continually sprayed with his hot cum.

"LADIES . . . OPEN UP WIDE AND SWALLOW EVERY LITTLE DROP!" he yelled. He looked down with delight at their sperm covered bodies, highlighted by their bare lemon shaped titties. It was almost as if they were two little birds receiving long slimy streams of food. Nicole felt the girl's bodies began to shake and knew they had gone over the edge as the girl's shivers indicated their climax had finally arrived.

She continued to rub their 14-year-old pussies back and forth as her colleague emptied more and more of his load into their mouths. After several minutes of intense joy, he had the girls kiss each other . . .moving his sperm back and forth between their mouths. Then he moved them apart and described their future punishment.

"I have a burner cell phone in my desk. When you both come out of the shower, I will give it to you. Between today and the end of the month, I want the pictures of 10 different boy's naked cocks. At least half of the pictures must have your sweet lips wrapped around them. Do I make myself clear?" he asked. They nodded their heads and then rushed into the teacher's private shower, with their naked little asses showing . . . and they began to clean their cum-covered bodies and fantasize about their future mission. Nicole just stood there in disbelief contemplating what she had just seen. Maybe we should check up on their progress in a week or 10 days?
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